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Al-Anbiya 83-112 Word Analysis and Tafsir 85-88

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What is my ILA and is Mary meaning and also mentioned is Mary were irisa and also mentioned EDS we learned about is married earlier Suleiman Sadat Miriam is 54 that in no can Assad the Cold War or the war can have a Sula nebbia that he was truthful to his promise and he was a messenger and a prophet of Allah.

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What it is about Idris I said on select medium I have 56 we learned in the who can honestly do cannot be here.

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He was a truthful man and he was also a prophet of Allah.

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So what is Marina? What is it Isa? Well, Keith Lee, and also the will Kevin

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and Kevin is from the roof address GAF Allah and Kevin is used for the share or the portion of something

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a share or a portion of something like we learn you can give lane in a remedy that he will give you double fold double of His mercy so careful do shares do portions of His mercy. And the word giver is also used for being a guardian of someone being responsible for someone.

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We learned about the Korean Peninsula and Maria, that worker fell her hair Zachary here, then who was responsible for her who became her guardian, Zachary.

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So they'll kephale literally means the possessor of abundant portion, the possessor of abundant portion,

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or the possessor of responsibility, that he undertook the responsibility to do something to take care of something

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called Lumina, sabreen. All of them were patient. All of them were extremely patient servants of Allah,

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that they persevered and they bore with patience, all the trials and tribulations that came their way, never losing their faith, never losing their dependence on Allah. And they remained obedient in whatever circumstances they were.

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So all of these prophets of Allah, a you've already said that is married or an incident. It is an excellent little careful, all of them are who they are great examples of such great examples of suffering.

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Now is Marina incident researcher and we know of them who was a little careful,

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according to some will careful. Is the title of it. Yes.

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It is a title of who it is, just as your Cobra salon had the title is wrong.

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Israeli saddam at the title mercy

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University Center is called the noon Mohammed Salatu. Salam Ahmed Ibrahim it is clearly the law.

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So many prophets of Allah de had many titles.

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So EDS are his Salaam. His title was What the

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hell was it? Yes or No.

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He was a prophet who was sent to the Bundesliga. And it was a time when the Bani Israel had become lost in idolatry. And they began worshipping this idol whose name was born. And we will learn about that in the Quran. So, he is called the will kiefel. Why because he had an abundant portion of sub and abundant share of knowledge.

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And he undertook the responsibility of correcting the beliefs of Bani Israel,

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of making them give up idolatry and worshiping Allah soprano data alone. And you can imagine when the entire people were involved in Shrek, how difficult it must have been for him, to make them realize that what they were doing was wrong, and to make them worship a loss only.

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So he is called a little careful because he had an abundant portion of resin and abundant portion of silver. And he undertook the responsibility of reforming the beliefs of bunnies, while

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others have said that he was a righteous servant of Allah. He was not a prophet, but he was a righteous servant of Allah.

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And his name was them.

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And he was called careful, because he had taken the responsibility to fast every day and stand up in prayer every night, and to pass judgment between people without becoming angry. And he fulfilled his undertaking.

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And it is also said that he looked after 100 prophets who had sought refuge with him from being killed.

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So at the time when the Bani Israel were being persecuted severely, this righteous servant of Allah, he undertook the responsibility of being just being fair, and also giving refuge and protection to the prophets of Allah

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according to others,

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We'll give was the title of the Prophet of Allah, his the Ezekiel, you spell that in English as he said he.

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And he was also a prophet who was sent to the Bani Israel.

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It is said that the only Israel when they were taken as captives by the Roman King, both muscles and he took many Israelis as prisoners of war. And among them was also this messenger of Allah, Ezekiel.

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And he was a prophet. And he was warning the people of Allah punishment, while they were captured by this Roman King, while they had been in exile, it is that that he received profited at the age of 30. And he conveyed the message for the next 22 years. So for 22 years, he was doing Dawa amongst you amongst the Bani Israel.

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And it has also said that in the ninth year of his prophethood, his wife passed away. And when the people came to give him condolences, he began doing Dawa to them.

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Just imagine, people are coming to him, you know, offering their sadness and condolences, that we're so sorry, we feel so bad for you that your wife has passed away. But at that time, what does he do? He begins to do that work.

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So he's called a little careful, because he had an abundant portion of sub and abundant portion of what have him. And he undertook the responsibility of reform, reform of who the bunny is.

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So whoever, this righteous servant of Allah or this prophet of Allah was, whether it was it, yes. Or someone was not a prophet, or Ezekiel, hello, Ireland. But what do we see that he was extremely patient?

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He was extremely patient.

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And this is exactly what is mentioned in this ayah that what is my ada irisa? Well, giftly co luminus are between all of them were patient.

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So what do we learn from this, that Who are those who are patient,

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those people who have a purpose in life,

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and those who remain focused on that purpose, regardless of what they're going through?

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Regardless of what they're going through, in their finances, in their physical bodies, in their family situations. They have a purpose in life and they remain focused on it all the time.

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Sometimes we think that this is extremely difficult, we learned in Surah tober that Leyzaola Mahajan, Willa Allen Marie the halogen, right, there are some who are Darfur who have a genuine reason. And when a person is suffering from a genuine reason that he does not have to put in that much effort in the way of Allah. Isn't that so?

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But we see that even those people who have a genuine reason to stay behind from serving the deen of Allah, who are exempted from certain things in their religion, because of a genuine reason. We see that amongst them also, the sabi rune are who, who remained focused on what they're supposed to do.

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For example, just because of the livan omec dome, he was blind. Did that prevent him from learning the Quran? Did that prevent him from learning the Quran? No. Did that prevent him from asking questions from the Prophet said a lot isn't about the Quran about the deen? Not at all. Did that prevent him from teaching other people about the deen? No. He was one of the first ones to migrate to Medina.

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And he was one of the first ones to start teaching the people of Medina about

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did that prevent him from going out in the way of Allah? No.

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So we see that a sorbet is who someone who is patient is

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someone who remains focused on his purpose regardless of what situation he's in.

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He's grateful to Allah, that Allah has provided him with whatever opportunity that he has.

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And remember that a sovereign he will find some opportunity or the other. We learned that even taymiyah when he was in prison for the last time, meaning the last few years of his life. And during that imprisonment, he passed away in that imprisonment, all of his friends, and his papers were taken away.

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He was not given access to any band, he was not given access to any paper. So he was not able to write before whatever he was in prison, what would he do? He would write.

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And also before whenever he was in prison, he would turn the prison into a madrasa literally. He would turn it into a school where the people would be busy playing and fighting and arguing and leaving the Salah. He would go and start teaching them and the people will not want to leave the prison because they will be studying from him.

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But we see that in the last time that he was imprisoned. He was not given any access to anything. Anything

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But did he give up over there? We learned that he read the Quran at least 80 times. And he said that I regret not having spent as much time on the Quran before.

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He did not waste that time.

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He did not say this is the end of my life, forget about it. I'm so old, I can't do anything. Let's just sit here, past this time kill this time No, because he had to suffer, he found an opportunity.

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This is the way of the sabido who have a purpose in life, regardless of whatever situation they're in, they find out some way or the other, in which they will do something productive, in which they will do something to come closer to almost, to worship almost.

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And such a person, he does not get distracted by the problems that he's suffering from. He does not get distracted by what people are saying, by the things that are going on in their life. Such a person does not even waste a single moment. This person is called sobbing.

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So Allah says co luminous Avi, they'll give her when people came offering condolences to him, what did he do?

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He said, This is my day off. I'm not supposed to direct today. No, he availed that opportunity as well.

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It's my return is that I'm he was so young. He spent his childhood away from his father.

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Didn't that require some?

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Then that requires some think about it. Those children whose fathers are away, whose parents are away, they have this complex that I grew up without my father being with me. This is lack of sub.

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And we see that when he grew up one day his father comes and he says, I have to slaughter you. He doesn't say you've never been there in my life. How can you say that you have to slaughter me? I don't know you you can go away. No, he was a savage. He was steadfast on the commands of Allah.

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And this is the way of those who are patient and what is their reward that will edify now homefield Medina, and we admitted them into our mercy. In a humane society, he indeed, they were those who are righteous, all of them were righteous servants of Allah.

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And those who are righteous servants of Allah, those who are patient servants of Allah, Allah does not waste they reward

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what other honohan feel Medina in the home.

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And now, another example is mentioned of a prophet of Allah, where there was less patience, where patience was not up to standard

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and that example is of who have unicity center

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whether noon and also mentioned, then noon,

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then known is the title of who Eunice is

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that as you know means possessor and unknown is from the reflectors known, well known and known is also used for fish. It is also used for fish.

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So then noon, the possessor of fish, why is he called the man of fish? Because he was swallowed by the fish.

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Just as a Buddha was called a Buddha, why because you always used to have kittens with him. Right.

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So this is why the known the man of fish meaning units are his center

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is the hub when he went off, move on live on as one who is angry.

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Maha live is from the roof actors lined up and move on they move in.

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This is from bamboo ferula and it gives the meaning of mobile over so Mohali, extremely furious extremely angry because of the ban is also angry. But Mohali shows mobile over. So if they have a move all day, but he left extremely furious and annoyed and irritated by his people. Why? Because as people were not believing, they were constantly disobeying him, they were not listening to him.

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So he left them saying that the punishment will come to them, and he left them without the permission of Allah.

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Because remember, no prophet can leave his people until Allah commands him to do so. Allah allows him

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for one, and then he taught on that land, Nakamura that we would never restrict, we would never decree or lay against.

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One and over here it gives a meeting off that he thought he assumed

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that when he left in anger, he did not consider this. When he left being extremely furious. He did not even think about this. That we would make a decision against him. We would tighten the circumstances for him that we would catch him

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and land Nakamura

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Nakamura is from the real platters of that.

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And remember that the word Potter has several meanings in the Arabic language. First of all, as you know, it means decree a lot of paneled artists who come What kind of ambalaj Padawan Makoto entertainment.

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So he thought that we would never decide we would never decree regarding his affair.

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He thought that what he was doing was perfectly fine. There was nothing wrong with it. And he didn't think that we would make a decision against him.

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You understand?

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Because when he left his people, what did he think Allah will send the punishment against them. And he never thought that Allah would make a decision against him, because he left without the permission of Allah.

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Also, the word other means to estimate to measure out and also means to constrict, leak to tighten the limit, a lovely episode of this Kalima shadow, were coded

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over there, what does the doctor mean that he constricted, he limits it.

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So he thought that we would never know that our lie that we would never make his circumstances difficult for him.

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This is what he thought.

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But what happened?

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Allah subhanaw taala did make a decision against him.

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Allah did make his circumstances difficult for him. And when his circumstances were made difficult for him, what did he do? fanad fils Luna mad. So he called out in the darknesses

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when he was in the belly of the fish, when he was in the depths of the sea, in the darkness of the night, a Zulu man many darknesses so he called out to Allah from those darknesses

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unless Illa Illa and that there is no god except you Allah Subhana Allah glorified. Are you perfect? Are you in the continent of wily mean? Indeed, I have been up the wrongdoers. It is my fault.

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We see that he blamed himself. He did not blame his people. He did not blame the people of the ship who did he blame himself.

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We see that unicyclist Center. He was sent as a messenger to the people of Nineveh

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and he called the people to Allah. But when they denied and rejected Eunice RSL, he got fed up, and he left them, threatening them with punishment.

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And when he left them, he traveled with some people on a ship. And while he was on the ship, there was a storm and the ship was just about in the sea. And the people realize that someone had to get off the ship.

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Because there's someone in the ship because of whom we are suffering from this disaster. So what are the people do? They cost lots and the first time then you have units are excellent gamma. But then you want to be a good person, a righteous person. So they said, No, no, we'll do it again. So they did it again. Again, his name showed up and did it several times until his name came up every time and use it. So I knew that he was in trouble. He realized that he had made a huge mistake. With the people they had to throw him off the ship. Without any sort of soft fat I want for one faster hammer for Can I mean, it would have been, and he drew lots and he was among the losers, that the people of

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the ship that drew lots, but the decision was made against UNICEF.

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So the drought went against him, and he was thrown into the sea.

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And as he was thrown into the sea, Allah subhanaw taala commanded a huge fish, perhaps it was a whale allow him to swallow him.

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And when he was swallowed by the fish, none of his bones were broken. Basically, he was just one of right in along with the water. And you must have seen that whales when they are swallowing, they just have their mouth open and everything that comes their way goes into them. So this is how unison has ended up in the belly of the fish. And when he was in that darkness, when he was in that darkness, of the belly of the fish, the darkness of the sea, because remember that whales, after some time, they also go very deep down. So you can imagine when it was extremely dark, perhaps it was a darkness of the night. And on top of that the darkness of grief, the darkness of sadness of

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depression, Yunus artists, he called upon Allah, He prayed to Allah.

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And what did he say? And there ilaha illa under super Hanukkah in equal dominance lighting. There is no god but you all know you are perfect. You are perfect. If you have inflicted this upon me. It's because in a continuous lighting me I am wrong.

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I have done something wrong.

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So he was blaming himself. Typically when we get into a problem such as this, what do we do? We begin to blame others. It's this person's fault. The people frustrated me so much, what could I have done? They weren't believing. It was only natural for me to get frustrated and leave. He didn't blame the people of the ship. He didn't blame Allah. He didn't blame anyone who did he blame himself. And this is a person who is who is truthful, who is honest.

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That he realizes his mistake, and he admits So what happened? First their job and Allah who, so we responded to him when a j now homie nettleham. Me, and we saved him from distress. What? What distress? Was he suffering from?

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That first of all, he was trapped in the fish, there was this fear that will I be able to come out alive? Just imagine a person is trapped in a fish? Would you ever think that you will come out of there alive?

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Nobody can hear you. Nobody come and rescue you.

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And remember that once a fish swallow something very soon, the digestive enzymes that come out of its stomach very quickly, they will dissolve whatever is in its stomach. So you can imagine the fear that he must have had, am I just going to die over here? What's going to happen? Where am I going to go? How is it possible when when I come out? And if I die in this state, Ally's angry with me, Ally's upset with me so you can imagine the home that he had.

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But what did he do at that time? He sought forgiveness from Allah. When a j now humming along me, and Allah says, worker there Lika noon, Mini, and thus do We rescue Who? Those who believe

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because the believers, they do make mistakes. They do make errors. Because after all, they're human beings.

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But when they realize their mistake, and when they turn to Allah, in repentance, seeking His forgiveness, then Allah does rescue them. He does save them.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that no Muslim ever prays to his Lord with these words, which words La Ilaha Illa, anta super Hannukah any contaminants oily mean, for anything, but he will answer his prayer

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book or they're like a non GMO meaning.

00:22:38--> 00:22:47

Any believer who turns to Allah using these words that Oh Allah, you are perfect, it's my fault. Then Allah will respond to his prayer.

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So this dorama is for every distressed person, every person who is suffering from some home,

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because if you think of it, anytime we're suffering from some Distress, it's because of something that we have done in the past. Perhaps we made a huge mistake in the past, we did something that we weren't supposed to do. Sometimes, when people are in a relationship that is wrong, later on, when they finish it all up, what happens? There is that guilt inside.

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When a person is involved in how long money and how long well, later on, he stops it. But still, there's this guilt inside.

00:23:26--> 00:23:37

similarity, there could be a person who has been very disobedient towards his parents. Later on, he realizes he wants to change his ways. But still there is this guilt in the heart, isn't it?

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And this guilt, it brings love to a person it makes him sad and distressed. It makes them depressed. So what's the way out of it? When you know that you've done wrong

00:23:50--> 00:23:53

La ilaha illa Anta super Hannukah in Nico

00:23:56--> 00:24:06

so when a person is in a state of distress of hardship, and he knows it's because of him, that he should turn to Allah, just as units are the center heater into

00:24:08--> 00:24:29

it is that the units are this Anam he was in the belly of the fish for just a few hours. And according to some he was in the belly of the fish for a few days. And during this time, he remained unharmed by the fish were unharmed by anything else. However, his skin it did get affected.

00:24:30--> 00:24:45

Even Julian has reported in his book of deceit that on the authority of the leader and heard that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, When Allah wanted to keep Yunus in the belly of the whale, he inspired the whale and he told the whale that it should swallow us.

00:24:46--> 00:25:00

And Allah said, Take him inside but do not eat his flesh nor break his bones. And when the whale went down to the depths of the sea, unicellular Sam heard a voice and he said to himself, what is

00:25:00--> 00:25:11

This, that Allah revealed to him while he was inside the whale's belly, that it was the glorification of the sea creatures. That down there, he heard some voice.

00:25:12--> 00:25:19

So he wondered, what is this voice? What is the sound, and he was told that this is that the sphere of the sea creatures.

00:25:20--> 00:25:42

And remember, the deeper you go into the ocean, the darker it becomes. And there's a point when it becomes completely dark, and those creatures that cannot be seen at all. And then while in that state, Eunice is around he Glorified Allah. And that glorification was heard by the angels, because la Yes, or the Kalam of

00:25:43--> 00:25:57

the good word in a sense to him. It rises up to almost apprentice artists of the angels. They heard his glorification. And they said, Oh our Lord, we hear a very weak voice coming from a very unusual land.

00:25:58--> 00:26:15

That from here, no the spear has ever come from this land from under the sea, from the depths of the ocean. This is very strange. Allah said, that is my slave Yunus. he disobeyed me. So I detain him inside a whale in the sea.

00:26:16--> 00:26:36

They said, Is he the buyer slave from whom good deeds ascended to you every day and night? Allah responded Yes. So the angels then pleaded on his behalf, the angels did offer him because the angel the wire stuff, Yun Lin levena. So Allah ordered the whale to throw him onto the shore.

00:26:38--> 00:26:53

Anyway, mother has reported on the authority of the law of the land that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, it is not befitting for anyone to say that I am better than Eunice. In other words, just because it's happened to us artists and I don't think that his status has reduced

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because yes, the server was not at the level that was expected of him. However, Allah saved him a lot rescued him, he forgave him when a J. Now hoomin alum me What are they are like an engine Mini. So just because this has happened, it does not mean we begin to disrespect him. No. What does this show to us? That every prophet of Allah after all is who a human being, and it is only Allah subhanaw taala who is free from imperfections. This is why use Elisa Lam said server Hannukah.

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In order to solve fat, I have 143 to 144 fellow winner and who can I mean and wasabi Haim levy taffy baton e la Yomi yuvaraj soon and had he not been of those who exalt Allah, he would have remained inside its belly until the day that they are resurrected.

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If he had not done the speech of Allah, he would have remained in that prison, in that whale, in the belly of the fish until when, until the Day of Resurrection.

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So, we see that in this dunya We are weak we are human beings, no matter what level a person reaches, after all, he is weak. And when there are difficulties many people they make errors they make mistakes.

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But at that time, a person should not give up hope. What should he do? He should turn to Allah seeking His forgiveness.

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Because when we learn a story such as that of a YouTuber, his setup is married or he said a little careful Idris what do we think that they were so patient and look at me. Some things also so small happened to me and I gave up everything. Now at that time, don't give up hope. Don't lose heart. What should we remember that a human being after all, is a human being

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and the door of repentance is always open.

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It's always open until the Angel of Death appears.

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So when that door is open, take advantage and turn to Allah just as humans are the salon de la Ilaha. illa Anta so Veronica in the conterminous