Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L265E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bedouins and their actions during the previous golden age were important, and they emphasized the need for forgiveness and showing gratitude. The loss of family members and the need for forgiveness led to the loss of consciousness and the potential for evil behavior in the future. The importance of avoiding confusion and mistakes was emphasized, and the need to take advantage of opportunities and avoid wasting time was emphasized. The importance of making great claims and making great promises was also emphasized.
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Say your kulula calahonda phenomenal Arabi. Those who remain behind of the Bedouins will say to you, mahalo phone is the plural of mohalla. And who is mohalla? One who stays behind one who remains behind while others go. So they remain behind. From what, from what, from going with the prophets are a lot of sort of Burma. They did not accompany him, when he set out for Makkah. They weren't there at the bay or that one. They weren't there at the Treaty of her day beer. Rather, they stayed back in their homes. And who are these people? mineral Arab in particular, are obviously Florida Arabi and who are the Arab, the Bedouins those who live in the desert, not in the city. Who are

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these Bedouins, these Bedouin tribes, the tribes that lived in the outskirts of Medina, and it is said that there were the tribes of leafa Aslam, Musina, juhayna, ushja, and some other tribes, so, they did not go along the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So when he came back when he returned, Allah subhanaw taala says they will come and say to you, shall Allah, Charlotte, Luna, Luna, our wealth, our properties, and our families, they kept us so busy, we could not come, we just didn't find a time. We were so busy. We were so occupied Shahada from the roof letters, Sheen, line, lamb,

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the Shaolin what does that mean, to be occupied with something to be busy with something, and in particular, in something important because of what you can't think of anything else. So our Anwar and our balloon, this is actually a Luna, one noon has been omitted, and alone is a plural of.

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So who is a family?

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So our properties and our families, they kept us so busy, there were so much to do, we just didn't have time to come. And we were afraid that if we left them, if we left our families, if we left our homes, our properties, and they would suffer. We had to take care of them. We're so sorry, we couldn't come along, first of Atlanta. So seek forgiveness for us. Just like people say, remember us in your prayers. You're so righteous, I can't do anything. I'm very busy. Therefore, you remember me in your prayers to them when I feel clean? Also, they came to the Prophet sallallahu. And Amanda said, shall I let know and why do you know what Luna first of Atlanta?

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Business Gary?

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Many times what is it that prevents a person from fulfilling the commitment he has made with Allah? What's the big excuse? My house, my money, my job, my family, my this, my that? Who used to say this?

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Because the believers never give preference to their own wealth, their own families above the religion of Allah.

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Allah and His messenger came first. Which is why at the book, when Abubakar of the learn who he had to bring his entire wealth, he did it. He did it. When they had to travel for weeks and weeks, they went leaving behind their families.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself when he went for battle once his own daughter was at the verge of dying at the Battle of better, he didn't stay behind. He went.

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Because for a believer, his top priority is his commitment that he has made with Allah. So he can not come up with the excuse shallot now, Mr. Luna, Luna, okay, yes, sometimes unusual circumstances do come up. Right? or unexpected difficulties do come up. That's not the norm. Sometimes it does happen. And that's understandable. But to make this a justification every single time, I'm too busy. I cannot do this. I'm too busy. I cannot. I cannot do that. And staying away from one opportunity after the other saying Charlotte now I'm while on our Luna. This is a great loss for a person, a great loss for a person because the same wealth the same children, they're not going to be there

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forever. They will keep you busy. consume your time, consume your energy. But at the end, what do you have with you? What do you have to show to your Lord, and eventually they will come to an end and you will be left alone. shala Anwar Luna Luna foster Filipina seek forgiveness for us. Allah says yo colonna VLT Nottingham, they're saying what their tongues my laser eukanuba him which is not actually in their hearts, meaning it's not that they really wanted to go and their families and their

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properties actually kept them busy. No, it's not that they really want you to seek forgiveness. They're just saying it just to please you. This is not coming from their heart. Allah says, say to them from em, licola kamina Maharishi, and who owns for you who possesses for you against a lot anything at all, in order to become burdwan if he intended evil for you, to become nefa, or he intended benefit for you. If Allah wants to send some evil your way, can anyone save you know, in your own house that you're busy with, with your own children that you can't get away from your own family that you cannot bear to be away from for even a moment, for even a day? for even a few hours?

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If sitting amongst them sitting in your own house? If Allah intends to send some harm upon you, can anyone rescue you? Can anyone save you? They cannot save you. No one can save you.

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And if you go out in the way of Allah, Allah gives you some nefer. Allah gives you some benefit. Can anyone deprive you of that benefit? No.

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Because when the person does not go out in the way of a low, what does he think? What stops him? something might happen. But the fact is that something might happen. Even when you're at home, even when you're busy with your wealth and your family, something can happen. Even at that time. A person does not go thinking he will get benefit. But the fact is you can even get benefit when you're out in the way of Allah. Allah says Belkin Allahu be mad Dharma Luna hubiera but rather Allah is Ever with whatever you do, aware, acquainted, you cannot hide from him. You can deceive people, you can lie to them. You can present many excuses before them. But Allah is fully aware. Allah knows which

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excuses really unexcused. And which excuses just something to get away with? Well, can Allahu be morona hubiera.

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And we see that a person usually lies to the other because he's concerned about his appearance, isn't it? Let me present this excuse because otherwise I will look bad, but a person should be concerned about his image before who his Lord because well canon law will be met are manana hubiera. At the end of the day, your matters with Allah, your commitment is with Allah, not what the people and Allah knows what you do.

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In total azova 17 called Mandela Dr. similkameen en la he in a rather become so and rather become Rama. When a doula human doula he religion will Anna sera who can save you, if a lion tends to send some evil upon you or he intends to send some run upon you.

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People think if they go they will get sick, you can even get sick in your own house. People think if they go they will not eat, you cannot eat outside. The thing is that all good. All harm comes from who? Allah when you're out in his way you think he will not help you using you will not protect you. When he is the one who sends everything your way. When you're out for the sake of Allah. Allah help is with you. So why do you worry? Both one and two? Rather you thought the one at 15 this was a real problem that you thought alayan Karima was Sulu el momento de la liga.

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You thought that the messenger and the believers will never return to their families ever. This is what you thought and this is why you didn't go with them.

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You thought they're going to Makkah where the enemy is in the mouth of the enemy. They're going, they're never coming back. This is why you never went with them was una velyka Fuca Rubicon and this was adorned in your hearts. What this taught that the messenger the believers are never coming back. This thought seemed very good to you. And this is why you stayed behind. It wasn't that you were actually very busy with your family and your wealth. No, you didn't go because you thought they were never coming back. You thought they were going to die You thought they were going to be killed and you didn't want to be killed. This is why you didn't go one to one. So and you thought and evil

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thought about you about Allah or condone komamura and you are a people who are bound to ruin booth is a third of the word but if and that is from the room, Tetris Bella is one to be destroyed and bad it is also understood as facet, a bad person. One who is foul one who is wicked, said gives us two meanings doomed to ruin and also an evil person, a facet person wicked person.

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So we're quantum common Buddha and you are people who are bound to be

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Destroy. You didn't go thinking you will be saved, you will be destroyed you will suffer. What quantum common Bora? You didn't go because you are facet people, your sinful people. So in other words, you're lagging behind.

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It was not an excusable act. It was not because you were busy. It was not because you had a genuine Reason No, you're lagging behind was because of hypocrisy because of bad thoughts. You thought if you go out in the way of Allah, you're going to suffer. This is what you thought you didn't have good thoughts about, this is why you didn't go will come to common Bora. And a person who has bad thoughts ends up suffering evil as well.

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Because what is the loss of Paradise I am as my seven things I am, whatever you expect, that's what you will get you expected evil you will get evil even in your own homes or quantum common border. And sometimes it happens that a person does not go out of the way of Allah. And he thinks that he will be saved, but in fact, he is still in trouble, one difficulty after the other.

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So staying away does not mean ease and going out does not mean difficulty.

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Difficulty and ease are a part of life they come by the decree of Allah. You have to respond to the call, whenever it's made.

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Well Malamute min Bella Havasu Lee and whoever has not believed in Allah and His Messenger, for in our third scenario carefully necessary law than indeed we have prepared for the disbelievers of please, a warning. Whoever does not believe in a line His Messenger than for him is prepared ablaze. What Allah He will customer what he will have, and to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Yo filoli Manisha why you are the woman Yeshua. He forgives whomever He wills and he punishes when he wills. What can en la foto Rahim Allah and Allah is also Forgiving and Merciful. This gives hope that mistakes may happen. But there is always a chance to improve. There is always a

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chance to reform.

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Say akuna mohalla funa those who remain behind will say when he then calacatta when you set forth when you set out when you set out intellectual Varlamov remember suka from Tanaka. So they both set out they went ahead. So the Motorola phone. So they will say to you when you set out in Mr. Nema, two spoils, meaning spoils of war Milan and florala Magnum when you set out in order to gain behind him, why later Hulu has so that you take it? What does it mean by this? Meaning when you set for when you set out for an expedition were gaining war booty seems very likely. Why? Because victory seems very likely. Meaning it's not a very difficult expedition. But it's an easy one. It's very

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easy to be victorious over there.

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So the mohana phone those who stayed behind at this time, who didn't go for the purpose of formula with you.

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Next time when you set out in order to gain some of them, they will say to you, the owner, leave us meaning allow us just as for our own selves are only after Musa so they will say to you the owner, not the vehicle, we will follow you meaning we will come with you. Which expedition does it refer to? This refers to the expedition to hybrid who lived in

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the hood. And remember that they were very wealthy. And they had committed great treachery with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they had harassed the Muslims a lot harmed the Muslims a lot created a lot of facades and fitness. So, a few months after the Treaty of today via the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because he did not have to worry about the mosquito. He paid attention to dealing with the Jews at labor.

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And because they were very wealthy, if the Muslims were victorious, that meant a lot of war booty. And who gets war booty? The one who participates isn't itself. So the win everything did not go for O'Meara. And now that the Muslims are going for Hiva, they will say to you the rune and utter vehicle allow us we want to come with you. Allah says URI Duna. These people wish ayyubid De Luca La MaMa that they change the words of Allah, which kind of Allah, which words of Allah, the words of Allah, which say that the spoils of hiber are exclusively for those who were at her debut. This was a promise of a lot that the spoils of fiber exclusively for who those who were at her baby

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or his

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command to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he must not take these people with him on any expedition which people, those who stayed behind from Philadelphia.

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So you read una anuva De Luca la mala. They know what the ruling is that only those who participated in her they via are going to go there. But they want to change the words of Allah. Allah says gold, say to them, lanta, Toby Runa you will never follow us. Never will you be allowed to follow us? Why? Because Gallico. Likewise for you, meaning in the case of your partner love him in public. Allah said before.

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Allah said with regards to you that you're never coming with us

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for say a coluna. Then they will say, well, that Sedona rather you jealous of us? Can you imagine? You're jealous of us? What a small mind. What a small mind that you're jealous of us. This is why you don't want me to come. This is why you don't want us to come. Allah says, Well, can you live for hoonah illa. Kadena because these people they do not understand except a little. When it comes to dunya. They use their mind a lot. They're very intelligent. But in reality, the Mona Lisa thing they lack.

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They lack comprehension. They don't have understanding. So we're hearing this ayah. The believers are being given a preliminary warning that when you're going to set out for hybrid, this is what the Philippine are going to ask. But this is what you're supposed to say to them, then they will say you're jealous of us. But just know that these people don't have any. They don't understand. Therefore, people who don't understand. There's no need to dispute with them. There is no need to argue with them. There's no need to get worked up over there. A person who doesn't understand just ignore him

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in through the Toba 83 also, we learned that the prophets are a lot of sin when he was coming back from the book, it was revealed to him for a logical level fit for the main home. First, the new canon horiuchi for Kolenda for jumari

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when they ask you to go out with you the next time say never will you go out with me again.

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One Two kottu Maria are the word and you will never fight an enemy with me. Because in Nakamura Lita will Kuru do what Amala fapa, rumoured colloquy, you were happy with staying behind the first time now stay behind with those who stay behind. No more opportunities for you. What's the lesson in this for us?

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That when an opportunity comes, seize it, grab it, take it don't stay behind. Because if you stay behind once, then that will be a means of closing doors or future opportunities. Sometimes we wait for other people to go ahead First, we wait for other people to do it. Or we wait for the ideal situation. We say Charlotte now. I don't know what, Luna I'm too busy right now. I can't do it. But the thing is that the opportunity that's coming right now, you don't know if it's gonna come again. You don't know like one of the sisters, she was telling me that initially, she decided she wasn't going to do the advanced course. But then later she thought it's being offered now. I don't know

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when it's going to be offered next. I have to seize it now. I have to do it now. So this is what we should be thinking that when an opportunity comes, it comes at that moment at that point. You don't know when it's coming again, if it's coming again. Therefore, take benefit. Take advantage. And if you refuse once, then you never know. Future doors may be closed as well.

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So a person has to be very, very careful.

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Colin McCullough phenomenal Arabi say to those who remain behind of the Bedouins say to them, that said to their owner, soon you will be called this opportunity you've lost. You will be tested again. How the other owner you will be called in a coalmine to a people to a nation meaning in order to fight a nation How is that nation early but since Shadi

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possessors off great strength

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and especially butts in what is best, what kind of power is bus of fighting of great military might These are the people you will be called to fight against. And these people to call it Luna who either you fight them are useless alone or they will surrender meaning there will be no need to fight them. No battle will actually take place but you will be called you will have to go all the way.

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So which people are these? Some have said that it refers to the Battle of her name. This was 60 repeater. Battle of her name was after the conquest of Makkah. And who are these people who leave essentially the tribes of housing and

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some have said that it refers to the Persians and the Byzantines

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And you see to the owner set to the owner you will be called by who by either profits or a lot of cinema fees alive or the halifa the middle no meaning of the time.

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Others have said that this column refers to the tribe of Bono hanifa who were the inhabitants of the region of your mama, they were the people of Mozilla and, and the battle that was fought with them, it was a big battle. So so to their owner in a coma only, but since she didn't have great military might, you will be invited to fight them. And the Muslim army either the Muslim army will fight them or use the moon or they will submit for him to to then if you obey your common law, who added on Hasina, then Allah will give you a good reward. Just imagine how forgiving Allah

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that they refuse to come the first time entertaining evil, negative thoughts about Allah. But look at the mercy of Allah, that he says he will give another opportunity, not the hyper one, but a later one, which is going to be a much more difficult one. And if you respond, Allah will reward you what into one low. But if you turn away, come into one later min carbonyl just as you turn away before you are the vehicle rather than an EMA, He will punish you with a painful punishment.

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So we see that sometimes mistakes happen. We lose opportunities, we don't benefit from them. And later on, we realize our mistake, isn't it? Does it ever happen. But when we realize our mistake, then we make great promises. If only I could get this chance one more time. One more time only, I will do this. And I will do that. And I will do this we make great claims. Great promises. So then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala deaths the person, he gives him an opportunity, but that opportunity is a much more difficult one, much more difficult, one will leave essentially.

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And at that one person is being tested. What does he do? Does he fulfill his promise? Does he learn from his mistake and make up for what he missed out before? Or does he remain the same? If he makes up for what he did before he fixes himself, he fulfilled his promise and Allah will give him a good reward. But if he turns away, then there is a painful punishment.

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There's a painful punishment,

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laser alarm or halogen there is not upon the blind any guilt, there is not upon the blind person any guilt which blind person who cannot see. Meaning if he stays behind. If he wasn't able to go further. If he is not able to participate in battles, then there is no blame on him being he's not sinful when a Ll ology halogen, nor is there any blame on the arlidge because he cannot walk

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when Arlen mareel the halogen and nor upon the hill, anyhow, why because he's sick. He has a genuine reason, a genuine excuse for staying behind. But when you Terry lehle Rasulullah who, whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, you the Hill who Jeanette and tagged him in tactical and he will admit him into gardens underneath which reversible woman yet Oh Allah. But whoever turns away, you are the poor other than Allah, He will punish him with a painful punishment. There are two ways. One way is off. obedience. And the other way is off disobedience.

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A person has to see what he is capable of doing. And then he also has to see what the state of His heart is. There were those who are Arma, who are married who are average at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But that did not make them stay behind. Or that did not make them happy on staying behind. They were weeping. They were sad. They were grieved when they couldn't participate when they couldn't go forward in the way of a loss penalty.

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So obedience is clear. And disobedience turning away. That is also clear. The one who obey is the one who fulfills his commitment, there is a greater reward for him. And the one who disobeys tries to deceive turns away, then there's also a painful punishment for him. So we always have to be careful that yes, the intention is good, but the action should also follow.

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Sometimes we just make great claims, but we don't do anything. We also have to do something.

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And we always have to be hoping for a walk from Allah fearing his punishment. Because when a person thinks of Allah as his boss, not the person, but a lot is my boss. He will hold me accountable. He is the one who's going to be me. Then only his actions can be correct

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Bula mukalla una Nina.

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Lana, yo Luna BLC nothing

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along and in

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Bob One

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Belt one berwarna

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yo fueling

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the booming

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you read a

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B Runa

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Unum una

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una una fomin

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de como la,

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If you think about it, the lessons that are being taught in this world are very similar to those that were taught in sort of, isn't it? Very similar themes. But they are very direct, straightforward to the point. Because many times we make promises but we forget. So there is a powerful reminder towards the end of the powerful reminder. Remember who you're working for remember what commitment you have made with who. And remember there's a difference when you fulfill your commitment and you don't fulfill your commitment. And if you lose an opportunity, you might not get one again.

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Listen to the recitation of all of these is from the beginning.

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This meeting

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Boo Boo me

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una de la

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la about one hour

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was up

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to one

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Hola una

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una una

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relay Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Al-Fath 1-17 Tafsir 11-17

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