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Al-Ahqaf 1-20 Tafsir 17-20


AI: Summary © The transcript describes Jesus's surahs and off meaning, the importance of following the resurrection, and the negative impact of past experiences on children. The speakers emphasize the need for parents to teach children how to be rewarded, and the importance of physical maturity for safety and health. The transcript also touches on the historical context of dams and reward, as well as the need for parents to teach children how to be rewarded.
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Now this is one character. And on the other hand, is another personality, a completely opposite character, a completely opposite way.

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And both of these characters Allah subhanaw taala presents before us, as I mentioned to you earlier at the beginning of the surah, that this surah tells us about the characteristics of who those were obedient, and those who are disobedient.

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So this is a character who is obedient. And on the other hand, that is obedient. That one lady and the one who, Allah He said, leeway led to his parents.

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What does he say to his parents? Oh, Phil Akuma off to both of you.

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Instead of saying words of gratitude, words of respect? How does he address his parents with harsh words? orfila coma off to both of you. What is off? It's a very small word, isn't it? But what is it literally mean? I gave you the meaning of this earlier and sort of so what does it mean?

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dirt that gets stuck under the nails? Or in the skin? earwax nail clipping. So basically something very small, very small. But at the same time, very

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very disgusting. If ever you go somewhere and you find a nail clipping, how do you feel? disgusted? disgusted if somebody is cleaning their ears in front of you, and they show you the cuter, how do you feel? disgusted? Like, why are you showing this to me? If you find a dirty, cute rip on the floor, you feel you don't want to pick it up. Right? If you think about it, how much is that filth? A very, very tiny amount, minute amount. But it's enough to disgust a person. It's enough to discuss the person.

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So from this off, is used to express disgust. It is used to express hatred and the discomfort of the heart.

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And it's a very small word right? Just like a nail clipping very small.

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Very tiny, very small word. And if you think about it, if Faith is the weakest letter, right, easiest to pronounce for very easy.

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So it says Oh, a person is so frustrated that he cannot even bother to bring about a heavy word on his mouth. Oh, Phil Acoma off to both of you. I'm sick of you. Oh, Phil Acoma

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Atari, Danny, Do you promise me deal will threaten me and offer a job that I will be brought out? Is this what you're saying to me? This child who is rude, who is unbelieving? What does he say to his parents? That What's wrong with you? Are you telling me that I'm going to be brought out alive? Walker the hello to Coronavirus family, whereas generations have passed before me.

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Barun is a pluralist.

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What does it mean by this that generations have passed before me? Meaning so many generations have gone before me? Has anyone of them come out alive?

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Has any one of them been resurrected till today? No, it hasn't been 1000s of years have gone by. So you say that I will be resurrected. People who died long before me till today. They haven't been brought out. You think I will be brought out alive? How is that possible? But isn't this a wrong way of thinking? Because when will resurrection take place? On the day of judgment, not Indonesia.

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And some have said well, causality. kuruman probably means that so many generations of those people who don't believe in resurrection have passed on before. As if he's saying that what you're saying is something very new. You're saying that we're going to be resurrected, how is it possible that people before it's never believed that so many generations passed on before us they never believed in that rock or the holiday in Corona makaveli and the parents what is their state? Well Huma and both of them yesterday son in law, both of them are seeking help from Allah yesterday son from the route letters lane Yeah, surveys and laces used for rain and such rain,

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which comes after a long time and a person is desperate for it. desperate for sees thirsty, drought stricken people, when they are desperate for rain imagine their state. So this is what is the author is do seek help do request for help desperately in a state of desperation

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and also co author is to request for help from a hacking from a judge from a room

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Concerning some injustice that has been done on a person

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So who am I yesterday Sinaloa, both the parents, the mother and the father, they're begging for help from Allah. What help? What help that their child also believes that their child repents were Huma yesterday, Sinaloa and what do they say to their child whaler war to you? Meaning Have some shame? What's wrong with you? I mean, believe believe in Allah believe in resurrection, because in noir de la, he helped, indeed the promise of Allah is true. It's true believe, but what does he say? What's the response of this child for your kulu but he says marhaba Illa SLT are willing. This is nothing except the stories of the ancient people. Meaning, what you say about God, what you say about

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resurrection. This is just stories lies that the people of the past invented. And you believe in that you follow that? What do we see over here, a completely opposite character.

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In the first instance, we saw the way of who the person who is grateful to his parents, grateful to his Lord, for what for the blessing of email,

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and look at how concerned he is how respectful he is how concerned how caring he is, that when he is grateful for the blessing that he has been given. He is also grateful for the blessing that his parents have been given. And at the same time, he's concerned for his children.

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And over here we see the way of the ungrateful people. What is their way that they don't believe themselves, they don't acknowledge the blessings of Allah upon them. And at the same time, extremely disrespectful to their parents. The parents are saying way like, I mean, they're advising him telling him and at the same time their parents are praying for him. And look at how he talks to them. orfila Kuma

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marhaba illa southville a wedding.

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Such people Allah says Allah iica those are the ones who are levina hochkar la human kolu upon whom the word has come into effect, which word which sentence, the sentence of punishment, with Ahmed Kalamata Rebecca, amla, Anna Johanna mominul, Gina t onesie, marine and such people where will they be feel a woman being among the nations which nations are the harlot men accompany him who have passed before them? Which nations meanwhile genie of the gin while ends and the ends in Kandahar city, indeed, they have been losers, they will suffer great loss, that the people of the past all those who disbelieved whether human beings or jinn, what is their end, Hellfire, utter loss. So even

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such people they will be in the company? Who, who, those who disbelieved from the people of the past.

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And it's interesting how this person says, My mother in law are willing. He says to his parents that if you are believers, you are being backward, isn't it? So that's what he says, right?

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When he says that this is only the stories of the people of the past, he's saying in a way, that you're being so backward. You're following what the people of the past invented. But what does the law say over here? That he is backward, he will be amongst the people of the past who disbelieve

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with them. He thinks he's very modern. He's very intellectual. He doesn't need to believe in God. There's no need to believe in resurrection. But in reality, such a person is backward.

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The exact same words that you come across today as well.

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This is so true. This happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam this happened much after that, and this happens still today

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that parents are believers, but their children, what is their way?

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What is their way of this belief that they have given up their email? They have lost their faith completely. And when their parents advise them, look at how harshly they respond to them. How disrespectfully they respond to them.

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They will listen to the recitation and then a few more things.

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Te Paulina fi

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

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whoa, whoa

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me a school on your medical

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missionary field Feel free

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to bill

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was one sci fi

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any project that you

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levena help

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paws eating

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asleep fluffy the Yeti are thinking parents, they love their children so much and most of time that they have so much plan of their children and thinking about the safety of their children. But sometimes you see parents walking hard migrating from one country to another just to to establish good life for their children. But many people they take their children from back home and bring them here. Their concern about their well being. They think okay, this is safe place for our children. But we have to see, they don't think about where my child demand will be safe. The same way we are concerned about being safe or being in good place, we have to be concerned about that we are safe

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from us you have Allah subhanaw taala

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that will especially be the reality, a person cannot just be concerned about his own fate, that my Eman is safe. I am doing good stuff myself but he also has to be concerned about his children. And for that he must make dua to Allah. That if you see the age that is mentioned over here have a should of attaining physical maturity, mental maturity. This is the age when most people become parents, and this is when they are most grateful to their parents as well. Because they undergo hardship. Right, especially for example, a woman when she becomes a mother herself, then she realizes how much difficulty her mother has experienced for then this brings about gratitude for

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one's parents as well.

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You have to train them, you have to train them. Let's say for example, the mom is doing dishes and the son is watching TV. This doesn't happen just like that like it Okay, you have to be fearful to Allah subhanaw taala and, and then the child will be helping you in the kitchen. You have to train them to be grateful you have to give them the necessary training in order for them to help you and then they will realize themselves that this is the way to appreciate everything that they work hard for.

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Many parents are worried about the amount of their children if you think about it, every other family is suffering from this problem.

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That the parents are indeed, but their children are so far away. And when they tell their children, they're responsible, harshly, so disrespectfully. Even if it's something as small as pray, read Quran, there ends up a fight in the house, a big argument in the house.

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And if you think about it, it's a very big test for the parents that they are, indeed they are righteous, but their children are

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that they are praying for their children, they are trying hard to explain to them as well. But their children arrogantly refuse to accept calling them backward denying being so disrespectful. It's a big test for the parents. Now, in such a situation where parents themselves are righteous, they're trying their best to make their children understand as well. Are the parents blameworthy? Will they be held responsible? No, they won't be because they have done their part. They have made the law, they have explained to their children, so they will not be held responsible for it. They're not at fault. And the children themselves are held responsible. But we see over here that do different

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people one, grateful the other ungrateful.

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The one who is grateful to his parents is grateful for the blessing of him. And the one who is ungrateful to his parents Look at him, he disrespects his parents leaves a man as well. And then we seek two completely different results. And one more thing that we see here is that being a member of a Muslim family alone is not sufficient, isn't it? So? In the first instance, a person is a child of Muslim parents. In the second instance, again, a person is a child who Muslim parents,

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but belonging to a Muslim family, Is that sufficient? It's not sufficient, one has to have a man himself as well. Just because parents are righteous does not mean children automatically will become like that. No, they also have to have email. And for that, parents have to teach their child they have to explain to their children.

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This is why Allah says well, eco lindora jaton mimma amilo. And for all there are degrees of reward and punishment, according to what according to what they have done. Each person will have a darada according to the actions that he has performed. When a person does something, then only you will get something if he hasn't done anything, you won't get anything.

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When he called lindora jaton mimma amilo.

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Where there's Eamon ambisonic, than the diraja is high, the greater Eva, the greater Amazon, the higher the donnager.

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And where there's no even normal solid, then obviously, low rank. So when he called lindora, jaton, mimma amilo while you were fear Him, and why is it that Allah gives the ajet to people, depending on their deeds, so that he may fully recommend them are mad at him for their deeds, well, whom leave us alone, and they will not be wronged at all.

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So what do we see that a person will only get a diraja

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according to the deeds that he has performed? Just because the parents are righteous doesn't mean children will also get a high diraja in this dunya what happens if parents are rich children, they automatically become rich, isn't it? So? Isn't it so many times we see that if parents have beauty, children automatically they have beauty? Right? If parents have something of this dunya many times children get it by itself without even putting in any effort. But when it comes to the knowledge of the Hereafter, they don't just come automatically a person has to do Armand for that. That cannot be inherited but rather a person has to do something himself. What do you were feeling home Armada home

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welcome Laos level.

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You see the thing is Eman is essential.

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Okay, Eman is essential. If a person has a man and his children are righteous like for example, a person as a man he himself has not done memorization of the Quran. But he makes the child memorize the Quran will the parents be honored in the hereafter? Yes, they will be. Why? Because they have put in their effort. But if they haven't done anything, they have no eema then obviously they will not get rewarded. You understand?

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So when he called lindora jet Mima amilo while you were fear home Armada home

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where your mama your older lady in a California Island and the day

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Those who disbelieved are exposed to the fire, meaning on the Day of Judgment, when those who disbelieve are exposed to the fire, why, for punishment, and it will be set at that time as habitant eba to confy Hayato madonia you exhausted your pleasures during your worldly life was stamped on behalf and you enjoyed them as habitant from the root letters, they'll have, they have a means to go and otherwise to take away. When you take something away, it's gone from that place, right?

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So as habitus gives the meaning of that you used up completely you exhausted, you consumed. You consumed What? By Eva tickle your good things, meaning the pleasure of blessings, the enjoyment of blessings. Where did you use all of that up? For hieratic? madonia

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Yes, you did good things, but you enjoy their reward in the dunya. Western territory. And you also enjoyed it. Meaning you had a lot of fun enjoying those blessings and adonia polyoma. So today to do zona, you will be recompensed or there been hooni the punishment of disgrace. Why be my contempt as duck Bellona fell off? Because you used to be arrogant in the earth. You were on the earth but yet you were arrogant.

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And what was this arrogance that prevented them from a man that prevented them from preparing for the alpha wabi McClinton of sukoon. And because you used to commit sin.

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So we see over here that on the Day of Judgment, the disbelievers will be brought to the fire. And it will be sad to them that all you did in the dunya you got its reward were in the dunya and today, you will have nothing but the punishment of disgrace. Why? Because you prepared nothing for this day. Whatever you did in dunia, you got the reward over there. Today, you have no reward. You only have punishment because you did nothing for the alpha.

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And what's the reason behind that? Be my content, the stock bureau NFL or the behavioral health?

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And no, it has a right to assume greatness on this earth will be my quantum touch soon and because you were busy sending your busy setting, that's what you did in the dunya. So you have nothing in the

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intro to Zuma is 60. Allah subhanaw taala says lsap Johanna mamatha limita kabiri is there not in hell are residents for those who are arrogant. So we see that when a person's goal is to kneel, then he just enjoys in the dunya. But if a person's goal is the aha, then he will enjoy in the

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western Institute I have 50 that men cannot read or hire the dunya was the Natasha pneumophila him ALLAH hafiz home fee her labor soon. Ooh, la la la de la sala home Phil harati inland. What have you from Arizona rufiyaa. We're both in America and we are middle that whoever desires the life of this world and it's adornments that's his goal, this dunya then we fully repay them for their deeds in the dunya whatever results they have to get whatever benefits they have to enjoy, where do they enjoy them in the dunya

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and they they're in will not be deprived. They will not be deprived of the fruits of their efforts. Like for example, if a person works hard in the dunya he does get the fruit of that in the dunya

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but those are the ones for whom there is not in the hereafter anything but fire Why? Because they never wanted anything in the accident. So what do they have only fire no reward? And last is what they did there in whatever efforts they put in the dounia finished this is why Allah says instead Osaka have their call Hello Luna sorry Nirmala alladhina Birla sorry

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all there sorry, lost in the dunya nothing has made it to the

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instead of the Shariah 20 men Canada you need to help sell Africa NASA houfy house he woman Canada you need to house a dounia No, do you even have one Allah who fill us rotten ministry?

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So when a person aims for dunya he only gets dunya. But when a person aims for a hero, then what does he get? A hero Antonia isn't at all because Nadella who he helps he.

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So, this ayah does not mean that if a person is enjoying blessings in dunya he will not enjoy in the Acela.

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You understand? Because sometimes people misunderstand this is saying that if you enjoy and lunia you won't enjoy in the afternoon. This is not the intent of this ayah the message of this ayah is that those who disbelieve only enjoy were in the

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But when a person has a man and his his goal Allah will give him both in Africa and Indonesia.

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Incidentally alafaya 32 Allah says, All men have wama Zenith Allahu Allah t 100. Everybody, what a you bet him in a risk, say who has forbidden the adornment of Allah which he has produced for his servants and also the good lawful things. All of these blessings that Allah has given in the dunya they are not permitted. Whatever is hunted whatever Allah has declared halal is legal for a believer to enjoy.

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Glue, say here, Linda Dina Amano filha to dounia Holly satunya will piano that say there for those who believe during the worldly life but exclusively for them on the day of gentlemen.

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So whenever a person performs any deed for the sake of the ohana, to gain reward in the hereafter than Allah He is most generous He rewards him in this dunya as well

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into the natural Ayah 97 Minami la sala Hammond Decker in Odessa Hua Hua min on fella Nakia no higher than by Eva whereas is higher than play Eva, Indonesian. This is why when we made to our What do we say abana. Tina fit dunya has an orphan.

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And we learned from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah does not treat a believer unjustly in regard to his deeds, for which he is rewarded in the dunya.

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Meaning when a person performs good deeds, and Allah subhanaw taala rewards him in the dunya it's not that that person will be treated unjustly in the Hereafter, no, he will be rewarded for it in the hereafter. And as regards a non believer, he will be made to taste the reward of his good deeds in this dunya until when he reaches the Hereafter, he will not have any good deed for which he should be rewarded.

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Because as habitant sabbatical will hire to come adonia whatever good you did you enjoyed its benefits you reap its benefits in the dunya. So you have nothing today, but the believer is rewarded in dunya. And in for example, once a person he gave to the Prophet sallallahu cinema said that I do a good deed for Allah but people praise me.

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So when people praise me is this I getting the reward in the dunya the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said tilaka Boucher Arjuna This is just good news that is given to you early that good news of reward inshallah in the hereafter. Similarly, if a person is good towards his parents, Allah blesses him with righteous obedient children now doesn't mean he has been given his reward in the dunya only, no, this is just Tinker bush law idea that this is a benefit for the believer in dunya. And there is much greater reward in the hereafter. And this also shows to us that when a person is doing something, what should be his main focus, main focus main goal?

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He should not be performing good deeds for the benefit of this dunya but rather he should be performing good deeds to gain reward from Allah subhanaw taala in the hereafter. And if he gets in the dunya that's just a bonus. But unfortunately, many times when do we think about doing something good? When when we want some benefit in linear, isn't it? That's when we do it. But the main goal, the primary focus should be reward in the middle. That should be the near and allies most generous. He also benefits people in dystonia. They will listen to the recitation

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while he

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while he was

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was done.

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out baby.

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Soprano Nicola hum ob humbucker Michelle de la Ilaha. illa Anta aka

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a Santa Monica.