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Negligence in Regards to the Small Sins

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The discussion delves into the use of "has been" in the context of the new Middle East, with the speakers emphasizing the importance of the current peace summit and the use of "has been" in Islam. The discussion also touches on the use of "has been" in the context of "has been" and the importance of respecting women. The segment concludes with a discussion of the negative impact of people being in a situation where they take small things and don't know what it means and lead to negative experiences. The discussion also touches on the origin of the statement that Islam is a Christian toad and the use of "has been" in the context of "has been."

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim and of hamdulillah Hain Nadeau who when a stain or when a stuck federal

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when are all the we lay him in the shoulder Ori and phocoena women see the ad T i Medina Mayor de la who Philomel the Nano Who among you the little fella Hi Deanna. what I shall do ILA inland wha hoo hoo luxury Calico. Ye shall do under Mohammed and Abdullah who are a Zulu who saw the word to Allah He was sent Amma who it yeah and you're living in Amman otaku Allah haka to karate were to move to

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a levy holla Pokemon nevsun Wahida tin wahala comin has Ojha we're both Thurman Houma regering cathedral when he said what Takala levy to Luna be well Erhan in Allah can and a camera Kiba Yeah, are you and levena ammonoid Tapachula our Kulu colons de da useless la calm

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we are Phil Lokum the new BELCAMP were main UTM na we're also know who fatter the fast falls and Alima

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value for in a halo of Konami kala Mahi halen Houda Houda Rasulullah sallallahu it was said and Emma was shot on a more Mark did that too hot? What coulomb death in Bedard tune? What could be Datsun Bala to what color banana Tim finna come to the next hadith of 27 in the Hadith of the Islamic personality today's hadith is a really important Hadith to comprehend understand, and more importantly to try to put into application or practice of is the Hadith of the companion son even

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aside, may Allah azza wa jal be pleased with him collective I am admin in his most net and other than mmm admin, Colin abuse Allahu alayhi, WA it was salam. Er come one more karate the noob fitna, my methodology can Matthew Coleman Nezu fee, buttoning Whedon Fauja that be rude in whether that be eroding height in the Jew HUBZone in namaha, karate, the no

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matter you have to be HERSA Hibou Ha, to let go. He says Allah, Allah while he was sending them, telling the Muslim

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in terms of perfecting your character,

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and protecting yourself from Allah's Anger

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and saving yourself from the night of Jahannam

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be beware of the minor sins, or the sins that people consider them to be minors.

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Rot of the new beware of those minor sins. He said For verily, the minor sins are similar to a group of people who were traveling.

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And while they were traveling, they decided that they were going to camp out at this particular area in the valley.

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So when they proceeded to camp out, this one went to go get some firewood. And he went to bring back some firewood. And he went and he went and he went and he went, they all brought a little bit of firewood back.

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And when they put it all together collectively, they were able to cook their bread, and whatever they need it to cook in order to eat it. He said that the small sins are like that. And then he says SallAllahu it was sending them. Whenever a person is held accountable by Allah azza wa jal for his small sins, those small sins will destroy him.

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So that's the Hadith of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the hadith is given a warning and a prohibition concerning looking at sins as being insignificant.

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We already explained this hadith. And this concept in the book that we did keytab as a combat air by an imam at the heavy rahmatullahi tonali. He right here in this Masjid years ago, when we explained that whole book when Lal hadn't, and when we explained that book, we took some time to go through the details about the differences between the major sins

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and the minuses. So we're not going to go deep into that you can find that in that explanation of an imam at the hub his book Kitab al kebaya.

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Firstly, we will say concerning this hadith in today's class and today's lecture is that, as a Muslim we have to understand the sins are of two types. You have the major sins, and you have the minor sins. And this is one of the proofs from the Quran or the Sunnah, that go to show there are minor sins that the prophet called them, son Allahu alayhi wa sallam HackerEarth, the noob the sins that are looked at as being insignificant.

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So we have the statement of Allah Allah subhana wa Taala in the Quran in touch Tony boo Cadet era my tune Hello, now I know new federal income save the article will not help come MacFarlane Kenema if you people avoid the major sins that you have been prohibited from doing, if you avoid the major sins, then Allah said I will explain the eight clean up and wash away the other minor sins and will cause you to enter into the Jannah an honorable interim. So that's if that goes to show stay away

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from major sins so if they may just says there has to be my innocence. another ayat of the Quran Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned when Olivia Cheney born out Quebec even if I'm one fella hitch lemon, and praising the people of El Eman and Taqwa and Deanna and Dean. He said in those people who avoid the major sins, and indiscretions and mistakes, and they avoid fi Heisha LW DS, except a lemon.

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The scholars of Islam they have a happy life. What is a lemon? And we explained that before, but right now, we're going to use the interpretation that some of the aroma gave that a lemon in this aisle is talking about when a person inadvertently looks at something that is haram.

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As a woman walked by him, who was across the street, who comes on TV, on a billboard, the advertisement, he's looking at the newspaper, he opens up his phone, he goes on the internet, and the lady comes, he didn't go after that. They said that that is a lemon. Those people who avoid the major sins, and they avoid the fact he shot those things that elude except a lemon. So from lewdness is a lemon and what is a lemon? One of the interpretations is to look at something you didn't mean

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to look at it but it just happened. So the Prophet tool Ali ibn Abi Taalib, Radi Allahu Anhu when it comes to looking at women, specifically, he said the first one is for you early, and the second one is against you. Meaning the person is walking or driving and he looks and there it is right in front of him. He couldn't help it. That's for you, meaning there's no sin, you look and you turn away, you drop your eyes.

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But if you look again, then that one is against you. So this is goes to show again that the eye and said those people avoid the major sins so you have to understand that we have major sins and minus sins. He told us some Allahu it he will either it was salam, or Salawat two humps will Juma to El Juma what Ramadan Ramadan mocha FIRA to Lima Benigno Hoonah ah Toony but Al Qaeda here

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the five prayers that you make every day

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and the Juma to the next Juma and Ramadan to the next Ramadan

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are ways that you can clean yourself up and get expiation from your sins, as long as you avoid the major sins. So then he tells us there are major sins. So the smallest sins the Mahabharata, Vinu, those smaller sins, they are cleaned up, when you make will do they fall off of you.

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When you read the Quran, when you make vicar when you make a step far, they fall off of you they are cleaned up and wiped away. Follow up a bad deed with a good deed and Allah will erase it as he says Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So all of the sins in Islam either fall into that major or they fall into the minor sin category. That's the first issue.

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The companions are adorable like I named him the way they exist existed in the way they taught the people after taking the deen from the Prophet sallallahu

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I didn't Salem, they used to say, if there are major sins and they're minor sins but don't look at minor sins as being minor or insignificant, it's like a ship and Akbar and a ship, Alaska, major ship and minor ship because it's called minus ship doesn't mean that it's insignificant, no serious. And minus ship minus ship is from the major sins. So those companions and the name of the self they used to advise, don't look at how small a person or you or I may think a sin is don't look at that.

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But look at the one who you are sinning against and how great he is. And that's how the companions were Ridwan will lie to him. And Sybil nomadic and the famous statement and he was telling the tambourine during that time. What do you think the case is right now and no comb? The time Aluna. Marlon, here a double Fiat unit come in a share Manish Shah could Nana Raha de Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam men and mostly cat are men and men will be caught. He told those Tabby in May Allah

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be pleased with all of them. Verily you people who are coming after the Companions, you didn't meet Prophet Muhammad, you're our students. And it's a bit of magic may Allah be pleased to say you people are doing actions that are more insignificant to you in your eyes, the way you look at it, it's insignificant, you don't really think is a big thing. We do in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we used to consider those things as being major sins that will destroy

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you. And that goes to show the superiority of the companions, and the blessing of their time, compared to everybody else who came after them, they want a higher level of existence. And they are not like other people. And they are the blueprint and the template for success Cheb Bharat, the 15th of SHODAN should be observed the way the Companions observed it, may Allah be pleased with them. The day the Prophet was born, the day that he died, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam should be looked at the

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same way that those companions looked at it. The life differences of opinions that as companions had between themselves, may Allah be pleased with them, where they were tolerant with each other. And they respect it. The other people's point of view is what we have to do. Those differences of opinion that people had that clearly went against the Quran and the Sunnah. And the way the Companions took positions against the people who did that and insisted on that is how we have to be,

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we have to be wise in our application in that what they did is what we do, how they did it is how we should do it. So he told those people, you people are doing things, we would not have done these things during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I give you an example. When Al Islam started spreading, they spread Islam and it went all the way to a sham to Syria, to Jordan. And those people at one time historically, were controlled by the Romans. So they had certain things

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that they were doing, they're like, public baths, like you can do and you can have it done to you in Morocco. You go to the police and you go to the handyman. And then someone they're giving you a bath with a nice sponge and putting a lot of soap and shampoo all over you. Then after that they give you a massage. Companions didn't do that. And it was present during their time. And I issue when she would meet people from a sham. She was saying, Do you women do that? Because I heard that Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam any woman who takes off her hijab out of her husband house, the curse of Allah will be upon her. That hadith is talking about, I issued telling them about going to the public baths, not a Muslim woman going into her friend's house, there are no men around and she takes her hijab off and someone uses this hadith to tell her you got to keep your hijab on law, that meaning that so those this show was something that was present

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during the time of the companions, but they didn't do it. They opened up and conquer those places.

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Women taken the hair from the eyes

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and the eyesight of the people in our community, the Muslim woman today. Our wives, our sisters, mothers and Auntie's today, our sister in law's today our daughters today.

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If she does not, if she does not pluck her eyebrows, and have long nails, then she'll

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feel as if something is not right. She's not beautiful.

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Taking off the beard, cutting the beard shaving the beard, the Companions didn't do that. They didn't do that. A man did not go beltless we didn't do that. And now today is something as normal. The woman not wearing hijab that was unthinkable amongst the companions for Guam ally I name so Anna's told those people. Listen, the way you guys are existing. You're on a lesser level, you guys are doing things that we consider those things as destructive issues concerning a person's dunya and

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his Hereafter they a lot of things when lucky, like bitter. Why the Dane? Better why the Dane respecting your parents, the Companions put a lot of emphasis on that. Today, you can find a practice in person. He's really trying. He's a student of knowledge. She has Julie Badme, a cop, she has gloves reading the Quran, children are in the Quran school, trying to have Islam rule their lives. But when it comes to the mother and the father, or the mother or the father, you will find

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that individual disrespectful. every child, every person who has his mother and his father, even if you above 50, you have to honor love and respect your parents. And don't say to them off, don't say to them off.

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Well, there are many issues.

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Which brings me to the next issue and that is, again, the Companions rub the Alon whom on a high level. What they consider to be the Dean back then should be the Dean today. They looked at a person being impressed with himself his opinion. I look, I have some knowledge, looking at how I dress will come my job is I have knowledge and I'm practicing. And he's impressed with himself. I'm on the Sunnah. And we all have to be on the Sunnah I just told you a few minutes ago, the only religion

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Allah is going to accept from Benny Adam, you'll move pianos the religion that was like what those companions were doing. These Jamaat, all of these Jamaat ayat, Allah is not accepting these Jamaat, these groups, although all of these groups, for the most part have some aspect of Ellis lamb. But the Companions didn't have those kinds of groups, they didn't have those kinds of groups, where they hated each other based upon the rules and regulations

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of the group.

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So they looked at speaking at the religion, about the religion without knowledge, real big. So they were in a man sitting there, the man asked you the question during the time of the companion, you will scholar, what is the ruling of this and this and this he said, Ask them what else you want to ask, you know, as someone else, you want to answer no excellent else and go all the way around to came back to the first person today. The person puts himself in a position to answer questions and

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to deal with issues that are big issues, and they create problems for that person and for the community. And he said that is from one of the signs of yomo piano, that ignorant people unqualified people will start to give fatawa they will give fatawa and they'll go straight, they'll go astray and the cause of people to go astray.

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As it relates to this issue of the Hadith about the sins that are insignificant. Although there are some insignificant sins as I told you, if people fall into them, they can destroy you, as the Prophet said in the Hadith. That's on the table sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there's something we should consider about those small sins and that is all sins Allah is going to look into your piano

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all of the sins, so therefore we have tried to avoid all of them. He said some Allah who it was selling them what I took for my ladies Celica be here in a summer one buzzer one fu ad, called Lulu Kana and who Masuda. Don't go looking for talking about researching, commenting, getting engage, do not go after that what you have no knowledge about, it doesn't concern you. You don't have knowledge about it. He said, Verily, you're hearing, you're seeing your heart, what you think what you feel.

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All of that is going to be looked into your milk piano. So you're going to be held accountable for what you see what you hear what you said, Well, my yellow fever woman cold and inland a day, and I keep on it. That human being will not recite or IRA a single word except that he has angels who are recording everything that he said. So whether it's a big sin or minus sin, we're going to be held account

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before it, and this is what this hadith is talking about right here, that the one sin by itself is looked at as being insignificant, just like the one piece of wood that he goes to get by himself. But when you put his wood with his, in his in his in his in his in his in his in his mouth, those one insignificant words have the ability to light and kindle a large fire, and that fire will destroy the sense of like that as well. The small sentence, Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned

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as well in the Quran will will do at a key time for Tara Mejuri mean and which 15 am in my feet. Were your coluna Yahweh let tena Miley have Molly huddle. keytab la yokai the room servera when I can be euro in LA Saha, yomo Qiyamah. When Allah is judging the people, their books will be put in front of them, the books that record everything you did, and then the doing everything. And the person is going to say who was a criminal, the criminals, they're going to say, oh, what kind of

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book is this, that has been put in front of me, a book that has not left out anything that's small, minor, or anything that's big.

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So the things like that people do suck their teeth, roll their eyes, make gestures with the fingers at people, where they're making somebody shut them, those are insignificant things going to be held accountable for it, you'll move Kiama

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every everything you work, you take things from that job, like the toilet tissue, like the water that they had, you take it home, all of that. And even if they didn't know about it, and no one's going to miss it, your Pm is going to come back people are going to have to be responsible for it. So those is going to show honey, even if even if it is an insignificant thing, we're going to be held accountable for it. And Allah azza wa jal is going to bring people to account for it. So

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therefore, even with those minor sins, they will destroy you, they will destroy you. The other issue about the minus 720 is Who were you and who am I? To determine what's minor and what's not minor? It's the Quran and Sunnah that tells us what is major. So we know that ship is major. Murder is major.

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We know a lot of things that are major sins, but who can really sit and say this is mine, and this is minor. Many things people don't consider to be major they think is minor, but with Allah is minor. So everything should be looked at as being serious. When the people accused, Aisha Radi Allahu anha, of committing fornication, while being married to the messenger of allah sallallahu it was setting them and if people started talking about it, especially from the mafia code, a few

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Muslims were mentioned in it. And Allah said to everybody concerning it, that Cebu Hadean and Wahoo en de la jolla when you people think what you were talking about was small, but that thing with Allah is great.

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So you think that is small and insignificant, but with Allah, it is great. There was a man, he was a slave of Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a Muslim, gave this man as a gift to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that man was the hardest taking care of the headmaster of the Nabhi of Islam. So Allah who it was sending him, so he would fetch him his food, he would get him a miniature scopes, he would do this, he would do that. And they were traveling. So this man went to

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take off of the profits, horses camel, take the saddle off, and you know, take everything down. And while he was doing that, one of the non Muslims shot an arrow and and killed the man. They didn't know who shot the arrow where it came from, but they were traveling, the man got killed. And when the Companions saw what had happened, he died doing something for the prophet who said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the bill Hawa team.

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The deeds will be judged by the last things you do. He's traveling with the Prophet, he's doing headman to the Prophet and for the Prophet, that's a good thing. And he was diligent in the way he used to take care of the NABI SallAllahu. It was set up. So the companions said he got Shahada. He's a martyr. He's a modern Shahada. Prophet Muhammad swore he said, I swear by the one who Mohammed soul is in his hands, Allah.

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He said no. When we fought at the Battle of Haber, this man took a Shimla he took a small thing off of the horse of the non Muslim so when the Muslims fight the non Muslims and they conquer them, the Muslims take the spoils of war, take their horses, take their weapons, take the money, the wealth they take over the place.

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But everything that has taken has to be given to the leader of the Muslims. And then the leader of the Muslim says, you get this, you get this, you get this depending upon what's your rank in the army, depending upon who you are with your people depending on different issues.

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But that can't be done until after the leader. So it's easy. Once a few people over there to catch people they do something and then I take the sword he takes this he takes that they call that a hole. And the hole is from the major sense to take from the spoils of war. People are not watching you, when you took that you took the whip, you know the whip, you make that horse run with something small Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, anyone who makes Oh lol Yamo pm will come and

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there will be a flag hanging out of his anus. A Cromwell Kamala, the flag will come out of his anus so that people will know that guy stole from the whole similar tour is the masjid still in from the Masjid.

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We have people still from the Masjid. They're supposed to be taken care of money.

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I don't want anybody to think about anybody specifically but if you are that person, feel Allah azza wa jal. Someone comes to this masjid and says to the Imam, look, it's my first time coming to the masjid he goes 200 pounds 200 pounds 300 pounds. Can you put them in the sadaqa

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and the guy trust him because he's the Imam and it keeps it doesn't give it to the masjid.

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That's like go lol

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so the newbie said about that man salAllahu alayhi wa sallam that man is burning in the Hellfire because of the whole

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something small in the sight of the people. One man took shoelaces can you go accident brother Lower, lower he's

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another man he stole or he took shoelaces, shoelaces, shoelaces, same thing. And there are a lot of issues. Prophet Muhammad was walking by some Allah who it was sending them a grave to graves. And he said about these two people in know whom I know you're the band will allow you the ban fee Kabir I'm Duma for Cana yum. She been a nice banana Mima t. Well, I'm gonna Thani for kinda like aesthetic mineral bowl, he said these two people in this grade, they are being punished. And they're being

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punished for something that is not major mean. And people don't look at what they did as being big. But it's big with Allah. And that's the point where it's saying here, who's to say what's big and what's minor.

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So this issue is something that our kids see it as being small, this kid that kid, they see it as being small, unless his parent is parent says to him, this is a big thing.

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He said, As for one of them, he used to deal with the people with an amoeba carry and tells he would go to this one and say, they said this, and this and this and that. And then they'll go back to the same group of people say he said this, and this and this and that. And he carries tells two people making fitna between the community.

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And then he said the other man, he used to not protect himself from urine. When he used to urine. He wasn't careful. He didn't care where the unit urine when the important thing was a I just got to go to the toilet, that's it. Muslim is not like that. He goes to the toilet, he sits down. He makes a stingy, if he doesn't want to sit down because it's not worship, you don't have to sit down. He wants to make sure though urine is not going to splash back on him, nor is it going to splash around

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the place.

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So we have our little kids. When it's time to wash their clothes, the mother is looking inside of the clothes and she's saying, What is this?

00:29:05--> 00:29:06

What is this?

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Know that muscle mass take care of that hygiene? And if that's the case with the little children? What is the case with adults? What is the case with adults, unless you suffer from what is known as incidental bowl where you have consonants that continual urine happens to you. It's a different issue. We're not talking about him. He's going to get urine on his clothes. But he has an excuse. They were companions who had that? May Allah be pleased with him. So that's a small thing in the

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eyes of the people, but it's a big thing with Allah. He says Allah Allah while he was setting them as Abba whatever I said, may Allah be pleased with them.

00:29:43--> 00:29:47

And then Abda later Kilimo BILL KELLY mighty

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means second Tila heater Allah Lai Yuuki, la Balan for Yeah, we be fanatee Jahannam Sabrina Khalifa. It may be

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that a slave will speak certain words from those words that make Allah angry.

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He, the one who spoke those words doesn't give it any consideration. And as a result of those words, he's getting thrown into the Hellfire for 70 seasons, you know, really deep into our fight. He didn't see that word as being a problem. Some of the things that we say, we don't mean it, we work with non Muslims, they always say, Jesus Christ, they say that Jesus man gotta keep telling you this. Jesus is guys get it. And we say things like that.

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Happy birthday.

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Merry Christmas. And Allah is amazing. You guys don't know the highway that you are on that hammock Allah, you guys are on a level of hire. If you were to compare Birmingham to some of these places, Liverpool and some of these places.

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Some of these places brother, Muslims don't even know they say, why can I say Merry Christmas? Why can I say Happy New Year's? Why can I say Happy Easter? Why can I say that? And they really find it difficult comprehended. Allah doesn't love those words, because of what they imply and what's behind them. And all of the Schick comfort faced for jour vol, all of that stuff that comes from these words. It's just not a word. So when the people said that he said, no money and Allah has a sun, the

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heavens and the earth are about the heavens, and the mountains, the earth are about to fall down, that they will say that a rock man has a son. But they don't they don't give that word any any consideration. Any consideration.

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And this is one of the reasons especially in the climate that we're dealing with, if a di e is asked a question, and it's really important for him to be very clear about the answer to that question, because in his answer, he may be raising up Shipka, Cofer or Bidda he may be raising up a cafe, a mushrik, almost Teddy. He wants to be careful. He wants to be politically correct. He wants to have Rama he wants to be fair. He wants his dollar to spread.

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He wants to be accepted by everybody. It can't work.

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It can't work. You think that we're right is a small thing, that thing with Allah as big why? Because you help to destroy the religion. And that's why the Prophet says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, anyone who says to a monad FIP Yes, say it you call them an atom, a hypocrite master leader. You give them a respect you have helped to destroy this religion.

00:33:01--> 00:33:18

You have helped to the to destroy this religion. So that Mojang Allah Madame Allah, you know, when you praise people unnecessarily, can't do that. Gotta be careful. So as it relates to the small sins, this issue of

00:33:21--> 00:33:50

what people think is an issue. Our mother Aisha was from the AMA of the companions, may Allah be pleased with her and the rest of the companions. There was a lady who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that lady asked a question, and Aisha was impressed with her intellect. Some of the narration said it happened with our mother Sophia bento who ate may Allah be pleased with that. And Sophia, she was one of the wives of the Prophet salallahu Salam, she used to be a Jewish

00:33:50--> 00:33:55

Lady and the dean of the home and then her people were conquered. She became a Muslim.

00:33:57--> 00:34:07

She was short. May Allah be pleased with her? She was Stocki Radi Allahu Ana and because of her, the hijab, I will reveal

00:34:10--> 00:34:18

one time I initially say your Rasul Allah has spoken in Sofia, yah, Rasul Allah. Sofia short.

00:34:19--> 00:34:33

She's short. She's sure she's not tall. Like some of the women that he had were tall, a sign of beauty, elegance. She's short and he she did like this with the fingers like the show she's she's not all

00:34:34--> 00:34:52

Prophet Muhammad toe Aisha SallAllahu Sallam yah Aisha tequila Thea Allah Allah Kelly Martin. Lo mozzie jet be ma l Ba, la mesa jetco. This word that you said. If it were to be mixed with the ocean, this word would contaminate the ocean.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

And all she said was this. She didn't even say she's sure. She pointed like this show.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

When she's short

00:35:05--> 00:35:19

so how many words do we say when we get upset? We call people dogs. donkeys? We call people swear words. Swear words that are bad. That are bad. We make a cough cough

00:35:20--> 00:35:53

Well, let me your moon and salad two millennia to be urbanity. Shuhada fudgey Duhem femenina jilda were attacked by Lulu whom shahada Aveda. But hula l fasea. Kunis, how it is you this you have Catherine move Teddy, move Teddy. We will get that from Katherine, we get that from halau haram. What happened the other day in Sri Lanka. If in fact Muslims did that. And people are given photos. That's the religion that you can do that.

00:35:55--> 00:35:57

What are you talking about?

00:35:58--> 00:36:06

So whether it's a major sin, whether it's a minor sin, we have to avoid all of that last point we want to make 20 concerning this issue,

00:36:07--> 00:36:43

and the danger of the minor sins, we explained who said that it's minor. And even if it is minor with Allah, if you bring enough of them together, the Prophet said, when the person who does the minor sins, if he's held to account for them, they will destroy him, like him. Bring in a twig and bring in a twig, Twig twig, put them together, you get the ability to burn what you need to cook. The last thing is the authentic hadith about the ayat of the Quran, Bell Rana, Allah Kulu obey him

00:36:44--> 00:36:45

that I read the Quran.

00:36:47--> 00:36:50

When Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:36:54--> 00:36:57

He said if the son of Adam does a sin

00:36:59--> 00:37:01

in an Abda, either Edna by them then

00:37:02--> 00:37:26

for stuck for Allah, if He doesn't sin, and he asked Allah to forgive them for that sin that he did, Allah will forgive them for their sin, and it will Camilla them below when you make Toba. That's it. You don't have to sin. He said, But if the slave does a sin, and He doesn't ask Allah to forgive him, then a black spot is put on his heart.

00:37:27--> 00:38:00

And then if he does his sin again or another sin, he doesn't make it stick Farah Toba, another black spot and another black spot and another black spot and another black spot, black, black, black, black black until his heart becomes totally white, black. And he won't be able to distinguish between the hawk and the bottle. Right and wrong, Suunto he'd sooner and better toe he didn't shake. He won't be able to distinguish between things. He actually believes that he's getting close to

00:38:00--> 00:38:05

Allah, but he's getting close to Allah based on innovation. And he doesn't know that.

00:38:07--> 00:38:15

He's getting close to Allah with tech lead with Zoom and he doesn't know it. And he will lie he is sincere. And he believes what he's doing is right.

00:38:18--> 00:38:53

So the eye was revealed. And the Prophet explained to the people SallAllahu wasallam killable Rana and him McCann we xe bone, that there is a black thing that comes on the heart of the person because of what they used to do. And then the heart becomes totally black. My roof becomes monka monka becomes Muroff. Amazing, amazing. Amazing. You get before the Muslims and you tell the Muslims listen. We can't be people make baseless claims. Like what happened with the yo who then then Asara

00:38:53--> 00:39:22

but you're holding the NESARA of the past, I used to make claims. They used to say, if you're a Jewish person, you go to the agenda. If you're Christian person, you go to the agenda. They used to say Ibrahim was a Jew. Krishna said Ibrahim is a Christian and the toad on the Injeel were not revealed until after he brought him so how can he be Jewelle? Could it be Christian? Those were the claims. They used to say that you who said we will not go into the hellfire, we might go into the

00:39:22--> 00:39:40

hellfire. lenta Mesilla, narrow Illa Yemen do that. But if we do go we'll only been there for a few days. Although you disbelieved in the prophets and the messengers, you killed some of the prophets and the messengers. You accused the prophets in the messages of doing bad things.

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

You rejected Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam You bragged you brag. We're calling him in paternal mercy. The southern Amerian rasool Allah. They bragged and said we killed the Mercy he's someone who matter and we killed them. But they said we're not going to go to hell for

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

When if we go to the Hellfire if we go to the Hellfire will only be there for a few days a lot of claims and then Allah brought those if after each one of those stories how to But Hannah come and come from Saudi again. The point I want to make you say that in the masjid to the Muslims, that we can't be people who make claims without any deal.

00:40:22--> 00:40:23

We make a lot of claims.

00:40:25--> 00:40:55

Shep Bharat, the moulded a lot of claims. This is from Islam that's from salata, Raha if all of this is from the guy, he's an innovator, he's a cat, no delille. So, you say that, that people in the audience, some people in the stand in the audience, you are talking down against the yo hold and then Asara usually have Rama upon them, usually be easy with them, you should be easy, you should really take it easy. That what has to be you're teaching our children to hate them by bringing this

00:40:55--> 00:41:06

to the attention of the community. So the person is really sensitive on behalf of the Yahoo than the Nosara. But then that same person won't give them Muslim synonyms.

00:41:07--> 00:41:21

That same person has had in his heart malice, hatred, for the Muslims, not from his GEMA, Rama for the non Muslims concern sensitivity for the non Muslims. And for the Muslims, the opposite

00:41:22--> 00:41:35

Kela Berala be him McConnell Yuxi board, it can come from that, that a person's heart gets covered. And again, you can't distinguish what that person can distinguish what's what.

00:41:36--> 00:42:06

And this is one of the reasons why I have to continuously again, make jihad keep the hearts pure and open. So as it relates to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, beware of the minus sins, the things that people consider to be minor, because the minor sins, if they are accumulating and coming together against an individual, they have the ability to destroy you, they have the ability to destroy you. So don't look at the significance of the sin, but look at the significance

00:42:07--> 00:42:09

and look at how great powerful and mighty

00:42:11--> 00:42:47

The one is who deserves to be worshipped without any shake and without any mouthfeel Okay guys, if you guys have any questions I meant to say at the beginning of the debates, but it slipped my mind any of you want to go to Mr. The Sunnah over there to attend an Mufti Mohammed Munez talk, you can go I'm implementing that at the beginning of the Dulles as well. We have some of the what they're not here right now. But Hamdulillah you guys came, but maybe you didn't know about it. So we support

00:42:47--> 00:43:01

his Dawa. We support his efforts. So try to benefit from them while he's here. And his trip is going to be giving some more talks here in Birmingham. Do you brothers have any questions? Any questions? Hi, Linda. Come shake

00:43:06--> 00:43:09

it from the Russia freaking Barco axonal nitricum?

00:43:19--> 00:43:31

Good question. Yes chef, Tim b Montez had we're on the verge of Ramadan. So I think when this Ramadan began inshallah next week right what day the fifth of May

00:43:32--> 00:43:33

5 or sixth What day is that?

00:43:35--> 00:44:09

Sunday. So we have another Doris we have one more does during the month of Ramadan Inshallah, the class is going to be suspended and they're going to have a Ramadan schedule that's going to be being known to you. There'll be lectures on Saturday and Sunday and there will be a talk after the halfway point of taraweeh and there will be a talk after taraweeh I think on the weekends 30 minutes 45 minutes something like that. So that schedule is going to be made known to you in due course in due

00:44:09--> 00:44:30

time as it relates to these classes, the Mahabharat they're going to be suspended everything during the month of Ramadan inshallah Allah bring to us Ramadan bill, Althea was salam and sha Allah. Any more questions? 20 little man you have a question. Have a question you got a question about urine anything like that is stingy

00:44:31--> 00:44:32

All right them have

00:44:33--> 00:44:41

was so low was selling robotic I didn't begin early he was hobby of mine was Santa Monica rock Tula. I kill him you have some of your water little man

00:44:42--> 00:44:44

shukran thirsty like