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Az-Zumar 53-75 Tafsir 60-66

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Let him in the shade

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for him.

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Lesson number 246 sudo to Zuma.

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Well, mafia Mati and on the Day of Resurrection de la Vina cada una de la he, you will see those people who lied about Allah. What does it mean by lying about Allah ascribing a partner to him ascribing a child to him, saying that he has said something whereas he has not actually said it. Declaring something halal or haram out of one's own accord and ascribing it to Allah. So turon la vena cava, Allah, Allah He and also lying against Allah includes speaking against Allah that which does not benefit him. Speaking about Allah that which does not benefit him, describing him in a way that is inappropriate, that is disrespectful.

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Like for example, they would say, you had to lie Malala This is a lie about Allah in the life okay, this is a lie about Allah. So all those people who have lied about Allah, Allah says you will see them would you whom was what the their faces black and

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black and completely dark was what the scene well that suit? Well, Robbie will suit that which is black, and was what does that which is turned black, that which is made black? Why will they be black and

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because of the * that they will be suffering because of the punishment that they will be suffering because of the humiliation because of the regret because of embarrassment. Would you miss what the

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and you see when a person is close to fire? Then what happens? Does his face not darken? it darkens? Do his hands not darken? Of course they do when a person is overcome with worry and concern. Isn't there a bloom on his face there is

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and a person who is without any worries. He's tension free, he's happy. Then you see brightness and radiance on his face.

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So we're yomo chiamata Tara leadin acaba de la he would you homeless what de la Sufi? Johanna mammoth Khalid mata kabiri is there not an abode in Hellfire for those who are arrogant? What's the answer to that? Of course there is Bella yes there is that is the home of them with a kabiri. So what does it show? that those who lie about Allah, in reality they are would have been

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lying about Allah, lying against Allah is think about it is arrogance.

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Speaking the truth about Allah that is what humility, submission, acceptance, and the one who submits, he will have known in the hereafter. And the one who does not submit the one who remains arrogant, he will be darkened in the hereafter

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and a Sufi Johanna mammoth one little mata kabiri of course, there is better

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way unit jila Hola, Dena taco, and Allah will save those who feared him. On the one hand are those who are arrogant, on the other hand are those who have fear of Allah, those who are arrogant those who lied about Allah, what's their ultimate abode Hellfire, and those who fear Allah, those who lived consciously, Allah will save them. Unit g unit G is from the refactors noon gene Well, netjet and najat is to bring someone to safety to rescue them. They were in difficulty you rescue them, you deliver them from a moose lever.

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So when you net gela, who ladina taco, those who are taco, Allah will rescue them. Despite all of the horrors of that day, Allah who rescue them? Why would you rescue them? The Mufasa team because of their success Bhima fans getting him back over here is a suburb of gods that why would Allah save them because of their Mufasa and Mufasa is understood in two ways. First of all, muster and secondly, love.

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So as a muster, what does Mufasa mean, success and what is their success, that they will be saved from the Hellfire and they will be admitted into agenda. So a unit jillette who ladina Jacoby Mufasa to him

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and what is the cause of their success?

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Their even their taqwa their most slowly.

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Secondly, Mufasa is also understood as a symbol of the place of success, the position of success and what is that gender, the place that they will have in paradise.

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So Allah will save them because they will have entered it. He will save them by admitting them into Jenna into their

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Homes into their dwellings in paradise.

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And once they are saved, Liam assume assume no evil will touch them, what are known nor will they grieve, no evil will touch them will afflict them. Why? Because they stayed away from evil in the dunya.

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They had Aqua and turquoise what? To take a shield to save yourself to protect yourself. So they protected themselves from Sue in the dunya. Allah will save them from Sue in the hereafter. laya masoumeh Sue, Willa homea has no and they will not agree.

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If you think about it, why do people grieve? What grief do they have? Why do they become sad? Why

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over their past basically chosen is because of past over the past, that a person did not do what he should have done, or a person did something that he should not have done? What a home Yes or No, they will not have any regrets concerning their previous life, no regrets. Why? Because they're confident about what they have done, happy about what they have done and Allah has accepted their deeds. And once Allah has accepted their deeds, that no need to regret, no worries,

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nothing at all. I mentioned to you about the person who sleeps very less and he says that even if I die today, I will die with peace because I am happy with what I have accomplished in this little life of mine.

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Because what I have accomplished in this life of mine, people do not accomplish in 80 years of life, no husband, no grief, no regret over the past while our home years are known.

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And imagine this person is so happy, so contented, even in the dunya but when people will be admitted into Jenna the good deeds accepted, rewarded for their efforts, whether home Yes or No, they will have no regrets no grief, because their deeds were not wasted. They were rewarded for their deeds.

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Allahu Allah Konishi. Allah is the Creator of all things. Were who are Allah Konishi in Joaquin, and he is over all things Disposer of affairs. Allah is a creator of everything, everything that exists, who is its colic? Allah subhana

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wa who are our coalition in wicked and because he is the harlot, he also manages everything.

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So all people who has created them, Allah and all people who will dispose of their affairs in the hereafter Allah Allahu Allah coalition, in workI This is why he will bring all to judgment. And this is why he will punish or reward people depending on their actions.

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lahoma Ollie the summer what you will up to him along the keys of the heavens and the earth. The Who? Only to him, he owns them and they belong exclusively to him. None but him. And what is it that he owns Macari the similar, if you will, of Macaulay there's a plural of milk

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or milk lead from newsletters off lambda.

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And mclubbe is used for a key McCauley keys.

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And there's another word which is used for key which is Mr. Right? Mr. is a general word it can be used for any type of key. Any type of key, whether you put it in the lock and you turn it around, or it's a passcode any kind of key What is it with the but MacLeod in particular is a key that you put in the lock and then you turn and then you open the law. This is a kind of key that McLeod is

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so the who Macaulay The sumati will have the keys of the heavens and the earth they belong to him. What does it mean by this?

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You think about it the skies and the earth? What are they? They're an entity. There are some things something skies and Earth, okay. And when you own the key to something, what does it mean? you own? What is inside? You own everything within? So if Allah owns the keys of the heavens and the earth, what does it mean? He owns the heavens and the earth.

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If he owns the keys, he owns the hodza. And

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so the Houma kalida sumati will have, he is the owner in other words of the heavens and the earth, and because he is the owner, he can do whatever he wants, and the control of all things is with who? Allah azza wa jal the who makani the semi working on his is the ultimate power, the ultimate authority, the ultimate control and he can do whatever he wills

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will levena cafaro will be Atilla he asked for those people who disbelieve in the ayatollah with a common cause. They're the losers. Because who are they denying? Who's either denying

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the master of the

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Heavens and the Earth, and where are they in this dunya. So, if they deny the master if they deny the owner, if they denied the one who has ultimate authority, then they are incurring great loss hula ecoman, how soon

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and it may be that they are very successful in terms of dunya. In worldly terms are very successful, they may have the highest of degrees, the best of jobs, a lot of success. But if a person denies the Ayat of Allah, then he is the greatest loser. He is not successful in any way, because his worldly success is temporary, it is going to come to an end very soon. He is owned by Allah He cannot escape Allah, he cannot escape his grasp his control, because lahoma carry the semi what you will and when he faces him in the hereafter with disbelief, then what end will he have except for failure? Except for loss? In total cap I 103 to 104 we'll learn we'll hold on a Bo Campbell ox arena Armada say,

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shall we inform you of the greatest losers as to their deeds, the greatest losers, who are the unloading of Burleigh sorry, who will hire the dunia only home sooner or soon sooner? Those people whose efforts are lost in worldly life meaning whatever they do, it comes to an end as they come to an end. When they die, their work their accomplishments even they die or when the earth comes to an end. Then their accomplishments everything also comes to an end or even before that comes to an end. alladhina Birla sorry home for hire to dounia none of their efforts make it to the Acura or homie AXA buena and homier sooner sooner and the thing that what they're doing is excellent.

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All say the profits are a lot of cinemas being told of la de la he got Moroni or Buddha and you have jehlen

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that is it other than Allah that you order me to worship or ignorant ones of la de la he, you're telling me to worship someone other than Allah, Allah, to Him belong them a colleague of some outlet and of Allah who is a Holic of everything they will kill as well. You're telling me to worship other than Allah, that Mooney that Moroni is actually that Muna and me that Muna you will order and ni me.

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So you're telling me to worship other than Allah, a USDA loan or you ignorant ones? Why is this being said he will die alone? Because anyone who prefers other than Allah over Allah, Who is he? A j, he is ignorant.

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And remember that ignorance, there are many causes of it off the coast of ignorance, our lack of knowledge, and also suffer foolishness that a person does not comprehend. He does not get it. He does not have wisdom.

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The fact is obvious the reality is obvious, but he just doesn't get it. When he doesn't get it. He doesn't know. So who is he a giant.

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So you're telling me to worship other than Allah, you have j Loon. So any person who worships other than Allah, who prefers other than Allah above Allah, then that is a sign of his ignorance. A person may be very knowledgeable when it comes to the nia. But if he prefers other than Allah, over Allah, then who is he? A j.

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Because he is ignorant of the greatest reality.

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He is ignorant of the greatest truth What is the greatest reality?

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in Allah?

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Allah, He is hot, isn't it?

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So when Allah is how, and a person does not know about who Allah is, what his health is what his right is, then he is ignorant au Lj loon

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what are called the UE ilica. And it was already revealed to you were either lithium and COVID liquor, and also to those before you, who does you refer to the Prophet sallallahu Salah.

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So it has been revealed to you in the Quran, and it has been revealed to those before you What does it mean by those before you? Meaning the prophets who came before it was revealed to every single one of the prophets. Each and every prophet was informed of this, he was warned of this, that led in Ashoka that surely if you did share, if you associated partners with Allah, and who does you refer to over here, the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And you may also refer to that each Prophet was informed that if you did schicke and through each Prophet, their communities were informed

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So each individual is told that in a shot, if you the chin layer, Mahanama Look, your deed, your action will definitely be wasted layer, but on surely definitely it will be wasted. What does it mean by her world, her world is when something when a work or an action becomes useless, meaning it doesn't bring any benefits.

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You do something, but it doesn't bring any benefit, no profit.

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So let's have a look, all of your deeds will be wasted. Meaning no matter how many deeds you perform, they will bring you know reward in the hereafter. All your deeds canceled when if you do shake, what are the coonan nominal capacity? And surely you will definitely be off the losers. What do we see over here?

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That ship is a huge crime. It's a very, very big crime.

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You see, even in this dunya there are some crimes which if a person commits, then he is deprived of certain privileges, isn't it? Or he is deprived of certain rights.

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Like for example, he does something wrong and he is put behind bars being free is your right. Being able to go home, come out of your house, sleep whenever you want, eat whenever you want. This is in a way a person's right, isn't it?

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But when a person is put behind bars, then that is what his freedom his right is taken away. Why, as a consequence of the crime that he has committed. And the greater the crime, the greater the consequence.

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If a person ends up in a car accident, it's his fault, then what will happen?

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It's quite possible that he has to pay a lot of money. It's quite possible that he will also lose his demerit points, right. Firstly, he gets a ticket. And secondly, he loses his demerit points as well. He can go to court, but sometimes even that doesn't work.

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So the greater the offense, the greater the consequence

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we see that shake it is the greatest offense. It's the greatest crime because look at the consequence all good deeds, nullified. It's as though a person never committed those good deeds finished erased. laietana I'ma look, and it doesn't matter who the person is either. Because who is being addressed over here? The profits on a lot of that if you did check your good deeds would be waste. And if this is the case with say you do MBA, if this is the case with the Prophet of Allah, the last messenger, then what about the rest of the people? How could shake be okay for them? How could shake be permissible for them? It's not okay. If the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has warned so

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severely in Ashraf la Mahanama nicoleta coonan, Amina Constantine and the fact that Allah revealed this to him and he revealed this to every single Prophet, what does it show the importance, the danger of this crime, that it's so dangerous

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in total, and at so many prophets of alarm mentioned and then it is said, Well, I Shaku the editor in whom I can when I'm alone, but if they had associated others with Allah than worthless for them would be whatever they were doing.

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So check what does it do it nullifies all good deeds of a person all good deeds

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no matter what good deeds a person has performed?

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Whether it is multiple hedge, a lot of sadhaka many many good deeds out of them wasted.

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And secondly, check it doesn't matter who is doing it. The consequences are same for every person.

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Even if he's the most righteous if he commits schilke is doomed.

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They're gonna look while at the coonan Domino has seen and you will be of the losers because you would have nothing to save yourself with you would have no good deeds to show and a person who does Shake what do we learn from God hell Ramallah who are legion, Allah has made done no harm upon him. Entry into gender is prohibited denied for him he cannot enter gender for called Harlem Allahu la Hilton

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and his award will be Hellfire while at akuna nominal Hosni.

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Now, this does not mean that it was feared that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would come a chick, no, he would not do it. But why is this mentioned that if you do share your deeds will be wasted? Because this is a severe warning for the rest of us. That if this is the case, what the prophet of Allah, then what about you,

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letting Ashoka laietana look well at akuna nominal capacity.

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Therefore, a person should be aware of what should is

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because only when you know what should is

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Then you can avoid it.

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So this also shows the importance of learning about the heat.

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Why does Allah say, fire alarm and the hula Illa know that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah, meaning no heat,

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you have to know what the heat is, you have to know what chick is because only when you know then you can avoid *.

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Because this is something very, very major. It's something very serious. A person salvation depends on this eternal success or failure depends on this. All good deeds on one side and one act of shock. On the other side, one act of ship is enough to nullify all good deeds of a person.

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Bonilla huffer would rather worship only Allah welcome mina shaqiri and be among the grateful. Why is Val set over here rather, that the people use it tell the prophets are monitored in worship? Our Gods respect them, honor them. So this is why he was told, later lucky that Moroni, Abu Al jehlen, and the warning against chick is mentioned. And then it is said Bell? No, no matter what people say, you're not going to listen to them. Billy, let her fart boo. But rather only Allah, you should worship because he's the only one who deserves worship, but a laughable

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welcome in a shaqiri and be of those who are grateful. Now imagine the profits on a lot of cinemas being given this command, worship Allah. But Allah has performed those deeds which please Allah, because Allah What does it include? Is it just actions through the rooms like physical actions, like for example, praying Salah, what else?

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Also the heart also of the tongue? And is it just rituals? Like for example, a person has emailed in his art a person remembers along the tongue he recites called on is it just rituals?

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No, what else does it include?

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Everybody includes every action, every deed, every word, which Allah likes, which Allah approves of

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which he likes which he approves of, which takes a person closer to Allah. So it could be eating with the right hand, saying Bismillah being respectful towards one's parents. It's not a ritual, but it's an act of worship, isn't it? being obedient to one's parents? Because when a person is obedient, respectful towards his parents, then this action, it pleases Allah. Allah is happy with it, isn't it? So? Having good luck? It's not a ritual. But what is it? It's still an act of worship.

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So but in that half hour, but the profits are a lot of them is being told to worship Allah performed those deeds which please Allah, but Allah firewood will come in and shake it in and be of those who are grateful. Because only when a person has the feeling of gratitude, then he can worship Allah. Sincerely. She could lead to airfloss she could lead to Eva.

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Because when you're grateful, what do you end up saying?

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Isn't it

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when you're grateful? What do you end up giving? sadaqa? Right. So gratitude motivates you to worship a lot more. Welcome. Mina shackling be of those who are grateful. And if you see over here, be of the Grateful ones, meaning be amongst them, be like them do what they do, and be with them.

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Because when a person is surrounded with shakin people, then will their sugar rub off on him? Will it? Of course it will. If you're surrounded by happy people, people who are smiling, will you have a smile on your face? Yes.

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If you're surrounded by people who are always appreciating, who are saying good things, will you also appreciate? Of course you will. But if you're surrounded with people who are ungrateful, who are always complaining, will you complain? Yes, you will. So we'll come in a shackling be in the company of those people who are grateful. Because when you will be in their company, then you will be grateful. And when you will be grateful, then you will be able to do better as well. Welcome in Shaklee. Now person might say I don't have a choice. My siblings complain so much. What can I do? In this day and age? You have no excuse? Because you can have the company of shackling. How, in so many

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different ways, online, go to a place. There's so many different ways. We're communists shackling.

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We listen to the recitation of these items, and we'll continue

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Be ready

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vena cava

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long Nita

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Isla de

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Nicola in a short

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Corona Taco

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So you should seek forgiveness as soon as we do something wrong as soon as we realize. Do you remember the story of Masada saddam when he committed the murder?

00:26:46--> 00:26:54

What did he do? probably fairly, immediately wrote bill fiddly. And what happened for Florida. So a lot forgive

00:26:56--> 00:27:06

the other SLM, as soon as he realized that another factor now Huracan, he fell down in his ruku and are turning to a line repentance.

00:27:07--> 00:27:18

So they might already set up as soon as he realized that because of resources. He forgot his liquor, the sunset, what did he do immediately, he got up and asked for the horses, and he slaughtered them instantly.

00:27:19--> 00:27:21

So as soon as we realize,

00:27:23--> 00:27:24

and it's not difficult to say,

00:27:26--> 00:27:31

just sincerely seek forgiveness in your heart immediately on your tongue.

00:27:32--> 00:27:57

Like, one of the things that I experienced is that sometimes we demand our rights and ask for something or will act a certain way. And if only we did that with their son, you know, maybe that's the last thing that we die upon that. So sometimes we're defending our rights, and we're doing the wrong way. But if we just think what if this is the last thing that I'm gonna, you know, die with is that's gonna go up, I could do with a son, let go of my right. And you know, a lot will make a way better for me.

00:27:59--> 00:28:33

Because yesterday, I was talking to somebody, and we were just discussing about, you know, the different child's different difficulties that different people are going through. And many times because people are in a difficult situations, they behave in a certain way. And in a big problem, you don't know who to blame who's at fault, because the situation is so complicated. But I was thinking that, yes, it's a difficult situation, it's very complicated. You can't really say it's this person's fault only. However, Allah subhanaw taala, tests His servants, and he sees the able to overcome a ucommerce anomala.

00:28:34--> 00:28:49

And if a person thinks about it, that yes, I am in this test, I am in this difficulty. However, I should not behave in the way that Allah does not like me to behave, because it's quite possible I die in this state. And if I die in this state, then what do I have to show to my Lord?

00:28:51--> 00:29:22

So yes, we end up in difficult situation sometimes, but it doesn't mean we can do whatever we want. We can say whatever we want. No, we cannot become a slave to our desires. What is other than patience is to control yourself, right? And if a person thinks about this consciously, what if this is my last chance? What if this is my last word? What if this is the last time that I see this person, then this will definitely bring about a change in the way we react to different situations.

00:29:24--> 00:29:42

I was just sharing a quote by a mama Shafi and it's by sincerity. All humans are dead, except for those who have knowledge and all those who have knowledge are asleep, except for those who do good deeds. And all those who do good deeds are deceived, except for those who are sincere. And those who are sincere are always in a state of worry.

00:29:43--> 00:29:45

Always in a state of way.

00:29:46--> 00:29:57

So when a person is in a state of worry, in this dunya, then what happens if becomes conscious, and along will save him from worry in the hereafter. And a person who's not worried in adonia he does whatever he wants

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

a loss of power

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attalla will be pleased with everything that you do example like if your natural actions that you have actually shipped for this and suited for our last prong collar, because there's many people out there like who are not Muslim who do good deeds but they do it to fill a void in their heart. But if every single thing that you do is doofus sincerely for the sake of Allah, that's what he becomes pleased with. And that's what makes your actions pleasing Allah subhanaw taala

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so I'm just gonna share this because this is really touched me.

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In a show Dr.

00:30:32--> 00:30:33

Malak, holistic

00:30:36--> 00:30:43

thinking about you know, the definition of shark and you know, the different types of shark that we are is the type of shark unlike we know that you know,

00:30:44--> 00:30:50

Hollywood is being taught to say no, if you do shark then all your deeds are going to be in vain.

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Although the I primarily refers to nature, however, in this is a warning against minor shift because that major shift is a means of eradication of all of a person's needs. But if that is the case with major and minor shift towards something very serious. We should be very careful about that. Because when a person does it, yeah, when a person shows off when he does something for a line also other than Allah to please people, then does ally accept it? No, because Allah is very funny. He is Thank you. He only accepts that which is pure.

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We listen to the recitation

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