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Al-Araf 8-154 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 143-144

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Are the below human a shuffling of a gene Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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lesson number 94 so that we are off.

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Well imagine a musalman atina. And when Mossad Islam arrived at our appointed time, but can lemahieu prabhu and his Lord spoke to him musala sam came at the right time at the time, which was promised at the time that was agreed upon, that he was told to come back.

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And this was before those 40 nights basically he came there and then he spent the 40 nights and after 40 nights What happened? He was given the Li

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so musala sam came at the right time. What can Lama hora boo and a lot spoke to him.

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I remember that there are different forms of where he different forms of Revelation.

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Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala sends what he to a messenger how, through an angel.

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Sometimes he inspires it in the heart. Sometimes he just inspires it in the heart.

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And sometimes, Allah subhanaw taala speaks directly to the messenger directly, such that the messenger can hear Allah soprano guide his words,

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and Moosa salon was collembola the one who lost Pandora spoke to what kalama horrible

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color he said, who said masala Sam said to a loss of Coronavirus Robbie. Oh my Lord areni Show me Show me what? Show me who show me yourself under la Vega, so that I can see you.

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With our histogram could hear a loss

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and he wanted to see a lot as well. So upon hearing him he requested Oh Allah show me yourself. I would like to see you. Because who do you want to see? The one whom you really love?

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Isn't it? Sometimes if there is a relative or close friend, and they're away, and you're talking to them on the phone online, what do you wish to do? Have a video conference so that you can see them?

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And sometimes even when you're talking to them like just turn the camera on? I would like to see you I would like to see you why because you love them so much. The one whom you love, you want to see them

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musala salaam loved Allah soprano time and he could hear him he was talking to him. He wanted to see Allah as well.

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So he requested or be enemy show me yourself. I'm a Laker. I want to look at you

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already said Allah subhanaw taala responded Lendl Ronnie, you can never see me

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Why? Because you do not have the ability right now, to see me.

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We learned earlier led to the removal of vision cannot perceive him

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human beings in this dunya do not have the ability to see a loss of hunger.

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And over here if you see it has been said lenta Ronnie you can never see me meaning you shall not see me. What does it imply? Right now in this dunya you cannot see.

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It hasn't been said learn aura, I can never be seen. So what does it show that in the dunya people cannot see him but in the hereafter those who will be sent to Jana they will be able to see a loss of penalty.

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As I mentioned to you many of these and many items as well, in evidence of that, for instance, we learn in the Quran, whoo hoo, yo, my Aiden Noble. Some faces that they shall be radiant, you know, be here. Now we're

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looking at their Lord.

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So once upon a time I said to him lanta, Ronnie, you cannot see me. When I came back under you look, look at what Elijah belly to them and

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look at the mount.

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And the mountain is much stronger than you isn't it? So,

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the size of the mountain, the weight of the mountain the strength of the mountain is much more than that of a human being.

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So you look at the mountain for in estacada so if it remained firm, what remain firm? The mountain remain firm where McKenna who in its place. If the mountain remains fixed in its place, then what's going to happen? First alpha taurani then you will be able to see me.

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What does it mean by that?

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As we know that Allah subhanaw taala is new.

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Allah subhanaw taala is not one of his names.

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A new

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and when Musan requested a loss of data I want to see you What did Allah say you cannot see. But you can try to look at me how that I will cast some of my light upon the mountain, the mountain is much stronger than you, if the mountain can bear some of my life, if it can withstand some of my light, then perhaps you will be able to see me. But if the mountain will shatter to pieces, because of my light being cast upon it, then how can you see me how the mountain is much stronger than you? You cannot see me.

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So far it is the color mechanical for sulfur torani. If the mountain can stay in its place, when I cast my light upon it, then you'll be able to see me, fellow Mehta jela boo boo ninja belly. But then when his Lord manifested some of his light upon the mountain, the gentlelady from New collectors Jean lamb. Well, gentlemen,

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and gentlemen is to throw light on something. What does it mean to throw light on something to make something clear,

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and to gently is to Gaslight, to reveal, to show to shine for. So when his Lord cast some of his light, meaning he manifested some of his light, little jabali on the mountain, when Allah subhanaw taala cost only some of his light on the mountain. Then what happened? Gianna who the cat, he made it dust, the mountain turn to dust, it during two pieces, it was completely grounded.

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The word that cat is from the room fetters del calf calf that

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and that is used for soft Earth softer.

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Basically, it is such ground, that is fine, meaning the sand is very fine, it doesn't have any rocks, it doesn't have any pebbles. There are no big pieces. It's just plain and smooth, Sandy ground

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and such ground is very soft. And even if it's not dry sand even if it's just Earth, mud, even such ground is very soft in which there are no pebbles in which there are no rocks just smooth.

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This is what that is.

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And that is also for demolishing or to crumbling something so much that it is leveled to the ground.

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So that entire mountain huge mountain Rocky Mountain it was turned into dust into soft ground. It collapsed. Why? Because it could not withstand the light of a loss of habitat or even some loss of Paradise like

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well hora Moosa and upon this musasa landfill the word karma is from the Tetris hora which is to fall down. So musala samphel Sarika unconscious.

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The word sorry, is from Luca facade or impove. And we have done the word sorry for earlier what does it mean? Thunderbolt one, there's a thunderbolt. And if it strikes on the ground, what happened to the people right around that area? They would fall unconscious. So the word sorry is used for one who is unconscious?

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The word sorry is also used for one who is dead.

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Because both look very similar to one another.

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A person who is unconscious and a person who was dead. Initially, they both look very submitted. You have to check if the person is still alive or not.

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We learn elsewhere in the Quran that fissara common facility will have that when the Trumpet will be blown, what's going to happen? Whoever is in the heavens and the earth is going to be sorry, is going to fall dead.

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So hold on loose as Federico Masada said I'm lost consciousness. Why? Because of what he saw, because of what happened.

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Follow Matt then when meaning after some time, a Falco, he regained consciousness,

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a Falco's in the root of his fat well off, and what does folk mean, above to go upwards

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and Falco is to recover. What does alchemy do recover, do regained consciousness,

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whether it is from the state of unconsciousness or from the state of being intoxicated, or after being ill, what does alchemy do recover. So, for example, a person had fainted. Now, he has recovered, he is fully conscious now.

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Similarly, a person was in the state of intoxication. And now he is conscious. So a Falco

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He recovered, he regained consciousness

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musasa when he recovered his senses when he woke up, Father, he said, immediately he said to the Hannukah, to Elijah, glorified, are you Allah, I repent to you? What? Meaning and I am the first of those who believe.

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Why is he seeking forgiveness over here? What is he repenting from?

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From making such a request? from asking such a question, that was inappropriate?

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That was not correct for him to ask.

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Allah subhanaw taala did not even represent musasa

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isn't it? So?

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When Messiah said and said I want to see you, a loss of penalty does not scold him. He does not say anything negative to him, he just says you will not be able to,

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in fact, a loss of power, that actually gives him a chance. Okay, go ahead and try to see me.

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I will show some of my life to the mountain. If the mountain can withstand the light, then perhaps you will be able to see me. But the mountain turned to dust musalla sam fell unconscious. And when he woke up, he says, Oh Allah, I repent to you. Why is he seeking forgiveness? Why is he repenting when Allah subhanaw taala didn't even say anything negative to him whatsoever? Why is he seeking forgiveness? Because he asked a question that was inappropriate.

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He requested something that was incorrect. And he realized that afterwards.

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What an hour mean, and I'm the first of the believers, meaning in my time, I am the first of those who believe in you, without even seeing you.

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What can we learn from this ayah

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First of all, we learned that a believer, he must have the desire to see Allah,

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he must have the desire to see Allah.

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And one who loves the kingdom of Allah, who loves listening to the words of Allah soprano, then he must have the desire to see

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Moses musasa would hear the crime of Allah, he would hear almost a penalty to speak to him. And that made him want to see Allah.

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We listened to the Quran, we read the Quran, day in and day out, we should also have the desire to see Allah.

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Because the one whom you love, you want to see them.

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The one whom you're always listening to, you want to see them, you want to look at them,

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which is why the profits are of a sudden we used to pray with Luca, lead that and nobody either which Heck,

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I asked you for the pleasure for the lender. The pleasure of looking at your face was show ileocolic and I asked you for the desire to meet you.

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He used to pray to Allah subhanaw taala for this event,

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that grant me the pleasure of looking at you the honor of looking at you

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then we also learn from this ayah that is not within human capacity, to see a loss of penalty in destiny,

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it is not within human capacity to look at a loss of penalty in destiny.

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And this shows that in the Hereafter, the abilities of people, the faculties of people, the senses of people, they will be increased,

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they will be increased because of which they will be able to see more grasp more, feel more experience more

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time, for example, in this dunya what happens, you go to an all you can eat place, and you see so much good food or you go to somebody's house and they have so much good food prepared or do you wonder like what do I eat? And what do I leave? And how much do I eat when there's too much variety then you don't know what to eat.

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And if you try to eat too much then you feel upset afterwards right you feel sick afterwards you don't feel that comfortable.

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So in this dunya even if you're given the choice, eat whatever you want, how much ever you want, you do not have the capacity to eat that much isn't at all,

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but in the hereafter engender, what do we learn that people will be given food Unlimited, without any restrictions. So in the Hereafter, the capacity to enjoy the capacity to experience to sense to feel will be increased much more both in gender as well as in China.

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Remember earlier I mentioned to you that even in the Hellfire, the tooth of one person would be the size of Mount Hood.

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This is how big people will be made. Why so that they can experience more they can feel more so in this dunya our abilities are limited. Our lifetime is limited. Our enjoyment is limited.

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Isn't it

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Our vision is limited.

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But in the Hereafter, all of these capacities will be increased.

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In this dunya you wake up, you enjoy a little bit you eat a little bit you want to sleep, isn't it? But in general, it's not that you have to sleep. If you want to sleep Go ahead, but you won't be tired that you'll be forced to sleep no.

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So in dystonia, people cannot see a lot but in the Hereafter, they will be able to see.

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We also learned from this is that if the messenger if the Prophet of Allah is not able to see Allah, the One who Allah spoke to directly, then how can others see him?

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How can others see or see his light?

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Meaning other human beings, other people? Because there are some people who claim that there are some saints are very pious people who have the light of Allah, who have the light of Allah. The mountain could not withstand a little bit of the light of a loss penalty. musallam could not even see it. He didn't have the capacity. So how is it possible that there is a human being an ordinary person and you're saying that he has a light of Allah with him? It's not possible

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because there are some people who misinterpret some of the ayat of the Quran.

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For example, a lot of cantata says we're in Allaha lemma l mursaleen. And indeed a lot shorty. He is with the more Sunni left shorty Marwick. But there are some people who say that no llama is one word and lemma means light.

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So those people who are more stunning who are really up there, they're given the light of Allah, they have the light of Allah and because they have this light, therefore we must, you know, associate ourselves with them, we must hold on to them, we must be on their back, we must obey them. However, all of this is incorrect, because of the Messenger of Allah could not even see the light of Allah, then how can an ordinary human being, to whom not even an angel has come to deliver the why, then how can he claim to have the light of Allah how it's not possible?

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Then we also learn from this ayah about the behavior of a true believer that if he asks something that is incorrect, that is inappropriate and he realizes his mistake, then he immediately accepts his mistake,

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because what is his main objective? His main objective is to please our last presenter is to make Allah happy.

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So yes, if he makes a mistake, then later on, as soon as he realizes, he admits and he seeks forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala for that,

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Allah He said, meaning a las panatela said ye Moosa in Mr. Fado garland nurse, almost indeed I have chosen you above all people in this debate is to Fado from the other side that way

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and that is to choose something or someone on the basis of their purity

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on the basis of their cleanliness or their goodness.

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So, in this debate, okay, I have selected you I have chosen you, Arlen nursey above all people, which people, the people of his time,

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the people of the time of musasa

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he was chosen above all of them as what, as a messenger.

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And over here Arlen ness, and nes does not mean all mankind

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from the first to the last No, but an s over here means people of his time,

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because we know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is chosen over all people. He is the chief of the children of Adam and Eve.

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And after him, the next is who Ibrahim Addison

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and after him is musasa

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so in Mr. fatale garden ness, what does it mean out of all the people of your time

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and how was musala salaam chosen? bt celerity will become me with my messages and also with my speech. This Eilat is a tutorial of dishonor.

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In other words, I have chosen you by giving you my messages, by making you a messenger. You have been selected, you have been chosen you have been given preference over all people. How by being made a messenger what we can me meaning by my speaking to you,

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because Allah subhanaw taala selected Moosa listener out of all those people who were there, he was called to mountain and a las panatela spoke to him directly. So you have been chosen for her. So take my time, whatever

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I have given you

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What does it mean by my data whatever that I have given you.

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It can refer to the tablets, the Alwah that were given to masala Sanomat amount to at this point after the 14 nights and after the incident where Moosa listened and requested to see a loss of final data. Then after that Allah subhanaw taala addressed him and said, I have chosen you. So, take what I am giving you, meaning take these ulduar

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and map it to can be taken in the general sense as well, that everything that Allah subhanaw taala had given to masala Salah whether it was the privilege of being spoken to,

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or it is the reseller the messages that were given before the Alwah as well as the messages that were given later on. So everything that I've given you take it, we'll come in and check it in and we have those who are grateful, grateful for what, for this blessing that I have given to you exclusively?

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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That Allah subhanaw taala chooses a slave? How? By giving him kalama and resilence

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reseller and can remember

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that when Allah subhanaw taala delivers his messages to a particular servant, meaning he makes him a messenger. And then Allah also speaks to him directly, then what does it mean? that that person has been chosen above all other people? He is the best of all people.

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So what does it show? That the messengers of Allah, the messengers of Allah, all right, a Messiah to us to them? Who are they? They're all chosen people. They are superior to all people. Therefore, they must be followed. They must be obeyed, they must be emulated, they must be looked up to not other people who don't even know the name of Allah.

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What is our behavior? Generally, if we learn about the statement of the profits or losses of them, we think, Oh, it's only a Hadees. But at the same time, if there's a scholar of this time, someone who is very learning the worldly sense, someone who has a very high position in this dunya if something comes from him, we really look up to it. But what do we learn? That the one who has been given the silence of Allah, the one to whom Allah has spoken to, that person is chosen, the Messenger of Allah is chosen, therefore he must be looked up to. He must be obeyed, he must be followed.

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We learn in South Dakota, Iowa, 253 Allah subhanaw taala says still karasuno

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Baba whom Allah bap men who men Kayla, Mama, those messengers some of them we chose, we cause to exceed others. And among them are those whom Allah spoke, Allah subhana wa tada selected these messengers.

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And from this, we also see that if there is an ordinary person even and he has been given the knowledge of Quran, then what does that mean? That Allah has chosen him from all people that he gets the knowledge of.

00:23:25--> 00:23:55

And that is a photo of Allah. That is a favor of a huge favor of Allah. Because what do we learn from our Hadees? That maturity level be higher on effective de clinical mental amo Khurana? parliamo. So if Allah selects a person, and he is given the knowledge of the deen knowledge of the Quran in particular, then what is it show? on him Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed a huge favor.

00:23:56--> 00:24:06

We also learn from OSI about the obligation of holding on to the reseller of Allah, the reseller that Allah subhanaw taala has conveyed to his messenger

00:24:07--> 00:24:51

that over here lost pounds artists estimates are the same for what take my I took or whatever I'm giving you. If the messenger is stalled, hold on to what we're giving you take it accepted than what is our duty that the Quran is given to us. And we said we don't want it. We don't want to teach. We don't want to learn we don't want to read. We don't want to recite the profit of of lies being told he would take it than what is our duty, don't we need it more? Of course we do. We also need to take on more. We also learn from this I about the obligation of being grateful upon receiving the result and the kurama velocipede without the knowledge of Allah.

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

That when someone is given the knowledge of the deen when someone learns about the messages of Allah subhanaw taala

00:25:00--> 00:25:45

The way that Allah spent Allah has revealed in His Messenger, then what should be his behavior towards it, of gratitude. And many times this sugar is extremely challenging. It's extremely challenging, it's extremely difficult. Because many people instead of being grateful, they begin to be ungrateful. How, like, for example, Mr. listener, he had to leave everybody. He had to go to the mountain for so long. He went for 30 days, he saw no 40. And then an incident happens in which he falls unconscious. And then he was fasting before, for 40 days, just imagine. And then he is given the alpha, and he's been told, take it and be grateful.

00:25:46--> 00:25:47

What is our behavior?

00:25:48--> 00:25:56

Finally, finally, after such a long time, now we get it. And I waited too long. And this is not fair.

00:25:57--> 00:26:14

And he's not complaining at that time that Oh, why so long? Why wasn't I given it immediately? Why did I have to wait for so long? why 30 was extended to 40, no complaints, no complaints. And the fact that he's not complaining? What does that show gratitude?

00:26:16--> 00:26:19

When it comes to us, when we are learning the Quran,

00:26:20--> 00:26:55

we also face many challenges, many challenges. Sometimes we have to leave our family. Sometimes we have to leave our phones. Sometimes we have to leave our freedom. Sometimes we have to leave our favorite stuff for work that we like to do, so that we can do the assignment so that we can learn the lesson and what do we do? We start complaining. Again, the lesson is so long. Again, we have an assignment. Again, there's a test. But what does Allah say? Come in a second, be grateful. Don't be ungrateful right now. Don't complain, don't be negative.

00:26:56--> 00:27:01

Why? Because only when you are grateful, then you will be given more,

00:27:02--> 00:27:04

then you will be given more.

00:27:05--> 00:27:52

What is our problem we get stuck on the difficulty is that this is too difficult, this is too challenging, I cannot do it. It's not working out. For me. It's just too overwhelming. It's just too much work, I cannot handle it. But if we are ungrateful, then really it will become more difficult for us. Because only when a person is grateful that Alhamdulillah at least I'm understanding the words of Allah. At least when I read this, I know what it means. At least when I hear this, I know what it means 100 alive learned this managers, that when a person has this behavior of gratitude, then he's given more and more ability. But if a person becomes ungrateful, then he's not given more.

00:27:53--> 00:27:59

Similarly, sometimes people have to leave their homes, and they have to come and stay at the house. So they have to live away from their families.

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And sometimes it becomes difficult to stay away from the family becomes difficult to stay without a phone. Without the internet. Without a car, you have to leave a lot. Sometimes we think that it's becoming too much. We become sad, when I could start working out I can't stay away from my mother, I can't stay away from my family. But the thing is, you have to undergo difficulties you have to.

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And if you focus on the difficulties that you're suffering from in this path, then you will not be able to take what you're here to get.

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When you are grateful that yes, I am going through these difficulties, but it's a part of the package it doesn't matter. Then you're able to take what you're being given.

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And remember, whenever difficulties come your way, think about musasa at least I'm not all alone. At least I'm not up in the mountain. At least I would have to fast every single day. Just imagine, compare your difficulties with those that musasa went through.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says about the Quran introduce

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that Fabi Danica folia for who that because of this Koran they should be happy. They should be grateful. Why? Because will Hiraman Maya tomorrow it is much better than all that people are collecting.

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People collect so many things, isn't it?

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Sometimes people are collecting one degree one certification after the other. One course after the other. One job after the other one paycheck after the other people collect many things. They're traveling from one city to the other, collecting so many things. And here you are stuck at the hospital for 18 months.

00:29:43--> 00:29:53

And you may wonder I'm not collecting anything. No. Who will hire me manage my own local and the tourists receiving is much better than what other people are collecting.

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And remember, when you are grateful for something, you never leave it You never

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Take it as a burden. Never.

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For example, a mother who has a child, if she's grateful for the child, she will never consider that child to be a burden. Never. She will give birth to that child with so much difficulty with so much pain. She will nurse the child with so much difficulty. She wants it Okay, take the child away. No, I'm sick of it. I'm tired. I'm walking away. No, she won't do that. Even if she's all alone. women go through so much difficulty. Why? Because they're grateful for what they have. When you're grateful for what you have you don't leave it no matter what you go through,

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no matter what you go through.

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So what communists shackling why, because only when you're grateful, then you'll be able to benefit from it, then you will be able to get more then you'll be able to remain steadfast and if there are feelings of ingratitude, then nothing is going to reveal