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Juz’ 27: Az-Zariyat 31-60 – Al-Hadid

An-Najm – Al-Qamar

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim when you may either

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by the star when it descends at the end of the night, marvelous our Hebrew come calm wamalwa your companion has not strayed, nor has he heard, that people have called him mad. Allah testifies, he is not mad. Look at when the star falls, what comes next, the sunrises and such is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his personality, his character above average, clear and evident when I own the corneal house, nor does he speak from his own inclination. This is our weakness that we say what we like but the prophets of Allah is Allah. He spoke, even when he was angry, even when he was happy, our dilemma arm open in our office, he said that once I asked the prophets, Allah said, O

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Messenger of Allah, may I write what I hear from you of your words? He wanted to take permission of the prophets that have lost them. Can I write down the words that you say? Because the words of the prophets are the lesson they are indeed very powerful? He said, Yes. I asked, even when you're happy and when you're upset, even then, meaning if you say something while you're happy, and if you say something while you're upset, even that he said yes, because it is not permissible for me to speak anything but truth even in these situations. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I always speak the truth. So he said, you have a cinema you also joke with us. He said, even in that I only speak the

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truth in Nila kulu illa hochkar. I only speak the truth. So regardless of the situation, whatever state he was in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam only spoke the truth in who a lower human you her. It is not but a revelation revealed our lemma who she didn't talk to him by one intense in strength lumileds in Festo, one of soundness powerful mentally strong also and he rose to his true form meaning complete form. Who is this? The angel gibreel meaning the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He has been taught this Quran it has been delivered to him through who we are who Angel jabril an angel to bream is no ordinary Angel. He is shadow Pooja Zhu min Ratan powerful, strong mighty and also the

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prophets that allows him saw him in his true form, well, who had been overfilled while jabril was in the higher part of the horizon, you see, just as the sun rises, and rises up, up up, this is how the real appear to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The prophet SAW the loss of them saw him so mad enough at Adela that he approached and descended and was at a distance of two ball lengths or near just imagine two ball lengths. That was the distance between the profits of a loss and an end gibreel for O'Hara Illa of the Hema Aha. Then he revealed to Allah servant what he revealed, meaning he delivered the message that Allah sent. What is described over here is when the prophets Allah laws

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that inside you believe in his original form, and gibreel brought the Quran to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and especially what is mentioned over here is the strength of God. How strong is gibreel the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was describing his journey of an Israelite what a mirage. He said when we reached beta democritus gibreel pointed with his finger causing a crack in

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The Rock and he tied elbow rock to it pointed with his finger. You know that people dream of wild imagination we can only fantasize debris was in reality pointed with his finger and the rock cracked and he tied the buraq to it. So Allah chose a very beautiful, strong and capable angel who delivered the message correctly and share this with children, by the way, because children are so easily impressed by Superman and Batman and all these old old action figures and now, what action figures there are, this is real action figure. This is true action. maca double Fu admira the heart did not lie about what it saw. Meaning the profits or loss in him actually saw debris and it was necessary

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for him to see to beat otherwise he would wonder where is this coming to me from efa to meluna? Who are allama euro? So will you dispute with him over what he saw the profits or the loss of them has never uttered alive before you know him. So why don't you accept what he's telling you here? You see, the in is based on what revelation? And revelation is based on what on the fact that the prophets Allah is saying that he received it. And how do we trust him? How do we accept His word, the fact that he was the most truthful man. So what's the doubt then? And he certainly saw him in another descent, meaning at another time out to the Prophet sallallahu rgbd and this was at Mirage,

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or in the Cinderella tale monta her at the low tree of the utmost boundary, meaning the low tree Sidra which is at alamanda, which is at the utmost boundary beyond which nothing goes. Maslow said that I was with eyeshadow, the lower earner when I should have said that oh avara issue. This was the cornea of Muslim, that there are three things and he who affirmed even one of them has fabricated the greatest lie against Allah. So Muslims that I asked what are they? She said he who is Humes, that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam saw his Lord fabricated the greatest lie against Allah. So Muslim, he got up, right because he was reclining. He got up and he said, Oh, wait a bit, do not be

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in haste. Hasn't Allah said that truly, he saw him on the clear horizon. And he saw him in another descent. She said I am the first of this ummah, who asked the prophets, Allah Lawson about it. And he said, verily, this was jabril. I have never seen Allah. I have never seen to breathe in his original form in which he was created except on these two occasions. I saw him descending from the sky and filling the space from the sky to the earth with the greatness of his body in the structure. So the prophets that allows him didn't see a lot what is being described over here and there's a hadith of Muslim. What has been described over here is when he saw debris in the head and Natoma,

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near the citrato monta is the garden of refuge, the abode of eternity, the home of eternity, when they're covered the law tree that which covered it, what covered it we learned that when the prophets of Allah was taken up for marriage, he was taken to settlement haha and settlement is situated in the sixth sky, you know that there are seven skies right? So in the six sky, that is where the Sidra is this tree is and it grows up into the seventh sky. And this monta what it means is that everything terminates that a sense from the earth and is held there. And everything that descends from above it is held there. It's like a gate. Things don't go freely through that. They

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don't go freely up and they don't go freely down. It's like a gate. And what is mentioned over here is yaksha sigillata yaksha. What is that tree? How is there a tree up there? Allow Arlen but definitely it's beyond this universe that we know the universe that we know is just the first guy because Allah says that you cannot escape the sky. So all of the space that we know this is just the first sky above that, above that above that above that six, seven sky, there is this tree and something covered it what covered it's something so beautiful that Alice has miosha it's indescribable. And that is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said that he said that jabril took me

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until we read the sister of the monta which was shrouded in colors. indescribable, meaning those colors I cannot even describe out of this world because that is a place out of this world anyway. It's beyond the spectrum of the rainbow. of ride you bear. It's beyond that, above that. indescribable to the prophets of Allah and it was taken up there. The sight of the Prophet did not swerve, nor did it transgress its limit. Look at the other. He's not looking around shock. Oh, wow. What is this place? No. His site did not work. It did not transgress its limit so much other. He certainly saw of the greatest signs of his life.

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Very different matters different plays different things that he was shown so that he would have yaqeen. And he would convey with full confidence. So have you considered the lat, and urza, and Maranatha third and the other one, meaning all of these gods that you believe in, what are they is the mail for you. And for him the female again, you ascribe female partners to a lot what is wrong with you? That then is an unjust division. They are not but mere names, you have named them. Meaning the only thing that is true about these idols is just their names. It's just a name. That's it nothing beyond the names you and your forefathers have invented, for which Allah has sent down no

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authority, they follow not except assumption and what their souls desire, and there has already come to them from their Lord guidance and Lille in Santa Monica manner, or is there for man whatever he wishes, do we get whatever we want? No,

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isn't it so often the children when they ask you for something like juice, what do you say I want something to but you can't have the juice just because you're asking for the third glass in a row. You can't have everything you want. The fact is that in this life, we cannot have everything we want. And just like that the truth and falsehood cannot be according to our wishes. We have to change ourselves truth is not going to change according to our wishes. Rather to Allah belongs the hereafter and the first life so he decides what is right and what is wrong. And how many angels there are in the heavens, whose intercession will not avail at all, except only after Allah has

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permitted it to whom He wills and approves. Indeed, those who do not believe in the hereafter named the angels, female names, false made up philosophies, and they have their have no knowledge, they follow not accept assumption, and indeed, what not one noleggio nominal happy. Indeed, assumption avails not against the truth at all. Meaning whatever Allah has revealed, that is true, and if we don't believe May Allah protect us, we would be wrong, truth cannot be changed because of us because of our wishes. So let us believe in what Allah has revealed. You see, one is what we think what we like, what our ancestors or our culture, you know, is based upon what our ancestors thought of, and

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the other is what Allah has revealed. Our lives roadmap should be according to what Allah has revealed, otherwise, we will lose the way for our little our mental and learn the crina when I'm you read a little higher to dunya. So turn away from whoever turns his back on our message and desires not accept the worldly life, meaning such people don't remain attached to them, because otherwise you will become like them. And such a person how can you convince them leave him to himself, one who sees only dunya sees nothing beyond it, because their vision is blocked. That is their sum of knowledge. That is all they know, what is all they know, just this linear? This is all they worry

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about. And this is why we need to pray. That letter God dunya Akbar homina, wala Manohar Elmina that Allah don't make this dunya our ultimate worry, and the ultimate source of our knowledge? No, there's stuff beyond this dunya also, there's reality beyond this dunya. So let us see things in the right perspective. Indeed your Lord is most knowing of who strays from his way. And he is most knowing of who is guided, and to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, that he may recommend to those who do evil with the penalty of what they have done, and recommends those who do good with the best reward. Where does the unloading Arsenal, Bill hosana,

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and who are the those who avoid the major sins and in moralities, only committing slight ones because they're human beings, mistakes will happen? Indeed, your Lord is vast in forgiveness. He was most knowing of you when you produce to you from the earth. And when you were fetuses in the wombs of your mothers fell out to the coup and full circle. So do not claim yourselves to be pure, who will be money taco, he is most annoying of he who fears Allah? What do we learn in this ayah again, avoid major sins avoid for whitish and it's understandable that here their mistakes will happen. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, Your forgiveness or Allah is so ample and which of your servants

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has not committed a lump sum? Oh Allah your forgiveness is so simple. It's so much and which of your servants has not committed a llama? a llama Miss minor sins, meaning everyone commits minor sins and Oh Allah your forgiveness is so much so we have hope and your forgiveness. And at the same time, never consider yourself to be pure. Never describe yourself as pure for eternity to Allah. What are your colleagues and work there are in the hood a little lady for who era? Have you seen the one who turned away and gave a little and then refrained? Does he have knowledge of the unseen so he sees meaning he has learned that he doesn't need to do any more good or has he not been informed?

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I have what wasn't the scriptures of Moosa and of Abraham who fulfilled his obligations, that no bear of burdens will bear the burden of another. This is the message of all the scriptures that each person is responsible for himself. No one will take the responsibility of another person's actions. Well, Elisa, Lil inszone illuma, Sara, and that there is not for men except that for which he's tribes meaning what we strive for what we exert our effort in that will come before us tomorrow.

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And if we're not trying, then what are we gonna get?

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What are we gonna get? Nothing in this world also, what is it that you get something when you try when you work hard? So if we're striving to stay up at night to worship Allah or we are struggling in any good work, remember the effort will come before us inshallah well Elisa live in sunny Loma Sara Saariaho sofa euro and that is effort is going to be seen because sometimes you try try try so hard. For example, you try for an hour to memorize three if

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you're not able to memorize but you're trying trying trying. So at the end, okay, your results are zero, but your effort is a lot. What does Allah say? Well, unnecessary Yahoo. So for your

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efforts will be examined on the Day of Judgment. How hard did a person try? So my you desire hold is a ofa, then he will be recompense for it with the fullest recompense, what and a lot of bigger monta and that your Lord is a finality, there's no running away from Allah, and that it is he who makes one laugh and weep. And that it is he who causes death and gives life and that he creates the two meats, the male and female, from a sperm drop when it is admitted, and that incumbent upon him is the next creation, and that it is he who enriches and suffices and that it is he who is the Lord of the shirt or shirt or is a bright star that people worship. But Allah is the love of that star, one

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who, like Aradhana Lula, and that he destroyed the first people of odd and some mood, and he did not spare them and the people of New before indeed it was they who were even more unjust and depressing. And the overturn towns he hurled them down and cover them by that which he covered me in there other than which of the favors of your Lord Do you doubt?

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It'll be kata tomorrow, which favors of your Lord Do you argue about this prophet is a warner like the former Warner's the approaching day has approached of it from those besides Allah there is no remover. Then at this statement. Do you wonder FM in Heather Hadeeth RJ Boone? What up Hakuna wallethub cone and you laugh and you do not cry? When you hear the call on you laugh You don't cry? Well, I'm dumb semitone you're proudly sporting. You're just busy in your lives playing away. What are you doing? First Judo de la hora boo, prostrate to Allah and worship Him. Even Mr. Wood said the first surah in which your frustration was mentioned was sort of from Nigel D'Souza and the prophets

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of Allah when he recited sort of the management Mecca, he was reciting in public and everybody who was listening, they fell in frustration when they heard first Judah law he went boo because the style of the surah is so powerful. It's so powerful. And even Massoud said that everyone frustrated except for one old man who may have been cut off who took a handful of someone and he put it on his head and he said this is sufficient for me, meaning he just put the mud on his head and he said I can't put my head on the ground. Mud can come on me. And he said later on I saw him killed as a non believer.

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author Robert is

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah, the entirety, merciful these

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Especially Merciful, your kotoba. Sarah to unshackle Come on. The hour has come near and the moon has split into two. And after a few moments it joined back together. This was a miracle that was shown by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And if the see a miracle they turn away and they say passing magic they still did not believe and they denied and follow their inclinations. But for every matter is a time of settlement, how long would you avoid, and there has already come to them of information, that in which there is deterrence, extensive wisdom, but warning does not avail them. So leave them if they do not believe leave them. There's no need to argue with them. The day

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the caller calls to something forbidding their eyes humbled, they will emerge from the graves as if there were locusts spreading coming out of the earth jumping out scattering everywhere. larina Isla de racing ahead toward the color, the disbelievers will say this is a difficult day, how the yo Manasa the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the people will be gathered in three ways. On the day of judgment. The first will be of those who will wish or have a hope or paradise and will have a fear of punishment. Meaning they will come with fear and hope another group will be brought how riding to on a camel or three on a camel or 10 on a camel and the third batch the rest of the people will be

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urged together by the fire which will accompany them at the time of their afternoon nap and stay with them where they will spend the night so basically some people they'll be gathered majority of the people will be gathered how with fire the fire will chase them where will they run away meaning of the try to escape firewall block them not allowing them to run away This is a decent Buhari,

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your polka Fiona hada yo Manasa This is a very difficult day. And we learn in Hades the prophets of Allah will say that today my lord is angry, so angry like he has not been ever before and will never be like this ever again. The people of New are denied before them, and they denied our servant and they said a madman and he was repelled. So he invoked his Lord, indeed I am overpowered so help. Then we opened the gates of the heaven with rain pouring down and cause the earth to burst with springs and the water is met for a matter already predestined. And we carried him on a construction of planks and nails sailing under our observation as a reward for he who had been denied. And we

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left it as a sign. So is there any who will remember? And how severe were my punishment and warning? Well, aka Dr. Sol nelco analysts victory for helmet decade. And We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance. So is there any who will remember is in the lesson very obvious and are denied and how severe were my punishment and warning. Indeed, We sent upon them a screaming when on a day of continuous misfortune, extracting the people as if they were trunks of palm trees uprooted? And how severe were my punishment and warning? Well, according to analyst decree for almost a decade, we have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance. So is there any who will remember some who

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denied the warning and said, Is it one human being among us that we should follow? Indeed, we would then be in error and madness has the message been sent down upon him from among all of us. Rather, he is an incident liar. They will know tomorrow who is the incident liar. Indeed we are sending the Sheikh camelus trial for them. So watch them and be patient and inform them that the water is shared between them each day of drink, attended by turn, but they call their companion and he dared and killed the camel. And how severe were my punishment and warning. Indeed, We sent upon them one blast from the sky and they became like the dry twig fragments of an animal than I've ever seen a barn

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ever seen how broken pieces of wood and not just word but straw hay is laying there. This is how they became welaka seminal for analytic reefa Hellmuth decade and we have certainly made the Quran easy for a membranes. So is there any who will remember the people of Luth denied the warning. Indeed we sent upon them a storm of stones except the family of load we save them before dawn near Mata Minar in Dena as favor from us Cavalli Canada zeeman shackle, thus do We reward he who is grateful Lutheranism is described as a grateful servant, even though his test was so severe, so difficult. He was dealing with such a rebellious people such as disgusting people, and he had

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already warned them of our assault.

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But they disputed the warning, and they had demanded from him his guests, but we obliterated their eyes saying, taste my punishment and warning, and there came upon them by morning and abiding punishment. So taste my punishment and warning abiding punishment. You see, when a person dies, that's just a new beginning. What are the external core analytic reefa? Holman? modificare We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance. So is there any who will remember? And they're certainly came to the people of our own warning. They denied our signs all of them so we seize them with the seizure of one Exalted in Might and perfect inability. Are your disbelievers better than

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those former ones? Or have you immunity in the scripture? What makes you save? Or do they say we are an assembly supporting each other, their assembly will be defeated, and they will turn their backs in retreat, Bella Sara to Marie to whom was Sarah to add her with a model, but the hour is their appointment for do punishment, and the hour is more disastrous and more bitter. You see right now we don't like to suffer any pain, anything better. But if a person does not bear the pain today and obey Allah tomorrow, the difficulty will be much more intense. Indeed the criminals are in error and madness. They call the Prophet mad. They themselves are in madness. The day they are dragged into

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the fire on their faces, it will be said taste the touch of sacado in cola in Hakuna hobo. Indeed all things we created with predestination, nothing is haphazard in this creation. Everything is according to a certain design plan color pattern. You don't see randomness in the creation of Allah. So all of this design would end up in nothing for no reason. No, there's a purpose behind this life on Bruna Illa Haider toon Callaghan Bulbasaur. And our command is but one like a glance of the eyes so quickly that comes so quickly they have judgment will come. And we have already destroyed your kinds. So is there any who will remember, is there any who will remember what color Shay in follow

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who visible and everything they did is in written records will calusa lead in workup eating Moscato, and every small and great thing is inscribed. This is a very powerful solar. It's a solar that was revealed very early on. And great historical events are detailed so powerfully in the solar In short, brief verses, and one that is repeated over and over again. The Quran is easy to take a lesson from if we want to know why people were destroyed. Look at the Quran. If we want to know how we can be protected. Look at the Quran, the message is not difficult to understand. And what we see over here there's nothing big or small, except that it is recorded with Allah prepared as evidence

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testimony for the Day of Judgment. In the cleaner future, nothing went wrong. Indeed, the righteous will be among gardens and rivers, gardens and rivers FEMA Corps, the acetylcholine are in the Maliki mahkota. They're in a seat of honor near a software and who was perfect inability, Allah, they will be near him on members of new podiums of light near Allah. Bless it with eternal happiness and joy. Allah will be pleased with them and they shall be pleased with Allah. And these are the people who live their lives in fear of Allah because in the pain, it's those with taqwa those who are conscious of him careful about what Allah has ordered. careful about observing Allah's comments. May Allah

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grant all of us dakhla so that we are saved in the hereafter also.