Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 062A Translation Al-Nisa 94-104

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their actions and expectations, including events like Islam, war, and peace. They also discuss forgiveness, a possible solution involving a salata, and the importance of protecting people and avoiding sin. The group also touches on potential injuries and the law about protecting people, but the conversation is difficult to follow.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to suddenly Allah rasool Allah give Karim I'm about to be let him in a shade one of rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Frobisher rashly Saudi Saturday where Sidley Emery, Washington rock data melissani Kabu Cody or Ben has

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less than number 62 pseudo to Nyssa is number 94 to 104

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yeah are you here are you and Medina those who are Manu they believed

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either when brought up to you all struck you all went forth fee in severely way uh Allah He of Allah feta by Yahoo then you all clarify you all verify Wanda and do not the Kulu you all say Lehman to whoever or to who and CA he offered in a con Do you a selama the greeting

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the peace or the submission less than you are not Mina, believer

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of the Hoonah you all seek out other goods advantage and hierarchy of the life of dunya the world for India so near Allah He Allah, Maha Nemo booties riches cathedra tune many

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can Anika likewise consume you were made from a blue before Femina so he favored Allahu Allah or lay come upon you further value. So you all verify

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in that indeed, Allah Allah, Allah, Ghana he is ever Bhima with whatever that maluna You will do hubiera always all aware

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law not yesterday, he is equal elkaar a doona those who sit men from a remote me Nina, those who believe are the believers. Why you other than only possessors of Dora of the hurt of the harm.

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Well, and Al Mujahid una those who strive fee in severely way Allah He of Allah be Awali him with their wealth were unfussy him and themselves.

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For Bala he has preferred Allah who Allah, Allah Mooji Mujahideen those who strive to be unworldly him with their wealth were unfussy him and themselves. Allah upon ALCAR Idina those who sit the Rajasthan in rank

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will co learn and all what are the he promised? Allahu Allah and Husna The Good Wife Ebola and he has preferred Allahu Allah al Mujahideen, those who struggle Allah upon ALCAR Idina, those who sit at urine a reward of Lima Great.

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De la Jatin ranks degrees men who from him Walmart Filton, and forgiveness well Ramadan and mercy what can and he is ever Allahu Allah has a full run most forgiving Rahima are resolved merciful

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in indeed, and levena those who though affair whom he recalled them fully causes them today. al-mulla equal to the angels worthy me as ones wronging unforeseen him themselves. Although they said FEMA in what context you were

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Kalu they said Kanda we were was still bar fina ones who are made week fee in

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the earth

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Carlu they said LM did not the con it was herbal Earth land. Allah He of Allah was the attempt spacious versed for 200 Euro so you will migrate fee here in it for guna Iike so those were home their abode gehad Nemo is * was and how evil Missoula as it is.

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To nation

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INLA except almost double our feeling those who are made weak men from Abuja the men when the SIR and the women when will then and the children

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love not yesterday, Your Honor, they are capable Haledon any plan Wanda and Nora? Yes the Duna they obtain guidance Sabina to any way for hola Erica so those are sir perhaps it is hoped Allahu Allah on that. Yeah for He pardons aren't home from them. What can and he is ever, Allahu Allah, our full one most pardoning of a Fuhrer most forgiving

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woman and whoever you had it he migrates fi in severely way Allah He of Allah, he aged he will find fi in a way the earth Morocco Herman places of refuge Cassie era many was certain and abundance, woman and whoever yeah which he goes out men from by V his house, his home. Well how'd you run as one who migrates either to Allah He Allah? What are soo Lee and his messenger?

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So then you'd recoup it overtakes him, it reaches him, Elmo to the death for cod, then in fact, Walker, it became incumbent, I drew his reward, either upon Allah He Allah wa Khanna and he is ever Allah who Allah have a full on most forgiving for Haman always all merciful.

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Ye either and when brought up to you all struck, you all traveled fi in an RV, the earth, Felisa, so, it is not our they come upon you do not have any sin, and that duck will sue you or shorten men from a solidarity the salah.

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In if 15 you feared that you have thinner comb, he puts you in trial

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and Lavina those who care for rue de disbelieved in indeed, Al Katharina the disbelievers can know they are looking for you are the one and enemy will be in one clear

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why either and when Quinta you were fee him in them for a content then you established the home for them. A salata your Salah, five tacos, so it should stand for if a tune a group mean home from them. Merica with you

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while yet Hulu and they should take a sledgehammer to whom their weapons for either so when soldier do they prostrated failure Kulu then they should be men from what our Eco behind you

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while 30 and it should come so if I don't a group Ohana other lamb not you saw do they offer Salah fail you saw do so they should offer salah they should pray marca with you. Well, yeah who do and they should take Hedra home their precaution. Well as we had the home and their weapons,

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what he loved and Lavina those who care for rue de disbelieved low if del Faloona you all become heedless, I'm about Asli healthy calm your weapons were under Article and your goods for them yummy Luna they incline or they come upon you may the time and inclination were hidden single

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wala and not do not have any sin or they come upon you in if Ghana it was become with you other than any affliction, men from muttering rain, oh or consume you were Marva sick. And that tell the crew you all put down as we had to comb your weapons. What we do and you all take headrow Comb your precaution in indeed Allah, Allah or the He has prepared Lincare feeding for the disbelievers are there

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Haven't a punishment Molina when disgraceful

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for either so when God a tomb you all have completed you all have fulfilled a salata the Salah, fight guru, then you all remember Allah Allah P Peerman as one standing worker Odin and as one's sitting why Allah and upon julu become your sites

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for either so when it meant to you all were safe your Lenten you all were safe

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for a p mu then you will establish a solid, the Salah

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in indeed of salata, the salah cannot it was either upon ultimately Nina the believers kita ven one written enjoined Mahkota at appointed time.

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Wala and do not tell he knew you all be lazy. You all become weak. Fi in evitable II pursuit alchemy of the people in if the Kulu you all be you all are that lamona You all suffer you all are suffering for in the home so indeed de yet low Munna they all suffer karma just as that Laguna you all are suffering with our Juna and you will have hope men from Allah He Allah ma what law not your Juna they will

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work can and he is ever Allahu Allah. I leave I'm always annoying Hakima always always.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Yeah, I you

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either PCB. He butcher the

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fetcher the yellow one at Lehman or eco Musella Mina

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the law email on email Kathy.

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Thurman the law Whitey the animal in

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the law How can I be mad maluna hobby

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he do

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he be am worthy he

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will see Him

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God Allah Who Mojang Mujahideen?

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Welcome Hello. Hola. Hola.

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Hola. Hola. Mujahideen kar Idina Lima Devaraja Minwoo

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what can hola hola hola hola Hema in

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Bali me who sing hymns all female to God

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law he was

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God fee

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for hola ECAM.

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moose Du Bois Filomena deja

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vu Danila is delta your own healer?

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is delta your own healer Joe dandona savvy

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er who I'm working on a long one lawful long why me? You heard you the fees EBI he he did fill up the more on Kathy yellow was

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one they throw Jimmy and at hemo had your ila Allah you also the heat oh my god Rick Rule.

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Bull now Touka

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Hola Hola can hola hola hola hola Hema we're either going to fill up later is Jonah

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also means solid in Krypton that is Jonah

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double Soto meno sala de infinitum a Gina leadin

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what either teddy bear upon tele homos Salah

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ether to mean

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who actually has

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either surgery

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one year

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or more as

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well or

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me Luna

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what Jonah

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to mob boss turbo

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whoo Hey there welcome in the law

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theory in a

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either to solid Coulomb law healthy

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people by ew

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LT masala

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meanie Nikita

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who Mia Moon

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What's up June I mean Allah Hema and I

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work in a long run Iman hanky

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