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An-Nahl 65-79 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 74-79


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The speakers discuss the similarities between the title boss and title woman in Islam, emphasizing the importance of not asserting similarities. They stress the significance of understanding the meaning of "verile" in loss of information and the significance of "verile" in relation to the power of a woman and her father. The speakers also emphasize the importance of worship and the worship of the creator, while criticizing the worship of the creator's children and the worship of the creator's children. Finally, they discuss the importance of turning one's face towards one's mistakes and finding ways to correct them.

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falletta the Buddha himself. So do not assert similarities to have law in the law hayama what antem letterland would indeed Allah knows and you do not know

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the word i'm saying is the plural of missile as well as method it has two singular forms first of all missing what is missing me

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missing means that which is similar to the other. So, in other words equivalent

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that which resembled the other that which is like the other and equivalent. Secondly, um Sal is the plural of muscle and what is a muscle?

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What is a muscle? example msls example,

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so, falletto to the Buddha level emcell What does it mean by this? That first of all, do not strike similarities do not assert similarities to Allah meaning do not say that Allah has equivalence. Do not say that if Allah sends down green, there is another being who sends down green. If Allah grants children, there is another being that grants children, if Allah deserves worship, there's another being that deserves worship. If Allah gives you fat, there's another being that gives you fat, no, don't assert equivalent to almost 100 do not ascribe any co equal to Allah in any way. Why? Because laser commits cliche, there is nothing that is like.

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Secondly, if we take the meaning of falletta, to the Buddha himself, do not strike examples for Allah, then this has to be understood in a certain way in a specific way. It does not mean don't give any examples for last.

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Because we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he gave examples to us about Allah soprano Darla to explain to us, for instance, His mercy his Rama, through various examples through various incidents, like remember that incident in which there was a woman who had been brought as a captive, and she had a baby whom she had lost, and any child that you would see she would begin to nurse. Remember that incident? very familiar with it? Never heard of it. Okay, I'm telling you now, a woman was bred as a captive, and she had a baby whom she was nursing. And in the process of coming and going, she lost her baby. So just imagine a breastfeeding mother. Naturally, she knows when to feed

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the child. And if she does not feed the child, then it's extremely painful for her. So any baby she would see any child she was a he would begin feeding the child.

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What does that show the amount of love and the affection and the mercy that she must have had for her child? So the profits or loss of assets Ahava, do you think should ever throw her child into fire if she found her child? They said never.

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Allah is more merciful than

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Allah is more merciful than her. So we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he did give examples to explain the effect of Allah planetary, so it doesn't mean don't give any examples for Allah. No, this is not what the meaning is, it means don't give incorrect examples. To prove *.

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To show that chick is necessary, because Allah has no parallel. Like, for example, the machine would say that we only worship these gods because through them, we attain units to a loss of parameter

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that just as there is a king, and if you wish to go to a king, you can't just approach him directly, what do you have to do?

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You have to go to somebody else who will connect you with the king. Similarly, we cannot access a lot of panel data directly. Now this is an example that has been given for a loss of panel data. Right? But this is an incorrect example. So falletta de la Ansel, in the context, what is Ansel means? similarities meaning equals co equals, however, we can understand this in another way as well. They do not give examples about almost random such examples that are incorrect, that are irrelevant, that go against the heat. Because in the La Jolla animal The reality is that Allah knows what anthem Lateran and you do not know.

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And especially the machine of Arabia, they didn't have any knowledge of a loss of 100. So many times you see the lady and without knowledge they had based their beliefs. So they did not know about Allah subhanaw taala and everything that they believed concerning it was based on what assumption conjecture. So since you do not know don't come up with your own examples. Don't come up with your own beliefs. rather believe in what in what Allah subhanaw taala is telling you believe in that

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dorable along with Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gives examples. Now. We can

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The reality is that you don't know who knows avanos bearable level messenger. Allah gives an example of what our burden when lueken a slave that is owned

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up then slave Mum, Lucan, 100 letters mean lamb calf malkia possession of Denman Lucan, a possessed slave,

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who is in possession of his master. And this slave, Lake, Michigan, he does not have ability over anything. He does not have authority over anything. Meaning, he doesn't have any ownership rights. Because of that he cannot, by by his own will, he cannot spend by his own will. And sometimes you see that a servant, if he's working in somebody's house, the master will give him specific instructions that even if you're cleaning, you have to clean this way, you have to put this thing over here, you cannot move it in into over there.

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The servant does not have any authority, he cannot argue with the master, for example, a few different with your spouse, I don't want to put this piece of furniture here, I want to put it in the other room, can you argue, you can? Can you push your way through you can but a servant? Can you do that? No. Why? Because the Dollar Shave, he does not have any authority, he's unable to anything. This is one person.

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On the other hand, there is a woman and whom Rosa Connor, who we have provided him Midna from us, this could have been a good provision. In other words, one other person who is wealthy and who is he the master. So on the one hand is who the slave. And on the other hand is who the master

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and the master because he has his comparison for you and Foucault, therefore, he spends men who from it meaning from what Allah has given him, how does he spend Ceylon Bhaijaan secretly and openly? Why? Because it's his wealth. And he can spend it wherever, whenever, however he wants.

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If some money belongs to you, it's your choice, however you spend it, whether you spend it in front of your husband, or without telling him because it's your own personal money, you won't tell him Oh, in the cafeteria paid $2 to buy that it's your money. Whereas if it's shared money, then what do you have to do? You have to let him know you have to take his permission. So over here, we see that this person has complete authority over his world, which is why he can spend openly secretly however he wants.

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Allah subhanaw taala asks us halia Stone, are they equal? Can they be equal? The person who is a slave cannot spend or buy anything.

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On the other hand, a person who is a master, he has wealth, he spends whatever he buys whatever, no questions asked, Can they be equal?

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Are they equal? Think about it. They're not equal, not at all equal.

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They're not equal in terms of their wealth, in the freedom that they have, in the choices that they make, in the decisions that they make. They're not equal at all

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of us at hamdulillah. All Praise to Allah.

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Why is this mentioned over here? That 100 Allah hamdulillah Thank God you understand,

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that these two cannot be the same.

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Similarly, the Holic and the most Luke cannot be the same.

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The Creator and the created cannot be the same.

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The one us supreme authority, Allah subhana wa tada is not like an idol, who does not have any authority, or some other being that does not have any authority, compared to the authority of a loss of 100

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and 100, los altos over here, because this is a fact that Allah is the one who deserves praise, because he is the winner. He is the mercy He is the one who gives blessings

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back not only on the moon, but most of them do not know do not know what

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the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala

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they do not know, they do not understand. So, what is meant by this example?

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This example has been understood in two ways. First of all, as I mentioned to you, the harlot and

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Allah subhanaw taala, the One God compared to the other gods that are worshipped, that those gods were worshipped besides Allah, they are like our than mameluke and if you think of it, an idol is a possession. Like people say, this is my idol.

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It's a possession. You can go buy an item,

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it can be broken, it can be stolen, it can be altered, it can be bought, it can be sold, it can be put somewhere it can be taken off. Why? Because it is a possession. It's an item of them Luca,

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then the idols. I don't

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Hear me there.

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And I don't say, Make my form like this or make my form like that, no, like literally shape. If the item is put in the storage room, it cannot say anything later on that shape. On the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala, he has full authority, he can do whatever he wants, nobody can object to him, he has full authority, can the two be equal? They cannot be equal. So, how can you say that Allah has equivalence? How can you say that there are other beings are worthy of worship besides Allah? How can you say that?

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Secondly, even our vessel that are new, he said, that this is the example with which Allah is explaining the disbeliever. And the believer

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that the disbeliever is like optimum Lucan. Likely to lie. Why? Because he has no idea he has no knowledge. He's not doing anything productive. He's not doing anything beneficial. He's not worshipping a Lost Planet, Allah.

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And the believer. On the other hand, what does he do?

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He has guided, therefore, he spends in the way of Allah openly secretly, in the cat in South Africa. Both of these people cannot be the same.

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If you see one person who is dependent on others, and another person who is independent, are they equal in their productivity?

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Are they equal in their productivity? No, they're not. They're not the same.

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A person who uses his time and a person who does not use this time can they be equal, they cannot be equal.

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A person who has a mission in his life and other person who does not have a mission in his life, can they be equal, they cannot be equal. So we need to reflect and see that what should we be doing in our lives?

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What are the lahoma senate and Allah gives another example of who are Delaney, two men.

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And these two men, I had the home out one of them do is apcom. He is dumb. I've come is a person who is unable to speak.

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And he said that I become his one who is mute by birth, he has never spoken a word.

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And because he is like this lady or that shade,

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again, he is not capable to do anything. He does not have power to do anything. Why? Because he cannot speak. He cannot understand he cannot explain himself.

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And many times people who are unable to speak are also unable to hear many times. Not every time and many times they're unable to hear even. So like a da da da da he is not capable through anything. Whoa, whoa. And he is Cologne, a burden on who? Allah Mola who upon his master upon his garden, can this is not cool? Can is from the roof lettuce, calf, lamb, lamb. And curl is to be a burden. Can you think of any other words that we did from this route? Can

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Kyla calf lamb, lamb, Canada, Canada, so without any ascendance or descendants, and such a person

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becomes very tired,

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becomes weak.

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Sometimes he's considered to be a burden by others. How? Think about it, because he's dependent on who?

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on his siblings.

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Just imagine a woman.

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She got married, she never had any children.

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And her husband divorced her, where she gonna go? If her parents have also passed away? Where's she gonna go? Whose house you're gonna go to her brother's house if he's there, her sister's house if she's there, and they're going to consider her to be a burden. Because parents don't consider their children to be a burden. cemetery children don't consider their parents to be a burden. It's other people. So can is who a burden. Well, who are kalon Allah Allah. So this person who is dumb, who is unable to speak anything, he is a burden upon his master.

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And remember Mola is not just master the owner, but it also applies to Guardian, the caretaker of this person, because this dumb person is constantly dependent on him. Today, you have sign language.

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Once I saw, there was a group of people,

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like five or six of them, and they were constantly communicating in sign language. And it was so beautiful. I saw them as like, it was amazing. It was amazing. Not a word could be heard. It seemed like such a peaceful conversation. They were communicating in sign language. I'd never seen that before. It was amazing. Yes.

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It's amazing how sometimes we see that people who are communicating in sign language. For example, sometimes you'll see a lecture video in the corner you'll see a person through sign language

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He is speaking for those who are unable to hear and able to speak. And many times such people are also doing that with just with their sign language. So, imagine a person like this, who does not even know sign language isn't constantly dependent on others. Just imagine if you have a child who is not talking, you know why the child is crying? Like, just tell me why are you crying? What are you thinking what is bothering you? It's a guessing game almost. So just imagine a person was unable to speak how much of a burden he would be on his caretaker.

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Because he cannot express himself, he cannot tell him, I'm hungry, I want to do this, I want to go here, I want to go there, he is so dependent on his caretaker.

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And ami, you will do who, wherever he directs him, you will get from the root letter as well, Jima what you would do, though G. And though G is from Watch, watch his face. And though G is to direct someone's face towards something. The word though G is also used for showing someone like a mistake or something that they need to improve. Why? Because sometimes when we're doing something, we don't look at our mistake. So, the key is to turn a person's face towards their own mistakes, so that they see it, they can correct it.

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So, I know you are jihu wherever he directs a meeting any place that his master his caretaker sends him lay typically you cannot bring any good, why? Because he does not even understand if he says Go bring water for me. He has not heard he will not be able to bring it if he says okay sit down, he will not understand

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aina you are g who lay at the bedside he does not bring any good he does not respond at all, no matter what you say, He will not respond, because he does not understand

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honey. So he this person is equal, who are he meaning the dumb one woman and who yet motivator other who commands with justice.

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One person is unable to speak anything. And there is another person who speaks and when he speaks, he commands that which is good. He tells you about what you should do well, who are allowed without the most of him and he is also on the straight path can they be equal, they cannot be equal.

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Again, this example has been understood as that the dumb the mute it refers to the items

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that they are unable to do anything.

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And they are a complete burden on who those people who owns them. They have to clean them, they have to dust them, they have to shine them, they have to paint them. They do many, many things to them.

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Never decorate them. Put perfume on them so many things, they have to do a complete burden. They have to transfer them from one place to another. They have to set a place for them in the house a burden.

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And sometimes there's so huge a burden on the owner

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and enemy you have to lay at the height. No matter how many times you call the idol with you respond, no matter how much you pray to Him. Will he respond? Nope. No response at all. Layer typically. This is the example of the idle.

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On the other hand, Allah soprano turn the one true that my mobile or the he commands that which is justice.

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Chris recently somebody was mentioning in class, her friend, her Hindu friend, she said that she learned that in the Quran, there are commands she thought it was very strange, because she said in our scriptures all we read his stories. In your book, you have commands as well.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala has not just told us about stories he's told us what to do yet Marbella either. He commands us with justice what to do, well who are less rotten was talking?

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So both of them cannot be equal? Then how can we think that Allah and the idols are equal?

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How can we think that Allah deserves worship and idols deserve question? How can we think that something should be sacrificed for Allah subhanaw taala and should also be sacrificed for the idols?

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You see, in these examples, a very interesting point has been clarified. And what is that, that Allah and the other beings that are worshipped cannot be equal? They're not the same.

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And because they are not the same, they cannot be put at the same level. Both of them cannot be worshipped.

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Previously what who we are the emphasis is on that Allah does not need any children. He does not need any partners. He is a Samir, you can pray to him directly. This is why you don't need a middle person.

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Over here what is being emphasized? That no one is equal to Allah. These idols are not similar to align anyway then how can

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You worship them.

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Similarly, this example has been understood in another way, that this example is that of the messenger,

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or the believer, and who the disbeliever

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that on the one hand is a person who does not say anything good, who does not do anything good. No matter what you tell him, he does not understand, no matter what evidence you give to him, he will not accept. Why, because he's not using his mind. It's as though his heart his hearing, his intellect has been sealed. And on the other hand, there is a person who is calling people to righteousness, who is commanding that what is other than Who is he, the messenger, the believer, both of them are not the same. Therefore both of them are not the same in their end result either

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when the law is able similarity will have and to allow belongs the unseen of the heavens and the earth, meaning all matters that are hidden in the heavens and the earth, who knows about them, almost without a nose, who has authority over them.

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Well, now I'm gonna say it, and the command of the hour is not in there except Gollum Hill bustle, like the glands of the eye.

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lamp is another besar. It is to look at something quickly. It is a quick glance, it's a very quick glance, it is when you cast your glance at something, just for a moment, you quickly look at it and you look away. This is what lambda is. So column hell basa. Meaning the day of judgment will occur this quickly. Just as you look at something and you turn your eyes away, this is how quickly the day of judgment will occur. This does not mean that just as soon as you blink your eye the day of judgment will occur like right now know what it means is that once the Day of Judgment happens, once it comes once it occurs, it will occur this quickly without any warning,

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or will occur it is closer, closer than what then the blinking of the I

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mean, in a shorter time the Day of Judgment can occur.

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In aloha Allah Alicia in Cadiz Indeed Allah is able over everything into little calmer if we learn when I'm Luna Illa were hidden column him bill buzzer, and our command is but one like a glance of the eye.

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So quickly, Allah can give a command for the day of judgment to occur and very quickly, it will happen.

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Well, no. And Allah has brought you out. Member Tony Omaha to come from the wombs of your mother's Omaha, Florida.

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Let Anna Mona Shea and you did not do anything.

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You didn't even know your name. You didn't even know what were your hands. You didn't even know who your mother was. You had no idea that I'm gonna show you what Jelena come and he made for you. A summer the hearing will absorb and the sites will have it and the hearts that are locally grown so that you can be grateful. When you were born, you didn't know anything. And he gave you these abilities so that every moment you're grasping you're learning, you're taking all the information in, you're using your ears hearing different sounds, you're looking at different things, recognizing people recognizing things by their forums, and he has given you the hearts emotions to feel a heart

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online to reason why.

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So that you use these abilities to disobey Him. Know that you use these abilities to be grateful to have last parameter.

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We learn in total milk I have 23 kulu allele and choco vijayakumar summer we'll have a soda we'll have either khudiram at the school. How little is it that you're grateful?

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We should realize that our sights are we're hearing our hearts What are they a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. And he has given these faculties to us so that we use them properly. And we are grateful for them. But think about it. What is it that we use our ears for? What are we listening with our ears? At the beginning we learned about the importance of listening to the Quran.

00:24:21--> 00:24:26

We have to see what are we listening to. Similarly when it comes to looking, what are we watching?

00:24:27--> 00:24:47

Did Allah give us our ears that we listened to music? Did he give us our eyes that we spend hours watching TV or we just spend hours watching what other people are doing? No, he gave these abilities to us so that we can do something and if we don't do something productive, then that is in gratitude. That is in gratitude.

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And amuro Have they not seen it apply it to the birds have they not reflected at the birds that are moussaka that are controlled that are subjected plural of masa

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hada fijo with summer in the atmosphere of the sky, Joe from the refactors gene, well we're and Joe is mid air.

00:25:11--> 00:25:25

It is basically such air that is far from the earth. So basically we're not talking about space that is closer to the ground. But we're talking about space that is a higher upwards atmosphere.

00:25:26--> 00:25:33

So do not reflect that the birds that are subjected in the atmosphere of the sky.

00:25:34--> 00:25:35

How are they subjected?

00:25:36--> 00:25:38

That they fly and they don't fall?

00:25:40--> 00:25:49

You see a bird that is sitting on top of a building and it opens up its wings and it flies. If you try to do that with your arms open, turn there because you will fall.

00:25:50--> 00:26:03

So don't don't look at these birds. Musa hora fijo with summer and Mr. Herat also, that they fly for many hours. Sometimes they take long flights yet they don't fall.

00:26:04--> 00:26:50

It's amazing. Allah asks us my MC Kahuna who holds them in the law except Allah who is holding them up in the sky. But Allah subhanaw taala memsql from the author's name sanka meaning who enables them to fly, who does not let them fall when they open up their wings, and when they close them, who enables them to continue to remain in mid air without falling? Because if you think of it, a plane can only fly with its wings outstretched. And if you close the wings can the plane fly? No. But we see that birds as they're flying, what happens? they close their wings and they open them. They don't fall in the middle doesn't happen by Yossi Cohen, who is holding them Illallah except Allah in

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the fidelia color is indeed in there are surely signs becoming known for those people who believe signs of what signs of Allah soprano Dinah's oneness, that he's the only one who is doing this. The only one

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in total milk I 19 we learn I want amuro in a timely fashion. Why

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don't they look at the birds above them with their wings outspread and also sometimes folded in males, the corner man who holds them but the Most Merciful in who because Alicia embassy, indeed he is seeing of everything. So all of these things that Allah has placed within us, outside of us, all around us in the food that we eat, in the animals that we consume. In the different creatures that we see in all of these things are signs of what Allah xpower has his ability and also his oneness.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these

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