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100 and I hit a low cinema vertical that I've been wanting to edit he was at germanium Abba.

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ultimo Sunday for Rahim Allah to Allah FICKY tapping into yellow sauna Hain feedback before lickety will have the lifespan to our hatherly Yeah, he Michel for notices in his chapter in the book entitled realice on the hand the gardens of the righteous and the chapter the virtue of mentioning Allah subhanaw taala and encouraging others to do so. On Saturday, on Saturday, if any of you have costs in early Allahu Anhu and also Elijah and Elijah was salam can I get to I want to do what I call Dogra Saul salvati behold that you Kenny Matt Allahumma in the older beaker mineral Jubilee with barley who are a little bit mean an aura do an aura in a little while oh the beaker mini

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Pfitzner to dunya where it will be come in fits in until October. And this hadith the excitement Emil cos narrative that the prophets Allah Allah wa salam used to seek Allah's protection after prayers in with these words.

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Oh Allah I seek refuge with you from cowardice. miserliness and from being sent back to a feeble age and seek refuge with you from the trials of this life and those of the grave and this is recorded by the Behati and an SAE and Tirmidhi. So this hadith is all the injured then this is another thing that we can say in our prayers. And it is Allah who will be cut minute of Jubilee will borehole and that's the first thing Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from cowardice and miserliness. So notice here the Prophet salallahu Salam sought refuge from being a coward. And that is being fearful in a time where strength or honor or integrity is needed. And I use the word needed, because it is there are

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times where, when one is cowardice it can be detrimental to him and those around him or her. So he said, I seek refuge in You I will be kept mineral juban. And then he said a borehole and borehole is miserliness and being miserly And subhanAllah when you see people that are of honor and generosity, those are the leaders, the ones that are true leaders are the ones that are honorable, and they are generous, because someone that could be

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generous, may be mistaken for that which is weak, when people just constantly give maybe people think they could take advantage of them. But when it is someone that they know, has the integrity and the honor and the strength to turn people away, but they voluntarily give that as a very honorable position. So in the province of Allahu Allah was suddenly saying, I seek refuge in You from cowardice and miserliness being greedy. And then he said, Well, I will become an aura illa Allah vallila Amber and I seek refuge in You from being sent back to a feeble age. And other than an AMR is what some would understand as being senile or being at an old age which expresses another

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form of weakness. And what is very, very interesting here. The first type of weakness is the weakness of the hearts being the weakness of being fearful cowardice and then being fearful of their money and what Allah subhanaw taala has given them and then now mentioned a fearfulness of the weakness of the body. Right and being put in that particular helpless situation. Allah subhanaw taala even mentions this he says he is when they created you Holika human life and Duma Gitelman back the buff and COVID and from a gentleman by the courts and but from what Shaybah Coco Masha, Allah subhanaw taala says that he is one that is created you in a state of weakness, then brought

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you into strength, then brought you back to weakness and he creates how he wills but here have the means a state of elderly of old age to where you are helpless. And some would say there's a senile and that's what he sought refuge from here. Then he said and I seek refuge from you I became min fits netted dunya Why would you become an fitna to COVID and then the last few things I seek refuge in You from the trials of this life and from the trials of the grave. Make no mistake that there are trials in this life that we are facing now. And the worst trial is the trial of Eman in the heart and is the worst trial of having a disbelief and Allah are thinking that life isn't worth anything

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being nihilistic in our approach or being hedonistic to where you just live your life as you wish and your desires may be your Lord. So here he says the fitna of the dunya, being trialed by loving this dunya to the degree to where you are negligent of what is requested from Allah. By Allah requested from Allah for you. So practicing your faith is what is requested in any time that is sacrifice for something that

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it's temporary, that defies the very basis of our faith can be that which the Prophet SAW Selim sought refuge from and then also, why would we be coming fits in until cover, and I seek refuge from me from the trial of the grave. And that is, when we're asked our questions through questions Monroe book, Medina, Coleman Nabil, Who is your Lord, what is your religion, and who is your prophet, that we are not tested by the fitna of that by answering incorrectly and that is going to be what we really believe firmly in our hearts on that time when we are in the grave. And there is punishment of the grave are numerous types of punishment that is mentioned in a hadith of the prophets of Allah

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and it was send them to me and let someone down and make us of those that when we leave our bodies that we leave, as with, with misc, that it is a good scent, and that it's upon Allah will be something that is like a scent like a drip of water that comes out easily from the sink as a prophet saw Selim mentioned, but he mentioned the one that is the last one is not pleased with the one that disbelieves in Allah, that there's their soul will come out of their body as a foreign coming out of wet wool. So if you've ever taken pieces of thorn out of wet wool cloth, you have to really drag it out and it's very strenuous and you can even you know, cause the wood the Walter Frey the one that

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allows for Dell is not pleased with will come out in that fashion and there will be a knitting smell be a very stingy smell. I mean the last $1 maker so those that have a good smell and come out easily with him And subhanAllah dada. So again this dye is as follows Allahumma that any

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Aloma India will be cut min algebra will borehole where it will become an Earthman Allah Allah Allah Allah number where all the become in fitna to dunya y ou will be cut and fitna till bummer, Oh Allah, I seek refuge with you from the kick from cowardice and miserliness and from being sent back to a feeble age, and I seek refuge in You from the trials of this life and the trials of the grave. Maalox mandala make us successful and make us people of honor and integrity and make us of those that when we are leaving, when we leave this earth, that we will be those that He is pleased with inshallah Tada. Wisdom Allah wa salam alaikum Amina Muhammad water and it was