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Al-Fath 1-17 Tafsir 8-10

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Are you Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 265. So total fat

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in there also Lanka indeed we have sent you shahidan as a witness one more by sheelane and a bringer of good news when a deal ah and also as a warner.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala addresses His messenger that oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam Indeed, we have sent you as a share hit as one who bears witness this Shahada, this testimony is of dunya and also of

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what does it mean by Shahada of dunya that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had to testify to? That he was sent to testify to the truth? He was sent to manifest the truth. So share him in a way gives the meaning of Muslims will help the one who testify to the truth showed the truth that people manifested the truth for the people. This is why he had been sent and secondly, Shahada of

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that what is the shadow that he will have to take in the shadow that he conveyed to his people that he conveyed the message to them?

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Remember, at the hospital without What did he say Allahu Mashhad. Oh Allah bear witness that I have conveyed? In certain lists I have 41 we learned FACA if I either jednom in Cali omoton bisha Hayden

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beaker, Allah hola shahida we will bring you as a witness against these people meaning against your nation, into the natural eye at night. Well whenever our Sophie Kali Ahmed and Shahid and Arlene him mean unfussy him or jitna, Becca shahidan, Allah Allah He and we will bring you as a witness against these people meaning against your nation.

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So we have sent you as a showerhead to convey to the people and to also bear witness against them on the Day of Judgment. And also one more Basilan bearer of good news to deliver good news to who do those who believe those who accept those who submit good news of what of a loss forgiveness and reward instruct Marian 97. Fair enough as of now hillbillies Annika Lee to Beshear will be held with Turkey in Western Europe Robbins calm and the intro to Episode 4546 Yeah, you Hannah Vu in Lancashire hidden when MOBA Sheeran whenever the Iraq War Darian, Illallah he beat me he was Elijah monniera. And over here also the same characteristics are mentioned, share hidden one mobile Sheila,

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one of the raw and also a warner.

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So we see over here the noble rank of the messenger sallallahu sallam,

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as mentioned earlier, that these three mother is surahs, Muhammad, and heard a lot. These three solos, they highlight who the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his status, his rank, the respect that he deserves. So Allah subhanaw taala sent the messenger to perform these tasks, to convey to the people to give them good news, to also warn them. And what are we supposed to do? Let me know so that you all believe, believe in Allah, what are su li and also his messenger? The messenger has been sent Why? So that we believe in Allah and His messenger? Because otherwise how would we know what to believe and who to believe in now? What Zulu and once you have this a man, then you also assist him,

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what to accrue, and you also respect him what to set behold bukata and we're asleep and you exalt Him in the morning and in the afternoon. This dummy who

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there is a difference of opinion with regards to this Some have said that the first two are zero or 208 refers to the messenger sort of latas Allah that you assessed him and you respect him. And the third one, two sub bihu This refers to Allah subhanaw taala

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and others have said that all of them they refer to Allah soprano

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that you believe in a line is messenger and all of you assist Allah meaning help his Deen and you honor him you respect him and you glorify Him in the morning and in the evening.

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The work towards zero waste from the fetters IRA, there is either a zero or a zero Tyrese and there is it is to assist someone to help someone but with respect with respect with Darlene,

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you understand, you see one is that a person helps someone and generally when a person is helping someone, he thinks him to be lesser than him, isn't it because you

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You are stronger, you are better. This is why you're helping him.

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But when it comes to helping the messenger, when it comes to helping the cause of Allah, then a person has to even help that cause with respect, thinking that he needs to help

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you understand? Like we learned earlier, that we need the religion of Allah, we need to help the cause of Allah for our benefits for our benefit. So what are our zero who you will assist him from the same root? Thorazine is also used for punishment, isn't it? So? Why? Because that punishment is given for the purpose of teaching other it's a lesser punishment compared to the Hadoop life for example, if a boy, you know, harasses a girl or something, then in that case, he's beaten up, like for example, 10 lashes are given to him in public. Why? To teach him a lesson to teach him the proper etiquette, this is not permissible, this is not acceptable.

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So there are zero who you will assist him you assist align His messenger with respect.

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Because with Eman there must also be respect.

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What do you have to do a guru from Tokyo? Well, kafa and Tokyo is that we honor, respect, reverence. So you must also have regard for a line as messenger, you must also honor them, revere them, respect them, and you must also glorify Allah in the morning and the evening.

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Now at her davia What happened? The Sahaba they were overwhelmed with grief with sadness. Some of them were very upset. And they had a man definitely it wasn't that they lost their email. Not at all. He is there to Eman Amar Imani. They accepted the decision of the messenger so aloneness Allah, they accepted the decree of Allah that they weren't able to go and perform Ramadan.

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However, in that state of sadness in that state of grief, what did they do? They disobey the messenger initially, isn't it? How that when he told them, get out of the state of your home, sacrifice your animals, they did not obey Him? immediately. They delayed in obedience, instead of disobedience. What is more appropriate is that they delayed in their obedience.

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Before, generally, how is their behavior? The prophets are a lot of them instructive. And immediately they followed for over here, because they were overcome with grief and sorrow. What happened? What happened? They delayed or model denying who he could not understand. And he went in question the profits or loss of a turn either, are we not better? Are we not upon the truth? Then why do we have to accept this? Why do we have to go back in this way. And after the Prophet sallallahu said, a majority of our model they don't who went to Abu Bakar did Arnhem and it will look a little different who warned him that hold on to it until your last breath, don't let this go

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and accept this? Accept this? So he assured him? So we see that because of this delay in obedience, Allah subhanaw taala advises the Muslims over here that Allah has sent His messenger as a shy his membership net Eve. And what are you supposed to do? The profits are about Islam is doing his job. You're also supposed to do something. Because when a person is on the receiving end, he thinks he doesn't have to do something. No, there is an obligation that is on you as well. And what is that, that you have to believe you have to support you have to respect and if you are overcome by difficulty, if you're overcome by grief, then what will help you just be remember Allah, glorify

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Allah, and that will enable you to overcome your grief and sorrow.

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Because difficulties do come in life. We do get upset, we do get sad. But because of that sadness, it doesn't mean that we leave our obligations. We leave serving the dean. We leave supporting the dean, no. difficulties are a part of life. trials are a part of life. ups and downs are always there. today. You're happy tomorrow, you're sad day after you're depressed, but doesn't mean you don't do your work. No, you have to do it. And to overcome that busier turn into the spirit of Allah. Because of the spirit of Allah. What does that bring a person

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satisfaction contentment, allow basically learning that my inner guru said to somebody who who bukata were asleep.

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And when you're serving the deen when you're serving the cause of Allah, what should be your ultimate goal? To glorify Allah, that is your goal to serve bihu bukata.

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This is not a part time thing. It's a full time thing.

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Lee to me no bill,

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You see, this is very important with a man, what else is necessary, helping the messenger. And also respecting the messenger, believe alone is not sufficient, you also have to show your emotion.

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And how has that image shown when you help the messenger when you obey Him, when you follow in his footsteps when you are on the same mission as him as he was on, and when you also have respect for him.

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And you see, when a person helps someone, because of the respect that He has for them, then that is sincere, isn't it? And then he will help that person in any situation, difficulty or ease, you understand? When you help someone because of the respect that you have for them, then you don't say no to them. Whether you're tired, or you're fine, you're happy, or you're set

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and someone whom you don't respect? Can you say no to them? Can you say no to them? Very easily, very easily. This is why respect for Allah and His messenger is necessary. When a person has that respect, and he will not say no. Remember what happened at the Muslims return from the Battle of Ohio, they were injured, they were wounded. And when they had to go again, they left in that state of injury. They left again, they did not say no, they did not stay back because they had respect. And the men African What did they lack? Respect, which is why on the slightest of things, they will be very abusive to the messenger sort of law.

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So it's disrespect that enables a person to obey that enables a person to remain firm.

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He taught me to be law, he was told he was zero. What about people who want to be who were cotton were asleep.

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In alladhina, ubay hironaka. Indeed, those people who pledged allegiance to you who those who have who participated in bear to live learn that they are that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took with all of the 1400 companions. Why? To take revenge for or standardly learn who. So those who pledge allegiance to you and you by your own occasional newsletters by Irene, Bayer, Bayer is to make a covenant to make a contract how by striking hands. So those who pledge allegiance to you than innama who by your own Aloha, indeed, they were pledging allegiance to a loss.

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In fact, they were making a pact with Allah.

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Apparently, they were making a pact with who, what the prophet sallallahu Sallam because their hand they joined it with whose hand the hand of the prophets on a lot of them so apparently it was a pact with the messenger. But what does Allah say in reality, it was a pact with who? with Allah. Why?

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Because making a promise with the messenger means making a promise with Allah. A commitment with the messenger his commitment with Allah. In a Latina you buy your own ticket in the mail you buy your own Allaha via de la he FOCA ad him the hand of Allah was on their hands as they were making the pledge. One hand on top of the other the hand of Allah was on their head. What does it mean by this? This is just like when we say any widget to a jelly lady Fatima Sana Mattila that I have directed my face to the one who has originated the heavens and the earth. Literally if you look at it means I'm facing a lot but where's Allah He is on his arm.

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When you pray salah and you facing the Qibla it's not that of loss of data is physically present over there. But what does it mean that your attention is directed to a loss of Pantone entirely you are being submissive to who Allah supplies

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So similarly here, you are making a promise with the messenger. But in fact, this is a promise with who, with Allah. This is making a commitment with Allah yet Allah He FOCA ad him, Allah's hand is above their heads, so they should be fearful of Allah at this point. Don't think that yeah, this is just a promise with the messenger, we'll see what happens. No, this is a promise that you're making with Allah. And what is understood via de la evoke ad him is also that Allah, his help, his assistance is with them. That as they're making the pledge, Allah His hand is above them, meaning Allah will also assist them he will grant them victory, He will guide them, he will show them the

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Femina katha so whoever broke whoever violated Nakata is from the root letters, known calf. And NACA is to tear something that is knitted like for example, a sweater, a woolen sweater. So you tear it apart How? By taking all the strings apart. This is what Nikita is.

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So whoever Nakata whoever unravels whoever opens up violates the pledge that he has made for enamine. Casal NFC, then indeed, he is violating against himself. Whoever breaks his promise that he's making with Allah. Then in fact, he is only harming himself. Woman. Oh, and whoever fulfilled meaning whoever lived up to the promise fulfilled that promise. didn't just make the bear and later say I'm busy. No woman opha vema her de la hula her with that which he promised Allah meaning whatever promise that he made with Allah fussa ut Agilent or Lima. So Allah will soon give him a great reward. If you notice over here bemaraha de la Hola. Generally, what is it? La? He put over

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here we see a la who Why is it la who it is said it is la who in order to keep the Lamb of his Medina heavy, La, La La? Because then it has a greater effect, isn't it?

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And because it was a special occasion, an important statement. That is why it's necessary to express the greatness of a loss of power.

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And how's that expressed by making the Lamb of his Mojo data heavy?

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others have said that la who originally who What is it? It's who isn't it? What's the original domain? Who.

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So who is abbreviated to who? It's not changed to he but rather it is kept as Who? Why? Because that is the original Arab of the word. And keeping the original Arab in the context is closer to the team of fulfilling the promise keeping to the original aerelon you fulfilling the promise. So it's similar, it's closer to the team.

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So woman alpha bemaraha de la ilaha fussa ut agilon of Lima.

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Now we see over here that the Sahaba when they participated in the Bayer throated lung, apparently they were putting their hands on the hand of the messenger sallallahu sallam.

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But the significance of this fact was much greater.

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What was it that they were actually making this pact with Allah? This shows that when a person signs an agreement, makes a commitment to serve the deen of Allah in any way. At that time, what was the requirement fight, even though it means that take revenge, even if it means you're not going to come out alive. That was a requirement of that time.

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If today the requirement is that my commitment is that I will come five days a week. My commitment is that I will pick up the chairs and I will stack them at the back. My commitment is that I will make this for the noticeboards. Whatever that commitment is, however small however great, however, apparently important or apparently unimportant. That commitment is in fact with who that commitment is with Allah.

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On the surface, you're making it with a person.

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You're saying yes to an individual to a human being. But in reality you're saying yes to who? Allah soprano.

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Because that person is only a means is any that Institute or the administration is only a means. They're just helping you with an opportunity to serve the deen of Allah soprano. Time

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The actual commitment that you have is with your Lord. This is why do what you have to do not out of the fear of people. But do what you have to do out of the fear of who Allah soprano.

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Do what you have to do, not out of respect for the people that you're dealing with, but out of respect for Allah and his religion.

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And when a person does his work in this way, then he will do it, whether he is upset, or he is fine, whether he's tired, or he's fine, whether he is happy, or he said, whether he's busy at home, or he's not busy at home, he will fulfill his commitment because his commitment is with who, with his Lord. And he will do it whether other people are watching him or they're not watching him, whether they're marking his attendance or they're not marking it, he will fulfill it, he will not leave even five minutes before he will leave on time he will come on time we will do what he has to do, out of the fear of who his Lord because his commitment is with his Lord, and He wants his paycheck from his

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Lord. And Allah knows fully well about what we do, how we do when we do. So in this is a great encouragement, but also a warning, a great encouragement that what you're doing is something very honorable, whatever you're doing your commitment is with Allah, he had a lot of focus at him. This is not a small back that you're making, not a small commitment that you're making. You know, when people sign a contract with a big company, how happy they feel, isn't it? they boast about it. I'm working for this company, I have a contract for two years with this company. And if it's a small company, then they don't even mention the name, isn't it? So, look at this. It's such a huge honor.

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Such a huge honor. You should be proud about the fact that you're serving the deen of Allah, you have a commitment with your Lord. So at the end of the day, no matter what task you've been given, that doesn't matter, isn't it? The task doesn't matter what matters. What matters. The fact that you're serving a law, the fact that you have a contract and agreement, a commitment with your Lord, that enough is a source of honor. And at the same time, there is a warning that don't deceive, don't cheat, don't fall short. rather do what you have to do. Do it's full. Why? Because your commitment is with your Lord. You're the law he focused at him from a Nikita for India, my uncle's or infc.

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Whoever does not fulfill the commitment he's only harming himself. Woman. Oh fabby mera Hadar la lucha facility.

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Allah will give him a great reward. Who the one who fulfills his commitment, he will be given a great reward. Not a person who does not fulfill the commitment who is only trying to please the people and he's all concerned about pleasing his Lord. If you want reward from Allah, then know that your commitment is also

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your own

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hear Joe on normally.

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What a beautiful verse. He has a lot he folk it

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in the mail, you buy your own Aloha. In fact, they were making a pledge with Allah. What a great honor. And what a great promise here the law evoca idea. You're doing it for Allah, Allahu Allah to help you. He will also assist you, you remain sincere and committed. And Allah will also give you the faith. And if you turn away, then you're only harming yourself. But if you fulfill, then look at the reward entered on earlier.

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Now when the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was leaving for the Ummah, and he had the dream, he made an open announcement inviting all of the Muslims to accompany him.

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And this meant all of the Muslims were in Medina and who also lived in the outskirts of Medina.

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And remember that in the outskirts of Medina, there were many Bedouin tribes who had come and they had accepted Islam. But they had also nifa they were also very hypocritical in their behavior, how that whenever there was an opportunity in which good seemed to come very easily, they would come and avail that opportunity. But if ever there was a situation where the

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harm seemed to be more than the benefit than they would stay away.

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So over here we see that the profits are a lot of sudden we invited all the people to accompany him for oma. But everyone did not go with him. All of the people did not go with him.

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And on the way back to Medina, Allah subhana wa tada revealed these ayat telling the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what excuses those people will bring.

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They will bring one excuse after the other. This is why we weren't able to come that is why we weren't able to come this is just like when we are suited to Toba. On the way back from the book, I actually revealed isn't it to say Oh, soon they will say boo. Mahalo for those who remain back. So over here also, same thing happened.

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