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An-Nahl 114-128 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 117-119


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The speakers discuss the negative impact of actions on people's lives and the importance of forgiveness, embracing one's mistakes, and learning from one's mistakes. They emphasize the need for forgiveness and the importance of embracing one's choices. forgiveness is not just a choice, but also a choice to live a conscious life.

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mataranka liloan it is but a brief enjoyment, what a home are they going Aleem and they will have a painful punishment Who? Those people who have taruna Allah who cut him, those who fabricate lies about almost a penalty.

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Those who invent things in the religion declaring whatever the desire to be lawful, and whatever they desire to be unlawful for such people is an enjoyment. That is kalila. Very little.

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What does it mean by Kadena?

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That, first of all, it's meant for its benefit itself is little in its enjoyment in its value in its pleasure, it's very little.

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And secondly, Aladdin also shows that in its time, in its life, it's very short.

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What the enjoyment itself so the enjoyment the matar itself is short and its life is also short.

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What are the one Aleem and in the hereafter for them is a painful punishment.

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We see that when a person makes something how long Helen? Then how long can he benefit from it? How long can he enjoy it?

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If a person says that Congress Helen, and he says the word Haram is not used in the Quran, for intoxicants. So okay, he goes on consuming one after the other, he enjoys it, but how long will he enjoy? And how much will he enjoy?

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Think about it. It's very little, only for a few years, only for a few moments. Think about it. Any food that you enjoy, especially if it's how long? How long will the enjoyment be?

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Only until it's on your tank

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any food that you're eating, you enjoy it only until it's on your tongue once it's gone, it doesn't make a difference to you. Unless if it has a harmful effect on you.

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Which is why sometimes people just keep eating and eating because they really enjoy the taste. They really enjoy the texture of the food which is why they will keep eating regardless of how full they are.

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So the enjoyment is very little. When a person declares something unlawful as lawful, he can only enjoy for some time. It's very short lived.

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But the harm in the long run in the long term is much more.

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Just as we learned about common that yes. aluna Kalyan hamari will Mesa olfi Hema es mon COVID nm is a big sin woman if you're a nurse, and there are also benefits. But what is mahoma Komodo Mina Freeman but their sin is much more than their benefit.

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Now this shows to us that a person may find some enjoyment, some pleasure in Acts of disobedience to almost

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because Allah says Madame Colleen, what is the Thompsons they may be very enjoyable. Like a person is watching something or listening to something Hmm. A lot of fun is listening to something haraam is dancing along with it. He's enjoying it, he's humming along with it. He's really having fun. watching how long eating how long doing how long, fun. However, that fun is only for some time.

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It's not going to be for long.

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It's only going to be for a few moments, only for a few moments.

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And even if he continues to do it for the rest of his life, it will be until he dies, which is how many years perhaps a few years. And after that, in the long term, forever for eternity. What is saved for a person who changes the law of Allah was when whom are they when it

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when a person out of his own desires changes the laws of Allah, then for him is a painful punishment.

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What are the Medina had?

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And upon those people who became Jews, how long have we made unlawful? The word hairdos from the root letters, how well they had a hood, which literally means

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what does it mean?

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To turn back it means that doba to return the turn back. And it also means to embrace, to accept.

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And yahoodi literally means to seek forgiveness.

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Yehuda, what does it literally mean to seek forgiveness?

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under your hood? They were called alladhina hairdo. Why?

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Because they repented from the worship of the car. they repented in a whodunit.

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We repent to you

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and they're also called yahood Why?

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Because it is said that they're named after one of the sons of europeu bridezilla, whose name was yehudah some states with a doll and other states other than yehudah or yehudah.

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So our Latina hadoo upon those people, how long now we made unlawful Mapco sosna illegal Aleikum in public, what we have narrated upon you from before, or sosna of salsa

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as a person to relate to narrate a story, and not just a story, but anything.

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So we have already informed you as to what we had made unlawful upon the People of the Book.

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Where did we learn about this? The foods that were made unlawful on the bunnies, right? You were certain I 146. So those are the foods that we had made unlawful upon them. And those foods are more than the foods that are mentioned over here. So in other words, more restrictions were placed upon the Bani Israel compared to compared to the Muslim oma.

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Over here, we learned that only a few things have been made unlawful upon us everything is lawful except for just a few things.

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But for the bunny is for you more things were made unlawful.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says about that, that one Muslim now whom we did not wronged them, how? By making those things unlawful upon them

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when I can but can with a word and fusa homeodomain. They were rounding themselves so that they cause this for themselves. When they committed acts of disobedience, when they violated the commands that Allah subhanaw taala had given them what happened

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as a result, they were punished.

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And what was that punishment that was given to them

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that certain lawful things were made unlawful upon them.

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We see that in the Jewish scripture. There are certain things that are unlawful for the people, which are not unlawful for the Muslim oma,

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isn't it? So,

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there are slight differences, slight differences, certain things are unlawful upon them which are not unlawful upon us. And the details of that we have read in through the I 146. For example, what are the Latina hairdo alumna can lead us Oh for that we had made unlawful upon them every animal of unclothed and hoof hoof is not cloven all those animals were unlawful touches camels, they weren't allowed to consume them. Woman al Bukhari Well, one me how long now I lay him she Huma, Huma, and of the cattle and the sheep, we prohibited to them their fact they were not allowed to consume the fat of the grazing livestock in them or Hamlet Luma except what adheres to their backs. I will Hawaii or

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the trails. Oh mostella for Verizon, or what is joined with the bone.

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But we see that these things are not unlawful upon us, isn't it?

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We are allowed to eat camels. We are allowed to consume fat. We don't have to see that. Okay, if it is stuck only to the bone, then we can have it. No. Any fat that comes from the animal we are allowed to consume it. But we see that the commands that were given to them were much more strict. Does it mean Allah subhanaw taala gave different different laws of halal and haram to the people know, the thing is that they were given the same laws as we have been given. Same laws were given to them. Same unlawful things were forbidden upon them. And same lawful things were made lawful for them. However, because of their injustice, because of their wrongdoing, because of their sin,

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because of their breaking promises, because of their killing messengers, what happened?

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Allah subhanaw taala punish them.

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Allah punish them and he made certain foods unlawful upon them, he made their religion difficult upon them.

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Similarly, it is said that the Bani Israel they had invented many things in their religion. Just as even today people have invented many things in the religion and they declared certain lawful things to be unlawful. You understand? The Saturday also people declare certain lawful things to be unlawful. Now when they abided by them, strictly Allah subhanaw taala enforce those rules upon he enforced those prohibitions upon them.

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So we see that they invented something in their religion, but when they did not repent, Allah subhanaw taala made those as laws for them and they were bound to follow them

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Obviously those laws were extremely difficult. Extremely difficult. It made their lives very, very difficult. We learned sort of the Nyssa ii 165 Illumina Latina hairdo hallum. Now, Elaine, for ghiberti Haleakala who were beside him and Sabina la HCA to

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because of the wrongdoing on the part of the Jews, we made unlawful for them certain good foods which had been made lawful to them. They weren't awful. But they were made unlawful. Why? Why? Because of their little, and for their averting from the way of a lot many people. And the second reason was because they used to stop people from the wave of law.

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So what do we learn from this, I do mean lessons. First of all, we learn that a person's sins can be a means of depriving him of blessings. When a person does boom, then what happens, blessings are taken away from you.

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When a person is not grateful for what Allah has given to him, then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala takes away those blessings.

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Just as if you give something to someone, they don't use it properly. They don't thank you. They don't give the heck of it. What do you do? You take it back, for example, if you give something to your child, and he's not looking after it properly, he's not using it properly. What do you say? Forget it, I'll just take it from you. You give them a task to do that every day. You have to, for example, do the vacuum. He doesn't do it. What do you do? Take it from him, free him of that responsibility, because he's not worthy of it. So similarly, when a person is not grateful for the blessings, then they are taken away from him. This is why when we use something, when we enjoy

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something, if we want it to stay with us, what do we need to do? Be grateful? Every time you eat, say Alhamdulillah thank Allah, because you never know it might be taken away from you.

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So many times it happens. We say, I haven't had that food in so long,

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isn't it? Don't you say sometimes? I haven't had that particular food in so many years. I used to love it. But I haven't been able to have it. Perhaps perhaps I'm not saying definitely. But maybe it's because we were ungrateful for it.

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When it was offered to us, we made a face. We said we don't like it. We weren't happy with it. And that's why a lot of penalty to deprive is funny.

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Secondly, we also learned that when Allah soprano data has given certain blessings to us, then what should we do? We should use we should benefit from them. What did the bunny Israel do?

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Allah subhanaw taala gave them those blessings. And they made them hard on themselves. But what is Allah like that if he has given you a blessing, he wants to see the author of it on you. He wants to see its traces its effect on you. He wants to see it visible on you.

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Because that is what Allah subhanaw taala next, and when a person does not use them, when a person declares those blessings to be Haram, then what happens? Eventually he is deprived of it.

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For example, Allah subhanaw taala has given us various types of foods, meats, vegetables, herbs, and instead of using them, instead of benefiting from them, if we deprive ourselves from using them, they're there in our refrigerator, we don't eat them. Eventually, after a week, we throw them in the garbage can. And then at the end of the week, we complain about weakness, about low iron. That's because we have not eaten the food that Allah subhanaw taala gave us. You understand? Many times people are complaining, I feel so weak, I feel so tired. I feel as if I have no energy in me. Why? Because you're not eating the food that Allah has given you. It's sitting in your refrigerator, it's

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sitting in your kitchen, you're not using it eventually it goes into the garbage. This is ingratitude. This is not right. Allah give you that food that you use it so that it benefits you not that it sits and it ends up in the garbage. It ends up getting wasted. And if a person does not use the blessings properly, then what happens? eventually they're taken away from him. One day a person comes home, he's hungry, he opens a refrigerator, he finds nothing. He opens a freezer, he finds nothing. It's not that he doesn't have money. But it's just that he doesn't find any food to eat when he really really needs it. This is a result of what our ingratitude, Our thankfulness, our not

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using the blessings properly.

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Similarly, there could be a person who is able to have children, but they say I don't want to have children. I think I can't manage children and they keep delaying for no genuine reason. They keep progressing

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Until when they want to have children, they're unable to.

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they're unable to. It happens with so many people that when they are able, they say statements such as I don't want children, I don't think I can have them. It's too early for me. And they will do everything to deprive themselves of having those children. And when they want to later on, they try and try and try, but they're unable to have.

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This is because of ingratitude. When Allah gave you the ability, you did not use that ability.

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When Allah gave you a chance to set statements like I don't want it.

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Similarly, girls who are young, if they hear that a proposal has been sent to them say, I don't want to get married, I don't want to get married. Not until I'm this many years old. And they keep delaying, delaying, delaying, delaying, until sometimes it's too late.

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And they're desperate to get married, but they cannot find a suitable spouse. This is perhaps because a righteous person came to you asking for your hand in marriage, and you refused, without a genuine reason.

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This is in gratitude. This is in gratitude. So when a person is ungrateful, then what happens?

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blessings are taken away. He is deprived of them.

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Somewhere in North America, then indeed your Lord levena for those people who are Melo Sue, who did evil, big, hairy Latin out of ignorance. Many times people are ungrateful for the blessings of Allah. Why? Because of ignorance. They don't even realize that what they're doing is wrong.

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Sometimes it's possible that a person says, I don't have children. They don't realize that what they're saying is wrong.

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Or a person says I don't want to get married. They don't realize what they're saying is wrong.

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And remember, Johanna ignorant is of two types. Firstly, that a person does not have any idea about something, lack of knowledge, complete lack of knowledge, complete ignorance.

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And secondly, temporary ignorance that a person forgets at that time.

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that a person is overcome by some emotion and he forgets. So when a person does something wrong, out of ignorance, but then some taboo, then they were banded member the Delica after that, after what

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after doing the suit, after doing the wrong action.

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What a snafu and they also did Islam.

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They also fixed the situation

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is law is to set something right and proper that they're wrong that they had done. They make amendments. Like for example, if a person said statements of ingratitude in the past, out of ignorance. Now he realizes what should you do?

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He should do is to flush

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a lot of his stuff. He should stop saying those statements taboo will that he should do is too far. He should pray to Allah for forgiveness, and he should make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to give him those blessings. Well, asla, who,

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in Naropa, indeed, your Lord mean bardiya after it, after what? After the Toba and the

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love of food over him he is truly forgiving, and he's merciful. Because human beings are people inside and inside forgets. And insan does not know everything either. Even if a person has gained knowledge what happens there are situations where he forgets.

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So if a person does something wrong out of ignorance, he says something wrong out of ignorance, a statement of ingratitude and action of ingratitude. But later on, he realizes and he fixes a situation. he repents that Allah will forgive him. Allah will forgive him. For what? For what for the mistake that he committed in the past. So what should we do? seek forgiveness and be grateful

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Well, tofu Lima,

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welcome you.

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We see that in our religion, it's not just that things are either

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there's also the category of mcru or MOBA, are must have. But we generally say it's either Helen, or it's Helen, due to our own lack of knowledge. And as a result of that, we make the life of people difficult for them, and we make our lives as well difficult for ourselves. And when a person makes it like difficult, then how can you be positive? How can you be happy?

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we seen this last time that we studied that many times the sins that are committed, they're committed out of ignorance, either it is lack of knowledge, or it is temporary ignorance, being overcome by emotion, forgetting at that time and realizing later. So what do we need to do? Think about the mistakes that we have committed. Because only when we have realized that we have committed those mistakes, then we can regret.

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And every person has committed some mistakes. So we need to think about all those actions that we've committed. And we need to seek forgiveness from unless prevented do Toba and make Islam

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that's just speaking to a person. It's not that the person does not know anything about Islam. Right is like the family is well known for knowing Islam and all that. But when you talk to the person, and it's like, all the blessing that the person is getting, the person is thinking that it's all about that person's effort. They're forgetting to be thankful to Allah that this is coming from Allah and not from your own effort. And to the extent that they say, We don't believe in the Quran, how can you not? They don't believe in the hereafter? How can you not like, this is all blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's really sad coming from a mouth of a Muslim saying this. Like,

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you know, we were here we're studying to be grateful and all that stuff. But there's a lot of people out there who are not really grateful. And it's not that they don't know it. It's not that they don't know that Allah created everything.

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It could be an arrogance, it could be a denial, or laziness, because they don't want to practice the deen. There are so many things, but it's really, really sad to hear this. And it saddened me more with because I'm directly hearing it.

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I didn't eat like any cake or something like that, or chocolate or dressing anything for almost a year and a half. And then I was like, the most question that is asked by people had an Hara. And it's kind of like we take it very easily that to say this is highlighted. This is how long like we should understand that we don't have that authority except first place. If you don't know to say I'm sorry, I don't know. If you don't know about a particular product, just stay away from it until you know, and Alhamdulillah the place where we live through this alternate through every single thing.

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I was at your hospital once before, and the milk and the meat cannot mix together. So in the cafeteria, they keep their chocolate milk and everything so they're traveling over separate and their meat is separate. And it's so strict that even in a hamburger and a falafel they don't want mayonnaise. And so it's like imagine a hamburger without meal. It's like it's really really strict. So people like the blessing of taste is also gone from them because of their own fabricating.

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Somebody was once telling me that they went to a particular hospital to volunteer over there. And when they went they were taken around to show as to what they were supposed to do and they were taken to the cafeteria. They were told you're not allowed to bring any of your own food. Because strict Jewish law is followed over here. And if you bring your own food

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People might get offended and you might mix certain food ingredients which are not permissible. So you're not allowed to bring any of your own personal food However, you can have as much food as you want from here. So I was just thinking that life is difficult for them in a way.

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We haven't given this idea in many different ways and many suitors many times repeatedly, right? And I was thinking what happens? Generally, we make one mistake or two and three, and we say, okay, time's up. But Subhana Allah, Allah still keeps around for us. He knows us, we make mistakes, okay? still do the Koba Lewis law. So it shows you feel good and you keep doing work. It's a kind of motivational force.

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I was just thinking about when you're talking about when we're doing the is how we're quick to say halal haram Haram, especially as parents, you know, you get upset and you just kind of you utter things. It just goes to show you that as Muslims, we have to live a conscious life, you have to be conscious of what you're saying at all times. Otherwise, that's why we fall into all these practices of ignorance and stuff. And the other thing when talking about repentance, as parents, we have to forgive our kids because you will tell them 2030 times we get upset.

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But if I can forgive them all the more reason why we should also make room for forgiveness.

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We should constantly seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala for saying such statements

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said in one of the gym offers that our problem is not that we don't have enough to eat, it's that we have had enough and we cannot have anymore. And that's why we complain

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about the Hello home topic. We're so quick to say some things head on head on. And what's even worse is nowadays people are very quick to say that I'm hearing that you've left the religion even. You know, it's like for example, there's some chefs that are telling people that if you make fun of them miswak for example, you've left the religion or if you make fun of men who fold their pants, you've left the religion. So people are telling each other.

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let's listen to the recitation.

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In Canada

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Daddy, Daddy

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Daddy Hello