Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L204A

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Al-Ankabut 1-15 Translation 1-15

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said I'm already on what I had to lie here but I got through.

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Earlier a lot of sodium Kadeem a my birth feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish luckily you saw that he was certainly MD ruler of that a melissani of Kabali urban as in Arima

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lesson number 204 sudo to learn Caboose is number one to 15

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Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem

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did hazaribagh he thought a NASA, the people

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that you trochu they will be left and that yaku they say, Amanda, we have believed we're home and they learn not use the noon they will be tested, they will be tried what occurred? And certainly fattener we tested Alevtina those who mean from probably him before them, failure alumina. So surely he will definitely know. Allahu Allah alladhina those who saw the coup, they were truthful. They spoke truth, when a year alumina and surely he will definitely know al Qaeda been the liars?

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Or has he been he thought allatheena those who are maluna they do? So he add the evils on that? Yes, mucuna they will go ahead of us. Sir, it is evil man, that which yakun the judge, man whoever Ghana he was, yo do he expects the meeting Allah of Allah. for England then indeed, Angela, time, Allah of Allah. Let earthen surely one that comes. Wha hoo. And he is a Sameer the always on hearing. And Arlene, the always all knowing

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women and whoever gehad he strove he struggled hard for in America, then indeed not but you there he do. His tribes. The NFC he for himself in the Lucha Indeed Allah lovehoney Yun, surely one who is free of want, surely one who is rich,

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and from alameen the world's one levena and those who are Manu, they believed were army Lu and they did a soil he had the righteous deeds. Luca Philander. Surely we will definitely expiate. Surely we will definitely remove on home from them. So you add him there since their evils what an edge azienda home and surely we will definitely reward them aksana best a lady that which guy? No, they were Dr. Malone. They do what was signer and we have enjoined al insana. The human being, be worldly they he with his two parents, prisoner. Good. Goodness. What in? And if jaha Dhaka, they both strove against you. Or jaha Dhaka they both pressurized you.

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Lita Sheikha so that you associate partners be with me, ma what laser it is not lucky for you. Be he have it almost any knowledge. Feller then do not do their Houma you obey them to LA Yeah, to me more dercum your return phone a bit will come. So I will inform you all Bhima with what quantum you were Dharma loon you will do

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one levena and those who are Manu, they believed were army Lu and they did have slightly hurt the righteous deeds learner Ilana home, surely we will definitely admit them. fee in a solid in the righteous ones.

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Woman and from a nurse the people man who your kulu he says Amanda we have believed biller in a law firm either. Then when udia he was hurt, filler he in Allah Jalla he made fitna trial, persecution and ness of the people

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Are the light punishment Allah of Allah? Whether in and surely if it came not from help men from Rob Baker your route layer coluna surely they will definitely say in there indeed we couldn't. We were Morocco with you

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is work and laser not Allahu Allah. br lemma definitely most knowing the man of what fee is in sudo just Allah mean of the world while I allamanda and surely he will definitely know Allahu Allah alladhina those who are Manu, they believed whether you're a woman and surely he will definitely know as soon as you clean the hypocrites what color and he said, and Medina those who care for who they disbelieved Latina for those who are new they believed it to be true. You all follow Sabina our way while Nashville and we will carry hotwire comb your sense. Warmer and not home. They be Hamelin at all ones who carry men from coppia home their sins. Men from che in anything in the home in the

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DE LA County Boone surely liars while a Milan and surely they will definitely carry as color home their own weights, their own burdens, what has fallen and burdens. Mara with us calling him their burdens while they use aluna and surely they will be definitely questioned. Surely they will definitely be asked yoma on day lpm the standing ama about what can they were you have to ruin the fabricut while occurred and certainly all of a sudden we sent new hand new release alum in our call me he to his people fellow beater. So he remained fee him in them. Alpha 1000 Senate in year 11 except consignor 50 and year for the home so it sees them have to fan the flood. We're home while

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they Bollywood want to do wrong for angina who so we saved him. What else harbor and companions, inmates a Safina of the ship whether I know her and we made it

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to me for the world's

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will listen to the recitation

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this middle man

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early for

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gonna say

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me when Medina

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behind me mean

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shamy in

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Bali him

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