Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L260A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses plans for the upcoming year, including the use of the word war and the importance of not being afraid of small talk. They recite various topics such as the firing of a shot, the recitation of a song, and a woman in the hospital and a bouncer in the radio. They express their desire to bring back history and encourage others to do so.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la Sula who can him I'm about to be let him in a shade lanova Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish fleshly solidity way acidity MD, Washington Earth data melissani Kahoot openers.

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Lesson number 260 surah two jatiya ayah number one 237 transmission, Hansie Hansie, then z Lu, a revelation. l kita. After work mean Allah from Allah, Allah Aziz the always Almighty, Allah Hakeem the always always in indeed see in a semi was the sky, the heavens while up and the earth is surely signs. Lil momineen for the believers were fee and in conflict, your creation warmer and whatever. Yeah busuu he spreads, men from the button crawling creature. I don't signs the coalmine for a nation for a people you can own. They believe with certainty.

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Walk the length and difference alternation

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a lane of the night one the house and off the day warmer and whatever unzila he sent down. Allahu Allah Mina summer from the sky. Men from this thin provision for us here then he made a life be with it. And the earth. Barbara after Moti her its death, what does sleep and circulation

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of the of the winds. I don't sign the coalmine for a people, Yaki loon they understand DeLuca that I had to sign versus Allah He of Allah. Let's do her. We recited our Laika upon you will help with the truth for big then with which had Ethan speech, BARDA after Allah of Allah, what is he and his signs you know, they will believe Waylon Whoa, they could leave for every effect in big liar. A Seaman big sinner. Yes ma'am. He hears is vs Allah He of Allah tala it is recited. Are they he upon him so much then usually he persists was that to be run as one who is arrogant

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as if lamb did not yes smart her he hears it for Bashir who, so give him good news there are there been others a punishment and even painful? What either and when are the key new men from IR Tina, our vs. Che and anything? It doesn't bother her. He made it. Who's the one a mockery. Hola Chica those loans for them? Are there been a punishment mahina humiliating men from what are you him? beyond them? Johanna Moon is health, wellness and not unique. It will avail on home from them math whatever guessable, they earned

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anything, whether and nor math, that which it does or do. They took men from dunlea besides Allah Alia as guardians, when a home and for them, are there been a punishment, or Lehman great.

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However, this houden is guidance, one Medina and those who get through their disbelief, be it with verses of the hymn of the Arab law home for them. Are there been a punishment, men from villages in a filthy punishment, and even one that is painful?

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Allahu Allah, Allah, He is the one who Sahara he subjected, luckily for you, or Alba for the sea,

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Lita Judea so that it flows and fulco the ship's fee in it be Emory he at his command

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while it up the hill and so that you all see men from fugly he his bounty, when our local and so that you all such guru, you all are grateful for Sahara and he subjected Luckily for you, man, whatever system works in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the air. Jimmy and altogether men who

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from him in indeed see in their liquor that is surely signs, the coalmine for people, yet affect your own day reflect.

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Say, Linda Dina, for those who are new they believe young Pharaoh, they forgive. Linda Xena for those who left not your Juna, they expect a Yama days, Allah of Allah, Leah jizya. So he recompenses Omen a people Bhima with what candle they were, the xe boon they earn. Man whoever army like he did slightly hand righteous, fairly nasty he saw for himself, woman and whoever, as a heated evil, for lay her. So against it so much, then, ILA to become Europe to their own, you all will be returned. One. And certainly, at China, we gave Bernie children, his ILA of Islam, El Al Kitab, the book, while chokmah and the judgment

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when the Buddha and the Prophet hood was the canal home, and we provided them men from a play, but the good things were for whom and we preferred them are the upon an island in the world, what attina whom, and we gave them by generating clear proofs, men from the matter from us or not, instead of who they differed in the except men from birth after mass that jet a home it came to them, and removed the knowledge burden due to rebellion, buying a home between them, in indeed, Rebecca Europe, Jacobi, He will judge buying a home between them yoma en de LTM distending FEMA concerning what ganhou they were see in it yesterday phone, they differ so much, then Geraldo, we appointed

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Allah upon Sheree our team, Allah

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and ordained

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men from the matter sector. So follow it, Wallah and do not that severe you follow our desires and Medina of those who are not be on the moon they know in the home indeed they learn never you know, they will avail Anca from you mean Allah from Allah shake anything what in and indeed a worldly mean the wrongdoers barbu home some of them are the close friends BB of others will love who and Allah Wali you is friend

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of those who adopt the for those who are righteous.

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Heather yes basa his insights, visions lenez for the people who are hidden and a guidance wash Mattoon and a mercy lecounte for a people you can own there are certain um or has he been he thought alladhina those who aged out or who they committed a say at the evil and that Niger Allah whom we will make them can Latina like those who knew they believed why we do and they did a soil they had the righteous deeds. So what same? Mattia home, their life, they're living what mama to whom and their death. They're dying. So evil man, that witch Yes, goon the judge.

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Well, Hanukkah and he created Allahu Allah smls the heavens while up and the earth will help with the truth. When he to desert and so it is recompensed. Go to every net since so Bheema with that which does Sabbath it earned well whom and they learn not yoga moon, they will be wronged. fr Ada have done you seen man who it the harder he took, he adopted Illa who his God, however, who is desire, what abunda who and he led him astray. Allahu Allah, Allah upon his men knowledge will hurt Amma and he set a seal or the upon seminary he is hearing will be he and his heart was and he put Allah upon bacillary he his sight ratio within a covering famine. So who yesterday he He will guide

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him men from bardi after Allah Allah, a fella do the not that karoon you all take heed. You all take a lesson

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and they said, Man not hear it in there except higher to know our

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Like adonia of the world, no Muto, we die when a Shia and we live warmer and not you've licona it destroys us in LA except at the time warmer and not la home for them be delicate with that men from eliminate any knowledge in not home they in law except your will known they assume they suppose

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what either and when tort law it is recited, are they him upon them I add to that our versus beginner thing as clear evidences.

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Math not Ghana, it was troja to whom their argument in that except and that they said to you all come we have an inner with our forefathers, in if you were saw the ones who are truthful, all say Allahu Allah yoshihiko He will give life to you so much then you need to come He will give that to you. So much than yajima he will gather you

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Illa to yo de LTM after standing left not labor any doubt fee in it. What I can but Xsara most anass of the people left not yellow moon they know what he left he and for Allah malkuth Dominion smls of the heavens while up and the way oma and en de Docomo it will extend a Sarah that our yoma even that day.

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Yes So he will lose a limo Berkeley loon, the followers of falsehood.

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What are our and you will see cola every own mutton nation. Jessie one that is kneeling

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cola every mutton nation to the it will be called Isla towards kita be her it's a Lima today to rizona you will be recompensed what quantum you were Dharma loon you will do Heather this kita buena. I will record our book, young people it speaks or they come upon you will help with the truth in indeed we couldn't we were less Dempsey, who we have it written

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or miss Dempsey, who we get recorded.

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Man, whatever Gundam you were dot Malone, you will do.

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So as for a Latina, those who are Manu, they believed were Armenian, and they did have soil they had the righteous for you to say to him, so he will admit them probably on their fee in Russia at his mercy, their liquor that who it is and follows the success and well being the one that is clear. Well, I'm Matt and as for alladhina those who can't follow they disbelieved. Flm did they're not Dakota It Was it my verses Don't let it is recited or they come upon you first deck above them but you all were arrogant. Welcome to them and you were a woman of people would really mean ones who are criminals. What either and when Taylor it was said in indeed what are the promise a lot of Allah How

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can is true What sir to and our law not Reba any doubt see her in it. Alton, you all said math not necessary? We know math what a sir is the our in not? No, no. We think in that except one and assumption. Warmer and not national. We be mistake the mean at all ones who are convinced. Why bother? And it appeared law home for them say two evils ma that which are may do they did wahaca and it invalid be him with them? Man that which can oh they were behaved with it yesterday as the own Thema joaquina and it was said polyoma today, none circle we will forget to gamma just as messy to you all forgot the car meeting yo McComb of your day, Heather, this woman welcome and your abode.

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And now is the fire warmer and not Luckily for you men from NASA at any helpers, Valley calm that are you all be undercover because indeed you are in the hospital. You have to act versus a lot of Allah, who's the one in mockery wahat come and it diluted you adhere to the life adonia of the world polyoma So today, let not Euclidean they will be taken out.

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They will be removed

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minha from it, whether and nor whom they use start a boon, they will be allowed to appease

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vanilla. So for Allah and handle all praise or be a semi word of the heavens, what up and Rob?

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Rob Rob alameen of the world's wonder who and for him al Kibriya the greatness fee in smls the heavens while of endear wahoo and he is Aziz, the Exalted in Might, and hockey be always online.

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Let's listen to the recitation from the beacon.

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Yes, no.

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What's up

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