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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim furbish Ronnie Sabri were silly MD wash Lula rock data melissani yufka who Polly Allahumma hadeel Colby was said that Lisa Annie was ruled supreme at the Colby mean eurobodalla mean. inshallah We will begin with our study of we will continue with our study of sorbitol, Baccarat, and we will begin from IR number 224 of the surah. And I remind you and myself once again about the importance of reciting the surah the importance of being the people of suitable Baccarat the people of Sudan earlier Imran because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that

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recite as the hora wane, the two bright ones, meaning suitable bacala and suit earlier Enron because they will come on the day of judgment to intercede for their people. And they will come in the form of two clouds or two flocks of birds providing shade to its people and then also advocating for them. So we want to be among the people who learn the surah not just to increase in their knowledge and information, but in order to increase in our faith in order to increase in our obedience to Allah subhanaw taala in order to earn the approval, the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala so that we can live our lives as people who truly surrender to Allah. So that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased

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with us. So inshallah we will begin from IRA number 224. Allah subhanaw taala says what a third your Allah her rule of law tele a manickam and double roll What the Who what to slay whoa Bane and NASS will Allahu semir on our lien. And do not make your oath by Allah and excuse against being righteous, and fearing Allah and making peace among the people. And Allah is hearing and knowing what does this mean? This means that you should not put an oath between yourself and doing good things. Just like a shield is put between a person and something else. Like that. Do not use your oaths in order to prevent yourself from doing good. Your words, your own thoughts should be used to

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prevent yourself to stop yourself from doing wrong things, not doing good things. And it is also not right that when a person takes an oath In the name of Allah, then they go on acting contrary to it. So remember that all votes should be fulfilled, when a person makes an oath that I swear by Allah, I will do this, then they must fulfill that oath. But if a person makes an oath that, for example, they're not going to do something good, like this, where that I'm there by Allah, I'm never going to speak to my aunt again. Or I swear by Allah, I'm never going to give a donation again. I swear by Allah, I've never given charity again, I'm never having guests over again. I'm never inviting my in

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laws over again, I'm never going to visit my in laws. Again. Any such kind of oats typically are made when a person is angry, but such oats are not correct. Why? Because a person is stopping themselves preventing themselves from doing good things from doing bid from observing the core fear of Allah from from doing Islam in between people. So if a person has taken such an oath, then what should they do? They should break their oath, and give the expiation we learned that once a group of the companions went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in order to ask him for animals that they could ride on in order to accompany him in the expedition of the book. And at that time, a lot

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of people were coming to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with, you know, false excuses, lies, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was upset. So when they asked him that he rasulillah please give us a mount. He was upset at that time, and he said, By Allah, I will never give it to you. But then later on, he called them and he gave them animals that they could ride on. So one of them was Abu Musab al

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Lauryn Hill Abu Musab al de la Mourinho became worried, and he thought that I better remind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the oath that he had taken. And when he reminded him, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that if I ever take an oath, and later on find something else that is better than the first than I do the better, and give expiation for breaking the oath. So basically, our Olds should not be used as a means to stop ourselves from doing good. Our oath should be our words, our promises should be a means of increasing our increasing us in goodness, not in not preventing us from doing good things. So if a person takes such an oath in a state of anger,

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then what should they do from the sooner we learn from the spirit of these verses also, we learn that a person should break that oath, and they should give the kafala what is the kafala we learn at another place it is to feed or to clothe 10 people in need, or to free a slave, I show the love more on her set that will buckle your loved one who had never broken his oats, until Allah revealed the expiation for the oats. Then he said that if I take an oath to do something, and later on, I find something else better than the first one, then I do what is better and make expiation for my oath. So, a person should not be stubborn over here, they should not be arrogant, any as human beings, we

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do make mistakes, there are slips of the tongue, and then you know, we make bad decisions. So later on when we realize that this was a bad, you know, decision, this was not correct for me to say, then don't be arrogant and stubborn over there, correct yourself, Allah subhanaw taala has given us a way out of such situations, then it is said, Now you are here to qumola who below if a manickam Allah does not impose blame upon you for what is unintentional in your olts while lacking you fidu comb Bhima sabots polu bukom. But he imposes blame upon you for what your hearts have earned, while la hula fall on haleem. And Allah is Forgiving, and forbearing. So here, unintentional oaths are

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mentioned, that Allah does not impose blame upon people for what they swear on intentionally, out of habit. Remember that there are three kinds of oaths. The first type of auth is that which is monarchy with monarch, it means that which a person makes meaning a person swears In the name of Allah, to do something or not do something in the future. And they and they make this they take this oath, knowingly, consciously, deliberately, any they mean it. So such an oath, of course, should be fulfilled. However, if a person later realizes that it was not a good idea, then what should they do, they should break that oath, and give the expiation The second type of oath is that which is

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false, which is called the moose. And it is called a moose. Why, because it's, it's a lie, and a drowns a person in sin, taking him to hell. And the moose is basically to take a false oath over a matter of the past. So for example, a person knowingly on purpose lies and in order to present that lie as something true, they use an oath, they swear In the name of Allah. So for example, a person is asked, Did you eat this? And they say, No, by Allah, I did not. Whereas in fact, they had eaten that particular food. Or, for example, a person is asked, Did you witness this? Did you do this? And they said, No, no, no, I didn't do it by Allah. I didn't do it. I did not see it, I did not witness

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it. Whereas in fact, they did any knowingly, they're lying and to and to present their lies as something true, they use oats. So remember, this is a major sin, a major sin from which a person must repent. There is no expiation for it, there is only repentance for it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us about this. That's such a person who takes an oath that is false, knowingly, he's lying and he's using an oath by Allah than folia turbowash beware, gee, Ma, are the human or not, then such a person should take his home in the fire, meaning he's going to fall in the fire of hell. In another Hades also, we learned that if a person takes an oath like this, he will

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definitely see its consequences before he dies, meaning he will suffer because of it in the world. Because this is something that is impermissible very, very sinful. And then the third type of oath is that which is low level, meaning it is unending

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tensional and this is what is mentioned in this verse, and this is the oath which a person you know takes out of habit without intending without realizing, and these oaths really do not count, because people have, you know a habit of saying certain words certain expressions, and those words and expressions are not to be taken literally, because a person does not mean them he does not really intend them. So, I shuttle de la Mourinho said that this idea is about, you know, a person saying, Lau will la he Bella will la he, that nor by Allah, of course by Allah, and some people have a habit of, of using, you know, such words. So, if a person takes off like this out of habit, then this is,

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of course, unintentional. And Allah subhanaw taala will not hold a person responsible for such oaths. But if a person knowingly, intentionally takes an oath, then they must fulfill it. And if they do not fulfill it, if they break it, then they have to give kafala So, for example, out of habit, a person says, Yeah, well, I'm coming by Allah, I'm just coming. And and they said, well, law, or, you know, just out of habit, and they did, and they don't go immediately they go, for example, in one hour, right? So they didn't, so technically, they are going against their oath, but they didn't really take an oath over there. They said, One law out of habit. So, so this is low, and

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it doesn't count and a person is not sinful, in this matter. However, one thing should be clear that when a person takes an oath, then that oath should only be taken in the name of Allah only. Remember, as Muslims we must only swear by Allah, and he only by the name of Allah, by his attribute, not by, for example, your mother, your father, your son, or, or anything like that, only in the name of Allah, we see that the Arabs, you know, they had a habit of take off swearing by their idols. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that whoever takes an oath, by lat or Rosa, and these were the names of their of the idols that people used to worship. And then this

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person should say la ilaha, Illa Allah. So even if it's out of habit, a person should say la ilaha illa Allah, and then look at how the IR ends, hula, hula foreign haleem Allah is Forgiving and forbearing This is so important for us to appreciate. Because you see, if Allah subhanaw taala wanted, he could have held us accountable, and he could have punished us for even what we say unintentionally. If Allah subhanaw taala wanted he would not have made a way out for us from our own, then our life would be so difficult. So Allah subhanaw taala out of his forgiveness, out of his forbearance, he has given us such beautiful ways. Then it is said Lila Dena, you Luna min Nisa, he

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him Tara Basu Alberti ashore, for those who swear not to have sexual relations with their wives is a waiting time of four months. Now, in this idea, ILA is mentioned lilina you, Luna. So, Isla literally means to refrain from something. And it is a kind of oath, that the Arabs would take where a man would swear that he would not be intimate with his wife. And then because of that, also, what would happen is that the wife would be deprived of her right unconditionally. So it was a while it was a vow of sexual of sexual abstention.

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And then we see that sometimes a person would take an oath of this kind, and then he would be intimate with his wife anyway. So remember that this is not a game. Marriage is not an emotional roller coaster, you know that an anger a person says whatever they want, they treat their spouse however they want, they deprive them of whatever they want, they behave on impulse, and the other goes on suffering. And we also see that words are not to be taken lightly. There are consequences to what we say. So it is made clear over here, that if a person takes the oath of ILA, a man takes an oath of ILA of sexual abstention from his wife, then this cannot be unconditional any there's a

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there's a maximum duration for this and what is that maximum duration? It is for lunar months for in fair or for in the law, her photo Rahim. But if they return, then Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. What does it mean by this if they return, meaning at the end of the, of the time period that the man had mentioned

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If he returns meaning to, to resuming relations with his wife, then that is fine. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful and merciful. But this is only aware that duration is of less than four months. So for example, a man swears that he will not be intimate with his wife for a month, and after a month he is, then that is fine. And if he said that in anger, and after two weeks he realizes, because typically such things happen in a fight in an argument, when a person is really angry. So, if a man says something like this, and soon after that within a few days, and he he regrets his statement, then what should he do for In fact, oh, then the same rule will apply over here a person must give

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the kafala, the expiation for breaking an oath, and then, and then be with his wife, what in our other mattala coffee in the law has Samir and Arlene and if they decide on divorce, that Indeed Allah is hearing and knowing, meaning, if four months go by like this, then the man must either be with his wife, he should give the kafala and be with his wife. And if he does not want to be with his wife, then he should end the marriage, any This is not a game. And if he gives the divorce himself, then that is good. And if not, then he will be compelled to give divorce by the law. Now, remember that what differentiates marriage nica from other relationships is that Allah subhanaw

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taala has permitted sexual relations within marriage. And if a woman for example is deprived of this, then what is the purpose of that marriage? So remember, that this is a right of each spouse. It is not just the right of the husband but also of the wife. A woman is not just available to her husband for sexual pleasure rather sexual pleasure is as much her right as it is his so a man cannot, you know prevent cannot prevent her from this right by taking an oath. Yet he there is a maximum four months and if you really don't want to be with her, then end the marriage divorce her so that she can move on she can leave you and B and and move on with her life. And then it is said

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one motor la cartuja Tara burstner b unfussy hiner thalassa takuro. Divorced women remain in waiting for 343 Guru for three periods. Now from here the laws of divorce are mentioned. And here Allah subhanaw taala says one motor Laporte the motor lockout, meaning the divorced women and this is referring to all divorced women, meaning whether this is her first divorce or her second or her third, the waiting period after thuc is off. Three, Guru three guru. Remember that for a pregnant woman it is until she gives birth. And for a woman who does not meant to rate it is three lunar months. So here well mattala cartuja Tara burstner B and fusina Fela Fatah Kuru. Now what does what

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does Kuru mean? Kuru means menstruation. So basically, when a man gives divorce to his wife, she will be in her in her waiting period for three menstrual cycles. What does that mean? That means that during this time, of course, she cannot marry someone else she is in waiting, and she will remain in the house of her husband, if that is safe for her. Why? So that if if they realize if the man realizes that the divorce that was a mistake, then he can retract his his decision. And you know, they're given basically time to really think things over and see if divorce is really the best option. Because, again, such things happen when people are upset when they're angry. So there's a

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waiting period. And then we see that if during this waiting period, they're intimate than the divorce is an old any, any they're no longer going to be there. They're not going to be separated from each other. They go back to any resuming normal relations as a husband and wife what but that first divorce still counts and that is and this is important to note because there are some matters which which inshallah will be clarified in the coming verses. Now, remember that the moment a man pronounces the words of talaq there is the waiting period begins. Then it is said, Well, I your handler hoonah yocto. Namah, Haleakala, houfy or hammy hiner in kuna, you mean Nabila? He will

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Yeoman. And it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs if they believe in Allah and the Last Day, so

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Subhan Allah, women are being mentioned over here, that if women, if the divorced woman truly believes in Allah and the Last Day, then she must not hide what Allah has created in her womb, whether it is pregnancy, or another menstrual cycle, any when she begins her period, she should tell the husband. And when she, if she finds out that she's pregnant again, she should tell him why, because what is happening to her body right now affects him as well. Because if she is pregnant, then remember that that is his child, and he has a right to know. And if she begins her period, then again, he should know that the waiting period is coming to an end. So here we see that for the

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person who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day, then it is not my body, my choice. No, our bodies, remember, are an Amana a trust from Allah, we can only do with them, what the creator of that body has allowed us to do. So if a woman begins her third period, for example, after her husband pronounced divorce, and she does not tell him so that she can continue to benefit from what he has to spend on her in the situation, then this is Deanna. Likewise, if she finds out that she's pregnant, but then she does not tell him, and then she goes and abort the baby, this is wrong. Why? Because he has a right to know, perhaps if he finds out that she's pregnant, that they're going to

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have a baby, then maybe he will consider that, you know, I should overlook whatever has happened, I should forgive her, you know, if she if she hurt me, whatever. And I can overlook whatever happened in the past so that we can stay together and raise our child together. So remember that the purpose of the waiting period is to reveal pregnancies so that the paternity of the child is known. And also to ensure that the decision to divorce is deliberate. It is conscious, it is not hasty. Rather, it is well thought out. We're rula to hoonah a hyperbola. De hin nafi valleca in Urdu is Sula, her. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this time in this duration, if they want

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reconciliation, meaning as long as she is in her waiting period. Remember the husband gives the divorce. Now her waiting period begins. How long is the waiting period three menstrual cycles. Then during this time, the husband has the right to take her back. Even if she does not want to, or her family does not want to. If she wants to end the marriage, there's a different process. And that's going to be mentioned very soon. But this is talking about bollock where the man has issue. Pollak, then remember he has the right to take her back, but only if he wants to actually make amends and live peacefully with her, which shows us that if the family knows that he is abusive, that, you

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know, there's no way that he is going to live peacefully with her, then they should intervene and not allow that reconciliation. So we see over here, well, Bula tahuna helped to build the Hanafi radica in Urdu esla. Heather is a condition if they want reconciliation. So if a man wants to reconcile within the waiting period, that is permissible, he has the right to do that. However, if the waiting period is over, let's say the third menstrual cycle begins. And then he says that you know what? I would rather you know be with her. I don't want to let her go I want to stay married with her, then he does not have any more right any after the waiting period he doesn't have any any

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right is right. It has expired basically, if he wants to be with her, then he will have to propose to her for marriage again, he will have to have a new marriage contract with her, he will have to give her a new Maha etc. Well ahuna methyl La Via la hiner. Bill Maher roof and due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them according to what is reasonable. When a homeowner will ahuna and do to the wives any the wives have the same as that which is expected of them according to what is reasonable. Meaning marriage is not about the man having all the rights and the woman having none. No, both the husband and wife have equal rights in you both deserve to be treated with respect with

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dignity. Both should feel safe in the relationship. Both deserve to have sexual gratification. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah in Allah Kuma Allah Nisa ECAM have been willing, he says

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como la comme haka you're, you have a right over your wives and your wives also have a right over you. And in this spirit, even our boss rhodiola horn who said that I like to drink, I like to get dressed up for my wife, just as I like that she should be dressed up for me, meaning I adorn myself, I beautify myself, I make sure that I look good before my wife just as I like that she should look good before me. So remember that marriage is not just about, you know, a man having all the rights and a woman having none? No, there is equality in in regards to rights bill maher roof in a recognized way. Well, Lily jalur la hinda de Raja Willa, who are Aziz and Hakeem, and then it has

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mentioned, but the men have a degree over them over who over their wives and Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise, meaning above everyone is who is Allah who is Exalted in Might, and this decision is from him, and Allah is wise. So remember that where there is equality in terms of rights within a marriage, there is also a degree of authority that Allah subhanaw taala has given to the man and not the woman, this is not sexism, this is not misogynistic. Remember that hierarchy, you know, is necessary for for, for organizations, when everyone has equal authority, then this can actually lead to sometimes in decision, division, and even violence, when you realize that someone has a greater

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status than you, then even when you disagree, you will accept. And when you realize that you have a higher position than someone you develop a sense of responsibility, you step up. So this higher degree that men have been given is in regard to responsibility and authority within marriage, not in terms of piety, this doesn't mean that a man is better than a woman. No, this means that within the relationship of marriage, yes, both have equal rights. But when it comes to authority, it is the man who has been given authority when it comes to responsibility, it is the man who has been given responsibility. And this shows us that men must take this matter very seriously. They must step up

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and take care of their families, they must provide for them, they must try for their well being. A man cannot just think of himself when he's married, that my career and my work and my friends and my fund, know Allah subhanaw taala has given him you know, a responsibility towards his family, and he cannot neglect his wife, he cannot neglect his children. So, this diraja this rank, this position must be taken very seriously. Because remember that where a person has been given authority, then they will be held responsible for it, they will be questioned about it. And likewise, we see that a woman cannot be negligent toward her husband, that I don't care I can treat him however I want. I

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can say to him, whatever I want. No, Allah subhanaw taala has given your husband it diraja overdue over you. So you acknowledge that and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that lethargy, dumb rotten Halawa, Imani had that to adhere hackers, LG her that a woman cannot cannot find the sweetness of faith until she gives her husband, his right, Annie until she is fulfilling her duty to her husband. And and this is in fact, the reality with with every person, that when you fulfill your duty, your obligation, then then that means that you have to, you know, you have to be generous. You have to be patient, you have to think of others before you think yourself at times. And this spirit

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of generosity and sacrifice that is created within you. Then through that you actually experience the sweetness of faith, you actually find yourself closer to Allah subhanaw taala

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then it is mentioned okpala mirliton divorce is twice divorce meaning divorce that is re vocable. So now the process of divorce is further explained that first of all, the law remember is something that is valid meaning it is something that is permissible by law is something lawful, it is a permissible way that Allah subhanaw taala has legislated for his slaves. Remember that a marriage is not something that is by definition to last forever that it till death do us apart. Any This is not an Islamic idea. Marriages is a union and where necessary were needed. It can also be dissolved Nick

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is a contract. And if the contract is no longer working out, then there is a way to dissolve that there is a way out of oaths, and there is also a way out of marriage. So, remember that divorce is neither something evil, nor is it a bubble halaal the most hated of all lawful things, this is a false statement is some, some, some attribute this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but remember that first of all, this is not authentic and secondly, when you look at the statement above and hallel How could something that our last panel Tara has made lawful be hated by Allah, when Allah subhanaw taala has commanded something he has legislated something then remember that he loves

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it, he likes it, it cannot be that he dislikes it. So Falak is something permissible it is a legislated way that Allah subhana wa tada has mentioned in detail in his book, so we should not, you know, look at divorce as if it is something evil. No, it is sometimes necessary, and in fact, very beneficial for people. So what is the lack of follow up is to release literally to release to set something free to allow it to move on. So remember, that talaq is what a man gives to his wife. If Allah is not issued by a woman, that if a woman intends to dissolve the marriage, then there is a different scenario. That is something else. This is talking about Palak Baraka is issued by the man

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to his wife. And what that means is that after a woman is free to marry someone else, however, there's a waiting period before she can do that. And that waiting period we learned earlier is of three Kuru, three menstrual cycles. And in the waiting period, the man has the right to take back his wife. Now the divorce in the waiting period of which a man has a right to take back, his wife is only permitted two times, meaning there are only two chances model attack two chances you see from the above, versus a person can misunderstand that a man can give divorce to his wife. And then as soon as the waiting period is about to be over, he can take her back because he has the right to do

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so. And this could happen literally hundreds of times. And this would be nothing but abuse. And we learned that a man actually said that to his wife, that I will neither divorce you say you can leave me, nor will I let you live in peace with me. And when she asked how he said, I will divorce you. And then when you're done is almost over, I will take you back. So the woman mentioned this too is Chateau de la hora, Anna, and she mentioned this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then these verses were revealed. So it is made clear over here that a man has only two chances, two strikes two chances to divorce his wife. And remember that a man can only give Pollock to his wife

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at a time when she is in a state of purity, not while she's menstruating. And not in the period of of which he has been intimate with her for him, sercombe Mara rufen outer city home bearson then either keep her in an acceptable manner or release her with good treatment. Meaning once the philosophy has given, whether it's the first or the second, any A man must make up his mind that if he wants to live with her, if he wants to make this marriage work, then he should live with her in an acceptable manner. And if he does not want to live with her, he does not want to continue with their relationship. Then let her go let the waiting period come to an end and let her move on. And

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you also move on the city home be your son and he do this properly. Don't make this a place of violence and abuse and mistreatment there should be a lesson over here and then don't keep her in limbo. Any once the clock has given the makeup your mind either keep her or let her go. What are your hair Lula calm and tokoto mimma Tatum ohana Shea and in your hofa Allah you keema hoodoo de la and it is not lawful for you to take anything of what you have given them unless both fear that they will not be able to keep within the limits of Allah. So remember the Tanakh is issued by the man which means that when he divorces the woman, he is not allowed to take back anything that he had

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given her previously. Whether it was the mother that he gave her, or it is some gift that he gave her or it is whatever that he spent on her up until that point. He cannot give her a huge bill that you know what? I spent this much on the wedding. I spent this much on your mother. I have spent this much on your house. I have spent this much on your clothes. I have spent this much on your gifts. So now you give me all my money back. No you are

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Giving the follow up the man is giving the Tanakh he is, he is ending the marriage so he cannot take back anything from her. However, for inlife to Allah you Kima who do the law he fell Arjuna Harley Hema FEMA after that to be so if you fear and he was referring to the the families or the or the judge, that they will not keep within the limits of Allah them there is no blame upon either of them concerning that by which he ransoms herself. Now this is talking about the case where the woman is seeking divorce, that the woman wants to end the marriage, then remember that when a man marries a woman, he has to give her a mother, meaning a financial gift. And a woman is not to give any she's

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not required to give anything to the men, any the man has to take care of all the expenses, he has to in fact, he's obligated to give her a gift. However, now after after the marriage, the woman wants to end the marriage, then in that case, it is not fair, that now the man is losing the wife and he's also losing everything that he gave her. So in this case, what will happen, she will return the Maha that he had given her. And this is called a ransom over your video over here. And this is the case of hula. So hula is not Pollak hula is where the woman seeks to end the marriage. And how does that happen? She returns the Maho to the man and the marriage is an old by a judge. And in this

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case, remember the waiting period is only one menstrual cycle, not three menstrual cycles. Why because one menstrual cycle is enough to reveal pregnancy in order to clarify paternity. And in the case of monarch, it's three menstrual cycles. So, why the difference, because in the case of the law, the man issues the divorce. So a longer time is given so that he has time to rethink his decision, if he wants to take it back. And in Haller, the woman's is seeking divorce, he cannot take her back anyway. And she does not want to be with him anyway. So she should be free to move on the sooner the better, but one menstrual cycle, why so that if she is pregnant that pregnancy is

00:37:20--> 00:38:12

revealed, and and then the paternity is no tikka, hadoo de la he phenol tartar duha these are the limits of Allah so do not transgress them lemania third, the hadoo the life of Allah iica homo lolly moon, and whoever transgresses the limits of Allah it is those who are the wrong doers. These are limits that Allah subhanaw taala has set that up when it comes to the waiting period when it comes to which case can the man is the man to be given them a hug? In which case can he not take anything back any bs or rules that Allah subhanaw taala has stipulated? So don't pretend like they don't exist. Don't act on impulse. Do not let your anger your hurt, your disappointment, your vengeance

00:38:12--> 00:39:01

drive you fear Allah, even in the matter of divorce. And it has mentioned over here that whoever transgresses the limits of Allah it is those who are lolly moon, remember that there are different types of loans. First of all, there is loden oppression in matters that are between the slave and his Lord, these are sins for example, a last panel Tata has forbidden that a man look at what is what is unlawful for him to look at, you know, you know, for example, a woman hurt her her older. So, if a man does not guard his eyes, then this is a form of love. Why? Because he is violating what Allah subhanaw taala had commanded him he's going against the command of Allah. So now it is up to

00:39:01--> 00:39:46

Allah, whether Allah wants to forgive the slave or not. The second type of loom is shipped to associate partners with Allah. And this has not forgiven unless a person repents from it in this life. And the third type of lowdham is oppression in matters that are between the slaves. So for example, in the case of marriage, and ending marriage divorce, that for example, a man gives Falak to the wife, and then he does not let her come to the house. She is not allowed to take any of her belongings. She has lost everything she's literally kicked out of her house. This is Lauren. And for this type of loan, remembering how these we learn that this type of loan will not be forgiven until

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

the oppressed forgives, until justice is established. So while in this life, a person may be able to get away with oppression because of their, you know, power, their social status.

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

They're able to do whatever they want. They get away with different forms of oppression. On the day of judgment. There is no escape for Allah ecomo Lani moon, for him palapa her fall out the hill Lula humann Bardo. And if he divorces her, then she is not lawful to him afterward. If he divorces her. Now, this is referring to the third divorce the third bollock. So, remember, the first two divorces are revoke keable and the third is irrevocable, meaning it is final. There is no more chances. Now the man cannot take her back. This means that there is no door, there is no taking her back even in the waiting period. And the waiting period is again through Kuru. And there is no nikka even after

00:40:48--> 00:41:39

the waiting period is over. So for example, the man gave his wife a third divorce. Now what does that mean? Now she's forever separated from him, she is no longer permissible for him, which means that he cannot take her back in the waiting period and after the waiting period, he cannot even marry her. He cannot even marry her. This is a final irrevocable divorce the two are separated forever. So remember, that you need this shows us that paluch is supposed to be one unique incident or it or it should be that any one Pollock is one occasion. It is not three divorces in one sitting that a man is angry and he says talaq talaq talaq right through three divorces at once. No, it is

00:41:39--> 00:41:52

luck, waiting period. And then after some time, if there's bollock again, waiting period, and then after some time, if they're stuck again the third time, then the two are separated forever.

00:41:53--> 00:42:39

tenki has zoldan Riera until after she marries a husband other than him. For him palapa her follow Gina hi la Hema, Aya thora Jara in Lana and up Maha doodle LA. And if the latter husband divorces her or dies, there is no blame upon the woman and her former husband for returning to each other. If they think that they can keep within the limits of Allah, if they think that they can actually make the marriage work. Now this is very, very important for people to learn. Women, ladies, please learn the laws of divorce for your own good. You see, so much injustice happens against women. First, they go through the torture of divorce, they're humiliated through it. And then they're guilt tripped

00:42:39--> 00:43:27

into marrying the same abusive, irresponsible, impulsive men. And people say do halala or Dileep, which is, for example, a man will give divorce to his wife three times. And then the verse is very clear that the two are now separated forever, they cannot be together, she cannot marry him now. But then what do people say do halala which is that just go have a marriage contract with another men just paperwork, and it and then get back with your first husband. Or they say, you know, just marry someone for a few days and then divorce and then you can get back with your first husband. This is how long according to Ibn Roma, this is zinna This is illegal sexual intercourse and this is cursed,

00:43:27--> 00:44:14

remember the holy This is not just paperwork, it is an actual marriage, any the two should be living together. So any remember that if a man he does not have the patience to keep his wife and has issued three divorces, then honey, he's not for you, you have to move on. And Allah subhanaw taala has created millions of people, you'll find someone better. And please know that the laws of Islam are not to oppress and torture people. They are to protect us. If this restriction has been placed, that after three divorces, there is no getting back together. It is so that a woman should not have to suffer again and again and again. Because many women will bear oppression for the sake of their

00:44:14--> 00:45:00

children for so called honor. And because they think that no one else will marry them. So this law only serves as a protection for the woman that if a man has divorced you three times and it's very clear that he is not going to treat you with respect so you don't fall in the same trap again, and go be with him. However, if coincidentally It so happens that after three divorces, she married someone else, and that that marriage comes to an end. Why because of divorce or because the man died. And then after some time her first husband and he proposes to her again. Then if she wants she can marry him. But again, the only reason

00:45:00--> 00:45:48

And the condition is EU in one and up mahalo the law if they think that they can keep within the limits of Allah, any now another trends has given why because a long time has gone by a lot has changed and life teaches you you grow with time. So, another chance is given what tilka hadoo de la ubu Holly Komiyama moon and these are the limits of Allah which he makes clear to people who know and he these are the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has set these laws Allah has given not so that we play around with them we pretend like they don't exist, no, we should know these laws Lee call me Allah moon we should have a realm of these laws and then when necessary, these laws should be

00:45:48--> 00:46:32

applied. So, remember as emotionally overwhelming as divorce is still this decision should be made properly. And the laws that allow us penalty has given should be carried out carefully, there is due process, any these laws are not to be ignored. And then it is mentioned what he fell for luck to manisa for Bellona Angela hoonah for MC co will not be more often Oh sorry, who wouldn't be maruf and when you divorce women, and they have nearly fulfilled their term, then either retain them according to acceptable terms, or release them according to acceptable terms. And he This is in the case of the first and the second divorce, that remember that the waiting period begins from the

00:46:32--> 00:47:21

moment of Palak is pronounced. And as I mentioned earlier, it should only be pronounced while a woman is in a state of purity, not while she's menstruating. And here it is mentioned Ferber Laguna Angela hoonah. And they have nearly fulfilled their term meaning that that when the waiting period is about to be over, the third menstrual cycle is going to begin anytime, then a man must act quickly either he should decide to keep her in a good way and then and take her back or if he does not want to keep her than suddenly who will not be maruf let the waiting period come to an end. Let her third menstrual cycle begin and then she is free. But But any during this time she should not be

00:47:21--> 00:48:10

mistreated. She should not be kicked out of the house. She should not be abused verbally or physically or in any way without them see kohana Iran Lita do women here for our velyka for Cordova element of Sir and do not keep them intending harm to transgress against them. And whoever does that has certainly wronged himself, Allahu Akbar, ne if you take her back, you better have the intention to live in peace with her to make amends. Don't take her back. So you can torture her that you know what now I will not give her a lock she will have to beg for tala and I will not give it to her anyway, I will treat her I will mistreat her, I will neglect her. I will stay away from her. And you

00:48:10--> 00:48:57

know what, she'll be desperate and she'll have to seek hula and she will have to return the month that I gave her. So it is mentioned here will atom see Kahuna later on, Lita do, do not keep them intending harm to transgress against them. And whoever does that has certainly wronged himself. Any The man is thinking here that you know what i can i can harm her this way. I can force her into taking color, I can use the law in my favor. Never forget the spirit of the law. And remember that whoever tries to wrong to oppress someone else is in fact oppressing themselves. They're harming themselves for other llama nafsa.

00:48:59--> 00:49:43

in Hades, we learned that whoever causes harm, then Allah will cause him harm. Meaning when you intend to harm someone, and you're using different ways in order to cause them harm, then remember that Allah is against you. Allah will cause you harm, woman sharper, and whoever causes difficulty than Allah will cause difficulty for him. So right now you might get away, you might think that you can take advantage of the situation. However, remember that Allah subhanaw taala is above you, and he is watching what you're doing and why you are doing what you're doing and you are answerable before him well at the time, I Atilla husa and do not take the verses of Allah in just in mockery.

00:49:44--> 00:49:55

How there are many forms of this. People will misuse the law of divorce for personal gain, they will follow the letter of the law, forgetting the spirit of the law. How, for example,

00:49:56--> 00:49:59

first of all, we see the people they play around

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

When it comes to the matter of divorce, so for example, a man says as a joke to his wife bollock, not, I'm just joking. I divorce you not. I'm just joking. So this kind of a joke even you need to scare a woman or to threaten her. Let her tell you I Atilla whose word. This is not something to joke around with. This is, this is from Allah subhanaw taala. His commands in the Tanakh is a legal matter. Don't treat it as a joke, has an anniversary. He said that a man would say, and this was before Islam, a man would say that you know what? I divorce you to his wife. And then later on, he would say I was only kidding. I was only joking. Or a person would say to his slave, I set you free.

00:50:47--> 00:51:40

And then later on, he would say, No, no, I'm just joking. I didn't actually mean it. So this idea was revealed later. I Atilla husa and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever gives divorce or, or sets a slave free or marries a woman, then and then later on, he says, I was just joking, then it's still valid yenni, that divorce will still will still take effect, that slave will still be set free, and that marriage will still be valid. So let the title I Atilla yuzawa. Another way in which people take these verses as a joke is that people a man will, for example, give multiple divorces in one sitting, we learned that a man gave three divorces to his wife at once

00:51:40--> 00:52:19

block the lock the lock, right? Or he gave up and within the waiting period, he gave the second pillar. And within that time, he also gives a third one, and he didn't wait for the waiting period to end and then give the second one No, he gave it at the wrong time, you know at once. And when the Prophet salallahu Urdu center was informed that the man gave a lap to his wife to three divorces to his wife at once. The Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm stood up in anger. And he said, is the book of Allah being toyed with while I am still among you? Are you people playing with the book of Allah with the laws of Allah? Well, I am still among you. We learned that a man came to even our

00:52:19--> 00:52:24

basketball de la Mourinho and he said that I gave 1000 divorces to my wife,

00:52:25--> 00:53:19

honey Bulacan rottie alfen. I said to her divorce 1000 times. So even our boss for the Longhorn, who said that as for three divorces, because of them, she is unlawful for you. And the remaining divorces that you gave are a sin on you. They are a sin on you. So think about this a sin on you. Why? Because it has the ayatollah who's where you took the verses of Allah as a joke as a mockery. With guru near Matala, here la calm and remember the favor of Allah upon you warmer nzlr la communal kitabi will Hekmati Jarrell Lacombe and what has been revealed to you of the book and wisdom by which he instructs you what the Kola and fear Allah wa ultimo anila be cliche in our lame and you

00:53:19--> 00:53:52

should know that Allah is Knowing of all things. So here, these commands are described as a blessing. Now, these commands are not to be used as a tool of oppression as a tool of injustice, they are a blessing. This is wisdom. This is beneficial law, so follow it properly. Then it is mentioned what email for luck to manisa Fabiana, Angela hoonah filata, Luna and Karina as well Johanna, either torrado baina, humble maroof.

00:53:53--> 00:54:11

And when you divorce women, and they have fulfilled their term, do not prevent them from re marrying their former or prospective husbands if they agree among themselves on an acceptable basis. Now this can be understood in a number of ways. First of all, in the case of revoke double divorce,

00:54:12--> 00:54:58

in the case of revocable divorce, meaning the first divorce or the second one, a man for example, gives a divorce to his wife, this is the first or the second divorce, and the waiting period came to an end, the man did not take back his wife and the two separated. And now after a year or two, they both wish to get back together. So here the family of the woman is being addressed, that you should not prevent her from marrying her former husband again, if this is what she chooses, then she has the right lateral bulunan it's to prevent someone from doing something or to make something extremely difficult. So don't make it impossible for her to marry her previous husband. If she wants

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

to. And they both

00:55:00--> 00:55:46

You know, have have really learned and they have apologized, and they want to make peace, then allow that marriage to happen. We learned that the sister of Markel, Ebony Assad was married to a man. And then that man divorced her. And he did not take her back in the waiting period. And then after that, he asked for her hand in marriage again. But Marple got angry out of pride. And he said, he kept away from her when he could still retain her. And now he dares to ask for her hand in marriage. And he refused to let his sister marry her former husband. So Allah subhanaw taala reveal this idea. So we see that divorce happens. But then after some time, you know, people, people heal, they learn,

00:55:46--> 00:56:33

they wish to, you know, make amends. So don't be arrogant over there. And don't, don't come in the way. Secondly, this idea can also be understood as that if a divorced woman if a woman who was previously married, and who, who got divorced from her husband, now she wants to marry someone else, then neither her family nor her ex husband should prevent her from from getting married. Because sometimes this is also, you know, a big problem that the ex husband thinks that he has full control over his ex wife. So he wants to have a say in all her decisions, or her family thinks that you know what she had a bad experience the first time, we're not going to let her get married again. So don't

00:56:33--> 00:57:16

do that. And and look at the words he that although beno humble maroof if they agree among themselves on an acceptable basis, and he This shows that both parties, the man and the woman, both should be willing to marry, any, no man should be forced to marry a woman that he does not want to marry, and no woman should be forced to marry a man that she does not want to marry, we learned that concert, road, the long run her said that her father gave her in marriage, and yet, he got her married to a man, and she did not want that. So she went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the Prophet sallallahu earlier sent him a note that marriage, I shall do a lot more and he also

00:57:16--> 00:58:05

mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu Urdu someone would always seek the approval any other woman before he, before he got her married to someone. So the the agreement of the man and the agreement of the woman is necessary. You see, sometimes parents, they really believe that, you know, it would be in the best interest of their son, for example, to marry a particular woman and the kind of force him into marrying her. And he agrees only because of them, His heart is really not into it. And then we see that that marriages end a very difficult experience for that men, and by extension for his wife also, so don't compel your children even to marry someone that they don't want to marry. So, so

00:58:05--> 00:58:47

either torrado Bina humble model, that there should be agreement, a willingness Heaney in marriages is a very beautiful relationship and people should not be forced into it, nor should they be prevented from it. Then he when two people want to get married, then you should facilitate that. vaniqa You are a little bit Haemon cattlemen commute, minnow Billa he will your mill that is instructed to whoever Have you believes in alone the last day being the person who truly believes in a line the last day their pride will not prevent them from letting something lawful happen. Valley come as gala como autohome, that is better for you and pure will know who your alemu were unto him

00:58:47--> 00:59:26

laughter Allah moon and Allah knows and you do not know. So we see over here that following the commands of Allah is a means of purification. It is it is better for us. It is a source of delight, it is a source of happiness for us. And this also cleans our heart of ego because sometimes out of arrogance, that you know, people don't want to allow, you know, their daughter, for example, to marry her ex husband, or for their divorced daughter to marry someone else. Any and this also shows the two people who want to get married, then let them get married, don't get in the way it is us. It is up to her. Otherwise what's going to happen if you prevent them from getting married, they will

00:59:26--> 01:00:00

fall into sin. So don't don't perpetuate the culture of sin. Allow what is lawful facilitate what is lawful. Now when when there's divorce, of course, sometimes there's children also that are involved. So what happens to the children of of a of a divorced couple? Well, well either to your learner Ola, the hoonah how Laney Cammy lane, Lehman arada au Tim Mara bar, mothers may breastfeed their children to complete year

01:00:00--> 01:00:55

For whoever wishes to complete the nursing period. So the first thing over here is that because of divorce, children should not be deprived of their rights. Any a divorce is, is a separation between a man and a woman. But that doesn't mean that now, the children have to suffer because of the separation of, of their parents. The children there right should not be neglected. So here specifically, babies infants are mentioned that it is the right of an infant of a newborn, that the newborn be nursed by the mother. So the mothers can nurse their children for two years. And this is for whoever wishes to complete the nursing period. So this shows us that the maximum duration of

01:00:55--> 01:01:46

nursing is how long to lunar years not more than that, not more than that, after two lunar years, it is not correct to keep on nursing children, they should be weaned and they should be given foods that their bodies need. So Lima Allah and ut marudhara, the complete robot is to nurse it to two lunar years, which means that even after divorce, any if there's a newborn here, then the mother will continue to nurse the newborn for up to two years. And during this time, while Elmo Lu de la hood is Kahuna, we're kiswa to hoonah Bill maroof upon the father is to provide the mother's provision and clothing according to what is acceptable, meaning the father is to give the financial

01:01:46--> 01:02:37

support to his ex wife, for as long as she is nursing their child. Specifically, he has to provide for her food, and also for her clothing. Why her food because she is nursing the baby. Why her clothing, because while she's nursing the baby, her clothing is definitely going to get more dirty. She's going to need you know, clothing that fits her body. Because at this time a woman's body goes through, you know, many changes after childbirth, nursing etc. So, clothing is her need. And the man has to provide a stipend basically so that she can cover her basic expenses. And it does not matter whether she gets married to someone else. Or she's single, as long as she's nursing his baby, the

01:02:37--> 01:03:28

father's the you know, the ex husband's baby, he has to provide for her, led to California Epson Ella was or her no person is charged with more than his capacity led to Laura weleda to be well a dear 1am Allah doula who will be well at the No mother should be harmed through her child and no father through his child support Allah. You see, people use these situations to really take advantage of the other. So for example, if if a stipend of $500 would suffice a woman, for instance, to cover her food and clothing expenses for for a month. She says, No, I want 1000 I want 1500. Otherwise, I'm not nursing the child. Otherwise, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that you're

01:03:28--> 01:04:13

never going to be able to see your child etc, etc. Kenny, don't no person should be charged with more than their capacity. And likewise, if you know if a man says that, you know what, I'm not going to give her anything. This is her baby as well. And she should nurse him. She should nurse the baby. And you know what, she's going to nurse the baby anyway. So I'm not going to give her anything. This is unfair. No mother should be harmed through her child and no father through his child. How is that harm done, that the mother is not given any financial support, or that a lot is demanded from the Father more than what he can afford to give what I learned when he mithila Gallic and upon the

01:04:13--> 01:04:59

father's air is a duty like that. Meaning in the case where the father is not there. For example, He has died or he has disappeared. Sometimes this also happens men, you know divorce their wives and they just abandon the children everybody and then they move on they go to a different country. They completely cut off any communication. So now the woman is the single now she's she's got a baby and she's got other children. What is she supposed to do? So in that case, the family of the ex husband, then he his parents, his brother in law they are supposed to provide for the woman as long as she is nursing the child for in a rather facade an entourage the men

01:05:00--> 01:05:47

Kumar what a Sherwood in falanghina Harley humor and if they both desire weaning through mutual consent from both of them and consultation, there is no blame upon either of them. So we see over here the importance of mutual consultation even after divorce, was he sometimes people think divorce means Halas, I can never talk to you again, you will never talk to me again, the mere mention of the ex husband or wife is a source of great anger, honey, this is why children suffer, children can still be raised properly when the parents are divorced. But this is only possible. If there is mutual consent, there is consultation. And we see that even when it comes to the matter of weaning

01:05:47--> 01:05:55

the child, there should be mutual consent and consultation meaning no what no either party should be forced.

01:05:56--> 01:06:45

So you have to see what is in the best interest of the of the children, and will also what is most practical and feasible for each party. So we see over here that a woman cannot win the child without consultation from the Father. Again, it is not my body, my choice is the child right. And the father should know, because this is something that affects him. Because once the child is weaned, he no longer has to give her support. And likewise, he cannot force her to wean the child so that he doesn't have to give her any financial support, he has to provide for his child. And and while the child is nursing, he has to give the give the woman his partner a stipend. So there should be mutual

01:06:45--> 01:07:34

consent in both parties should agree, and there should be consultation. And if this is the case, after divorce, then what do you think about about marriage, that while a husband and wife are married, any matters that affect both parties should be agreed upon with consultation. Not that for example, a woman decides one day I'm no longer gonna nurse the baby, and she just Wiens the child. And the Father has no idea. The husband has no idea, though he has a right to know he has a right to give in his input over here. Yes, it is your body that is nursing the child but the child is his also and it's the child's right to be nursed. So if this is the case with nursing, then what do you

01:07:34--> 01:08:22

think about other matters? Remember that a marriage is not about this is my decision. So my way or the highway? No, it is what I would like, What would you like? Can we both agree to do this? And if both if we don't like this idea, where can we meet halfway. So always consult people and lead them with agreement not by compulsion. We're in our team and tested allah.com comb falada una hora la comida Salaam to mA Tatum Bill Maher roof. And if you wish to have your children nursed by a substitute, there is no blame upon you. As long as you give payment according to what is acceptable, meaning there are situations where it is not any practical that the mother nurses, the baby, and

01:08:22--> 01:09:09

this is especially after divorce, any perhaps she wants to marry someone else. And she doesn't want to, you know, she doesn't want to be held back in any way. So she she wants to have a fresh start in her life. Or for example, any there's no agreement that they can come to. She's demanding a certain amount as a stipend and he's not able to give it so there's too much disagreement, and then they realize that it would be in the best interest of the baby, that the baby is nursed by another woman. So this is not something sinful. It is not something wrong. Sometimes this this is necessary. In that case, the woman who has been hired to nurse the baby must be given a stipend again by who? By

01:09:09--> 01:09:47

the Father, what the Mullah where Allah mu n Allah be Mataram aluna bus lead and fear Allah and know that Allah is seeing of what you do. This is so beautiful. You see, even after divorce, the rights of the child the rights of the woman, the rights of the man, all parties are being preserved. The rights of every single party is being preserved. the breaking of a family is certainly something painful, but it is still possible to be just and fair after divorce even when levena Uto. A phone and income. Were the ruler as well just yet on a bus snobby, unfussy Hindi or Bharata, asuran Washer,

01:09:49--> 01:10:00

and those who are taken in death among you and leave wives behind. They wait for months and 10 days. Now this is the waiting period for the widow. Up until now we were learning about

01:10:00--> 01:10:49

Divorce about talaq and hola now, this is about death. And we see over here that a woman whose husband dies, this woman is going to be in a waiting period for four months and 10 days. And this waiting period is not called reader, it is actually called, Hey, Dad, Aretha is after divorce. And Hey, Dad is after the death of the husband. Now, Hey, Dad is the period of mourning for a woman whose husband has died. And it is, as we learned in this aisle for four months and 10 days. And during this time, we see that a woman cannot get engaged or get married. She cannot beautify herself in the sense that she she cannot dress herself up, meaning the no makeup, no jewelry, no perfume, no

01:10:49--> 01:11:28

hair, no hair dye, things like that. This doesn't mean that she has to stay dirty. She has to stay unkempt, or she has to only wear black or white clothes. No, she has to be in an average state clean, but average not dressed up. And also, we see that she cannot go out unless there is a need. Like for example, she's, you know, attending school or she's working. She has to you know, buy groceries, go to the court, etc. She will go out for these things. But the point is that she should not be socializing with people. Some said that, Hey, Dad is actually a state not a place meaning Hey, that doesn't mean that a woman is confined to a building to a place. Rather it means that she

01:11:28--> 01:12:13

has to be in that state of mourning, where she's not getting married, or even, you know, taking any steps towards getting married. And she's not any beautifying herself, etc. But remember that for the pregnant woman the waiting period is until she gives birth for either Belladonna Angela hoonah Fela, Gina hora, la comme FEMA for Luffy, unforseeable maruf. Wilma will be my thermal Luna hobby, and when they have fulfilled their term meaning of waiting for months and 10 days, then there is no blame upon you for what they do with themselves in an acceptable manner. Meaning after her waiting period, if she intends to get married, and you know, she starts dressing up, etc, then as long as

01:12:13--> 01:12:39

she does it in an islamically appropriate manner, there's no sin, and Allah is fully acquainted with what you do, but Subhan Allah, any in certain cultures, it is considered so wrong, that a widow is now intending to get married. Remember, she's a widow only for four months and 10 days after that she's no longer a widow. He now she's just a single woman,

01:12:40--> 01:13:28

a woman who has been divorced was only in the period of divorce and he was only considered motor locker when you know during her waiting period after that, and he should not be given the label divorce See, or or widower, any these are labels that we have invented. And we have we use them as permanent labels on people. And this is unfair. This is this is incorrect because there's so much stigma attached. So So after the waiting period is over, a woman is free to marry. And this this should not be considered wrong or or shameless or sinful. When Arjuna Holly calm FEMA are not to be mean hey, poverty nissa t o a cannon two feet unfussy calm, there is no blame upon you for that to

01:13:28--> 01:14:15

which you indirectly allude concerning a proposal to women, or for what you conceal within yourselves. Now here 30 is mentioned that email is to indirectly allude to something, it's the opposite of Sorry, sorry, is to be direct, to be clear. So, remember, that while a woman is in her head God in her waiting period, a man cannot directly propose to her for marriage, but he can indirectly hint and the permission for that has been given, how can he indirectly give a hint? Ibn Abbas radula Warren who explained that he can mention something like you know, I intend to get married and I hope that a loss punctata will make this easy for me. So, he can give an indirect hint

01:14:15--> 01:14:45

but he cannot directly propose to her while she is in a state of mourning. Why because consider the fact that she's mourning and secondly any be considerate of that and then secondly, he for months and 10 days is a long time so many times that happens people get engaged and then after two weeks after three months they decide Oh, you know what, Bad idea sorry, we're gonna we're gonna cancel this. Any a once a once the engagement has been done in marriage be followed soon after.

01:14:46--> 01:15:00

Ali mala who under concerted Karuna hoonah Killa Tiwari, una Sivan. illa Anta kulu Cola, Mara rufa, Allah knows that you will have them in mind, but do not promise them secretly except for saying a proper

01:15:00--> 01:15:22

Seeing meaning proposed correctly. And this is also something important that a person should remember that Allah knows what is in your heart. And while Allah subhanaw taala has allowed you to express certain things, he has not allowed you to express other other things. So here in this situation, you can only indirectly

01:15:23--> 01:16:05

allude to the intention of getting married, you cannot give a direct proposal to a woman who is in her waiting period. And then we also see over here led to our a una Sera, men are being addressed over here that do not promise women secretly, that you know what I'm going to get, I'm going to marry you. And women must be careful over here, if a man is secretly telling you over dmws that you know what I'm going to marry. I'm going to talk to your father tomorrow, I'm going to talk to your father next week. You know, I'm gonna come over with my family next month he's playing with you says he's not serious. The man who is being secretive about this matter who doesn't have the courage to

01:16:05--> 01:16:50

speak to your family is only playing around with you. So don't get played over here. block him. He's only playing with you led to a oneness era and men must be careful about this. Any day they try to trap so many women, one woman here one woman there and and this is wrong, that first of all, realize that these conversations if if other people cannot witness them, Allah subhanaw taala is is a witness over these conversations. So don't think that in a in a chat box you can say whatever you want to to a woman, be careful and fear Allah subhanaw taala Allah Thorazine will rock with that Anika he had Diablo halki taboo Angela and do not determine to undertake a marriage contract until

01:16:50--> 01:17:33

the decreed period reaches its end. Any only have a direct and clear agreement after the waiting period is over. Why alemu anila Yara llamo Murphy unfussy confido rule were alemu anila for en haleem. And know that Allah knows what is within yourselves. So beware of him and know that Allah is Forgiving and forbearing so yes, Allah is Forgiving and forbearing he knows what what you what your feelings are, what your weakness is, he knows that. But at the same time, you should be cautious and fearful of Allah and purify your heart and Watch your words and watch your behavior.

01:17:34--> 01:18:17

And we see that in these verses is also an encouragement to marry widowed women. Even our boss rhodiola who are new explained that the ayah you are Latina Amanullah Hey Lola, come and tell us on this call her that Oh, you who believe it is not permissible for you to inherit women, any this verse was revealed regarding the certain context, because if a man died, his relatives used to have the right to inherit his wife. And one of them could marry her if you wanted. Or they would give her in marriage to someone else if they wanted. Or if they wanted, they would not give her in marriage at all. She would remain single forever. It was the family of her dead husband who would decide her

01:18:17--> 01:19:05

future. So this is something that is forbidden over here. Any when the husband dies after the waiting period, the woman is free. And he she she decides Oh of course with her Willie with her family. Not that her her her dead husband's family is now controlling her future. So this is unfair. Now there are some more matters related to her. In cases of divorce that are clarified. The first case is lagina Holly come in paluch to manisa Madame Tomaso hoonah out of the Lula hoonah Fariba there is no blame upon you if you divorce women, you have not touched nor specified for them and obligation. Woman tiru Hunan l Mu sirica de Ruvo who are in a loop to cuddle Mata, I'm Bill maruf.

01:19:05--> 01:19:48

How can I learn more sinning, but give them a gift of compensation? How much the wealthy according to his capability and the poor according to his capability, a provision according to what is acceptable, what is normative in that culture. And this is a duty upon the doers of good. So what's the case over here the case is that a man married a woman, and the two did not start living together. And the mahad was not even fixed. But the men divorced her. So in that case, what should he do, he should give her some kind of a gift. Because of course, the motto was not fixed. And the two were not even living together. So he's supposed to give her some kind of a gift, what kind of a

01:19:48--> 01:19:59

gift whatever that he can afford to give whatever that his financial condition allows. What in poloxamer wound I'm in recovery under masu

01:20:00--> 01:20:40

Welcome to Laguna forgotten furniture school my father Tom, a second scenario and if you divorce them before you have touched them and you have already specified for them and obligation, meaning him or her, then give half of what you specified. So what is the case over here, a man married a woman, marriage was not consummated, meaning the two were not living together, however, the Mahood was fixed. So, so now, what is the man supposed to do give her half of the Maho that was decided, if the marriage was consummated, then she keeps everything, she keeps everything, he cannot take anything back, if the mahad was never fixed, then he has to give whatever is conventional, whatever

01:20:40--> 01:21:26

he can afford to give, but if the model was fixed, so for example, he had said at the time of nica, that he is going to give $20,000 then, before even the marriage was consummated, he divorced her then he has to give her 10,000 in a year funa unless therefore go so the woman says you know what, I never actually lived with you so it's okay I don't mind keep everything. I don't want anything. Oh er for lady via the hero put the two nikka or the one in whose hand is that marriage contract for goes in. And this is who the man who got married, because in his hand is the is the marriage contract meaning he can ended he can initiate it. So how can he forgot that he says you know what,

01:21:26--> 01:22:13

why give only half I'll just give her all of it will unthoughtful Acropolis taqwa and to forego and to forego it is nearer to righteousness. Allah who acaba both parties are being encouraged to be giving in the situation, that the woman is being encouraged, if you if you are generous here you forego that is better that is closer to piety. So for example, why take half take nothing, because he never actually lived with you. And at the same time, the man is being encouraged that why do you only have yes half is it a minimum requirement, but if you give more if you give all of it, that is excellent. So we see that at the time of divorce Subhan Allah, people are being encouraged to be

01:22:13--> 01:23:01

generous with each other. And this is the time when people typically become so petty, so greedy, so selfish, that the start counting pennies, Allahu Akbar. This is a time of being generous, being forgiving, while our cancer will fog lubaina comb in Allah habima thermo Luna bossley and do not forget graciousness between you, Indeed Allah of whatever you do is seeing this means two things. This means First of all, that do not forget to do favour to each other. Any Yes, this is a time of divorce. But this is also an opportunity to be generous to someone to be good towards someone. And remember, any time that you know a relationship is coming to an end. So for example, you're working

01:23:01--> 01:23:48

somewhere, and you are, you know, the the contract is coming to an end. So at that time, don't become selfish and greedy. Think about how you can benefit the other. This is an opportunity for you to benefit someone. Don't Don't, don't just be eager to get what you can selfishly, rather also focus on what you can give let console fog lubaina calm. And secondly, this also means that don't forget the favors that were done between you beforehand, any we see that for example, when when when the family of the man takes the proposal to the woman's family, there's gifts that are exchanged. They're good words, there's kind treatment, you know, people invite each other over for dinner for

01:23:48--> 01:24:31

food, etc. And then we see at the time of nikka people are generous with each other. There's gifts that are exchanged. There's kind words that are exchanged. Focus on that. Don't focus on the negatives, focus on the favor that you received from others. And this should be in every matter in every relationship. You see, no human being is perfect, and no relationship is perfect. People are faulty relationships are, you know filled with errors. So appreciate the good that people do and overlook their errors. This doesn't mean that you don't take your right of course you take your rights, you demand justice, but at the same time, don't paint the other party as if there were

01:24:31--> 01:24:59

nothing but evil, Latin Savile fog, lubaina, calm and people who are only focused on the negatives, any so ungrateful. Then we see that such people, for example, women who are extremely ungrateful towards their husband, that he does one thing wrong and she canceled and completely that I have never seen any good from you ever. Then the Prophet sallallahu Arizona described this, as you know, a woman who will end up in fire in hellfire.

01:25:00--> 01:25:51

Why because this is extreme in gratitude, so nothing so will fog lubaina calm. Remember the favors that people have done to you in any matter, and don't be ungrateful and remember that Allah is watching you. Then it is said how filou ILO Salatu was Salam ala Wooster. We're cool Manila e carnitine. Maintain with care, the obligatory prayers, and in particular the middle prayer and stand before Allah, devoutly obedient Subhana Allah, these verses are talking about divorce, about death, about separation, about you know, money, legal rights, etc. And in the middle of that how few I know sonawane maintain your prayers diligently guard your prayers. Yes, because it is in such matters in

01:25:51--> 01:26:38

domestic issues that people forget about their obligations. Sometimes people are so focused on taking their rights, that they forget about their obligations. And this leads to this leads them to even neglecting their duty to Allah. So remember, guard your duty to Allah, if Allah for Allah will guard you, you make sure you are beautiful to Allah, you make sure you are doing what you're supposed to do. And Allah subhanaw taala will ensure that you get what you deserve. Maybe you don't get it right away, but Allah will make sure that you get it. So you'll be focused on your obligations and demand your rights from Allah. Haffield Who are those Salawat and Salah specifically

01:26:38--> 01:27:27

why because Salah What does it do? In the Quran, we learn in a salata tenha Anil fascia you will Mancha, Salah prohibits a person from from vulgarity from being obscene from doing what is wrong. And we see that in such situations of divorce, what do people do they become vulgar their language, the start you know showing their anger, they become unfair, they become greedy, any the worst of people comes out in in divorce. So a person who who guards their prayer than even in the matter of divorce, they will be careful, they will not be vulgar, they will not be evil, they will not be oppressive. haffi Lu artl Salawat. guard your prayers, diligently maintain them. And you see Salah

01:27:28--> 01:28:00

makes you honest, it makes you committed it makes you disciplined and humble before Allah and the person who will guard their Salah will guard other matters as well. This is why how falu Allah Salawat and remember in how these we learned that the person who guards the five daily prayers, they will get the reward of 50 prayers, so guard them, and what does it mean by guarding the prayer, perform the prayer on time and be consistent, what Lavina whom are also on our team, you have to be alone. This is the sign of the people who truly believe who will be successful.

01:28:01--> 01:28:43

So whatever is happening in your life should not distract you from Salah. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu earlier said that when he was at home, he would be in the service of his family. But when it was time for prayer, he would go go he would go in order to perform salah and one of the last things that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said was Asana Asana, meaning fear Allah regarding the Salah. Be mindful of your Salah. What is the benefit of guarding prayer, we learn Allah. Allah says in Surah madej when Medina who morale Salah team you happy alone, those who diligently guard their prayers, their Salah, and then it is said Allah ecoffee jannetty Mk Ramon. They're the ones

01:28:43--> 01:29:25

who will be in the gardens of Paradise and they will be treated with so much honor. You see, at a time of divorce, a person feels so humiliated, rejected, right treated unfairly. You praise Allah, Allah who will honor you, you strengthen your bond with Allah subhanaw taala and Allah Who will take care of you. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned Salah one day, and he said man, half of our labor, whoever diligently guards his Salah Canada who knows it will be for him in light, while bohannan and an evidence when a jaton and a means of salvation, yo will pm on the Day of Judgment. So do not neglect your Salah. No matter what's happening in your life. You see, sometimes people are

01:29:25--> 01:29:59

very careful about their Salah as long as things are good, but as soon as there's some, you know something difficult in their life, they tend to neglect Salah. That is the time when we should seek help through patience and prayer. Not a time when we begin to neglect our prayer. So happy though Arlo salat wa Salatu was specifically the middle prayer. And this is the sort of prayer why this prayer is extremely important at the time of rasa and fudgy angels attend right the angels the different groups of angels, they gather at

01:30:00--> 01:30:38

Point and they take that report to Allah subhanaw taala that we found your servants while they were praying and we left them while they were praying. And then we see that monks Hello Baroda Hello Jana, whoever whoever performs the two cool prayers, meaning fudger and also then such a person will enter Paradise. We also learn Layali Gennaro ahead on Salah cobbler to lower shamcey will cobbler Whoa, Ruby hi Jani Alfredo will ask the person who prays before the rising of the sun and before the setting of the sun meaning fudger and also, such a person will never enter hellfire. And we see that being particular about fudger. And also, this is something that will allow a person to see Allah on

01:30:38--> 01:31:26

the Day of Judgment, the greatest privilege and leaving our sort of prayer, we learn mintaka Salah teleserye heavy bamboo, whoever leaves what out to us, his work has been ruined. It's it's destroyed, it's become useless. It's worse than losing a person's entire family and, and and entire property. So don't delay it because delaying or sort of prayer waiting until the last moment. This is a sign of a hypocrite. So while Salatu was Dawa qumola carnitine and stand before Allah devoutly obedient, meaning when you're praying, pray with devout obedience with connote Now what does that mean? It means five things. First of all, it means stand for irine meaning stand with obedience

01:31:26--> 01:32:10

before Allah subhanaw taala so this means prayer properly. When you're praying Salah prayer properly, the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm set some new command or a Tony or Sally pray as you see me praying. And this shows us that we should all learn how to pray properly, any the way that the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said I'm used to pray, not that we pray the way we feel like that we we don't feel comfortable, you know, bending and recor we don't feel comfortable sitting in a certain position. So we just do whatever we feel like no, we have to pray properly obediently. Secondly, quantity means Sacchi team, meaning pray, how, with stillness, meaning Do not talk and do

01:32:10--> 01:32:56

not move around, unnecessarily. Only move where you must, but otherwise be still insular, and do not talk to people do not make unnecessary sound sometimes until our people go on clearing their throat to draw the attention of their children or their family. Sometimes they start, you know, speaking, reciting very loudly, as if to scare their children from doing something. This is not correct. So Sakhi t means Be still and do not talk that we're not supposed to be communicating with people during Salah. Thirdly, it means how Shireen stand with humility, because of the Hellmuth Menon and Latina Humphrey Salah to him, call Sharon, pray with humility, look like a humble servant. And this

01:32:56--> 01:33:40

means that don't stand arrogantly as if you're, you know, standing before a child, or stand as if you are distracted, stand like a slave like a servant like a beggar. And then fourthly, this means they are in meaning a prayer Salah as you are making Dora meaning really beg and ask pay attention to what you're saying when you say it. Also author mustafi said like a girl really mean it that you're asking Allah. And then finally carnitine also means for him pm meeting stand, stand for long insula. First of all, stand and pray. Don't just sit and pray because you're tired. Sit and pray only when you're not able to stand.

01:33:41--> 01:34:27

And when you're standing in prayer, then make sure that your pm is long enough. Sometimes people rush through certain Fatiha, they rush through the shortest suta possible. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Afflalo sola to total keynote, the best of prayer is thought unquote, to stand for long, so make sure that your pm is long. For in 1540 Jalan odo cabana for either omentum fedco, Allah Kamara lemma, calm malam, takuna tala moon. And if you fear an enemy, then pray on foot or writing. Meaning don't leave prayer, when you are in a state of fear, even if there is an enemy that is pursuing you, right behind you. And you must keep moving in order to save yourself. And it is

01:34:27--> 01:34:59

also time for prayer, let's say also to prayer, then do you leave the prayer? No, you don't you don't leave it. You pray while walking on foot or while writing? You don't leave prayer. Then how do you think we can leave prayer because we're watching a TV show? Or because we're at a wedding party? Or because we're shopping any if in a state of fear also, we cannot leave Salah. Then how can we leave Salah over petty issues for either omentum fed kuruma comma Allah con man

01:35:00--> 01:35:43

I'm Docomo, Darla moon. But when you are secure then remember Allah as he has taught you that which you did not previously know. Meaning when when you are in a state of security, then you pray as you're supposed to pray without movement in the sense that you don't you don't walk around in Salah you don't pray while moving. No you pray in your spot carnitine with stillness, one levina your telephone income where the owner as well john Wesley utterly as YG him Mata and Elan holy, Laila, Raj and those who are taken in death among you and leave behind, sorry, and those who are taken in death among you, and leave wives behind for their wives is a bequest what is that request? What is

01:35:43--> 01:36:30

that well sleep maintenance for one year without turning them out? For in calendula, so, so basically, we see that initially, according to the law of the time, a woman did not inherit from her husband, anything meaning when a man died, his wife did not inherit anything from her from him. In fact, she was treated as his property. And as I mentioned earlier, the family, the heirs of the man, they would decide what to do with his wife. So either they would marry her or they would have her married to someone else, or they would not allow her to marry anybody, any her. Her future was entirely their decision. But we see that this command was given that when a man dies, then his wife

01:36:30--> 01:37:14

gets to live in his house, up to a year. This is her right, her expenses are supposed to be covered. And she's not going to be turned out Laila Raj, for encouraging her fall Arjuna Harley comm FEMA for Luffy unfussy hinami maruf. But if they leave of their own accord, meaning before, a year before the year ends, after let's say, six months, she decides, you know what I'm moving out of here, I'm getting married to someone else. If that is what they wish to do, there is no blame upon you for what they do with themselves in an acceptable way. Getting married is something acceptable. So if they wish to get married to someone else, and move on, no sin, well, no, who are Aziz and Hakeem and

01:37:14--> 01:37:58

Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise, he can come in whatever that he wants. So we see that this was the initial law that was given and later on, the law of inheritance was given. And in that, the share of the widow has been appointed, that if the husband, if a man dies, leaving behind a wife, then she gets a certain portion of his wealth. And then we see that earlier in these verses we learned about Hey, Dad, hey dad is the waiting period four months and 10 days. So this idea is now abrogated, meaning the waiting period is not a year it is four months in 10 days, and it is not that she is to live in the house of the man for a year. Rather, she will get her share of inheritance and

01:37:58--> 01:38:39

the property will be divided amongst the IRS as per the law of the inheritance and she will also get her right when within the party Mataram Bill Maher wolf have canal with the pain and for divorced women is a provision according to what is acceptable, a duty upon the righteous. This means that every divorced woman, whether she has been divorced the first time or the second time or the third time, whether she's being divorced, after the marriage was consummated, or not consummated, whether it was after a year of marriage, or 20 years of marriage doesn't matter where a man gives the lock to his wife, he must give her a gift at the time of divorce. And this is a duty and obligation upon

01:38:39--> 01:39:21

the people who fear Allah, meaning none but those who fear Allah will do this Subhana lights the exact opposite these days, that at the time of divorce, a woman is deprived of everything forget about giving her something whatever it is hers even is taken away. So how can I learn more talking the people of the quadrant do that? The people of the core what do they do? They give catolica ubay unilocular comm iottie larnaka terpinolene does does a lot make clear to you his verses that you might use reason so use reason. Don't be blinded by your desires and your anger alone. thora Isla larina hora juman Dare him aloof and Heather all mode. Now some important lessons are being taught

01:39:21--> 01:39:59

through some stories of the past. What's the first story the first story is have you not considered those who left their homes in many 1000s any there were 1000s in number yet they left their homes. Why? Why were they fleeing, fearing death had a remote So what happened? Were they able to save their lives for call Allahumma Allahu Allah said to them die and all of them died so mahiya home then he restored them to life. He gave them another chance in the law Hello Newfoundland, Ireland nurse and Allah is full of bounty to the people will UK in the UK thanasi lyase Kuru

01:40:00--> 01:40:46

But most of the people do not show gratitude Allah is so generous to people, yet people do not show gratitude. Now this incident is of a previous nation. And the details of which have not really been mentioned in any her these, nor have the details been mentioned in the Quran. But what we can see or we can extrapolate from the details that are given in this idea is that these people, this nation, this community, they were in the 1000s. They weren't just a few people, they were in the 1000s. Yet the fear of death overcame them. Now, based on the next two verses, it is interpreted that they were perhaps being attacked by an enemy, so they were afraid for their lives. And even though they were

01:40:46--> 01:41:36

in the 1000s, instead of fighting back, instead of defending themselves, what did they do? They became cowards, and they fled. And when they fled, their fleeing did not save them from deaths. So what does that show us? This shows us that, instead of trying to avoid and escape the challenges that come our way, we need to embrace them, we need to go through them. We need to do what Allah subhana wa tada has commanded us to do in those situations. And remember that running away escaping is not going to save you from the harm that you wish to avoid. Because the harm that is written for you will definitely reach you. So don't flee from your obligations, face them, fulfill them. And

01:41:36--> 01:42:18

also realize that death is something certain it is written, it's coming sooner or later. So don't just think about Now, think about later also, that what I'm doing right now is this going to help me in the hereafter. We'll call it roofie Seville Allahu Allah more anila semir on our lien and fight in the cause of Allah and know that Allah is hearing annoying. So the Muslims remember the Muslims in Medina, every day things were getting harder for them. And to fight in the way of Allah to fight the enemy was something that was difficult for them. And this is something that we learned about earlier and sort of tobacco, that cookie bar like milk Italia karula calm, that you're in a

01:42:18--> 01:43:01

situation where you must fight fighting has been decreed upon you and you dislike and you hate it. But it's possible that you dislike something and in fact it is good for you. So when there is a need, when the situation arises, don't flee. Don't be a coward, face the reality. Embrace the challenge, seek Allah subhanaw taala has help. You should know that Allah is hearing he hears your doras he is knowing he knows your condition. We don't call it invalid. rhodiola Mourinho he participated in so many, many battles, yet he died on his deathbed, not in the battlefield. And he said May the eyes of the cowards never taste sleep. Any people who are so cowardly that they're

01:43:01--> 01:43:48

always trying to save themselves protect themselves shelter themselves, may they never find peace, and this is something that happens a person who who lives in that fear with cowardice a person who does not overcome their fears than their fears cripple them. They're not able to find peace and and and security. Manda levy ukri the law carvanha Santa Fe Uber if a hula hoop a dolphin kathira whoa Allahu Jacobi Aloo way of Soto wha la Hito Jerome, who is it that would loan Allah a good liloan so he may multiply it for him many times over any when you spend in though in the cause of Allah, you are basically giving a loan to Allah. What does that mean? That means that a loss penalty, I will

01:43:48--> 01:44:38

certainly return it to you not as what you gave him not the amount that you gave him, but he will multiply it for you many times over. So spending in the way of Allah is actually an investment or donation that you give, for example, to an Islamic Institute, a donation that you make, for example, to a mosque. That donation is not don't view it as Oh, I did. So I did them a favor. No, no, you're not doing anybody a favor. You're doing yourself a favor. You're actually investing your money. You're allowing your money to grow, to bring you benefit many times over. Well, Allahu Yakubu, I absolutely will lie to Jerome and it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance and to Him you will

01:44:38--> 01:44:59

be returned. So remember, Allah is our build Bassil meaning he is the one who constricts provision, and he is the one who expands it for his slaves. We think that if we keep our money to ourselves, we can make it grow. No, it's only gonna grow if Allah makes it grow. We think that if we spend, we are losing out No, you're not

01:45:00--> 01:45:49

necessarily losing out you given the wave Allah, Allah will make it grow. So remember, it is up to Allah, he decides and he has control over your risk also he is the Razak and he can give you more or he can constricted, so be content with the decree of law. And whatever means that a lost parent Allah has given you use them for the pleasure of Allah give Allah according to Hassan, and remember God hasn't specifically a good loan. This is what a person spends for the religion of Allah. This is what a person spends only for the sake of Allah seeking reward only from Allah. Now another story is mentioned and this is Antara, Elan mela Eman Benny israa Isla mimbar the Moosa in cannoli Nabila

01:45:49--> 01:45:50


01:45:51--> 01:46:35

And I'm Tara ilma. Even Benny is Surah lm embody Moosa. Have you not considered the assembly of the children of Islam he after moosari is set on what happened over here. This is a story of the bunny is through you and their mela, mela, as in their their leaders, or you could say, the nobles among them, they went to a profit of theirs. And this was after the time of mozzarella, his center. So this is after they had been freed from fit our own. This sort of their profit in cannoli Nabila homo birth, Lana Melaka, no cartel v sebelah. They said to a profit of theirs that appoint for us a king and we will fight in the way of Allah.

01:46:37--> 01:47:24

Now, basically what happened is that the bunny is thought he remember we learned earlier in SoCal Baccarat about how they, they were, they were shown so many signs, they were given so many blessings, so many other chances they were given, yet they kept on denying their profits, disobeying their profits, they kept drifting away from the book of Allah from the laws that they were given. Instead of, for example, following the book of Allah, they were more inclined towards magic and things like that. So as a result, they experienced very difficult consequences. And part of that was that their enemy prevailed over them, their enemy expelled them from their homes. So we learned that

01:47:24--> 01:48:12

this is one of those times when they had been expelled from their homes by their enemy. And they went to their prophet and they asked that you appoint a king for us. So that would that King behind that King, we can fight our enemy and reclaim our land. Now, notice how they ask that a leader a king be appointed, which shows us the importance of having a leader, any one is that that people work as a mob, right that that every person does whatever they feel like doing and the other is to have an organized effort. And definitely when people are more organized, there is leadership, then the results are far better. What happened on the hill, I say to him in quotevalet como Peterloo

01:48:12--> 01:48:54

Allah to call to their Prophet said would you perhaps refrain from fighting if fighting was prescribed for you? And you What if Allah subhanaw taala legislates fighting on you? And then you say no, no, we don't want to fight. We're scared. Allah Mallanna Allahu cartella feasable in La wakad origin I'm in the air in our urban our inner they said and why should we not find in the cause of Allah when we have been driven out from our homes and from our children? What reason do we have for not fighting? We will fight Fela Kuti barella he will Peter luta. Well, lo illa kalila min home, there were so confident yet, but when fighting was prescribed for them, they turned away except for

01:48:54--> 01:49:44

a few of them. Wella, who already mambilla amin and Allah is Knowing of the wrong doors. So they were very eager at the beginning. And then later on, we will see how when fighting was obligated on them, a leader was appointed. And then they were given certain rules, certain conditions they didn't follow. And this shows us that first of all, we should not put ourselves in difficulty. What does that mean? We learn in a narration that it does not befit a believer that he humiliates himself. And when the people asked, what does it mean that a believer humiliates himself? It was said that he takes on or he presents himself to tribulation to trials that he is not able to bear that a person,

01:49:44--> 01:50:00

for example, asks for trials that they're not able to bear or asks for, you know, work, etc, that they know they cannot handle. They know that they don't have the strength to bear. So instead of asking for problems, and

01:50:00--> 01:50:46

difficulties, we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for ease for our fear for well being for safety, any, yes over here. Fighting was, of course very obvious that you had to fight the enemy but instead of, you know being overly confident that we will fight the enemy, we will do this we will do that they should they should have been asking Allah subhanaw taala, for ease for Aafia for safety, for security for success. So, and this is something that the Prophet sallallahu already said I'm also said that latter manolito Allah I do, do not wish to meet the enemy. Any all believers do not ask that that you should be given a chance to fight know what salomaa lafiya ask Allah for wellbeing for

01:50:46--> 01:51:05

safety. However, when you do meet the enemy, then be patient over there. So don't ask for extremely difficult challenges. We learned that even when it comes to the fitting of the job. We have been told that when the gel appears, don't go see him. Don't go to fight him. Rather.

01:51:06--> 01:51:52

Save yourself. How do you save yourself that you avoid fitna? So what happened here? We'll call on a woman to be you home in the law cut Bertha come Toluca Malika now how is it that they how is it that they turned away? That is explained that their profit set to them Indeed Allah has sent to you by loot as a king, so far loot is going to be your leader, he is going to lead you in battle. Now what happened? Call Unnai akula? Who will will coralina one aha COVID mulki men who, while I'm you Sarah terminal man. They said how can he have kingship over us? How could he be our leader while we are more worthy of kingship than him. And he has not been given any measure of wealth. So according to

01:51:52--> 01:52:42

them, who was worthy of being a king, someone who had the right lineage, so it is at the root was not from the line of kings. And secondly, according to them, someone who had a lot of wealth was worthy of leadership, but clearly near Allah subhanaw taala. These two are not are not the standards. You don't have to be of a certain blood. And you don't have to be of a certain net worth, to have leadership or to have certain rules. What is required is something else. So there prophet clarified Allah in Allah Slava, la Kong, was there the whole best pattern filler in me? Well just, he said, that, Indeed, Allah has chosen him over you and has increased him abundantly in knowledge

01:52:42--> 01:53:26

and stature. Any what makes them fit for the job is, first of all, the fact that Allah is the one who has chosen him, I did not Allah is the one who chose him. Secondly, Allah Subhana, Allah has given him knowledge and knowledge is necessary for leadership. And thirdly, Allah paradata has given him the physical strength also, any he has the physical capacity to be able to do this job, any fighting is not easy. Leading the people like buddy Israel is not easy. You need that knowledge and you also need skill. Well, now who you Team wielka, who may or sha Allah who is here in our lien, and Allah gives us sovereignty, to whom He wills, and Allah is all encompassing, and knowing. So

01:53:26--> 01:54:14

remember that and money is right. In other words, they would appoint kings, basically, who were from a certain background, who were from a certain lineage and thought was an average person, and he was not even extremely wealthy. So, this is why they disregarded him, they could not understand why he would be appointed as the leader as the King. But this is shows us the way our last panel tada chose followed, it shows us that knowledge is superior to social status. And knowledge is more important than physical strength, even because knowledge is mentioned first. And then we see that knowledge and physical strength, both make a person worthy of being given a certain job. We see that in the

01:54:14--> 01:54:56

Quran, we learn about use of earliest sin and we learn about musala his Salah that both were described as a mean that as trustworthy as people who could be trusted most our listener was described as a we was someone who is strong, capable of doing the work. So knowledge and skill, both are necessary. The physical ability, both are necessary, but out of them knowledge is more important. We'll call it a home. And this also shows us that we shouldn't be looking down on people just because they don't they don't have a certain social status. We'll call on a woman to be your home in the ayato mulki to como taboo to fee Sakina tomura become what will appear to me Macaca

01:54:56--> 01:54:59

Allah Masha Allah her own tamela Wilma acre

01:55:00--> 01:55:45

In the feed Delica Iota lecan in control movement in and their profits said to them indeed, a sign of his kingship is that the chest will come to you taboos will come to you in which is Sakina assurance from your Lord, and a remnant of what the family of most of the family of Harun had left carried by the angels. Indeed and that is a sign for you if you are believers. Now for the bunny is styled to really accept the leadership of followed they needed greater assurance. So Allah subhanaw taala gave that how that there was a miracle that preceded the the leadership of balut and how did that happen? That there was the taboos, which is the Ark of the Covenant, which basically appeared

01:55:45--> 01:56:00

before the House of Duluth. Now what now what is this taboo or Ark of the Covenant? This taboo is set to be a gold covered chest containing stone tablets, on which the basically

01:56:01--> 01:56:02


01:56:03--> 01:56:53

unwashed alright the stone tablets which will sorry Sam was given and a part of mana and some other things, and the money is ill any they would use it for tabarrok for seeking blessing. However, we learned that this booth had actually been lost from the bunny is slightly any their enemy had confiscated it they had taken it away. But at this occasion, Allah subhanaw taala had the angels bring it to pollutes door. And when that the wood appeared at the door of pollutes, this was a clear sign for the bunny is through you, that he is the right King for you. He is truly the one whom Allah subhanaw taala has chosen. And they were also reassured by the fact that these blessings were

01:56:53--> 01:57:37

present now among them, and they would they would have, you know, more Baraka more blessing. So, this was a source of reassurance for them. And as human beings we all need Sakina we all need reassurance and remember that Sakina is the contentment that Allah subhanaw taala places in the hearts of his servants. And he This is given by Allah, this is not something that you can earn that you say, Okay, I want to be calm. I want to have reassurance No, this is given by Allah it's a station it's a rank of closeness to Allah subhanaw taala so we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for Sakina especially when we are afraid when we are feeling weak when we are worried when we are

01:57:37--> 01:58:21

unsure. Then ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you Sakina Fela FOSS Allah tala to build you know the color in the law Hamilton, a convener hub for mansion Eva men who fell as a mini woman lumea Tom hufa, in a woman named eliminare thought of a rotten bat. And when Thanos went forth with the soldiers, so now finally they accepted yester Luther King, and they went out with him. He said that Indeed, Allah will be testing you with a river. So whoever drinks from it is not of me and whoever does not taste it is indeed of me except one who takes from it in the hollow of his hand. For Shetty, boo Minh, who illa kalila Minh home, but they drank from it except a very few of them. So

01:58:21--> 01:59:00

yes, now they were out in the way of Allah. And their leader told them very clearly you're going to be tested. And this was basically to teach them that they must follow the leader. A lot of people are passionate about appointing a leader having a leader being organized, but once the leader is appointed, they don't want to listen to the leader. So this test was not to torture, the money is taught you that you're going to be thirsty. There's going to be a whole lot of water, a river, but you're not allowed to drink from it. This was not to torture them. This was to teach them that you are going to follow your leader. Follow Maria was a who are Latina, amanu Mara, who karula Takata

01:59:00--> 01:59:37

and Aloma be jalota. virginity so we see that majority of them any they disobeyed him, they didn't really follow Him, and this expose their own reality. And then when he had crossed it, along with those who believed with them, he said, they said, there is no hope. Then when he had crossed the river along with those who believed with him, those who listened to him because remember, those who disobeyed him, were no longer going to accompany him. And this happened at the Battle of or heard also, there were people who outwardly obeyed the Prophet sallallahu earlier sent him came along. And then what happened after some time, they said, We're not going with you because you didn't listen to

01:59:37--> 01:59:59

us. So Abdullah bin obey, and his folks 300 of them went back. So this is something that happens that through different trials, Allah subhanaw taala exposes who is truly committed to the cause, and who is not who is honest, and who is fake. So now what happened when he had crossed it along with those who believed with him, they said there is no power for

02:00:00--> 02:00:44

Today against Joe lute and his soldiers, because dilute Was it a Saturday was a giant, his soldiers were many. So when they saw the enemy they were really afraid. And remember at the Battle of water that the Battle of other Muslims, the Muslims experience something very similar that the enemy is so much stronger than us. So at that time, call a lady in a a well known unknown mula coma he come in via tin kalila tin, Rola bath phiaton kathira tambien Allah, wa la humara slobin ene, but those who are certain that they would meet Allah said how many a small company has overcome a large company by permission of Allah and Allah is with the patient, Allah, they said this out loud, reminding each

02:00:44--> 02:01:32

other that look, we have to put our trust in Allah, not in our resources. It is with the help of Allah, that even though we are few, we can overcome the enemy even if the enemy is much greater than us. And if we are patient, Allah subhanaw taala is help is with us. So what did they do? Well, I'm Bara Zhu Li Jia luta would you know de Cali robina afraid coralina sobre with a bit awkward Amana one SORNA lol comin Catherine mean, and when they went forth to face jello than his soldiers, when the battle began, they said Our Lord, pour upon us patience, pour upon us patience, what does that mean? Give us a whole lot of it. And plan firmly. Our feet give us steadfastness so that we don't

02:01:32--> 02:02:16

flee, we don't run away. Remember, the for the first story that was mentioned over here was of people who fled. We don't want to be cowards. We want to be committed to the end and give us victory over the disbelieving people don't allow us to suffer loss over here allow us to be victorious against our enemies. So we see that they did their best. And they also prayed they made Dora and notice how patient they were. So this is what she what we should also be asking for in the face of challenges. Instead of running away instead of escaping, instead of you know, just being overly confident in ourselves. We should be calling upon Allah, do your best and ask Allah subhanaw taala

02:02:16--> 02:03:00

for patients, whether it is a domestic issue, it is a personal issue. It is a it is a bigger issue that affects an entire community. Whatever issue it is, ask Allah subhanaw taala for patients because remember that it is with patience that people find success. It is with patients that people find blessings in this world and the next and it is with patients that a person enters paradise. So ask Allah subhanaw taala for help. For his mo home be in Manila. Wakata nada, whoo dilute what I tell what I tell hula, hula willco al hikmah, where Allah whom in Maya Shah, so they defeated them by permission of Allah by permission of Allah. If you are victorious, it is by permission of Allah.

02:03:00--> 02:03:42

And that would killed dilute the word Allah His surname at this time was an ordinary soldier and he killed Janu the giant and Allah gave him the kingship and Prophethood and taught him from that which he will win Oh Allah for Allah He NASA Baba Hornby bobbin la fossa till or Lu Anakin, Allahu feiglin. Allah, Allah mean, and if it were not for Allah checking or removing some people by means of others, the Earth would have been corrupted, but Allah is full of bounty to the worlds. So we see that it was through the older it is Salaam, that Allah subhanaw taala brought victory to these people. And then after this last part Allah gave, though there isn't I'm so much more Prophethood

02:03:42--> 02:04:29

kingship. And we see over here that Allah subhanaw taala breaks the power of some people through others. And this has necessary that sometimes individuals or nations, they have so much and then they're brought down through others. Why? Because if that did not happen, the Earth would have become corrupt. So we see that people carry on with their power, or with their oppression, sometimes for years on end, but then their time expires, their time comes to an end. So be patient tilka is to mahina to her I like her will help. We're in Mecca, liminal mursaleen. These are the verses of Allah which we recite to you in truth, and indeed you are among the messengers. So the Prophet sallallahu

02:04:29--> 02:04:59

wasallam is given reassurance over here because if people would keep on saying less than more Salah less the more salah and Allah says we're in the Colombian and more saline, those who don't give you any worse. Remember that you do have a lot of worth near Allah subhana wa Tada. We see that Duluth was not given much worth by his people that would listen I was an ordinary man in his nation, but look at how Allah subhanaw taala chose both of them. So remember, power is in the hands of Allah Riza is in the hand of Allah. He gives

02:05:00--> 02:05:34

To whomsoever He wills and he takes it from whomsoever He wills and he tests His servants through different ways. So always in whatever situation you're in, be committed to Allah, be submissive to Allah and be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah with this Alhamdulillah we reached the end of the second Gers inshallah, in our next class we will begin the third just in sha Allah, we will conclude over here so panic Allah humo behenic a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta estar Furukawa Tobu la cosa llamar Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh