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Luqman 20-34 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 31-34


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of sugar and sulfur to boost energy and productivity, emphasizing the importance of patientism and staying on the ship. They stress the need for accountability and avoiding mistakes. The speakers also touch on the use of Yala method to determine when it will rain and the importance of rain for people to be aware of the future. The speakers end with a recitation from a previous panel.
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I'm Tara, do you not see Anil fulgur, that indeed the ship's taggi refill battery, they flow in the sea? How we near Mattila he, with the blessing of Allah?

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Do you not see this? That where Allah, He controls the sun and the moon, the night and the day, his controllers also were on the earth, on the waters at sea, that do not see that these ships, they flow in the sea by the favor of Allah by the blessing of Allah. Isn't it amazing that a huge ship

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that's carrying tons and tons of weight? That ship can sail on the sea so easily. But you put one pin,

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one pin and what will happen to it? It will think, Isn't this amazing? Yes, there is. Explanations behind that why the ship's float and why a pain will drown. There are explanations behind that. But who has created these laws?

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Allah Panda,

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who has made the system such

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a loss of panatela isn't as a huge favor. Isn't this a huge blessing veneer mighty lay by the huge blessing of Allah.

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And it's amazing how even people can swim in water.

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That it's amazing how a person he's at the top of the water and he can continue to swim, he doesn't drown. If he does swim, right, he will not drown. And sometimes it's amazing that little children, how they'll fall into the water, but their natural swimmers,

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they will not drown, they will not think immediately. So Isn't this a huge thing? Isn't this a miracle? Who is making this happen? A loss of panel data.

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So, even even here, Millennium over here first do this huge favor, that these ships can sail. So bow over here is is off sub cause and it can also be understood as back off Maria, with that these ships when they sail. What do they sail with? What do they flow with? What do they carry?

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The blessing of Allah? How that the ships carry many blessings, which you're able to transport from one place to the other. Think about it. So many cars. So many materials, so many things. They're important. They're shipped out

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by sea, veneer, Mattila

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Lilia come in it so that he shows you of his science, the chips they sell, why so that Allah can show you his science some of his science some of his proofs in Effie Delica is indeed in that surely is true Nikolas Abaddon Shaku for every person who is most patient and most grateful sub bow, who was Saba one who does a lot of sub Cathedral sub, and who is Jaco? One who does a lot of sugar coffee. Oh, shucks. So bad is one who is firmly patient, firmly patient.

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He doesn't give up. He doesn't stop.

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You understand that no matter what, he will not leave, he will not stop.

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Once one of the great scholars of the past he was sitting in teaching

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and his face turned fail, continued continued.

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After he finished, a scorpion had bitten him

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many many times, many, many times but he did not get up. He did not scream over there. Oh my god. This is what Sabbath Cathedral so

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sometimes what happens we're praying Salah, and we think that we need to scratch our knee, we think that we need to scratch our arm and what happens we cannot stand still there is no such thing over there. So bad is who the one who is firmly patient.

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Yes, I want to stop I want to go I want to move I want to look but what is what who does not give up firmly patient extremely persevering,

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extremely persevering.

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So, this person, he will see these it will benefit from them he will get these lessons and Shaku Shaku one who is deeply grateful, intensely appreciated, very, very appreciative, one who acknowledges the smallest blessings even and he's grateful for them. He's grateful in his heart on his the sand in his in his actions. We call this a barren chuckle.

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What do you see over here

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that suffer and shocker. There are such virtuous qualities that bring many many benefits to a person

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isn't it so they bring many benefits to a person and we learned early that Romania score for international NFC

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So this is one of the benefits of sugar What?

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that a person can gain many lessons in the feed ellika. Yet

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lessons that other people will not gain

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points of reflection that only you will reflect on other people will not even notice.

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Who a person who is patient, and a person who is grateful.

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He is patient in learning.

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And he is grateful upon learning.

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He doesn't become arrogant over there. And in the learning process, he doesn't get tired, he doesn't get bored, he doesn't get sick. No, he stays firm. He doesn't give up and upon learning, he doesn't become arrogant, but rather he is grateful. He doesn't say this is my knowledge, my attainment, but rather he is grateful to Allah.

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And these two qualities, if you think about it, they're mentioned were right after the mention of

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fish blessing

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sailing other ships, right? Now when a person is traveling by sea, what does he need?

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sulfur and sugar Shaka, he needs these two qualities. Because without these qualities a person cannot survive. Why?

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Once you're on a ship, when can you get off?

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When when you reach the destination, isn't it? It's not like, you know, I'm tired, I want to go back home. Can you do that? You can't do that. Once you're on the ship, then you need some maintenance, what happens people get seasick, they will begin to miss their family, they get bored, they feel restricted, that I want to get off the ship now. But so what do you need over there sub and what do you need over there sugar as well. Now a person who is so bad and charcoal you will see many is on Celia come in iottie

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which I actually see

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he will see the stars in the night that he will not be able to see on land. Why? Because on land, there's so much pollution that he will not be able to see the clear sky but on sea, he will be able to see it. Then just imagine just the ship and all around you is water and above you is a clear blue sky.

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You will notice such things over there which you will not notice elsewhere. But who will notice these things. A person who is patient and a person who is grateful. And if a person is thinking, Oh, when are we going to get to our destination? I'm afraid I'm scared when we get off this ship, will he be able to gain any lesson? Will he know because the person who does not have suffered a person who cannot have silver until he reaches the destination? He will not benefit from the journey.

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He will not benefit from the journey.

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You know sometimes people are traveling and children what do they do?

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Keep asking Are we there yet? Are we there yet? In order to parents tell them look around you

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look around you look at the trees look at the sky Look at the beautiful lake. Look at the sea. But they don't notice any of that. Why are we there yet? Are we there yet? They cannot wait until they get to the destination.

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So a person who doesn't have sovereign he cannot learn from the journey.

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You understand? Because he's just waiting for the end.

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Similarly for person, let's say he begins his journey through the Quran. And he's just waiting for December.

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He's just waiting till the 18th month Will he be able to benefit? No, because literally he's counting days she's counting days Okay, these many days left these many months like these many weeks left. Okay, these many lessons left. Then finally it will be over. Will they be able to enjoy? Will they be able to benefit? No.

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And a person who after the journey is not grateful. But rather he feels that oh, this is my accomplishment. He's not grateful to Allah will he value that blessing? Will he value that journey? He will not value it will not make any impact on his life.

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So in the feed Erica, I click on this bad in Shaku only so bad and Chico. He will benefit

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what's up

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a hobby?

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You see any journey is difficult.

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Especially the journey by sea.

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Because if you have forgotten something, you can't go back.

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You can't say, Okay, I'll just catch up with them later, you have to stay on the ship, you cannot get off the ship.

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And generally, a journey by ship is longer, isn't it? It's much longer. It takes months, sometimes. But what do you need for that? sub? And sometimes there are storms? And what do you need for that sub.

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And when you get to the destination, what is required over there? Sure, that our hamdulillah we got to the destination.

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And a person who is so bad in Chicago, he will learn many signs of the earth, or the ayat that show the cooter of Allah the power of a lot, and especially his oneness,

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that the lesson of the heat that a person learns that See, he doesn't learn it anywhere else. Because he cannot call upon people. There are no people who can accidentally see them in trouble, isn't it? So? If a person has had a car accident on a highway, what happens? Even if it's an empty, deserted road, after sometimes somebody or the others go by, and people will see them people will spot them?

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But if an accident happens at see who will see?

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Who will check, who will accidentally come across? No. Right? If you're on the road, you end up in an accident, you can call 911. And before you call, somebody else will call and you'll get help, but unseen to get help. It might take several hours, sometimes even days.

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So what do you need? sub and it teaches you to hate relying upon Allah only.

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And a person who has submitted himself to Allah, useless module in Allah, wa who are more sin, than he will learn this lesson definitely. That only Allah, he can help me. And sometimes it happens that you're doing something, it becomes difficult, it becomes challenging. What do you need over there? reliance on Allah only. And if you keep going, you keep trusting on Allah, at the end, your belief will be stronger, you know that your belief will be stronger. Just imagine remember any experience, any experience, whether it was an exam, or it was some accident or it was some illness? And you turn to Allah again and again and again. afterwards? What was the level of your faith?

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What was it it was much higher, much stronger?

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So the journey by see it really teaches the hate. And this example is given in the following is Well,

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that was either Alicia whom bhojan and when waves cover them.

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Were at sea.

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Go slowly, like canopies like umbrellas. Alolan, Florida, Lola and what is learning

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A huge umbrella like a tent, something that gives shade will result from the same root.

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So imagine huge waves covering the people on the ship like umbrellas. Just imagine a canopy over your head. What do they do at that time? dhariwal law they call upon Allah meclizine and our Deen one sincere to him, once making sincere to him, their worship their religion, a de means religion, but it also means worship.

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So at that time, they become extremely sincere in their worship and what does it refer to in there there are that they call upon only Allah. They only ask him for relief. They forget about everything else

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for the manager home

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and then when he saves them when he delivers them to land safely, they make it to land for men home, so from them from the people who have been saved, there are mocked aside those who are moderate woman I adore her to be Aya Tina Illa colo hotair in Cabo and none rejects our signs except to every person who is very treacherous and extremely ungrateful.

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Now the question is, what does it mean by mocked aside,

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marked as it is from golf saw that and what does that mean?

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We learned about yesterday to go straight away to your destination and also

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moderation error to dial balance right. So it is to adopt the middle path works at FEMA shake, meaning be moderate in your work. So Mokhtar said, Who is he, one who

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adopts the middle path, one who is moderate.

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In the Quran, three people are mentioned into the throttle i a 32. That for many homes, lolly Moline, I've seen that among people are those who do loan to themselves, women who mocked us it. And among them are those who remain moderate in the middle. woman whom savvy can build hierarchy in the law. And among them are those who are foremost in good deeds by the permission of Allah.

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So you see three types of people, one is one who was unjust to himself, one who stays in the middle, and the other who excels in good

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life. For example, imagine some students who fail other students will always remain average, and others who get distinction

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who excel in whatever that they do. So more or less it is who, according to that is the one who stays in the middle.

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And this part of the I am locked aside over here has been understood in two ways. First of all, it has been said that

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noctus it, if you say this, in contrast to who is being mentioned afterwards, when my yadgir had to be at night in the hotel, and for that one person is one who denies the ayatollah

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rejects the ayatollah rejects the blessings of Allah, Allah save them from the difficulty at sea, there are some people who reject the signs of Allah. And on the other hand, is whom Mr. Sato is

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the one who remains moderate meaning the one who fulfills his promise, the one who believes the one who remains moderate mean the one who believes in Allah only, and he does not forget about Allah once he reaches land.

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You understand what the citizen who

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won who fulfills the promises that he made with a law on see, because what happens at a time of difficulty. People say, oh, life, you saved me. I'll do this. I'll do that. I'll do this. I'll do that. Right. So what happens when people are saved? There are some who forget about everything that they said hot dog food, treacherous, ungrateful for the blessing, and others are who mocked us, meaning they do what they're supposed to? They do what they promised they will do. They fulfill their promise, they remain moderate, they remain on the right path. They remain on the street that Okay, so this is one way of looking at.

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The other is that maka said

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and when I asked her to be Aya Tina Illa cola hatanaka for this is Maya try to be it. Now. This is an elaboration of who it is. That he remains in the middle as he was before between belief and unbelief sitting on the fence.

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Whereas the circumstances that he went through what do they demand from him?

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What is the demand for him that he should increase in his devotion he should increase in his submission. But what happens? He went through such a great drama, but it didn't have any effect on his life.

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When a person goes through a difference

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He turns to Allah He asks Allah for help Allah helps him now afterwards should he not change? Should he not become more grateful? Think about it. Should you not improve in his behavior towards Allah? Should you not improve in his prayers?

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Should it not have an impact on him? It should. But there's some people who remain exactly as they were before, in the middle, between a man and unbelief.

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So who is hatanaka? For NACA, said, the one who remains exactly as he was before the trauma, the experience, it doesn't have any effect on him.

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Why am I here? How to be a Latina? Illa? cola hatanaka for the edge? How do jahad What is this to refuse after knowledge knowingly? And who is hotter? hotter? hotter, is to be trained to go against one's word, and go for one who is extremely ungrateful.

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So what do we see over here, that every person, he goes through difficulties,

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isn't it? Sometimes it could be the death of a loved one. Sometimes it could be failure. In an exam, let's say, sometimes it could be extreme illness.

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Sometimes it could be extreme emotional, difficulty.

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Every person goes through difficulties. There are some people who when they go through difficulties, what happens to them, they come closer to Allah.

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Turn more to Allah. They have a stronger relationship with Allah, they have gone through difficulties, but their sugar has increased. You know, the example of that family I was giving to you that who ended up in a very severe car accident, but everything that they were mentioning, was what all the things that went right, sugar.

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And the other is the other behaviors, that a person goes through difficulties, great things happen. But it doesn't have any impact on him.

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It doesn't change his life at all.

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He wasn't suffering he was in difficulty of a saved him. He comes out. But what is he treacherous. He doesn't even turn back and thank Allah. He doesn't even fulfill those promises that he made. Because always in difficulty people turn to God. They make promises. Some people fulfill those promises and other people they don't fulfill those promises. And those who don't Allah Carlton Hotel, got fooled, treacherous, ungrateful.

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So we have to see as well.

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Which category do we fall into? Do we learn from our mistakes? Do we improve?

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Is it that our Eman strengthens after going through some difficulty? Or does it weaken?

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Do we come closer to Allah? Or do we move away from Allah?

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Well, Maya had to be attina illa Allah hotair in Corfu.

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Yeah, you harness all people at quarterback, inferior Lord, have the core of Allah, walk show Yeoman and fear a Day, which they lay a doozy where they don't and whether the he that no father will avail his son on that day.

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If you turn away from Allah, you forget about all the promises you made. You're ungrateful to him. You're treacherous. How long will you live? How long will you survive? How long will you enjoy for a few days?

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Fear Allah, and fear the day, which day when no father will be able to benefit his son.

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Layer does he Well, he didn't earn well or did he? Why did his parents and one of those who has children, because one of these engines, and while it may also apply to grandchildren,

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son or daughter, one more, no father will be able to help his sons or daughters or their children. He will not be able to help them at all.

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When mo luden and nor a child, will he be able to who or Jasmine. One who availed one who benefits on where did he shave his father anything at all?

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No child will be able to avail his parent his father.

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Jasmine, what does it mean? Yeah, Jesse James A Yeah, Jessica. Jessica. Yeah. Jay Z. And from that Jasmine is in Farrell.

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What does it mean just to pay back to recompense to come to benefit to be useful.

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So our father will not be useful to his son, and no son will be useful to his father on the Day of Judgment. But if you notice, while our Moutinho loot has been used over here, while it has not been used,

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Isn't it whereas earlier what was that if you look at the higher layer juicy well hidden and well are they now the same word should have been used

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but instead of well isn't what what has been said mo lewd and while it because who is malu? malu This one's immediate child

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no Lulu wants immediate child

00:25:22--> 00:25:47

the one whom a person has given birth to it doesn't include grandchildren. So the direct descendant immediate child, he cannot benefit his immediate father. How can you benefit his grandfather? How can you benefit his uncle? Just imagine, well, I'm alluding to a jazz and unworthy Shay. In noir de la he helped indeed the promise of Allah is true, it is certain it will definitely come

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to fear this day, fanatical under Kumar hyah to dunya select this worldly life not delude you, will I ever wanna come Villa Hill Road? And don't let the deceiver deceive you about Allah? Who is his deceiver of all shaytaan the one who deceives the one who betrays? Because he misleads people adorning their sense for them, and on the Day of Judgment, he will not come to any benefit at all.

00:26:17--> 00:26:22

If you think about it, what is it that makes a person neglect his or her?

00:26:23--> 00:26:35

What is it that makes him heedless of his Ashura? We know that no one can help us on that day. But still, why do we not fear that day? Why do we not prepare for that day more actively? What is it that distracts us?

00:26:36--> 00:27:00

It's this dunya the glamour and glitter of this dunya This is why Allah says falletta one nakoma Hayato dunya Don't let this worldly life delude you. Don't let it deceive you think about it. What makes us forget is our accountability. Everyday we read and everyday we forget. Is it because we don't have email? No, we do have email. But why do we forget?

00:27:01--> 00:27:05

We know but the dunya involves so much

00:27:06--> 00:27:11

we get so occupied in this dunya we get so lost in this dunya that we forget about what is more important

00:27:13--> 00:27:18

and of those things that occupies our who children or parents.

00:27:19--> 00:27:27

But what do we see that nothing of this dunya is going to avail us and even parents and children will not come to us on that day.

00:27:29--> 00:27:35

And check on the one who keeps deceiving us he will he will not come to any benefit on that day.

00:27:36--> 00:27:45

Insert Nyssa 120 we learn URI to whom were human me him. Why am I URI to whom was shaped on a level shaped line he promises them

00:27:46--> 00:27:56

and he arouses false desire in them. But chatline does not promise them except illusion. He promises he arouses desires, but what happens?

00:27:57--> 00:28:00

This is just illusion. Nothing will benefit a person on the Day of Judgment.

00:28:03--> 00:28:19

into the chocolate I 18 we learn when I was little was a rotten wizard or Oprah or enter the room was Colleton Illa Henley hilarya Melman who Shea on wallow Canada corba even if it is one who is very close in relationship to you, even he will not come and help you.

00:28:21--> 00:28:30

And if you think about it, many times, it's our families that distract us from preparing for the many mothers what excuse do they have?

00:28:31--> 00:28:45

children? I cannot do this because of my children. I cannot do this because of my child. I'm expecting this why can I do this? I have a little child is why can I do this? I have multiple children this why cannot do it, isn't it? This is the excuse that we have.

00:28:46--> 00:29:01

And for other people what else is their excuse their parents, but what do we see your wealth, your family will not come to us. Therefore, be careful, be cautious fear that they prepare for that day.

00:29:03--> 00:29:11

In Allaha Indeed Allah in the who with him is a massage the knowledge of the hour. Meaning it's only with him

00:29:12--> 00:29:19

the knowledge of when the Day of Judgment is going to occur a Yana musataha This knowledge is with who

00:29:20--> 00:29:25

is with who only Allah or in the who, not with anyone else.

00:29:26--> 00:29:42

Will univerzita Lisa and he sends down the rain University Lisa glaze is such rain that comes in profusion in abundance. And it is such rain, that gums after a long period of weight

00:29:44--> 00:29:46

that you've been waiting for a long time.

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weeks, and then it rains and it is used for such rain that comes after a period of dryness. It's been very dry. It's been hot, it's been humid and then what happens again

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means that rain is called what?

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What kind of rain is it with ice. And it's also such rain that comes after prayer that you've been making the offer it, you've been praying for it.

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So universalize, who sends this rain to you? A loss of hunger and such rain, people get so happy. They rejoice at it, you know, as little as no one else can bring this rain, no matter how much you try.

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Even if all the people got together to bring this rain, would they be able to

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No matter how much effort they put in, they will not be able to bring this rain. Only a luck and send this rain. We are normal. And he knows Murphy of ham. What is in the wombs? What is in the wombs only Allah knows about that whether there is a child or there is no child, whether it's a male child or a female child, whether it is one or more, who knows. Allah subhanaw taala and whether it is sound or defective, who knows? Only Allah soprano.

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Now person might say that when it comes to rain, for instance, we know as to when it would rain, isn't it? Can we not say that? Can people not present that argument?

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That through their instruments people can figure out when it's going to rain when it's going to snow? But the thing is that in whose control is it, Allah subhanaw taala, we can figure out we can estimate when it would rain, if it would rain, how much it would rain, but it will not drain unless and until Allah sends down the rain unizin always.

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You can never bring rain,

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you can ever do it yourself.

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Similarly, people might say, we know what's in the woods, you can go take an ultrasound test, and they have 3d ultrasound tests as well. You can literally look at the image of the child so clearly, and see what his features are going to be like, see if it's one child or more. And see if it's a boy or girl. See if the child is sound or if the child has any problems, isn't it? This is why they have ultrasounds. But what do we see Allah says way Yala method of him, he knows what isn't the wounds because many times despite all of these deaths, what happens?

00:32:28--> 00:32:42

People make mistakes. And despite all these tests, what happens? They scare the parents, you have this problem with the child that problem with the child. But what happens? A lot can change that Yala method of how

00:32:44--> 00:32:48

I remember somebody was once mentioning that somebody they know they had a miscarriage.

00:32:50--> 00:33:05

And a long time had passed by. And they knew it to be only one child. But once they miscarried, one child came out and another child came with twins. And they could not figure that out. Despite the ultrasounds they had taken.

00:33:06--> 00:33:10

Just imagine so you're a little mindful of how he knows what is in the wombs?

00:33:12--> 00:33:27

And which child is it? How long is he going to live? What characteristics he's going to have, she's going to have what they're going to do in their life. Who knows about that? Only a lot of people do not know they can never find out where your animal method or ham

00:33:29--> 00:33:38

will matter enough so and no soul knows Mather taxi bajada what it will earn tomorrow. No person knows what you will earn tomorrow.

00:33:40--> 00:33:44

Can you go into the future and see what will happen tomorrow? No.

00:33:45--> 00:34:19

Many times it happens. You make plans tomorrow, I'm going to do this, this, this, this this. And you end your day. having none of those things accomplished. You don't know what you're going to earn. You know what you're going to accomplish tomorrow? Who knows? Only Allah knows. No matter how much people try, they cannot predict the future. They cannot develop this time machine through which they can go in the future and see what's going to happen 10 years from now. 50 years from now one day from now even Lada even one day people cannot figure out

00:34:20--> 00:34:39

and the word deadly is from Dell or yet Delilah, which is to know to learn about something after much effort. So no matter how much effort people put, they cannot figure out what they're going to do tomorrow. What they're going to earn tomorrow. won't matter that enough son and no soul knows be a winter mode, in which land it will die.

00:34:40--> 00:34:47

dislike no soul knows when he will die. Similarly, no soul knows where he will die.

00:34:48--> 00:34:57

In which land in which place who knows about it in the law or Lehman? Indeed Allah He is Arlene and he is COVID he is aware.

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

So this is

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

What does it mention? The last panel Dallas power, His might His perfection and his all encompassing knowledge was the acusa use MLS, he will,

00:35:12--> 00:35:24

he knows when the hour will be, he sends down the rain, he knows what is in the wombs. And he knows what people will earn tomorrow. And he knows where every single person will die.

00:35:26--> 00:36:09

And people, they may have some knowledge, some understanding about these things, okay, it could rain at this time. Okay, there's these many children in the womb, okay, it's this kind of child. Okay, I intend to do this tomorrow. But if you think about whatever knowledge we have, that is what limited and it is through some means only through some machinery that we can figure out without means we don't have this knowledge, isn't it? People predict all the time I think you're going to have a son I think you can have a girl I think you have to be will predict all the time is it but are they accurate? No. When can you say for sure? After some test after adopting some means, but even then

00:36:09--> 00:36:15

you cannot be 100% sure, who has complete knowledge, absolute knowledge, only Allah

00:36:16--> 00:36:18

in aloha Arlene hubby

00:36:19--> 00:36:35

has recorded that Breda said that he or the Messenger of Allah said a lot is that um say there are five things which no one knows except Allah. Verily, Allah with him as the knowledge of the hour and he sends down the rain he knows when it will rain

00:36:36--> 00:36:39

and he knows that which is the wombs.

00:36:40--> 00:36:45

No person knows what he will earn tomorrow. And no person knows in what land he will die.

00:36:47--> 00:36:57

Truly Allah He is the knowing and also the aware in the Lucha demon, Hamid and with this we reach the end of this. We listen to the recitation

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well either

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