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Ghafir 56-85 Tafsir 61-68

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Allahu lidija Allah como Laila, Allah is the one who has made for you the night.

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Why? Let us goofy so that you can find rest in it. But look at the power of Allah soprano data, the one whom you should pray to the one whom you should worship. The one who responds to your Dora, who is he? The one who has made the night for you? Why? So that you can find rest in it? How is it that we find rest in night? How can we find sukoon? Or how can we gain sukoon in the night? How was it possible for us to do that? Because the night is dark, it is calm. It is also cool compared to the day when the sun is up. And the people are asleep the animals are asleep so as a result, it's easy for us to sleep as well. It is going to be

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wonderful house and the day. Allah has made it mobile 01 that is right or one that gives visibility. Mobile said

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the meaning of Giardia and it because it's from Bab if so, what is the one that enables the other to see. So the day is

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that it enables you to see because of the Sun

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because of the light. So when the Hara masala and because the day is mobile said this is why you're able to do so many things. In Allah Indeed Allah ledoux felina Island nurse he is surely possessor of bounty over people meaning he has a lot and he also gives a lot he's a Lord of bounty, when I can act on nasty lay Ashkelon, but most of the people they're not grateful. They do not express gratitude for the favors which Allah subhanaw taala bestows upon them.

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In order to hedge is 66 Allah says in insana, lack of food. Indeed, mankind is ungrateful, Saba 13, waka de la mina reverdy, a shocker and few of my servants are grateful. Now sometimes the situation that we're in is like the darkness of the night. And sometimes the situation that we're in is like, the brightness of the day.

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But we see that the knight has a purpose, the day has a purpose. Similarly, the difficulties that we go through in life, the ups and downs that we go through in life, do they have a reason? Do they have a purpose? Yes, they do. What's the purpose of the night it brings you sukoon? What's the purpose of the day, it's such that you can do various things. Now, when you are in a difficult situation, what happens? It gives you a reason to make the rod

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it gives you a reason to turn to Allah who should be making the raw anyway. But when you encounter a difficult situation, it makes you turn to Allah even more. So the knight has a reason it has benefits. Darkness has similarly difficulties in life, even they have a purpose. They teach us many things, which comfort and ease, cannot teach us what you learn in hard times. You don't learn through ease. If you look at use of nslm how he was taken out from the comfort of his home, taken away from the love of his father. And he was taken all the way to Egypt living as a slave in the house. There are these, but did he not learn so many things over there? Of course he did. Did he not

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become familiar with the Egyptian people, of course, which is why when he received Prophethood, and he was given that high position in Egypt, he was able to benefit so many people, he was able to do that as well. So every situation in life has a purpose. This is why a person must never ever give up hope that I am in this difficulty in this pain will never go away. No. A person must not despair of the mercy of Allah. Rather, he should always look at the positive side.

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The night it's dark, but does it not have a reason? A huge reason it's so beneficial. So similarly, every situation in life is also for purpose. And in every situation, whether it's night or day, difficulty or ease, we should remember to turn to Allah. Because if we remember Allah in ease, then Allah will also remember us in difficulties. And if we pray to Allah, in times of ease, then when we make the right times of difficulty, that door will be heard.

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We learned earlier on Iowan 53 about the Battle of HUD that how the Muslim suffered one loss after the other loss of lives, that they had disobeyed the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there was embarrassment. So many things went wrong. Allah subhanaw taala says for atharva Golem bilham mean Nikola Tesla no taco whenever asako that Allah repaid you with distress

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Upon distress, they suffered one distress after the other. Why? So you would not grieve for that which had escaped you or for that which had befallen you, meaning you become brave, you are able to face reality, you're able to face hardships in life. So darkness in our life. Yes, it's a phase. It's temporary. But it teaches us many, many things. And what keeps a person calm, what keeps a person positive, through the ups and downs in life is when he keeps turning to Allah for him. When he keeps making

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any difficulty that a person is going through, he should never lose hope he should never give up hope. But rather he should keep making the automa and he should remember that there is a reason Ally's teaching me something. So Allah has made the night so that you can find rest and the day he has made maps like in Allahu Allah do Falkland Islanders, Allah, He gives so much to people. When people they become negative. Well, I can knock on a sea lion.

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When there is nightfall and they think they have never experienced any good

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when they're suffering from a difficulty, they think there's nothing good in their lives when I connect on SLI screw. But the fact is that if you're suffering from one difficulty, there are so many things that you are enjoying at the same time as well.

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If Allah has deprived you in one way, he's giving you so much in other ways. When I can ask for a nurse Elijah Sharon must be people. They're not grateful.

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Intro to Islam, I number 12 we learn what you are and then later when the hell a attain from a Helena Iota layli itenary Mobile silicon Lita who follow me because when he told him or either the Sidney Nolan herself Wakanda infrasonic autopsy no more reasons or more benefits of the night and the day that we have made the night and day two signs and we erase the sign of the night and made the sign of the day visible. Why? That you may seek bounty from your Lord and may know the number of years and the account of time and everything we have set out in detail. So the night and day, they have a purpose to teach us something the ups and downs in life even they teach us many things. And a

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person can only remain positive when he makes the right to Allah in every situation looking at the positive side. Valley como la hora book on that is Allah here Lord Chanukah Kohli Shay Creator of all things, La Ilaha Illa, who there is no deity except Him, for Annette for goon. So how are you diluted? That is Allah, the One who has made the night The one who has made the day, the one who has given you so many blessings, he is the highlight of everything and there is no one worthy of worship except Him. And what's wrong with you for another football? How are you deluded? How are you turned away from Allah, that when you're in difficulty, you forget about Allah and you think about other

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people who can help you. You think your money will help you, you think your education will help you? You think your parents will help you for another fortune? You should be turning to Allah let him know when he causes the night to come when he causes the day to come. When everything is in his control, when He is the Creator of all things, then he can solve your problems as well. Then why are you turned away from Allah? How it doesn't make sense.

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When he can cause everything to happen, then why is it that when you need something you don't make the automa

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makara bukhoma The Rooney study will make dua to Allah turn to him. Because Anika could Latina Can you be it lay your head on? That's where those before you diluted, who are rejecting the signs of Allah, that the people of the past also, they were also diluted how that they were turned away from the worship of Allah alone.

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And instead they began turning to other than Allah. And who are these people can be Atilla, how do they used to argue, reject, refuse to acknowledge the ayatollah. So the people of the past did that. And the people of today even they do that.

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Allah, Allah is the one who generally document the Quran, who has made for you the earth, a place of settlement.

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From the root letters are for what is for me to be stable, stability, firmness, solidity, when something is steady, when something is firm, and then karate is also used for a place of rest, a place of settlement, a place where a person makes his home, because your home your house, when you settle over there, you're not moving from one place to the other all the time. So Allahu la dee da da da como la the Quran. What does it mean that Allah has made the earth a stable abode for you

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You don't feel the earth moving all the time.

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Despite the fact that this earth is filled with lava, and so many different types of matters, and so many things are going on inside. Do we feel the earth moving convulsing all the time? No, we don't feel it. Similarly, it's only rarely that Allah subhanaw. taala shows us through earthquakes, through volcanoes, that when the earth below our feet is not stable, then we realize how stable this earth is.

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The earth is constantly rotating, and it's on its orbit. And the speed is also so fast. But do we feel that movement? No. Do we feel dizzy? Because the movement of the earth because the rotation of the Earth? No, you sit in a car. Some people cannot sit in a car on the highway. Why? They feel motion sickness. But do we feel that motion sickness? No, we don't. The earth is constantly moving, and we never feel it. So it's around, it's stable. And also it is around how that it's a place of settlement. This is our home, not the moon, not some other planet. So a lovely lady, Jelena Kumar the Quran was summer Vina and the sky he has made it a canopy a ceiling or roof, covering and

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protecting the

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roof that is covering and protecting beer. And notice the word benign benign is used for a construction a building a structure something that is built. So just as something that is built a construction is stationary, it is firm. Similarly the sky above us is also firm. We never have this feeling that it's gonna fall down on us No, was tonight abena was so welcome NAS fashion you send us a lot of calm. So he made perfect your shapes your forms. So what is the plural of surah and Sora is the shape figure form of something or something. So Allah has formed you and he has perfected your forms, he has made you in the best and most perfect forms.

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If you look at the human body, compared to any other animal who is more beautiful

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human beings

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and the bodies that we have been given for us and us welcome they are best. Because we're able to walk we're able to run we're able to use our hands.

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But the other animals because of their posture, or because of the length of their limbs or because of the number of their limbs, their abilities are limited. But the weight loss of peloton has made human beings for us and also Oracle

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and if you look at it human beings are upright. All the other animals, most of them in fact, how are they on all fours? So for us and us Oracle was acuminata you bet and he has provided you have good things so many good things he has given you to eat to enjoy to benefit from just imagine if all fruits were bland.

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Just imagine or just imagine there were no spices

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or caminata you bet he has provided you with so many good things enjoyable things that you enjoy, you find pleasing was acuminata you bet and so much variety, food drink, then he como la hora bukom. That is Allah your Lord photobiological la hora Atomy sublessor is Allah, the Lord of the worlds. So what this is show to us that Allah He is the pilot, and he is

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he has not just given us a perfect home to live in. But perfect bodies as well so that we can accomplish our tasks. And not just that but he is also provided us with our nourishment. So Allah He knows us so well. And he has given us everything that we need. We're interdependent with Allah He natrix, Ohio. He has given us everything What are common Colima, ultimo, he has given you everything that you asked for everything that you need.

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So when you're in difficulty, when you turn to Allah, when you ask him for help, how could you doubt that he will not respond to you, he will respond to you.

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Who will hire you? He is the EverLiving He is the one who does not die. He has always been there he is and he always will be he is a high the EverLiving.

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And if you think about it, everyone besides Allah subhanaw taala or they know

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for example, people depend on their parents. But what happens after some time they die. They depend on their older brothers, older sisters, what happens after some time they're human beings ultimately they'll die. people depend on their grandparents ultimately when they go away, but Allah He is a hate the ever living

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People suffer from ups and downs but Allah, He is a hate a you, La Ilaha Illa who there is no deity except Him. Therefore, further who call upon him,

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call upon him, worship Him. Ask him, and how should you ask him? How should you worship Him? Mostly Selena were the ones making sincere for him the worship, leading when you worship him than worship sincerely. Worship only. This is referring to though he meclizine Allahu de al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All praises to Allah, the Lord of the worlds

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old say, announced this, that in me new here to indeed I have been forbidden the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being told I'm not allowed,

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I have been forbidden, from what an hour Buddha levena tournament lunula that I should worship those beings whom you invoke other than Allah,

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any other being who is worship besides Allah, Who is called upon besides Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam is told in a new way to an output I have been forbidden from worshipping them.

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And remember, there is also the

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this is a very strong proof for those people who say that we should make the Ark of the prophets of Allah.

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That we should make the ark to the righteous people of the past, that they will respond to our doors. If you look over here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is told in need Nino II Do I have been forbidden? That I should worship that I should make the art to a levena taruna min Dune, Allah all those beings whom you worship, whom you call upon whom you pray to besides Allah, if the Prophet was not allowed to make their art to other than Allah, how are we allowed to make the law to other than Allah.

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We are not allowed in Nino de tu and Barbuda Latina to the Roman donella, especially lemenager en el bagnet, when the clear evidences have come to me, meaning after knowledge has come to me, clear evidences of the heat have come to me, then I have no right no justification that I should worship other than Allah. And if you think about it, Allah, Allah has given me a unit in the Quran.

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Salaam, Madhya any albena to never be what we need to do. And I have been commanded and Muslim in Europe behind me that I should submit to the Lord of the worlds if the prophets on a lot of sentiments commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds and what about us? The same goes for us. And part of submission is that a person only makes our to Allah?

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Who under the Hanukkah coming to Robin, it is He Who created you from dust, tsunami not fighting then from a sperm drum? How did Allah create us from dust by creating our origin, our Father, Adam and s&m from dust. So when he was created from dust, then we are also created from dust. Some women not fighting, and then after other money, send him his progeny. How has it continued that it's created from what's its origin, not a sperm drop

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of the Father, some limonada cotton then from a blood clot, that that's firmed up turns into a blood clot and Alico cough is used for something that is sticky. And it also gets suspended, more aloka. So if you think about it, the note for after fertilization, what happens, it turns into a blood clot, and it is suspended in the womb, it's attached to the wall of the womb. So some women are caught and then from an aloka. So my euphrasia complex, then he produces you, he takes you out from where from the wombs of your mothers, as playful as infants. playful, is isn't just it can apply to boy, girl, baby a child. And it's on the roof of his farfalla. puffy remains to be soft, to be

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And if you think about it, a baby when it's born, is it soft in its body, extremely fragile in his body, very fragile, that even the bones are so soft at that time. After a few weeks, eventually what happens once they harden. So suddenly you can compare flare, he produces you as infants, and then what happens, somebody who I should duck and then you will attain your majority. Children. What happens to them as important they keep growing each and every day. Every week. They keep growing until they reach I should, I should is the age of majority. It's basically the age when all of a person's abilities become firm and strong. He is physically strong. He is mentally strong.

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Emotionally, you're strong children, what happens to them, something's fine. They start crying. And the smallest of things, they start crying. They display their emotions, they can't control them.

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But adults, what happens to them? They don't cry like children do. Similarly, children, they don't have much knowledge compared to adult children, they don't have much physical strength compared to an adult. So I should call when your abilities have reached their peak. And a person also has the ability to distinguish between what is good, what is bad, what is right, what is wrong, what is reasonable, what is unreasonable. Because a little child, you take something away from him that he should not be playing with? Does he understand? He doesn't.

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But an older person, he has that reason, a child does not have that reason. And it is said that I should is the age between 30 and 40 is a true

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life, for example, teenagers, they think they know everything. They think they can make their own decisions, but can they sometimes make the most foolish decisions, and they end up harming themselves? You see, when a person has reached the age of 30, they have a bit of life experience.

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They become mature in the way they deal with different things.

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And when a person is young, in their teens in their 20s, what are they concerned about having fun.

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They're not that responsible, after 30 that is when people become more responsible, they become serious about life. And they realize that life is about not just having fun, but life is about taking care of other people preparing for your answer, because when you hit 30, then it hits you. It really hits you that 30 years of my life gone. And at 20 years, people can't wait to be older.

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When they're 16, I can't wait to be 18. See, I'm a teenager, this is why people are always discriminating can't wait to be older. So this is very true that a should is the age between 30 and 40. Because a person has life experience,

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up until the age of 30 are only experiencing life. Like for example, a person becomes a parent cannot figure out how to deal with a child.

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But when a person reaches 30, then you know how to deal with children. You know how to deal with different different types of people, because you have some life experience.

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Many times at age 30 people become serious about their life. Before that. It's about having fun, enjoy with your friends go out, go shop, go do this. But a youth who spends his youth his time in the worship of Allah his reward will be much greater. Why? Because he is spending that time of life when many people are concerned about having fun in the worship of Allah.

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So somebody who I should

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somebody Taku you and then you become sure you should do is a chlorella shake from the fetters, Shinya. And Shane is used for someone who is elderly. And primarily, it's used for someone who is elderly in the sense that he's old in age. And it's the age between 50 and 80.

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So when does a person become senior

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when he hits 50.

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But this is a word that is also used for someone who deserves his life. For example, if someone is very knowledgeable,

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or someone who passes judgments, decisions for people, then the word shave is also used for them. Chef does not just mean that they're extremely aged. So you go ask the chef, how old are you? Okay, you're not 50 I'm not gonna call you shake, no, shake is not just someone who has hit 50 but also someone who deserves respect because of their knowledge because of what they do. So somebody's gonna show you what do we learn over here, that Allah is the one who causes you to pass through these different stages of life.

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You were and

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then and then,

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then you reach your should, and then you become sure you

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well men come and from you may use the word feminine kaaboo. The one who is taken meaning who is given that from before before when

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before even he becomes a playful.

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Before even he hits the age of a should, or before even he hits the age of being a shake. So women commend you to our family Kakou some people they go through all these stages of life and others, they don't get to experience the later stages of life

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and others would have

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To them, they live on what he termed coup de la Muslim, and so that you will reach a fixed time, a defined length of time, a time that is fixed from before? And what is that the time of your death? Whatever it may be, whether it's childhood, adulthood, or old age, what are our local dark cologne? And so that you understand, understand what from this? What do we have to understand from this?

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What do we learn from this, that Allah is the one who makes us go through different different stages of life, and he can stop our life anytime as well.

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It's not in our hand.

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It's only in the control of Allah, and only Allah. So you understand the evidence of his withdraw of his power, of his ability of his oneness. And thus submit to Him willingly, that when he is the one who takes you from one stage of life to the next, and why not submit to Him,

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who led you here where you need to, it is he who gives life and he gives that and you see, this status is something very important as well. That if a person is given a long life to live, that is by whose permission unless the Pentagon, if a person is given a short life to live, then that is also at the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, do we have the right to object?

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He died too early.

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She died too young.

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Do we have the right to say that? No, we have no right to say that. Because who led you here where you meet He is the one who gives life and he also causes death for either other than when he decrees a matter for nmi akula who confiable he just has to be and it happens it comes into existence as he has wilted. So nothing at all is difficult for him. He can give life he can cause death.

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Therefore we are the ones to object and it's very easy for him to cause anything to happen. And this is also a proof of resurrection. That if he makes you go through different different stages of life he gives you like he causes you to die. Then you can also recreate you

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insert an ally or 40 in nemacolin Alisha in either ordenado and Nicola who come for you. That our work for a thing when we intended is what we say to it be and it happens.

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Listen to the recitation.

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see Colleen

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say do follow

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a lot

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tomia won't be mean to

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teaches us how to do or how to call people to Allah. And if you see many either mentioned konia, because they make a person uses mind reflect and realize the power of Allah, and ultimately submit to Him. So the author mentioned over here, they're very beautiful in a way that they make a person think they make a person uses mind that really all power is with Allah, that the stages of life, we have no control over it.

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The night and they, there is a reason behind that everything that alone makes everything a lot besides everything, a lot of commands, there's a reason behind that.

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So the AI that are given, they're very beautiful, perfect for calling people to

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something everybody can relate to whether Muslim or non Muslim. So this is something this is something where you how you can call people to Islam by telling them how you should mean to only Allah. Exactly.

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I was just thinking the acid was our coffee. So

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most of the time, like girls has this, like they have a low self esteem, they think I'm not beautiful. I have this and that. If Allah said that Allah fashion in this matter, why would we care about what people think.

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And we are no one's to find faults in the bodies of other people, in their appearance, in their faces, in their height, in their skin, we are no one's to do that. Because for us and us work on whatever form Allah is given to a person. It's excellent, it's most beautiful.

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As we are going through these verses, it reminded me of a story of when I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, I had a neighbor of mine, she was a Muslim, but she left Islam because she was having so much hardship in her life. And she kept telling me I kept making dua to Allah, and I wasn't getting anything answered. And I thought how desperate you could have been to make you leave Islam and how important it is to let people know that Allah does answer your eyes, and to let them know the conditions of how to get your eyes answered or to reassure them that it's not a law, that it's a fault, maybe you're doing something wrong.

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And many people go through the setting keep making the wrong and if what they want is not granted to them, then to stop making go out altogether. And you see them regressing going backwards in their deed, leaving solar, and they say oh, I don't pray anymore. I don't need that anymore. It hasn't worked for me at all.

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But the fact is that Allah has said as the Jubilee icon, we need to reflect on ourselves and we just remember that example, knife. It cuts but you're not using it the proper way. You're not using it at the proper place. You're using it in the incorrect way. So it's a tool is also a tool. It is effective. However, you have to use it the proper way you have to fulfill the conditions.

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Maybe there is a fault in us. Maybe there's a fault in our actions. It cannot be that Allah does not answer

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Because Allah and woman are still coming. No one is more truthful that Allah and Allah He fulfilled his promises if he has said that he will come He will definitely respond.

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I was thinking about the story, sister, she just said, we should think about Allah subhanaw taala like, course for the line. masala Allah, Allah have a best example. But you should think like a mother. When the kid he asked her, I want chocolate for dinner, the mother, she's gonna give chocolate? No, she will give him health food. So Allah when we asked him something, and he know it's not good for us, he's not gonna give us he will give us inshallah something good and better. Yes, better. And I was thinking about the ayah, who will hire you La Ilaha Illa. Allah is the high. So we call in high North that day.

00:35:51--> 00:36:30

And you see, sometimes it's quite possible that we're making the offer something that's not good for us. We're praying for something that's not correct for us. So if Allah is not accepting our world, the way we want it to be accepted, then isn't that in our favor? Of course it is. Similarly, imagine if a person is going through a difficulty he's constantly making why Yeah, I'll remove this difficulty from me. But that difficulty Allah does not remove it from him. Why? Because as long as the difficulty is upon a person, he is constantly going to Allah, he's getting a pathogen. He is making the are constantly day in day out crying before Allah, he has more for sure, in his Salah.

00:36:31--> 00:36:49

And if the difficulty was not there, then what would happen? He wouldn't be bothered to do many acts of worship that he's doing now. So sometimes it's quite possible that Allah delays and accepting the DA why because he loves it rather we're making he loves the submissiveness to humanity that we're showing.

00:36:51--> 00:37:06

And the thing is that if they do something wrong, and they make too and it's granted, they made the wine the wrong way. Like for example, the person goes to a grave. He offered sacrifice over there and he says, Yes, my wish was fulfilled doesn't happen. People say that. Why does it happen? It says it.

00:37:08--> 00:37:20

It's actually a lesson just entering the eye. It's not these people. Of course, definitely it's along with answering the door but it's respect that a person has been given that he is doing something wrong, but still he remains firm on it.