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Al-Jathiya 1-37 Tafsir 1-13

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 260 SoTL jatiya is number one 237

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SoTL jatiya is a Maki Sawa.

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And the main message of the surah invitation to save oneself from arrogance and pride, because that is what we learned instead of the Doohan,

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that if a person remains arrogant, if he remains proud, the end is very humiliating

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in this dunya, and also in the Hereafter,

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if a person considers himself to be Aziz and Kareem,

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and because of that he doesn't humble himself before Allah. The consequences are horrible.

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So this sutra is an invitation to save oneself from pride and arrogance. It tells us how a person should become humble. And what is that, that a person should look at the greatness of the Creator and look at his own smallness, that how great is the creator? And how small am I? And in the solar, we will learn about many is that almost panatela mentions many signs. Because these signs, what do they point to the greatness of a loss of hunger? And the fact that how dependent Are we on how small are we how insignificant

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and agenzia literally means one that is kneeling? on its knees, one that is bent?

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So, ultra Thea is also mentioned in the surah in verse number 28, that how people will be humbled kneeling on their knees, before the last parameter in the euro.

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Because this is our true position, our true status in the sight of Allah, that we are humble, we are small we are servants. We are slaves.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Hameed, Tenzin Okita, we mean Allah healer Aziz and Hakeem, the revelation of this book is from Allah, Who is the Exalted in Might, the Wise, this book, this message is from Allah, from the Lord, who is almighty. Therefore, no one can overcome his message. No one can try to defeat his message. Because this message is for an IT IS emerges. It is a miracle it is one that defeats everything.

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One that defeats everything. So this quote is from other disease, this is why it is called unresolved so where the earth is,

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and it is also from who and Hakeem, the one who is most wise. So it is based on the wisdom of almost

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enough if somehow it will be, indeed within the heavens and the earth, let it little momineen are surely signs but for who, for those people who believe in the skies, within the skies, and also in their creation, how they have been created in their constitution. If you look at the sky, what is within the sky,

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what is within the sky,

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the clouds, if you go beyond higher the sun, the moon, if you go beyond so many stars, so many celestial bodies, and this is just the sky that we see. But in the summer worth above, there are many I asked for who meaning

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and secondly, in the creation, in the constitution in the form of the sky, look at how the skies are in layers, one above the other. Look at the Summer adonia, how Allah subhanaw taala has adorned it, how Allah has made it peaceful, how he has made it like a ceiling above you a protective ceiling,

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in the facility, while only and also in the earth, again, within the earth. And also in the constitution of the earth how the earth is there are many at that point to the greatness, the perfection, the power, the knowledge, the wisdom, the oneness of almost perfect, but who will take a lesson.

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It's those who believe. So a person can only benefit from these signs. When he has EMA.

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The stronger the email, the better his vision will be. And the more lessons he can extract the more he can humble himself before Allah.

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Because these either there many people studied and many people discover them, they spent their lives observing them, researching them, but do they benefit from them? Do they get closer to Allah? No. So it's only with a man that a person can see these.

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These if they're spread everywhere throughout the heavens throughout the earth, but everyone does not see. And this has mentioned many times in the Quran instead of is six

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Allah says Flm em zoo in a Sunnah evohome ke femenina was a in Pomona having food have not looked at the heaven above them, how we structured it, how we have constructed it, and how we have adorned it. And there is no rift in the sky. Many signs in turtle arafa 185, our lamium doodle female code is similar to an RB one our Haleakala human Shay, in an akuna Katara, Angelou have a hadith in Baroda who you know, that you do not look into the realm of the heavens and the earth and everything that Allah has created, do not look into it. There's so many if into the top five or seven, while our Madonna will clean up we have our SCI,

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fi, Herman coulees, ojibwa, huge, and the earth, we have spread it out. And we have cast in it firmly set mountains, look at the various functions of the earth, look at all the creation that exists in the earth. Look at all the systems that Allah has placed in the earth. And look at how Allah has played so many things, how the earth has spread mountains, and we have made to grow there in something of every beautiful guy. So many different types of plants,

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who are feeling hungry? And also in your creation, meaning there are many, many signs. If you reflect and just your own Hulk, what does it mean by what we call

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that in the creation of every one of you? That however every single one of you was just a sperm drop

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of blood clot and embryo until you were a complete human being.

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Reflect on your own body? What was it like before? Where were you before?

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A disgusting fluid that no one wants to mention, that is washed away. This is what a person was. This is our reality. Small marine marine.

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Pride does not suit us a few Hello people in your creation. And also in your Hulk means that in your constitution, how your bodies are, how you are how Allah has made you look at your hands, look at your feet, look at your hair, look at your eye, look at your body.

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A lot of times it says in sort of the room I have 20 women IoT and Hanako mental Robin summary that

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intro to zaryadye a 20 to 21 woodfill early AI to Bill McKinney wafi unfussy co operative, learn to see

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what you hold people, woman assuming that and whatever he has spread of crawling creatures,

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that that applies to every creature that you had, that crawled on the earth that moves on the earth by its own will, whether it's human, animal, bird, insect, fish, any kind of creature that moves on the air. And these creatures, what is the last paragraph to say concerning a woman, your booth zoo, what he has dispersed throughout the year, that different creatures, different shapes, different sizes, different forms, different colors, different habits, different diets? And how Allah subhanaw taala has gathered them throughout the year.

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Any place you go to, from the coldest to the hottest, what will you find? Some kind of data? Isn't it? No place you will find in the earth that is free from that?

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Even if you go to the most coldest regions coldest, but there are double over there. Why am I here bosom in the button? I have to be coming up? No, if you think about it, all of these creatures who created them? who provides them? Well, now I'm in depth but in in their own life? It is. A law provides for every data. What does it show up to us? Many I had, like what the knowledge

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isn't it's the knowledge of a lot of so many creatures. We can't even keep count of how many species there are.

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how different they are from each other. And Allah subhanaw taala He has created them all in the first place. And he has spread them out in the first place and how he provides for them I niccone up moon But who will see these if

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not many?

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Who only up known for those people who have

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who have certainty, what certainty.

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What certainty in the oneness of Allah.

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certainty in resurrection, because when a person has a theme that gives him the recognition

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just as we learned earlier, when a person has a man that gives him the

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then he's able to see these

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So, fonder on your own selves, ponder on the creation that is around you everywhere on the earth.

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Walk the laughing lady when the hoodie and in the alternation of the night and the day,

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that how the night and the day they come in succession, one after the other. It's not that if one leaves the other does not come know, one after the other, they keep coming in their cycles. And also if the life is different, that how the night and they are so different from one minute, each is unique. Where one is long, the other is short, where one is called, the other is hot. Where one is dark, the other is bright enough in 81.

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Instead of the Nora 44 Allah says you can leave Allahu Laila on the hub in the phenolic and are able to live on an upsurge

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in throttle back ii 164. In nephew Hanukkah, somehow it will work the last

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one full killer detachable battery, the AI continues. So it's the laughing lady when the hell

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oma ends in a low hum in a summer in a list. And whatever Allah has sent down from the sky of provision, what provision does Allah sent down from the sky? rainwater and this rainwater is called risk. Why? Because it is a source of a lot more risk averse, rainwater itself, people drink it, people use it, right? It collects in lakes, and rivers, people use it for different purposes. And then, with this water that comes down from the sky, people are able to irrigate their lands, produce many vegetables and fruits and grains and consume those. And also animals eat of those plants and those animals people consume.

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So who am I and it allows me to submit a list, it's a means of revision history.

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In sort of the number is 14 to 16 what ends and mean and Worsley ottima and said judger, the notary Derby have been whenever there were genetic alfalfa that Allah has sent down from the rain clouds pouring water, that we may bring forth thereby grain and vegetation and gardens of intertwined growth

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in through the Alberta Valley and little incentive in

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the human being should look at his food. Before you eat, look at your food, that how it has come to your plate. Look at the process behind it. And now sababa Nova

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go all the way back that how we pour down water in Torrance, how so much water was sent down from the sky onto the year. And then soon Musha kokkonen of worship Ah, then we broke open the earth splitting it for unbutton. Effie have marinova were called was a tuna one. And we cause to grow within it grain and grapes and her Virgin Olive and palm trees were had a whole bag and gardens of dense shrubbery. And all of that is put together in your wanting a new consumer welfare and fruit and grass. Different types of

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leaves that people consume, but are local, where they announce

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all of this emerging from what resulting from what rain water that Allah sends down from the sky.

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And this rainwater when it comes down for a heavy demo dia then he gave life through it to what to the earth after it's done. The earth that was barren, dead without any vegetation on it. Allah subhanaw taala brings it to life that how it produces so many fruits and vegetables and leaves that people consume

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in this are also many signs in what else what else leaf area he and also in circulation of the wings, the 300 fetters sawed off the sleeve is basically the change of direction to change the direction of something or to change it completely entirely.

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So wins What does it mean by there to sweep First of all, how their directions change. Sometimes you feel the wind is blowing from your right to left other times if you from your left to right isn't it doesn't always blow in the same direction. It blows in different directions.

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Sometimes it goes from the north sometimes from the south, sometimes he sometimes less different directions. And secondly, the sleep is also changing completely.

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So how the winds change completely. How sometimes they're so hot

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And other times, bone chilling, extremely cold, isn't it? You may have experienced it in the past few days. That how sometimes it's so pleasant, so peaceful that you don't even feel it like a nice cool, gentle breeze. And other times it's for chilly. It's so cool that you step out for a minute. And you feel as if your insides I've been frozen.

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Literally you feel cold all the way through. If you have to walk outside, if you have to stay outside for a while you experienced the court. So how I must panatela changes the way sometimes when it brings rain clouds. And sometimes it blows and you don't see any rain clouds isn't it? If you look up into the sky, these days, you see so many clouds just passing by continuously and constantly what's driving them, which homered speed so much force winds, right.

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And other times you don't see any child in the sky but you still feel the breeze, right?

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And sometimes it's so fast, so fast, and other times it's not too fast.

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So the sleep area that how a lot of planetary changes and indoor temperatures in their directions in their effects.

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Some blow in the night some blowing the day.

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So what does leave for the heat to lakonia there are many signs but for who for those people who use their mind

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for those people who understand

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those people who exercise reason.

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So what is necessary to benefit from the if even your pain and the use of alcohol. So

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in total ii 164 same thing as mentioned what the sleep apnea he was having was a horrible event you will or will or it becoming

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an over here also, I actually call me

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DeLuca to LA he these are the Ayat of Allah, I remember of two types, Goni as well as Sheree. And over here, both meanings are applicable. that these are the Kony I out of

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these which are mentioned over here, of the sky, the earth, your own body, the different creatures, the night and the day, the winds, right, the plants that come out of the earth, the dead earth that is brought to life. These are Kony eyes of Allah through her alayka which we are narrating upon, which we're telling you.

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And secondly, I can also be interested in sharing I have meaning versus, versus which mentioned the signs.

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So tilka Ayatollah Hina, clue her alayka will help with the truth

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for the AU Hadees. And then in which speech burden la he after Allah meeting after the speech of Allah? And what is the speech of Allah,

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the Quran? Where is he and his signs, you know, they will believe

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if they don't believe in Allah speech, in a laws, revealed verses

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and in the ayah, in the signs that Allah subhanaw taala has shown to us over here, if a person does not get affected by them, if a person does not believe in them, and what can you believe in? What will give you a man, if this does not bring a man to him, then what will bring him back? If a person does not abide by the speech of Allah does not get affected by the speech of Allah, then what else can he get affected by nothing? Because if you think about it, there are two means of obtaining guidance. And these two are mentioned. First of all, the speech of Allah for the a decent better than law who bear the lucky meaning after the speech of them.

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So the first way of obtaining guidances

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the speech of Allah meaning the Quran,

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and the second is

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if you look at the ayah there'll be a hadith and by the law, he What is he which is are these ayat County.

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So there are two means of obtaining guidance that a person learns the speech of Allah, the Quran, what does Allah say he listens to that. And secondly, that a person looks at the various signs that Allah has placed in the universe. But if a person does not get affected by the Quran, and he doesn't get affected by the signs in the universe, and can anything affecting nothing, because these are the only two ways of obtaining contracts.

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Some people they become Muslim when they hear the

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other people when they look at the sky and the earth and everything around them, they wonder the question isn't it's up and when they question, their research, they don't stop. They keep looking until Allah subhanaw taala shows in between right

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So, a person has to have this thirst for the truth. A loss of Paragon is placed if he has sent the Quran guidances there, and if a person doesn't get affected by it, then nothing can affect.

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Definitely that if a person wants to change if a person wants to improve himself, then where's the solution?

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The four are nothing but the Quran because Allah subhanaw taala says away for ba Hadees and bar De La Hoya it. These are the only two ways

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into the most elata 55 be a decent burger, who you know that in what statement after the Quran? Will they believe? Because the Quran is the best speech, isn't it?

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Allahu mezzetta. A set of headings, it's the best speech. So if that doesn't affect a person then nothing else good.

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Waylon was destruction for who nikoli affecting a theme for every big liar and sinful person who is effect.

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One who says a lot of if, or one who says big if and what is if a lie. So afac a big liar,

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a fabricator and a theme. One who commits a lot of is an extremely simple cathedral is.

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So how is it known whether a person is a great liar and extremely simple to his attitude, which is described over here? What is that attitude? That Yes, Mariah Tila, he, he hears the Ayat of Allah,

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he hears the verses of Allah

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de la la, he being recited to him, he hears the eye out of a law they are recited to him. But then what is his reaction? So my you sleep room was stuck below. But then he persists. Eric. So, my use later some gives the meaning of them, it gives me enough to have to write order inaction, that this happened, then that happened. You understand the order.

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So, first of all, he hears the verses of a lot. Then secondly, then after that, after hearing, what is his reaction? You said Well, Mr. Milan, he persists, arrogantly meaning he remains firm on his ways, being very arrogant, he doesn't change.

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You understand? He hears the eyes of Allah, but he remains arrogant on his ways without changing. What do we learn from the previous idea that when a person listens to the Quran, when a person hears the Quran, it should have an impact on him. Right? And having an impact does not mean that a person describes it that moment, where he smiled at that moment, and later on, he goes back to how he was no, it means change and action changing behavior changing thinking, right? But over here, we see that so my US citizen was stuck Villa, he remains firm on his ways. Why was stuck on being

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so what is it that prevents a person from bringing about a change in himself even after learning?

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pride, arrogance. So my us little mustache, and it is as though our lamea smarter her as if he didn't even hear it? As if he didn't even hear the eye out of Allah.

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After listening to the verses, if a person does not change his ways, if a person does not change his attitude, he persists in his ways than it is as though he has not heard.

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Because hearing not hearing, same, isn't hearing not hearing same. He's the same. So it says Oh, he hasn't heard it. And the reason behind this again is as we discussed earlier, Mr. Little pride arrogance that a person thinks No, my way is better. My choice is better. What I am doing is right. I don't need to change.

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I don't need to do this. I don't need to stop this. My choices much better.

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Intro flockmen is seven we don't want either La La he is tuna, one la musique de la la mia smart, her nephews on a walk along that when our Verses are recited to him, he turns away arrogantly as if he had not heard them as if there was in his ears of deafness.

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So Allah says Baba *hole beer I've ever been Aleem. So given good news, this is set out of sarcasm, of what a painful punishment

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a painful punishment given good news of a painful punishment.

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So we see that the person who does not giving importance to the word of Allah.

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The person who does not change himself according to what Allah has revealed is in reality will an arrogant person

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You understand? A person who does not change himself according to what Allah has commanded? what Allah has revealed is in reality, an arrogant person, how is he arrogant, because he is giving preference to his own will his own wishes above the command of Allah. This is why he persists in his ways, being arrogant, thinking that if he listens, if he accepts the Quran, if he accepts what Allah has said, He will become lowly.

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He will lose whatever greatness he has of this dunya. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala describes this person as effect and see that through his attitude is affected as in how that he is an extreme liar because he does not accept the truth. What is the truth? What is the truth, the Quran,

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and the greater the truth? If you deny the greater the lie, you get it. The greater the reality, if you deny this is why a fat How is he a fact? Because he does not accept the truth that Allah has revealed. And how is he seen? How is he extremely sinful? Because he continues in his ways, sinful ways continues in his disobedience. And when he does not accept what Allah has revealed, in reality, he is disobeying Allah. So this is why effect and as he

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disregarding what Allah has revealed is not something small.

00:26:31--> 00:27:00

ignoring what Allah has commanded is not something small, not changing yourself according to what Allah has revealed is not something small. It's a big lie. It's a big thing. In throat Mohammed is 16 Wheeler and woman whom many SME relay had either heard human or Indigo call in Latino to their alma mater color Anisha law he can lead in October Allahu Allah Kuru Begum, whatever, that the hypocrites This is their way that among them are those who listen to you.

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Among them are those among the hypocrites or those who listen to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his gatherings. And obviously, what what the prophets Allah Allah said, recite to the people in the Quran, and he would advise them by the truth until when they depart from you, when they leave. They say to those who are given knowledge, what has he said just now? What did you just say?

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You're smarter, right? Because if they paid attention, if they heard if they listened attentively, it would have an impact, but they didn't even listen properly. Those are the ones of whom Allah has sealed over their hearts and who have followed their own designs. So what prevents a person from listening in the first place?

00:27:43--> 00:27:44

Following the desires

00:27:45--> 00:27:49

cry arrogance, my ways are better I don't need to listen to this.

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Intro to say that I have 45 Allah subhanaw taala says but she don't want to deal for our other Actonel home for homeless Maroon. The Quran. Give her a good news and a warner but most of them have turned away so they do not listen. They don't even bother to listen. And the height of their pride we'll call mucuna fie akinetic method Runa la he was he and then you know, walk around woman Bane in our vaidika, hijab and pharma internet. We don't get it. Our hearts are covered. There's a heaviness in our ears.

00:28:23--> 00:28:27

So we see that when it comes to the Quran, there are two attitudes.

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When it comes to listening to the Quran, learning about what Allah has revealed, there are two attributes. One is Samir and Allah Varna and the others cenderawasih. So Mira, now what authority means that a person submits to Allah

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means that he realizes he is small. He is nothing. He doesn't know. Allah is all wise, he is all knowing. And when he looks around himself, looking at all of the Ayat of Allah, all of these county if this is what they constantly remind him, I am nothing. A lot.

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I don't know. A lot knows.

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And the other reaction is up, Samir. Now,

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I know better.

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I know better. I've heard but I'm not going to do it. Because what I'm doing is much better. I don't like I don't like what Allah has said. So there are two ways and each and every one of us should think what is my attitude upon hearing?

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Well, either I leave i mean i a Tina Shay. And and when he knows anything of overseas, when he gets to know when he finds out, when he learns Minaya Tina of our versus j in anything, anything that he learns of the ayatollah, instead of paying attention, reflecting, taking a lesson, what's his reaction? It was, he takes it in mockery, meaning he begins to make fun of it.

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Allah ecola humara movie. for them. There is a humiliating punishment.

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So we see that it's not that he doesn't listen. No, he listens. He hears a Quran. But he doesn't listen with the right purpose. He doesn't listen in order to take a lesson in order to benefit in order to change his ways, but rather he listens with an evil intention. And what is that? That when he hears something, no matter what it is shayan he just picks one thing. And he starts making fun.

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He starts laughing. He starts joking about poking fun at

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what's the reason behind that? Why would a person to it you're telling them something very serious. They disregard everything they're telling you, they just pick on one thing and they start making fun of you.

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For example, you're advising someone who's younger than don't do this, don't do it, and use a particular word, which is perhaps funny, which they find funny. They disregard everything you have said, and they start making fun of you because you use that particular word.

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Or you pronounced it in a particular way. Why does a person do that?

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In order to not listen, in order to disregard what you have sent.

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And so that they don't even look bad at the same time.

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Because one of the best ways of getting out of a situation while not looking bad is being funny. Right? Being humorous. So the reason behind making fun over here is to get out of acting on it, do not have to act on it to make the hokum seem so illogical, so senseless, that when a person abandons it, he doesn't look back. And again, what's the reason behind that? pride? intellectual calfire 56 Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, you know, Ludhiana cafaro will bafflingly leader he will be he'll have What the hell do I do? Who's

00:31:58--> 00:32:13

that those who disbelieve dispute by using falsehood, using falsehood, to attempt to invalidate their by the truth. And they have taken my verses in that which they are worn in ridiculous. Like, for example, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

00:32:15--> 00:32:30

when the ads were revealed about the coup, and when the ayat were revealed about Hellfire, for example, in pseudo death, it is number 30. That Are they had this sardasht that in Hellfire, there are 19 angels were appointed to punish the people.

00:32:32--> 00:32:33

Or they had this other option.

00:32:34--> 00:32:48

So the wishes of Makkah, instead of wandering 19 angels, instead of looking at the entire scene of punishment that is being described, and instead of taking a lesson from it, they got stuck at the number 19.

00:32:50--> 00:33:18

And one of them who was very mighty, very strong in his body. He said that, oh, people have courage, you defend me against two of them, and I will defend you against 17. I'll deal with 17 and all of you deal with you, meaning I'm strong enough to deal with 17 inches. It was one instead of taking a lesson from the warning, severe warning that is being given. He holds on to Shannon. And what does he do? It doesn't bother her who's

00:33:20--> 00:33:32

the such people who are so arrogant to make fun of the Ayat of Allah. What does Allah say una economic level, Mohit, for them is a humiliating, degrading insulting punishment.

00:33:33--> 00:33:46

As we have learned in the previous ayah insulted to Han that how a person will be humiliated and will be taught to look in their eyes these will carry you consider yourself to be very honorable. Nowadays, this punishment.

00:33:47--> 00:33:59

So we see over here that our last presenter describes rule of fac and sem is who is affected as being the one who abandons the truth, the one who refuses to accept the truth.

00:34:00--> 00:34:15

And the one who persists in his sinful ways. Yes, Mariah Tila he took La La he saw my UC room was Tachyon Colombia smart her from a *hole beer I've ever been an Eve what either I leave I'm in a a Tina shayan it

00:34:16--> 00:34:18

would have been

00:34:21--> 00:34:24

me or him Johanna. before them is Hellfire

00:34:25--> 00:34:31

before them meaning in the hereafter what awaits them Hellfire? Why?

00:34:33--> 00:34:35

Because of their refusal to obey

00:34:36--> 00:34:48

because of their mockery, because of their rejection. Elsewhere, it's a little calf we learned Delica desert on Johanna with a couple, but it was Sunni. Who's

00:34:49--> 00:34:56

there they recommend is hellfire. Why? Because it gopher, and they took my verses and my messengers in mockery.

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

murah him Johanna mo

00:35:00--> 00:35:24

Where are you near on Houma, Casa Boucher, and nothing that they earned will have you know, you need it will not avail them, it will not benefit them what will not benefit them, Mercosur will whatever that they had earned che and anything at all, whatever wealth they had acquired, whatever power and influence they had, how many ever children they had, nothing can appear.

00:35:26--> 00:35:32

In total out of 548 we learned when adults have will laugh at Jan and yardi, funan vizima, home kalu

00:35:34--> 00:35:36

Uncle Jim, woman,

00:35:38--> 00:35:45

that the people of the earth they will look into Hellfire, and they will say to those people, they will recognize them, and they will say that your

00:35:46--> 00:36:11

your amassment all that you gathered, whether it was people, or it was well, or it was your great numbers of supporters on if that has not helped you. Format content so that we don't end your pride even has not helped you. When are you in your own home Micah Boucher. What am I doing in LA he only and nor those whom they had taken as earlier besides

00:36:13--> 00:36:17

those whom they have taken as ODM, besides a lot, even they will not help them.

00:36:18--> 00:36:27

Their helpers, their false gods cannot avail them on that day. into 241. We learned earlier yo Malaya, nimona ammoland, Shia

00:36:28--> 00:36:36

Intuit, Maria 82, we learned that those who are worshipped besides Allah calesa una very bad that the way akuna are laden with

00:36:37--> 00:37:07

those who they worship, they will deny their worship and they will become their opponents, one of whom are either gonna leave and for them is a great punishment. In the dunya, what happens when a person knows that he has Well, when he knows that he has friends, we knows he has family supporters, great supporters, then he becomes bold in his wrong ways. He thinks he can do whatever he wants. But in the Hereafter, we see that no matter what a person has amassed, accumulated, it can not help it cannot eat him.

00:37:09--> 00:37:26

Heather houda this is guidance meaning this caranas guidance, as Allah says, who then live with the thing called who La La Vina Amano, who then was Shiva, this Puranas Buddha. And if a person does not attain guidance from this Quran, can you take guidance from anything else? No.

00:37:27--> 00:37:43

One Medina cafaro will be it will be him and those people who disbelieve in the eyes of their Lord lahoma either a boon for them as a punishment what kind of punishment from a religious in a lean, painful and also rich. Rage is actually something

00:37:44--> 00:37:54

that causes you to quiver causes you to shape causes you to shudder when you shudder when you see something that's disgusting, right? That's horrible.

00:37:56--> 00:38:05

rotten food. a dead animal whose body is decaying, disintegrating. If you get to see it. You shut it. Right, you share out of it.

00:38:06--> 00:38:11

So ribs from this is used for something that is disgusting, horrible,

00:38:12--> 00:38:17

disgusting punishment, severe punishment. And on top of that also Aleve, painful,

00:38:19--> 00:38:32

horrible punishment that is also extremely painful. That is a punishment that is prepared by punishment of foul nature. As we learned earlier, for example, the punishment of the coup, how it will boil inside the balance.

00:38:34--> 00:38:43

Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions more of his signs that Allahu Allah is the one who Sahar Allah common Baba, who has subjected for you to see.

00:38:45--> 00:38:59

Look at the signs that Allah has placed. Look at the blessings of Allah upon you. Allah is the one who has subjected the see for you. What does it mean by this, that it's subjective for you that it's reduced to your service, it's there to benefit you.

00:39:00--> 00:39:06

Now, it doesn't mean that people can control the sea. But what does it mean that people can take benefit?

00:39:07--> 00:39:07

Isn't it?

00:39:09--> 00:39:21

So Allahu Allah de Sahara la Komal Bahia subjected to see for you for your benefit. And as a result, the tragedy and full Kofi bmbe. So that the ships may sail in it at his command.

00:39:23--> 00:39:46

At his command, meaning Allah commands Allah allows the ships to sail This is why the ship sail because otherwise you put something very small on seawater, it will drown instantly. But a huge massive ship will say how is it possible this is the law that Allah has made the tragedy alfoil cofeb MD, this is a law of Allah, we say law of physics. This is Amara Who

00:39:47--> 00:39:56

am Allah who Allah subhanaw taala while he Tabitha woman probably enter that you may seek of his bounty, but our local fish guru answer that you are grateful.

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

Do things are mentioned over here about the see that first

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Service is subjective, for whose benefit for the benefit of people?

00:40:05--> 00:40:24

And secondly, what's that benefit that ships sail in the sea? And people are able to get the bottle of Allah? How are they able to get this bottle of Allah xe and also across the shores, that people are able to go at sea sail into the deeper parts and over their fish, isn't it?

00:40:25--> 00:40:40

And sometimes they can travel from one part to the other across the shores. And when they go across, then what happens? They can do business over there. They can learn so many things. They can do so many things when our local dish guru, so that you all are grateful

00:40:42--> 00:41:15

intro to nathalia 14 wahoo Allah the Sahaba Juanita kuruman who Lachman Faria, but the stuff we do mineralia tantalus una Bhutan full karma karate disease, there are many benefits for you, you eat of it, you extract so many beneficial things from it. And you also travel across it was a hot article, and he has objected for you Memphis similarity when I fill out the Jimmy I mean, who whatever that is in the skies, and whatever that is in the earth, all of it from him.

00:41:16--> 00:41:20

Everything in the skies, everything in the earth subjected for whose benefit

00:41:21--> 00:41:42

for your benefit in disguise. Sun Moon stars, clouds, who is the main person who's benefiting people in the earth, animals, trees, vegetation, rivers, who's the main who's benefiting from it, human beings. So jamir and all of this, but it's subjective by who?

00:41:43--> 00:41:44

From a mosque.

00:41:45--> 00:42:12

So all of this is a favor on you, but only from who? from Allah. No one else has given this to you. No one else is controlling this for you. No one else has objected this for you only Allah in the phenolic Allah is de comida for Quran indeed in that are surely signs for Who are those people who reflect so listen

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