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Ar-Rum 20-32 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 30-32

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First thing What do you have Kelly Dini. hanifa. So direct your face to word the religion, which religion hanifin inclining to truth for

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the command is to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam primarily but after him, his oma is also being addressed.

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That after mentioning many, many signs, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the essence the lesson that what do we learn? What should you do now? After reflecting on the signs, after realizing all of these miracles? After realizing the perfection of Allah, the kodra of Allah? What should you do now?

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First thing What do you have aladeen hanifa direct your face to work the religion inclining to choose

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a theme from your karma and what does karma mean? to set something straight? Something that was crooked something that was bent a comma is too

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but it's trying to make it straight

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so that the bend the curvature it goes away completely.

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And a comical watch Lee Shay, like over here up in word you can add

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the iqama on one's face to word something is to direct one's face to something do pay once full attention to it, to focus on it completely.

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You understand? So for Kim, what do you hugger? Meaning such a purpose? A direct face? fix yourself on what lead Dini hanifa?

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Now, your focus your aim should be what?

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A deed the religion which religion, the religion of the heat, the religion of Penny via a Cambridge hacker

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for Cambridge hakala Dini hanifa.

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So your focus your aim in life, your purpose? What is it?

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It should be the dean and witch Dean in Edina in the Lyall Islam, indeed their religion near allies, what? Islam?

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Whatever is important to you, what do you do? You face it all the time,

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isn't it? And whatever is important to you, you're concerned about it all the time. That's what you're thinking about. That's what you're planning to do. So far? in watercolor? Dini? hanifa? What does it mean? That make your purpose? Make your focus this deep? and fix yourself on it now? Don't move from it. Don't turn away to anything else. And which Dean is this is the Dean of hanifa which is that a person shuns everything and everyone meaning every religion, every faith and who does he worship? Only Allah soprano.

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So what's the essence of all of these ayah that now turn yourself to a law. Your focus should become the worship of Allah alone. Turn to him. Ask him, fear him. Love him. Hope from him. For our team, Roger Kelly Dini. hanifa, like who, just like Ibrahim is because Ibrahim al Islam is called Hanif, many, many times in the Quran. Why? Because he abandoned everything and everyone and who did he turn to? Who did he befriend? Allah soprano?

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For akimbo, jacala Dini hanifin

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fitara de la, this is the nature of Allah, meaning adhere to the fitrah of Allah, which fitrah and let the father unnecessarily her, that upon which he has created all people.

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FIFA is from the EU, Tetris fell bla bla

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and Fatah, what does it mean to create fadli creator

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and literally what does it mean to tear something apart right. And from that, Fatah, Falco is used for creative and fitrah is the nature the natural disposition, the innate character

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of let's say, human beings, like for example, what is the fifth law of the honeybee? What is the innate disposition? What is the innate character? Well, O'Hara book in analogy that Allah subhanaw taala, inspired the honeybee and told the honeybee that where it should make its house, what it should feed on and what it should produce.

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So what is that the natural character the natural disposition of the beef You understand?

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What it has been created from the natural programming that has been done in the beef,

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you understand? And every creator it has some natural programming that Allah subhanaw taala has done

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something that it's meant to do something that it's supposed to do.

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Now this religion, religion of the head, what is it? It's fitted with a law, it is the disposition, the innate character, that has been given to people by who, Allah filata law, meaning this is fifth law that has been given by who by Allah soprano data upon which he originated people allottee that which further unnecessarily her the one that he created people on?

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So this religion of the heat, this Deen of fitrah worship of Allah alone is that on which people are born, and as a result, they have the ability to recognize one God,

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accept the truth.

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So Allah subhanaw taala created man on the head, and he kept the recognition of Allah, the belief of the heat in the fitrah of the human being.

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You understand, this is something that the human being is programmed with. This is the natural programming,

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that every human being has been created with what

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recognized recognition of Allah alone, belief of the heat, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that could Lumo luden EULA do Allen Fedora, every child is born upon the fitrah. And what is that worship of Allah alone?

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Forever where who you have with any where you Ronnie where you Medusa, and he is only his parents who turned him into a Jew or a Christian or Zoroastrian. So what does it mean that

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every child has been born with fitrah recognition of Allah soprano Dada,

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but it's the environment that he's grown up in, that ruins his fitness that destroys that fitter,

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or that covers that fitter Danes that fitter, and some people what happens to them, even though they're raised in an environment of schilke, what happens to them?

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As the CTO, he has to come across the heat they accepted immediately.

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You understand? Why do they accept it immediately, because it's indefensible. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that hadiza continues, that just as animals are born having full bodies, do you see any of them having a cut off nose?

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Because the Arabs, what would they do? They would cut off the nose of the animal, they would slip the ear, right. So the animal tower they're born with perfect bodies. As the animal is born, you don't see the nose is already cut, and the ears already slit you don't see that.

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But what happens when those animals grew up? What do people do to them, they got their ears, they got their nose. Similarly, people when they're born, they're born on fifth floor. But as they grow up, it's shaped on its shape. It's the bad environment that influences a person, that height is fit or that ruins is fickle.

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So I let the photo on NASA lay her. So basically what is being said is that Allah subhanaw taala did not do any injustice towards people. He sent guidance, he put these signs, and he also created people on this earth.

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You understand? How the means of guidance have been made available for human beings,

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that Allah sent messengers, he sent revelation. Besides that, there is everywhere fi and physical and also around yourselves.

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And on top of that every person who is born is born and what Hippo the ability to recognize the loss of panatela

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letter the data.

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There is no changing for the creation of Allah and laka Videla. What it means is do not change it. Meaning do not change the Hulk that Allah subhanaw taala screen

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do not change the fitrah that Allah subhanaw taala has created the human beings on

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meaning people they're naturally inclined to the heat and if you change that if you alter that people are going to become more shrieking idolaters

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and once a person does that, then other people will also be affected. Let the video

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there Lika Dino is that is the right religion what is the right religion?

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A fifth law of belief in Allah subhanaw taala alone. Dino Hanafi Dino Phaedra adherence to this religion. That is the right religion that is free of any error free

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Have any kind of mistake that Lika Dino came when I can act on nasci layer level, but most of the people they do not know. It's amazing that they don't know something on which they were created. They don't know. They don't recognize it. So it says no, they don't recognize themselves. So what do we see in this ayah?

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That the human beings, they have been created in this way, that they have this ability to recognize who else

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and human beings by nature, as a result, what do they want? They want to believe in some supernatural being. They want to believe in some great power,

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this great power, whom they can rely on

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whom they can expect benefit from, who they can expect protection from.

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And some people they remain under FIFA and who did the turn to Allah soprano.

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Other people, what do they do?

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When they don't find Allah? Or when they haven't searched enough? Or when they don't hold on to the truth? What do they do? Anything that they find that is powerful, that is impressive. They start worshipping it, whether it isn't a rock, or a mountain, or a tree, or it is the sun, or it is the stars? This is what people have been doing? isn't

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anything that they have found fascinating, amazing. They think, Wow, amazing, and they start worshipping.

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And in modern times in today, what do people do? What do they worship?

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Science discovery,

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isn't it?

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Because it's in the nature of people that they want to rely on some Supreme Being.

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This isn't the nature of people.

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And if a person does not prostrate before Allah, then what will he do? He will prostrate before others. And the thing is, that if a person frustrates before Allah, then that is the aim, that is what leads to success.

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And if a person turns to any other than Allah, then that will lead to eternal failure. Because a person can never ever find true satisfaction unless and until he frustrated before

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unless and until he gives preference to Allah. above everything else, anyone else.

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We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that Allah subhanaw taala has said that in me Hello to everybody who know

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that I have created my servants, as hona fat as monotheists. Then the shaitaan misled them from their religion.

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shaitaan he misled the people from their religion, they were created on what on the heat, but checked on him and he misled them.

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So the fitrah is what worship of Allah alone.

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And if a person worships anything else, anyone else, then he is misguided. And we have learned earlier as well, that when Allah subhanaw taala created Adam Ernestina, he extracted from him all of his children, remember, and then the art of Allah took place.

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insulated RFI 172 we learn about it that way. The Hub will come in Benny Adam in Zurich, reatta home, why shadow Humala and receive LS to be Rebecca Karbala shahidan.

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So, this is how the heat is in the nature of every single person is born with it.

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You understand? And this is something that we have to believe in is something that loss apparently God is telling us as people grow others influence them, shape on distracts them and as a result they turn away from Allah, they move away from Allah.

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Some they begin worshipping idols, others they begin worshiping people, others they begin worshipping science and knowledge and technology and so on and so forth.

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Mooney Vina la he durning and repentance to him, meaning adhere to this religion.

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letter will really help in law Delica dynochem that this is the right religion adhere to it. Hold on to it. Okay. magickally Dini? hanifa. And how should you do so? Mooney? Vina la de as ones who turn in repentance to Allah soprano.

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That as you have directed your face to the right religion, you're worshiping only Allah. Then what should you do? You should be constantly turning to him.

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What does it mean by up in what chakra Dini hanifa, that a person is constantly turning to Allah.

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Just as I mentioned earlier, that anything that you love, anything that you're concerned about what happens you turn to it again, and again, you face it all the time.

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Similarly, if Allah is the one who is the focus of your life, then what will happen when he been a lady, you will be turning to Allah all the time. Whether it isn't over, that you did something wrong and you're seeking His forgiveness, because human beings after all, they make mistakes.

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Or it is by performing sincere actions, sincere deeds, who will you do them for? For the sake of Allah soprano Dinah, and by doing what Allah has commanded, and staying away from what he has permitted, Mooney been a turning to him.

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So what does it show that your focus in life should become more? Allah subhanaw taala not anything else. And when that is the case, what will happen?

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Everything that you do should be for who? For whom, for Allah, everything that you do, should be according to whose instructions Allah subhanaw taala and whenever you do something wrong, who should you turn to Allah, not turning away from him but turning to him when he Vina la he, what the who and also fear him

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what the over this is, also fear him because without the fear of Allah, a person cannot turn to Allah will okay muslin out and establish the salah wallet akumina machine and do not be of those solution.

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So if you look at it, these ayat they're like the main essence the lesson that we learn from the ayat that I mentioned previously, that this is what you should be doing. Never be of those dilution

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mean a Latina Father codina home from among those people who have divided up their religion. I mean, a Latina for Rocco. This is a continuation of who? Well at a coup, that latter kuno. First of all, we know machine, don't be of those who share. And secondly led a coup among men and Latina Father codina who

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don't be of those people who divided up their religion, what can you share, and they became into different different groups, different different sects, she Iran is a plural of shear, and who is a shear, a group of people who adhere to the obedience of one leader?

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You see groups they form because of different reasons, isn't it? Sometimes group form because of

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because of what resemblance that is between people?

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Like, for example, in a school, many, many people are there, but a group will form based on what?

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Based on what similarities, right?

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That because five people have the same interests, they love sitting at the back, what will happen,

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they will form a group or six people they love sitting at the front what's gonna happen, they're gonna form a group, right?

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So this is how groups form.

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But another way how groups form is adherence to obedience to a leader

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that you support one leader and you obey Him, you listen to him, this is where shear is, linguistically.

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Okay? And this is how the term shear also came about because they call themselves shear too early.

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The supporters of who are the the leader and this is how they came about.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, that don't be of those people who divided their religion.

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They cut off from one another. And they became into different different groups.

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That Allah subhanaw taala he has always dealt with religion, though he isn't it's a

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new hotness. And what did he say with the law? Right, Jerry Bredesen, um, what did he say? Same thing, who that is and and what did he say? Same thing.

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Muhammad Sallallahu. Somewhat What did he say? Same thing before he moves artists embrace artists and of all of the prophets of Allah. What did they say to the people who are with Allah worship Allah?

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This has been the message. But what has happened over time? What did the people do?

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For the codina? home? They divided their religion?

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They divided up their religion, they disagreed with one another, instead of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. What did they do? They began worshipping others for the codina home. What can you Sharon? And they turned into groups. Why?

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Because they got lost in their own leaders.

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You understand? They got lost in their own leaders, they gave them preference.

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And you see, even today, Muslims, the main differences that they have is because of what reason that they give preference to their email,

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isn't it? So this is the meaning of shear right?

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That when a person says this is my Imam, and whatever he says, I do that,

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regardless of what others have said, then this is what this is going to lead to division. When a person says that I follow the Imam of all of the IMA, who is he? The profits all of a sudden, then what will that lead to unity?

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That Yes, people may have differences in the way that perhaps they performed will do or the way that they performed the Select slight differences, minor differences, but there will be still respect for one another, when they give preference to the Imam of all of the

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but when a person's goal becomes this as my email, and this is my email, and that is my email and that is not my email, then what will happen,

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differences that will lead to hostility that will lead to opposition that will lead to ill feelings.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, that do not be of those people who divided their religion and who turned into sex color has been the malady and for whom and each group rejoicing with whatever that they have

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for the home florala but so don't be like such people.

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So, what do we learn from these is

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that though heat leads to unity,

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doesn't it?

00:21:26--> 00:21:35

It leads to unity, worship of Allah alone, it leads to unity. And when a person his focus becomes something other than Allah,

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other than Allah, whether it is a person

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or it is a particular man hedge or a particular method, and what will that lead to? This unity, this is how groups and factions come into existence.

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That when a person

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gives preference do other than Allah,

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more than he should be given preference to Allah soprano. This is what leads to this unity will listen to the recitation

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mashiki me.

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And if you think about it, cooler has been mad at him. For one, each group is very happy with what they have, meaning the proofs and the evidences that they have collected for themselves very proud of them. And because of that, they think they're on the truth and everyone else is wrong.

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Remember that, when a person worships Allah, when Allah becomes a focus than a person will become humble.

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He does not become arrogant, he does not begin to boast, he does not begin to say to other people or you are refuted, you are wrong, and we are the only ones who are right. And this is the only group that is right.

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This is not the way of a true servant of Allah, He remains humble.

00:23:44--> 00:23:48

differences are there. And this is something that is natural.

00:23:49--> 00:24:00

If you look at it, if they laugh, in your alternate in your unwind, this is something that is natural differences will be there because people are different. Naturally, they're different.

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However, one thing that unites us is a worship of Allah. And as soon as a person gets distracted from that, then it will lead to differences and what the differences lead to downfall.

00:24:14--> 00:24:17

If you look at it, Bani Israel, what happened to them?

00:24:18--> 00:24:32

What happened to them, when they divided up their religion, they suffered from downfall if you look at our Muslim history, even when Muslims when they suffered from great differences, when they started cutting each other off, that led to their downfall as well.

00:24:34--> 00:24:35

This is what has led to the decline.

00:24:36--> 00:24:42

And when people stay united when the focus is Allah subhanaw taala then they're strong, like the Sahaba

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

I was just thinking that I know this couple they're very nice people Mashallah very religious and they work for the dean a lot. But when it comes to working with any type of organization, they always whether it's the Imam, whether it's a scholar, whether it's like somebody who's older than them younger than them.

00:25:00--> 00:25:27

It's like, No, you don't accept what we're saying you don't understand what we're saying. So we're not going to work with you. And in terms of work of the dean, like, there's going to be times when somebody might say something, which is against what you're thinking. And you're like, Okay, no, I thought, this is the best way to do the work and the other person, like, no, this is the best way to do the work. But you have to compromise. And sometimes you have to be a little bit more humble. And this is what unites us, if you have to lead if you have the deen, if you know the Quran, then you will be able to do the work otherwise, every other organization, you'll have a problem with them. So

00:25:27--> 00:25:49

you have to really be very humble when doing the work of the deen. And this is a big challenge. And you can ask anyone, there's big challenge everywhere, but hamdulillah. What I've noticed in this institute in particular, is that because everybody has studied the Quran, and then they work together, so then everybody's like, No, you know what we can work together, even if there's a difference. It's okay, she finds this better, but because she's my leader, I will have to follow her.

00:25:53--> 00:26:23

And you see, you will not find any person, any organization, any scholar whom you agree with 100%. This is a fact. It's possible you're sitting in a lecture, you agree with 90% of what the scholar is saying, but 5% 10%, you don't you know, your heart doesn't just accept it. But just because you don't agree with 5% or 2%? Doesn't mean you leave out the rest of the head that you can get from them? No. You see, the main rule is that if there is no problem with the leader of the person,

00:26:24--> 00:26:27

that their belief is right, that though he does right,

00:26:28--> 00:27:05

then then cooperate with them. You don't have to agree with them and everything. But you can take the height from them. Because these days, especially people have this new thing of refuting every scholar that you should listen to him and you shouldn't listen to him. And you should read his books, because they have said this. And they have said that remember, every person is a human being. They have limited knowledge. And based on their knowledge based on their understanding. They're saying what they're saying, if they're either a sound, why should you deprive yourself of the height that they have to give us your own mind as well? What do we learn in these if constantly weren't

00:27:05--> 00:27:39

being encouraged to do use our mind use our intellect to use that? And we should stop this way of refuting other people of dividing up their religion, dividing up the Muslim community, or they go to that mercy, they follow that group? We shouldn't be like that. Because this leads to decline. Because then your focus is not a loss of panatela. What is it your group, your focus is not calling people to the worship of Allah, it's calling people to your group. It's about increasing your numbers. And that should not be the way of the true believer.

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You can say that this is what I follow. However, whenever you find some evidence that is stronger than what your school of thought says, Then what should be your way

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that you should accept that evidence? Right? That, for example, if you follow the Maliki school of thought, okay, that's what you have been taught. That's how you pray your Salah, that's the field that you follow. Right? Okay. But if, for example, you find out that there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that tells you something different. And the Maliki school of thought that perhaps they'll do something different than what should be your way. give preference to the statement of the Prophet settlements and because all of the email whether they say, and when you find the statement of the prophets that a lot of sudden contradicting my statement, throw my statement on the wall,

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throw it away, leave it discarded,

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because that was their way as well.

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So Chronicle lahoma the handicap, measure the La Ilaha, Illa. anta Mr. felucca, one or two really Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh