A Ramadan of change #25 – Last 10 nights of Ramadan Finish strong!

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The implementation of Islam's subhanaw taala is seen as a focus on achieving a better job and a indicator of a lack of confidence in oneself. The signs of success include being occupied with papers and not being able to see clearly. Representatives stress the importance of staying true to Islam and creating a passionate culture. The segment concludes with advice to not allow one to become a religion to avoid boredom and to focus on their actions and goals.

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Smilla will hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he while early he was happy women who Allah Dear brothers and sisters, I want to share with you four oaths that were taken by Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran to draw our attention to something what Buddha who said, I swear by the morning brightness when Layli he said, I swear by the night

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when February I swear by dawn, and he said while Asad I swear by time for alts from different passages in the Quran, from the many oaths that Allah subhanaw taala has taken. Now we know that Allah jitna Ginetta, who being the greatest, will only ever take an oath upon those matters that are most great.

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And the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses time to be one of those subjects of his oath. That in itself Hanalei speaks volumes in of itself

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see it's around this time roughly in the month of Ramadan where we begin to hear people saying yeah, hola Ramadan is flying by so quick. It's, it's bidding as fair farewell already. Where has the time gone? Not only is this a valid observation, but it is one that is only increasing it validity each year as we feel that the baraka the blessing of time is just being stripped away from us each year.

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And that is one of the signs of the end of time as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Al Hassan bursary, he said you have Son of man in Nama and a young for either Hebei, Almanza Babu or son of Adam you are made up of days.

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So when a day passes by, part of you has left you part of you have dyed hours, minutes seconds. That's what you and I are. So each day of Ramadan, that ends that demarcates the ending of a part of you. And now that we are nearing the finish line of the month of Ramadan, I'm sure you are wondering much like myself.

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What does Allah subhanaw taala think of me? How well have I been doing? Have I succeeded in the eyes of Allah?

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What is my status in his eyes? I want to offer you a benchmark to measure and to estimate the answer. The Messenger of Allah Allah who I knew he was too sallam said many Arada

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and yeah, number merlet, who and Allah He funyun Medina, he ainda whoever wants to know where he stands with Allah.

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Then he needs to consider where Allah stands with him.

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Allahu Akbar, see, you get an idea of what your employer thinks of you. Depending on the nature of the task that he assigns you with,

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should he offer you a major tasks and he entrust you with noble affairs, you know that your employer thinks highly of you.

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And similarly, if he was to give you petty matters, it gives you an accurate reflection of where you stand in his or her eyes. This is so true with respect to your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala as well simply look at what he has assigned you with so far this Ramadan and then you make your own decision regarding where you stand what your status is in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So for example, if you have been occupied with Quran, and maybe now or prayer, or real repentance and vision setting and change, this is an amazing sign that Allah subhanaw taala thinks a higher view. If however, you have been assigned to sluggishness and half heartedness and excessive sleep and neglect of Doha and excessive TV, neglect of Quran insisting upon since nothing is changing. This is a worrying sign that screams for your attention as per where you may be in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala you have been assigned with these tasks. I ask a question here.

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Are you like me who wishes that they could have done a lot better this Ramadan?

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Perhaps maybe you are still struggling with certain habits. Maybe you feel that your heart is still rock solid, not softening for the remembrance of Allah. maybes, sluggishness and laziness has not changed much. Maybe your eyes remain by and large tennis, unable to shed a tear from the hope or fear or love of Allah. But there is something worse. There is and that is to doubt the unknown missed opportunity that's now ahead of you. To not only potentially catch up with the others who have overcome you in the month of Ramadan, but to also beat them in the race and to be written with Allah subhanaw taala as amongst the eternally happy ones. This is possible with what remains as Mr.

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Big no Josie he would say

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in the hailer either shot off at any higher than mignardi Northern Arkansas God ha

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Lita foods ABC ba he said whenever horses race and they come closer to the finish line, they exert their necks in an effort to win the race. He said, Follow tackling, dynamic. Therefore beware of allowing horses to be any wiser than you.

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But he said in them in an OB hire team, because actions are truly by either endings. Actions are truly by their endings. What hopeful words and then he concludes in New Jersey by saying, for inner KLM to have seen, and it's still that Luca tossin. unworthy, and therefore if you didn't do too well, in the reception of Ramadan. Maybe you do well, in their farewell of Ramadan, you didn't do well in the reception of Ramadan, maybe you will do well in the bidding farewell to Ramadan. If the businessman is not planning to trade when marketplaces are open, how does he ever hope to make money?

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If the one who is ill with lifestyle based illnesses, is not changing his diet during his illness? When can he ever expect to recover? And how?

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And similarly, if the Muslim who's witnessing the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan is not now once and for all shaking normality off from himself, and freeing himself and herself from laziness, they're still rousing from sleep and racing to Allah in desperation, when will they ever raise?

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When will he ever reform his life?

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When will he ever change?

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When are you planning to do it if you are not going to do it now as the month of Ramadan farewells, bids farewell? And the gates of gender are about to close and the gates of the Hellfire are about to open again. With that said, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

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how relevant are the words of Angel Jibreel who said to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu I knew he was sending me on Muhammad and Muhammad and raka Ramadan fella mule for an alpha hula, whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan, but still doesn't have all of his sins forgiven. Then may Allah distance him.

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May Allah keep him away. He witnesses Ramadan doesn't have his sins forgiven. May Allah keep him away. Gibreel he said, and what is worrying Wuhan Allah is the response of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to this dua when he said he said Amin That's right.

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Do ha that was made by the greatest of the angel stupid. And that was followed up by me by the greatest of prophets rather the greatest of creation Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I do art from them both against the one who rejects the opportunity of Ramadan and does not make the most of it.

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But rest assured,

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ALLAH SubhanA Adana will never allow the sincere to walk away empty handed from the month.

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If you're true

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to wanting Allah Subhana Allah Allah is pleasure

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in what remains of the month of Ramadan, and then Allah Almighty will not leave your tree without leaves.

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Regardless of how slow you'd been at the start of the month of Ramadan, the sacred Islam in Potamia, he would say beautiful words and everyone ought to be keep become that in the lobby and actually be there yet what matters the most are excellent endings, not faulty beginnings. What matters the most are excellent endings, not faulty beginnings. In fact, even in the example set by the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam himself, the effort he would exert in the first 20 days of Ramadan was different to the effort that he would exert in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. It was different according to his wife I Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu she said.

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Cana Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was an immune Doofy Ramadan Mala yatta yatta he was here last year in our he mean who na Allah, you're starting to feel like she said that. What did she say?

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She said that the Prophet Muhammad Allah Salam himself, his effort in worship in the month of Ramadan was greater than any other month

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and his effort however, during the last 10 nights of Ramadan was greater than any other effort before it. Yeah, Allah Subhana Allah so why are you shooting yourself down?

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Why are you closing a door that Allah subhanaw taala has kept open for you?

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Why is it that you can see to defeat when you will notice still inviting you to succeed?

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And in this, I want to share with you three bits of advice that will be of practical benefit moving forward. Please take note of them dear brothers and sisters, I believe that these will be game changers in what remains of your month of Ramadan should you act upon them with a class and with determination. Number one, clearly defined

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Find your goals, write them down and ensure that there is clarity in what you want to achieve by the rest of Ramadan, not just for what remains of Ramadan by the way, but for the rest of your life. See Subhanallah when we aspire to get married, what happens we do get married. And when we start job hunting, sooner or later we find work. When we enroll into a course at university, we finish it we graduate, why? The reasons why we get things done in terms of our dunya our worldly pursuits because of the clarity of the objective. You know exactly where you want to be, in how many years and how you going to get there and the work ethic that is needed. So we get things done, but as for the I'm

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gonna do my best type of approach. It's not effective. It doesn't get you anywhere in life.

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So why allow your commitment to the religion, religion to be anything lesser of a standard, write down your Ramadan based goals of what remains of this month, the price is there and write down your goals for the rest of your life? Do it with confidence, start somewhere. Number two, create a pattern of alternation. What does that mean? It means very your acts of worship, move from the RE citation of the Quran. To then Salah prayer to Doha passionate dua dhikr remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and then difficult deep contemplation and their likes, keep moving, keep moving. Because this type of alternation is a key way of dispelling boredom from our hearts, and there is no

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time to be bored. Now. That's number two. Number three, create a sense of urgency. Don't take this as a token of a reminder, urgency. Diamonds only become diamonds, when coal is subjected to pressure, pressure makes diamonds. And so apply pressure upon yourself to compete for gender, with the many competitors out there. Create a pressure on yourself to save yourself from Jahannam from the hellfire, create a pressure to be accepted by Allah, and to be happy on the Day of Judgment really behave in these coming tonight, as if you shall never witness their likes again.

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At any moment, you feel a deep enthusiasm. Remember that a single hour

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in one of these particular nights that are coming up is greater than 3000 days of actions one hour greater than 3000 days of actions, in other words, more than eight years.

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And that a single minute during one of these nights that are coming up is equivalent to 50 days worth of actions a minute. It's more than 50 days.

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And as you've probably guessed it, these calculations are only there for the purpose of the creep to bring the meaning closer to reality of Laila to other than to decree that we are searching for it cannot be calculated. Because Allah did not say equivalent to 1000 months. He said how you don't it is better than 1000 words. How much more? Is it better than 2000 10,000 months or a lifetime as is in the speech of the Arabs 1000 months a lifetime Allah Almighty knows best it is more.

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In conclusion, brothers and sisters, time and time again. We are told that in these last 10 nights of Ramadan, this is when the Muslim needs to exert himself like never before. Because the price is here the price of Jenga

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and therefore perhaps it is appropriate to remind ourselves of the nature of this price. What does it actually mean to intergender? What is Jana?

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Your margin that Subhanallah Jana is the promise that we had awaited for all of our lives.

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It is that the home that our hearts had always yearn to return back to that is Jana.

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Jana is the love which this world was too stingy to grant us

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in their happiness which he was always unable to offer us. Jana is dissatisfaction which this world simply could never provide for us. That is Jana Dear brothers and sisters.

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Agenda SubhanAllah. It is that reunion with those beautiful faces. Jana is the reunion with those beautiful faces that we had missed and we had been deprived of Jana is meetings with the Prophets and Messengers. Jana is conversations with the angels Jana is friendships with with saints Subhanallah Jana is farewell to sluggishness and the illness and the beginning of enduring fitness and vitality. Janna is the end of restrictions and the beginning of freedom.

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Jenna is the end of rent the end of tax

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At the end of deaths at the beginning of true and permanent ownership,

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gender is the home of free reign. No sanctions, no barbed wire, no prisons, no fear of the unknown. No anxiety, no stress. That is Jana.

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Genda is the end of prohibitions, the end of borders, the end of limitations. The end of every hearing the word no.

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Jen is the end of boredom, the end of fatigue, the end of despair, Jen is the end of death itself. Gender is the end of the end, Allahu Akbar.

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Jana is where we will never worry about being separated from our loved ones never again, will we be pulled apart from those who we want it to be next to never again when your heartbreak as it which fell well to somebody who you wanted near to you. Agenda is where we will never be jealous again. And we will not want to sleep nor will we need to sleep nor will faces ever stop smiling in Jannah there is no bleeding. There are no tears, there are no obligations whatsoever in Jannah there is no gray hair, there is no late night revision. There is not a singular there is not a single bachelor in gender.

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in Jannah

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there is Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was your Allah in Jannah we see the majestic face of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that is gender.

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Don't you miss it?

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If the answer is yes, then realize that this very home which was described is up for grabs in these last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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So honestly, minimize your appointments with people.

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Withdraw yourself from social media if need be and if possible for just a moment. stop obsessing about your exercise for just a moment. Give your phone a rest. Put it on flight mode, turn to Doha turn to sauna Quran, passionate repentance once and for all. Show Elijah Lagenaria who that you are serious in wanting this home, how long it will not let you down.

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In reality it is not Ramadan that is beating us farewell we are the ones who are bidding farewell.

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When Ramadan goes You see it's going to be experienced by many people in the future it's going to come back again and again. But when you and I depart from this world, we shall never be returned to it again.

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And that is why we ask Allah subhana wa Tada

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to make the best of our deeds, the last of them and to make the best of our days those days in which we finally meet you. Oh Allah subhanahu wa Tada.