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Al-Imran 144-155 Translation


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of advertisements and talks about various topics including Alaysha Alayhi wa Shaytani, the warahmat, the Saba, and the Saba's healed. They discuss the importance of staying true to oneself and not giving up on others, as well as a woman named Hope who lost her heart and is facing problems. The group is upset and causing chaos, claiming to be from the Amazon and have been killing people for years. They also mention a woman named Leah Talia who was killed by a group in NEMA.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Nash Madhu salia Sudhi he's getting a my bird for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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obituaries surgery were silly and re

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melissani of koko de urbanos ignor in

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sin number 50. So, the other environment is number 144, to 155.

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warmer and not Mohammedan Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Illa except for sologne a messenger

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but, in fact, harlot it past men from hopefully he, before him, Everson, the messengers

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did for then in a matter, he died, oh, or tequila, he was killed in a dome, you all turned back, either upon a car become your heels, woman and whoever

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he turns back, Allah upon Aki Bay, he has to healed for them, so we'll never yoga, he harms Allah, Allah shake anything well, and surges he soon he will recompense he will reward Allahu Allah, a sharechat in those who are grateful,

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warmer and not Cana, it was Lena sin for any soul. And that the Buddha Dies Illa except the evening with permission, Allah He of Allah kita then a decree, no agenda, one fixed in time,

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agenda, one fixed in time, or appointed in time.

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Woman and whoever you read, he wants so Alba reward of dunya of the world, not D we will give him minha from it. Woman and whoever you read, he wants. So whatever reward an author of the hereafter whoop Dee we will give him minha from it well and synergy soon we will recommence soon we will reward a shake it in those who are grateful.

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how many men from mobian a prophet Attila he fought ma who with him read the union ones godly ones devoted to read or read be union can also be translated as large bands, great numbers. bands like a band a group of people if you don't want to learn bands groups, so large groups, large bands or great numbers, Gosselin many firmer so not well honey, they became weak they lost heart Lima for what a Saba whom it reached them fee in severely way Allah He of Allah warmer and not the full day weekend. Warmer and not is the candle they gave him. Willow who and Allah you have bought he loves a soybean those who are patient

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warmer and not kinda It was our home they're saying in there except on that or do they said Rob banner our rub your feet you forgive learner for us the new banner our sins what is softener and our excesses fee in a marina our affair our magic was a bit and you make firm aka manner our feet one sooner and you help us either against alchemy, the people of caffeine those who disbelieve

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for him so he gave them Allahu Allah, so rather reward a dounia of the world where hustler and excellent so web reward an era of the

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Here after will law who and a law you have both he loves and mursaleen those who do son, those who do utmost good.

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Yeah Are you here are you and Medina those who knew they believed in if 230 you all obey, and levena those who care for you, they disbelieved, you do come, they will turn you back, either upon or become your heels for 10 caribou, then you will turn back who are seen as losers. Ben rather, Allahu Allah, molar come, your patron, your protector.

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And he Hiroo his best, and NASA dean of those who have signed up, we will soon cast we will soon put fee in for the the hearts and livina of those who go through disbelieved or verbal, that terror, fear, to be more because of what I Shoku they did check they associated partners, they lie with Allah, ma that witch lamb not universal, he sends down be with it suparna any authority will not walk home and their abode, their place of refuge, and nor is the fire will be set and how bad mess Where is a board of worldly mean of those who do wrong? what are called uncertainly Sadiq Khan, he made true to you, he fulfilled Allahu Allah was there who his promise is, when the asuna whom you

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were killing them, the who sooner whom you were killing them.

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The Isn't he with His permission, Hector, until either when Fashion Film you showed weakness,

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what Amazon and you all disputed with each other, or amongst yourselves,

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fee in

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the matter or the command

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what I say to you all disobeyed men from body after man that

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he showed you more what to Habana your love,

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may come from you, man who you redo, he desires he wants a denier the world women come and from you man who you redo he desires he wants

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to hear after so much then set up a comb, he turned you away on home from them literally accom so that he trusts you so that he drives you when a court and certainly offer he parted on come from you all know who and Allah the possessor feiglin a father a favor Allah upon meaning those who believe

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it when

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you all were claiming whether or not to Luna you all look back, you will turn back Allah upon a heading anyone what was Sulu while the messenger or and the messenger You're the one he calls you fi in the Huracan you're behind for FM comm so he recommends to you of all men. So distress beyond men with so with distress or B can also be translated as because of so be familiar with so because of some

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licola so that not that you all grieve either upon ma that which further can be passed away from you. Or it slipped away from you. It escaped you

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wanna and nor man that which are cybercom it reached you will know who and Allah kabiru always all aware Bhima with whatever you want to say. Then Angela, he sat down on a come upon you main phone by the actor and the homie the distress the sorrow, and then peace security. No arson slumber yaksha it covers if a group name come from you. What if a tone and a group called in fact a metronome? It made them angry

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And foster home, their souls, your will Nuna they think they may be with Allah or about Allah.

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Other than and help the truth. The Right. When assumption part. Lj helia of the ignorance your corner they say Hell is Lana for us men from an emery the matter men from Shay in anything. Don't say in indeed and the matter could know who all of it biLlahi for Allah

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they hide they conceal fee in enforcing him themselves. Now what law not you they do not they disclose lacquer to you. Your corner they say no if Ghana was learner for us mean from an embryo the matter shame on anything, man not patina we were killed her hoonah here

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you say low if you were fee in beauty calm your houses. liberalism surely went for it. And Medina those who katiba it was written it was decreed I lay him upon them Utley the killing the death either towards mythology or him. Their places of laying down

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well and Leah Talia so that he puts to trial Allahu Allah, ma what fee is in the recording your chest wa and Leona hysa so that she purifies ma what fee in Korea become your hearts on the hook and Allah alleman always annoying with a tea with possessor a sudo of the chests

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in indeed, and Medina those who don't know they turn the way men come from you. Y'all know on day in the hall, it met a gentleman the two groups in NEMA. Indeed not that is the Zelda whom he caused them to slip a shape on the shape on the barbie because of some ma what Casa boo they earned when a court and certainly our fair he pardoned Allahu Allah, I'm home from them

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in that indeed, Allahu Allah for foreign have resolved forgiving halimun have is all forbearing

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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to many

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body or my body

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warm. Enough.

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Nila Nikita

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Dunya no demon.

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demon. Was Anna dizzy. Shanti okay.

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I'm Rena

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and Marina

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LCD. No Look at

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boom, boom Yo

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yo funaki

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una una

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Long Ronnie movida

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move on

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