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Az-Zumar 32-52 Translation 32-52


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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tsuda Hill Karim I'm about to betray him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim furbish roughly Sati were Sidley, MD, of the Tamil melissani of koko de urban as editor in

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Lesson number 245. pseudo resumo is number 32 to 52. translation, famine, then who

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is more unjust women than who cares Baba, he lied. Allah La against Allah. Wa cadabra and he belied bislett with the truth is when Jana who it came to him, and they said is not fee in Johanna Hellfire mouthwear and aboard lil Catherine for the disbelievers one lady and the one who just he came basically the thing with the truth was that DACA and he confirmed be with it. Ola, aka those whom they Alberta cool. Those who are righteous

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lahoma for them, ma whatever Yasha una they will in the near pub be him they rub

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their liquor that jezza reward and worsening of those who do utmost good.

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Luca Fierro so he expats Allahu Allah on home from them as well, worst and lovey which army Lu they did. While Zia home and he recompenses them digital home they reward the person with best Alavi which can oh they were Dr. Malone, they do.

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Elisa is not Allahu Allah. Be caffeine. Definitely sufficient, are Buddha who for his servant, when you holy fool nica and they frighten you, Bill Athena with those who mean dooney he from other than Him? Woman and whoever yield Lin he leaves to stray. Allahu Allah, firmer than not Lahu for him, men from heaven, any guide

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woman and whoever, yesterday he guides Allahu Allah, firmer than not la who for him, men from mobile, anyone who misleads

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Elisa is not Allahu Allah. Bear Aziz and definitely Almighty the possessor in the form of revenge

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while in and surely if CELTA whom you asked them. Man Who? Holocaust he created a semi where the heavens while up and they are layer kulana surely they will definitely say Allahu Allah.

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Say fo atim Have you seen? Man? What? The owner you all invoke men from doula besides Allah in Aurora, Danny he intended for me, Allahu Allah, be loaded in with some harm. How are hoonah the cache effect? Once you remove the re his harm? Or Allah Danny he intended for me. There are men with mercy. Hell are hoonah de musika ones who withhold for Him at His mercy. who say has been sufficient for me. Allahu Allah, or lay upon him, yet are working. He trusts al mutawa chiune those who rely

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on say, yeah, call me all my people. Here Malou you all work? Allah upon mechanical. Your position in me indeed I am in one who works for sofa then will soon Darla moon, you all will know man whoever yet he it comes to him. either been a punishment. You see. It will humiliate him.

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Well hello and descends, I lay upon him or there been a punishment, Joakim one everlasting, in indeed we and then we sent down our Laika upon you, Al Kitab, the book, Lynas, for the people been helped with the truth for men, so whoever is the he obtained guidance for the NFC he then for his self, woman and whoever Berlin he went astray for innama that indeed not but your lilu he goes astray or lay her against itself warmer and not under you or lay him upon them be working at all a trustee. Allahu Allah yetta warfare he takes away and for the souls hanaa edge time multi hair it's that one Lottie and that which lamb not the Mote It does fee in Miami, her, it sleep

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for you I'm sick, then he withholds allottee which other he decided or lay her upon it, and motor that will you see do and he sends an Oprah other Illa till agile in a time with some one fixed

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in indeed fee in Delica that is surely signs the account for people, yet the Fed karoun they reflect

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on or it the huddle, they have taken men from doing Illa besides Allah schufa intercessors

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who say our low watch what even if candle, they were lying on the corner, they do not own show anything, whether and nor Yaki loon they understand

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say lilla for Allah, a shefa are to be intercession, Jamia alltogether Lahu for him malkuth kingdom smls of the heavens while up and the earth Thoma, then LA to him to your own you all will be returned.

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What either and when? Luke era he was mentioned, Allahu Allah, what the who, as him alone is Shiva as it was filled with disgust. Or it shrank in aversion.

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Boo Boo hearts a levina of those who love not you, me, Luna, they believe will fly in the hereafter.

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What either and when, Luke euro, he was mentioned, and levina those who mean from dooney he besides Him, either than instantly, whom they yesterday Sharon, they rejoice

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say Allahumma O Allah forbid, originator smls of the heavens, while earth and the earth on him nor alive of the unseen was Shahad and the witnessed. And you

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will you will judge bainer between very bad Your servants fee in man, whatever. Kanu they were fee in it. Yesterday phone they dispute on your cell phone, they differ

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walo and if unless that indeed levena for those who vulnerable they did wrong, man, whatever. Fill up in the earth gym era altogether with laahu and like it. Mara who with it left?

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Surely they gave in ransom be he with it. Men from so evil Allah or the the punishment yarmulke gamma on the Day of Judgment yoma de al qiyamah the standing

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over there and it appeared the home for them.

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mean Allah from Allah, ma whatever. Lum not your Kunal they were yet to see Boone they think wobba and it appeared the home for them say evils. Man that Casa boo they earned what help and it's around it be him with them man watch ever can they were busy with it yesterday has he own the mark

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for either then when must attached an incentive the human being lovin any harm their honor, he called us some than either when How will know who we granted him near Martin a favor Midna from us parlour he said in Nima indeed not but booty to who I was given it Allah upon in knowledge, but rather here It fits in atone a trial with our kin, but axolotl home, most of them learn not here alone, they know

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God in fact, Allah He said it and levena those who mean probably him from before them

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firmer than not have it availed on home from them, man, what can Oh, they were the xe boon they earn

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for asaba home so it reached them. Say two evils. Man What? Casa boo they earned one levina and those who won or who they wronged men from hat with a BS. Say you see boom, soon it will reach them. Say two evils. Man what guess abou they earned warmer and not home they be more dizzy at all wants to escape at all wants to weaken?

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I wanna did and not Yala mo Dino and aloha that Indeed Allah Yabba Soto, he expands a risk of the provision Lehman for who? He who he wills Where could it and he constricts in indeed, fee in their liquid that

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surely signs the count for

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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See me

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what is

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Be wonky

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of the journey

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be more rGz

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