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Az-Zumar 53-75 Tafsir 71-75

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We'll see you can lead in a careful and those who disbelieved will be driven Where will they be driven to? What's their destination? Elijah Hannah to Hellfire, but how will they be driven? Zoo model in groups seocho scene well siaka siaka is driving and sefa farol module moblie that he will be driven, they will be led on they will be driven

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will see a call Latina for those who disbelief they will be driven. And where will they be driven to Elijah, Hannah? How Zamora in groups. But how will they be driven? How will they be driven? Just like a herd of animals is driven somewhere beaten from the site dragged from the front, pushed from behind.

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Instead of incertitude is 13 we learn? Yo ma you de una Ilana de Johanna muda the day they will be thrust toward the fire of hell with a violent thrust. We'll see alladhina cafaro era Johanna Matsumura, how violently pushed and dragged and shoved towards Hellfire because who will go there willingly. We'll see alladhina cafaro Elijah, Hannah Zamora

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and Zuma. This is a plural of the word Zimbra. And this is what the solar is named after Zuma. And Zuma is a group of people, a crowd of people, a group of people that is on its way to a particular destination. And Zuma as groups, it is used for small groups that form a large crowd, small groups that form a large crowd. This is what Zuma is, because Zuma is a combination of many, many small groups and they are heading towards a particular destination. So what do we see over here, that people will be taken to Hellfire?

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Not individually, but how in groups.

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And these groups, they will be divided based on what the actions of people

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because what do we learn a lot? Oh, Mara might have been a person will be with the one whom he loves.

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And a person performs the actions of who the one whom he loves, he follows his way. He does whatever he does.

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So we'll see Allah de la cafaro, Ella Johanna Matsumura. These are based on the actions that people have committed. So those with similar actions will be taken together, even if there were 1000s of years that separated them in dystonia, but because they had the same actions, they will be taken in the same group.

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And secondly, it has also been said that Zuma refers to as nations that from the nation of Ahmed Mohammed from the nation of the people of newer from the nation of people have restarted center, so people will be taken as groups.

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In total arafa 38 we learned on the Hulu fi Omen called haltman cubberley. Community Genie will insofern now, cola the hot metal learned.

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We also learned from there that people will enter into Hellfire how as groups

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instead of solid I have 59 Heather folgen makuta, Haman, Marco lamb or haben began in the Han Solo now

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surrett Monk, Colima, Olga folgen, Salah Hong Casa to her

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and if you think about it, people in this dunya they don't do wrong things alone, isn't it? So, people are always in groups doing wrong things together collectively, somebody or the other supporting them, somebody or the other acknowledging their efforts. So a person who acknowledges the efforts of the other, he supports him, he is with him. He will be with him in the hereafter as well.

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We'll see. Hola Dina cafaro illa Johanna mizunara

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Elijah ooh Ha. Until when they will come to it. They're being driven from the place of gathering to hellfire. And when they will be brought to the house fire when they will arrive at hellfire. footy had a boo boo Ha. Then its doors will be open.

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They will not be open from before. They will be open when? When they arrive at hellfire.

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When you go somewhere and you find the doors closed, and then they're open, isn't it humiliation isn't a disgrace.

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And if the doors are open from before, like Jenna, what do we learn?

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At work, it's a part of honoring the person who is coming

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out if you think about it, that something is closed, and then it opens up and then you see what is inside. Doesn't that increase in fear? Because as you have to wait in anticipation What's inside? What's in there? How is it going to be? It increases in your fear

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40 had a boo boo. This is an increase in punishment. This is an increase in fear and the desire not to enter it 40 had a boo boo. And if you think about it, Hellfire doors are closed, not open. Why? So that its heat is retained inside.

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Because if you keep opening the door of the oven, what's going to happen? The heat will escape. So 40 hats or whatever at the time when the people will arrive at Hellfire, then the gates will be opened.

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We'll call it a home Hosanna to her and it's keepers will say to them khazanah florala housing keeper.

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So the keepers of Hellfire mean the angels, they will say to those who are arriving at Hellfire in groups, and only Tikka Masala minco did messengers not come to you from yourselves, meaning of your people of your type human being just like you. Yet Luna Alaykum Ayah to become reciting to you the verses of your Lord, were you in the Luna? komolika Iommi, come Heather, and they warn you of the meeting of this day of yours. Did no messenger come to you? Did they not recite the Quran to you? Did they not recite the verses of Allah to you? Did they not warn you about this day?

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called rubella? They will say yes, of course they did come, what I can help him with Ravi are then caffeine. But the sentence of punishment has come into effect against you against those who disbelieve meaning we disbelieved because Allah subhanaw taala he does not punish people until they know what am I kannamma Divina Hatton of Arthur o suta. That we do not punish until we send a messenger until we warn the people so when the people will arrive at Hellfire the angels will be surprised that what happened? Did no one warn you How come you're coming here. They will say well I can help got Karima to either be on caffeine, insert milk I ate tonight we learn cola. We have

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folgen Salah home presented to her and amiata community did know Warner come to you. Did you not know nobody told you called obala of course or the jannetty *a debonair but we denied wahconah manzanilla homerun shape into 1111 COVID

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Taylor, it will be said oh do Hulu. Enter awaba Johanna, doors of Hellfire

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enter through the gates of hellfire. Holly Dena Fie her abiding there eternally. Once you enter you are not leaving. Holly Dena Fie her. You're never coming out of here. Enter and you shall never leave Furby semeth Well, mata kabiri so how evil is the abode of those who are arrogant? Because arrogance is the root cause of many, many evils, many crimes, many injustices, many acts of disobedience. This is the reason for bit semeth one motor kabiri so most people who enter into Hellfire or who motor kabiri

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fabic semeth. Well, moto kabiri

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on the other hand, was the ICANN ladina taco and those who feared their Lord they will be driven

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will see alladhina Takara bamboo, they will be driven to walk in olden two gentlemen, they will also be driven, but their destination is different.

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And the way they will be driven that do will be different, because the word siaka is used for driving. And it's a general word for driving. And depending on who is driving and who is being driven, the meaning may change.

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If you think about it, the way animals are driven, that is different from how people are driven. The way cars are towed is different from how dignitaries are driven, isn't it so? So depending on who the driver is, and depending on who is being driven, the meaning of driving changes.

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So although the same word has been used, but we'll see you for Latina taco, they will also be driven but how will they be driven gently and quickly, honorably, respectfully,

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we'll see

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Latina Dakota boom lol Jenna, they will be driven to gender.

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And you see, depending on who you are, you are driven

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So we'll see you con la de la Takara baja each person will be driven according to the kind of deeds that he has performed

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according to the rank that he has in the sight of Allah.

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If you think about it, the vehicles are maybe different. One is for the elite class one is for the average and one is you know, public, but we see that the word that is used to describe all of them is still driving.

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Same thing in Arabic, was sikhala Dena Takara bajo el jannetty. They will be driven agenda and how will they be driven Zhu Ma, they will also be taken in groups with the most righteous at the forefront. They will be taken in groups as well, because a Laurel, Maryland

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This is why this habit We're so happy when they heard the profit center

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in Elgin motezuma had until either Jo ha when they will arrive at it when they will region then what will happen? We're for the head of a wearable her and its doors will be opened. If you notice over here, what 40 has available while is additional.

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And previously with regards to the people of Hellfire, what was mentioned 40 had

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that when they will arrive then the doors will be open. However for the people of gender, what do they have available while over here is of hand

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meaning they will arrive while its doors will be already open.

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What is of hand it gives meaning of while they will arrive while its doors have already been opened. And this is more welcoming. It's more exciting. Because when you see it from far the doors are open, you can't wait to go inside.

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And if the doors are closed, you don't know what's inside, you're worried you're afraid. But if the doors are open, then you can't wait to get inside.

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And it's a part of honoring the guest as well.

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We're 40 had a boo boo ha inside outside, I have 50 we learn genetti adenine mufa, tata lahoma.

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gardens are perpetual residents whose doors will be open to them.

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And they will be open from before so that they do not have to wait in order to enter it. As soon as they arrive, they can enter immediately instantly. Because even opening the door, even if it takes a few seconds, the wait doesn't it cause you some disturbance or some annoyance or some pain? It does, even if it's a little bit even if it's insignificant. But look at how Allah honors the people of gentlemen, that they come while the doors are already open. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I will come to the gate of paradise on the Day of Resurrection. And we'll ask for it to be open. And the gatekeeper will say Who are you? I will say Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and he will say I was

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told about you. And that I was not to open the gate for anyone before you.

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So it doesn't mean that this is contradicting? But that the profits are a lot isn't it we'll be the first to arrive at a gym. And then the gates will be open. And then the believers will be admitted into gym

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and the width of the gates of paradise. How huge is it to distance off traveling 40 years so that when people enter they can enter comfortably. But despite that the doors will be full because suddenly terminals are willing what can illuminate

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sulla a huge group

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so we're 40 had Abu Abu and its doors will already be open.

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Some have said that this Wow. This indicates that the doors of gender are more than the doors of Hellfire because the Arabs they would use well to indicate a number more than seven to differentiate between seven and eight. Then they would use well you understand? So over here what would the what has been said previously only for the hat concept Why? Because Hellfire how many gates does it have? Seven in total hated I have 44 we learn how to avoid Nikolay Babbitt men whom just on maximum it has seven gates and for every gate is often a portion designated.

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And Jen on the other hand, how many gates does it have it? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that there is no one among you who performs will do and does it well or amply. And then he says a Chateau La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Abdul rasuluh

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But the eight gates of Paradise will be open for him. And he will enter through whichever one he wishes. So he Muslim.

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If you think about it, it's such a small date, isn't it? Doing will do properly with perfection, and then following it by the right kalama A Chateau La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Abdul Allah sudo How long does it take? doesn't take too long at all. So when a person says that all eight gates of Paradise are open for him, all eight gates,

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we learn from another Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever spends a fair of something from his wealth for the sake of Allah will be called from the gates of paradise. And paradise has several gates. Whoever is among the people of prayer will be called from the gate of prayer. Whoever is among the people of charity will be called from the gate of charity, meaning all those who used to give a lot of sadaqa come from this gate, their names will be called them, they will be welcomed.

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And whoever is among the people of jihad will be called from the gate of jihad. Whoever is among the people of fasting will be called from the gate of Alma Yan, Abubakar, Allah who said O Messenger of Allah, it does not matter from which gate one is called, because eventually is going to end up in jail. And that's the ultimate desire. But Will anyone be called from all of them? Will any person be called from all of the gates of gentlemen?

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All of the gates lead to agenda so no problem if a person is called from any good? But is there any person who will be called from out of the gates and the prophets of Allah sort of said narrow? Well, I'll do intercooling in home, yes, and I hope that you will be one of them.

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I hope that you will be one of them. So we're 40 had

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the gates are already open. And as the people of general arriving, people are being called, or you used to perform this good thing come from this gate, come from that gate, and some will be called from all of the gates. All of the gates

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were fully had a boo boo ha, and as they enter, we'll call it a home closer to her. And it's keepers will say the keepers of genma, they will say Salaam Alaikum, peace be upon you, meaning they will greet them with the greeting of Salah.

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Generally, who greets the one who is arriving, but here we see that the angels the keepers, they will greet the believers as they arrive at them

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because this is a part of honoring them, this is a part of giving importance to them Salaam Alaikum

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and also Salaam when it communicates, because a greeting of peace, what does it mean May peace be upon you. So, now May peace be upon you normal crew nothing evil, no harm will ever touch you Salah when eleiko you are safe play with them, you have become good, you have been good for the whole holiday. So enter it abiding eternally Play Button play button from the letters by about a year what is playing that which is good that which is excellent that with which a person is well pleased.

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So play button, what does it mean by this that you have become good, you have become clean, you have been purified meaning you have been forgiven.

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Because we see that the people of Jenna will only enter agenda when even the will of their hearts is removed.

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When czarna Allah will pull out whatever rail that is in their hearts along with pull it out. So please don't you have become clean purified inside out? No sins attached to you know consequences of sins affecting you. You have been forgiven play button. Ultimately button has been understood as you have done good. You have been good. You have done well. your deeds were good. Your o'clock was good. Your efforts were good. And therefore your reward is good. Your words were good. Your end is good flavor to excellent. You performed very well. It's like when a person has done good and he gets his result and he gets good results than what is said to him. Excellent. Congratulations. so clever,

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Tom. Excellent. You performed very well for the Hulu holiday. So enter in general Holiday Inn as one's abiding eternally, you will never have to leave. You will never die. You will never be told to check out no further Hulu holiday

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will call you and they will say upon entering gender, the people of gender when they will realize a less favor upon them. That now we are in gender like we learned early into the software that the people are

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I'm one of them will say that now we will not die. Now, we will not die, the death that we had was only the first one. So, when you will realize such a huge blessing I am agenda, no more death. So the people of general when they will realize, this is Jenna, this is a large reward, when they will realize Alice favor upon them, they will say Alhamdulillah All Praise to Allah

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Alhamdulillah they will thank Allah when they will enter

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because the journey through life the journey through grave Bursa, then the Day of Judgment hisab is a long journey. Long Journey, tiring journey, exhausting journey. The Day of Judgment is a day that will make children become old,

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that will make children become old, and the different things that people will witness on that day. But when they will enter Jannah they will say

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All Praise to Allah, they will think of law, they will glorify Allah, and they will thank Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada, the one who has proven true his promise to us the promise that he made with us, he has fulfilled it, which promise, the promise of gender, the promise of forgiveness, the promise of reward, a loss of penalty has made many promises in the Quran. Isn't it? The promise of forgiveness even that if you work for the cause of Allah, then your filler comes in over comm He will forgive for you your sins. So a lady saw the Kannada the promises that he made with us, he fulfilled them the promise of resurrection, the promise of reward, because Allah does not fail to

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keep his promise. And there's a drop as well in sort of earlier one I have 194 that will have been our attina malware as

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well as Xena yamapi ama inaka. Let me add that our Lord grant is what you promised us through your messengers, and do not disgrace us on the Day of Resurrection indeed you do not fail in your promise. So Alhamdulillah he led he saw the canal where the old tunnel?

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Firstly, he fulfilled his promise. Secondly, he made us inherit the land which land the land of Paradise

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in through Columbia I 105. We learn what are the ketevan f is a Boolean embedded deeply an auxiliary. So how are you buddy assigned to whom and what are the interpretations is that over there? an OB refers to the land of paradise.

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So who will inherit it? With servants of Allah? slyly Hoon? So old author? He has made us inherit the land, the land of paradise? Why is this word used inherit?

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Because if you think about it, original home of people, what is it 10. That's where Adam really said I was. Right. So

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we're back now, he has given us our property, our final offer, and also when a person get something in inheritance, then he has complete ownership of it.

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So our other that he has made us owners of this land of Paradise that we have complete possession. And we have complete freedom as well we can do whatever we want, which is why Natoma, luminol, genetti hasanah shot, we can settle in general wherever we wish, on the mountain by the river, away from water close to the water. anywhere we want. We can settle. We can live there.

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No Limits. But Indonesia, what happens? You want to have a house at a particular location. But what do you find out?

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zoning is not great. You can't have any houses over there. You can't build a house over there. Or you start building a house so many problems come up. But in general Natasha luminol genetti Hi, Sonia Shah. Wherever we want wherever we desire, we can live in Ghana. And because Gemini is all perfect, all beautiful. No part of it can be preferred over another because every part of Jenna is beautiful.

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So we can go wherever we want because every part is perfect. Every part is beautiful. Allah says vanilla agitator Amin. So how excellent is the reward of who allow me lean those who work those who do actions. For near my digital army. How excellent is that award of allows workers, those who worked hard, not those who wasted their time.

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And those who did something, not those who spent their lives in inaction, sleeping away. No, for near my family, those who worked hard, those who accomplished something to engender along with many other blessings. What else will people have what else will be

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What do we learn from this ayah freedom choice. They can do whatever they want. They can live wherever they want, they can settle wherever they want. And they will be attracted to every part. Why? Because every part of Jenna is beautiful and perfect.

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In total cafe 31. We learn with our economic agenda to identify demand data human and how you handle on FEMA. So we're I'm in the heaven. Well, we're soon at the urban hoodlum, internecine war established with the Kadena Fiala alaric near Moscow, Abu Hassan Mustafa that those will have gardens of perpetual residents perpetual, eternal beneath and rivers will flow. They will be adorned, they're in with briskets of gold. So it's not as agenda is beautiful. But the people of Ghana will also be beautiful and there'll be further beautified bracelets of gold and will wear green garments of fine silk and brocade. reclining there in on adorn couches, relaxing

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excellent is a reward and good is a rest in place but reward when you get it when you've done something for near my army. This is why no fear no grief no regret in general

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interest factor i a 3435 we learn we'll call and we'll handle the lady lady and her husband in the banner of a foreign shampoo and Lady Helena doll mahkamah Minh probably Liam asuna fee and so on. While I am asuna fee Hello. And they will say Praise be to Allah who has removed from us all sorrow. When people will enter Gemma all sorrow removed from them. Indeed Our Lord is forgiving and appreciate it. Because what is the greatest sorrow that a believer can have, over his sense over his mistakes? So Allah is Forgiving, he's appreciative therefore their sadness or sorrow will leave because Allah has forgiven them.

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He has settled us in the home of duration out of his bounty, their touches us not in it any fatigue and their touches us not in it anywhere in us any boredom.

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And in general, people will have no grudges, no enmity, no hatred, no conflicts, no arguments. So total arafa 43 we learn when Is there a number of useful duty human raelynn 30 min 30 mil and half, that we will remove whatever is within their hearts of resentment, any resentment any dislike that they have in their hearts, it will be pulled out. Because even if the slightest resentment is in the heart of a person, he will not be at peace. So out of the mercy of Allah, He will also take out this resentment so people can truly relax they can truly enjoyed themselves, they can truly reap the fruit of all of their efforts. wakandan hamdulillahi liliha Donnelly had and again they will

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appreciate the favor of Allah and they will glorify Allah, they will thank Allah. And now when the people of Hellfire are in Hellfire, the people of Jenna, our engine, what's going to happen then?

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What's our alma mater and you will see the angels you will see the angels.

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Imagine all of the millions and millions and millions of angels have feeder ones in circling surrounding mean how lush around the throne abou Allah have Faena half half

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and have is one who surrounds one who comes around one who encompasses so all of the angels in circling, coming around the throne of Allah and what are they doing? You said the hohner glorifying behind the robbing him with the prayers of their Lord.

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All of the angels as a judgment is concluded, the angels come. People are in general, people are in Hellfire, the angels come around the throne of Allah, glorifying with his praise use of the who never Hammurabi him. We'll call the avena humble Hulk, and it was decreed between them with truth all people sent to their destinations. Complete justice establish will call the Aveda home bill Hulk, Joaquin and hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen. And it will be said, All Praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Why

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for establishing justice

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because of his glory, because of His Majesty.

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If you think about it, in Surat, Al anon we learn and hamdulillah he led the Hala passamaquoddy was there when the Hulk is mentioned, Allah is praised.

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And over here at the conclusion of every Hulk meaning where it has to go as it reaches

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its final destination. Again. Ulla histories because what I will handle Phil Ola, while

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he reserves him at the beginning, and also at the end, working in Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And it will be said All Praise to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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You think about it over here, all of the angels they will gather around the throne of Allah. And what are they doing? glorifying Alma praising Allah? does Allah Neato praise? does Allah Nita gratitude? He doesn't. Because if you think about it, the people there time of the cliff of being McAuliffe, it's over. When they are supposed to worship Allah when they're obligated with it. It's over. Isn't it so?

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So, Allah does not need our worship. He doesn't need our gratitude. Because even when the time of people is over when they're supposed to worship after that, what's happening? He's still being glorified. He's still being praised.

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Even before the creation of man, what do we learn? The angels they used to glorify Allah. So right now, if we worship Allah, if we submit to Him, it's not because he needs it. It's because we need it.

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Because if we worship Allah, only then can we be successful.

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And the opposite of worship, the opposite of submission is the copper arrogance and those who are arrogant. How wretched is

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