Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L129C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its operation to protect against oppression and the operation to save people from oppression. They emphasize the need for gratitude and acceptance of the boss's promises to protect and protect people. The importance of honor and success in obtaining fame and acceptance is emphasized, as it is crucial to not do harm and to act with gratitude and share experiences to increase their knowledge and knowledge.
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What is alchemy? How to listen and remind the Bani Israel of the am Allah. When he said to his people that oh guru near Matala, here they come.

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Remember the blessing of Allah upon you? Which blessing in Jericho when he saved you when he rescued you, From who? mean alifair owner from the people of Rome.

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remember the time when Allah rescued you when he delivered you from the oppression of the people of your own?

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What do we learn from this, that when our people are saved, from oppression from tyranny, that is one of the biggest blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. Because he's reminding that remember this blessing when Allah saved you, from the people of their own? And what were the people of your own doing to you? He assumed they were afflicting upon you sooner that evil punishment and extremely evil punishment, evil torture they were inflicting upon you. And you assume owners from the roof veterus seen? Well, I mean, Sam, I assume literally means to impose something on someone to inflict something difficult on another.

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And samedi it is to take camels for grazing because when the camels are taken for grazing, they don't exactly have any choice. Meaning if one camel says no, I don't feel like going today, I'd like to stay home. It's not possible. It's inflicted upon the animal. And when the animals when they go for grazing, then what happens? They literally attack the fields. They don't care about what they're ripping apart, what they're breaking, where they're setting their foot. They don't care about that. So from this, the word samaya Sumo is used for desiring something seeking something. It's also used for going out somewhere to do something. And this word is also used for inflicting harm upon

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someone. But such harm that is a various types. So you assume on a console or that they were afflicting upon you severe punishment, severe torture, and every now and then they would come up with new ways to harm you. They would come up with new ways to harm you. This is what they will do.

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And what was this evil punishment that they inflicted upon the Bani Israel?

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enslavement, forced labor, along with that a lot of oppression. And in particular, were you that behind a comb, and they were slaughtering your sons? massacring them? Besides the enslavement? What were they doing? They were also killing your sons.

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Whereas they're human, and they were keeping alive nissa acoem your women, if you notice every time, the oppression of their own, as mentioned, these particular evil, they're mentioned every time video so mono comes to her that you will be hoonah urban alko where's the human?

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This has mentioned every time Why? Because in particular, yesterday during this article, this was a lot of humiliation for the money this way. Because just imagine if the men are killed and the women are kept alive, who is going to protect them? Who is going to look after them, who is going to defend them no one.

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And this was also in order to finish off the race of Bani Israel.

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Just imagine fit our own was determined to completely finish Bani Israel. He wanted to wipe them off. This is why he was killing their sons, and he was keeping their women alive. What feed alikum and in that, or you are in what in the persecution that for their own inflicted upon you, and will feed Allah come in that also refers to your being saved from Allah from the oppression of fear or so in that meaning in the persecution, or secondly, in the salvation. There was a Bala, a trial mirror become from your Lord. And such a trial that was earlier that was very great. It was a tremendous trial. It was a very big test for you. What was the big test the oppression First of all, and

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secondly, the salvation being saved. So, what can you see over here

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that will feed alikhan Bella O'Meara become Arlene, that first of all, we see that when a people are suffering from oppression, especially those people who are believers, when others have the upper hand on them, and they persecute them, they oppress them, then that is a big test from who alasa panel data. Because many times in such situations What do people generally think this is the conspiracy of so and so.

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In reality, what is it? It's a test from Allah, because who has more power than the oppressors Allah, He allowed this to happen. He enabled them for a reason. They

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Because this was a big test for us, for the believers.

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So remember the context again, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the believers in Makkah, they were being reminded that if you're going through this difficulty, this is also a test. This is also a test in which Allah subhana wa tada is testing you that what is your true worth? What is your determination? What is your commitment? Will you easily give up? Or will you remain steadfast?

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Secondly, we also see wifis alikhan, Bella O'Meara become Arlene, that when a person is given a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala

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especially your lesson that is very noticeable, that is very major, for example, an entire nation is read, then that is also a test. So what does that show to us? That blessings are also a test, a test what is the what our gratitude

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we learn intellectual mBiA, number 35 that whenever you can be shared, we will highly fit nothing.

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And we test you with evil and with good as trial.

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And so the man or the salon What did he say that my lord is testing me as guru? Am I

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am I grateful? Or am I ungrateful? So when Allah subhanaw taala bestows blessings, then that is also a test.

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So we see over here that musala salaam he reminded the bunny is right, you have the great favor of Allah upon the the great favor of Allah He reminded them of a Yemen law, so that the Bani Israel could be taken out of darkness into light.

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so that they could accept the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala had sent to them. Because unless and until a person becomes grateful to Allah, he can not accept the commands of

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unless a person becomes grateful to Allah for his favors, he cannot accept and follow the commands of Allah. The more grateful a person is, the more humble and obedient he becomes.

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And for this reason, people need to be reminded of the favorites of Allah subhanaw taala.

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This is a very important derivative that we learned from here, that when telling people about the deen, before telling them what they're supposed to do and what they're not supposed to do, what should we make them realize that Allah is so merciful to them, and if he has bestowed on them so many favors, that it's their responsibility to be thankful to him by obeying Him. And this is what Mossad is surrounded as well.

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And we see over here that Mossad isn't and reminds them of the kind of punishment that for their own use to inflict upon the bunnies for you. And in particular, he mentioned that they would keep your women alive. Why did he mentioned this in particular? And why is it that for their own would inflict this punishment on them, that the women were kept alive while the men were being killed? The reason as to why they would do this was because the women are money is for you. They were enslaved. They used to work for the coptics in their houses. They were like maid servants.

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So imagine if those women are killed, and it was gonna clean their house, who's gonna cook their food? Who's gonna look after their children? So this is why they kept the women alive.

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Secondly, this was also a form of great torture for the women.

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Because the sons who were killed, who were the newborns, newborn babies were killed. Just imagine a mother, her baby is pulled out of her arms, and he is slaughtered before.

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Many times when women go through this, that their children die in their lives, what do they want that they should also die?

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Many times they don't want to live after the children have died. Many women think that living is useless for them now.

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So just imagine the state of those women whose children had been killed before their eyes pulled out of their arms and killed. This was great torture. And why would they do this to keep them more in control,

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to keep them more in control, to threaten them, so that they would be more obedient.

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And another reason was, in order to end the race of Bani Israel to entirely wipe them out.

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So this was definitely a suel are there and this was definitely a big test for the bunnies for you.

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And the fact that Allah subhanaw taala saved them from that. That was also a test. Why would the bunny is like you being reminded of this?

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Because if only Israel had a mission. What was that mission? They were the descendants of the prophets. And their mission was to their responsibility was to convey the message of Allah to the rest of humanity to guide the rest of the people.

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To live according to the command of Allah subhanaw taala. And when they were reminded of this big blessing, they were made to realize that if you have been given this guidance, you have to pass it on to others, you have to show the way to others as well.

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So in this is a very important lesson for us as well, that Allah subhanaw taala has also given us the Quran. And he has also bestowed many huge blessings upon us. When we talk about better when we talk about or when we talk about the conquest of Makkah, we're so proud about it. We're so happy about it. Victory of Islam, the success of Islam, we're so proud about it. But is it that we just need to become proud about it? And that's it? No, if Allah gave us so many blessings, that our past is so glorious,

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then it is our responsibility that we have to convey the message to others, because this is what gratitude is, that is someone has been so good towards you. What are you supposed to do?

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obey them, and somehow return the favor. Like for example, if someone has been very good to you, they helped you a lot with your work, what do you do generally, you will go and tell everyone about them, or you will go and introduce them in various social events. Many times it happens that people are introducing one another how that this is the person who made me meet my daughter in law, for example.

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So this is the person who connected the two families, and they introduced them. This is a means of gratitude. This is a means of thankfulness.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala when he has bestowed so many favorites upon us, isn't it our responsibility that we also do that what pleases Him?

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And if Allah subhanaw taala has given us something that has benefited us, how selfish can we be that we keep it with ourselves and we don't share it with the rest of the people.

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We learn that the money is for you when they were made to cross the sea. And when they were in the pain of cyanide masala Sallam he advised them and he said that this was the last advice that he gave to the Bani Israel before he passed away. And the gist of that is that if you become the people, the servants of God and convey his words, then everything in this world will be on your side, all people will be in all of you. And God will make you overcome your enemy.

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And even if there is a river in your path, God will make a way for you through it. And on the other hand, if you do not do this, then you will be cursed in the sight of God, cast away from his mercy and your efforts will be consumed by others, and your works will keep declining. And you will be physically and mentally enslaved by other people, other nations. So the thing is right, you went to Las panatela bestowed this huge favor upon them, it was their responsibility to pass on this message to the rest of the people.

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And the same goes for us. We are very proud of the Quran. We are very proud of our history. But we need to convey this message to the rest of the people. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent that take people out of darkness into the light because if you don't, then there awaits them a very severe punishment.

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What is the advantage of bukem and recall when your Lord announced the Avenger from the roof veterus Hamza, that noon even and even his permission. So recall the time when your Lord announced when he made it known to who, first of all, because the context is of Bani Israel in particular, this was made known to the Bani Israel they were addressed with this. And secondly, he announced meaning he has declared this for all people, for all of us, that are in Shackleton, that surely, if you are grateful, grateful for what grateful for the blessings that I have given to you. If you are grateful, if you are thankful, if you are obedient,

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let us see the knuckle then I have a promise and what is that, that I will increase for you.

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As either from the roof letters zaya data from the words the other meaning I will increase the blessings for you when

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when you are grateful

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that but what an Inca photo. But if you are ungrateful, if you disbelief, then remember that in their identity, indeed my punishment, it is Lesha didn't it is surely severe.

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Do statements are mentioned over here,

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that if you appreciate my favor on you, if you are grateful for my favors,

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and you obey then I will give you more.

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So this shows us that

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Gratitude, what does that lead to? increase of blessings.

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So if you want a particular blessing to increase, then what do you need to do? Be grateful for whatever Allah has given you already?

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Do you understand? If you want a particular blessing to increase for you, for example, if you want more knowledge, then what do you need to do?

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Be grateful for the knowledge that you already have? And how will you be grateful for that?

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by acting upon it, by sharing it with other people, by remembering it by not forgetting it?

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Many times what happens with people, they say that they want to learn, they want to learn to do they want to become scholars, so on and so forth. They have big dreams, but the opportunities that they have before them, they don't even avail them.

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So if you don't avail the blessing that Allah has already given you, this is what in gratitude. So how can I not give you more blessings? How can he increase that for you, he won't increase that for you.

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You have to be grateful for what Allah has already given you when you're grateful, Allah will give you more because gratitude leads to increase in blessings. And what's the second statement that is mentioned over here? That was in cafardo? in Adobe Lucha, de if you're ungrateful, if you're unthankful. If you refuse to acknowledge my blessings, if you don't avail them, if you're not obedient to me, by using them, then remember that my punishment is very severe.

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Notice the word Cofer over here what I think is often what is is being used for

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ingratitude in gratitude is called Cofer as well. Why?

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Because a person in reality is denying the blessing of Allah. When a person is not grateful for a favor, what is he doing? He's denying the fact that it was given to him by someone, that it's a favor of someone upon him.

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So when I encourage them in other ways I should eat.

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And this also teaches us because Kufa over here is used in contrast with sugar.

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So, if coffee is disbelief, then sugar is what belief

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and if sugar is to be grateful, then Cofer is to be ungrateful.

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Now, the question is that what is gratitude? Because we see from this ayah, the importance of sugar,

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sugar leads to increase and lack of sugar leads to decrease, it leads to either so what is gratitude? What is sugar?

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That first of all, a person acknowledges the blessing that has been given to him.

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He opens up his eyes, he looks around himself, he does not pity himself. He does not feel frustrated. He does not feel that he's the most unfortunate person, but rather he is grateful for the blessings that Allah has given him.

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And every person has been given many blessings, many blessings.

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If a person has been deprived, in one way, Allah subhanaw taala has compensated him in another way.

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If we're example, a person feels that in his body, he's not that healthy. Perhaps he's been given a family that is very loving, very caring.

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There are people who suffer from very serious illnesses, extremely serious illnesses, but their children are so obedient to them.

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So yes, they are suffering pain in their body, but their children are obedient. They're so loving, they're so caring, their parents are so caring.

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So every person has been given many blessings. And sugar is to look around yourself, in yourself. And notice all those blessings, acknowledge them. That Yes, Allah has given this to me.

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And sugar is that when a person acknowledges that a Lost Planet, Allah has given me these blessings, that Allah has saved me from so many hardships, from so many difficulties, then what is my responsibility, that I should obey Him? And I should convey his message to the rest of people.

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If Allah has given me so much, if Allah has given us the Quran, and when we learn the Quran, as we learned earlier, that those people do we have given the book for hoonah they're very happy. So if you're so happy with this blessing, then you must share it with other people. You must share it, but if you hide it, if you cover it up, if you don't even bother to spend time with it. If you don't bother to share it with other people, then what does Allah subhanaw taala say in our other visa deed

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in Abdullah Shadi so what is the show to us we cannot be indifferent towards the blessing

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of Allah, whether there are tangible blessings or intangible blessings, whether they're material blessings or spiritual blessings, we cannot be indifferent. We have to be grateful and we have to share them. Especially the blessing of Deen. Especially the blessing of the and the fact is that the more a person shares the deal with other people, what happens? The more he increases in it,

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isn't it, that as he then local, if you share one thing that you have learned with someone else, alone will give you more knowledge, he will give you more understanding, he will give you more tofik. But if you become stingy, if you become indifferent towards it, then how is it going to increase?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that whoever has been given the trophy is to be grateful, he will not be deprived of more, he will not be deprived of more Allah subhanaw taala will give him more. On the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that a servant might be deprived of provision because of a sin that he commits because sin is what? in gratitude.

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So when a person is ungrateful, then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala deprives him a lot of privacy.

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He suffers from decrease,

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or call me sir and Musa Lam said that * if all of you disbelieve Who did you say this to? To the bunny is for you. While reminding them of the I am Allah in order to take them out of the limit to move.

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He said that if you all disbelieve, if all of you are ungrateful, until you have an Israelite woman fill out the and whoever that is in the earth amiran altogether. Meaning every single person is ungrateful to Allah. Every single person turns away from the message of Allah. no one bothers to pass this message on do others for in Allaha than Indeed Allah lovely Yun surely he is rich and he is Hamid, he is praiseworthy. He is rich and he is Hamid. He doesn't need you. He does not need you to be grateful to him. And he does not need you to pass on this message to others.

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He does not need you at all. Because the reality is that you need Allah and of law does not need you. And he is Hamid even if you don't praise Him, even if you don't worship Him, Allah is Hamidi is praiseworthy, because remember the meaning of Hamid, one who is praiseworthy, whether or not people praise Him,

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He is Hamid. So you cannot do any harm.

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So, we see that Allah subhanaw taala does not need the gratitude of the servants. He does not need the amen and obedience and worship of his servants. And even if all the creatures on this earth, all people, if they did cover, it would not reduce in His Kingdom at all. It would not make even the slightest difference to a loss of hunger,

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even the slightest difference.

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So we see over here, the importance of turning towards a lot being grateful to Allah because on a slave does that in reality, who is he benefiting himself, but many times what is the behavior of people, they will leave the dean, they will abandon the Quran, they will completely stay away from it, not bother to read it, not bothered to memorize it, not bother to understand it or pass it on if they have been given the knowledge, trying to do other things in order to get fame in order to be respected by people in order to be acceptable by the people. But the fact is that when a person leaves a clan and he turns towards other things, then what happens? He is degraded. He is

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humiliated. Like we learned early in total our life that a person who leaves the Quran, and goes towards the dunya his example is like that our dog, he's humiliated, he's insulted.

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He doesn't have any value, no rank whatsoever. So honor and success is interesting to Allah, not in turning away from him. honor and success lies in what? Being with the Quran, not in abandoning the Quran.

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We learned from the Hadees kotse that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala said that, oh my servants, if the first and the last among you, the mankind and the jinn among you.

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If all of you had the heart of the most pious and righteous men among you, that will not increase in my kingdom in the least. If all of you are very righteous, you're not increasing in my kingdom at all.

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And all my servants if the first and the last among you, the mankind and the gentleman you had the heart of the most wicked man among you that

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Will not decrease my kingdom in the least.

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So when a person is grateful, when a person is obedient, then he benefits only himself. When a person turns away, then he harms only himself.

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region Palma camino Paloma.

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Uncle Joaquin

00:26:32 --> 00:26:33


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my journey,

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if you look at

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that sugar is not just praising, it's not just saying thank you. It's not just saying 100. But what does it require action as well? Because the opposite of that is proof.

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So sugar involves action. And what does that mean? That when Allah has given you the blessing of Quran, instead of just saying, Thank you Allah for this called on hamdulillah? What should a person do? act upon it and share it with others? share it with others?

00:27:33 --> 00:27:37

Because if you don't share it with others, and how will people be taken out of darkness into the light?

00:27:39 --> 00:27:56

I'm sure you've heard many stories like this where people are living close to a Masjid. They're living amongst Muslims. They are working with Muslims, but they have no idea about what the Quran is. They have no idea about what Islam is. She mentioned an incident of a person who was very young and a youth minister.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:06

And he used to live across from a Masjid. And he had no idea that that was a mustard. You thought it was a gym. Because generally, if you look at it, our massages have now become what

00:28:08 --> 00:28:37

places where people go and get entertainment and come home. Our youth goes to the masjid, why? Just to play. They say that they're going to attend the Holocaust. But mainly they're in the gym, playing basketball or something like that. So he thought it was a gym, and he never had any idea about what Islam is what Muslims are. And somebody gave him the Quran. And he read the Quran the same day. And it answered all of his questions. And he said that How dare all of the Muslims keep this Quran to yourself and not share it with others? How can we do that?

00:28:38 --> 00:28:52

The fact that we're not sharing this code on with others is because we are not grateful for the blessing of God. Because if we were grateful, we would never keep it with ourselves, we would always share it with others,

00:28:53 --> 00:28:54

we would always share with others.

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Because anything that has benefited you think about it. Anything that has benefited you, what do you do with it, you tell everybody about it. People send emails, telling their family members telling their friends about a particular store, a particular website, so on and so forth.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:15

When things benefit you you want to share it with your loved ones. What about the Quran?

00:29:17 --> 00:29:22

If we take it as a blessing, that we cannot be selfish, we will share it with others.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:31

Many times we say that we don't have enough knowledge. So how can we convey? But before that, what did we learn over here that are in Shackleton, that as

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you start sharing a law will increase for you. He will increase that knowledge for you as well. And the only way of conveying the message is not just by talk. It's by everyday communication. It's by your actions as well. It's in different ways.

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It happens many times that you're sharing something with someone and they ask you a question. You don't know the answer you go search. So it increases your knowledge and it's amazing how sometimes little children do so much

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They do so much though.

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My sister, her daughter, their neighbors, basically, she would play with the neighbor's children. And whenever she'd be playing with them, she would say things like, you know, you're not dressed properly, or certain things which my sister was completely unaware of. And one day, my sister's husband just happened to pass by the woman who was their neighbor. And she said that your daughter makes me think

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she really makes me think she asks me such questions, which sometimes makes me wonder.

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We have no idea, but sometimes children with the little knowledge that they have, they can do so much, though. So it's not just about knowledge. It's about what you believe is right. If you believe something is right, you will share it with others.

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Many times our Muslim children as well, their curiosity, they will say, What is she wearing? or Why is she like this. And that's a very good opportunity to tell the children and through them tell their parents.

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Just imagine those people coming to you on the Day of Judgment complaining against you that this person ever told me. And this is the reason why we had asked you to prepare those devil cards because sometimes it's difficult to to start a conversation. Maybe if you can give a piece of paper through that you can convey the message and that can initiate a conversation and through that you can convey the message to them. So we need to take this very seriously to pass on a message to other people come up with new innovative ways and share these ways with one another.

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We see that Brown was on his mission to destroy the money Israel completely to finish them off. And when people don't fulfill their responsibility, because remember how the when Israel came to Egypt to use it, and again, what was their mission just to live there and enjoy life? No, it was to pass on the message when people don't do that. Then they are tested with great trials.

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