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Juz’ 14: Al-Hijr – An-Nahl

Al-Hijr 1-27

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to slowly are allowed to sue legal karimabad for Ruby let him in a shape on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman and Rahim probably slightly suddenly were Sidley mg wash Lula.

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just number 14 Bismillah Ar Rahman and Rahim In the Name of Allah the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful Alif Lam ra tilka toki Tabby be any movie in robina YAHWAH doula Deena cafardo lo khanewal Muslim in the home yet kulu where tomato, where you will hear him all ml for Sofia, Yala moon, la flamme raw. These are the verses of the book and a clear Koran. Perhaps those who disbelieve will wish that they had been Muslims. Today they reject, but soon there will be a time when they will repeatedly regret and they will repeatedly wish that they had been Muslim, that they had accepted Islam, their homea kulu but let them eat and enjoy themselves and be diverted by false

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hope for they are going to know what they had been doing. Allah subhanho wa Taala has created us and He has sent us in this world and given us freedom for a limited time also. So that we may do whatever we want. If we want we can do good. And if we want we can do bad. If we want we can surrender to Allah. And if we want, we can remain stubborn on disbelief. But remember, this freedom of choice is for a test. And it is for a limited time. This freedom will expire very soon. Many among people do not take this life as a test. And instead they are lost in heedlessness enjoying their freedom. And when death will come before them, they will realize what this life was really

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about. And then regrets will begin when when all the freedom is going to be snatched away when the Angel of Death comes before a person and he comes to know how he has spent his entire life. At the time of death a person will realize how he spent his life and he will remember all those times in his life. When Islam was evident to him yet he did not accept it. When the truth of Allah the Almighty was evident, yet he did not accept it. When he was advised to do right but he ignored when Ramadan came. And he did not avail the opportunity when it was time to repent. But he did not benefit from that he did not repent. And instead, he followed the voice of his desire. So what will

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happen then, when death will come? What will happen when a person is put in his grave? What will happen when the Trumpet is blown? What will happen when the people are gathered for hisab This person will wish will wish not just once but over and over again. If only he had accepted If only he had been Muslim, if only he had been obedient to Allah. So never ever be deceived by the freedom that Allah subhanaw taala has given us here. Because this freedom is for a very short amount of time, it is going to expire very soon. So if we manage to disobey Allah because we can, let's not exalt in that. Let's not be fooled by that. Because this freedom is very, very short. It's very

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temporary. We know exactly how how very quickly that can come to a person, how quickly a person can go from being perfectly fine to being completely disabled.

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dependent on others in a coma, unable to even respond to pain. This is how life is. But what happens, because we have freedom here because we can leave our prayer we leave it, because we can lie, we lie. Because we can leave an opportunity to do good, we leave it without thinking that this time this freedom is very, very little, I am going to die one day, and I am going to be answerable to Allah for what I have done.

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And at the same time what this ayah teaches us that we should never be impressed by people who are busy disobeying a law, because we tend to admire them. We tend to feel jealous of them that they're so lucky, they can do this, they can do that. No, never feel jealous, they're worth 50 because right now they're enjoying disobeying Allah. But there will come a time when they will regret it all, especially when the believers will be taken out of Hellfire, because we know that if a person has even the slightest amount of Eman in his heart, and he has committed many sins, okay, he is punished in the Hellfire, but eventually you will be taken out of alpha. And when the believers will be taken

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out of Hellfire, then the disbelievers will regret they will wish they had been believers at least they had said the Kalima, at least they had said that Allah is one had done that, then perhaps they too would have been taken out of the fire. So they will be in eternal regret. So we should use this freedom today very carefully. And we should make use of this time of this life that Allah has given over here, so that we can reap the rewards in the hereafter. Let's use this world as a place of work. Let's use the workplace as a workplace. This world is a workplace. And the real home is which one, the home agenda. So let's leave the comforts and pleasures and delights for were for Jenna, the

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home of comfort. This lunia is a workplace. So let's treat it like a workplace warmer lucknam in Korea 1011, a hockey turbo metronome. And we did not destroy any city, but that for it was a known decree. This is for both individuals and communities, nations also that each person he can only live until his time of expiry for each person is an amount of time that he can live in this world. And eventually the time will expire. Eventually it will come to an end every person who is born one day he is buried one day he dies, his soul leaves the body. Likewise, nations also communities also empires also look at history, what happens they rise and then eventually they fall. They enjoy their

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freedom up to a certain amount of time. And then what happens their time comes to an end and they are wiped off from the face of the earth. No nation will proceed its term nor will they remain there after work. kalu Yeah, are you holiday? No zilara lay his dick in kalama junoon and they say oh you who upon whom the message has been sent down? Indeed you are mad. This madness, even the prophets of Allah Satan was accused off. So what if we are accused of some madness for the little work that we do for the sake of Allah? They said, Why do you not bring us the angels if you should be among the truthful meaning show us we do not send down the angels except with truth, meaning with the

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punishment, and the disbelievers would not then be reprieved? Indeed it is We Who sent down the Quran, and indeed we will be its Guardian, Allah will guard this Koran. At the time when the Quran was being revealed. The prophets of Allah Islam, his life was in danger, constantly in danger, the Sahaba could not even recite the Quran out openly, once a companion recited sort of man What a beautiful Tula it is, even if you don't understand what it means. It just sounds so beautiful, if anything, just appreciate the melody. And that's how he was reciting sort of man, and the people attacked him. They attacked him to the point that they almost killed him. But what does Allah say?

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Allah will preserve this Hold on. And so when the Quran was being revealed, a lot of preserved it from those who tried to stop its revelation, and those who tried to stop its propagation. Allah subhanaw taala preserved the Quran despite all the efforts against the Quran. And even when the Quran was revealed, we learned the child theme, they go up to the skies in order to listen to the conversations of the angels so that they can find out about what is to happen.

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But when the Quran was being revealed, the skies were very well guarded. So that chelten could not even come near what a Nana hula haffi alone. And this was not just in the life of the prophets that a lot of settler even asked.

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His death, even after his death, Allah himself has taken the responsibility of protecting this put on, from getting lost from being forgotten from being changed from being altered from being revised from being edited, it will forever remain perfect as it is, how the word of Allah, the word of Allah, Allah is perfect, His Word is perfect. So what we need to think about is that if Allah has revealed his Koran, and has promised to preserve it, why do you think he has promised to preserve it? Why? Because we are in need of it. This is just like water. Are there huge supplies of water in this world? Yes, whether it is in the form of underground reservoirs or icebergs, whatever it may

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be, Allah has preserved water. Why? because water is essential for life.

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For our spiritual life for our eternal life, what is essential? The Quran is essential. Without it, we cannot live spiritually, we cannot survive. So if Allah has promised to protect this Quran, the question is, how much am I benefiting from the Quran? If Allah has honored his speech so much? How much do I honor the book of Allah? by reciting it by reflecting upon it by studying its meanings by acting upon it? What am I? What am I doing with the column of Allah? This is something that each and every one of us needs to question ourselves. Ask yourself, what am I doing with the book of Allah? How much of the book of Allah did I recite today? Do I plan to recite today? How much of the book of

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Allah do I reflect upon? Do I really act upon realizing that this is the word of luck Burano mean.

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And we had certainly sent messengers before you, oh, Prophet among the sex of the former peoples, and no messenger would come to them, except that they ridiculed him. Thus do We insert denial into the hearts of the criminals, meaning when they hear the Quran, when they hear the truth, they only get annoyed. They only go deeper in their coffers, they will not believe in it, while there has already occurred the precedent of the former peoples. And even if we open to them a gate from the heaven, and they continue their into ascend, they would say, our eyes have been dazzled. Rather, we are a people affected by magic, meaning no matter what they are shown, no matter what prove what

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miracle they are shown, those who don't want to believe they will not believe. And sadly, those who don't want to benefit from the Quran, no matter how much of it, they learn, no matter how much of it, they memorize, they don't benefit. Why, because that love that yearning, that need is not there. We only take from the Quran as much as we love and appreciate the Quran, and our love and appreciation for the Quran. It should not just be in the form of memorizing it's worth to where translation and just writing tests and assignments or marking them or listening to other people or just teaching it. No, this is not love. Even a person who is working somewhere. He could do this

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kind of a job. His heart is not in it. He's not passionate about it. The person could be making coffee, giving cups of coffee, one after the other all day. And he doesn't even drink coffee himself. Right? But he's doing it why he's just getting paid. He's doing it for the sake of doing it. It's a job for him. But then there are other people who are passionate about coffee. They're passionate. When you talk to them, they'll inspire you. They will put the love and appreciation of coffee in your heart. You know, when they'll decorate the froth on top with their art. Why do they do that it shows that they're passionate about what they do. So we need to think I am coming I am

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sitting with the book of Allah, it is something that is a chore. This is just something that I'm doing for the sake of doing it.

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Because I just want to spend my time doing something. I couldn't find anything else I'm just doing this. So I am teaching the Quran or I'm listening to it or I am marking test papers or I am writing test papers whatever it may be, we need to really question ourselves and really look into our hearts. That what love for the book of Allah do I have in my heart because if that love is not there, if that thirst is not there, then the Quran will come but it will not enter the heart. It will enter the mind and then it will leave it will not go into the heart It will not penetrate. And if it doesn't go into the heart, the actions will not change then this work will be a burden. It

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will be a burden it will be a char

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welaka Jana for summer Abel Rajan was a yena herlin LED and we have pleased within the sky, great stars and have beautified it for the observers. stars have always been of interest to

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But sadly, people have not learned from them what they should have learned. And instead, like many other things in this world, the stars have increased people in their air in their misguidance. But we forget that these stars are Allah's creation. And instead what is it that people do? They think that their fate is determined by the stars by the movement by the paths of the stars. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Warren does, he said, If anyone acquires any knowledge of astrology, he has acquired a branch of magic. He has acquired a branch of magic and what is magic

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of which he gets more as long as he continues to do so. Meaning the more a person indulges in astrology takes interest in it, the more disbelief he is committing. So what we see from this is that the stars are there when we look at them. However, we should not take interest in astrology, the prophets of the last time said when the stars are mentioned, then refrain. Meaning when the people start talking about stars, that this particular star determines this in your life. No, then refrain and do not believe that they have any effect. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, what I fear the most for the latter part of my oma are three things, believing in the stars, denying Divine

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Decree, and the oppression of the rulers, the oppression of the rulers, these three things are prophets of the lawsuit and feared most for his oma to come in the later times. So we should not even take interest in any such thing. You know, we should get over these questions like What is your star horoscope? Right? And the traits of that star reading about and listening to it, etc, we should avoid anything like this. Why? Because it contradicts a man.

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What happens now has been conditioned upon a regime. And we have protected the sky from every devil that is expelled, except one who steals a hearing and is pursued by a clear burning flame. Like I mentioned to you earlier that the shale thing they go up to the skies in order to listen to the conversations of the angels in order to get some information about what has to happen in the future. Why? So that they can go and give that information to their human counterparts, right? Who are the so called soothsayers and astrologers and people who know the knowledge of the future? So they go and give them this information. But when the shale team go up there in order to listen, what happens

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Allah says, For us Barrow, she have a more been than he is pursued by a clear burning flame. Why so that he may be killed? Just imagine, when when a shutdown goes up to the sky, he knows he's putting his life at risk. But he does it anyway.

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It does it anyway. So many die in this process, but they do it anyway. There have been so many casualties, but they do it anyway. The question is, what am I doing for the, for the truth? how eager am I? how desperate Am I for reward that Allah has, so that I will also fast even though I know I'll be hungry, even though I know my blood pressure will go down. And I'll get tired by the end of the day, but still, how eager am I, for the promise that Allah has made with me

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and the earth we have spread it and cast there and firmly set mountains and cost to grow there and something of every well balanced thing. And we have made for you there in means of living and for whom you are not providers, meaning we provide for you in this earth. And there's so many other creatures living on the earth that you do not provide for who provides for them, a law provides for them, and there is not a thing, but that with us are its depositories. It's hawza. In so no need to despair. No need to feel jealous if someone else has been given something that you want it and your turn has not come yet. Why? Because Allah has the treasures of everything. So if someone has been

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given something and our turn has not yet come should we feel envious? No. Why? Because Allah treasures have not been exhausted. You know, for example, if I have two cookies and you really want a cookie, if I give both two cookies to your friend, yes, you have a reason to be upset that you didn't get anything. Why? Because I can't even give you a cookie because I've run out of cookies both are gone. But Allah subhanaw taala What does he have kazaa in, he has depositories, treasures, endless boundless treasures. So why worry? Why fear if someone has been given something that we wanted? We wanted to find ask Allah, Allah will give us when he wants. Allah will give it to us

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also, if somebody stern has come for receiving the particular blessing and we are still waiting, don't worry, don't despair, unless treasures have not ended. They have not been exhausted. Then how come we haven't received it yet? Because woman who has zero who will call her Mr alone, and we do not send it down except of course.

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To a known measure, meaning Allah only sends down his blessings according to a certain measure. So what does it mean? If Allah has given me something in my life right now, that is something that is enough for me right now. Because if I needed more, Allah would have given me more

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luck would have given me more. And when I will need something than Allah will provided for me, this is something that we need to have conviction about, you know, because sometimes we're always thinking about what we don't have, what we're still waiting for. Well, you know, what, Allah has decided a lot sends everything according to a certain measure, he has decreed, when we need something, and when we need it, he will send it, he will send it, you know, for example, every child, every child that is born with the child, the risk also comes the provision also comes, you know, like, for example, in this country, every child receives a certain amount of money from the

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government, right? I mean, regardless of what your financial situation is, every child receives it. Not the same amount of money, could the parents receive it before the child was born? No way. What happens? The moment child is born That same month, that money starts coming in? Why? Because now that money is needed? I mean, this is just an example of how the systems of this world even function, Allah subhanaw taala, his system is perfect. When we need something. There is no way that he will not give it he will certainly give it a while, man noona Zulu in the quarter Mr. Lu, what we need to do is trust ullas decision and accept that yes, right now, I desire something, but perhaps I

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don't need it. This is why Allah has not given it to me yet. Perhaps I don't need it right now. I desired I like it. I'd love to have it, but I can do without it. And the moment I cannot do without it, Allah will give it to me. Because women when a Zulu, in love with Qadri Marlo, and every decision of Allah is according to his wisdom, and his wisdom is greater than my knowledge and my desires. Well, all of a sudden, at the end, we have sent the fertilizing winds, and sometimes the water from the sky, and given you drink from it, and you are not it's retainers, we are not ones to retain water, we are not wants to control rain, how much rain should fall where it should fall? No,

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we don't control that. Who controls that? Allah subhanaw taala. So this says we don't have control over rain. We don't have control over other provisions. And if we were given the control over the rain, then what would happen?

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This world would be that today, there would be no life. Because we cannot manage these things. Can we manage a jug of water in our room? Like seriously, I mean, these days, you want to sleep with some water next to you in case you wake up late for sahoo. What happens at nighttime, as you're lying down, you look at your junk, it's empty, like Oh, I forgot again. I forgot again. Because we forget, we cannot manage all these things. So the matter of our risk has not been left to us. Allah has kept it in his hand. So what do we need to do? Just accept it? You know, just like your father says, sometimes or your husband says, This is the amount of money that I can give you for this

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month. That's it, figure it out how you're going to use it, but that's all you're gonna get. You don't need to care about the bills or anything. This is just your spending money. You're like, okay, yeah, I don't need to know how much insurance how much rent, how much water, whatever builds, I can manage everything. Just give me what I can spend. Why it's easier. Allah soprano, dada has done that the same thing with us. He's taken the management away from us. And he's giving us what we need when we need according to a certain measure. What a nananananana he went to meet one afternoon very soon, and indeed it is we will give life and cause death and we are the inheritor. So if someone is born,

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then be grateful. And when someone dies, then be patient beautifully. Why? Because nothing of this happens except with a last decision and we are the inheritor, meaning all will die ultimately and the time will come when only Allah shall be there, whatever call word who Rob Baker, they will Jalali will a crumb. And We have certainly known the preceding generations among you, and we have already known the later wants to come and indeed your Lord will gather them indeed he is wise and knowing and we did search and they create men out of salt Solomon hammer in must known, we created man out of clay from an altered black mud, black mud, what does it mean? mud that has been wet too

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long, and so it has become sticky. It has started to smell. This is the kind of mud that Allah created us from. So let's remember our origin in order that we may remain humble and the jinn we created before from scorching

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