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Az-Zumar 53-75 Tafsir 67-70

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Lesson number 246 Soraka Zuma

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one malcador la haka de, they have not appraised a law with true appraisal. They have not respected Ulla as they should have respected him,

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they have not exalted Allah, the way they should have exalted him.

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Well Katara is from the roof better off than or

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and others encoder is to know the value of something there is to look at what does residual cotton mean? reserve value when someone is esteemed when someone is respected. So other is to know the value of something. And when do you know the value of something, when you know about it, when you have knowledge of it.

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And when you have knowledge of it from different different aspects in different different ways.

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The more knowledge you have, the more you will appreciate the more you will value, the less knowledge you have, the less you will appreciate the less you will value.

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You could be carrying a $300 purse $500 bag for you. It's very, very precious. Why? Because you know which brand it is, you know what type of leather it is, you know what type of stitching it is, you know what type of lightning is inside. But the other person, he has no idea, he will put it on the floor and you will cringe. You'll be surprised at what's going on. They will throw it here and there. So other has to do with knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more you value.

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So when my mother in law, her Kaka de What does it mean? They have not appraised a lot with true appraisal. They have not respected a lot the way they should have respected him. They have not exalted a lot the way they should have exalted him. They don't adore a lot the way they should adore him. They don't properly appreciate his power. They don't properly appreciate his glory. They don't recognize him the way they should recognize him.

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And who does they refer to?

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They refer to the machines specifically, that when they do shake, what's the reason behind that? They don't realize who they're associating partners with?

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If you think about it, if a person realizes who Allah is, and he's doing something good for his sake, would he bother showing off? Would he want his deed to be appreciated and praised by people? No. So what is it that leads to shake? What is it that needs to shake? When a person does not recognize a law property? This is the reason this is a problem.

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When a person worships others along with Allah, he has not recognized Allah.

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Because the one who knows Allah, He knows about his power, he knows about his might. He knows about his attributes. And when he knows Allah, it cannot be that he will do a good deed for other than Allah.

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That he will be concerned about other than Allah, that he will love other than Allah, He will have more respect for other than Allah. It's impossible. The more a person knows Allah, the more he respects him.

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So what do we see that our heat comes with? What knowledge? Monica mama cada la haka de, and well, naka de la casa de de alta refers to people in general, that when people disobey Allah, then they don't recognize them. They don't value him. They don't respect him the way they should respect him, because of the truly respected him, they would not disobey Him. If they truly respected him, they would obey Him.

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And also, when people say things about Allah, which not be fit his majesty,

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like for example, when people say, Why did Allah decide this concerning me? Why me? Then what is he doing? He's challenging the decision of Allah. He's challenging the wisdom of Allah. Isn't it? So? When a person says this is not fair, this is not right. Why is this happening? Where is God? Then he is challenging the power of Allah challenging his decision challenging his wisdom.

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Similarly, when the yahood would say, Allah is poor, or when they would say Allah, His hands are tied up, then this is what when Mercado de la Akaka, de, how can a person say something so disrespectful about Allah? It is when he does not know who he's talking about. Because if he had any idea about who he was talking about, he would be very, very careful about the words that he

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was using

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well, naka de la casa de they have not appraised a lot with true appraisal

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will do Jimmy on an Allah how mighty he is how powerful he is that the earth jamir and all together, meaning the earth in all of its entirety. Just imagine how huge the earth is, but the earth all in its entirety with its internal and external components. Imagine all that is inside the earth. Imagine all that is outside here. Imagine how heavy a mountain is. Imagine how heavy the things of this dunya are, but will our budimir on the earth in its entirety, probably to who Yama Yama will be in his grasp, on the day of judgment.

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On the day of standing, the entire earth will be in his grasp

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of the is from the rotator cuff bad luck and have is to hold something in all five fingers to completely grasp something. So the earth in its entirety will be in his grip. When on the Day of Judgment.

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Meaning it will be at his disposal. No one can run anywhere. Whatever he wants, he can do one herbal jamir and Kabbalah two huya one piano

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and one Abuja Miran has also been understood as all of the seven irts because Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran that Allah has created the seven heavens and women of the mithila hoon, and of the earth like them.

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So just as their seven sky seven layers similarly there are seven Earths as well, how they are Allahu Erna.

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Some have said it refers to seven continents, but we don't know all this land Earth. So it may refer to the earth itself with its different parts. And it may also refer to seven different continents. But we'll have the jamir on all of the earth in its entirety are all of the seven Earth's couple that who Yeoman PM, just imagine.

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Just imagine the entire earth in his grip on the Day of Judgment. And this is literal. This is not figurative. This is literally literally it will be in his hand on the day of judgment

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was semi wet in the skies on the other hand, motley yet to be a meaning ones that are rolled up in his right hand. Makayla yet is a Florida Natalya and Maria for Well, yeah, bye. Bye is to fold something up. What does it mean? To fold something up or to roll something like you have a scroll and you roll it up? You have a piece of paper and you roll it up? This is what multiple yet not we yet is what ones that are rolled up ones that are folded up.

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So the skies all of the all of the seven skies folded up in his hand in his right hand. Just imagine the earth in his hand and all of the seven skies rolled up in his hand.

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This is how mighty he is still people associate with him. Still people disrespect him, still people disobey Him. Super Hannah who Glorified is He What are my usually called an exalted above what they associate with him.

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even remotely Darren has said that it wants the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam recited this ayah on the member which is this ayah womanhood aloha Coco de Waal herbal Jamia and Kabbalah who Yama Yama was similar to moto yet to be a meaning. So for Hannah who were there earlier or may use the code and then the Messenger of Allah said while moving his hand forward and backward, that you might do love boon epsa who energy about and then we'll talk a bit nl Malik analyzes nl Karim and then Allah The Lord will glorify himself and he will say I am the Jabbar, I am the with a bit I am the Malik I am the Aziz. I am the Kareem I am the one who is most generous.

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And the Prophet sallallahu sallam. As he was saying this he shook his hand he moved his hand forward and backwards so much that we feared that the Messenger of Allah would fall because a member was cheek

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to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said with so much Mike to show how Allah will say this, this is how grand Allah is. And still, people turn away from him. Still, people disrespected

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when Philip is sued, and the horn will be blown

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and this horn refers to the first blush of the trumpet at which everyone will die. One of your coffees sorry, for sorry comment for similarity. Woman fill out the then whoever that is.

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The heavens and whoever that is in the earth will Sorry, sorry, saw the rain.

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It means to faint to fall unconscious. And it also means today.

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And over here it means that,

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that as a result of the blowing of the trumpet, whoever that is in the skies and the earth will die.

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And for sassari also shows instantly immediately fell off with your ear, that as soon as the trumpet is blown, immediately people will fall that Memphis, semi wet woman fill up, they'll fall

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in love and share a lot except for whom Allah wills, they will not die at that time, they will not sorry.

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And who does it refer to? Some have said that it refers to the hamlet or are the carriers of the throne, the angels that carry the throat,

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someone said that it refers to is fluffy, because it is fluffy, what will he do? He will blow the trumpet. So because he will blow the trumpet, he will not die at that time instantly. However, he will be given death later. Because what does Allah say cool luminol a fan wherever covered drop because the modularity will come, everyone will perish.

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So lm and sha Allah, except for whom Allah wills, they will not die instantly, but later on, they will.

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And if Allah wills, He can even allow someone to stay alive at this point.

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So menoufia, coffee, okra, and then it will be blown in it another time, then the champion will be blown a second time, another time. And then what's going to happen for either home pm on your own, then all of a sudden home, they mean all people, all creatures who are dead, they will be pm on the plural of course, meaning ones who are standing ones who are rising, all of a sudden all of them will be rising up standing up young room looking on.

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Looking on in horror, looking on in surprise it amazement that what's going on.

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And Liana young daughter means that they'll be standing, waiting to see what will happen.

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Instead of to see 951 we learn wonderful coffee slowly for either one minute a death in our opinion, n saloon, the champion will be blown and people will be coming out of their graves running towards their Lord. So it's 52 yo Maduro competence, the G buena byham D was aluna illa illa kalila, on the day that he will call you and you will respond to his call. What does the call refer to the blowing of the trumpet, the second lowering of the trumpet

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intro to soft fat and 19 for innama he has to work for either who mianzhu, one blowing of the trumpet, and all will be up looking on.

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So what do we see in this ayah that the Trumpet will be blown? How many times do times the first time it will cause everyone to die 11 sha Allah and who will be there?

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Only Allah

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and then the champion will be blown a second time and what's going to happen? Everyone will come and I

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will Ashoka to Arduino to be here. And the earth will shine with the light of its Lord. When everyone is resurrected, the hash of the gathering is taking place. Where is it taking place on the earth and the earth? What would it be like? Well Ashoka urbinati of Bihar, it will shine with the light of its Lord Ashoka, sheen or cough. shuttle is to rise, the rising of the sun.

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As the sun rises, it shines bright. And as it shines bright it casts its light on everything.

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So Ashoka is when the light or something spreads, when the light of something spreads, and I should apply is also when something has been lit up. Or it is glowing, because of the light that is thrown on it.

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So when something becomes radiant, it's shining, it's glowing. Why? Because light has been thrown on it.

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So I should have gotten although the earth will light up, the earth will shine. Why is it shining? For two reasons, that when Allah revealed himself binuclear of behind with the light of its Lord, because Allah Who is he? He is new, who on earth. So Allah is new to Samoa, he is new. So because of his new when Allah will come to pass a judgement and what's going to happen? The entire earth is going to like

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The entire earth is going to light up washed up at the Auto venuti Rob Bihar and also it will light up Why? Because the earth now will be flat white, a plane

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just like dough is rolled out. So when there's nothing on it, no dark colors, no ditches, no mountains, then the entire earth will be bright.

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Instead of Taha I 107 we learn letter Rafi hire a legend when and you will not see there in a depression or an innovation.

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Inside Muslim we learned so hell even South reported that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the people will be assembled on the Day of Resurrection on a white plane.

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The people will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection where they'll be assembled where on a white plane with a reddish tinge with a reddish tinge like the loaf of white bread with no marks set up for anyone

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plain flat, no marks

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and if anyone is on a member, he will be a member of news.

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So I should have gotten up to be naughty, Robbie ha, will will they are located and the book will be placed. Will there? Well, but I'm what are to play something and the record the book will be set in place. Which record is this? Which book is this? It refers to the book of deeds, the book of deeds of all people and where will they be placed? Where will these records be placed in the hands of people in their right or in their left?

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And why for the purpose of

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intro to calfire 49 will will they are kita will further on would remain and wish 15 A Murphy and the record of deeds will be placed open and you will see the criminals fearful of that which is within it.

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And so it's i a 13 one no collegiata who yom Okayama Tiki tavern, you'll call home insurer and we will produce for him on the Day of Resurrection a record which you will encounter spread open. You will see it spread open everything recorded in it because the angels they recorded everything

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may yell filamin Cole Illa de European RT, every word he utters, he doesn't matter except that there's an angel ready prepared to take it to write it. So will will there I look at the record will be placed open would he have been nebby gene and the prophets will be brought. And along with the prophets. wushu had an altar, the witnesses,

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the Prophets, and the witnesses will be brought, why to bear witness against to or for who the people who are to be judged. Because on the Day of Judgment, Allah will establish justice. He knows exactly about what people have done, all the people will be assembled, nothing will remain hidden, the record is brought and the witnesses will also be brought

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so that no one is treated unjustly. Justice is established on that day would have been a beginner wish you had who does the show her that referred to the witnesses, which witnesses are they? Some have said that these witnesses it refers to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his own leader kuno Shahada alumnus, the Muslim Ummah are who she had a, they are to bear witness against to against the previous nations. What do they have to bear witness to that the message was delivered to them, that the prophets of Allah they conveyed? And the prophets themselves will also bear witness, isn't it? So? They will also bear witness when they will be asked Did you convey? And they will say yes, we

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So would he have been Nabina was she heard, and as shuhada witnesses also refers to the angels which angels like for example, the guardian angels, the half of those angels who take shifts who come and the Colombian Khatibi, who witnessed the actions of a person, record the actions of a person

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into the cough is 21 we learn what lunacy Mara has, you can wash your hands, Shahid, and every soul will come with it a driver, and with it a witness. Every soul will be accompanied by two angels, one Angel driving him, either in a respectful way, or pushing him and secondly, which Angel a witness to bear witness against his actions.

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Also, with regard to Shahada, it has been said that it refers to the joetta the lady

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Have a person because what do we learn in the Quran? integrity, I see that a person's own hands. Right? They will speak, a person's own limbs will speak. So what Gee, I've been Nabina was she heard the prophets and the witnesses, all will be brought

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to that judgment may be done.

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We'll probably have a new home and how, and it will be decreed between them with the truth with justice, all people, all people, every single person will be given his final judgment.

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And that judgment, how would it be bill how, or whom law US law mon, and they will not be wronged at all, they will not be treated unjustly at all. Just imagine this, the court is set up? Well, I should have gotten urbinati robbia. And if you think about it in a typical court, who is there, the judge, the witnesses, the evidences, the records, the criminals, isn't it? All people are present. Over here also, if you look, this is so descriptive. That Well, I should have gotten to be new, Robbie ha, all people are present and be new europea that shows Allah Himself will also be there. And then what will the archetype The record is there, the evidences are there. And besides the

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evidences, what else is there? the Shahada, the witnesses there there, then a beginner there, and the people are also there, and there will be no injustice

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in total ambia I have 47 we learn one other rule malwares Dino pollio mill Chioma Fernando lemon, Epson Shea, white incarna rescorla, Huberty Min hotellin, attain Avi her worker for beaner has been, and we will place the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection.

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So no soul will be treated unjustly at all Why? Because the scales of justice are there.

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And if there is even the weight of a mustard seed, a mustard seed, we will bring it forth and sufficient are we as accountant

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certain desire 40 we learned in a law hilariously muscala that what in what integral has entered a new bar if we do a little edge on our Lima alone, no one will be treated with injustice. What we'll see at Cologne, Epson, and every soul will be fully compensated,

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well will fit fully compensated, given in full, entire recompense, nothing left out what feared, because we're fat is to fully give

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what will fit enough sin, every single soul will be fully compensated for what mamilla for whatever it did,

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whether it was good, whether it was bad, whether it was a lot, whether it was little, whatever it did, it will be given its reward, its recompense or punishment info. Well, who are alone, and he is most knowing a lot is most knowing we may have our own, of whatever that they do.

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Whatever actions people do, Allah is most knowing of them, meaning he doesn't need to bring the profits. He doesn't need to bring the witnesses. He doesn't need to bring the records, because a lot already knows about the actions of every single person. But because he is very just, this is why he will bring the Shahada, this is why he will bring the book he will bring the records. Well, who will erland will be my afternoon, he knows already about what people have been doing. And because he is most aware, his judgment is also the most fair, because he is most knowing of people. The judgment that he makes concerning them is the one that is most just well who alone will be alone.

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So each person will be paid in full. Each person his fate will be decided based on what on what he has done.

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And then people will be taken to their destinations.

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Those who have incurred the punishment will end up in Hellfire they will be taken to hellfire. And those who have earned reward, they will be taken to paradise.

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We listened to the recitation of

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be me

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