Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-032A Translation and Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 234-242

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various actions taken by FEMA, including a military coup and a marriage proposal, and emphasize the importance of maintaining calm and avoiding embarrassment. They also discuss various examples of words used in relationships, including "will" and "will" used in relationships, and stress the importance of maintaining a strong stance on daily prayers and not wasting time. They also mention the concept of "verbal" and "verbal" in relation to various topics, including religion, religion, and politics.
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AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are the relay Mina shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ALA and Otto Sudha Hill Karim rubbish Swahili Saudi way acidity. Emery wash looked at Amelie Sani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma. Jacobi was a deadly Sani was loads of emoticon B. I mean, you're blind. I mean, lesson number 32. So little Bacala versus 234 to 242 Let's do the translation first smuggler one Lavina and those who you thought were PHONER they are taken in death. Main comb among you all, were the Runa and they leave behind as Weijun wives yet or Vesna they should wait for a period be unfussy Hina by themselves or BARDA for a shooting months Warshaw

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and 10 for either than when Bella Hoonah they reach Agila Hoonah their term fellow Juna her, then no blame at all, or lay calm is upon you all FEMA in regard to what for Allah they do fee in regard to unfussy hinda themselves. Bill maruf in the recognized way, wala who and Allah Bhima of what Dharma Luna you all do hiburan ever aware? Well Arjuna her and no blame at all, or lay calm is upon you all FEMA in regard to that which are like Doom you all hint be at it? Men have clear Tober marriage proposal and Nisa of the women Oh, or a connectome. You all conceal it. Fee within unfussy Calm yourselves are lame Allahu Allah knows, and Nicoma that indeed you all certain Karuna Hoonah you all

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shall remember them, you all shall mentioned them while lacking but law to worry, do Hoonah you all do not make an arrangement with them. Ceylon in secret Illa n but the Kulu you all may say, oh learn a word, Mara rufa one recognized as acceptable, while at RZ mu and you all do not be determined upon raka contract and Nika of the marriage. Hector until ye Balu Hall kita boo the decree reaches a Gela who its term, wire Allah mu and you all should know and know that indeed Allah Allah, Ya Allah mu he knows man what fee is within and foresee come yourselves for the route so you all be cautious of him? Why Allah mu and you all should know and not that indeed Allah Allah was a full on is ever

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forgiving Holleyman ever for bearing large you know her no blame at all I lay calm is upon you all if palak Doom you all divorce and Nisa, the women, my lambda masu Hoonah if you all did not touch them yet, out or dufry Lou, you all did not appoint Liahona for them FurReal button and appointed portion, Wilma Thea ruhuna and you all give a benefit to them, or Allah upon a loser the person of abundant means other who who according to his ability, why Allah and upon a look did the person have insufficient means further who according to his ability muda on a benefit Bill Maher roof in the recognized way have been a duty Isla upon a more sinning those who do good with excellence we're in

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and if burlock to move Hoonah you all divorce them. Men cobbly N before the Mizzou Hoonah you all touch them walk out while indeed furrowed dome, you all had appointed Lohana for them for the Albertan and appointed portion, funniest food then have man of what followed Doom you all had appointed Illa except an in the case that you're a foreigner therefore go it. Oh, or Yara for that he forgoes it. And Ludy the one who be a D in his hand are the two is contract and Nika of the marriage. We're an and that dar fool you all forego it, a caribou is nearer litho Aqua to the consciousness of Allah will attend sir whoo and

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You all do not forget AlFalah the favor Boehner come between you all in Allaha indeed Allah Bhima of what Dharma Luna you all do buslee rune is ever seen happy low you all diligently maintain our la sala wa T the prayers will swallow it and the prayer I'll was thought the mid most and you can also write over here for yourselves I'll was thought the best what como and you all stand Lilla he for Allah Bonnie teen as ones who are humbly obedient for in then if Cliff dome you all fear for the Jilin than as one's walking out or rock band and as one's writing for either than when I mean don't you all are secure first guru then you all remember Allah Allah comma just as or because I llama

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comb he taught you all Mao what lambda Kuno you all did not use to Darla moon you all know what Lavina and those who you toa fauna they are taken in depth men come among you all were the Runa and they leave behind as Weijun wives will see ya turn a bequest Lee as YG him for their wives. Madonna on a benefit Isla until al how the year Leila without it Rajan expulsion for in then if Khurana they go out fellow Do you know her then no blame at all. Our lay calm is upon you all fee in regard to Mao what file now they do. fee in regard to unfussy hinda themselves. Men have ma rufen what is right well Allah Who and Allah or Z zone is ever Almighty her Keman ever wise while in Mocha la

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carte and for all divorced women Mata on is a benefit Bill maruf in the recognized way, have gone a duty Allah upon al muda clean those who adopt consciousness of Allah Kadar Lika does yoga you know Allahu Allah makes clear Lacan for you all at his vs La La calm so that you all dark alone you all understand all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses on

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our phone I mean

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as Jenny

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showed you

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that either that

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Walla Hobbema down medulla 41

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Allah Almighty

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Allah Allah Hoon Halim legend

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tena su elder friable very

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well met

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Moto G Reekado. Mata.

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Seanie why we're

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going to move on

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to vary according to

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that is format

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DVD or according to Nika.

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Living in Allah Habima Runa don't see.

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Have you idle Salah Lanthimos Salentino

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was for holding on 18 fainted

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a little cabana that either

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when Larry and I with our phone

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de la

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. Inshallah we'll just combine the word analysis and see if you have the text in front of you and hamdulillah so we'll go ahead with that. Our other bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim when Medina uto a PHONER min como la Medina and those who use our fauna, they are taken in death, men come among you. Now the word Utopia fauna is from the root letters welfare. Yeah, and the word for basically the word Wafaa is to reach the end. All right. So for example, Wafaa is used for the fulfillment of a promise. So it's to complete the entire time period and reach the end of the time period and fulfill the promise. And the offer is to fully take

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to take completely okay, and the word is used in different ways. It's used for death, and that is the meaning over here. So Utah a PHONER, they are taken fully meaning they are fully taken in depth, meaning their soul is taken away from the body, so they are no longer alive. So when Levina Utoya fauna, those who are taken fully in death, men come among you all among you all as in believers, so those men who die were the Runa and they leave behind here the owner is from well, their raw weather is to leave something so they leave behind as Weijun spouses meaning wives, which is the plural of the word xojo. So those men who die and they leave behind wives, then what are those wives supposed

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to do? They have to yet are busness be unfussy when they have to wait by themselves with themselves now yet are Basner is from raw bow sod and we have done this word earlier that in the context of divorce, that the women who have been given divorce they have to yet or busca be unfussy. hinda. Right. And they have to wait for Salah to Kuru for three menstrual cycles. Here we learn that the widow has to wait for how long are Bartha ashore for months. And what does it mean by yet our bus Nabi unfussy Hina remember that the word Terra bus, Robert Assad is the root and it means to wait and watch for someone or for something. So because this is a time period for months and 10 days,

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they have to wait for four months and 10 days before they can do something and what is that something inshallah we'll talk about it. So the waiting period of the widow is four months and 10 days or Bartha assured assure is the plural of the word shahada and shahada sheen Hora is the route month so four months and 10 days for either than when below Hoonah they have reached Balamb lane is the route Agila Hoonah their term meaning when they have reached the end of the term the end of the waiting period and the waiting period is over. Then fill out you now haha then there is no blame at all. Okay follow Juna her there is no blame at all there is no sin at all our lay come upon you all

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meaning upon the family of the woman. So you all is referring to the family of the woman so there is no sin on you femur in regard to what file now they do. Who does the women do? File dies from fair I inland Farrell is to do something. So there is no blame on you or family in regard to what the women do the widow All right after her waiting period is over fee and fussy hinda in regard to themselves, and force is the plural of the word knifes Bill Maher roof in the

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recognized way. And Mara Rufus from Iein. Raw File wala who and Allah Bhima Dharma Luna Allah is of whatever you do Dharma Loon, imeem, lamb, Allah is Hadid he is fully aware Hubie ha ba RA and Hubber is to be fully acquainted with something the external and the internal matters. So, Allah is fully aware of what you do the next I will add you now Hara lay calm and there is no blame at all upon you all meaning upon you or men or Muslim men femur in regard to what outlook Don't you all hint or look to is from the root letters iron raw blood okay all right raw blood and Alaba diarrhea is to hint at something all right to indirectly elude and the opposite of that evil is the sorry the three with

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solid not seen the three swords is to be very open and straightforward about something okay to be very clear. And third yield is to indirectly hint at something to be unclear. So there is no blame on you. If you femur of work to be in what you hint at hint at what what is it that you are hinting min hippo batin Nisa of marriage proposal to women now the word hit by is from Ha ha baat. Okay, call bah bah. And hit BA is to propose to a woman for marriage to ask for her hand in marriage. So there is no sin on you. If you hint at a footballer, any you don't directly give a proposal you don't directly ask for a woman's hand in marriage. Rather you hint at it? All right, men fit but in

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Nyssa owl or a conundrum. You all conceal fee and fuzzy come in yourselves a conundrum is from Caffe known known and it means to conceal something, or to keep something a secret. Okay? So if you conceal it, meaning you hide it in your heart, you don't reveal that intention, there is no sin on you. So there is no sin on you go back to the beginning of the ayah No, there is no sin on you in what in hinting at the marriage proposal or keeping that marriage proposal in your heart. Okay, you're not even hinting at it. So no hint and also hinting no sin on you both are permissible. I name Allah who Allah knows and Nakhon that indeed you all Saturday Corona who now you all shall

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remember them or you all shall mention them said that Corona, this is from Val cow fre, vicar, vicar is to mention something all right or to remember something and the pronoun Hoonah is referring to a Nyssa women. So, Allah knows that you will mention them meaning the women or you will remember them you will think about them and so you cannot help but at least hint at something. So, this is why Allah subhanaw taala has allowed you to do that what I can but let worry do Hoonah you all do not make an arrangement with them. Now the word Tiwari do is from well i in dal word is promise. Okay, and more other than you see there is an Elif after the well. Mua is to make a promise with someone

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okay to arrange something with someone. So do not make an arrangement with them. Do not promise them meaning the women Suitland secretly. Okay, and sip seen Laura. This is also a secret. So there is a difference between sit and eat Nan, okay, it Cannan is to conceal something in a secure place. Okay. So they're a conundrum fee and physical. The marriage proposal mean the thought of marrying someone, you conceal it, you keep it safe in your heart. You don't express it. You don't let anyone find out about it. You don't even hint at it. Okay? So you're just concealing it in your heart. You're keeping that intention safe in your heart. Okay, oh can Anton fee and for SQL and Ser is secret,

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meaning you don't inform others about it. Learn to worry, do Hoonah Siran in a secretive way. So inshallah we'll talk about what led to our Illumina Cyril means, intercede. INLA except and Dakolo that you all say oh, we'll learn a word ma rufa one that is appropriate one that is correct. One that is recognized.

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aced as acceptable, that is permissible while at RZ mu and you all do not be determined upon, this is from Iein ze mean, Azzam is to resolve to be determined to do something to make up your mind. And earlier we learned what in Aza Motala if they're determined on divorce, here who let RZ mood do not determine do not resolve to do what to do real quick that Kanika to make the marriage contract or aka I in cough doll is literally a knot okay. And here this knot is referring to the knot of marriage meaning the contract of marriage. So do not resolve upon the marriage contract had diabolical key taboo. Ajala had that until you're blue hull key taboo, the Kitab the decree reaches

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Agila its appointed term now the word yellowblue bear Lam ln same root as the word beloved to reach to reach the end to complete and Kitab means MK tube as in that which is written okay that which is written and what is written is also used for a decree because a decree is written it is issued. So here Kitab is referring to the prescribed waiting period because that is something that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed. And what is the prescribed waiting period for a widow for months and 10 days. So do not determine upon the marriage contract until the waiting period reaches a Gela its term meaning the end of its term, wireless Mo and you all should know and Allah Ya Allah will Murphy

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and fusi calm that Allah knows what is in yourselves meaning what you keep inside of you for her the rule so you will be cautious of him have that raw. Heather is to be cautious of something and when you're cautious that means you are careful you are alert. So for her the Rahu be cautious of Allah wa llamo and Allah gefallen Haleem and you all should know that Allah is Allah for ever forgiving Elaine Felder Haleem ever forbearing Hallum me, Helen is forbearance that even when you have the power to inflict revenge or punishment, you don't do so. Okay. Many people actually do not have that control over themselves. They're constantly being driven by others. So someone says something

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immediately they're annoyed and they express themselves. They become verbally abusive, they begin to show anger. All of this is wrong. Halem is to have forbearance to have the ability to control oneself. So people creatures, you know, they act like that Allah subhanaw taala he is Haleem he is ever forbearing and think about how many times people disobeyed Allah in one day, any at any given moment, how many acts of disobedience are being committed across the world and Allah is Helene, he does not instantly inflict punishment on people he is forbearing wirelend mo Anila photon Haleem then it is said loud you know highly calm there is no blame at all upon you all meaning this is

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something completely permissible in Paluch Timon Nyssa if you will divorce women, the lactone column cough Taanach when marlim Tama su Hoonah ma if mat has many different meanings in the Arabic language here it's giving the meaning of chuffed so if Lama su Hoonah you all did not touch them. Now the muscle will know this is from meme seen seen must literally used to touch to feel but in Arabic the word must is also used for the relationship between a man and woman. Okay, sexual * and this is a way of speech. Okay? So Mallamma sunnah, if you all did not touch them meaning you all did not have relations with them. You all did not consummate the marriage. Oh or

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tough for you blue. You all did not appoint Lohana for them for the Allah the MaHA now the word dufry lu this is connected with my lymphoma sunnah alright so there is an implied did not even though Lang is not repeated again but it is understood that it's there because the word is not definitely Luna It's Stephanie Liu. Okay, so lamp Tama su one out of three Lulu Hoonah Fariba. Now the word tofu and also the word funny Allah both of these words are from the root letters fat raw blood okay. And from this root is the word fault followed is to obligate something, alright, like we say fuddled, Salah, meaning that's all

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which is an obligation okay. So, font is also to make something obligatory tougher to do, you did not make obligatory meaning you did not fix you did not appoint Okay. Law Hoonah for them meaning for the women formula and obligation and what is this obligation referring to this is their appointed portion meaning the right of the woman, which is the MaHA. So, the formula literally an obligation what is meant over here is Maha. So, there is no sin on you if you divorce a woman even if you did not consummate the marriage and you did not fix him or her will not do ruhuna however, what should you do at the time of divorce well material Hoonah and you should benefit them meaning

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you should give them a benefit and that specific benefit is called a mudra. And you can see that in the translation motor and the word material Hoonah This is from meme terrain, matar is something of benefit of enjoyment. So, material will not give them some financial benefit and how much is it supposed to be Allah upon and mu SEER the person of abundant means by the Rahu his ability now the word mu SeRa is from Wow see nine was surah is capacity. So, mu seer is the one who has a lot of capacity meaning the one who has a lot of wealth he can afford to give a lot Okay, so I'll move ser upon the person of abundant means is other who his ability meaning he should give according to what

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he can afford. Now, the word khadar means extent, okay of something, the ability of someone and it also means worth meaning a person has to see what his worth is what his meaning financial worth, what his capacity is, what his extent is what he can afford to give. So I'll move Syrian kadavu While mocked it and upon the person of insufficient means is further who his capacity now who is muckety muck there is from the root of the rock. Okay, path Dara and Potter is used for someone who is stingy. Okay, but there is stinginess, the country Qatar is different. Okay. Cough Tao Ra is to be stingy, meaning to not spend freely. Now why would a person not spend freely some people do not

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spend freely because they don't like to spend even if they have a lot, okay, they don't like to spend and that is bone. All right. But there is another situation where a person does not spend freely and that's because they have limited wealth, they barely have sufficient means. So they have to be very careful about how much they spend and where they're spending. So the word McTeer is actually used for a person who has insufficient means meaning he's poor, okay, he has restricted income, restricted wealth. So while mokhtari kadavu, who the person of insufficient means will give according to his ability, but something has to be given and Matan, a benefit Bill my roof in the

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recognized way, how can I learn more sin in a duty upon those who do airson How can this is from how cough cough help means truth? And it also means an obligation something that is last him something that is wajib? Any This is a duty? There is no exception? This is a must upon an Morsi Nene has he known is the route we're in and if poloxamer Wanna you all divorced them Min cobbly and before Tama sunnah you touch them again divorce happens before the consummation of marriage, but this is a different scenario and this is that what God forgot to Laguna for the Oba you did indeed appoint a Muhammad for them okay the previous case was what that you did not appoint a Muhammad for them here

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you did appoint him or her for them then furnace food and how much are you supposed to give to the woman furnace for then half man of what followed Don't you all appointed in law except AR foreigner in the case that therefore go You're a foreigner This is from Irene farewell are for is to forgive? All right to excuse someone. So you're a foreigner the pronoun which is indicated in the letters well known is our feminine plural. So this is referring to the women. Okay, so except in the case that the women forego whips, meaning the woman says that I don't even want half of it. I want nothing. Oh or

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Are y'all for he forgoes it? Who forgot? Was it a lady BIA D roc, the tunica the one in whose hand is the marriage contract, okay. Via D yet is hand or could the tunica marriage contract? Who is the person in whose hand is the marriage contract? Who has control over the marriage contract meaning who can undo it? The man exactly, because the man can dissolve that contract. Right and by the man what is meant is exactly specifically husband. All right, because the man can undo the marriage contract the man gives the Talaq All right. So a lady BIA D Roc the tunica is the husband. Okay. Or he forgoes it. How would he forego it? That he says I won't give you half you can take all of it.

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Okay. He will give the full Maha that was fixed at the time of marriage. Okay, so he gives all of it now, what antar Fu and that you all for go. Acropolis Taqwa. It is nearer to Taqwa. So, the question is who is going to observe more Taqwa over here? The woman or the man will attend sir Whoo. And you all do not forget and by the way, the word a club is from the root letters of fre bow. closeness. nearness, wala Tansa Whoo. And you all do not forget noon. Senia is the root NIS en to forget. El Fabula the favor so do not forget the favor bein a convent when you are reading Do not forget to show favor to one another and do not forget the favor that was done. All right between yourselves up

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until the time of divorce. So what happens I will follow by Nico in Allaha indeed Allah Bhima Therma Luna of whatever you do bus lead on he has ever seen. He's watching what you're doing. Have you loyal you all diligently maintained how fuel with this is from her fell law and hips, as you know have is to memorize when you memorize something? What does it mean you are keeping it, you're not just storing it in your brain? Right? You have to guard it. When you memorize Quran first of all, you are part of those who are guarding and preserving the book of Allah, the book of Allah is preserved in writing. And it's also preserved in the hearts of people. So when you memorize the

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Quran, you are part of those who are preserving the book of Allah, you are ensuring that the book of Allah is not forgotten. It's not lost, right? But memorization doesn't mean that you just copy paste in your brain and that's it, you can forget it. No, you have to keep reviewing it. Right you have to keep reviewing it. So, how far are Allah is to diligently maintain something diligently you know, preserve something to ensure that it does not go waste, it is not neglected, all right. So you are watchful. So have you lower Allah Salawat diligently maintain the Salawat Salawat is the plural of the word Salah Salah as in the prayer, so diligently maintained the prayers the five daily prayers

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was Salah till was law and the Salah, which is a Wooster meaning the worst or Salah especially diligently maintained that one now was thaw technically the word was thought is the feminine of the word Oh salt. Okay and this is from the root letters while seeing top and what's up as you know, we discussed this word earlier at the beginning of the second juice omoton Wesselton was out means that which is central that which is in the middle, but it doesn't just mean that it also means that which is best so all mutton Wesselton best nation, right best community. So Salah tell was Thor is which Salah, the best Salah so have you loo Allah salatu wa Salatu was Thor war como lillahi carnitine wa

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como and you will stand off while meme LilLah he for the sake of Allah carnitine or lillahi before Allah, how should you stand carnitine Florin of the word turn it off noon tap to note is the root and it means obedience. That also means humility and submissiveness. It also means stillness. So como lillahi carnitine. When you stand in prayer, stand as ones who are humbly obedient and with complete stillness for inland if if Tom you all fear call welfare, health, meaning you are in a state of fear you are in a state of danger, then Fatih Jilin, then as ones who are walking regional is the plural of the word, the raja

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Okay, but it's also the plural of the word ra Jill. Rajan. Okay. When it's the foreign of the word Rajul Orajel means men. Okay, but ra JL, Ra JL with an Elif is a pedestrian meaning someone who is walking Okay, so here Regina and doesn't mean men, it means ones on foot ones who are walking, meaning praying while walking, that he Jilin as ones who are walking meaning prayer while walking. Because you are in a state of fear you cannot stand and pray so you will pray as you're walking. Oh or little tabanan as ones who are writing look van is the plural of the word of our cube. Rock him from the root letters rock Kapha record is to ride Okay, so Rakim is a person who is writing

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something like an animal solo cabanne as ones who are writing okay meaning prey as you are writing for either than when I'm in Tom you all are secure. I mean, Tom Hamza Amin known Amman is security. So when you are safe when you are secure, the danger has subsided then fun kulula Then you all remember Allah Val Kavre How should you remember Allah come out I lemma come just as he has taught you meaning then pray as Allah has taught you and the default way of prayer that has been taught is that you stand and pray all right, you pray with stillness not that you pray while walking or while writing okay. So fine could Allah come out I lemma come and comer also means because so remember

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Allah because Allah has taught you mallam to cornuta Harlem one what you all did not use to know meaning before Allah taught you you did not know about these matters you did not know Salah you did not know how to pray you did not know how to pray in different situations when Medina your telephone or men come and those who are taken in death among you were the owner as virgin and they leave wives. So again, this is a case of a widow. What has to be done is Mata on a benefit, okay? Has to be given to who to the wives of the deceased meaning to the widow. And this benefit is how much until when Ill whole until the year. Okay. How will means year so until you know for an entire year

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basically. Okay. Leila ecolodge. Without expulsion, if Raj is from Harlow, Jean Harada to go out, uh huh. Raja to make someone go out. Okay. So if Raj is to turn out to expel so basically, a woman gets to stay in the house of her deceased husband for how long for a year without expulsion, meaning she's not going to be sent away from that house. Okay. She has the right to remain in the house of her deceased husband and none of his family can expel her can send her away. Okay. Before the year is over, however, for encouraging her then if they go out Krajina Hora Jean, if they go out meaning the women go out, when do they go out before the end of the year or after the year? Okay, then for

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ledger now Harley comm there is no blame on you, FEMA for Allah in regard to what they do fee unfussy. Hina in regard to themselves mimara roof of what is right, meaning if they do something that is acceptable, then it's not your problem. Let them live their life fell out in a Harley comfy my foreign Luffy and fusina memory roof will lower Aziz and Hakeem And Allah is Ever Almighty ever wise. Well in Mocha Laqad and for the divorced women. And here Elmo talakad means all divorced women. So l over here gives the meaning of all this is called is the rock. Okay, just as in Alhamdulillah. You don't just say the praises for Allah. No Al hamdu means all praise. So le Mata la

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carte over here means all divorced women all types of divorced women Metatron for them is a benefit is a mudra how much Bill Maher roof in the recognized way. And this is how can a duty Arlen with the pain upon those who fear Allah, those who are conscious of Allah. Cos Alika does Ubu Nova who Allah makes clear by yeah known to Venus to make clear to clarify, so Allah gives in detail over

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Hear you buy in hola hola Kong for you all it is VS La La calm so that you all 30 loon you all use intellect you all understand rain Tov lamb is the root Arkell is intellect reason. So use it to understand what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed because once you use your intellect to understand these verses only then you will be able to follow them you'll be able to apply them in your life

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