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Az-Zumar 53-75 Translation 53-75

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu My mother who went to Saudi Arabia Sudha Hill Karim and my birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish trochlea solidity were silly MD. Dr. melissani of koko de bourbon as in

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Lesson number 246 surah two Zuma is number 53 to 75.

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Say, you're a baddie, all my servants and levena those who so awful they transgressed either against unfussy him themselves. Let do not delco neto, you all despair, men from Rahmatullah Mercy of Allah

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in Allaha, Indeed Allah, young Pharaoh, he forgives at the Nuba the sins gem era altogether, in who indeed he who he alone, Allah fools, the most forgiving of Rahim, the always All Merciful.

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What enable and you all return, email have become to your Lord, what Asli mu? And you all submit Lahu for him, men from before and that yet do come, it comes to you either boo, the punishment some, then they're not, don't saloon, you all will be helped. What have you and you all follow? A center best man What? On Zilla it was sent down, la come to you all, may have become from your Lord mencoba Lee from before and that yet to come, it comes to you all, Allah either boo, the punishment, but then suddenly or unknown, while you are there, not the scharoun you will perceive and lest kakula it says nevsun So, he or has serata all my regret Allah upon man what for up to I neglected fee in

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Jambi side, Allah of Allah wa in and indeed gone to I was lemon surely from a self healing those who mock out akula or it says low, if only and that Indeed Allah Allah had any he guided me. Lacan to surely I was men from talking those who fear

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or gokula it says hanaa when Dada it sees Allah Dabba the punishment low, if only and that indeed, Lee for me. Calverton a chance for akuna then I would become men from a mercy mean, those who do utmost good

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banner, but yes, in fact, jerrica it came to you at my vs fekir debita then you belied be here with it was stuck above the end you thought arrogance, were going to end you were men from and caffeine, the disbelievers.

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Why oma and on the LTM the standing there are, you will see under the law those who cannibal daylight are lonely Allah against Allah. Would you whom their faces must what the one black and an ISA Is it not? fee in Johanna Hellfire mouthwear and aboard little metallic Abilene for those who are proud, those who are arrogant when you net G and he will rescue Allahu Allah. And levina those who eat the oh they feared Bhima faza to him because of their success. They're not Mr. Su home it will touch them as to the evil one and nor whom the year is a noon. They will grieve

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Allahu Allah, Harlech creator, Kali of every shaman thing wahoo and he, Allah upon completion in everything, working a trustee Lahu for him. McCauley, keys, a silhouette of the heavens

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While out and the earth one leadin and those who get out of their disbelief, be at with vs. Allah of Allah, Allah, Ecuador's home the Aloha see rune, those who are losers

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don't say should further than regular other than Allah He Allah that Moodle need you all order me or Buddha, I worship a you hair or an jehlen the ignorant ones

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what occurred and certainly over here it was revealed in a car to you what Ella and two words and levena those who men carbolic from before you let him Surely if a shock that you associated partners

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play a baton? Surely it will definitely go waste. I'ma look your deed while at the coonan and surely you will definitely become Minal ha serene from those who are losers.

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But rather Allah Allah favourable than worship, walk on and B men from a shack eating those who are grateful.

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Warmer and not others who they value justly. Allahu Allah, Hector as is right. Or did he have his value? Well of them and the earth Jimmy and altogether Ababa to who? his grasp yoma the LTM the standing was somehow earth and the heavens the skies metal yet ones rolled up. Be emini with his right. sober Hannah who Glorified is He? What are other and he was exalted. I'm from whatever, usually cone they associate

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one of you her and it was blown fissile in the trumpet. For sorry. So he fainted. Man whoever for some hour in the heavens, woman and whoever fill out in the earth Illa except man who share he will Allahu Allah. Some then new FIFA, it was blown fee in it Ohara another an in bracket time.

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For either then behold, home they dm on ones standing. Young rune they look on what I should look at. And it became bright. I'll do the earth be newly with light or be hair of its rub. Where will they are and it was placed and kita boo the book YG and he was made to come

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then to begin with the profits was she had and the witnesses were called the end it was decided by in a home between them will help with the truth or home and they left not yoga moon they will be wronged what will fear and it was given fully Kowloon Epson each soul man whatever amulet it did wahoo and he RLM is more snowing be man with whatever the FR loon they do. wasI and he was driven. And Medina those who cafaro de disbelieved Elijah Hannah to hellfire. Zuma as groups had that until either when jell o her they came to it for the hat it was opened

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its doors. What Allah and he said, Now who do them husband to her it's keepers, and I'm dead not yet did he come to you rasaan messengers, men come from you. Yet Luna they recite or they come upon you at vs. or become of Europe. William zerona come and they warn you local meeting yo McComb of your day, Heather this ALU they said Bella Yes, well I can but help that it was justified kalama to word and either of the punishment. lol Catherine upon the disbelievers Taylor, it was said with the Hulu you will enter our doors. Johanna of Hellfire Holly Dena want to abide eternally v her in it fabric set so how bad math were aboard and with that

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have been of those who are arrogant

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watseka and he was driven and levina those who eat taco they feared proper home their route Ll Jen to the paradise Zoo Mara as groups had the until either when jeru her they came to it what food they had and it was opened a boo boo her its doors or pilot and he said to them, husband to her it's keepers, salaam on peace. Are they come upon you or libitum you all fared well? You did well. Federal Hulu her so you will enter it, Holly Dean, ones who abide eternally

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What are you and they said, I'll handle all praise lilla for Allah and levy The one who saw the corner, he proved true to us. Where the who his promise, or our Athena? And he made us to inherit other the land

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not about what we'd while we settle down men from Elgin, the paradise, Hazel wherever Nasha we wish for nierman so how good agile reward an army lean of those who work What are all and you will see and melodica the angels have seen ones in circling ones surrounding

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men from home around allow the throne use or be shown they glorify behind the with praise or be him of the Arab war called the Edit was judged by in a home between them. Bill help with the truth work Lila and it was said Alhamdulillah all praise for Allah or be proud Allah Allah mean of the world's

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that's the listen to the recitation.

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unova Jeremy

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was not

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be me

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shuhada yg

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was he

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Elijah whoa

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