Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P22 227B Tafsir Saba 31-37

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment was a punishment for refusing to do something and a reward for following the Prophet's teachings. The punishment was based on deeds and the reward was based on the deeds of the people. The importance of following the Prophet's teachings and avoiding negative comments is emphasized. The use of "by the way" and "arser" in context with media and the influence of the media on people's views is also discussed. The importance of wealth and children is also emphasized.
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Number 31

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We'll call the Lavina kufan. And those who disbelieve, say, learn no Mina, never will we believe be handled Quran in this Quran, wala, and Nora meaning we will never believe in Billahi in that which beignet a day he was before it.

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They say in their proud denial, we will never believe in this Quran nor will we believe in any book that came before it, meaning the Talat the Injeel basically what they're saying is, we do not believe in Revelation.

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While Torah Allah says, and if only you could see is ill Lolly Munna when the wrongdoers when these while in people who are doing volume on themselves when they will be MOLKO foreigner ones who are made to stand, render or beat him near their Lord. Mo ofone. Lord of the word mo * mo off from what works is to stop. And Malkoff is one who is stopped one who is detained one who's not allowed to retreat or to advance.

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If you could only see on the Day of Judgment when the same arrogant deniers will be stopped before their Lord for questioning, what is it that they're going to do? At that time? They're going to yell Ruggiero bow boom Yoji route he will return Babu them, some of them Isla Baldon to others, meaning they will return to each other. What is it that they will return to each other? And cola the word return to each other. Think of it like one person passes the ball, the other catches it and he passes it right back. nobody's willing to keep it. All right. So y'all drew bow the womb Isla Abarbanel Cohn, what this means is that they will refute each other's statements. They will In other

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words, blame one another.

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Right now, they're so adamant in their disbelief in their denial, what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment, nobody's going to be willing to take responsibility.

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Right now, they say very openly, very confidently. We don't believe in Revelation. But on the day of judgment, none of these people is going to want to take responsibility of the statement, they're going to blame each other. How is it that they're going to blame each other? You all know loveliness Tilbury for those people who are oppressed are still very full bodied, or in fact, we have done this word earlier. The oppressed, meaning the followers, they're going to say, Latina stuck baru to those who are arrogant, meaning the leaders, the followers are going to blame the leaders and they will say, Lola, and don't if it wasn't for you, if you weren't there, like Konami Nene shortly we would

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have been believers. It's all your fault. We blindly followed you, we listened to you, We obeyed you. And it's because of you that we denied if it wasn't for you, we would have been believers.

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Today, these people deny so arrogantly they blindly follow each other. And tomorrow, they will blame each other refute each other. You see the Mushrikeen they didn't follow the Torah. They didn't follow the NGO and when the Quran came to them, they said we don't believe in this Quran. And when the Prophet sallallahu Senna was ordered to tell him that I am not a new messenger messengers have come before me revelation has been sent before the said no, we don't believe in Revelation. It's not for us. Now this may seem like a statement that only the mystic enough Makkah said. But if you think about it, how many people say that they don't believe in Revelation?

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And what is it that they're following over here? On what basis? Do they deny revelation, something that somebody said years ago? Right, maybe some scientist or some philosopher or something that he wrote years ago? And based on that they're believers, for example, in science, and they are deniers of God for instance.

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Right? But what do we see over here on the Day of Judgment, people are going to blame those very individuals that they blindly followed.

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They will blame those very, you know, scientists or philosophers or whoever it may be. If it wasn't for you, I would have been a Muslim. If it wasn't for you. I would have been a believer in God. I would have been safe today. Lola and Tom

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Hakuna meaning it's all your fault. Allah Allah Dena stackable, the arrogant will say now there Yo dear abou boom Illa Baba Neil Cole, right? So they're going to refute they're going to answer back they're going to throw back the word. They're going to say, Lin Medina's tilde refer to those who are oppressed. A national sadhana

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did national we southern outcome? Did we stop you? Did we prevent you? I kneel Hoda from the guidance bar that is come after that it came to you. Did we stop you from following guidance when it had already come to you? Solid sada dinar calm, sad, sad is to stop someone from their purpose from their objective from their goal.

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A national sadhana C'mon, Al Huda. It is as if they will say, don't blame us. We only spoke our minds, we only invited you. And he asked, maybe we threatened you belittled, you made fun of you that you believe in God, but we didn't really force you. So don't blame us. We didn't stop you, from guidance after guidance had come to you. Welcome to Module Three mean, rather you were criminals, it was your own choice. Because you always had the choice to ignore what we said what we wrote what we said to you, you always had the choice. And this is something very true. No matter how many external pressures are there. Remember, your mind is free. Your heart is free. No one can control your heart.

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And Allah has created the heart hidden. You can keep your beliefs, your thoughts, your ideas, safe and secure in your heart. Nobody can reach into your heart and yank them out. Nobody can even see what you're thinking in your heart.

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Right? So really, nobody can force us to believe in something or force us to reject something. So on the Day of Judgment, this is not going to work. blaming others for our crimes is not going to work. Because those who will be blamed. They will not take any responsibility. They will say Belcanto Magery mean you yourselves were criminals. We'll call them Medina stupid a fool. But those who are oppressed mean the followers, they will say Lavina stalker baru to those who are arrogant, you see how the blame game is continuing? And they will say bail rather meeting? Of course it was your fault. How are you saying that you are not responsible? You were responsible? You did stop us from

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guidance, you did try to prevent us how Mokulele one

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mcru plotting a Layli in the night one haha. And the day? What is mocker mean? MACRA is to trick someone away from their objective.

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All right, to trick them away from their objective. So basically, they will say that you were conspiring by night and by day 24/7. This is what you were planning and plotting. What were you planning and plotting to somehow stop us from believing that this happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam? Of course it did. The leaders would sit together and they would discuss amongst themselves how What rumor should we spread amongst the people about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam what should we say to them so they don't pay heed to his words? What should we say to them so that they don't listen to him? They're turned away from him. Their plan was

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to suck down subete Hola. So the followers will say, Belle Mokulele when the how is the maroon Anna when you would order us, a NOC for a biller that we deny Allah when Niger Allah Allahu onda and that we set for him and that partners plural of the word mid noon dial that

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meaning you were indeed preventing us. That is what you wanted. That was your plan. You wanted us to disbelieve in God, you wanted us to worship others with him. So Okay, in this discussion, what do we see? Who's the winner?

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It's the followers. Right? But is this going to help? Allah says what a sovereign nada Mata Assad rule and they will hide, they will conceal another mother, the regret they will confide regrets, because both will be guilty. The leaders are guilty in their own place, and the followers are guilty in their own place. The followers really they had the freedom to believe in what they wanted to and the leaders of course they're guilty because their plan was to mislead. So as someone nada Mata all of them will hide their regret Lumira will either when they will see the punishment

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because you see a person who's innocent he doesn't need to hide any regret why? Because he doesn't have any regrets because he knows he's not guilty. You understand? Who is it that has to hide regret the one who is guilty so both will hide regret meaning both are guilty both are at fault. What your hola hola hola. And we place the colors, the fetters, el el is the plural of the word. The whole rain lamb lamb and what does that mean shackles iron collars, such iron collars for the neck, that disable a person from moving freely. He is not able to turn his neck right or left or back or front. The neck is stuck. What journal Allah Allah fie in our nappy Lavina Cafaro in the necks of those who

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denied our nap is a plural of the word or no, or knock is neck. Why collars on the next. Remember that the punishment and reward is always similar to the deed. It is always similar to the deed, meaning it's of similar nature. There's some some similarity.

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Like for example, the arrogant will be small, like ants on the day of judgment, because they treated people like as if there were small like ants, so they will be turned small like ants. You understand? Oppression will be darkness on the Day of Judgment because when a person oppresses What is he spreading gloom, Doom, right? So he will have darkness on the Day of Judgment. So over here, iron collars around the next disabling them from moving right or left or bending down. Why? Because this is how they were arrogant, stuck. refusing to budge refusing to believe refusing to think Allah says * you do zona? Are they being recompensed in llama can Oyama alone except for what they used

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to do? Meaning their punishment is according to the deeds that they performed. In sort of double slit I have 46 We learn Manami law slowly handful enough see woman a set a thorough lay her woman are bookable Allah mil RB, if a person does good, it's for himself. And when a person does bad, then he is going to suffer. Allah is not unjust at all to His servants. What's the lesson in this I think, before following something or someone blindly?

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Because on the Day of Judgment, the blame game is not going to work. Each person is responsible for himself. Because you see, in Makkah, the masses were being misled. Why? Because they were blindly following their leaders. Right? They were literally, fettered by who? By their leaders. So whatever the leader said, that's what the rest of the people did. And here a lesson for us that don't just blindly follow others, in terms of religion, in terms of even clothing, in terms of speech, in terms of even celebration. We don't have to do something just because we see others doing it. Who was the example for us? It's the prophets of Allah who already who said no, if he said, Hello, us, that's

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enough for us if he did it, enough for us. When it comes to the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Yes, we don't need to question we don't need to reason we don't need to think about it over there. Why? Because Allah has told us In Kuntum to hipbone Allah, Allah to be earning, if you love Allah, follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam simple, clear, when it comes to other people, then we really need to use our mind. Is this something that Allah likes? Is it something that Allah would approve of? Our standard is what the society or the people

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that whatever people are saying whatever they're doing, just do it. You know, for example, when it comes to fashion, when it comes to clothing, so many times we start wearing things is because everybody's wearing it.

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The Quran is clear, you know, for example, the verses of hijab their evident, meaning is very clear.

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But why is it that sometimes our actions clearly contradict our knowledge, because we just want to go with the flow?

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Right? We just want to do what the rest of the people are doing? What do we see blind imitation of people who are faulty, this is something that's going to harm us.

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Even though the followers are right that yes, the leaders did constantly try to misguide them, they still don't have an excuse, because there's such a huge example of the companions that chose not to follow it. So it's clear that yes, the companions were also forced to try and listen to them and they were punished and they were, you know, hurt because of they're trying to follow less data. So it's an example to the followers that sure you may have been, you know, but you were going through the same conditions as they were, you still had the chance to believe

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You chose not to, it's still your own fault. Exactly. Each is responsible for himself. So on the Day of Judgment, we can't put the blame on somebody else. Allah says woman I will Selena and we did not send ficaria tin in any city, man not eating any warner in that except Allah mutrah hoo ha. The affluent amongst them. They said, anytime Allah sent a warner do a people who is it that spoke against that Warner mudra hoo ha the mantra of people of that town mantra who is actually mudra phone plural of the word mudra. And motif is one who has been given a trough and a trough is basically a lot of luxury, ample wealth. So the affluent people, they said, in Bhima, or Silverton

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behalf your own inner indeed we demand or sell to be with whatever that you've been sent with Catherine, we are deniers of that. So generally it was the rich it was the people of power. It was the affluent the influential people that opposed the profits, that disbelieved themselves. And they also prompted this belief in their people to and this is what happened in Makkah also what can do and they said what's the justification that they gave for their cover? They said national walkthrough, we are more unwell and in wealth plural of men who are older than and children plural of wallet, they said we are better than these prophets why we have more money, we have more

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children, woman national be more of the beam and we are not going to be punished more or the beam floral have more other one who is punished. Meaning we must be doing something right? Because we are more well off. Our families are you know, stronger, better. So no harm can reach us these threats and these warnings that the prophets have brought. They're not really for us. We are better off than these religious folks anyway. We know how to live life look at our riches and look at our families. And so to me no and if 5556 Allah says is a bona inanimate Doom became a melee weapon in new Saudi ruler home, filho your heart, do the thing that whatever wealth and children we have given them, we

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are hastening good things for them do their thing this is reward. No, it's not reward belay as your own. They do not perceive all say, in Nairobi. Indeed it is my lord who yerba Soto Risca, who extends the provision, Lima Yasha, for whoever that He wills. And that's a test, where could it and he also restricts from Abdallah. He is the one who decides who to give more provision to and who to give it in limited quantities, the yucca deer, what are kinako naskila on the moon but most of the people do not know what is it that they do not know this fact that Allah is the giver and the wisdom behind this distribution. So this idea makes it clear that the distribution of wealth is not related

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to what rank a person has in the sight of Allah. No, it doesn't mean that the rich are closer to Allah and the poor are the sinful, No, Allah makes for whom He wills and he makes rich whom He wills and besides, no matter how much or how little a person has in this world, it's a test. It's temporary. Allah gives to those who he loves and also those whom He does not love. Therefore a person should never be deceived by the wealth that he has. Allah says a woman unwelcome warmer and not unwelcome your properties wala hola the calm and nor your children it's neither your wealth nor is it your children bility at all that which to a reboot calm a draws you nearer are in Danna, near

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us to Caribou Coffee, Robert Casaba. You are able to draw near to bring closer it's not your wealth. It's not your children that bring you closer in the near us meaning near Allah Zilpha in rank, Zoom far from the letters ze lanpher and Zilpha is basically proximity, closeness nearness. And from this it's used for a high position, the high rank.

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Allah makes it clear over here, your wealth and children don't elevate you in your status.

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It's not because of your wealth and children that you draw closer to Allah. No. If you want to draw closer to Allah, you don't go on collecting money. No. What is it that you need to do in there but meaning what does bring you closer to Allah? Is what man Armineh the one who believes why middle Saleh and does righteous deeds.

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What does this

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mean there are two meanings of this. First is it's not wealth and children that bring you closer to Allah. What is it? It's Iman and Ahmed folly.

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It's the Eman of the one who believes and the good deeds of the one who does good deeds.

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Eman and Ahmed salah. That is what brings a person closer to Allah.

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Secondly, the second interpretation of this is that wealth and children can only draw a person close to Allah when he believes and does good deeds because then wealth and children what are they another means of drawing closer to Allah

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like for example there will there any Salam he was blessed with such a man early Salah right so they might have really slim was his son. Oh, lad. So they manually Salam, as a child even as a young adult even he was very wise remember the incident that we learned earlier of the case that was brought right though there listen, I'm give one judgment, but sorry, minority salons ruling was much better. Right. So what a lot.

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And then the other is Santa was also given a lot of wealth. So they matter. Listen, I was given even more.

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And we see that in the case of the elderly SNAM his wealth and his children became a means of drawing closer to Allah. why? It's because he believed and he did righteous deeds.

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Because when a person has money, when a person has children, and he has Eman and he's also doing righteous deeds, then he increases in his sugar

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increases in his sugar, for what for the wealth that Allah has given him, increases in his chakra, for what for the children that Allah has blessed him with. So now they become a means of drawing even closer to Allah. Allah says for Allah Iike so for those people love home for them, Giselle. Oh, they're double reward. Why be Moromi? No, because of what they did. Double reward why because with Eman and Arnold Salia wealth, money is an excellent opportunity to even accelerate to even go further in doing good deeds. You know, for example, if a person has Eema he does Arnold Solea. Allah gives him money. What is he going to do with that money? hoard it, save it. Let it rot and sin and

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decay? No, he is going to give he's going to use it wisely. And with that he's going to acquire even more hassle, not

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even more hassle net. So just how old thereof greater opportunities, greater reward be my amino wahome Phil horo, fatty ErmI known and they will be in rural fat, low fat is a plural of Orpha what is OLFA? Row but what kind of upper room that which is high.

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They will be army known safe and secure. Satisfied. No fear. No worries, no grief, no regrets. I'm in northern Florida. I am in one in Amman secure. You see in this world, wealth and children are a source of constant fear.

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They're a source of constant worry.

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And I write

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Have you ever seen mothers cry because of their children? Mothers worry because of their children.

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It's amazing for that mothers, even fathers. Right? The strong men, they get so worried for their children or their grandchildren that they're always afraid, always worried. You know, this is why I don't have these we learned that children you know, they make you weak. They make you weak.

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They're amazing. But they also make you weak at heart. Because as long as you have them you're worried.

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And you would think that you know for example a baby a mother thinks you know when my child will grow up Inshallah, then I will not have any worries. No, no, no, you'll have more ways. You know, little children, little problems, bigger children, bigger problems. Seriously.

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It's a lifetime thing. And then, when children are married off independent, even more worried, because now they're not just worried about their children, but they're also worried about their children's children. Seriously.

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This is the reality of this world. When it comes to money. As long as you've got your money, you're worried isn't it? You have your phone, you're worried? Where's my phone? Where's my phone? Where's it that it gets crashed? What happened?

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Right, you're worried.

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So these are tools that Allah has given us to use so that we can draw closer to Allah. And if we don't do that, we will live in fear and we will die with that well or Yeah, the Willa. Amen. security and safety is only

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in Jannah

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wahome, Phil oral fatty Ermanno the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Verily Allah does not look to your faces and your wealth, but he looks to your heart and your deeds. It's not your wealth that matters. It's your heart your deeds that matter. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also sad in paradise, there are lofty rooms, whose outside can be seen from the inside news inside can be seen from the outside. And a Bedouin asked, Who are they for? And he said, for those who speak well, who feed the hungry, who persist in fasting and pray at night while people are asleep. It's almost solid that draws a person close to Allah notice it's a little fat high, higher because higher means

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more luxury, higher status. May Allah subhanaw taala grant is that that's listen to the recitation. Well, Gaul Allah Lena gefallen Mina the

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bill Believe

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it or volley Munna foon

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being in Yong Joon bow

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to mindful your own loveliness to goin Fuli levena Stuck Ebola

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meaning ball and Lavina stuck bowling Levinas to mindful

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man in Honda

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to Module dreaming well ball

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still going forward in levena Stuck borough call lady one.

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for you wanna Gianna hole oh

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the Wi

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Fi out nothing levena guff Oh hallelujah

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eating in love all

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seem to be

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woke all national axon

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no be more lebih

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be nice Polly me

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way up on the

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for all

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was it

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