Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L267A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su the hill Karim I'm about to be left him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Shahi assadi were Sidley, MD Washington. Data melissani of kuqali probenecid.

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And now we'll begin. So

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lesson number 267 Surah Taha gerat is number one to 10 Translation Yeah, are you have or you alladhina those who Avenue they believed lair do not do a demo. You all put forward, beignet a day before Allah, Allah, what a Sunni he and his messenger what the Whoa, and you all fear Allah Allah in Allah Indeed Allah semi are always our hearing are the one always on knowing?

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Yeah and you her or you alladhina those who am I knew they believed, let Do not tell Pharaoh you always a sweater comb your voices photo above salt voice and Nabhi of the prophet SAW the love already you will send them wanna and do not that you have to. You will be loud Lahu to him bill calm in the speech gaggia Hurry, like being loud, like speaking loud. But all the con of some of you live our lane for others. And that Tabitha? It becomes fruitless, our marylu calm your deeds were unknown. And you all laugh not that Sharon, you all realize

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in Indeed, Allah Nina, those who have will do that they lower us water home their voices in the near rasulillah messenger of Allah, Allah iica those aladeen or those who enter Hana, he tested Allahu Allah gulaba whom their hearts lithoco for the piety, the home for them mouthfeel attune forgiveness will add your own and a reward or layman great

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in Indeed, Allah Vina those who used to do nikka they call out to you, men from what are behind, and who derive the dwellings. Actonel home, most of them left not European, they understand. Why no and if unknown indeed the subtotal they were patient, had their until the holder, you come out, a lay him to them, Locanda surely it was higher and better the home for them. Allah who and Allah awful always all forgiving, or human, always All Merciful?

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Yeah, you heard, oh, you unloving those who am I knew they believed in if Jericho he came to you faster than a singer, a disobedient person. Whenever in with some news, fettered by you know, then you all verify. And last to say boo. You will reach a woman or people beat your head at in because of ignorance. For those of you who consequently you will become either upon ma what file you all did nadie mean want to regret. What Allah mu and you all know and that indeed faecal among you Rasool Allah messenger Allah of Allah. Lo if UT IRCAM he obeys you, fee in Cathy's many men from among the affair learned. Surely you all were troubled, while I can but Allah Allah have Baba, he has in dared

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la come to you on an Eman the faith was a you know who and he has beautified it? fee in kulu become your hearts walk over her and he has made hate for LA come to you, elk of the disbelief while for soup and the wickedness while our ecn and the disobedience, Ola aka those whom they have rashidun those who are rightly guided

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feiglin a bounty t mean Allah from Allah, when your mutton and a favor. One law who and Allah or Lehman always annoyed Hakeem one always always

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Why in and if thought if attorney two groups main from meaning the believers equal data do they fought for Asli who then you all make peace bainer humor between them to fit in then if but what it oppressed if there Houma one of them do Allah against aloha the other faculty Lu then you all fight and lady that which w e it oppresses Hatter until the fee it returns Illa to Emory command Allah of Allah for in then if it returned for ously who then you all reconcile bainer humor between them to be there either with the Justice will occur simple and you all be equitable, be fair and just in the Lucha Indeed Allah, you have boo he loves and mucosa clean those who are fair and just intimate

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indeed not but and what me known the believers in what on our brothers for Asli who, so you all reconcile bainer between the Hawaii come your brother's what dako and you all fear Allah, Allah, La La calm so that you don't have on you all are bestowed with mercy.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Al-Hujurat 1-10 Translation 1-10

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