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Al-Ahqaf 1-20 Tafsir 13-16

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 261. So little or half, I am number 13

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in the Medina Kala buena LA. Indeed those people who have said, Our Lord is Allah. So muster combo, and then they remained on the right course, then what happens to them for their whole finale him, then there is no fear upon them, one of whom he has an own, nor will they grieve who those people who say Our Lord is Allah, and they also have is the karma. What does it mean by having is the karma?

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Just that fussiness? What are the two meanings of some master karma?

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I gave you two meanings in particular. One is to correct your waist to be on the straight way to straighten up to become proper in one's ways. So saying that our Lord is Allah, what does that require?

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What does that require change in action?

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So, so most accommo they fix themselves, they also became right and proper in their ways. This wasn't just lip service.

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And secondly, it's almost accommo that they became firm as well. They remain steadfast as well. Follow how often I lay him whatever makes anyone such people no fear upon them and they will not agree.

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We learnt earlier into the facility I authority that inilah de Nakamura buena la Tomas de como de la human melodica, that the angels descend upon them and they say to them, I let the half of

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the angels tell them don't fear and don't grieve. But over here Allah says, There is no fear upon them, and they shall not grieve when

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in this dunya and also in the

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because when a person has a man in Allah,

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and he is doing what he's supposed to be doing, and he remains firm, that Allah subhanaw taala gives him contentment and satisfaction of the heart.

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That no matter what difficulty he's going through, he is at peace.

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where normally people will be shaken, they will be extremely fearful. They will panic such a person what happens to him he remains calm. Why? Because he has trust in Allah. His Eman gives him inner strength.

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So find out how often or lay him whatever whom he has no, there is no fear upon them and they shall not grieve in this dunya and also in the Acura

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una ecos. Horrible Jana. Those are the companions of Paradise, highly Dena Fie her abiding eternally they're in just as recompense for what Bhima can we are in Milan for what they used to do. Jenna is their home for eternity and this is a recompense for what? Just their lip service no for what they used to do.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says, well as slain al insana, boo le de he center that we have enjoined upon man to his parents good treatment. In alladhina, Carlota buena last semester karma What does that reflect man's duty to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And many times in the Quran, we come across this that first the right of allies mentioned and then the rights of people are mentioned, and of the people whose right is the greatest,

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the parents. So we see this in the Quran that first of all the hug of allies mentioned and then the obligation towards one's parents is emphasized. For example, in certain Ayah 23 workorder buka allotter obudu illa, Yahoo availbale Dany externa, that your Lord has made it mandatory that you do not worship anyone, but him. And with the parents, you must do your son, insert, Look, man, I have 40 initially, while you led el Masri to be grateful to me and also to your parents because to me is your return. So over here as well, after mentioning one's duty to Allah, then the obligation towards one's parents has mentioned that was seen as insane everywhere today. He Allah has enjoined this

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upon who,

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upon who inside and who does inside me, human being. So every single person is obligated with this. This is an obligation and every single person regardless of how his parents are, regardless of how his parents are, regardless of what the situation is, regardless of how old or

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Young they are.

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Because sometimes we think that when we're young, we're supposed to be benefiting from our parents. We don't need to do axon towards them, but rather they're supposed to axon towards us. And unfortunately, many people don't grow out of this mentality, that even when the turn into their 30s into their 20s, still, they're demanding everything from their parents are not giving back anything. But what do we see what was slain in Santa bydd, every single person, man, woman, married, unmarried, young, old.

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Every single person is obligated with this duty. That with the parents, what is he supposed to do? His son and he has to do a son, no matter how busy he is, no matter how free he is, no matter how close he is to his parents, no matter how far he is from his parents, no matter what kind of relationship he has with his parents. Regardless, he must do air sign because this is a was Leah from Allah? And what is what's the yummy and important instruction? And there was Leah from Allah, what does it mean? an obligation that has been laid on people.

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So it's a must on all people that they have to do axon towards their parents?

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And what does it mean by axon towards one's parents? in different ways, right, treating them well, treating them with respect, spending one's wealth on them, physically helping them financially helping them financially supporting them. This is an obligation on every single person.

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Many times we think that Oh, when I'm older, and when I'm earning, and when I'm married, and my husband makes a lot of money, then I will spend on my parents, then I will buy them good gifts.

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But your son is not limited to spending on the parents, their son is much more than that. It means you work for them. It means you serve them. Not that you're asking them, can you please bring me a glass of water, it means doing their work for them driving them around, was a sign of insanity Wally de Santa.

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And this is a sign of one's maturity, where he feels a sense of responsibility, where he feels responsible for his parents. This is a sign of one's maturity, that he is now taking care of his parents. And if a person is constantly just taking from them, taking from them, demanding from them, what does it show that mentally he's still a child? And this is incorrect.

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Because in our religion, we are held responsible when we attained maturity. And typically when people attained maturity that's in their teens, but even in their teens, what are they constantly expecting that their parents should be serving them? This is incorrect. So a sign of insanity. Well, today he is Santa. Why? What's the reason? Why should a person do or signed with his parents? Because of one reason? And that one reason is sufficient? And what is that reason? That how my lead who moved his mother carried him? His mother carried him? What does it mean by this? That she carried him in her womb.

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She carried him in her womb, how go home with hardship with difficulty. Gohan is to bear hardship with dislike, that you don't like the burden. But with tolerance, you understand that, for example, you have a heavy bag, you have to carry it. You don't enjoy carrying it. However, you do carry it because you have to you understand. Similarly, a woman when she's expecting, then what happens? She has to bear the burden of pregnancy. Right? She has to suffer many things along with her pregnancy. She doesn't necessarily enjoy them. She's extremely uncomfortable. But she bears all of that with patience and with tolerance. This is what courage is.

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So how mulatto Cohan, his mother carried him with suffering with hardship with difficulty. And if you think about the parents, they undergo many hardships for the sake of their children, but especially the mother

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because her responsibility begins from the moment she conceives. Her difficulty hardship begins from the moment she conceives. So how am I led to Omaha Callahan?

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And it's not just that the pregnancy is Korean, but whether to call her and she gave birth to him with her chip as well. Well, there are two What are attributes the real collectors well, but I mean, and what does that mean to put something down to deliver so when she gives birth to that child even that is

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Very hard, difficult experience. Why do you think it's called labor?

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It's very labor, some will die to call her. And then it doesn't end there will hum Lou and his gestation meaning the pregnancy, the entire period of pregnancy. And what is salehoo and also his weaning facade from the root letters fast slotland. Fasano means to separate, right, and fish oil is used for weaning, meaning when the child is breastfed, and then eventually is taken off of breastfeeding,

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because as long as a child is being breastfed by the mother, he is close to the mother. But then when he's taken off of breastfeeding, then automatically there is a distance between the mother and the child.

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So this entire period of pregnancy and then nursing is how long sell as soon as a minimum of 13 months. So as soon This is from selasa, salata means 3030. Now 30 months, how long is that?

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How long is that?

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Two and a half years, right? 24 months, and six months. Now, over here we see that the period of pregnancy, burying the child and then suckling the child, a total of 13 months meaning two and a half years. We learn elsewhere from the Quran that we feel Soylu fear, I mean, right? That the weaning the suckling period is how long? Two years? Similarly, we learn elsewhere, while while you're there now Oh, LaDonna. How Laney cam, Elaine, that the period of breastfeeding is how long maximum of two years maximum? Not minimum?

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So that's two years, what are the six months? The six months of pregnancy? But what do we know that they're nine months? So I six mentioned in particular, because it is said that six is the minimum length of pregnancy that is necessary.

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Six is the minimum length of pregnancy that is necessary meaning if a child is born, after six months, that child is legitimate. What does it mean by that? That if a woman gets married and six months later she gives birth, then that would be considered a legitimate child, a person cannot accuse Oh, you were expecting from before? No. So and it also shows that if a child is born six months, then what does it show that he can survive? The chances of survival are very high. And then the two years are off. breastfeeding.

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So what how many who was a salehoo? seller sooner? shahara. This is a minimum of 30 months. And if the gestation was for nine months, then it's how long

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33 months. So minimum 30 maximum 33 over here minimum is mentioned.

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And if you think about it, 30 months is a long time do and a half years is a long time.

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From the moment the mother conceives until she is breastfeeding the child constantly constantly. She's undergoing hardship, isn't it? Because her body is constantly being consumed. As she is expecting, her body is being consumed. Right? As she is nursing, carrying the child all the time that again, her body is being consumed.

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So it's a very exhausting, tiring experience. And it's a long time that many mothers have become so weak.

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So how many who have a silo who said as soon as shahara 30 months altogether?

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And also, if you think about it six months have been mentioned for pregnancy? Because sometimes it happens the first three months where women don't experience any, you know, nausea, no, they don't feel the burden of pregnancy later on when their body becomes heavier, then they start feeling the burden of pregnancy.

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So a facade lucilla Suna Shara.

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So we see over here that the sacrifices of the mother in particular, they have been mentioned,

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they have been mentioned. And this is the reason why her right is also more,

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isn't it? We learned from a hadith that once a man came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and he said, who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me? who deserves the best treatment from me. What was the reply? Your mother?

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He asked again, who's next? Again? The reply was your mother. He asked for the third time Who is next? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said your mother and the fourth time when he asked Who is next? It's your father. And this is reported in Buhari

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that out of all human relations, the greatest right is of the mother because her sack

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vices, her suffering, her hardship is more than anyone else. This is why she deserves good treatment. But unfortunately, it has been seen that if there is anyone who is treated the worst by people, and who is it? It's the mother. She gets yelled at, by the children. She's answered back. She's ignored. Her advice is ignored, isn't it? What is she told you don't know. You don't know anything. Stop stalking me. This is what children do to their mothers.

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So we see over here that the person who deserves the best treatment from us is our mother.

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But unfortunately, in many families, she is the one who is treated in the worst way that she is overburdened with house chores. She is overburdened with so many responsibilities, everything is left to her. If it comes to waking up the children who are adults, now she has to do it.

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Teenagers, she has to come again and again to their rooms, wake them up. She has to make their breakfast she has to wash the dishes, she has to prepare the food. I mean, think about it. How much can she do? After all?

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I'm amazed sometimes that young girls, young girls, young boys who are much stronger than their mothers, when it comes to physical strength, who have more free time, less responsibilities, but what are they concerned about? chilling out, going outside, when it comes to talking, who do they want to talk to their friends.

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I mean, you're sitting there watching television, where your mother with her pain in her back and pain in her feet, she's standing there washing dishes, you are more strength, can't you get up and help her out with those heavy pots at least. And she is the one who's bending and mopping the floor and sweeping the floor and vacuuming, you have much more strength than her.

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So it's amazing, sometimes, it's shocking, the mother who carried you for so long, find you for so long, all these years and there you are still demanding from her

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we grow up, isn't it grow up eventually take some responsibility.

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So, over here, we see that one reason has been mentioned for doing your son with the parents and that is that your mother bore you she gave birth to you, she nursed you a total of two and a half years minimum, she looked after you

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had either but I should the who until when he reached his maturity. This is the description of who the righteous person the Grateful person the one who does exam towards his parents that will How does he behave with his parents that until when he reaches his maturity who the insan and assured his physical maturity when a person is at his prime in terms of physical strength in terms of intellect in terms of reasoning, and it is said that the minimum age for this is 30 or 33 years. I should the minimum is how much 30 or 33 years. And if you think about it at this age, most people are the parents majority of the people there are parents by this age.

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So that guy either below a shadow and then we're better or Marina center and then he reaches 40 years exactly 40 years and 40 is the maximum for attaining I should say the minimum exam which 33 years

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maximum is 40 years. I mean a person must have reached maturity by the age of 40 if he hasn't, there's a huge problem.

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So how can I either Bella should the who or Bella Marina center Allah He says, Are there any oh my lord, you give me the ability. You give me the trophies? you enable me You inspire me to do what an escuela near Mata can Letty anantha earlier that I am grateful for your blessing which you have bestowed on me.

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Give me the ability you inspire me that I am able to be grateful for the blessing that you've bestowed on me. Which blessing is this? This blessing is of a man, the blessing of Islam.

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And not just on me but also what I learned a year and also on my parents, that it's not just that I am a Muslim, I have a man but my parents also have a man because the blessing of Islam is the greatest blessing. A person may have everything of this dunya but if he doesn't have a man, he is deprived,

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deprived. So the

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Rachel Carson, when he attains maturity, what does he realize that the greatest blessing we have is the blessing of a man.

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You know, many times when people they become older, they become more serious and they're thinking, right? They become more mature in their thinking as well. So, over here, this mature thinking is being mentioned that what is it, that a person realizes what the greatest blessing has been in his life? What the greatest blessing is in his life.

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Some people say, Oh, I'm so glad. You know, my parents had that much money, or my parents made the right choice for me, that they sent me to this school and they sent me to that school, they gave priority to education. And at this age, the age of 3040, they start appreciating those blessings, because they see the fruits of that. But we see that the Grateful person is who the one who realizes that the greatest blessing I have is the blessing of a man that I have it. And it's not just that I have it, my parents have it. Because they had this blessing. They had a man they had Islam, they read me properly as well.

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What Amala sila handle the who and that I perform righteous deeds that you will be pleased with meaning and also inspiring me also give me Tofino cozy irony, an arm Allah sila hunter who give me the ability to do those deeds with which you will be happy. Because what's the main goal? That Allah should be happy with a person? Even if the entire world is happy with a person but Allah is upset? Is he successful? No, he's not. And if the entire world is unhappy with the person, but his Lord is happy with him, then he is fine.

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So give me the ability to do that with which you will be pleased those deeds with which you will be happy.

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In this story, mainly sugar is being expressed for the blessing of a man that a person has and also his parents have. It is said that this ayah was revealed about Abubakar of the learner, that a worker of the learn who when he became a Muslim, and his parents also became Muslim. So he made this throughout that gives me the ability to be grateful for this blessing of email. This person is not necessarily asking, but he's been grateful. But a person can definitely be grateful for the blessing of a man for himself and he can make the art to Allah that give this blessing to my parents as well.

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This huge blessing to my parents as well.

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So, Rob, the zucchini and ash Cora near Matata, Lottie, Anantara, layyah wala worry, they were an armada solid Hunter, and that I do those deeds with which you will be happy.

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Well, I'll slowly feed the reality and also reform for me, my children

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are slightly fee the reality that my children also do their Islam

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from Islam, meaning make them righteous as well make them good as well. Because at this age, the age of majority 3040, who is a person concerned about his children.

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He has a man his parents have a man, he's concerned about his children. Right, his progeny. So as literally feed the reality that we have Iran make my children also have email make them good as well.

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And some have said that we're asleep over here means gifts Allah here meaning give ability, give ability to my children, as well as give me ability to do good and give my children the ability to do good as well.

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In need to be a Laker. Indeed, I repent to you. We're in the middle muslimeen and indeed I am of those who submit. If you look at this, it's a beautiful door.

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That, first of all, we see that there is gratitude for the blessing,

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which blessing the blessing of a man.

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And a person is not just grateful for the blessing that he has, but also for the blessing that his parents have.

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And then a person is concerned about to his children, before that his actions that give me the ability to do righteous action, because that is the practical demonstration of

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what what is righteous action, isn't it? Because how is it seen that a person is truly grateful for what he has when he does something good. So if a person is truly grateful for the blessing of a man, then it must come about in his actions as well.

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Nobody can do good except with Delphic from Allah. So an armada sila hunter who will slowly feed the reality and then then the actual door is also made that gave the ability to my children as well make them righteous as well in need to go to a lake that begins with sugar and ends with Toba, we're in Nieminen muslimeen. And indeed, I am of the Muslims, because this is gratitude as well, that a person remains in the state of submission to his Lord with any mineral muslimeen.

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As I mentioned to you that this is sad that it's revealed concerning Booba karate learn. However, it's not just limited to him, but generally this is a drug that can be made by any person, especially the one who is grateful. A person who is intelligent, a person who is conscious, who sees who realizes the blessings that Allah has bestowed him with, and not just him, but also his parents. And also he is concerned for his children.

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Oh, there it is, those people and levina those who not a cappella on whom we will accept from them. What will we accept from them? cinema I mean to the best of what they did, meaning the best actions which they have performed, we will accept them. This is what a promise of Allah subhanaw taala. Many times we wonder, the deeds that we do, are they even acceptable? Are they even acceptable? This effort that I'm putting in isn't worth anything? Is it something that Allah likes? But what do we see that Allah He can ladina not a cappella on home, cinema or milou, the best deeds that they perform the good the righteous deeds that they perform, Allah will accept them, he will accept them,

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and he will reward them.

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One of the joy was, and at the same time, we will overlook and say to him from their misdeeds, because no matter how good righteous a person is, after all, he's a human being. So he performs good deeds, but at the same time, he also makes mistakes. So, a person who is grateful for the blessing of Islam, a person who is grateful to his parents, a person who is concerned about the man of his children, a person who is concerned about doing good actions, then what do we see that Allah will accept his good deeds, and he will also forgive him his mistakes,

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fee us have agenda among the companions of Paradise, meaning such people will be among those who will be engender, and this is where the solidity, the promise of truth, meaning a promise that will definitely be fulfilled, and Lady can who you are doing that which they have been promised, they have been promised by who? by their Lord.

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So we see over here that on one side, such a person is good towards his parents. How, because if he realizes the blessing of Eman that his parents have, obviously is going to be grateful towards them. Right? He's going to have a good behavior towards them.

00:28:19--> 00:28:40

At the same time, he's concerned about himself. Because many times people think, Well, my parents are very righteous, that's sufficient for me. My parents have done Hajj my parents, you know, they spend in the way of Allah. No, parents are good, he himself is good. And then he's concerned about his children as well. And then there's also gratitude, repentance, submission.

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And for such people, there is a great good news. And what is that good news that their good deeds are accepted, and their sins will be forgiven at Aqaba? Or on home cinema I mean, oh, and also their sins will be forgiven.

00:28:56--> 00:29:26

And notice how this is emphasized? What are the three things this is a promise of truth definitely fulfilled? Unless you can you are doing Why is this promise being emphasized so much? Why is it sad that this definitely a promise and it will definitely be fulfilled? Because if you think about it, essentially, people have mainly two obligations, isn't it? One are their duties towards their Lord and the other their duties towards people right towards the servants of Allah.

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Over here we see that both are being fulfilled. How oehser ne and escuela near medical Lottie and Antalya, Walla Walla de

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and then on the other hand, when it comes to people, there is the attitude of gratitude towards one's parents, making the offer them and making the offer for their children as well.

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So we see that a person who fulfills the rights of Allah and also gives the people their rights, then such a person has succeeded and a balanced life isn't

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Because many times people go to extremes when it comes to giving the rights of Allah, when it comes to going closer to Allah. When it comes to busying yourself in Nevada, many times people tend to neglect their parents, their children. And on the other hand, there's also the other extreme that where people are concerned about other people, they tend to neglect whose rights, the rights of Allah soprano.

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So we see that this balance is necessary. And one more thing that we see over here is that the Grateful person is not just the one who is grateful for his emotion, or concerned about his ima concerned about his righteous actions. No, he is concerned about those who are closest to him, his parents, his children, those who are closest to him, his parents and his children. The love of parents is something very natural. The love of children even is very natural, isn't it? Many other people, you have to force yourself to listen to them.

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Your husband sometimes tells you to do something, you find it difficult, but your child asks you, and many times mothers, they get up no matter how ill they are, isn't it so

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the husband goes for an entire day at work difficult, but if the child is gone for an entire day, very, very difficult. Right?

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So those who are closest to a person or who his parents and his children, this is why they're right is also greatest,

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that a person must be concerned about their EMA. We're only concerned about feeding our children, making sure they're dressed properly, making sure their health is good enough. Making sure their height is okay. Making sure their skin is okay. Everything is okay. But the most important thing that we have to be concerned about is what they're even there almost solely, because you're being righteous is not automatically going to be transferred to them. It's not going to be transferred to them. They have to do something as well.