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06 Iman Bi Allah Belief In Allah Tawhid And Its Categories Tawhid Ar Ruboobiyyah

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Nevertheless, Alia Dada Sudha Hill Karim Allah Bertha arrow the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim labiche likely suddenly were Sidley, MD weidler. of data melissani of COVID Kohli probenecid nerima.

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Eman Bella, believe in Allah.

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is this important?

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Why is it important?

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This is the basic foundation of our religion.

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This part of our data is the most essential part of our data. Because this is from where the rest of the beliefs come from. If a person's Eman in Allah is weak, then the rest of his data will also be weak. And if the man in Allah soprano data is there, it is strong, then what will happen? The rest of the beliefs will also be strong. And if the beliefs are strong, only then a person's habits his actions they can change, only then a person can obey Allah.

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And if it is said that the Quran the main call of the Quran, the main invitation of the Quran is that it calls people to Allah subhanaw taala. Is this an exaggeration? No. Why? Because the entire Quran speaks about Allah, either directly or indirectly. So this is the main focal point of our religion.

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So belief in Allah, does it mean that a person is believes in a god in just some creator, some powerful being some force? Is that belief in Allah?

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That's not the correct belief. It's not a complete belief according to what Allah subhanaw taala tells us, because there are many people who believe in God, right? They give that God different names, okay? And different attributes, different characteristics. However, that belief is not necessarily correct. Also, belief in Allah, many people, they don't believe in God, but they believe in some powerful force behind this entire existence. Is that belief in Allah? No, that's not belief in Allah either. Why?

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Because who is that powerful force?

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Some people, they just refer to that force as nature, or they use some other names. But is that belief in Allah? No, that's not belief in Allah. Because what is what does it mean to believe in Allah? What's the meaning of Eman? Bella?

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I'm quizzing you here.

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What's the meaning of Eman Bella, it is to believe in the oneness of Allah, that the hate of Allah, because many religions, many people, they have this concept of God, but they don't have this concept of the hate. And what does it mean by though hate, though hate what whether you are headed to hate? What does that mean? To make? One? So the hate is to believe in the oneness of Allah? In which way?

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What are the categories of the hate? there? How many categories five, three categories? What are they? First of all, though, hate a rubia Secondly, the hate

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or Buddha and thirdly, the hit a smack was the fact. So what does it mean by the hate rubia?

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The haters rubia What does it mean to believe that that he is the owner, the Lord creator, the caretaker of the entire creation? So inshallah, today we are going to study about the head of Ruby.

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So the head of Ruby, first of all, we need to find out what the meaning of this word is a Ruby and what is the definition? So the meaning is a Rabu because a robo BIA, it comes from the word of rub, right? So Ruby means to be Rob.

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Right, Ruby? Yeah, to be Rob. So we have to look at the meaning of a rub. A Rob bofill Asli must love. What does that mean? That the word of love is a Muslim what is a Muslim?

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The main word

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and it is Massaro raba yo boo be Myrna meaning the meaning of raba yoruba is what nutshell a shaman halyn illa herlin illa Halyburton nasura whatever does it mean

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to cause to rise right meaning to cause to grow. So it is to raise to bring up something Min halyn

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Handling from one state to another in a highly optimum until its state of completion and perfection, this is the meaning of Rob. So for instance, you have a seed, who originated that seed,

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and who causes that seed to grow and germinate and from it a plan to come out who is doing that and rub. Alright, who is providing it, the nutrients that it needs from the soil, and the fresh air that it needs and the sunlight that it needs, who is providing all of that a rub, because if any of these were missing, would it grow? It wouldn't grow. So who has created that perfect atmosphere and and everything to come together at the right time in the right way for that seed to germinate and grow into a plant who a rub. So this is a rub, and not just one seat, but every seat and human beings Also,

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if you think about it, Nasha ashame and Harlan Harlan in a harlot ama, think about a fetus. That how it grows, you know, in stages, one stage after the other every week, there's a new development a new change, until the baby is complete and ready to come out. So who has created the entire creation in this way, or Rob, this is a meaning of a rub. In the Quran, we learn Malcolm lateral jounal Allahu akara, wakad holla, Coco Otto, that he has created you in stages. And these stages, they don't just go until a person is born no but throughout their life. So this is the meaning of a rub.

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So a lot boo youth lack of aloha meaning in the language in the Arabic language the word rub it applies to meaning it conveys the meaning of lol Malik, Malik meaning

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master was Sayed Malik meaning owner and say it meaning master meaning someone who is obeyed and muda bear with a bit planner controller, the one who takes care almora be who is more of be the one who does tend to be the one who trains so for example, a honeybee How does it know from where does it know that it has to fly in a particular direction at a certain time and collect nectar from such and such plant from this and displays? How was there any course the honeybee took? like human beings we have to go to school we have to go to college, we have to take training courses, right. But honeybees, caterpillars, did they go through any such training? Who has taught them all of this who

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has given them all this training? A rub? So Allah is who and moudaber almora be well, chi em who is the maintainer? Well, Moon aim monitoring who is one or the one who bestows nirma meaning the benefactor? So a lot boy, huge lock of Illuminati and Al Maliki was set up when Buddha bill will be we'll call him wellmune. So this is the meaning of love that you find from dictionaries. Now, in our religion, how do we define a rub? A rub is who who he is manage them our fee? Are these words too big? Should I eliminate the Arabic? No, are you able to understand I could have just written the English also. But there's a reason why I wrote this Arabic so that you get familiar with it.

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And this barrier that you have between yourself and the Arabic language it goes away in Java gradually. So right now you're reading from a paper inshallah soon you should be reading from the actual books, okay, that's the goal inshallah. So, Allah who will manage tomorrow fee data to also have a rub Is he

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in whom manage them are What does each tomorrow mean? gathered, so mine who is tomorrow it has gathered together fee in him the last two or three characteristics. So the rub is the one who has three qualities three characteristics, which means that even if one is missing, and that's not Grubb, so only Allah soprano data has the three characteristics, this is why he is the only Rob What are those three characteristics, first of all, a Hulk

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to create, so he is the one who has created everything while molk mulk meaning ownership, what that be that we meaning, planning and regulating the affairs for who So Rob is who he is and Harlech, allelic liquidity liquidly Shea, He is the Creator and the owner of who everything

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from the atom

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do what?

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To the greatest of galaxies from the end to the elephant from your nail to your head, every single thing for who will Khalid al Maliki khalifate, Allah Almaden, ledger Mirel. More and more data, meaning the one who plans and regulates the affairs of everything.

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And I mean ledger mirror mode, meaning all of the affairs of the creation. So this is how I want you to think about it.

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Think about what's going on in your body right now.

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Is your heart pumping? Are you breathing? Yes. Are you looking? Is your brain working? Is there blood flowing through your body? Yes. Is there oxygen going through your body, every part of your body? Yes, your eyes are working, your ears are working. We can touch we can smell we can feel cold or warm. So all of this who is causing all this to work and function and muscle?

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And there are so many things that are happening within our body and we don't even know about it.

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A person could be developing a tumor somewhere in the body and he has no idea or there could be a big problem which is being solved by itself itself how Allah subhanaw taala is solving it right? So imagine for every single person, every single creation, who is running all of their affairs.

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He is

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so to hit a rubia is it fraud the law he Subhanahu wa tada will hunt he will Malki. With that be. It is to affirm the oneness of Allah, the Exalted and high in a matter of creation, ownership and management of the entire existence, meaning he alone is the creator. There is no creator besides him. He alone is the owner, there is no owner besides Him, and He alone regulates and manage the affairs of the entire creation, and no one but him does that. This is why in sort of it, how do we say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. He is the ababu. Allah Allah mean, Allah mean is a plural of Ireland, and what is Ireland, a world. So think about it, there's a world, within your body.

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Many, many worlds, there's a world of ants, there's a world of birds, there's a world of Caterpillar, there's a world of butterflies, there's a world of everything out there. So who has created all of these worlds, unless

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we just look at the word item mean as just one Earth, but within the earth also, how many systems are there? How many systems so who has created them, and who is functioning them, managing them, providing for every single creature what it needs at the right time so that it can survive? Who Allah so when Allah alone is doing this, this is why and hamdulillah All praise is really only for him. He deserves it, and only He is worthy of it. I'd like you to watch a video over here of a caterpillar, how it is born, what phases it goes through in its life and how it turns into a beautiful butterfly. Make sure you read. Imagine a tiny egg the size of a sesame seed,

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hundreds of eggs.

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underside of the leaves, if you're smaller,

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who taught it to come out?

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two millimeters long.

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The Shallows its first food

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eating machines

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are you able to read at the back?

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So who gave it that appearance? Because if a bird would see it, it would eat it. But because it's green, it doesn't need it. Look at how small the wings on

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half hour.

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So where do those liquids come from? Who pumps them?

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So this is a verb and when he alone is doing this? This is why we believe in the head of obeah.

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So firstly, the heat of a movie means that Allah alone is the creator and there is no creator other than him. In total for con number two, the law says wahala kokkola Shay in *a Dora who Taka de la that he has created each thing and determined it with precise determination. I

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mean think about it when the butterfly came

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Out of the shell, its wings were so small. If they were big, good it fit in that shell.

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But it came out with those small wings for half an hour. It's still in that place, and gradually the wings expand, and then the butterfly is able to fly. So, for donoho, Taka de la precise determination when a baby is born, how soft is the head?

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That sometimes when the baby is born, the head is literally deformed. Imagine if the head was as hard as it is of a person when they are an adult. Would it be possible for that child to be born? So for da da, da da da.

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Insert fatwood Aya three. Yeah, and you have NAS Kuru near Mata La Jolla. aleikum. Helman hora de la Yasuko, convenor sama, he will alt, enter Illa, who for unlimited for Kuhn, all mankind, remember the favor of Allah upon you? Is there any creator other than Allah know, who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? There is no daily except him. So how were you deluded? If you think about it, these butterflies and bees, what do they do?

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What did it say at the end?

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That it will live its life

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feeding on nectar and reproducing Why? What's the purpose as it feeds on an actor it pollinates right, when it pollinates then it is that we can have fruits and vegetables and beautiful flowers to see

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and beautiful smells, right beautiful fragrances to smell. So, all of this, that Allah subhanaw taala has created is directly or indirectly providing for who for us human beings. This is why Allah says old Guru nerima de la here they can remember a list favorite upon you that firstly created you and secondly you provides for you from the sky and the earth. La Ilaha Illa who for unnatural for cone. intellect, look man I attend 11 Allah says hello customer were to be higher than Corona. look to the sky. He created the heavens without any pillars that you see what Phil earlier Alessia and Demeter become, and he has cast into the earth firmly set mountains, lest it should shift with you

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what Beth fee Hammond could lead up and disperse. They're in from every creature, creatures that we've seen, and creatures that we've never seen creatures we know about. And creatures we have no idea about what underlie them in a summer, Emma. And we sat down rain from the sky for embedded nafi Herman coulees, Odin Kareem and male grow there and plants of every normal kind. So all of this creation had the Hulk

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This is the creation of Allah, meaning all of this has been created by who? Allah alone for a Rooney So show me mother Hanukkah Latina men dooney what is it that those other than Him have created? Nothing at all? The entire creation is who's Alyssa? He alone is the creator. But is it Mona feel but Alamo being rather than wrongdoers or emptier? So first of all, Allah alone is the creator, what has he created?

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Everything, name a few things.

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The sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, everything.

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Everything, everything that we see. Secondly, the hater obeah means that Allah alone is the owner of all. Therefore, the absolute complete and all encompassing milk belongs to Allah alone. What does this mean? That absolute ownership is who's only a loss? When we become owners of something? Is that absolute ownership? No, it's only partial. Because, first of all, we don't own everything. And secondly, the little that we own, we don't own everything about it either. Like for example, you can own some food, but can you protect it from decaying from going bad? No. You can own money. But can you protect it from being spent? No, from being stolen? No. So absolute ownership is who's Allah

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subhanaw taala. When we own something, we own it only for some time. And Allah owns the entire creation, forever and ever, because he is the first and the last and complete an all encompassing, complete and all encompassing meaning that

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include everything. So there is nothing in the existence that is not ullas ownership, meaning everything that exists belongs to who? Allah known in certain molk Ioan. Allah says who can let it be at the hill mulk wahala cliche in kadhi boo blessing is he in whose hand is dominion, and he is over all things competent in his hand is the Dominion animal, meaning the entire ownership is with him. The entire ownership is his internal movement on 88 Allah says Colombia, de Melo, Kotaku, Alicia, whatever you do, what are you jello la encantada Moon, say in whose hand is a realm of all things? mallacoota khalifate? What does it mean by that? The ownership of everything meaning,

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everything that exists in the heavens in the earth, whose ownership is it? Allah Subhana Allah and he protects while none can protect against him, if you should know. So secondly, Allah subhanaw taala is the owner of all Thirdly, a rub though Hey, little Bobby means that Allah alone manages and runs the affairs of the entire creation. The entire creation in total are off by a 54 we learn and Allah Han Han poo among the Veronica la hora bhullar. Al Ameen. unquestionably, his is the creation and the command bless it, is he Lord of the worlds? Well,

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that first of all, another whole Hulk, the entire creation is whose last Pantheon and well, everything that happens with it happens at whose command Allah soprano,

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this ayah sold out of I 54. It is mentioned the sun, the moon coming of the night and the day. So all of this who's who's planted all across the planet, the sun rises at a time sets at a particular time, the day comes in, in a particular way and leaves in a particular way. So who has made this entire system who Allah soprano in Hades we learned that every time the sunsets it goes in, frustrates to Allah before the throne of Allah and seeks the permission of a left to rise again. And it is given the permission to rise. And then what will happen one day, it will be told to rise from the west instead of the East. So every time that the day comes, the day goes, the rain falls, the

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clouds move, a tree drops its leaves, it happens at whose command unless

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because if Allah decides that, no, it should stop now, it will stop. Many times it happens that a woman is pregnant, but the baby just doesn't grow anymore. The creation just stops, the development just stops there. So who stopped it? Allah He didn't allow it to continue. Right. So Allah, the whole hobo will Unruh the development of everything. He's the one who's deciding he's the one who provides it nutrition causes it to grow.

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So alella Whoa, whoa, whoa, well,

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two examples I mentioned over here. First of all, the creation of the human beings sort of the obasa 18 to 22 LSS Hotel in Sonoma Acorah. Kirsten does man how disbelieving is he?

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mean ha in Holocaust? From what substance did He create him? Meaning the human being he sees his farm? And yet he denies Allah? Has he ever reflected on his origin? From what substance did Allah create him? Men not to fatten halaqa who *a Dada from a sperm drop He created him and destined for him, some must serve Elijah subtle, then he eased the way for him meaning to come out of the mother. So my motto for a Kabbalah then he causes his death and provides a grave for him. So my either share and inshallah, then when he wills, He will resurrect him. So what does it show that as we go through different stages in life, who is providing everything to us who is causing us to grow

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so that others are 24 to 32? The food that we eat, Allah says valiantly insane enough for me, then let mankind Look at his food. And now suburban and man, we just look at food that is in our plate. But where did it come from? What's the story of that food? It started from where they announced the Lebanon Masada how we pour down water in Torrance. So much apocalypse

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audible Shaka, then we broke open the earth splitting it with sprouts. I think about it. Every time a sprout comes through, it's splitting the earth, it's coming through the earth. So, the matcha coconut or the Shaka, it shows how much this happens at such a large scale. And then for unbuttoned our fee her hub and cause to grow within it grain. We're in urban wakaba and grapes and herbage was a tune and $1 and olive and palm trees were had that equal Wilbur and gardens of dense shrubbery. Well Frankie has done what and fruit and grass matar local Willie an army come as enjoyment for you and your grazing livestock. So you eat these things yourself. And when your animals eat it, then you

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eat your animals as well.

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So your food we just look at it food and plate.

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But who provided you that crude? How many changes that underwent how many stages? So who caused all of that?

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And he alone, he alone caused it to happen. So this is the head of Ruby. So in summary, inserta Zuma is 60 to 63. We learn Allah who Hanako Konishi. Allah is the Creator of everything, hunk.

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Well who are Allah Konishi in working? And he is over all things Disposer of affairs that be la Hua McCauley the similarity will up to Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth milk and that beat? Because the keys of the heavens and the earth? What does it show the hoser in the treasures that Allah subhanaw taala sends for his creation? He doesn't just give all the water at once. No, it's spread throughout the year, over various days, you know, different seasons. So Allahumma kalido sumati will have one Latina cafaro bi La La ecoman hos Iran, those who disbelieve in the verses of Allah it is those who are the losers. So this is the head of the movie. Now remember that a Ruby

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though? hadal. Ruby is of two types. What does that mean? First of all, Ruby,

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meaning general. So general Ruby, and that means Allah subhanaw taala has absolute lordship over the entire creation. So basically everything that exists. Allah subhanaw taala is its creator, he is its owner, and he is its provider, whether it is a human being who is righteous or a human being who is sinful, whether it is he believes or it is Angel jabril

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who is the one who has created both of them, and provided them whatever they need, Allah, General Ruby, this is why at least also What did he say? Be Bhima.

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A please also acknowledges that Allah created, right, Allah owns him. Allah is the one who provides him because he believes asked Allah subhanaw taala for an extension to live right on me, give me rest bite until the day that the people are resurrected. So who gave that to him? Allah. So General rubia over the entire creation, and it includes those who are McAuliffe and those who are lay Mukunda, meaning those who who will be questioned, those whom Allah subhanaw taala will hold accountable. So for example, human beings, jinn and those who Allah subhanaw taala will not hold accountable. So for example, rocks, or for instance, a human being who is not sane. So Allah is the

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one who provides for them also, Allah is the one who has created them also. So the living things nonliving things, Allah is their Creator, their owner, he is the one who blesses them with everything that they have. This is general rubia and none no one at all escapes from this, there is nothing in this entire existence that is out of this. All right, whether a person believes in Allah or doesn't believe in Allah even for their own, who is the rub of their own even Allah soprano Turner, okay, so this is general Ruby. Secondly, Ruby has specific Ruby, meaning Allah special lordship over those of his servants, whom he has mentioned in a particular context, meaning in a

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positive way, and that Allah bestows on those servants a special gift that he does not give to others. So for example, in our drawers, for example, Adam are listening when he made a mistake. What did he say? Hello, birna, alumna and for Santa. Oh our Lord, we have committed one against ourselves. What in London

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run out of hammer, an akuna nominal high sitting over there when other listeners are robina Oh our Lord, huh? So what does that show a special bond, a special relationship between the creation and the Creator. And it shows the creator gives these special servants something that he doesn't give to others. And what is that something? It is the greatest blessing of Amen. Amen. Right, and guidance to hire to the works of goodness. Allah subhanaw taala keeps the set servants in his special protection. I mean, think about it, every person, what do we learn that there are half a law, guardian angels protecting them, but what happens when a person seeks a loss protection and he

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remembers him performs fragile Sala right? says is a God in the morning and the evening makes law to Allah, then does Allah not grant him special protection? doesn't he? Yes, he does. Right. So the special protection, the special risk, the special nutrition, this last panel data gives to who those whom he has a special relationship with so we will be a hustler. Now for example, Allah gives food to everybody in the sense that he has created different types of food and he has provided us with different means so that we can get that food. So for example, if we want food, what do we have to do? Go work, make money, and then go buy food, but money I'm vintage or Milan? Allah subhana wa tada

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sent her, her specialist

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didn't he? So this is what will be your

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right to be hasa

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Allah protects everybody. But the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so many times people tried to kill him, but Allah protected him saved him. So this is what we will be here.

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And we will be a hassle also includes that Allah gives him two fees for every hire you your serum will use raw. Allah causes their Eman to grow spiritual nourishment in total, Aleph I 121 122. Both are mentioned to be a hammer and we will be a hassle. The Magicians they said call Amanda below the line I mean they said we believe in who the Lord of the worlds Who is he or not be Moosa, the Lord of Musa and Harun. So where is Ruby Rama mentioned? Or Bella elemi? Where is Ruby? Ha, so I mentioned Robin

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rabona Our Lord, and He is also the lord of everything. Now, what are the proofs off? rubia? Allah subhanaw taala His Lordship that He is the Creator, the owner, the Sustainer what are the proofs of that the existence of a creator who owns and also regulates all affairs? What are the proofs, there are many proofs over here in sha Allah three I mentioned okay. First of all, Allah ayah.

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In the Quran, many things are mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala has created that Allah subhanaw taala does, and then what is mentioned in the feed ellika

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indeed, in this are many signs, in the Quran, Allah says, woman is he and all his signs is such and such your sleep and the fact that he created you, he created for you spouses, right, your different languages, your different colors, all of these are what I add. So I add are the universal signs that point to the existence of the Creator, that point to the existence of the Creator. And the greatest proof of the Creator is what the creation, because all of this creation, that is existing, a sound mind can never accept that it happened by itself. So all of these is that Allah has placed for us within the heavens and the earth. What do they point to the existence of the Creator? Because think

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about it, that a caterpillar for instance, can it grow by itself into a butterfly? No. What does it need? It needs sunlight, it needs food. All right. So the Lord of the caterpillar is the same as the Lord of the Sun and the leaves and the plants. Because nothing in this universe exists by itself. Everything is related to something else in some way or the other. Isn't that so? So This in itself is an evidence that behind all of this

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Who one creator, one power one being? So first of all, he is there. And secondly, that he is one. This is why Allah says and so with Eunice i 101, Colin Ruru manifest Amati will say, look and observe what is out there in the heavens in the earth. So many things Allah has created, look at them, reflect on them, and you'll recognize your Lord in total bacala i 164 Allah says in a few 100% it will only walk the laughing lady when the head will full kilotons refill Buhari vinayan firmness Lama entered Allah hamina summit he met in a here because of the mot her or by Steffi Hammond calida. What the threefold Ria was having was a horrible summer it will look a little miracle

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indeed, and the creation of the heavens and the earth, the alternation of the night and the day, and the great ships which sail through the sea with that which benefits people and what Allah has sent down from the heavens of rain, giving life thereby to the earth, after its lifelessness and dispersing there in every kind of moving creature, and his directing of the winds and the clouds, control between the heavens and the earth are Signs for people who use reason, when they will use reason they will know that there is someone behind all of this, it is not possible, that it came about by itself. Another proof is fitrah the human instinct, what is the profit rise from fatter and

00:36:37--> 00:37:19

fatter a means to create and also to split to open up? So fitrah is what Allah subhanaw taala has placed in the heart of every person, it's within us. And what is that? That instinct that subconsciousness that there is a God, there is someone who watches out for me, there is someone who provides for me there is someone from whom I came. So this is that fitrah the heat is something natural and instinctive within human beings, right is something natural, and instinctive, it is within the heart of every person.

00:37:20--> 00:38:10

And in total, above 172 we learn about the aleste where Allah subhanaw taala he tells us what in a hurdler bukem in Benny Adam, including him to return home, to whom Allah and forcing him and us to be all become Paulo Bella shahina. And the pulu Yokoyama in Canada, hopefully, the last panel Tara created all of the souls and what did he asked them, that LS to be become? Am I not your Lord? Am I not your robe? And what did they say? What did everyone say you and I included? Bella, so we don't remember this. But it is still within our heart. It's within our subconscious, which is why we see that all the nations of the past, if you study history, you study archaeology, what do we find out

00:38:11--> 00:38:14

that all the nations of the past adopted gods,

00:38:15--> 00:39:01

whether it was that they had monotheistic beliefs, or polytheistic believes but we see that human beings always turn to God, one or more correct belief or false belief, but they turn to words God. So this natural inclination is there within every person. But what happens? What happens shavon Haley leads a person history, there are other influences which shape a person's religion. So for example, in the Hadees, what do we learn that every child is born on the fitrah and then it is the parents that make him do Christian or a fire worshiper. Likewise, another Hadees, which isn't a Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala. He says that I created all my servants as Hanukkah, Hanukkah, meaning,

00:39:02--> 00:39:49

meaning with belief in Allah, only in Allah and the devil's came to them, and lead them astray from their religion. They forbade them things that I have permitted for them, and commanded them to associate others in worship with me, for which I had not sent out any authority. This is why it is said, if a child was left on their own, and there is nothing to influence, nothing to influence, his thinking, and nothing means even then he would be unfaithful. But the fact is that Shabbat is after who, every person, he doesn't spare anyone. He doesn't leave anyone. And we see another proof of that, that within every person is fitrah. Is that calamities, they purify the Fatah so at times of

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

helplessness, what do people do? They seek the one who created that you saved me, you helped me and there are many people even today who will go through this you

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Generally they won't make the law. But when they realize they're in deep trouble and nobody can help them, then what happens? they surrender. What happened to Pharaoh? He refused to believe even though the truth was very terrible when he was about to drown. He said, I believe in Allah. So the calamities that a person goes through, they purify the Fatah incident Eunice is 22 Allah says head in a quantum field phoneky was gonna be him video hempy button. Well, funny Hobi ha getaria nosleep wotja humble mo German Colima can well one new unknown to him. Da will la mostly seen Allahu de la in nj denim in Halle, Luna coonan Amina shocking that until when you are in ships, and they sail

00:40:42--> 00:41:15

with them via good wind, and they rejoice there what happens? There comes a storm wind and the waves come upon them from everywhere. And they assume that they are surrounded, what do they do? They begin to supplicate Allah sincere to him in religion, that if you should save us from this, we will surely be among the thankful. So this is Fedora. And Fedora is a proof of the hate of Ruby. Because at that time a person forgets everyone and everything he does he call upon only Allah.

00:41:16--> 00:41:20

Then another proof of rubia is intellect,

00:41:21--> 00:41:37

intellect, which is that if a person uses their mind, use a simple pure logic, then he will realize that yes, there is a God and there has to be only one God, the most powerful and the most supreme being

00:41:39--> 00:42:21

right, and there is none like him. If a person uses their mind, if they reflect on their body, they reflect on their life, the different events that have shaped them and they reflect on the creation that surrounds them, then they will realize that there is only one Allah in total uncovered is 61 Allah says well into the human hollow personality will offer a Sahara shumsa will come along the colon Allah if you ask them the machine that who created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon they would say Allah because it's only normal that a person would see all of this and say that yes, someone made it right. Because if there is a book if there is a building and if it

00:42:21--> 00:43:08

is said or just came about by itself would you accept it? Never. You like no but but how and why and who? And how come and What's the reason? We're always so curious about these things. So when it comes to the heavens and the earth when it comes to creation around us and of ourselves, then your mind tells you your intellect tells you that there is a lord into little tool i a 3536 Allah says um hola como una de Shay in Mohali, Khun? Or were they created by nothing? Or were they the creators of themselves? Meaning, where did they come from? Where someone made them, there was some starting point. And we know that everything that happens, there was always some cause behind it. So who

00:43:09--> 00:43:16

caused the creation of the human beings such perfect creation of the human beings? Who, unless

00:43:18--> 00:43:24

I'm 100%? It will out Bella Ukrainian or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather they are not certain.

00:43:26--> 00:44:20

So who is it that has created all of this? Allah soprano, the head of Libya, and it is only natural that when a person believes in the head of rubia, that he will also worship that Lord in the Quran, what do we learn? Allah says, Yeah, are you an S or Budo? Robuchon, worship your Lord Allah v. Hello, Coco mala demon kubla Khan, the one who created you, you shouldn't worship Him. Because when you look at the aalameen and when you realize that he is Rabbil aalameen, then what happens unhemmed. Ham does what praising Allah is what an act of worship. So this leads us to the next topic, which is that rubia alone is not enough. Meaning it is not sufficient to just believe that

00:44:20--> 00:44:30

Allah is the Creator, that Allah is the owner, that he is the provider. It is an essential belief, but it is not complete.

00:44:31--> 00:45:00

Because all people have some kind of belief in God. I mean, those who do believe in God, they have some kind of belief in Rob, the people of Jehovah, the machine also they used to believe in Allah as well. However, what is the problem that they do not worship Allah alone, introduce of I 106 we learn? Well, may you may know accelero, whom belaire he Illa Houma shikun, and most of them believe

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

A lot, except while they associate others with him.

00:45:05--> 00:45:53

But the fact is that if he alone is the one who created, if He alone is the one who can give you life and give you that, then what does it mean? That he alone should be worshipped instead of me? No, I 84 to 89 Allah says co liminal or the woman fee her in kuntum Darla moon, say, to Whom belongs the earth and whoever is in it, if you should know say aku Luna Lila, they will say to Allah, all of this belongs to Allah, Allah if Allah tala karoon say then will you not take a lesson? Will you not remember all Malibu similar to slavery? What should our lien ask them? That who is the Lord of the heavens which are seven mean the seven skies and the Lord of the great throne? So your Gunilla they

00:45:53--> 00:46:31

will say, Allah meaning it belongs only to Allah. Allah falletta de Pon said and do not fear Colombia de mallacoota cliche in what Who are you? What are you? What are they in control? Darla moon? Who is it that has the ownership of everything he gives protection and protection cannot be given against him? If you should know they will say Allah? He is the one call for analysis. Hello, seven. How are you deluded? How are you bewitched? Meaning when you realize that Allah alone is a creator, the owner, the manager, the Disposer of all affairs, then what does it mean? You should also worship Him alone.

00:46:32--> 00:47:19

Instead of Judas is 31 Allah says full male Zuko, kamina sama, he will out ammonium liko summer will absorb one minute little higher mineral may it while you may eat them in a high while may you there bill for sale Quran Allah, Allah Allah Tata Poon, say, who provides for you from the heavens and the earth? Or who controls hearing and sight controls your hearing and sight? They can get weaker, you can get stronger, but by whose will and decision of us? And who brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living? And who arranges every matter? They will say Allah, so say, then will you not fear him? When you believe that he alone does all this, then will you not fear

00:47:19--> 00:47:33

him? Then why do you not worship Him alone? So what do we understand from this, that belief into hate? rubia leads to believe in the hate Lulu here. And a small sliver,

00:47:34--> 00:48:23

it leads to it necessitates it requires from a person, that if you believe in Allah as creator, then you should also worship Him alone. And when you believe in Allah as creator, then it means that you must also believe in his names and attributes. Why is it that people find it? Those who don't believe in God? Why do they find it difficult to believe in God? Because when they study the creation, when they study everything around them, they realize how great it is, how complicated it is, and what do they feel that it cannot be? The product of just one being? This is what they say. But why do they say that? Because they don't recognize that being? If they recognized a law, if they

00:48:23--> 00:49:07

knew his names and attributes, then they would easily accept that yes, Allah is the rub. Yes, there is a creator there is a God. So the hydrophobia it leads a person to to hate Hulu here and the hate asthma or suffer and inshallah, In our next lesson, this is what we are going to study about the hate Hulu here To conclude, believing in Allah. It is something that has become a strange thing these days. But it is the greatest deed a man from the tribe of hazzan came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam while he was with some of his companions, and he asked, Are you the person who claims that he is the Messenger of Allah? He replied, Yes, the man said, or messenger of Allah which

00:49:07--> 00:49:33

deed is the most beloved to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, believe in Allah. The best deed is which one, believe in Allah. He said, I said, O Messenger of Allah, which deed is the most hateful to Allah, He replied, associating partners with Allah. So belief in Allah, the best deed, the best blessing to panicle Lomo behenic Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta esta Finca wanted to be like a Santa Monica to live for cattle.