Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-043A Translation Aal-e-Imran 33-44 Tafsir 33-34

Taimiyyah Zubair
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salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill Karim rubbish roughly Saudi way acidity. Emery wash Lula rock data melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma. The Kirby was sadly Sani was lots of him at akorbi Amin Yoruba aalameen, lesson number 43, sort of earlier Imran versus 33, to 44 translation in Indeed, Allah Allah is fluffer he chose ADAMA, Adam 101 and know what Allah and family Ibrahima of Ibrahim what Allah and family are in Rana of Iran Allah over Allah Allah mean the world's the Ria 10 offspring Barbu her some of them men were from Berlin some wala who and Allah

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semi Arun is ever hearing or Lee Moon ever knowing it when CORLETTE she said imra to wife or Marana of Iran rugby my rob a knee indeed I neither to I have vowed Leca to you, ma what fee is in botany my belly. Moorhead well run as one consecrated for worship for the cobbles so you accept money from me in Naka indeed you enter you truly a Semir are the ever hearing Aleem the ever knowing fella muscle when World Arthur she gave birth to her call it she said Rob be my Rob in the indeed I will bar to her I have given birth to her own sir, as a female. Well Allah Who and Allah Allah Allah who is most knowledgeable Bhima of what woodlot she gave birth to? Well, I said the Kuru and the male is

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not called Onza like the female were in ni and indeed I some may to her. I have named her Maria Maria Maria, we're in ni and indeed I or II do her I seek refuge for her because in you What do reata her and her offspring mean against a shaytaan? The Shaitan of regime the one who is outcast? Fatah Kabbalah Hora booga, so her Rob accepted her bill carboline with an acceptance her son in good What am better her and he caused her to grow up now Beth and her Santa in a truly good upbringing. What care fella and he put her in the care of Zekeriya Zachary Alehissalaam going llama whenever the holler he entered or lay her upon her, Zachary yes Zachary. Allah has Salam al marhaba in the

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sanctuary, where Judah he found her in the house with her that is called provision. Allah He said yeah, Maria Moo Oh Maria. And now we're from Lucky to you Heather is this Barlet she said who were it Minar in D is from Allah He Allah in that indeed Allah Allah yo Zuko he provides man home Yasha Oh, he will be lady without a Serbian accounting, who nearly got there and then Daraa Zakariya Zakariya called upon or a boy who his ROG kala he said, Rob beat my Rob heavily. You bestow upon me Mila dunka from yourself, though the yet an offspring, the Yerba 10 Good, indica, indeed you, Samir, who are ever hearing a dua of the invocation. For now that whole Mala Iike so the angels called out

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to him Well Hua, while he are immune is one who stands you slowly as he performs the salah fee in El Murghab the sanctuary and now that indeed Allah Allah Yuba Shuka he gives you good news via here have ye here Musa dear ca as one who confirms the truth, be kalima tin of a word, men from Allah He Allah was say hidden and a leader will how sought on and one with great self restraint. When a begin and a prophet, men among a solid Hain those who are righteous Allah He said Robbie, my Rob and now How could your corner Lee I have gulaman Assan were called while indeed. Bella honey it has reached me I'll keep through the old age one Marathi and my wife, our kid, one who is no longer able to bear

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children. Okay, one no longer able to bear children. Paula he said Kedah Alec thus Allahu Allah EFR Lu he does Mao what Yeshua oh he wills Allah He said Rob be my Rob adrl

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You make leave for me I attend a sign Allah He said I took a your sign Allah is that not to Kalama you will speak to a NASA the people fell artha for three a Yemen days Illa except Ramza by gesturing with code and you remember Rebecca your Rob cathedra much was a beer and you glorify Bill Arshi in the evening well it cow and the early morning what if and when Carla till Mala Iike the angel said yeah Maria mu o Mariam in indeed Allah is l'affaire key he has chosen you with the hierarchy and he has completely purified you was thorofare Key and he has chosen you are Allah over Nyssa II women Allah Allah mean of the world's yeah ammonium or Maria Okano T you'll be humbly obedient lira BK to

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your Rob was Judy and you prostrate worker eat and you bow down Mara with a rock here in those who bow down that he cut that mean is from Amber news alive of the unseen no he he we reveal it ileka To you warmer and not contact you word la de him with them is when you will owner they cast a Calama home their pens a you home which of them yet follow He will take care of Motoyama Meriam warmer and not Kunta you were la de him with them it when Yocto see moon they dispute with one another all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim in Allah hast luffa Adamawa no han what Allah Ibrahim, what Allah Imran al al Amin. Indeed Allah chose Adam and Nora and the family of Ibrahim and the family of Iran over the worlds. Within these verses, we learned that this is the only time that Ali Imran is mentioned in the Quran in surah Al Imran and this is the earlier Imran the family of Iran that the surah is actually named after. So Allah subhanaw taala says that indeed, Allah chose Adam and nor the family of Ibrahim and the Family of Imran estafa is from the root letters Saud fell well, and estafa means to choose to select to set apart and there's many words in the Arabic language that are used for

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choosing selecting something estafa is to select the best portion of something, the purest and the clearest part or you could say the purest part of something. This is estafa the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in Allah has buffer ki Nana atta Meanwhile, at the Ismar Eid was tougher curation mean Kena annata was tougher mean curation, Vinny Hashem was Staffan de menthe Bani Hashim, this hadith in Sahih Muslim that Verily, Allah chose ki Nana, meaning the tribe of Ki Nana, from the children of Samaria, and then he chose grayish from the Kwinana, meaning from within the Kwinana Allah subhanaw taala chose the Quraysh and then from the Quraysh, Allah subhanaw taala chose the

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bundle Hashem and then from the bundle Hashem, Allah subhanaw taala chose me meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So from this Hadith also, we learned the meaning of estafa that is to choose the to select the best portion of something. Now in Allah Stouffer Adam one or two individuals and two families are mentioned here whom Allah subhanaw taala chose right, Adam and Noah are individuals and Al Ibrahim and Al Imran our families. So Allah chose to individuals and to families. And of course there are many other slaves whom Allah subhanaw taala also chose but here specifically, these are mentioned. Now if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has many slaves,

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all people belong to him, but not all are the same. Some are purer than others. So Allah subhanaw taala selects them over others and Allah subhanaw taala chooses them exclusively for certain purposes. Now, Allah subhanaw taala chose them why for his religion, okay for his Deen, Allah subhanaw taala chose them how by giving them virtues and certain privileges over the creation over the people of their time, and especially Allah subhanaw taala chose them for prophethood. Now, first of all, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he chose Adam, in the last offer Adam, if you think about it, when Allah subhanaw taala created Adam, there were many other creatures that existed at the time

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the angels were there, of course the jinn were also there. And anyone you think about how old the Earth is, and how many creatures have existed on earth, of course, there were many creatures that existed at the time when Adam or the his Sudan was created. But out of all of those creatures, Allah subhanaw taala chose that Adam should be the Khalifa on Earth, different forms of life existed on Earth, and they have been existing on Earth for 1000s and millions of years, perhaps before Adam and Eve sit down. And before the first human being on Earth, we know that the jinn lived, right and the angels also came because we learned that the angels you know, they built the house of worship. So

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Allah subhanaw taala chose Adam to be the Khalifa on earth to live in successive generations and establish a last panel todos la on Earth and Allah subhanaw taala also chose Adam or his Salaam in a special way such that Allah created Adam Rene salaam with his hand and then Allah subhanaw taala. Honored Adam, right by commanding the angels to prostrate to him by making him live in Jannah by giving you

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him knowledge and giving him superiority over the rest of the creation, as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned and so little Israel is 70 that we're football now home, meaning the Children of Adam, are like Athena and medmen Calacatta Felina that we have given them, virtue preference over many other creatures. And when Adam Alayhis Salam made a mistake of eating the fruit of the tree than what happened, he turned back to Allah in repentance and Allah subhanaw taala accepted his repentance. In surah Taha I 122, Allah subhanaw taala says so much tava hoorah boo for Taraborrelli he were heard Allah subhanaw taala accepted his repentance and Allah Subhana Allah guided him. So in Allah has

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luffa Adam, out of all the creatures that existed, Allah subhanaw taala chose Adam to be the Khalifa on Earth to be the one who would inhabit the earth in successive generations and to be the one who would establish God's love on earth. Then Allah subhanaw taala chose no early his Salam, how, by making him the first messenger for among human beings know how they said I was the first of a soul and when no honey Salam was denied by his people, what happened Allah subhanaw taala avenged him, right? So all but those who believed in him were removed from the face of the earth in the flood, and know how to use Sudan became the second Adam basically the second father of humanity, in sort of

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soft fat is 77 Allah subhanaw taala says what you're gonna do reata who whom will Belkin and we made his descendants, those remaining on the earth. So this means that all the people that exist now, their lineage basically goes back to New Harley's salaam it was only his children, his descendants who survived, then Allah subhanaw taala chose Allah Ibrahim and Allah Imran and all of them Allah chose Allah Allah mean over the worlds. Now Allah subhanaw taala chose Adam or a salaam, literally over the Allah mean over the worlds and what it means by Allah Amin over here is the rest of the creation, the angels, the jinn at all other creatures that existed at the time, Allah subhanaw taala

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chose Adam over the rest of them. And Allah subhanaw taala chose no honey Sam over the rest of the people, meaning the people of his time that out of all of them. Allah subhanaw taala chose no Hani salaam to be the first messenger and then Allah subhanaw taala avenged him and made him the second father of humanity. And then Allah subhanaw taala chose Allah Ibrahim. Now remember that Al we have learned this word many times before Al is the accorded the relatives of a person and the word Al also applies to the at bar the followers of a person here it means accorded close relatives. So Allah chose Allah Ibrahim, the family of Abraham, the household of Ibrahim, at the household of

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Ibrahim Ali Sam, of course includes Ibrahim Ali Salam himself first, Allah Subhana Allah chose him by making him a leader for people in Niger iukl In Nursey, Ema and then Allah Subhana Allah also chose his children is married or his serum is Huck and his sunnah to be prophets. And then all the rest of the prophets came from their descendants. So all of the prophets after Ibrahim Ronnie Sinha were from his descendants, including the last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam so Allah chose the family of Ibrahim all over the world if the family of a Brahim is referring to his immediate family, those who were closest to him, then yes, they were chosen over Allah, Allah mean,

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meaning over the people of their time, okay over the people of their time. And if Al Ibrahim includes all of the descendants of Ibrahim alayhi salam, including the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, then this means that literally Allah subhanaw taala chose the family of Ibrahim, the household of Ibrahim over Allah, Al Amin, all of humanity, all of humanity. He many people ask, you know, how come the prophets were only from the Bani Israel or in that area only? What about places like North America or South America or Australia where their prophets sent over there? Well, we do learn that we're in Korea in Illa. Hala V. Hannah did that there is no town except that a warner

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passed in it. Allah subhanaw taala sent his message to people in one way or another. But out of all humanity, Allah subhanaw taala chose the descendants of Ibrahim alayhis salam to have that privilege of prophethood. And so all of the prophets after Ibrahim Ali Salam came from his lineage. This is Allah subhanaw taala special favor on Al Ibrahim

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada chose Allah Imran, the family of the household of Iran over the worlds. Now, who is an Iran? First of all, who exactly is Iran? Historically there are two main neurons that we know of. Okay. One is Imran the father of Musa alayhis salam. Okay. And the second is Imran the father off Meriam Ali Hasina. Okay. And these two are imams are, of course, two different individuals. All right, there are two different individuals between whom were hundreds of years because Musa alayhis salam was born in Egypt. And what happened then the money is slightly were freed from Egypt, they went to Philistine tbaytel muchness. And you know that they didn't just

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enter right away. They spent 40 years in the desert. All right, that's like an entire generation and a half. And then eventually, they entered the land and many prophets came the kingdom was established. Eventually, many years later, the elderly said I was the king so the man or the Sunnah was the king. And then after that the Kingdom split. And then many, many, many years later, Madea on his Sudan was born. Right. So between these two are imams are hundreds of years, if not 1000s. And in the Quran insolate Meriam. Actually, we learned that the Bani Israel no they said to Maria Maria Salam that year, aka Harun or sister of Harun, and based on that, you know, some people even we

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learned that the Christians of neutron they asked one of the companions to ask the prophets of Allah who already ascended that how could she be the sister of Harun when you know there were so many years between them all right, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained that the Bani Israel would name their children after the righteous after the righteous. So she was the daughter of Imran All right, but this is not the same Imran as the father off Musa and Harun okay, that Imran was different and the father of Millennium Imran was named after the first Imran why because the first Ramadan was a righteous man. Okay. And so they called her sister of huddling in order to shame

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her that oh look at your name and by the way, the sister of Musa or de Sena was also Miriam. Okay, so they were shaming her that look you have the name of a righteous woman, your father was also named after such a righteous man and what have you done? So from this hadith we learn that Imran was a righteous man who was named after a righteous man also. Okay, anyway, Imran so Imran here is referring to the father of Imodium, the mother of or ISA or any set up and Allah subhanaw taala chose them over the world's over Allah al Amin. So Allah Allah mean over here means the people of their time. And he a lot of people existed at the time when Madame was born, but Allah subhanaw

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taala chose that it was Iran and his wife who should have Medina as their child, not someone else. And Allah subhanaw taala chose that mme should be the mother off reciting his Salam, not someone else. So Allah subhanaw taala chose them over Allah al Amin, the return bow to him in BB, the Ria 10 Children verbal has some of them member called from others. What does this mean? This means that there were descendants, some of them from others. So the people that are mentioned over here, they were related to one another. And the RIA means children descendants it's from the root letters than raw rock. So this means that they were related. And yes, they were related other release Anna was

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the first human being 10 generations after him was new honey Salaam. And then after new honey, Sam, all people were from his descendants, Ibrahim Rissanen was also from his descendants. And then in Al Ibrahim, all of the prophets that came they were descendants of Ibrahim Ali salah. Right? You have is Marie Lally Sunnah 1000s of years after him from his descendants came Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then on the other hand you have is how carne salaam was Sunni or Kubernetes. Saddam had 12 sons, right? And then those 12 sons were what the Bani Israel eel and then from there generations came, so many prophets including righteous such as Ali Imran. And then in the earlier

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Imran, our millennium and there isa Ali Salam. So all of the individuals that are mentioned over here, the families, the households that are mentioned over here, they were related to one another. And this is truly Allah subhanaw taala

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Got a special favor on them that Allah chose this blessed family? You see, one is that you know an individual, you know Allah subhanaw taala chooses them for his Deen. The person, for example, learns the book of Allah. The religion of Allah, you know is an avid is a good worshipper. But imagine now if this person's family is not on the same track how lonely that person would feel, right? But if Masha Allah, any one person is like this, and the brother is like that, and the sister is like that. And then when you look at the parents, they're also like that. And then when you look at the children, they're also like that, first of all, this is rare that you find an entire family of

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people who are dedicated to Allah subhanaw taala. All right. But if you come across such a family like this, you find out the first child memorize the Quran, the second child memorize the Quran, the third child is memorizing the Quran. The mother is also happy though, the father is also happy law. The grandfather was like that. The uncle is like that. The aunt is like that, honey, this is so admirable, right? This is such a huge favor of Allah, you know how there is ancestral wealth in families, how people will inherit wealth from their grandparents from their parents, and it goes generation to generation generational wealth. And he that is also something that we admire, it's

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like wow, but when you think about Dean or Bada bing dedicated to Allah or zoologia This is real privilege. And this is truly Allah subhanaw taala disfavor on a family if the entire family is devoted to Allah. So the Jiya turn Barbu Hammond barreled, some of them from others, meaning they were descendants, some of them from others. So for example, Elliott and Ron were from Al Ibrahim Al Ibrahim was from New honey salaam, know how the Sunnah was from Adam, Ernie Sudan, the return variable hummingbird and others have said that what this means is that they were derived from each other meaning they were the same. Okay? They were the same. How are they the same in terms of Deen

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in terms of their good qualities in terms of their good luck? So the return Bow to her memberhub wala who Samira and Eileen and Allah is Hearing and knowing Allah is Samir seen me mine is the root Arlene, I INLA. meme is the root, Allah is Severe, meaning he hears he hears everything, and so he knows everything. There is nothing that is said that is spoken, except that ALLAH subhanaw taala hears it, whether it's spoken out loud, or it's spoken softly it's spoken in public or in private, Allah subhanaw taala hears it. And Samir also means Mujib being the one who hears as in the one who listens, the one who responds, and he sometimes what happens you talk to someone and they don't hear

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or if they hear they don't accept they don't respond. Allah is Samir he hears and he answers he responds. insalata Brahim, I 39 We learn about how Ibrahim Renison was making Dora and in his Dora he said Al Hamdulillah he Ledi were heavily on Al kebari is Mariela is held in Nairobi, Alyssa Mira Dora all praises to Allah who gifted me in spite of my old age with Ismar eel and is how he is showing gratitude for the favor of Allah. That Alhamdulillah Allah Allah gave me two sons is Mario is how, even though I was so old, and this shows that Ibrahim Hassan had these children at a very old age, he said in Nabila Samira dua, indeed my Lord is surely the hearer of the Quran. He hears

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draws, meaning he accepts them. This teaches us that when we're making God to Allah mentioned in your Dora, the favors that Allah has already bestowed upon you, the special favors that he has bestowed upon you. That 100 Allah, Allah, you gave me this, Allah, you gave me that you accepted this door. You accepted that da in Nairobi, la Samira Dora, so Allah Who Samir in our name, Allah hears, meaning he accepts daraz and he knows meaning he knows his slaves. Why is this mentioned over here? Because this is an introduction to the stories that are coming up. And we see that there are mainly three stories that are coming up first is the story of the mother of Medea. Okay, emulator

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Imran the wife of Imran, how she asked Allah subhanaw taala to accept something from her and we learned that Allah subhanaw taala accepted that from her. So Allah here is the eyes

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then the second is a story of zakat era is Sam, who prayed to have a child and Allah subhanaw taala accepted that Dora and Allah subhanaw taala gave him the child that he desired. And then the third is the story of Miriam, and how Allah subhanaw taala chose her. And we will also learn about, you know, the story continues the birth of reciting his sin. And this is also the acceptance of the Dora of the mother of Miriam. So Allah hears he hears the prayers, the Dora's of His slaves, he accepts them, Allah does not reject the prayers of His slaves. And this is something that we need to understand and remember and firmly believe in will Allah Who Sameer and Eileen, when you're making

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there also say this will lo Samir and, Arlene, if you have any doubt in your mind that maybe my daughter will not be accepted, or shaitan tells you lies to you that Oh, don't hope, because then you will be disappointed. Don't pray, because then you will be disappointed. This is a lie. Don't believe the lies of shaitan reject them by the statement will Allahu Samir and Aileen Allah hears and he knows he knows how badly I desire something. He knows my sincerity. He knows my efforts. He knows my circumstances, and he knows what to give me. I trust him will Allahu Samira and Eileen

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