Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 047F Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 103

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of strong connections with the Quran and people is emphasized, along with the need for personal growth and acceptance of oneself. The "beak on his" signifies satisfaction and failure, and "beak on his" means people are becoming accepted. Representatives of Islam's positive impact on relationships, health, and life are also discussed, along with the importance of love and adoption of rules and values.
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And for that, what is essential that a person holds on to something that will constantly remind him that a person stays among those people who will constantly remind him because what happens?

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We get very motivated to do something good to be submissive to Allah. But then after some time that high Eman that we have begins to drop, right, it begins to weaken. So then what happens? You need another boost, isn't it? So you need to be refreshed, you need to be motivated again. And what is the best motivator that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us it is the Quran. Because people they come and go, if we rely on people, some righteous people, some good people, is that sufficient? No, because people will come into your lives and soon they will move on. Correct? Or you will have to move away. Isn't that so? Likewise, we see that if a person relies on let's say, an organization, a

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particular task a work then again, things don't remain the same, always they change. So what is essential then, that a person has Quran in his life, that a person has a strong connection with the Quran? Because the Quran will constantly remind him constantly motivate him to be submissive to Allah. This is why Allah says, Why does the moon be heaven in Lehi, Jimmy, all of you hold on to the Hubble of Allah, how together what is the Hubble of Allah? What is the rope that Allah has given? It refers to the Quran, Javid Allah and whom he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said rejoice for verily this Quran, one part of it is in the hands of Allah, and the other part is in

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your hands. It is your connection with your Lord. It is your connection with Allah subhanaw taala. One part of this rope, one end is with Allah, and the other end is with you. Therefore hold on to it for you will never be destroyed, nor will you ever go astray after it. Meaning as long as you hold on to the Quran, you will be saved, you will be protected. Only then can you die as a muslim. So while it does seem to be heavily Lehi hold on to the rope of Allah, but how Jamia and all together connectedly meaning not just one person from the family, but the entire family. Not just one person, but everyone. Everyone should have a connection with the Quran, not just the mother, but also the

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daughter, not just the parents, but also the children. Right, not just the women but also the men. But what do we think? Yeah, my mom reads the Quran are parents think, yeah, my daughter goes to a class. But is that enough? It's not enough people think their children go to Islamic school. So that's sufficient. No. Every single one of us has to have a connection with the Quran, Allah says Jamia and all of you together, hold on to this book, while at the for the coup and do not differ, do not be divided. Do not be divided amongst yourselves meaning be united states together. Does this mean that everyone has to think in the same way?

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Yeah, no, because we see that for example, in the fifth that we learn, we see so many differences of opinion. Recently you learned about fic off the huddle. And this was emphasized so much that there are differences of opinion that exist, correct. So isn't that contradicting the Command of Allah, Allah for Rocco? No. The for loop, remember, is when hearts are divided, when hearts are divided, when people do not tolerate the differences, when they develop bias against each other. And this leads to disunity, it leads to hatred, it leads to dislike it leads to enmity, it leads to ill feelings. You can agree to disagree and still respect other people. Can you not? Yes, you can. But

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if just because someone does something differently, you start to dislike them, then will you be able to live with any person? No, not at all. If you look at it, a simple thing such as eating, people eat differently. People drink differently. People prepare food differently, people live differently. And just because someone's taste is different. Someone's likes or dislikes are different. We begin to dislike that person. We develop a bias against them, then how can we survive in this world we cannot. So likewise, when it comes to Dean Walter for record, do not be divided amongst yourselves

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We see that the Companions, the Sahaba, even they have differences of opinion. Such as once the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he told a group of companions to meet him somewhere before a sub salah. All right, and those companions, they were all going, but what happened at the time of Russel Salah came in, and they felt that by the time they would get there, their Salah would be delayed. So some of them said, no, what he meant was trying to get there before us, but we are not able to, we should not miss our prayers. So some of them, they prayed, and others said that no, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us to pray there. So we're not going to pray, even if our Salah is getting delayed. So

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there was a difference, but it doesn't know you are committing go for a no you get away from us. And you go your way we go our way. Was there division amongst them? No, some prayed, and some did not. When they got to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the matter was presented to them. He just smiled. He just smiled, because both of them were in a way, right? It was just a different interpretation based on their understanding. So this is the reason why we see that even when it comes to fic. Scholars have a lot of knowledge, but still what happens, their opinions may differ. Why? Because of their difference in thinking because of their background, because of their knowledge.

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So Allah subhanaw taala told us one after another, just because you may have a different opinion doesn't mean that you become divided, that you start cutting each other off, you start opposing one another. Your aim, your goal is not the pleasure of Allah, rather it becomes defeating other people

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and picking out their mistakes. So Allah says when at the fog Roku, do not differ amongst yourselves do not be divided. What guru instead, you should remember the blessing of Allah upon you what guru near met Allah here and they can remember the blessing of Allah upon you, which blessing all of the blessings. And why should a person remember a blessing? Why? Because it makes him grateful for the blessing. Once you forget a blessing, can you thank Allah for it? No. But when you remember a blessing, then you are grateful to Allah for it. Likewise, when you remember a blessing, meaning you talk about it in front of others with others, then what happens? You appreciate the blessing even

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more, and you make other people appreciate it as well. Correct. So this is why keep remembering the blessing of Allah. Don't stop mentioning it. Don't stop feeling it. Keep talking about it. Keep reminding yourself of the blessing of Allah. Now Allah subhanaw taala has given us many blessings. And we should remember all of them, we should be grateful for all of them. That which in particular, should we remember? The blessing of unity? The blessing of if quantum are there and when all of you when you used to be enemies for a laugh, obey Nakuru become and then he put love in your hearts. He joined your hearts. He united your hearts. He brought your hearts together. You weren't disunited,

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but Allah brought you together. Primarily this is referring to the Arabs, how they were so disunited before Islam came. This is why when a person studies, the history of Arabia, you feel that the best thing that ever happened to the Arabs was Islam, the best thing that ever happened to them, because that is what changed them.

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You know, the Arabs were such that their nation bordered with the Persian Empire as well as the Roman Empire. The Romans never bothered to fight with Arabs or compete with them or anything. Neither did the Persians. They didn't care about the Arabs. Why? Because they neither had land as in good, productive land, fertile land. No, it was all desert, nor did they have anything for which they would have to fight them for they had nothing was just a desert. And besides, the Arabs were so caught up in their own tribal warfare, that they couldn't even think about expanding or looking at other things.

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All right, because the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, they had something to * from one another. But the Arabs, nobody cared about them. Nobody did. But when Islam came to them what happened? The Arabs became united. The people who would kill each other fight against each other. They just had to see one another and their swords would come out, their arrows would come out.

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They needed the slightest excuse for war. A small reason to wage war against another. You know, something as small as your camel came in front of my camel, or you do

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drank from the waterhole before us. Or you looked at us in this way or you said this kind of poetry against something small, would cause so much bloodshed. So this was a terrible situation that they were in. But what happened when Islam came, they forgot about their enmity and and love her vena colluvial Allah put love in their hearts. We see that in Medina the unsalted if you look at them, the o's and the husband's the two tribes constantly battling with one another in Makkah, same story. All over Arabia, same story. But when Islam came, all of the people came together, all of the people came together and when they came together, then what happened? Then the Romans wanted to attack them

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and then one thing after the other happened, so for Allah vainikolo become Allah United your hearts. This is the reason why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reminded the unsought at the time of the Battle of her name, when the spoils were distributed amongst the people. And hardly anything was given to the unsought a lot of spoils of war were brought in and a lot of people had embraced Islam at that point. So the Prophet saw a lot of them divided the war booty amongst the new converts and he gave them so much that the unsalted they felt a little deprived because they weren't given any share of the war booty. So the prophets Allah doesn't reminded them yeah Marshadow on Sol or group of

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unsought alum edgy the Cumberland for her there como la Hui, did I not find you misguided and Allah guided you through me will continue to offer your cleaner for hola como la Hui that you were divided amongst yourselves and Allah would love between you through me, while I Latin for owner como la Hui, and you were poor, and Allah enrich you through me.

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And the prophets on a lot of them told them that won't you be happy that all of these people are going back to their homes with their goats and their camels and their sheep? And you go back home with the prophets of Allah.

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These people return with worldly possessions and you go back to Medina with me, don't you like that? And the Sahaba they were in tears they wept, because definitely having the Prophet salallahu Salam was far better than any possession of this world.

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So we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also reminded them that you were disunited. Allah joined you through meaning for another Boehner Lubicon. Allah united all of you, for us vitamin binaire Mati who Anna and as a result of the blessing of Allah, you became brothers, such a strong bond of friendship and love between you that surpasses any other bond that people may have. We see that people love those who are related to them.

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People have a special kind of love for who blood relatives, for whom they will sacrifice for whom they will spend money for whom they will do many things, but the kind of love and brotherhood that existed between the Companions,

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unmatched in history unmatched for us back then veneer, Matea Juana, you became brothers, to the point that you were willing to give up anything for the sake of Allah for the sake of the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala for example, one story we learn about will serve Avon mermaid Lila, who are and who you know about the story? Yeah, that how, when he became a Muslim in Makkah, he migrated to Medina, in the Battle of butter. One of the Muslims had caught someone from the mystic army and had brought him in as a prisoner. So basically, he was dying to prisoner and was upset to the Muslim men, that this person die him like really strongly and make sure that the ransom that you demand is

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a lot because his mother is rich.

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His mother is rich and to free her son, she will give anything.

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And that Mushnik man, he said, was how am I not your brother?

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It was his own brother.

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But most upset, die him more fiercely and demand war. Branson

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was what the governor said to him. Silent, quiet. Don't even call me your brother. I'm not your brother. Don't say that to me. The man who is telling you this Muslim, he is my brother. For us. Batum binaire Mata he who Anna this was the kind of love that they developed. And we see that even over worldly matters. If a friend of yours has helped you in a difficult situation, you love that friend more than you love your own brother. Isn't that so? You love that friend, that co worker or whoever more than you love your own sister.

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We see that sometimes young people love other individuals more than they love their own parents. Why? Because they feel that they have more understanding. Right? That they're on the same page, but their own relatives. They're like in a different world.

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For us, Baton manera mutthi Juana, you have become brothers so close with each other as a result of the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala on you were called to whom? Allah Shiva who 14 Min. And now you were at the edge of a bit of fire, meaning you were at the mouth of a ditch that was filled with fire. What is that referring to hellfire, that you are at its mouth. You only needed a slight nudge. And that said you would fall into the fire forever. Meaning you were only as far away from hellfire as death meaning you only have to die to get to hellfire you were so close to destruction. But what happened for uncover caminha, but Allah rescued you from it? If you look at it in this ayah Allah

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subhanaw taala mentions do things the collective state of the Arabs, as well as the religious state before Islam. If you look at their collective state, what was their state? They were disunited tribal warfare. And when it comes to religious state, what was that they were misguided. They were disunited. They were misguided. This was their state. They were suffering at every level. They were suffering in their dunya. They were suffering with regards to their era. And Allah subhanaw Daro when he blessed them with the deen. He saved their dunya and akhira. When Dean came into their lives, then what happened? There Dunia improved, and their accuracy improved as well. And we see

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this, that people are suffering in many different ways. You know, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, people suffer in various ways. But what is it that really improves their condition? Many times, it's faith. It's belief, it's a man. That is what gives them peace at heart. That is what brings them happiness and contentment. And as a result, they begin to flourish in their dunya as well as your deen. I've seen with many young people, many young people who, before studying the Quran or before becoming more serious about their Deen, you know, they're not studying properly in school, they have a terrible relationship with their parents, they don't know what's happening in

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their lives and wants to start praying properly. And once they start reading the Quran properly, then all of a sudden, they're doing so good at school and in their Deen. Also, they're excelling. There's one person I know of first time I saw that individual, young teenager, you know, baggy clothes, entering back to his mom, ignoring his mom walking like a thug. You know, like, difficult how kids are. And the same person. Once he became serious about his Deen, he's going to the masjid five times a day, he has a beard, he has his pants folded up, regardless of whether he's at the mall or at a very big restaurant, or what this guy is, you know, very fashionable. So anyway, he

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completely transformed.

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And now he's pursuing his PhD.

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And you could never imagine that a person walking like a gangster would be doing, you know, his PhD. So we see that when a person is guided by Allah subhanaw taala. When he dad comes in, then a person improves at every level, at every level, you know, in terms of good relations with family in terms of doing good at work, doing good at school, doing good at every level. So this is the blessing of the dean. What do people think that if we become serious about our deen, we're going to suffer in our dunya? Isn't that so? That if I put this hijab on if I start praying or what then how will I have time to study? Or how will I get this job? How will this happen? How will that happen? People

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are afraid. But it's the exact opposite. The exact opposite? Because ultimately who is our Razak? Who is our provider? Allah subhanaw taala. Right? So when you please him, you think he's not going to provide you in a better way? Of course he will. So for us battle winner Mati Juana we're quantum Allah Shiva Hofer demeanor now for uncover caminho

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Allah rescued you from it, because Alika you begging Allah hula come at La La contacter. Dune, Allah clarifies this is to you so that you are rightly guided that the dune you accept guidance. Now we see that essentially the message in this idea is that in order to remain firm on our deen on Islam, then we must collectively hold on to the Quran and Sunnah. Because this is what will unite us. This is what will keep us together.

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Once we leave the Quran and Sunnah then what will happen we will differ. We will cut each other off we will begin to oppose one another we will entertain ill feelings again.

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and each other.

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And Allah subhanaw taala tells us to remember the blessing of Islam, to appreciate the blessing of Islam. And in order to appreciate it in order to truly be grateful for it, think about how you were before this blessing. Compare your present to your best, how were you? And many people, they cry about their best, they have so many regrets about their past that I wish I had learned sooner. I wish I had learned earlier that the benefit the piece that I'm enjoying now I could have experienced it earlier. So many people they wish that they knew before. So think about how satisfied you are now. Compare that with how empty how hurt how sorrowful you were before, and this will make you

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truly be grateful for the blessing of Islam.

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Many times it happens that people who accept Islam or people who become serious about their Deen their parents justify that, regardless of everything our child's behavior has improved with us.

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It has improved with us in relationships they improve between spouses between parents and children. But that's when we truly implement the deen as well. Because with some people, the exact opposite happens. The more religious they become, the worse they become in their manners in the relationship, right? Sometimes it does happen that people are not accepting of the way you are like it happened with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was still the best man with the best of luck. But still, people disliked him still there was strife. Why? Because others were not accepting. But still, could they point the finger at him? Could they really point out a fault in him they couldn't.

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So the blessing of Islam is the best blessing that a person can have. It makes him better at every level. This is why I value this blessing that Allah has given you value the blessing of Quran that Allah has given you.

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You don't really know or who he said that we got honor through the Quran through our deen and if we try to seek honor through something else, then we will be humiliated. So once Allah has improved our condition improved our state through the Quran, then can we leave the Quran? No, we cannot. We can never leave it. But unfortunately, this is what happens with many people that they benefit from the Quran, but then they move away from the Quran.

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Many times it happens that a person will get married to someone why because they religiosity or the fact that they know the meaning of the Quran. But then that same person doesn't have a strong connection with the Quran anymore. And then they wonder, why am I having such problems with my spouse? Because the thing that united you that brought you together you have left that

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the blessing which Allah gave you, you are have been ungrateful for that.

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So the best blessing that Allah bestows upon our people is the blessing of Quran the blessing of love the blessing of unity.

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So in this ayah, there are many, many lessons that we learned of them is the obligation of being united, the obligation of being united. And this means that yes, you may have a different opinion, you may have a different understanding, you may think differently, but still have tolerance. Still be accepting. don't dislike someone just because they are from a different Institute, for example, right? Because this is what happens is oh, you go to another, or you go to a mother, or you go to this institute, I don't like well, you know, those people, they go to the center, those people she goes to that center. So what, it's the same mission, the same goal, to educate ourselves to become

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better people. So never, ever forget the school. Again, you will have differences with them, but doesn't mean that you begin to hate them, you begin to treat them differently, the importance the obligation of being united, then we also learned that HD Maher is smoke, that staying together being united is the means of salvation. This is success, meaning when people are disunited, then they are heading towards destruction and when they are united, then they will be successful.

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So, again, differences will be there, but it doesn't mean that we kind of ourselves we become disunited. The success of a community is determined by how they treat their deviance right meaning how they treat people who are not completely like them. And the success of an individual also depends on this that how he treats people who are different from him or her, whether in color or in race or in language or in background or in knowledge. Right that how much are you accepting of others how

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How much do you tolerate others? This is necessary for success. Then we also learn about the prohibition of the Frederick Philco lube, the prohibition of disunity of hearts, disunity of hearts you can differ but don't develop bias against the other nor discriminate nor entertain any animosity. Then we also learn about the obligation of remembering the blessings of Allah. And remember what I mentioned to you earlier, this is vicar with Colin as well as with Listen, the crew with called and zikr with Listen, we also learned in this ayah that love is what leads to unity for a lover bein Upolu because love leads to unity,

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friendship, appreciation of the goal, it leads to unity, then people are not just co existing, but they really have the same mission. For example, all of us come here.

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And it's good that we're all sitting in the same class, we're all doing the same thing. But if we are not bonded with one another, right, if we don't have friendship with one another, if we don't love each other, then will we truly be united? No. We may be coexisting, right? That we're doing the same thing? Yes. But when can we be united? When can we be passionate about our work when we love each other?

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When we are friends with one another? You know, somebody had mentioned that? What took them to school, college every day was not their classes. It was in friends. It was in friends, meaning they wanted to meet their friends everyday at school. They wanted to talk to them, update them on what happened, what did not happen, where they went, what they ate. Now what they had to study in math class or in science class. No, that's the worst thing about school anyway, what's the best thing about school, your friends?

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So differences in opinion, but no differences in hearts? Right? Meaning no hatred, dislike bias, discrimination, just because you differ from someone and the exact opposite of that is love. And you see when you love someone because of who they are, then can you tolerate the differences? Yes, you can accept them then it's not a problem.

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Many times it happens that the husband takes his tea differently and the wife takes her tea differently. The wife will make the tea for her husband differently and for her differently. Isn't it more convenient to make it the same? Yes, it is. But she will respect the difference. Why? Because he loves him. You know she will take the extra step. Why? Because she loves him. So love lets you tolerate differences.

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So love is something that is essential. This is something that leads to Unity. Recitation

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Why don't we move we have a new journey

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