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Ar-Rahman 1-78 Tafsir 62-78

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Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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as the number 276 Soto Rahman

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woman do NEMA and besides them to our agenda tan to other gardens. Earlier What did we learn? Well, even half an hour Carmona be Jonathan. Now Allah says besides the two gardens, there are two more

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here and agenda is not just through gardens. It's much more than that.

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Over here description of two gardens given and now a description of another two Gardens is being given. Because of this, some scholars say, therefore, Jeanette

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to Jeanette are similar the other two Jeanette or some

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others say that no janetta way does not mean paradise, but rather it means gardens. Because in paradise in general, the many guards isn't at different levels, different places owned by different people. So women don't emerge and attend to other gardens are being described over here.

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And these two gardens do NEMA What does it mean by doing email? First of all, in rank, meaning they will be below

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the first two gardens that are described. They are superior than these two gardens that will be described.

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And the first two gardens they will be for who, for the macabre being those who are closer to Allah, the sabew cone,

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Asahi conocida, como la Eagle, collarbone and these two gardens which are not going to be described they're going to be for who is hobbling me and this inshallah we will learn in detail into the worker, the next one.

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So women do NEMA Jonathan, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there are two gardens made of silver, their vessels and all that they contain are what silver

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and another two gardens, their vessels and everything that they contain made of what gold. So two gardens of silver, two gardens of gold, gold is better. It will be given to the mocha lagoon and the silver will be given to us. Hopefully we won't do any hemogenic earlier we learned how to zone your sun in their sun. So person will get with Jenna. According to the type of deeds that he's performed. For VA, it'll be Connecticut given

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these gardens, Alissa's, Moodle harmattan, dark green and color.

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What does it mean by this? What harmattan is the dual of the word mother ham, and this one is dead? hermie.

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Does anyone know the most

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muster of Mother harmattan?

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edema, edema is a delicate root, what is it

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that mean?

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edema, which prophesied by the way, if for me,

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if for either

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with a hammer, if you remember, in your Arabic grammar once upon a time, you learned about the different of web and the last few of web are very different.

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And there are examples in the Quran are also very few. One of them is more

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than that means is when something is very dark, very dark, almost.

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Over here, the gardens are described as mood harmattan. Why? Because it shows the green color. The dense green color

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that these gardens doesn't mean is with dark. No. It means there'll be so green so lush, full of greenery.

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Earlier, the first two gardens were described as a wet of none. Here they're described as Madame Mata lush, very green, full of greenery. It shows the intensity of the greenness that the green will not be dull, pale. No, faded. No no, no. Rich deep green

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because there are different types of green right. So this is rich, deep green wood amateur. Fabiola Europa chromatic divan.

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FEMA in both of them meaning in both the gardens in the second set of do gardens, both of them there are in an arena and as a doula, alright.

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And these are not the hot and gushing forth continuously. Number of attorneys also do dual of what Nevada and Nevada has on the reflectors, new blood

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Not and not is when something crashes, fourth comes out forcefully bubbling out. So these two springs from them, whatever drink there is, how will it be gushing forth and not when something is constantly continuously gushing for

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whether from a spring or from the sky so endlessly, Sophie Hema a nanny No.

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earlier was said about the springs vegeterian over here, not the photon bubbling out. For the ELA it'll be cooler to cut the burn. fee him if he has done in both of them in both the gardens are faqir fruit.

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And again this fruit, just as we learned earlier, similar to the fruit of dunia but different and this fruit alone specifies what else went on date farms. What oh man and also pomegranates

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Allah specially mentions dates and pomegranates. Why do you think so? dates because of their many benefits and three sweet taste and pomegranates. Why? Why? Because of their juiciness, the red color. Right? And also the lovely taste.

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There was a friend of mine, she had come from England to Pakistan, and she tried the Pakistani pomegranate and you've had in love with because it was so much more juicy, so much more read so much more flavorful compared to what used to have in England. Hello, Artem I haven't tried the pomegranates of England but she was in love with if she could she would have taken a whole lot of pomegranates with her.

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Sophy My turn when a man

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so be a healer, it will become a ticket

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fee in in them. Now as I mentioned fee when not FEMA,

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not FEMA Buffy in if it was fi Hema, then it would refer to the second set of two guards, but Allah says fi hin so then what does it refer to all four guardians Sophie in all four guardians

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or some have said that hint hint over here refers to these two gardens, meaning whatever palaces that people have generally have in these two groups. So in their palaces are who have a lot of

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good women who sanim ones who are very beautiful.

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Earlier what was the description cassata

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over here, a very general description, what is it highlight highlight is the plural of hydro. And hydro is

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one who is full of fire. So very good women good in every respect. When is a woman good?

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When is all one good? You should know.

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When she's obedient, modest. It's good also because of the manner

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very true. A woman is good when she has good manners.

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And when she has good skills isn't both are necessary. One of those skills are you know how to dress up or how to clean up or how to talk or how to make the other person smile and laugh and enjoy entertain

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or how to cook and feed in whatever way. So a woman is good when she has good manners and also good skills. The women of Jenna, Allah describes them as a lot good in nature, good in their behavior, because those women who have a lot of hate in them

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caring women, not selfish, caring. Hassan, Hassan florala hasn't seen her center. What does it mean by that? Beautiful, so they're not just good in their nature, but also beautiful in their appearances.

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Remember, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in which a good woman is described when as when Caesar he smiles.

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So what is it that puts a smile on the face of the husband? When he sees his wife? Is it just the beauty? Beauty is important? Of course, if a woman is dressed beautifully as that will put a smile on the face of the husband. But what else? Her good behavior isn't

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her good behavior, her good skills the way she talks to him the way she welcomes him the way she speaks to him. The way she is a source of his sukoon when she talks to him he relaxes Sophie in the hierarchy.

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righteous well mannered beautiful women for be a lobby Connecticut even So which of the favors of your Lord can you deny? lavishly in the near motive have been Anoka they will

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hold on fair ones who is a Florida hello and her was you know is a woman who is very beautiful in her appearance especially her eyes how her eyes extremely white the white part is extremely white and the black part is also extremely black.

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So these women are hold on in particular and these who they're different than the women of donia

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okay remember that one is ruled and the other is what may not there is a difference who are who

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creation who's only in gender they don't come to the knee okay. Remember there was an argument was between Jenna and Jan

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gentlemen was arrogant, proud look all the mighty people are in me and Jenna complained all the you know soft and humble people are in

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China will also boasted locker so many the Atlanta Johanna immunogenetic Marina

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hallym tala t water polo helmet mercy. So Johanna will have many people. So for the last panel participate agenda that I will create more and place in. So it's not just the righteous people of dunya who will go to Jenna, but also another creation, whom Allah create and place agenda. Amongst them are who who amongst them are wilderness

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servants who will be serving the people of jinn. So hold on maxel rotten filthy I'm Axelrod florala Masuda and it was not Sora one who is restricted. This is different from Casa Casa rod is one who restraints Matsuura is one who is limited. So these who have daily maps a lot, they'll be kept secluded, where Phil here in the tents, pm is a plot of Famer and famous attempt that is made of thick fabric, why? For the purpose of privacy, so these road will be muscled out. Why not? Surah 20 M.

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Why do you think so? Because they're exclusively for their husbands.

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We don't want to use the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, and I'm sure you will like this hadith. Very early in Paradise, the believer will have a tent from a hollow pearl. So don't think of a brown tent made of weird fabric No, a believer will have a tent from a hollow pearl. Just imagine the beauty from inside the width of it 60 miles 60 miles is huge, it will be in each corner of it. There are wise for the believer, do not see otherwise.

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Understand. In each corner are wise for the believer that do not see otherwise. And the believer will visit all of them.

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So Matsuura tell him why so that the women of gender they will not see those

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because of the see them of course, it will not be a pleasing experience for them. So look at that.

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That he is right man on the men and Ramananda women as well. Because if you think about it, men and women, they have different desires, isn't it so they have different likes and dislikes, where men find a lot of pleasure and physical enjoyment. Perhaps women don't, isn't it? their level of enjoyment in physical relationship is different. their interests therefore are different. So Allah is merciful towards both the men as well as the women. So the men he will give blessing, how in the form of food and the women also he will give them blessings in the form of the privacy. So hold on Naxal rotten thinking.

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Some have said that muscle Ratan will clear meaning they'll be voxalot ones who will have restrained what will they have restrained their gaze and the gaze of their spins as well. So their husbands will not have to look here and there. It will be lost in the beauty of their wives. maxilla Ratan Phil here.

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And typically when pro dimensioned people have a lot of objection, or when the women have gender mentioned again, people have a lot of objection, that this is not fair. But again, remember the size of

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Allah is merciful towards both men and women.

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And when we learn about the beauty of women, we learn about the beauty of men as well.

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The women will restrain their glances only to their husbands. What does it show their husbands will be so beautiful they will not even want to look at something else. Just imagine they will not even turn their eyes away from their husbands last and

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so, this is the Rama, Rama. And remember in general, what Fiamma touched on was what I love the

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both the pleasures are there with the soul desires and also the enjoyment of ice.

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So whatever men desire Allah will give them whatever women desire Allah will also give them

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in certain desire 124

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Daiquiri now

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when I use

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any man woman who was a believer who has done righteous alone will admit them into gender, and they will not be wronged at all, alone will not treat them unjustly at all, because Allah is the one who is most just

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so where the man's wishes are granted, women's wishes will also be granted

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for being a victim advocate given So which of the favors of your Lord can you deny? labiche a manipulative of benign Okay, they will find ickenham

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lemmie automaton untouched, meaning none will have touched them who these women who in particular who insult anybody man cabela home before them before who before the men agenda before their husbands wanna Jen nor any gin

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no man or gin will have touch these women will have stripped them of their virginity. So in other words, even they will be virgin.

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Were the women of gender the righteous believing women, they will get their bodies back. Similarly, the other hood will also be extremely beautiful.

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Have you noticed constantly gender being mentioned as well? earlier they were mentioned and Alexander mentioned What does it show? Jen will also enter it and

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wear it where we learn that sinful wicked disobedient jinn. They will enter Hellfire for example in a little out of a 38

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year old in

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another pilot Hello viewmedica human engineer will insufficient now every time people will be entered into Hellfire what will they be told? Enter amongst Oman nations that have passed on before you have ns and Jin. So where Jin will enter Hellfire, the disobedient the wicked once the obedient the righteous ones will also enter where Gen Y because both humans and Gen What are they?

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They're the burden beings who are mukalla

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Will we see the gen engine a lower a lower but this is just something that tells us that Allah will also reward the righteous

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phobia he Allah it will become a ticket burn. So which of the favors of your Lord can you deny? Meaning you cannot deny la vishay in Manila team have been Anoka they will find

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what the key nll of him reclining on cushions. What kind of questions for Blaine green, refer from the root letters of f

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is the plural of the word of refer to edges.

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And it's used for cushions or carpets.

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cushions or carpet rugs both them What are they used for? To sit on? Use them to sit on. So they will be reclining on rough rough? And these refer what color will they be called Green? Why green? Because green is the most neutral, the most comfortable color?

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Isn't it so it can fit anywhere? Isn't it? So? I remember Somebody once told me that whenever you're designing a place always look at you know what allies created outside, neutral colors. sky is blue. Clouds are white grasses, green mud is brown. Right? The water on the earth in the form of rivers, lakes, whatever that's blue, or that's green, and emerald green. Then the trees What are they like brown, green, and neutral colors? Because this is what is most comfortable. If you have a bright pink wall, you will like it for a few days. Eventually it's gonna disturb you.

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Similarly, if you have a bright yellow wall, even if it's one wall accent wall, eventually it bothers you, isn't it and you want to change it. So ruff ruff in green

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Questions where I will hurry in the sun and beautiful fine carpets. So cushions will be green and how will the carpets be beautiful and fine.

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Our balcony is designed back off.

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And it's understood as a carpet that's very soft, almost melted like and such a carpet or such a rug that is multicolored that has different colors and it's not just plain boring one color, but it's battered.

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This is what our bodies so a rug or carpet that is multicolored and that is also beautiful.

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Otherwise, the Word Art Gallery is also used for something that is amazing, beautiful, very unique. Why? Because I've put it in Arabic literature or poetry, you can say this word was used for a place where the jinn used to live. So like the jinn world?

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How would you refer to it? By using the word, our buddy? You know how fairy tales are told, and there's land where fairies live and so on and so forth. Similarly, the Arabs, they have the concept of, you know, the jinn. Obviously, that's true. fairies are not true. But the jinn, you know, their world are where they are, where they live, that place is known as.

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So when something is unique, different out of this world, how would you describe us

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not only learn who it was said about him from out on a tour of Korean missler you have free free.

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I have not seen any Arab curry like it's like as if he's out of this world. What he does what he suggests what he comes up with what he accomplishes, amazing, unique. So similarly, the carpets, how does Allah describe them are absolutely unique, different, amazing, beautiful. You can't describe them out of this world design for the Arabic emoticon even So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

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When the blessings are so clear? the blessings of dunia the blessings of Allah, which can you deny? What's the answer? None. We cannot deny any.

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Yes, this is true, that we haven't given the right of sugar.

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We haven't been grateful enough. However, we acknowledge that all of these blessings are from who have a surprise. We appreciate them. And we seek a loss forgiveness for falling short in this regard, in which regard in being grateful for all of these blessings. And we know that Allah's mercy, his forgiveness is much more vast than our sins and our in gratitude. For we are becoming a diva. No, we don't deny any. However we acknowledge that we have fallen short. Therefore we seek Allah's forgiveness because Allah loves zoo, utter well being muster feeding tabaka smaller, bigger deal generally, when a crown blesses the name of your Lord, the owner of Majesty and Honor,

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because he is the one who has bestowed all of these blessings. Tabarak it bless less than what is best. It is more a big name of your Lord. Who is he real jellal? Well, he is a possessor of gll and a crown. What is your alma Alma greatness, grandness. So and he is a possessor of general What does it mean that he is the greatest one, the highest one about whom there is no one? And when he is the owner of majesty, what does it mean that he gives honor also, to whomsoever He

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honors only wilty humiliates whom he went to the people of gender, and Allah will honor them. That's because he is older, and he can give it to whomsoever He wants. And when he is older than when he is the greatest one, the highest one, what does it mean? That he should be respected? He should be thanked, he should be obeyed, not that he is disobeyed. Not that he is disrespected, delusional, and he's also possessor of a clock, but this economy, honor, nobility as well as generosity. So, when he is the only club, what does it mean? That he is you completing his Aziz Martin awesome, one was very honorable, and when he is the possessor of a climate means that he also gives current feeling he

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shows, he shows in our to whoever he pleases, which is why we see that in South America 35 Allah describes the people of gender hula ecoffee, generating more qalamoun they will be in gardens honored, honored, Allah will honor them. Why? Because He's the owner of ICANN

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So this sort of concludes it with this amazing sentence with this amazing idea of our customer. Because originally, when

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and how great Tao bless it is a la soprano diner,

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and how blessed it is his name. So much so that if his name is mentioned at the time of slaughtering an animal, only then that animal is allowed to eat. Just imagine how blessed His name is, how grand His name is, how important His name is, how much hair because what is the bottle coming? Full of high right? So how blessed His name is, and when it's mentioned at the time when an animal is slaughtered only then that meat will be held on. Otherwise, you slaughter it the same way. But you don't say Bismillah Allahu Akbar. Is that meat Allah? No. What do you call it? How long Mita notice? Allah says in Surah Al anon 121. Well, that's a kurumi Malamute Chris Malloy here and a no fist.

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It's Fisk, what is fiscal eating of that meat on which allows name was not pronounced.

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And according to some scholars will do is invalid if a person has not said Bismillah.

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Just imagine how blesser the name of Allah is that it makes an action from being useless to useful.

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It makes an action from being MOBA, to what an act of worship. Just imagine.

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Similarly, an animal that is hunted that is shot at and the name of Allah is not pronounced that animal, what would it be that it wouldn't be considered halal? It's how long

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when a person goes to his wife, for sexual intercourse, and if he says Bismillah at that point, and if they're granted a child, that child will be saved from, from shaitan. Just imagine children who attacks a person from all sides, that child is saved from shavon. Why? Because a person said Bismillah This is our blessing the name of Allah is now if his name is so blessed, unless it is himself.

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If this is the goodness that we get from his name, alone, this is the third that we get by mentioning his name alone. Imagine all the help that a person gets from Allah.

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And that is mentioned in the silver from the blessings of dunya to the blessings of

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Listen to it again. The recitation from the beginning to the end in one go and you will enjoy it even more.

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in itself

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