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But afterwards Sam Alana Vila Karim Allah Romina My bad.

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Today inshallah will be reciting the verses from Surah account into an hour. And so on we spoke about yesterday we say that the sutra focuses primarily on who loves to buy heroin does is it focuses on our beliefs related Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this Jews as a whole that we have decided tonight is a juice that focuses on our appeal our primary beliefs. And in this judge we will

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find, first of all, an arm which deals with who Allah Subhana Allah is an insurer of Iraq, which deals with the Day of Judgment, Jana, Jana and the prophets and so between these concepts we have the various aspects of our beliefs that the beliefs of Muslims are founded upon three main believes, believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala believe in the prophets and messengers and belief in the afterlife. And this is the core theme from throughout tonight's presentation. So towards the end of the recitation, tonight, we will begin reciting the stories of the past nations and this is the first of multiple places in the Quran, where the stories are repeated. So the order in which we

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started and recited the story of no others. Then the story of good Ali Salaam and then Salim Ali Salaam did Luna Ali salah and ensure a balance of these five stories, which we can call them the story of the parish nations. They are repeated together as a group in many different suitors starting with Surah Al Hawa in Surah, Bodhi and many others, I'm sure, all of these students have the same five stories in a row. What these five stories have in common is that a profit is sent to a land, the people of that land the majority of them rejected the Prophet Allah destroyed civilization. Right so all four five stories follow the same pattern. The new alehissalaam was sent

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to a people they rejected him Allah destroyed him with a flood hood Ali Salam was sent to the people of art they rejected a Allah destroying them. So the Ali Salam was sent to the people of samode the people rejected him Allah destroyed loot Isola same thing happened with his people srivalli salaam same thing happened with his people in the city of Medina. So these five stone either called the parish nations, and they appear in the market to receive widely stories appearing above consumers because this was a warning to people.

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That the same thing can happen to you see the early years the Prophet Muhammad Allah he was selling his preaching primarily to Abuja, Khalid Abu lahab, and to all the leaders of Africa. And so these stories are coming over and over again to tell them this can be your fate too. If you don't accept Islam, this can be your head too. And so this is a core theme that you will find throughout the second half of tonight's presentation, the story of the various prophets. Now each prophet story has a had its own lessons as well as each time it is recited in a different focus. But for tonight, just focus on the fact that these five stories have this one similarity, they are repeated together. And

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we are wanting you're wanting not just the people of that time, but to us as well, because some of the sins in these nations were destroyed for the almighty falling into them again. So we have to think very carefully about the direction we are heading in so we don't end up the same way that these nations ended up. So Bahama Rockies, amazing food whatsoever.