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Al-Anam 20-39 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 26-30

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Then I'll also found out it says well whom and the

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meaning the machine, the majority those people who come to you to argue with you,

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these people, what are they doing? yen hona and who

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they prevent others from him when owner and who and are themselves remote from him. They don't let others go to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they themselves even don't go to him.

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When you licona Allah and for some reason, and they do not destroy except themselves, but they perceive it not they don't even realize that they're actually destroying themselves.

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So a home young homeowner and

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the mushrikeen by their arguments, what are they doing? They are stopping and hona is from nothing. They're stopping there for bidding on who from him

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from who from hamato, Luddism.

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And what does it mean by that? That they're forbidding from him? Meaning, according to one opinion, what this means is that they are forbidding people from hurting him from harming Mohammed's let alone something such as

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such as which we should take a vote on it.

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As I mentioned to you that the Michigan are also of various types, some are opponents in some are apologetics. Some are indifferent, some are supporters.

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So well, homie and hona. are and who there are some will forbid others from harming him, so the longer to send them.

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But at the same time, Yena owner and who they keep away from him, meaning they don't believe in him.

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he defended the profit side of autism, but at the same time, you wouldn't believe in him and only from the root letters newenham Z, and that is to keep away from something.

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Secondly, it has been said that a woman hohner and who they are stopping, they are forbidding From who? Who over here refers to it. And it is it developers who are following the messenger, accepting the messenger, believing in him.

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So they are forbidding people from believing in Him. And at the same time, they're also staying away from believing in Him.

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And by doing this, what am licona, Illa and fussa. Home, they're only Destroying Themselves by stopping other people from the D by staying away from the D. What are they doing? They're actually harming themselves. But they don't even realize they don't even perceive.

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So they don't benefit from the Quran. And they don't let other people benefit either.

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Why? Because they're very argumentative people.

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And the result of this is that they're harming themselves. They're Destroying Themselves and they're so heedless, that they don't even realize that they're harming themselves by this attitude.

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What do we learn from this? That first of all, a person who strays far from the truth and he also prevents others is actually causing loss to himself.

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He's not causing loss to the dean. Because when a person is not going forward, in the deen, and he's not even letting other people go, what does he think

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that eventually the dean is going to suffer.

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But in reality, who is suffering?

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He himself is suffering.

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Remember, that when a person deprives other people of goodness, then he is putting himself to destruction?

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He is harming himself. And he doesn't even realize

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he doesn't even realize.

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Apparently, it may seem as though he is benefiting himself, but in reality is actually harming himself.

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Like for example, if there's a person who wants to do soccer,

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and you discourage him,

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they're not I don't give it here, spend it on yourself. You deserve to spend on yourself.

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And at the same time, the person does not even give himself so he's not giving it himself. He is discouraging other people to give it

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Okay, he may be able to save some money for himself maybe get a nice bag maybe the other person can also get a nice bag for themselves, but in reality is not depriving himself of benefit India.

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Is he not harming himself? Of course he is.

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So what he Likoni in that and for the home is shown, but the sad part is that this person doesn't even realize he thinks he's actually benefiting himself, when reality is harming himself.

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Secondly, we also learn from this idea that there are the enemies of Islam, they stop people from Islam and they use various ways to distance people from the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. They use various ways

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Hi, I'm Ian hohner. And when owner and

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they use different ways, different techniques,

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sometimes they use false propaganda, sometimes they spread doubts. Sometimes it's this spread of corrupt thinking amongst people. And through all of these ways, what are they doing? They're stopping people from the D

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without aura, and If only you could see is working for Alan now, when they will be made to stand upon the fire

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walking for is from the room better as well offer walks will move which is to false

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for our offer, what does that mean to stand still stand over there to stay over there.

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So we'll pay for meaning they'll be position they will be placed they will be made to stand where I lead no upon the fire when

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on the day of judgment

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and over here without or If only you could see meaning if only you are profits or medicine if you could see then you will be seeing a terrible thing indeed

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that when they are detained over the fire

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by who by the angels because themselves they don't want to be there.

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But by force they will be held there and then they will be held right before the Hellfire

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football. So they will say yeah lightener over to us

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later is from newsletters lamea and later is used for a wish

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basically this the money and now over here means we so late and out oh I wish that such and such would happen if only this could happen.

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So basically, it is to express a wish.

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And generally writer is used for expressing a wish that is impossible. Meaning it is unrealistic. It can never be fulfilled.

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Yeah, Layton all we wish, not do that we could be returned. If only we could be returned where

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to the dunya. And if we could be returned to the dunya. Well, and you can divvy it up, you know. And we would not deny the ads of our Nord one okonomi meaning and we would be of the believers

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that on the Day of Judgment, when people will be shown their punishment, at that time, they will wish to be returned to the dunya. so that they could believe and they could affirm the truthfulness of the Ayat of Allah, and they will not do the wrong things that they had been doing.

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However, this wish is not going to be granted.

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What do we learn from desire, first of all about the ship, about the severity of the regret that people will have, when they will be shown there. And on that day.

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The people of Hellfire, they will wish that they could be returned to the dunya.

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And a person who is being admitted his agenda, he will wish that he had done more so that he could have a better reward. He could be at a higher level

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that if somebody else could do it, he too could have done it.

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So people will regret on that day. And the Day of Judgment is known as young hustler, you're gonna damage the day of regret.

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Because every single person is going to regret that day that I wish I had not done this, and I wish I had done better.

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Secondly, we also learned from this that on the Day of Judgment, people will confess

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their mistakes their faults,

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because over here they're saying, Yeah, Layton I know do well no cause diva big rabina. meaning they're saying we wish we had not done this. In other words, yes, we did do this.

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In dystonia, we find it very difficult to accept our mistakes very difficult. And on that day, we will have no choice but to accept them.

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Bell bandana home, rather, it will be appeared to them. It will become manifest to them, it will come to light for them. What McCann Will you phone them in a blue that which they were hiding from before?

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What they had concealed before will now become apparent to them?

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what they will do and even if they weren't returned law to live and who and who. They would return to that which they were forbidden to wear in the home locker room and indeed they're liars.

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What does value mean?

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value is used to negate the previous statement. And the term is a drop from the What does that mean? distracts

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to negate

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over here, but is negating What? their wish

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that they're not going to be returned.

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Rather, on the contrary, what's going to happen? All that they were hiding before is not going to come into view.

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Or, by all means that no, they're not going to do this. Upon returning to dunya, meaning even if they were returned to dunya, they are going to continue to do what? They're going to continue to deny the Ayat of Allah, and they will not be believers.

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On the contrary, but

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but there isn't the router is bad. And well, we do. And what does it mean, to become clear, to come to light.

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So it will come to light mark on your phone and all that they were hiding from before.

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Every single thing that they were hiding from before will come to light on that day,

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your phone or something that has caught fire. In the context with regards to the machine. It refers to that as the hood whistle, the confirmation of the messengers which was in their hearts, meaning the recognition of truth that they had in their hearts.

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Because the machine they knew that he was a messenger, the adult keytab even they knew that he was a messenger. But what is it that prevented them? It was their arrogance, it was a pride, it was their jealousy.

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So the truthfulness of the messenger that they recognized, but they conceal that in their hearts on that day, it's going to become manifest, that they did recognize the truth.

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They knew the truth, and this will be an evidence against them.

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Secondly, in a certain manner, your phone will cover it is covered that they were hiding in their hearts. And this isn't the case of the hypocrites then when Africa

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Yes, although there is a murky surah However, there are some cases in which NIF is also mentioned. As we will learn in the 30 inches.

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So Macedonia hold'em and what is it the copper that they were hiding in their hearts and on the apparent they were showing Amen.

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But it's not just the recognition of the truth, it's not discovered, but it can be taken in the general sense as well.

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Then, in the dunya. In our lives, we hide many things in our hearts, for example, intention.

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Other people may be thinking that we're doing a particular action for the sake of almost a penalty. It's such a righteous deed.

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And you're putting in so much effort. Other people may think that you're doing it for the sake of Allah, but you know, you're near, that you're doing it to gain fame. You're doing it again, the praise of people, you're doing it so that you can write something in your resume.

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You can show to people that you've done something, Allah subhanaw taala knows the reality.

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This was hidden from the people. But on that day, this real near this real intention will be exposed. Mercado, your full name and

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what they were hiding in their hearts will become manifest on that day.

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Similarly, people hide, maybe, for instance, a crime that they have committed something wrong that they have done.

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And they're able to deceive people. They're able to fool people in the dunya. And people think that they have not done it.

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On that day, it will be exposed.

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Just imagine something that a person has been trying to hide. On that day, it is exposed. My Can you phone them and copy? Well, I will do and if they were returned law, I'll do the man who I know who they would return to what they were forbidden from.

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Why? Because when a person has developed a particular habit, then he becomes very firm about it.

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No matter how many chances he has given. He repeats the same mistake over and over again. He doesn't learn from his mistakes.

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He doesn't.

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Why? Because it has become his nature now. Why? Because he continuously did that. So even if they were given a second chance, Allah subhanaw taala says they will do the same thing.

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What in the home locker? They won't and indeed, they're liars. How? By saying that if there were to be sent back, they will be different. If they were given another chance, they will change their ways. No, they will not change their ways.

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What do we learn from this is

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that first of all, everything will become manifest in the

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anything that a person has been trying to hide in the dunya it will be exposed.

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Whether it is a Nia or it has to do with a certain action that a person has performed or the feelings that he entertains in his heart. Anything that a person hides in his heart, it will be explosive that day.

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We learned so little How can I 18 yoma internal Luna left

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The firm in comhar via the day you will be exhibited for judgment, not hidden among you is anything concealed.

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And coffee is actually used for those feathers which are under the wing of a bird.

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coffea literally is those feathers which are under the wing of the bird.

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They're completely hidden, completely hidden.

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So, even something that is deeply hidden and covered inside, nobody knows about it, you've done your best to conceal it. On that day, she will not be able to hide it, you will not be able to hide it.

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We learned instead of the Zuma Ayah 47 Obeidallah, homina, la he, mela mucuna se Boone, and they will appear to them from Allah, that which they had not taken into account,

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which they never thought they could be questioned about on the Day of Judgment. They never took into account their near their intention. And on that day, it will become manifest.

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We also learn from this idea that the reality is that those people who don't fear Allah, the lion dunya, and they also lie in the afro

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and one lie leads to another lie. And it's the root of all evils.

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Where do we learn that from?

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are in the home, the caddy boon that indeed they're liars? They lie in the dunya. On the day of judgment, they will lie. And one guy leads to another lie.

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And on the contrary, what is it that benefits a person in the hereafter? It's like,

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what did we learn at the end of either that on the Day of Judgment, what's going to help people?

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It's their

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will call you and they say, meaning the machine, they say in their denial of the resurrection, that in here in the higher to the dunya, that it is not, except our worldly life.

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There is none but our worldly life.

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Meaning and higher life is only this life of dunya

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there is no life after that. There was no life before that.

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The only life is the life of this dunya.

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And notice the word dunya Hayato. NET dunya. What is dunya?

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The world? What's the root? Then noon? Well, it's from the word Dunoon. And what is the new mean closeness or loneliness.

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So, why is the dunya called dunya, because first of all, it is closer in walked in time in demand,

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compared to what compared to the alpha,

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and it is also called dunia because it is lower in martaba, in rank in diraja.

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Compared to what the alpha.

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So they say, life is nothing except this worldly life or my national remember routine, and we're never going to be resurrected, we're never going to be resurrected.

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Why does a person deny the Hereafter,

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because he wants to fulfill his desires.

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Because if he thinks that there is a hereafter, then he has to be careful and conscious about his deeds. And he doesn't want to do that.

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Therefore, he says, the only life is this life you live only once, enjoy your life with a maximum. There are no limits, do whatever you want. You live only once you have only one life. So do whatever that you can.

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And if a person believes in the Hereafter, then he has to live within certain restrictions within certain boundaries. And he knows that he is going to be accountable.

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So the reason behind rejecting the ACA is

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so that a person can get the license to do whatever he wants. However, it doesn't change the reality.

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But the reality is that how can a person be content with this life with this imperfect life? This higher the dunya is so lonely, it is so less compared to the asker. It's so imperfect. Sometimes you're happy internally, but externally, you're sick. Sometimes you're happy externally, but internally, you're miserable.

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This life is not perfect. How can a person be content?

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one author, and If only you could see his work before a lot of be him. When they will be made to stand before their Lord.

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Again, will pay for this from will move and what does it mean to stand?

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So there'll be made to stand mean they will be presented. They will be detained before their Lord.

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Meaning before they're sent to the Hellfire, they'll be made to stand before their Lord before a loss of 100

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and Allah will Allah He will say, na Sahaja will help. Is this not the truth?

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This day of judgment that you had been denying? Is it not true now?

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Is it not real?

00:20:03--> 00:20:11

in your life used to say there is no life except the life of the world? Now you are in the Sahara. Is this not true?

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Oh no, they will say Ben our opinion of course, yes, our Lord, it is definitely true. What have been by our Lord?

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caller he will say, for the dentist a punishment,

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because he used to deny,

00:20:29--> 00:20:33

believing now confessing now admitting now is not going to help.

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And notice how it's being said for though, what does local mean taste? When you taste something? Aren't you sure about it? Aren't you sure about

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it gives you your thing that gives you certainty, one is to see something.

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And before that, one is to know something,

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then it is to see something and then it has to feel it to experience it. When you experience something, then it gives you have clear thing it gives you certainty. True certainty.

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So you will say for Luca Dabba Bhima quantum taco, because he used to deny,

00:21:10--> 00:21:15

what do we learn that in this dunya, a person can deny all he wants,

00:21:16--> 00:21:19

a person can deny all he wants, but on that day, you will confess.

00:21:21--> 00:21:29

Today, we refuse to accept our faults, our mistakes, we refuse to accept our responsibilities.

00:21:30--> 00:21:46

We refuse to be held accountable. We refuse to give the rights of others, we refuse to acknowledge other people's greatness. We refuse to say that we were wrong and others were right. But on that day, we will have no choice but to accept.

00:21:47--> 00:21:53

Elisa will have is not the truth you were denying before is is not the truth? Of course it is.

00:21:54--> 00:22:02

And sometimes we know in our hearts, that what we're doing is wrong. And what the other person is saying is right.

00:22:03--> 00:22:03

For example,

00:22:05--> 00:22:08

the typical example between a doctor and a mother in law.

00:22:09--> 00:22:13

Now, both of them, they dislike one another. They don't like each other.

00:22:14--> 00:22:27

The daughter in law knows that the mother in law has certain who cook. And the mother in law knows that the daughter in law has certain her cook. But what do they do, they try to cover them up, they try to pretend that those records don't exist,

00:22:28--> 00:22:30

that their responsibilities and rights they don't exist.

00:22:32--> 00:22:38

And they refuse to acknowledge the rights of the others the supremacy of the other person.

00:22:39--> 00:22:53

For example, the doctor and I refuse to accept the supremacy of the mother in law, for instance, because she's older, refuses to respect or refuses to look up to her in any way whatsoever. Learn from her in any way whatsoever. And the mother in law keeps on saying Oh, she doesn't know she doesn't know she doesn't know.

00:22:54--> 00:23:15

So you're pretending to live in a way that's unreal. that's unrealistic. That's untrue. It's far from reality. You can hide the truth but you know it in your heart. And on that day, it will be exposed and you will have no choice but to accept. But is that confession going to help on that day? It's not going to help what is going to help is when you accept today.

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So on the Day of Judgment, everybody would accept the test is Do you accept now or you don't? This is the test.

00:23:27--> 00:23:31

We also learn that confession in the after it does not benefit anyone

00:23:33--> 00:23:34

it's student

00:23:35--> 00:23:46

because of hearing loss as Elisa has been helpful and it's a part of what I've been this where banner what have been a bioinert but what does Allah say? Okay, fine. You're forgiven No, no.

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For the colada. Why am I contented for him because he used to deny before

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Yo Levine aka fu

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well, he

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