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An-Naml 45-59 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 54-59

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Jean Bismillahirrahmanirrahim lesson number 198 similar to number

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and number 54 we're Lutheran is called economici. And mentioned Luther at his center when he said to his people, what did he say to his people that don't alpha Shatta Wale uncomfortable say don't do commit immorality while you were seeing

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at that Donal Fisher, Fisher, indecency, immorality. And the word fetish is used for Xena. It's also used for homosexuality. It's used for many, many crimes, which are all indecent nature.

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So he said to them at that donor, if you're committing evil, you're committing this indecency. And what does this indecency refer to homosexuality? and added to notice Hamza, it reflects amazement, that what are you doing at that donor for his Shatta Wale anthems of saloon? While you see? What does it mean by this word until epsilon.

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epsilon is rhombus Allah and bustle is to see something. But remember that Nevada law is altered to see, isn't it? But bizarre, bizarre is used for sight. And it's also used for comprehension for understanding

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that you don't just look at the obvious, but you understand that you see through it.

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So one is to look with the eyes. And the other is to look with the heart and mind. Which is why the word basilar is also from the same root.

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So uncomfortable. So what does it mean by this, it means that you're committing this evil, while you see that what you're doing is wrong. While you understand that what you're doing is not something that is right, is not something that is a decent, is not something that is acceptable.

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So what you're doing is extremely reprehensible. You see, one is that a person is doing something wrong, and he doesn't realize he doesn't know any better. What do you do? You give him the benefit of the doubt you correct him, he understands Okay, he accepts.

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But the other is that a person sees what he's doing is wrong. And he deliberately does it he does it any way that is more reprehensible? Isn't it, that he knows what he's doing is wrong, but he does it anyway. So what is wrong? What is wrong with you, that you're committing this great evil, this fissure, while you know that what you're doing is wrong. While you know that the natural way of fulfilling desires is something else, what anthem to Iran. And we're unthemed epsilon is understood in another way as well, that while you see one another, while you observe one another, that you commit this evil in open publicly, in front of one another, while one of you can see each other.

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Because we see that the people have looked on SNM, there were such people who committed this evil deed, not just in their private bedrooms, but also in their gatherings.

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learned in doTERRA, and Kabuto is number 29. That we're doing Athena de como la Mancha, and you commit in your meetings, every evil, that when they got together, when they met one another, they committed many evil deeds, and amongst those evil deeds was also this act of homosexuality. What does it show

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the extreme indecency that had spread in these people.

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That how incident how terrible these people had become that they transgressed all bounds of decency, they had no shame left in,

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that they have the confidence to commit this evil out in public.

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And unfortunately, many people who are like this, who commit this evil deed, they have no shyness left in them,

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which is why they openly talk about it. They openly parade about it, they openly speak up for it, and they don't have any hire to even commit this evil in front of others. And this is happening in societies which are very advanced, and even societies which are extremely backward, that people who rape other men, and especially boys in public in front of others, and unfortunately, this happens in Muslim societies as well. That what they're doing afina diekman Mancha or unthemed of Ceylon, you see it happening. Now, many times, even today, when a person is doing something wrong out in the open, he is considered as someone who is very confident, isn't it so

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he has the confidence to do this in front of others, even if it's not at the level of homosexuality, even if it's at a lower level.

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Like a person yelling at another, speaking harsh language, speaking foul words in front of others, we consider this to be confidence. We consider this to be bold. We consider this to be, you know, a person being very outspoken, a person who is very brave.

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But we see that there is no pride when it comes to committing sin openly, there is nothing to be proud of them. There is nothing to be happy about at that moment.

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Because when a person does something wrong in secret, then there are only a few witnesses, isn't it? It's that body, it's the other person. It's the walls, it's the bedroom, whatever the place is. But when a person does something wrong openly, then in fact, he is making many people and many things as his witness.

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So this is not something good. In fact, it is something very evil. It's something very detrimental for a person very, very harmful for him.

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There was a time when children they were discouraged from speaking out loud, before others, they were discouraged from disrespecting the elderly. But now if they speak up against the older people, people become very proud and say, Oh, my God, look at them, they're so confident. My child is so brave, he can speak up for himself. And we have forgotten what the proper limits are.

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Remember that higher, goes along with

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higher is something good. It's not something but an item called low. It's all good. Nothing of higher is evil. But if somebody has higher today, we think that they have some confidence issues. We think that they have some psychological issues, they need some counseling,

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these qualities of being confident and being able to speak up the truth, this is something good. However, when it's used in the wrong way, then it's definitely not something good.

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When it's accompanied with higher than it's good, when it's with a man, then it's good. But when it's without hire, when it's in the wrong context at the wrong place, then this is not something good.

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And he said to them in a calm letter to Nigella, what can be done and Missa you indeed approach men with desire instead of women. So what do we see over here, that their men, they lacked higher, that they committed evil out in the open publicly? And they committed this evil with other men? So who lacked higher Was it the men or the women? It was a men.

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Now, even today, what do people say women should have higher and men they do not need to have any higher, they can see anything, they can go anywhere. They can be with anyone, no higher is for who?

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It's for everybody. And he said, you approach men shall return out of desire, out of lust, out of fashion, meaning in order to fulfill your sexual desire. Men do an insert instead of women whom Allah has created for you.

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That in order to fulfill your sexual desire, who should you be approaching your wives? But instead of doing that, who do you go to? You go to men, but unemployment alone, rather you are people who are behaving ignorantly, you're behaving very, very ignorantly. There are many points to be noticed in this ayah.

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First of all, we see that the problem with these people was that they established sexual relations only for the purpose of fulfillment of desire chahatein let us do an agenda within only for the purpose of fulfilling sexual desire.

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Remember that sexual relations are to be established in the permissible way in the halaal way between a man and a woman through nikka. And it should not be for the objective of only fulfilling sexual desire.

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Because this has been mentioned in a negative way over here, what is the objective of marriage just so that a man and woman can enjoy one another? No. The objective of marriage is also one of the main objectives is what? To raise a family to have children. So, yes, where it is permissible that for a genuine reason, a person may use contraceptives in order to avoid having children however, it should not be a permanent state of affairs. It should not be such a case where a person is enjoying the other sexually but does not even intend to have any children does not plan to have any children. Because sexual relations are not just to be established for sexual fulfillment.

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Because when it comes to this level, that sexual fulfillment is the only goal. It's the only aim. Then what happens people lose their morals people do not realize

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What their limits are, they tend to neglect what is healthy and what is wrong. And they view the other person only as someone who is a source of pleasure. Yes, this is good between a husband and a wife. But this is not the only way of treating your wife or treating your husband. There's more to that. There's a role that the man has to play, there is a role that the woman has to play. There's a role that the man has to play as a father, and the woman has to play as a mother.

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So this is one point that is to be noticed that in nicoleta, tune original Shahada only for the purpose of sexual fulfillment.

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Secondly, we see that these people they were approaching men only, and they were depriving who, their women.

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So they were committing injustice in one way. First of all, they were committing something wrong by approaching men, but on the other hand, they were depriving women of their rights. And when a person is deprived of their right then what does it lead to? more evil?

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So although this evil was only prevalent amongst their men, but if the women are deprived constantly that could also lead to women committing harm, as well. So one evil it only leads to what? Another evil

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we learned into the Sharla I 165 to 166 that Luke Elisa Lam, he addressed his people at the dawn of the Quran, Amina al Amin. Do you approach males among the world's meaning out of all the women who exist would you choose men? What are their own and are Haleakala kamaboko men as magical, but uncommon are doing and you leave what your Lord has created for you as maids, but you are people who are transgressing. You're leaving women whom Allah has created for you as maids. Allah created women for you, Leah's gonna lie her. However, you are leaving the women than you are transgressing. You are people who are doing.

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So we see that if the women are deprived in this way, it could lead to more evil.

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And then he says to them, but unto como de Lune. Rather, you are people who are ignorant, doesn't mean that there were illiterate people who had no concept of this dunya they were not smart, not intelligent at all. What does it mean by this general this ignorance, not acting upon the knowledge?

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We see that previously. What did he say to them? Well, until too soon, you see, you understand you realize, and over here, what does he say to them, but unemployment data alone? So how is it possible that a person who can see through his actions is also ignorant at the same time?

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You see, one is that a person does not know that something is wrong, such a person is excused. But there is another person who knows what he's doing is wrong. And if he does it any way, and he justifies it, then what is this? This is Johanna, this is ignorance. This is Joel.

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Because knowledge, understanding is not just about knowing what to do, but it's also about doing it.

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So if a person in his actions that does not differentiate between what is right, and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil, then he lacks sense. And as a result, he is gehele. He is ignorant. This is ignorance, no matter how educated a person may be, that he doesn't know the simple concept, that sexual fulfillment is to be between who a man and a woman. And as a result, people reproduce.

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And if a man approaches another man, even if they get married, it goes against common sense. If they get married, will they have any children? No, it's not possible. If two women get married, can they have any children? No. So is this Jan? Or is it something else? It's not uncommon that alone. When people do this, they're lacking common sense, basic knowledge, basic understanding.

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We see that it leads to so many wrong things, not just one, but many, many wrong things that even if people in this manner when they adopt children, these children also they suffer from psychological issues, or they will not have children. I remember coming across some people who were living in this way, huge house, which is two men and a dog, they have a pool, they have a huge house. Now I'm wondering, why do they have this house for who? You know, when people have a house, they have multiple rooms, they think of, you know, children, and their relatives and their in laws and so on and so forth. When they have a pool, they think about you know, their children are going to swim in

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the pool, huge backyard. But two men will become so old, who cannot even enjoy life as much as they could before. What's the point? What's the purpose? Doesn't it go against common sense, but unemployment alone. This is not being very modern and civilized. This is pure ignorance. It goes against common sense that one has to play the role of the opposite gender than

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Doesn't make more sense to just go to the opposite gender to just have them as your partner, but uncommon tension alone. So this is against common sense. And even if people do somehow end up making some sense out of it, you know, justifying even as Muslims and we see that when Allah subhanaw taala has clearly declared it as something that is ignorant than it is ignorance no matter what sense you can make out of it. But until Coleman that shallow

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In fact, people are destroying themselves by this relationship because how will they increase in their numbers?

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We see over here that by the statements were being made to us our mind

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that this is ignorance and this is not ignorance. People forget who they actually are, what their role is what they can do what they're supposed to do. So what was the reaction of the people from Canada call me but the answer of his people was not inla and carlu except that they said

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Allah Luton min Korea to

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just expel the family of Luke from your city from your town just expel them tell them to leave.

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Because in Nome indeed there they are NASA people when NASA is a Florida in see they are a people who are yet alpha Haroon. They want to keep themselves pure, they purify themselves, you have to hold on from bajawa who is do put in a lot of effort in order to keep oneself clean and pure. Because the thought about the firewall, it gives meaning of the conduct inshallah, you will learn about that. And the thought to put in a lot of effort to purify oneself.

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And it's very from this is multiple hip.

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So in Oman, Estonia, they prefer to remain pure This is why expel them.

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Now, the people have looked at Islam, instead of accepting the teachings of the deen that Lutheranism was teaching them, they began accusing him, they began insulting him, they began to threaten him.

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And they wanted to expel him. Why? Because what he was telling them was something that they did not want to do. It went against their desires. And this is why we see that, just as we mentioned earlier, that the people of sila Harrison onesided had this and I'm sure the truth to them. When he brought the Enlightenment that people could see what right is what wrong is the elite of the society? What did they want? That Sally Hansen Hassan should stop? And what did they say that if the Yona bigger will be more America. And even today, what happens? When the truth is shown to people, they don't like to accept it, which is why they say, you go out of this land, you can go do whatever

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you want to do, but let us do what we want to do. They don't like to hear the truth. They don't like to accept the truth. They don't want to change.

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So this has been the way of people in every era, that whenever they are told the truth, and they don't want to accept it, they don't want to change themselves, according to it. What do they do? They speak against the truth, they begin to oppose the truth

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to the people of Lutheranism, also, they told him leave that out of the slab. Because if you want to stay here, then you have to accept our lifestyle, then you have to accept our norms, our values, and if you do not accept them, then you have to leave You have no right to stay over here.

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Because they don't like the truth. Because they feel that the truth is a threat to them, is a threat to their desires is a threat to their lifestyle. So when they don't like it, they want it the truth should leave.

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But the fact is that even if it leaves the truth is still going to remain true.

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And what do they say to him? in the home owner, Sonia Haroon, that there are people who keep themselves very pure and clean.

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If you look at it, this is something good and praiseworthy that somebody likes to keep themselves clean, isn't it that they put in a lot of effort to clean themselves? It's a good quality, it's something that is praiseworthy. But they say this to him in ridicule in mockery, that he is you're so nice and clean and pure. And you cannot tolerate our ways and you think we are filthy, you're so pure, you're so clean, then why don't you leave, we're not going to clean ourselves usually.

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And if you think about the act that they were doing, that act was unclean, both in physical terms as well as spiritual terms. What they were doing was something filthy, but yet, they consider themselves to be very good. So Lutheran is Santa. He made automa and we learned through the sharada i 169. That rabina Genie were actually

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mimir Malone that Oh my Lord saved me and my family, from what these people do. Meaning from the consequences of what these people do, because these people were not willing to change, nor were they willing to accept Lutheranism anymore. So what happened for Angelina who, so we saved him, what Allah who and his family in law either except for his wife,

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or the naza, we had decreed for her that she would be minilab 18 of those who are left behind of those who remain behind.

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We see that the wife of Luther is Santa, although she was apparently a believer, because obviously the Prophet of Allah would not be married to a Muslim would not be married to a woman who is an open disbeliever. So apparently she was a Muslim.

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But we see that in her heart who did she sympathize with?

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She sympathized with these wrongdoing, people. And she liked their ways. She preferred their ways she cooperated with them more than she cooperated with her husband, with the Prophet of Allah.

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So what do we learn from this, that even if outwardly, a person appears to be someone, but in his heart, his sympathies are with someone else and he is attached to someone else, then he will end up with the same people. Because Admiral Moran and I have a person will be with those whom he loves.

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A person will be with those whom he loves. So although she went along with Lutheranism, to leave the city to leave the nation to leave the people, but eventually what happened? She was punished. But the Nahum in a lobby, she met the same fate as of those people who remain behind.

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What until now I lay him, matara, and we rained upon them, a rain of stones, matara, or rain, and which rain was this? We learned from other narrations that was off stones of cG fussa a matar on Monday. So how evil was the rain of those people who were warned, they were warned by their prophet. But when they did not accept, look at the punishment that came upon them facade, a model wondering how evil was the rain, which came down upon them.

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Notice the word is ones of not ones it who is one, the

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one who warns and who is winds up, the one who is one. If they said to Lutheranism, that in the home owner, Harun that they are very clean, then they knew that what they were doing was unclean,

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isn't it. So that's what it meant that these believers are very clean, very pure, and we are doing something that is unclean.

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Now, it's very true that people who are doing something wrong, they know that what they're doing is wrong. But they will do it anyway. Why? Because they consider it to be cool. They consider it to be good.

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So even if it is harmful, even if it's a filthy act, it's physically filthy, spiritually filthy, it leads to many ills, it leads to many, many evils. Still, they will do it anyway. Because it's considered to be good. It's supposed to be good.

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People who have decency, people who have higher, they're saved in dystonia. And ultimately,

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just as we learned earlier, that the people of Sally had the desire to learn, they had the confidence to go and kill Sally Hansen, and that way, and they had the confidence to lie about it. Because when a person does not have fear of Allah, that he does not have fear of people, even he does not have any shyness left in him, he doesn't have any higher in him, and then he doesn't care about any limits.

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The same with these people, that they knew what they were doing was wrong. It was unclean, it's something filthy, even the mind doesn't accept it. Even the fifth law does not accept it, but they did it anyway. Because it had no fear of Allah.

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When something is wrong, it should be accepted as wrong, and it should not be spoken about in a boastful manner with pride at all.

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We see that the wife of Lutheranism she was not herself engaged in this act, because it was a man of that society. And Lutheranism he gave warning to who do the men of that society. But we see that that warning was also indirectly for her that she should not sympathize with these people. She should not like what they're doing. Now, similarly, we could also be in a situation where we read the Quran, we read the warnings, we are not committing that action. We are not a part of it. But again, we have to see who do we appreciate? Who do we like, whose actions do we approve of and who our sympathies are with. We should be very clear about it because whoever we are attached to whoever

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we like more, that is the end that we're going to get and sometimes

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We might distance ourselves from these things, saying that, oh, it's got nothing to do with me, I don't do it. I'm not a part of it. But even if you're not a part of it, when it comes to how can battle, you have to very clearly support the Hulk and oppose the battle.

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We see that although she did not do it herself, but she was influenced by it, she began to appreciate it, she was okay with it. She didn't have a problem with it. Because she exposed herself to this crime so much he did not oppose it. Neutral Islam, he opposed it, she did not oppose it. And as a result, she became used to it she didn't see any problem with it.

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Does the same thing with us if we do not consider it to be evil that says Lutheranism said that in the armory, communal Colleen, I hate the action that you do. I hate this evil crime that you commit.

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So if we do not have this approach, then we will become desensitized to this act and it will be considered as okay. And that's a problem.

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We have to keep ourselves connected with the Quran constantly read it constantly remind ourselves that this is right. And this is wrong. When speaking of the truth, there should be no shyness. Many times people refrain from speaking against it, just because they're shy or just because they don't want to be considered as people who are backward or people who don't care for others. This is why Luther s&m said that in nearly Amelie communal calling, I don't hate you, I hate the action that you do. So many times we reject such people, which is why they even if they're from the Muslims, they turn towards EU those who accept them. And when they turn towards them, they lose their Eman. They

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lose their shyness, whatever little bit they have left, everything is gone. So our attitude towards people who are suffering from this problem should be off of analyse someone who wants to help them like Luther Hassan. He helped them he made them understand. He didn't say I have nothing to do with you, and I'm leaving, and I've had it. And I just own you know, nothing like that. He constantly told them he gave them alternates. He advised them we cannot support one another in doing wrong, that sometimes we ourselves are not doing it but we let our children do certain wrong actions and we say it's okay not a big deal. But the thing is, when something is wrong, it is wrong. And you cannot

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accept it in any way.

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Cool Al Hamdulillah he say Praise be to Allah, say oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam Alhamdulillah all praises for who? For Allah?

00:27:32--> 00:27:38

What is that hamdulillah said, typically out of gratitude when a person receives a blessing.

00:27:39--> 00:27:45

And generally thanking Allah, but in particular, what occasions is 100 in less it

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when something good happens to you

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think about it. When you sneeze when you receive from something bad.

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What else

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in the 100 illa mahamadou, who want to stare, you know

00:28:03--> 00:28:07

neshama una sala de la la pseudonym Corinne when is Alhamdulillah said

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at the beginning of something that is important, right? Which is why we see that many of the soldiers of the Quran also they begin from what 100, Allah

00:28:17--> 00:28:31

Soraka have sort of it had to call on itself begins with Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah is said, first of all, at the beginning of something important, because you praise a lie that moment for giving you the ability to start it to do it.

00:28:32--> 00:28:36

And hamdulillah is also said at the conclusion of something that is important,

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isn't it? So,

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at the conclusion of something that is important, what do we say Alhamdulillah at that point as well.

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So, for example, at the beginning of the hook, but at the end of the hook, but why is that hamdulillah said that our hamdulillah the message has been conveyed. All Praise to Allah, the message has been conveyed, guidance has been conveyed, instruction has been given. Truth has been made clear, falsehood has been made clear and all praise to who to Allah.

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say Alhamdulillah Why? Because from these stories, the truth has been made clear. The false hood has been made clear, the message has been delivered. So say Alhamdulillah and ultimate 100. Allah why, for the destruction of the disbelievers the destruction of the sinful people. And 100 Allah wa sallam on NPS from who from Allah, Allah Abadi upon His servants with servants alladhina Slava, those whom Allah chose

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is far far from the room veterus sought farewell and his fluffy, fluffy is to choose something that is pure, that is claimed to choose someone on the basis of their purity, when they're free from any blemish

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and loveliness l'affaire. So who are those servants of Allah whom Allah has chosen?

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With servants are mentioned over here, who Allah has chosen whom Allah has selected the prophets and messengers musar listener that would early center Sulaiman or they said a Solihull s&m Lutheran a Salah. So, Solomon Allah evadne Latina stuffer. This is why when we mentioned the names of the prophets of Allah What do we say?

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That would Ali Salim Sulaiman only his Sunnah. So my peace of Allah be upon those servants of his whom he has chosen, whom he has chosen for the service of his Deen to deliver the message of Allah, they deliver the message, some a piece of a lobby upon them.

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Some have said, that are their Eva De La Nina sofa. It refers to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions

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because they too were chosen, why, in order to deliver this message of Allah to the people.

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And it is also said that revathy, Latina Stouffer, it refers to all those people who are to come until the day of judgment, whom Allah has chosen, whom Allah has selected for the service of his Deen, that who deliver the message of Allah to the people who deliver the warning and the good news to the people. Allahu ion is a lot better ammonia shikun are that which they associate? Allah who this is, Hamza of Estefan, and then the Hamza of Allah and both of them coming together. What happens? You put Ahmed, so Allahu hyaluron, is a lot better, a manual shikun are those beings whom they worship, whom they associate with Allah? Who is better? What's the answer? Allah is better?

00:31:47--> 00:32:00

Because all those beings whom the people have relied upon, whom do people have associated with Allah? Did they ever come to their aid? Did they ever come to help them? No, as it is clear from the stories of the people of the past?

00:32:01--> 00:32:07

So we see that so far in this sort of we have learned about the destruction of the different nations

00:32:08--> 00:32:08


00:32:09--> 00:32:17

the destruction of one nation after the other? And when you learn about this, it really makes you worried, isn't it?

00:32:18--> 00:33:01

When I mentioned to you the narration, which the prophets on a lot of them said that when you pass by the ruins of these people pass by how Burkean as ones who are crying, and if you're not crying, then be worried that the destruction of a lamb may fall down upon you as well. So when you pass by their ruins when you learn about their incidents, when you learn about their accounts, it makes you worried that what if this happens to us? What if this destruction falls down today? What if this punishment comes before us? So what does a believer want? peace, security safety Salaam? Isn't it? But Allah Subhana Allah says, ceramists For who? Are there evadne hilarious stuff on those servants

00:33:01--> 00:33:09

of his whom Allah has chosen and who are the those who enjoin, good and forbid evil?

00:33:10--> 00:33:21

Who do not remain as a silent majority, but what do they do? They speak out the truth. They speak against the false so if a person wants to be saved in this dunya and

00:33:22--> 00:33:34

then what does he need to do? He needs to do that work which the chosen servant of Allah have done. He needs to have the same mission as the messengers of Allah had,

00:33:35--> 00:33:42

which is to convey the message to the people. This is the only way to salvation The only way to success

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to bozhou

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want BD

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so panic alarm will become the kind of Chateau La ilaha illa Anta

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh