Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 287A Translation Al-Mulk

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Muhammad who wants to sell the Arlo Sula Hill Kareem a Mother Earth for Aurora bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish roughly Saudi were Sidley Emery, WA Hello Earth letter melissani of Coco the Robina. Zina in

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surah. Al Mohler is number one to 30 Translation

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double raka he was greatly bless it. Allah the, the one who be a de he in his hand, Al mole, the kingdom, the Dominion, were who were and He is Allah upon godly, every che in thing pudieron always all able.

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Allah the the one who halacha he created a moto, the debt while higher and the life Lea Balu ACOEM so that he may test you a Yukon which of you arsenal is best, I'm Allah indeed Wahoo and He is Allah Aziz the always Almighty, Allah for the always all are the most forgiving.

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Allah the the one who halacha he created, Sabra seven, some are working heavens skies fleabag Ah, one above another, or playback or in layers.

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Man, not Daraa you see, fee in culty creation of Rush man of the Most Merciful men from the Fairwood any disharmony foul Jerry saw return Elba for the vision * do Daraa you see men from food in any cracks and he splits some then Ill Jerry return al bussola division cover tiny twice yet again. Young column it will return a Laker to you al bizarro division, the site has been humiliated Wahiawa while it has Iran exhausted

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what occurred and certainly the yen now we adorned a summer the sky at duniya of the world. Be masala be here with lamps. Word your Allah her and we made it rude human as missiles Lisha clean for the Satan's what our attendance and we prepared the home for them or their punishment a series of the blazing fire while in Lavina and for those who careful they disbelieved Bureau beat him with their job or their boo punishment Jahannam of * will be sir. And how bad ol must lead the destination. Either when

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they were cast fee her in it. Semi. They heard law her for it. Shahid Khan inhaling sound we're here while it the fall. It flares up. It boils over DACA do it is near DOMA Yazoo it bursts men from an aisle the anger God lemme whenever we'll clear it was put it was thrown fee her in it folgen a group set Allah home he asked them Hosanna to her it's keepers Alain did not yet Deacon he come to you know the rune any warner or no they said Bala why not? In fact, Jaya Anna he came to us now the Iran a warner second Verbena but we belied what color and we said man not necessarily He sent down Allahu Allah min che in from anything in not unto you all Illa except fee in Berlin a strange cubbies great

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work are low and they said low if only go now we were not smart we listen. Oh or Natalie Do we understand? Man not gone now we were fee in US have companions a serried of the blazing Fire. Fire todo foo so they recognized be them be him with their sin. First, con. So curse distance, lead us have four companions a series of the blazing fire in indeed Alladhina those who have shown their fear or

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The home they rub, they live with the unseen law home for them. Mophie Raton, forgiveness, what a jewel and a reward can be your own great. What a steal rule, and you all keep secret. Oh luck on your speech, oh, or age or who you are proclaim, be with it in the who indeed he or the moon always all nor be that with possessor a slew of the chests, Allah should not year Allah He no man who Holika he created. Wha hoo and he is a lovely, the always all perceiving

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and hobbies, the always all aware who He Allah the the one who gyla He made lecan for you have the the earth the Loulan submissive, firm shoes so you all walk fi in Mauna Kea be her its shoulders. What Kulu and y'all eat men from that is the he his provision, what la he and to him a new show, the resurrection

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did a mentum you all became safe? You all became secure? Man from who fee is in a summer the sky and that UFC for he causes to sink become with you all above the earth for either don't suddenly hear it domu it shakes.

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Or I mean to you became safe man from who fee is in a summer the sky and that your Silla he sends our lay come upon you how sleeper a shower of stones first Cetara Munna then soon you will know

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kafer how know the ad my warning. Well occurred and certainly got the bed he belied a Lavina those who mean from forbidding him before them for kafer then how Ghana it was Nikiti my denial, my reproach

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our them did and not yellow they see Illa towards a plate the birds FOCA home above them saw 13 ones with wings outspread or saw 13 ones arranged in rows, one and Jacobina they fold in man, not UMC kohona, he holds them Illa except of man the Most Merciful in the who indeed he because only with every che in thing bustle, you don't always all seeing a man or who has that is this Allah the the one who who were he is John Donne and army Lacan for you. The unsolo comb, he helps you men from Dooney other than a rush man, the Most Merciful in not Alkaff your own the disbelievers. Illa except fee in rural in deception. A man or who Heather is this Allah the one who yells Zuko calm he

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provides you in if I'm soccer, he would help that is a who has provision by rather lead do they persisted fee in Eartha, when disobedience and no foreign aversion.

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If a man is then who yam she, he walks mochi been upside down. Allah upon what you he he his face, the more guided a man or who yam she he walks. So we went straight, Allah upon sloth about was the beam straight. All say who He is Allah, the the one who and share a comb He created you what your honor, and he made lecan for you a sum or the hearing. Well, a Busara and the sights will f Ada and the hearts by the lamb man. Very little Dushku rune. You all give thanks, Paul say who are he? Allah the the one who there are a comb, he dispersed you fee in a lovely the earth what Alaihe and to him to Sharon, you all will be gathered while coluna and they say Mata when Heather this Anwar do the

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promise in if quantum you were saw detain ones who are truthful. Say in nama indeed not but remove the knowledge or in the law with Allah. We're in Nama and indeed not but an earth. I know the Quran, a warner moonbeam one, two

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Dear fellow man, then when or Oh, who there saw it, Zulu, fatten approaching. See, it became bed, it became distressed. Would you who faces and Lavina of those who careful they disbelieved? What Lila and it was said, Heather this under the witch condom, you were, be with it, that their own you are asked for or that their own you all claim all say did or Atum you are considered in if Lakhani he destroyed me. Allahu Allah, woman and whoever Maria is with me. Oh or Allah humana. He bestowed Mercy on us Furman, then who YuGiOh He will save al Catherine the disbelievers men from either been a punishment or Lehmann painful. Say who he is a rushman the Most Merciful. And now we have believed

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be here with him while he and upon him, though we're Kellner we have trusted versata of the Munna so soon you all will know man who who he is fee in Berlin astraying more been clear. All say did or Atim you are considered in if us by her it became Metacom your water. Hola sunken summon then who yet decom he will come to you be with water Marine in flowing

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Bismillah you're watching me

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party allegedly caught up on JaJuan HYAH

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San Juan

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Juan Halsey is in Moscow.

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Lady Gaga Casa das

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love Jean Vasavada

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boss Otto Halsey war has he

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is a

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duniya be Masabi How are

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beanie mother

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Nana mosey

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shall he Oh he

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will tell me

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will be Fe

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lady on hold for the

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Zen along with me Shane Becca

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along with me Shane Domina levy about earning Gabby

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he else had his salary

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on the US have is

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below loyal Sabina whom now you're on to

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can be what has your

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it'll be a

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movie that is

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boy luckily for me more ladies

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come show up man. Give me how cool is it you know show

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opposite of Botha either he or double

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you seen the house

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okay you found it on there Larry

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Kincaid pancake again an empty

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URL Amuro enough played EVO the home song all

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the way up on

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my own is April

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militia is the

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who wants to learn Omeo

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Walkman alien care

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man handle Eddie Zuko calm in response Bell juvie

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FM am Shimokita bangala G

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me and Jesus and we

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am Jesus and we and not at all most belting

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the spoon

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fill up the ELI you need to show oh why oh

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Tom saw the only

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the long

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movie mobi

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Z and to joval Eddie like f o de la had

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to be

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our agent

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wash man lemon NaVi

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deep movie

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