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Al-Maidah 67-81 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 77

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There are lots of parents artists, who say, What does for me?

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say this to them?

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Say yeah, or People of the Scripture. Let the movie the nickel, do not exceed limits in your religion,

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vital health beyond the truth

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when at the Bureau of economy and do not follow the inclinations of a people, which people

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but the lumen public who had gone astray before. Well, the look and feel, and they also misled many.

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Well, the Lorenza is surreal, and they have strayed from the soundness of the way.

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So say this to the people of the book, that first of all, lack of loyalty, the nickel, don't do Hello, in your religion. What does it mean,

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to overstep to cross the limits, it is the Joe was from the head.

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It is to exceed the bounds.

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So don't exceed the bounds in your religion. How

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that if someone is a messenger, keep them at the level of messenger. Don't take him to the level of God. Don't take him to the level of someone who is worshipped.

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He is a guide, he is a teacher. But he is not God.

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He doesn't deserve worship.

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So let's have a look at the new code don't overload in your religion,

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vital hack, other than the health, meaning don't

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overstep in your religion, don't exceed limits in your religion beyond the truth beyond that, which is what is

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what Allah subhanaw taala has informed you of

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something that you have invented in your religion. Allah has not informed you of it and what is it? It is beyond the truth.

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So don't exceed limits in your religion, beyond the truth, beyond the truth concerning

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concerning the religion, for example, concerning resigned Islam.

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So for example, we see that Hulu that was committed by the Christians, what was that?

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That they took him to the level of God?

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What about the Jews, they reduced him to the level of a liar.

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This is also Hulu,

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that you're exceeding the bounds by going to extremes that either you're taking him up there, or you're rejecting Him and you're reducing his status. Both of them are unacceptable to almost

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one what Allah wants from us is that we believe in what he has told us, we do what he has asked us to do. We don't invent things, and we don't leave any part of the religion.

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If we reject even one messenger, it says, oh, we're rejecting all messengers. we deny one book, it says overnight, all books, all the scriptures.

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So in that movie, the new Coronavirus don't come at this Hello.

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Secondly, what are the taboo and do not follow what we're calling the desires of people which people have the lumen called Blue? Those people who have been astray from before, meaning don't follow the desires of misguided people

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don't follow the inclinations of misguided people.

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What is the plan?

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misguidance and who are avoiding those were astray because of lack of knowledge.

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So those people who have no idea about Allah subhanaw taala

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and because of that, they are misguided. They don't know what Allah wants. They don't have the scripture don't follow their desires.

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Why? Because of Balu men of Nova berlokasi era they are astray from before. They don't know from before what they're doing. And they have also misguided many people.

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Well, the Lorenza is Seville and they have strayed from the right way.

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What do we see over here

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that the advocate that the people of the book,

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they're being told not to follow the inclinations of a misguided people.

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Meaning Don't try to

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change your religion according to their standards.

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We see that the deviation in the belief of those people who believed in recycling center

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was because they follow the inclinations of other people that is why they went astray. We know that he started Assam he called people to worship Allah alone.

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He never said that he was God or that he was Son of God or that he deserved worship. But repeatedly we see that he said, worship Allah Who is my God and your God.

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But it was his followers who said that he is God or he has some divine attributes.

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We see that the followers have restarted Asana, they suffered a lot of persecution and opposition.

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From who, from the Jews, as well as the polytheists, the Romans.

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And because of this, they dispersed throughout the land to convey the message of defeat.

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This is why, in fact, they're called nosara, because they became unslotted helpers, how in conveying the message, the disciples were discipled students that they learned, and they spread the message.

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And in this process, they came in contact with different different nations different different people.

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In particular, they came in contact with the Greeks.

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And we know that the Greeks are known for their philosophy for their polytheism as well.

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The fact that they believe in so many gods all of you have seen the movie, the cartoon movie, which one is it, Hercules.

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So basically, we see that the Greeks, they were polytheistic. And at the same time, they also use a lot of logic and philosophy, and all such things. And it is said that the Christians, the followers of Greece, Edison, they were very impressed by these people,

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very impressed by these logical people by these philosophers. And they wanted to present their religion in such a way that it would be acceptable to them.

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Just like today, when we are presenting Islam to people,

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what do we mentioned, oh, look, there's evidence of scientific proofs. And

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we want to present it in such a way that the other person wants to accept it.

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And in that process, sometimes we alternately we change the theme,

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we dilute the theme, this is exactly what they did.

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For example, we learned that the philosophers, they had an imagination about the universe, they had this idea about the universe, and they have divided the universe into three main categories

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that there is wood, wood, and wood, you this existence,

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then there is highest, which is life. And then there's a what does it really mean knowledge

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that says, you know, how we have matter space and time.

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Similarly, they had this rigid hierarchy and life business, and what is it, that everything exists, and the basis of that existence is highest in his life, and the advancement of this life depends on knowledge.

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Now, they were very impressed by this, and they wanted to fit the dean into this logic.

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So that when the dean is presented to the people through this logic, they will accept their religion. So what did they do?

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They said, that look, the widget, he is Father, God, meeting Allah hi at his life is his son,

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and that is represented by

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And from this, the concept of Trinity came into being from this the concept of Trinity came into being, there are other interpretations as well. But basically, we see that their beliefs, their religion changed over time. And it took influence from different nations from different civilizations from different cultures, from different people.

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This is not the religion that a scientist and I'm taught them.

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Their religion got altered it got changed over time, when when they tried to change their Deen according to the people whom they were giving the deen to.

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Why, so that they would accept it.

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But remember, that a person he cannot attain guidance by using logic and philosophy only.

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Remember that?

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Well, there are some things in the religion that cannot necessarily be explained. For example, He started s&m how he was born, you cannot logically explain how he was born without a father.

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Today, it's not difficult if you can clone. If you can have a particular creature and you can clone it

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and have another creature like it, then why do you think it's difficult for God to create a person a human being without a father? It's not difficult.

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So don't try to alter the deen. Don't try to change the Don't try to water it down. Just that people will accept it.

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So what do we learn from this ayah First of all, we learned that the reason behind the Hulu and the land of the educator is they're following the desires of other people. The reason why they committed excess in their

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Religion, the reason why they went astray was because they follow the desires of other people.

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We also learn from this that if we do concerning Allah subhanaw taala is forbidden.

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If we look concerning the Messenger of Allah is forbidden,

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then definitely concerning all other aspects of religion is also forbidden.

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Do you understand exceeding the bounds concerning allies forbidden concerning the property is forbidden concerning everything else in the religion is also forbidden.

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Like for example, some people do so much of Hulu in they will do

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in performing the Voodoo

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that, for instance, when they will do what do I mean? What do you can literally do in less than a minute, but they will spend like 10 minutes, 15 minutes out,

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that they will keep rubbing, keep rubbing their arms over and over and over again keep rubbing their face over and over and over again.

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And we see that's one of the profits, Alison was worth just washed three times philos

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finished, you just make sure that it's not dry from anywhere and move on. So what have concerning ally is not allowed. Therefore, we'll have concerning the profit is not allowed. Therefore galoob concerning anything in the religion cannot be allowed.

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We are no one to alter the religion of Allah.

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We are supposed to take it as it is.

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We also learn from this, about the prohibition of following the desires the inclinations of those people who are a string, or those who are string who don't have the deen

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people who don't know the religion of God, people who don't have a scripture from Allah? Why should you follow them? If you follow them? Are you going to come closer to Allah farther away from Allah farther away?

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Then this is also a warning against being impressed by those people who do not have the

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who are misguided. Don't be impressed by them. Don't be in all of them.

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So basically, we're being warned against this apologetic behavior towards the dean.

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Which unfortunately, many of us suffer from today

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that we have this apologetic behavior to anything at all. We're always trying to defend the dean always trying to water it down. Why? Because we're in all of those people who rejected him.

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Whereas we don't realize the fact that they don't know they are done. No, they're in lanell. Why should we be invalid, just because we're impressed by them.

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We also learn from this I have at the prohibition of making human thought and logic, the basis of the *tier.

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The prohibition of making human thought and logic, the basis of the *tier. Don't try to Islam a size, human thought.

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Don't try to Islam size, all these concepts that are out there. The religion of Allah has its own existence, don't try to water it down. Don't try to fit it into other people's criterias.

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For example, if there is a particular thing that is mentioned the Quran and scientific research proves it. What do we say? Well, look, science proves the Quran. Whereas it should be the other way around. That I will believe in the Quran whether or not science goes against it. Not that I will believe in only if the science confirms that

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this kind of behavior is apologetic behavior, and then is something that we should not have the people of the worker being told not to have this behavior towards something. Don't follow the desires of other people be confident about your deen you have to have those people don't know. Why are you so impressed by them? Why? What's the reason?

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The reason is that we don't find this religion to be important. We're not in awe of Allah. We're not fearful of Allah, we are fearful of other people. And because we're fearful of them, we will change the religion of Allah, just to impress them, just to satisfy them.

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We also learn from this ayah but the warning against following the desires

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because following the desires is what misleads a person

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following the desires is what misleads a person.

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Where do we learn that?

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Let at the Bureau of accounting of Balu those people who are straight Why?

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Because they don't have knowledge, so what are they following desires, so don't follow their desires, because if you follow their desires, then you will also

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then you will also become misguided.

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The recitation of these verses

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Merci, Ronnie,

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be warm.

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Boo Boo.

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Move on.

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