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Ar-Rum 20-32 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 22-23


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding language and personal preferences in relation to identifying people. They stress the need for rest and energy to achieve goals, and the importance of staying in a certain environment and not losing sleep. The speakers also emphasize the need for support and guidance in dealing with problems and avoid violence, and emphasize the importance of being aware of one's partner's behavior and natural behavior.
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Woman i t and obvious signs, hello customer where it will have is the creation of the heavens and the earth.

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Signs is what the Hulk, the creation of the heavens and the earth after the creation of men, what is mentioned

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the creation of the heavens and the earth, that now look beyond yourself. So far, we have been told to reflect on ourselves. Now look beyond yourself, homosexuality will up the creation of the heavens and the earth.

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Well, the lefou alsina de como el wernick, calm, and the diversity of your languages and your colors, this is also a great sign. If the laugh, ha, laugh.

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And if they laugh, one of the meanings of this word is diversity, the difference.

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So the difference is in El Centro de como el wanna come alsina is the plural of Listen, and listen. Literally, it means tongue. However, it's also used for language.

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So the difference is in your languages, and also what else when you come and your colors, and one floral off loan, in your colors, in your complexion, in your shades.

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So one of the differences in the languages that people speak

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that it's amazing how all people have originated from who

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as a man, however, but it's amazing that people they speak different languages.

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So if the love of alsina is first of all different languages that people speak,

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such as some people speak Arabic, some people they speak Spanish, others, French, others German.

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So first of all different languages and within the languages also under different dialects, aren't they? It's amazing, you know, some parts of certain countries, what happened is that you start you know, traveling from one point and you travel like a few miles only and the dialect will change slightly

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English for instance, so many different accents, right. So, what the lovely old synthetical languages, dialects, accents, and not just that, but each person he speaks different. How, in the choice of his words, in his expressions, in his clarity of his speech, in his delivery, some people they speak fast, others who speak slow, others they speak very loud, others they speak very low, isn't it?

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Each person speaks differently, no two people talk exactly in the same way.

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And this is with regards to the language they speak the choice of words, their facade, their eloquence, their manner of delivery, their clarity, so on and so forth, multilevel alternate econ or ln econ.

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And this diversity is also find in the colors of people and when is the plural of loan as I mentioned earlier, and it's used for the shade the complexion and it's amazing how people there are different different colors,

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some are fair, some are darker complexion, some are middle tone, and even people who belong to the same family who are from the same race you will see differences in their complexion.

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siblings even they will not have the same complexion, parents and children will not have the same complexion.

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This is an idea. This is a great sign. This is not something to boast over one another and become biased to one another. No this is of the Ayat of Allah soprano.

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It's amazing how sometimes if you go to buy a foundation, you will find so many different different shades isn't it? So many different shades? What does that show that human skin is of so many different colors? So many different colors? Was the level elsina Taco Bell wanna come

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in a little early mean, indeed in that are surely Signs for those people who have knowledge for those people who have.

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Now one of the main things on which people are categorized

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is what the language they speak and the color of your skin, isn't it?

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For example, if you call a person Turkey, what does it mean? Immediately turkey means to speak. Turkish. If you call a person, I'll be what does it mean to speak Arabic? Right.

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So one of the main ways through which people are identified

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through which people are recognized, through which people are categorized is the language they speak, and also the color of their skin.

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But the language they speak is one of the main things, which is why elsina is mentioned, first, and especially the mother tongue of a person, what the mother of a person speaks the language, that becomes what his identity

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isn't itself by, for example, many times you have to fill up a form. And they ask you, what's your mother tongue. Now you speak another language and the language that your mother speaks, you're not that fluent at it. But still, what is your identity, your mother tongue, the language that your parents speak, right. So that becomes your identity. And the color also of a person that becomes a source of their identification.

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You see a person from the color of their skin, you can tell which part of the world they're originally from,

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which language they speak, which culture they belong to. And sometimes we just categorize people in broad categories, or, you know, white people, brown people, so on and so forth. But a person who belongs to a particular race, they can tell the differences even within,

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like, I remember, once I was with a friend, and this family, they walked by, and they were black. And I just thought, okay, African. That's it. That's the only thing that came to my mind. And she said, No, they're from Congo.

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Like, how do you know, she's like, I can tell, I can tell who's from this country, I can tell who's from that country, we just categorize people in a very general term, right, in a very general category. But people who belong to the race, they can tell who's from which country who's from which background, they can tell immediately.

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So this is if they laugh in advance, or else you know, why this is a sign that if you look at the origin of human beings, Adam and Hawa, but if you look at their children, look at the different languages they speak, and look at the different colors of their skin.

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And if you look at your body, your body even is not at the same color from head to toe, isn't it? So, some parts of your body have they may be more fair, other parts of the body that may be more dark.

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So this variation in complexion in the shades who has kept this a loss of parameter.

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We learn into the fact that I am number 28. Woman a nasty what the web be, well, an army of telephone and when and among people and moving creatures and grazing livestock are those of various colors.

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That people there are various colors, even animals, there are various colors. Even within horses, for example, you find horses that are brown horses that are black horses that are white, different, different colors.

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So this is an i a this is a sign this shows to us the great power of Allah soprano.

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But unfortunately, what do people think that just because they speak in a particular language, or they are of a particular skin color, they are superior? Or they are inferior? Unfortunately, this is how people think. Just as people think that just because I'm a woman, I have to prove myself better, isn't it? That man is my enemy. That's what people think. That's why you have this group of feminists who are always trying to prove you know, their superiority or their equality with men. Their alasa panel data has not made this variety

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so that people compete with one another, they become arrogant towards one another. No, he has created this variety. And it shows his great power. It shows his knowledge, his wisdom,

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it shows His perfection.

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And if you notice, at the end of the day, what does Allah subhanaw taala say that infidelity color is for who?

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For who literally mean for those people who have knowledge? Those people who have real, they will recall the will they're the ones who will take benefit from this side. So what does it show? Because if you look in the previous ayat, in the previous verses, this was not said, Only when it came to languages and colors this has been said, because a person who is familiar with different languages, who has knowledge of different different languages, who has knowledge of different different types of races, different different types of people, he can appreciate this. He can appreciate this.

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Because you know a person who only knows about his language, and that's all he's heard. That's all he's read. That's the environment that he's grown up in. He cannot appreciate this as much. But when you're exposed to different languages, different people, what do you think? This is amazing, isn't it?

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So a person who has the realm of this, he can appreciate the side, he can appreciate this blessing, this great idea.

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This is why we see that in Surah Al Iran what is Allah subhanaw taala say that interview one person it will have was the lovely lady in the house like it literally and it's not everybody it's those people who have intellect those people who use their mind

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woman it and obvious signs man ammo calm is your sleep belatedly by the night when the hell and the day of his sign this you're sleeping by nighttime and also by daytime.

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mana is from the roof letters. Noon well me and what is the word?

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What kind of a word is it?

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Love and also

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mustard which must have mustard? Meaning remember?

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So Miam What is it sleep you're sleeping. It's a must have this is why we're translating it as you're sleeping. This word can also be love time of sleep place of sleep power in the context minimis muster. So women iitd min mo combi layli you're sleeping by nighttime. Why? In order to give rest of your body so that your body can rejuvenate your mind and soul. It can rest

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one hour and also day. It's not just that you're able to sleep only at nighttime, but also when during the daytime.

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Now does it mean see we have a proof we can sleep during the day as much as we want. Is this what it means? Sleeping by daytime? What does it refer to

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the nap the afternoon nap? Which does not mean that you eat and then you sleep for two three hours and so there's a genuine reason. But what does it mean that you rest a little bit

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so my ammo can be lady when the howdy

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wherever the law will come and you're seeking Min fadli of his bounty, when during the day and also during the night that you work during the day. And if that's not possible, if the work is such then you work during the night and as a result what do you attain the father of Allah livelihood

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in the feed Erica is the colonias Maroon, indeed in that ashore designs for who, for those people who listen. Notice listening has been mentioned. Why? Because during the night,

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with sense of you're in the sharper of hearing, of listening,

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and during the day when you're working with sense of yours should be extremely sharp. Listening again nicomachea smartphones maroun.

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Now in this ayah, what is mentioned, sleep, what is sleep,

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the sister of death, it's understood as minor deaths. I'll refer to Sora. So a person who works all day he's working, reading, studying, doing physical work,

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what happens he reaches a point where he cannot function anymore. He tries to keep his eyes open, but he cannot read anymore.

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He tries to stand and do his work, but he cannot continue anymore. So what happened?

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His body it begins to shut down and what does he need to do? Take rest how by sleeping.

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And this is also a huge blessing of a loss of

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a huge blessing that we're able to sleep get rest. And when we wake up, we have energy again.

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Just imagine if there was no concept of sleeping, that human beings were unable to sleep, how would we function? It would be extremely difficult when a person has not slept properly, what happens to become so cranky, isn't it? You ask them something and they answer back in such a harsh way. And what do they say? I'm sorry, I have very bad mood. I didn't sleep well last night. Right? That's what they say. I had a very difficult night. I wasn't able to sleep I do much work to do. Similarly, when you haven't slept well, what happens? Are you able to function properly? No. Can your body function properly? Can your mind function properly? No.

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So it's a huge blessing of a lot that human beings are able to sleep well, I mean it it's obvious signs that you work and then you rest you sleep and then you wake up again.

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When you reach the point of exhaustion, you cannot continue anymore, you sleep and then you get up and you continue work again.

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So this is what sleep but there will come a point where a person will be put to sleep and he will not wake up again.

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So we see there were a lot of panels Allah has created many things in order to fulfill the needs of the human beings.

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He has also created sleep without insulting Islam is number 12 water and then later when the hell a a day and we have made the night and the day to science from a homeowner a at a lady what's your ulna, Atala hurry mobile Salatin

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and we erase the sign of the night and made the sign of the day visible, meaning the sun

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lit up till the middle of become that you may seek bounty from your Lord. So he has made the night dark and he has made the day bright Why? So that you're able to work during the day.

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So what do we learn

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that daytime is actually the time when a person should work? Why? Because this is something that we find mentioned many, many times in the Quran.

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But what do we see over here that Allah subhanaw taala has made, the night and the day that you sleep during the night and the day and also operativo recommend

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that you seek His bounty, when during the night and also during the day. So yes, during the day, a person should be seeking the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala meaning doing his work. But if necessary, if a person must work at night, that is also permissible

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and understand because sometimes, certain work requires you to work at nighttime.

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If for example, a person does not find a day shift, he can only find nature or his work is such that he has to do part of that work during nighttime as well. Now, should you say no, no, I'm going to sleep right now, regardless of how important the work is. No, if it requires him to stay up and do his work, you should do it. However, a person should not make this a habit, what staying up during the night and working and sleeping during the day. Because this is not how the human body can function properly. This is not the natural system, the natural way that Allah subhanaw taala has made for the human beings, you may be able to work you may be able to function however not for too

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What is the ideal the best time for you to work?

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Morning, especially early morning. But if for some reason a person is unable to then during the night also it is possible.

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And what do we see over here that a person is able to sleep when during the night and also during the day. And this also is of the ayatollah. However, it does not mean that a person sleeps during the day excessively.

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We see that have to live in our best he disliked sleeping in the morning.

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he disliked that people should sleep in the morning. And he also said that one should not sleep at any other time during the day except in the afternoon.

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Except in the afternoon. But if let's say a person schedule is such that it requires him to take some rest after budget, then that should be in moderation as well.

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And that should only be for a genuine reason. Not that a person is deliberately staying up late at night. And because of that he cannot stay up in the morning and he's sleeping excessively know, he should try his best that he should get his maximum sleep during the nighttime. But if for a genuine reason. Like for example, the mother is breastfeeding her child and her child wakes up every two hours, every one hour, she's nursing, it's impossible for her to not take rest after budget.

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So if she does sleep, how should she sleep in moderation, not that she's sleeping until 10 o'clock until 11 o'clock,

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until eight o'clock, nine o'clock, okay, then get up and do something. And if you're really tired, then take a nap in the afternoon because that is the time when a person should be sleeping during the day.

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And we see that when a person works during the day and rest during the night then this enabled him to work more efficiently the next day.

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And one more thing that we should notice over here is that women iottie menerima can be lazy when they have that it's obvious signs that you're able to sleep when during the night and during the day.

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Who enabled a person to sleep

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a loss of time

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because many times it happens that you're lying down and you're not able to close your eyes. Isn't it? You're exhausted. You're tired, but you're not able to close your eyes. Many pregnant women that is what they complain on. They're exhausted they're lying in bed but they can't sleep.

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So by whose permission can you sleep even?

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Allah soprano.

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So when you're unable to sleep, what should you do?

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that have been

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put a sleeping pill in your mouth right? What should you do?

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us

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not that he told us to take some there were some medication. Right? We were told to make the and you can find this there are in different books, there are different versions for not being able to sleep.

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So what can I add to him and ammo can be lady when the hell come in, in the feed Erica, if you call me Yes, ma'am.

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Okay, we listen to the recitation, and then we'll continue.

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Well, I mean, to me, follow up on

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in the feed,

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Lille de la.

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To me.

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I was thinking about the worst.

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And everything, it ends with NFV Delica telephony.

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That's because generally people complain about their spouses. And unless and until they do occur, they wouldn't realize that their source of wrath,

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they wouldn't appreciate the blessing of having a spouse even so difficult is necessary to appreciate the blessings that Allah has given

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me. But

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I was also thinking about the same verse that Lita screw lay her, that majority of the divorces that take place is also because of this, because if a husband cannot come to his wife and talk to her about anything, meaning just about anything and everything, then you won't find this piece there. And then obviously, this division will happen. So all of us as females, we should realize that our husbands should be able to come to us with any problem and talk to us and just, you know, say whatever, like talk about things, and you should be there for them. And then that way, they will be there for you. Very true, not that when they come to us without them or deal with your own problems

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yourself, I have many problems to deal with myself. This should not be the way of spouses, they should be means of support for one another, that when they talk to one another, they get some good advice. They get some insight, they get another point of view, they know what to do, their mind opens up. This is something that's extremely

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between husband and wife.

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Also, when we have more drama between our husband and wife is this is a good lesson for our children, our children, they see in us how we treated each other that's also a very good lesson a good Omar will come later in generation inshallah very true that where this lags between a husband, wife, mother and Rama, and what happens to children, they grew up without these feelings as well. When they're not shown compassion when they're not showing love as a result, they don't show love to others. They have hard hearts. So that reminds me of another study they did on pregnant women. They put some electrodes and everything on them to see how the baby moves and what the baby's face is

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going to be like. And what happened was like when the husband and wife were fighting, okay, the child had a crying face and the heartbeat waist, right? And it's it moving and shaking in the womb. Right? Like it's like angry. And when the husband and wife were being in a good mood, and were like saying nice things to each other. The child was smiling. They're recorded on the ultrasound, the child smiling and the movement became so soft and smooth. And like you know, and child got positioned in a perfect way. So this is kind of the women who are pregnant, please be in a good mood.

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It affects the children at such a young age, such an early state. And also that there's more than drama between people and people in general, not just husband, wife, but people in general.

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So if somebody says Salaam to you, what should you do?

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Say Salaam to them. Right?

00:25:03--> 00:25:04

If somebody smiles at you, what should you do?

00:25:05--> 00:25:13

smile at them? There should be this love and mercy between people, we think or do I know why she's smiling? What does she want?

00:25:14--> 00:25:17

Maybe this is what you want. This is not how we should be thinking.

00:25:20--> 00:25:42

from just the beginning of this woman, I atella thinking that Allah subhanaw taala begins mentioning the creation, humble beginning of creation of men. And afterwards, he mentioned that he made this possible human being and then Miami can be like, so are thinking that all of this shows the greatness one because I begin I mean it from the signs of his greatness, and

00:25:43--> 00:25:59

this is what he has done. And this is something that we have no choice of no one can ever do. So, I would think that why Allah is mentioning this, it is things that we see every day, we have to humble ourselves. And you see this is you have nothing but to submit it Allah subhanaw taala.

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Sinochem, I was just thinking about that I will laugh, as soon as at one equal, that Allah says infidelity can add Lila Island. So if you really know that this is the eye of Allah subhanaw taala, you won't have any racism, or you won't see somebody lower than you. And now and Hamdulillah, like we're learning the Quran, and then we see this ayah every time and if we still have this bias, or if we think somebody is lower than us because of their color, or because the way how they speak, the end is not really a very, very good point. But the sign of a person being an alum, is that you will not discriminate people based on the color of their skin, and the way that they speak.

00:26:45--> 00:27:02

Because sometimes what happens, just because a person does not have the accent that we like, we'd say that Oh, I can't listen to them. Or the moment they come before us to start talking, we start laughing at them. If we're not laughing on on the surface, we're laughing on the inside. This is not the sign of a person who has

00:27:03--> 00:27:11

a sign of an island is that he considers people to be equal. And in a clinical marinda. Lucky, a token.

00:27:12--> 00:27:25

The only person who is better is the one who was more dakhla. Otherwise, people are all the same. He will give preference to someone why when they have more taqwa not just because they have a particular skin color. Not just because they speak very eloquently.

00:27:28--> 00:28:02

I was just thinking that we're all taught to strive and being most obedient to Allah. And with that, you know, we refrain from stealing, lying, cheating, all those things that we know are prohibited. But when it comes to you'll see some people and they have the habit of staying up the entire night, and just staying out or even within the household. They just say we don't sleep at night and you know, staying up on the internet, whatever it may be. But even that is in obedience to Allah that when we go to sleep because we're resting our bodies for his sake, so that we can wake up early and be productive for his sake alone. Very true. Because of a person is up at night on the internet and

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watching movie watching this watching that, then he won't be able to work during the day properly. He won't be able to help people during the day, isn't it?

00:28:10--> 00:28:18

What do we learn that during the night rest part of the night worship Allah and during the day, what should you do? Do you work and also help other people?

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Okay, let's continue.