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Al-Qasas 44-67 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 51-56

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Whenever there was sun, Allah Herman Cola, and we have repeatedly conveyed to them, the coal, the word, the speech, why? Now I lomita the Quran, so that they might be reminded

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what fullness from the root letters? Well, sod lamb

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was, what this was for me

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to join to connect together, and they'll seal literally is to join different pieces of a rope together

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different pieces of a rope together. So you have one piece that's very small, another piece that's a bit long, another piece that is of moderate length. So what do you do those little mini you connect all of them together? When you connect all of them together, what happens? Then you have a long rope at the end, isn't it? And what you can do with a long rope you cannot do with the small pieces, right? And then we're Sunday is to deliver to connect together

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because when you have a long group only then you can deliver, right? So what are called was sanella Humala cola and cow speech, same word, and over here refers to the Quran

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What does it refer to the Quran? So we have repeatedly conveyed to them the Quran, meaning we have conveyed it to them, we have caused it to reach them. How one part after the other, we have gradually revealed it, that we revealed one coal, followed by the other coal, followed by the other coal in Revelation,

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you understand that the Quran was not revealed altogether? In once? How was it revealed in parts, but all of these parts, they're connected together? One part was followed by the other what are the was sanella? One cola? And why is the Quran revealed in this way? La lomita the Quran so that the people could remember so that they can be admonished they can be affected by the Quran. And as a result they can believe and they can obey.

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If you think about it, when you receive something at once, it has less impact, isn't it? But when you get one part after the other, then you have more thirst, isn't it, you're more interested. And as a result you benefit more.

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Like for example, one is that you buy a book and you sit in one go and you read it and the other is that every single day you read one chapter one topic, you know there are certain books that are like that, that you read only one topic one chapter one page a day. Right? They daily guide you they remind you so when you pick up such a book and you read it all together at once Will you benefit as much? No, but when you have a set time for it every single day you read only one page you read only one part of it, it has a better impact on you.

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So there are lomita karoun. Why is this mentioned over here previously the objection of the metcons was given that they said How come Hamas autolysin has not been given Miss Lama Oto Musa that Masada was given the book at once, and Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he is being given the Quran in parts. So this is the wisdom behind that.

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And Medina attina homolka everman COVID Lee, those people to whom we have given the book before it before what? Before the Quran?

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Those people who believe in the scripture

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and they believed in the scripture before the Quran came

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home be known. They believe in it.

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What do they believe in? They believe in the coal in the Quran.

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It is said that these ayat, they were revealed concerning a group of people who came from Habesha from Abyssinia

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that when the Muslims when they migrated to avicennia and the joshy he sent a group of 14 men do maka

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y in order to go and meet this prophet of Allah and speak to him and see him for themselves. So what happened? These people when they came, they believed,

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right? This is one opinion that these 14 men they came from avicennia and Who were they?

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Who were the Christians, right? Because remember, abyssinians were Christian at that time.

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So this group of 40 people they came to Makkah to meet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we see that when they came, the McKenzie tried to dissuade them. They said very negative things about the Prophet subtle notice on them. However, the disregarded whatever they said. They went to the prophet SAW a lot of them and when they

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met him, they believed in him.

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So Allah Dena Athena homolka talman coverly, whom you may know,

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others have said that it refers to the group of those abyssinians, who came later, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had migrated to Medina at the time of the Battle of hiber.

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And when these people came, they not only accepted Islam, but they also took part in the battle.

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They also took part in the battle. So humbly, you know,

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others have said that these ayat were revealed concerning certain Jews who became Muslim, such as our beleiving, Sonam, and others.

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Other scholars say that these are general they can be applied to any from the other keytab who believe in the Quran. That alladhina attina who will determine acaba de whom we know when they come to know the Quran, they believe they believe in it.

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And it's only those people who have truly accepted the Torah and dng

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because of belief in Torah Injeel does not lead a person to believe in the Quran and his belief is deficient. Right? We don't interdental bacara i 121 that alladhina atina whom will whatever you have Luna who Hakata what he will let you be in Surah Allah and Ron I 199 we learn what in them in elkie tabula yoshinobu la, la, la comme en de la la him harsh Irina, and

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that indeed from the people of the book are those who believe in Allah, and what was revealed to you and what was revealed to them, and they're humbly submissive to Allah.

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What either you learn or lay him and when it is recited to them, what is recited to them, the Quran or they say, I'm an AVI, we believe in it in no Hakuna Lavina Indeed, it is a truth from our Lord, in condemning poverty muslimeen Indeed, we were before it, even Muslims. What does it mean by that, that we were those who submit it to Allah, even before we came to know about this?

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We are of those people who believed in his oneness, who surrendered to Him alone, even before we came to know of this color.

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We submitted to his commands, even before we came to know of the law. But can we see over here, that those people who by nature, desire the truth are good themselves? When they see good when they see truth, what happens? They accept it.

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They don't delay in accepting that as soon as he either recited upon the AMA Navy, in our Hakuna rabina. And in economic recovery Muslim,

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they don't delay. They don't wait. They don't say oh, what did our forefathers say? They don't look at the majority. No. When they look at the truth, when they recognize it, they accept it immediately.

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We learned that this group of the Indians who came to Makkah to meet the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the mccanns, they said very negative things about the profits of the lobbyists and Megan was their habit, isn't it to any person who came to Makkah they said negative things about the profits out of the center. But they did not pay any attention to that. They went they heard the Quran and they judge the Quran by itself. Not the if the majority believed in it or not? No.

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So those people who desire the truth, who are good themselves, when they see the truth, what happens? They accept it. They don't see, oh, my God, the majority is not following it. Or the prophets uncle himself does not believe No, they don't fall prey to prejudice. They don't fall prey to bias.

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They don't begin to follow the majority. No. They open up their eyes, their mind, they recognize the truth themselves.

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Ola, aka those people, you don't know whom they will be given the reward model Athena twice, they'll be given their reward two times double twice. Why? Why two times y double? Because first of all, they were believers before. They believed in the Torah and the NGO and they observed it in a condom and cubberly Muslim in whatever they knew they did. And then when they came to learn of the Quran, what did they do? They believed in that as well. They accepted that as well. They follow that as well. So like I don't know humara tiny, doubled reward they will get twice reward they will get compared to compared to any other person.

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And especially Why be more subtle because they will

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because when a person has to leave his Deen and adopt a new religion, he has to go against his family, he has to go against the way of his forefathers, he has to go against the sculpture against all people. And obviously he is going to face a lot of opposition. So we must sabato because of their suburb, because they were steadfast. They accepted the Hulk, despite the fact that people oppose them. So this is why they will get double reward.

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I remember recently, somebody was mentioning that many people who convert to Islam

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after some time what happens? they go back to their old ways, why?

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lack of support, but the main thing is, it's difficult to be a Muslim.

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It's difficult to accept Islam to change your religion. Because once you become Muslim, once you change your religion, then you face opposition, from who, from your families, from your workplace, from your friends, people leave you they abandon you, they oppose you. I'm sure all of you know many, many stories. We learn about many incidents from the Sahaba, even from history from present day as well. There are many people who face many challenges, which is why there are people who have come up with this new program, in which they take the converts for some days, in which they just prepare them for what they're going to face in the future. They don't teach them about fake they

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don't teach them about the holler Anything else? What do they teach them? What they're going to face in the future, so that they can hold on so that they can be mentally prepared. So what do we see over here that we must Subbarao because of their sub,

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that when they accepted Islam, they face difficulties, but they didn't give up because they recognize the truth, they held on to it.

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They held on to it no matter how much other people oppose them. And because of that, Allah says they will get doubled.

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We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said three persons will have doubled reward.

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First of all, a person from the people of the Scriptures who believed in his prophet

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so if he was Jewish, he believed in Masada, Islam, if he was Christian, he believed in a Saturday center. And then he also believed in Mohammed Salah.

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So why would he get double reward? Because before he was a believer in his prophet, his book, and now he's a believer in also Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and also the Quran. Secondly, a slave who discharges his duties to Allah and his mask that he has, he is a slave, but he is obedient. He's fulfilling all of his duties towards his master. But at the same time, he's also fulfilling his duties towards EU, unless.

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And thirdly, a master of a woman slave, who teaches her good manners and educates her in the best possible way, and then freeze her and then marries her. So this person will get double reward. Why? Because first of all, he treated his slave woman in a very good way that he educated her. He taught her the deen. He taught her good manners. And then he freed her. And then he didn't just free her, but he married her.

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You understand? So this is why he will get double reward.

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So what do we see over here? That Echo, you don't have a drama latini Bhima Savile Row

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where the owner bill hasn't at least a year, and they avert with the good evil, meaning whenever they face evil. How do they avert it from themselves with something good? They ward off evil from themselves how with good? So for example, if they face bad behavior from people,

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if they face the opposition of people, what do they do in return?

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They show bad behavior as well. No, they show Hasina. They show good behavior. Woman Mama's Akane homey and feel alone and from whatever we have given them, they spend. The thing is that living as a Muslim is something that is a challenge is something that is difficult. And we see this throughout history, whether it was believers at the time of no hydrosol or it was believed at the time of Masada center or it was believed at the time of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. All of them faced difficulties.

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And these difficulties, yes, you face them from within, but also external difficulties. Sometimes they come from your family, sometimes from those who are very close to you. Sometimes people who don't even know you, even they oppose you.

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People who don't even know your name who have never spoken to you, but just they see you as a Muslim and they oppose

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You, they have a version towards you. So, this is why a believer must have suffered.

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Because without Southern, he cannot,

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he cannot remain Muslim. He cannot even accept Islam. So when a person is patient, then only you will be able to remain firm on Islam, then only you will be able to avert other people's evil with good behavior. How many times is it that you face discrimination just because you're a Muslim?

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You face hostility just because you're Muslim? Should you become negative at the same time? No. Because if you become negative, if you also show bad behavior, then this will be a way of turning people away from Islam. not calling them but turning people away.

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So as a Muslim person has to be extremely careful. Where the owner bit hasn't it say yet a woman Moroccan a homie and

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what he does semir Allah and Allah subhanaw taala Delta, something so beautiful, that when they hear a love,

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what is love?

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Nonsense speech, something that does not make any sense. And it also applies to noise. It also applies to dance and ridicule, and arguments, because sometimes people are arguing and if you analyze their argument, it's nothing. There's no basis to it, no basis to it at all. It's useless stuff that they're arguing about. or in a useless men, like, for example, fit on what he said in the night of the last panel data that build for me across it, I'll go up there, and I'll look doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any sense. Even child will say that if you go up a castle, you cannot reach this guy. Even a child knows that. So we see that alone is nonsense speech, but it also

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applies to what dance ridiculed useless arguments, hurtful words. So when they hear a love from those who oppose them,

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no matter what form it is in, what is their reaction?

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What is their behavior? How do they respond towards it? Are they just turned away from it?

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They don't even bother to reply to them. They don't even bother to respond to them.

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Because if you respond to the love of someone,

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then your statement will also be what love isn't it

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like at the time of demo, whatever, if a person is talking and you tell them Be quiet, what is that love? Why, because even that is not appropriate.

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Even you saying to them should be quiet is not appropriate. So we see that if a person is talking nonsense, if a person is saying harsh words, and if you respond to them in the same way, then your words are not any better.

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You understand? So the only way of dealing with love is what? ignore it. Just ignore it. Because the moment you put your hand in it, it's like sticky glue that you cannot get your hand out of this is what happens you get stuck in it, the more you try to get out of it, then the more you get stuck in it. So the best way is simply avoided. It's like you're passing and somebody says a harsh comment. When is it you say something to them. And the other is that you ignore them you ignore them pretend as though you never heard them just pass on. The other day I was at the airport. And there were these two people standing behind me. And they were talking about the knockoff Oh, this is so you

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know that the person does not even have an identity and you know, they're going on and on. First I thought let me turn around and, you know, say something to them. But then I thought just pretend as if you didn't hear. I did that. I just pretended as if I didn't hear and after two, three minutes to change the topic. And I thought if I turn back and I started arguing with them, would they listen to me? Would they get convinced by any argument that I gave them? No. Instead it would create such a huge scene. What kind of, you know Islam would be representing them. So the best way is when you hear love honorable Dorner, turn away from it. You get very angry inside but just pray to Allah

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Yamagata Yella, show the truth to them. If you have something that you can give them at that moment, something that they can read, give them but if you're silent, you can do then tone start talking. If you start talking, you're angry, you're upset, you'll say something that's going to lead to the bad consequence.

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What was mentioned earlier that bring us over to being a Muslim is difficult. If you even say for the sake of argument that Islam is a lie. It has no reality to it, then Islam requires Muslims to get five times a day and pray once early in the morning. How is it possible that a person would do that unless he really believed

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Even with conviction, so it requires support. So those people who believe in this truth who have suffered and they also have this tolerance, that when they hear love what do they do? They turn away because who would react when they hear love? Someone who has a very small heart?

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Isn't it? Someone who cannot tolerate even little things?

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So you need a big heart You need a lot of sub in order to turn away from love. When it has some error level.

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They don't get tangled up in it

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will call you and they say Lennar are maluna. Welcome Armando. For us are our deeds and for your your deeds.

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In other words, let me do whatever I want to do, and you do whatever you want to do.

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Right? Allah subhanaw taala has given freedom to people, if you have the freedom to dress up in a particular way to believe in a certain thing. Go ahead, you and I have that freedom. Lennar our Mona Willa karma lucam

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salaam alaikum Peace be upon you. Lana widow Linda healing we do not see fit ignorant once What does it mean by the seminar laico that the say words of peace if they do say anything and mainly send them over here refers to send them off without

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that's around what are a country's be on you see you later said I'm gonna article Lana with Elijah Helene Why? Because we do not see the ignorant ones, meaning we do not seek the companionship of those people who are ignorant.

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Or those people who are ignorant people who argue people who say love.

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So if you do not want the companionship of those who are ignorant, don't argue with them. Don't try to discuss things with them. Because the more you deal with them, the more angry you will become,

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isn't it?

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You know, if a person does not understand something, they just don't get it. No matter how much you try to make them understand, they will not understand and at the end, you are going to be angry, you are going to be upset, you will be yelling, you will have lost your temper.

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So learn up double jehlen Don't waste your time with the ignorant ones.

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So this ayah tells us very beautifully as to how we are to deal with those people who say daunting words when we practice Islam

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and especially when a person becomes a Muslim. And then he faces opposition of others. This is how he should be that will either model will be lovely model kirana will either horrible, Jelena carlu Sara

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in Nicoletta demon.

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Indeed you cannot guide the one whom you love.

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What happens when you face the opposition of people especially from your family members? What do you wish that they will be guided? That they do would understand, but what does Allah say in the can lead the demon above that you cannot guide the one whom you love letter D. He there is of two types what

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first of all is said to give knowledge to inform and secondly, selfie to give the ability to accept. So you cannot give the trophy over here today Sophia is meant you do not have the ability to force someone to make someone accept no matter how much you love the man above.

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Even if you love that person and you love them to be guided, you cannot guide them you cannot give them faith to them. Why? Because when I kinema it Masha Allah guides whoever he wishes were, who are allowed will be limited in and he is the most knowing of those who are rightly guided.

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No person, no human being can guide another human being. Even the messenger because who is being addressed in this ayah the prophets are a lot of them. Even a messenger cannot guide whom he likes. No person can give someone else they'll feel to walk on the straight path who can give that trophy only Allah and who doesn't want to give that they'll feel

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the one who wants to be guided.

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The one who desires guidance, the one who desires guidance, Allah will give him guidance. And a person who does not want guidance Allah will not force it on him.

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So guidance is in the hands of Allah soprano data for in the law your little Romania share where diminisher

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he misguides whom he wishes and he guides whom He wishes.

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There are some people who are given guidance, other people are not given what's the difference, desire, yearning. If a person is interested, Allah will give him they'll feel if a person is not interested, Allah will not give him they'll feel

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no matter how he may be related.

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The most righteous person.

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We see that Ibrahim restaurant he could not guide his father

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knew her lesson. He could not guide his son,

00:25:10--> 00:25:21

Luther nslm could not guide his wife, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam could not guide his uncle. guidance is not in the hands of people. It's exclusively in the hands of Allah.

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We don't insert the natural Ayah 37 in that is Allah who their home for in Allah him lay the manual will matter human nurseline even if you should strive for their guidance, Indeed Allah does not guide those who miss ancestry. And they will have no helpers. Introduce IV I 103. We learn well my axon nurse what was the meaning and most of the people, no matter how much you desire will not be believers. No matter how much you desire, they're not believers. So it's not about your desire. It's about whose desire their desire.

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They have to desire guidance, and then

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the man

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