Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L258E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The interviewer and the segment discuss the confusion surrounding the Prophet's statement about having a child, but the interviewer disagrees. The interviewer also discusses the worship of the royal family and the role of the family in worship. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and clarity in relationships, as well as the need for forgiveness and clarity in relationships. They also mention a local salon in Michigan and the importance of avoiding frustration and ignore people.
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Pull in Canada Rahmani Wallah don't say if the Most Merciful had a son for an hour RBD then I would be the first of his worshippers.

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The main issue that the Michigan had against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was a what?

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What was the main issue? What was the main problem? What was it that he didn't like about what he was saying, though hate, right? So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he's being told over here, say to the people that in Cana live, Armani wanted, if the Most Merciful, had a child, if meaning, hypothetically speaking, if there was, then what would happen for a one owner obedience, then I would be the first of those who worship worship who worship that child. So what does it mean that there is no child that Allah has, Allah does not have a child because if he had a child and I will be the first of those who worship because along with command that we worship that child, however,

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there is no such thing. Allah does not have a child. We don't insult the Zoomer if for that no arada Allahu Allah then dust off me my Luca Masha, super Hannah who, who Allahu wa Hidaka how that if Allah had intended to take a son, he could have chosen from what he creates whatever he will,

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if Allah wanted a son, he would have taken one, and he would have told the people about it. However, he does not have a son, he does not have a child. And he hasn't informed people about that either. Exalted is He He is Allah, the One the prevailing

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culture in Canada, many well done for an RVT

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this has been understood in another way as well, that call in candidate manual and if according to your zarm, according to your claim, according to your belief, the Most Merciful has a child, if according to you, the Most Merciful has a child, then for an hour on RVD, then I am the first of those who worship worship who Allah alone to contradict your statement, to oppose your stance to oppose your position. You understand that if according to you, your lies, you say that the Most Merciful as a child and I am the first of those who worship Allah alone. Why? To show to you that Allah does not have a child

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so called in Canada Romani, well I don't for an overload RBD

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silver Hanna glorified, Exalted is who I'll be semi wet, you will have the Lord of the heavens and the earth of Villa I'll share my iPhone, the Lord of the Throne, above what they described, exalted above is He, He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, He is a Lord of the Throne, and he is exalted above whatever they ascribed to him, meaning whatever lies they attribute to him, he is above them further home, so leave them the prophets are allowed to leave these people. What does it mean by this leave them? Don't warn them? Is this what it means? Then what does he mean by further home? Leave them

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Don't argue with them, don't bother with them, remind them tell them however, further leave them yehudah let them play yo do from the ruthless ha well, but hope and how is to enter into water literally. And from this it is when a person is completely absorbed in something is engrossed in something.

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So you Hold on, let them indulge, indulge in what in their in their faults are well audible and they play further home your hobo while our boo leave them to converse leave them to indulge in their faults, and leave them to amuse themselves had EULA Cova home until they meet their day, which they led you are doing that which they have been promised. And which day is this the day of punishment.

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So we see over here that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is being comforted, that they'll have meaning Be patient, be tolerant. Don't argue with them. There's no point in doing that. Be patient be tolerant in the face of their false speech in the face of their disputes, arguments their ill behavior and leave them to their condition. Until when until they will meet their day which they have been promised in through their hedges IE their home yet guru where tomato where you'll hear him will Emmylou facile fire alone. Let them eat and enjoy themselves and be diverted by false hope for they're going to know

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who led and it is he who first summer he in the sky Illa horned God meaning Allah alone is the Illa were up in the skies were Phil early Isla Han and also on the earth He is 11 meaning the only God will who will Hakeem will leave and he is the wise, the knowing. What does it mean by this, that He is God in the sky and also God in the earth? What does it mean by that? That he alone deserves worship? He alone deserves worship, whether the creation the worshipers are in the sky or they're in the earth.

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So those up in the skies meaning the angels who are there to worship, Allah subhanaw taala those on the earth, people who are there to worship Allah subhanaw taala

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it's not that up in the sky. There's some other God who rules there No. Well who are ready for summer Isla who will fill early either who will who will Hakeem or leave and he is the wise and the knowing.

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Whatever Okay, and blessed is he under the law whom will customer what he will have? To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth? blasted is he magnificient is he to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth on avena, Houma and whatever that is between them too. So first of all, he is the one who deserves worship up in the skies and also in the earth.

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Secondly, he is not just a law, but he's also who the Malik. So he is the ILA and he is also Rob. Whatever can lead de la homolka sumati. What are the Roma Bina Houma? We're in the hood in masa and with him is the knowledge of the hour meaning he alone has knowledge of the hour. What he told Jeroen and to Him you will be returned

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in these two is is mentioned a loss of Panthers to heat the heater What will you hear rubia as well as a smart will suffer. How?

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Ulu here because he's the Illa up in the skies and also in the earth and what does it mean that he has the heat or UI and no one shares in Oulu here with him? He is the only God up in the skies and also in the earth.

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And what about the hydrophobia? Where's that mentioned?

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lava mucosa sumati will be wama Bina Houma And what about his asthma?

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We're in the who reason was that with him is a knowledge of the hour he alone has that knowledge. He alone has acknowledged no one shares in that knowledge with him.

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In total, and am I 59 we learn we're in the home of fatty her Lavie layer aloha Illa, who and with him are the keys of the unseen none knows them except Him and after is also knowledge of

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the hour What does it mean by that knowledge of the hour as to when it will be?

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What am licola Dena de una indonessia ferrata and those they invoke besides Him do not possess power of intercession, those who are other than Him, what does it mean by that? A Latina de una Min dooney.

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Those who are worshipped besides Him, those who are called upon besides Allah. So all those beings, all those beings who are worshipped besides Allah, Liam liko, they do not have the power, they do not have the authority of what a chef or author of the intercession What does it mean by that? They have no power of intercession,

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meaning no one can just come up and start interceding.

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The power of intercession who does it belong to? Allah subhanaw taala alone, because he decides he allows someone to intercede and he allows someone to be interceded for.

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So those who are worshipped besides a lot of those whom they call upon besides Allah, do they have any power to do shafa? No, they don't. They don't have any power over a chef or Illa except meaning that such will be allowed to do Shiva, who man shahida will happy will homie Allah moon, those who bear witness to the truth, who testify to the truth. And they also know do things are mentioned over here? they testify to the truth and they also know they also have knowledge.

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If you think about it, idols are worshipped besides Allah, what are they? What are they, inanimate beings? Do they have knowledge? They don't have knowledge.

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Then people who are worshipped besides Allah, righteous people even do they have knowledge, absolute knowledge,

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They don't know.

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So over here two things are mentioned man shahida will help they will homie Allah What does it mean by man shader will help shahida will help is understood as one who testifies to the truth. Which truth is this, the truth of the heat?

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Meaning he himself was a more head. He himself worshipped Allah alone.

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Like for example, the messengers of Allah who did they worship Allah alone. sermon shahida will help testify to the truth, only such will be allowed to intercede.

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Secondly, ad hoc is also understood as Prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam men shahida will have testified to this truth testify to this reality.

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So a person who denies though he opposes the hedonist actions contradicts the hidden his actions in his belief, will he be allowed to intercede? Will he know he will not be given that permission? Simon shahida will help

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and also will homea on the moon and they know they know what they know what as to what they are testifying for, or who they are interceding for that those who they're interceding for, do they even deserve that shuffle or not.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam will not intercede for someone who's sinful, well homie, Allah moon and they also know who deserves a shofar. They also know their actions the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I do not want anyone of you to come to me on the Day of Resurrection, carrying over his neck, a sheep that will be bleeding. Such a person will say oh Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, please intercede for me. And I will say to him, I can't help you. I can't help you. For I conveyed a last message to you. Similarly, I do not want anyone of you to come to me carrying over his neck a camel that will be granting such a person will say oh Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, please intercede for me.

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And I will say to him, I can't help you. For I conveyed a last message to you this is mentioning so

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if you notice in this Hardee's, it hasn't mentioned that a mistake will come. Someone who used to pray to those who are in the graves, he will come know what's mentioned over here, someone who had committed theft, someone who had cheated, he will come and he will say please intercede for me but the prophets of Allah said I will not do it. He will not do it. Someone shahida when Hulk testifies to the truth to the reality and even when he is doing shefa he is doing it according to the truth not that he is doing shuffle for someone who doesn't deserve it. Because remember, there are two conditions for shuffle right? That first of all, the mature should be worthy of shuffle. And the

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shaffir the most fair, he is also given permission by Allah, these two things are necessary.

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So over here, loss of penalty says What are you only kalinina? The ruler Indonesia indonessia 11 shahida will help the wahoo Meola, moon and they also know

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what are inside Ulta home? And if you were to ask them mancala home, who created them? If you were to ask them what she can, who created them, them as in themselves who created them? They are co lunala surely they will definitely say Allah is the one who created us. So Allah says for a name for code, then how are they deluded? How are they turned away?

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In the previous I again to heat is being mentioned right? And over here again to heat is being emphasized. That if you say that allies, your Creator, then how can you say that others deserve worship? or How can you say that others have authority others have power? A law known as that? And you testify to that by saying that allies, your Creator for unnamed folk and then how are they diluted? How are they turned away?

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He and his saying who's saying the same of the messenger? Well over here is off.

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It gives meaning of end. And secondly, what is also understood as well of course, that by his saying, by who's saying by the saying of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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what saying what statement that era be? Oh my lord, in her hula ecoman laomi? No, indeed, these people they do not believe which people which people, those who are being mentioned in these, if so, by his statement by his saying that, indeed these people do not believe what's the job of person. It's not mentioned over here, but it's implied that Allah will definitely respond to him. Allah will definitely help him. Allah will definitely make him victorious. In the house, Allah is common law you may know this segment is in a way, the complaint of the messenger to his Lord against him.

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against his people,

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just as we have learned in sort of a con i a 30, as well, that will call of a Sunni Arab be in the huddle, huddle, Khurana Matura that the messenger has said, Oh my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Koran as a thing that is abandoned, meaning they have abandoned this Quran. They don't give importance to this Quran. So he was complaining to Allah over here also the statement to be in a coma You know, this is also a complaint. So what is he advised to do? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he is advised by Allah FASFA on whom, so turn aside from them. First and home. Welcome Salah ncps for Sofia, Allah moon, and they're going to know,

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first for handloom phosphide. sod House have

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we learned earlier if I don't believe we're on como dechra SFX Han and I gave you several meanings of the word soft, what does it mean?

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bomb and also side of the neck, because of which this word is used for soft? What does it mean? To turn away and also to forgive?

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To turn away and also to forgive? So over here false for her and home? What does it mean? That leave them, disregard them, leave them disregard them, or ignore their ridicule, Passover, their ridicule and opposition, just ignore them first for Han home. And this also may be understood as just forgive them pardon them phosphor handle.

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Because when the other is wronging you when the other is harming you, and you are not in the position to take revenge from them, then what's the best thing to do?

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Just forgive them. Because when you forgive them, you'll just ignore what they're doing, then it brings you peace, isn't it.

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And if you don't ignore what they're doing, if you don't get over it, then it's going to build up so much anger and frustration inside of you that you're going to end up harming yourself.

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So in a situation where you are not able to take revenge, then what's the best solution? What's the best solution? Just ignore. Just get over it. Don't think about it fast over what the people say, ignore what they're doing fast for her and home. So forgive them, ignore them, leave them, disregard them disregard their ignorance.

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And also in a situation where the other person doesn't get it. He doesn't understand. Can you make him understand? You cannot what's the best solution then just ignore what they're doing.

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Like for example, a child, a child is behaving foolishly. You tell him once he doesn't listen, you tell him again. He doesn't listen, you yell He doesn't listen. Then what's the option? What's the solution? You start pulling your hair? Is that the solution? No who's gonna get harmed, you will be harmed. So what's the solution that just ignore?

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So these people, they don't understand. They don't get it. And in their ignorance in their arrogance, what are they doing? are causing the messenger so fast for Han who just disregard them were called salah and say Salah, Why say Salaam

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What does it mean by this local salon?

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Well at the heart of Omaha, Luna, Palouse Atlanta to end the argument to end the argument right? In this video we learned about an example of how the Michigan of Makkah argued with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that how when the eye of the Quran was recited, they took the word out of context, right and the generalized it and they started making fun of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So in a situation like this, what are you supposed to do? Just ignore what the other person is saying.

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And if you argue more with them, they're going to argue more with you.

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So first forehand home local salon was at the heart of a Mujahid una Carlo Salama, and the salon was also Salama Mutharika, that when the other is arguing with you Don't argue to say salon and go away local salon.

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Because in Mecca, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was facing a lot of opposition and part of that opposition was geniale argumentation from the people that they would find faults in the ayatollah and they would criticize them and they would use them to refute the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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So welcome Salah, I'm just gonna ignore them for so far the moon, then soon they will know what will they know the consequences of their misdeeds the consequences of their opposition. Shortly they will know. And also for Sophia, the moon has been understood as soon their eyes will open up to the truth. Soon they will come to know the truth. Right now. They don't know right now they don't understand in their ignorance. They're behaving like this. Very soon, they will come to know about

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what the truth is, and it happened, that so many people who oppose the Prophet service and have argued with him eventually what happened, what happened eventually they became Muslim, they accepted Islam.

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So if the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not forgive them, and he began praying for other evidence them, then what would happen, they wouldn't get that opportunity. So in the face of opposition in the face of difficulty, that they are a must be patient. And part of that patience is fast for Han home, local salon, and keep telling yourself first selfie on the moon. Soon they will come to them

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in through 285, also, we learn first for his self help, Jimmy so forgive them with gracious forgiveness, gracious forgiveness beautifully, because when you forgive them in a beautiful manner, they will be affected by that. And you will be at peace because of it.

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Listen to the recitation.

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Boo Boo, Boo.

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Whoa, whoa hacky mulani.

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show you how to

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Ba, ba

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So this was

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by dormant? And what was the theme of the soul?

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The reality of the adornment of this life of madonia of Zoho.

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And in this solar, what have we learned? That Allah subhanaw taala mentions that this dunya is very, very insignificant before, to the point that he would give so much of it to the kuffaar for those who disbelief how much that their houses would be of gold and silver.

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But still, no matter how much they have, ultimately, what is it dunya metallic Hayato dunya which will eventually come to an end.

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And in contrast, what is mentioned the adornment of the hereafter the adornment of Jenna that the people of Ghana will also have dishes and goblets of gold. The disbelievers of this dunya Allah says he could give them houses stairways of gold and silver. But this what is of dunya is temporary and what is agenda that is eternal. And then we see that the pride and arrogance of the people of Makkah is also mentioned that when they said How come this Quran has not been sent down on a person of the two cities meaning a great personality from those two cities and what it for their own c'est la Sally will come is that does the milk of missile does not belong to me. And basically he was showing

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off his wealth, his adornment and the same problem the machine of MacArthur's Africa, I'm very proud of their wealth. But what do we learn what is the real adornment even of this dunya

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even this Quran, we're in the hula de colloca when economica that is real adornment because no matter how much dunya person collects, eventually what happens comes to an end.

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But the key is the shut off that a person gains through this current through event. Is it just for this dunya? No. It continues in the affair.

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And we see the example of resellers that I was also mentioned. And what is the result is that I'm symbolized simplicity doesn't mean simplicity, worship, obedience servitude to Allah subhanaw taala. And so basically we see that in the sort of the main messages, that a person should not focus on the adornment of this life, because the adornment of this life is temporary.

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That should not become his focus, because once that becomes his focus, and a person will become blind to the nature of Allah woman Yahshua and Victor Rahman, Nakayama, who chiffon and that is the reason why a person turns away from the Quran is his journey towards adonia.

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So, the lesson in the solar the main lesson is that a person was not focused on the benefits of this higher dunya rather, his focus should be off the earth.

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And if you'd like to say before we continue,

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slowly, why do we prefer like, for example, some people back to school, and even some people go back to their work and everything sometime we think that the more of dunya we have, the more happier we will be.

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Linear means education or money, family house, the more I will get, the more happy we will be. And then that's how we turn away from Quran probably correct, man. And then the moment you turn away from decree, get involved in the dunya, then who's closer to you a shared plan. And this is something that we have to be clear about that getting more of this dunya it's not what we're going to bring you happiness, but imagine in connection with Allah subhanaw taala and are thinking about other things about the eyes of Moshe less lamb how he went to Pharaoh. And Frauen was saying to him that am I better or this one who cannot even express themselves? You see, I was thinking one thing

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Muslim did not defend himself. What do you mean I cannot talk clearly. He focused on that. I was thinking that if the walk of Allah is not about me, it's not about you. The work of Allah is about Allah subhanaw taala unlike the one who we have to teach people about, and that should be the focus usually when we go somewhere people market us because you're wearing a copy when something have been you begin to argue with them. What do you mean, I look like a ninja. What do you mean I look like this. But the forecast should be about the work of online that's how we'll be able to keep forgiving people.

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That's how you can forgive us for an Uncle Sam and you see this word soft, sophistical malema, that you don't even make the other person feel guilty about the wrong thing.

00:27:42 --> 00:27:45

So just ignore as if they never said anything.

00:27:46 --> 00:28:02

The kind of things that fit on set to musasa if he began defending himself, you think you'd ever get out of there? No. So this is why the Prophet sallallahu was also advised us for Han Homer called Salah because remember that the other people who are they been in Hong Kong

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are argumentative people. They just needed an excuse a reason to argue so don't get tangled up over there.

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People listen to the recitation

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Walk in

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subhanak Allahumma vmdk net shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta nesto fuuka wanted to relay Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Az-Zukhruf 57-89 Tafsir 81-89

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