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Al-Fath 18-29 Translation 18-29

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Whether you want to sundiata suti he'll get him of art for the villa him in a Shantanu rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim furbish Riley assadi were Sidley MD, Luna rock data melissani you have the Holy urban as ignor EMA

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lesson number 266. So total number 18 to 29 Translation Lockard. Certainly earlier he was pleased Allahu Allah, on from a remote meaning the believers is when you buy your own aka they pledge allegiance to you

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under a shadow the tree for alima then he knew ma whatever fee in guru be him their hearts for unzila then he sent down a Sakina the tranquility or lay him upon them whatever home and he rewarded them for 10 a victory kariba near

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Omaha NEMA and war booties, Cathy rotten abundant yet whoa Dona her, they will capture it. What can and he is ever. Allahu Allah, our season. Always Almighty Hakeem and always always

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wear the comb he promised you. Allahu Allah, Mahanama war booties, Cathy, rotten, abundant, the Luna her, you all will capture it for our agenda, but he hasn't. Luckily for you all, had he this worker and he withheld adea hence, a nurse of the people aren't gone from you while it akuna and so that it is a 10 assign Lynwood meaning for the believers where they are gone. And He will guide you so often about Mr. Thema one street.

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We're Oprah and other lung not dako do you all have power? or lay her upon it? In fact, a helper he encompassed Allahu Allah be here with it. We're kana and he is ever Allahu Allah, Allah upon goodly every che in thing adira always all Abel wallow, and if

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he fought you

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alladhina those who careful they disbelieved lower level, surely they would have turned a developer the backs so much then they're not yeji Duna they would find where the yen any protecting friend Waller and nor Nestle law, any helper, son netta way Allah Allah Allah, Allah T which are in fact, harlot it past men kaaboo from before one and never 30 that you will find listener for a way, Allah of Allah, WD Allah, any change

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what who and he and lady is the one who gaffer he withheld idea whom their hands on come from you, what idea come and your hands on home from them be botany in midst, or within Makka Makka men from birth after and that overcome, he granted victory to you all or lay him upon them. For can and he is ever Allahu Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you all do, bas Lila always all seeing whom they alladhina or those who careful datas believed was I do come and they stopped you and from Al Masjid, the masjid al Heron the sacred

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while hodja and the sacrificial animal Mara cufon one restrained and that yalova it reaches Mahela who is placed of sacrifice while Allah and if not return on men meluna believers when he said and women meaner to believers, lamb not terlalu home you all know them on that delta ooh home. You all would trample them for to say welcome then it would reach you main home from them. mouthwash don't dishonor or my overtone same belated

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without really mean any knowledge, Leo the healer so that he admits Allahu Allah Fie in proximity he his mercy, man, whoever he assured he will know if there's a yellow, they were apart. Northerner, surely we would have punished and levina those who care for Rue de disbelieved main home from them. Are there been a punishment? A Lima painful is when gyla he bought alladhina those who careful they disbelieved fee in kulu behind their hearts and hernia, the prejudice, Hermia prejudice, Lj hilarya of the ignorance for Angela then he sent down Allahu Allah Sakina to who his tranquility, Allah upon Rasulullah he His Messenger, RNA and upon and what meaning the believers

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what else ama home and he imposed upon them. Kelly matter word, a taqwa of the taqwa of the piety. What can you and they were a helper more rightful behalf with it. What a Lucha and worthy of it what can and he is ever Allahu Allah because Alicia in with everything are Lima, always all knowing?

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laqad certainly sadaqa he proved to be true. Allahu Allah, Rasool Allah who his messenger a year the dream will help with the truth.

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Letter the whole Luna surely you all shall definitely enter al Masjid, the masjid al Hassan the sacred. In if share He willed, Allahu Allah ammini as ones who are secure, more highly clean ones who shave who circle your heads were and mucus leading ones who trim left not the harpoon you all fear for Lima. So he knew man that which lamb not Darla mo you all know.

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Further Allah. So he made men from dooney there Lika besides that, firsthand a victory for Reba near

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who he allegedly is the one who also Allah He sent Rasool Allah who his messenger bill Buddha with the guidance within and religion and help of the truth. Lila Lila, who so that He manifests it Allah upon a dean the religion could lead all of it, worker for and he sufficed biller definitely Allah shahida as a witness

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Mohammedan Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam but our Sulu is messenger, Allah of Allah when Medina and those who Mara who with him, as should the ones who are strong ones who are forceful.

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Allah against Alka foul the disbelievers Ruhama ones who are merciful by now home between them, among them, there are whom you see them broken as ones who do ruku as ones who bow down. So Jaden as ones who do such as ones who prostrate. Yeah, but the hoonah they see fabuland bounty grace May Allah from Allah, what Ilana and pleasure Sima home, their distinctive Mark fee in Buju him their faces, men from FL trace as sudduth of the prostrations vaniqa that method to whom their description fee in authority that our method to whom and their description fee in an NGO, the NGO because are in like a plant, a hajah, it brought out a produced shuttler who it shoot for as Rahu then it

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strengthened it for Steve lover, then it became sick. First our then it stood firm, either upon Sufi, it stems,

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your jubu it delights as

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the planters lever so that he enriches be him with them. alko fella, the disbelievers what are the He has promised? Allahu Allah and levina those who knew they believed were our milou and they did a slowly hurt the righteous deeds

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main home among them mafia rotten forgiveness what agilon and a reward or Lima one great.

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Honey, honey ginger Haley.

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Meenie Miny mo