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Taimiyyah Zubair
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Since I'm already cold I had to lie about

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earlier a lot of soulier Karim, I'm about four arrows below him in the shade line Illa Jim Bismillahirrahmanirrahim rubbish rattling acidity were Sidley Emery Wilder of data melissani of kahuku li urbanest

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Bab kasandra sheary wa cofrin Duna cofrin chapter ghofrani or she's Ghufron what is Quran mean? in gratitude and gratefulness? So in gratitude towards who and our sheet towards the husband, and our sheet is from letters ranging from the same root is the word more I shudder. And Archie is one who lives with you. And who does Archie refer to the husband? Why is the husband called Archie because he lives with the wife and last panel data tells the men in the Quran that huashi ruhuna Bill maroof aashi ruhuna live with them because you are there. Or she? soco frano, Rashid, in gratitude to the husband. Well, kauflin Duna cofrin and coughing, disbelief or ingratitude coffin which is Duna

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meaning other than or less than cofrin actual cover. This chapter heading is intended to prove that the term Cofer does not only apply to the kafir, which makes a person in non Muslim, which excludes him from the oma from the middle, but rather it can also apply to cover that is in gratitude. So, every cover is not such COVID that is mockridge animal that takes a person out of the fold of Islam that makes a person a non Muslim, but rather some types of COVID are such that are what forms of in gratitude. Or that you can say is lesser go for a walk offering during a conference, you know that there is major shift. And then there's also minor shift if a person commits a major schicke is a

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Muslim, no. But if a person commits minor Shin for example, he's showing off, does that make him a non Muslim? You can say that Oh, she's a mushrik or he's a Muslim. You can't do that. Why? Because they are still a Muslim but they are committing minor schicke. Similarly, copper is also a various levels, one copper is major copper and another type of governance minor copper. Alright. So just as a man Buhari has mentioned previously about the relationship between Islam and the man, there are different levels, one is just acceptance and then there is true belief from the sincerity of the heart and then there are levels of Eman like for example, if a person feeds other people, if a

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person greets other people, what does that make him a stronger believer. So does that mean that if a person does not greet the other he does not remain a believer? No, there are levels of Eman There are levels of righteousness, the basic level is of Islam Then comes a level of Eman And then comes the level of your son. So, similarly, when it comes to sin, when it comes to cover, that is also a various levels. So, this is the chapter heading that Mr. Bahari has given confronted or she will often do

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and this also shows to suggest as the term Eman can apply to good deeds. Similarly, the term Cofer can also apply to marassi the way the word Eman can be used for good deeds and higher or minalima Eamonn and I told you that images of consists of four things also actions right. So those actions can be called a man like for example, Salah has been called a man. So good deeds can be called a man similarly, sins can also be called COVID but those sins are not Major COVID that make a person a non Muslim. Okay, is that clear? And this is just as a statement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that there are two characteristics of gopher Theron fineness one near Wilma yet that if a person insult

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the other with regards to his nessa or if a person weeps and Wales over a person was who has passed away Nia and you know that Nia is not just crying, but wailing and making you know, tearing up the clothes and so on and so forth. So, these two characteristics are characteristics of COVID. So, we see that if a person for example commits them, does he become a calf if he doesn't become a caffeine but he is committing an action that is off coffee? So similarly, in gratitude towards the husband is also what

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coffee but which kind? minor lesser? It's of the characteristics of COVID anyone Buhari writes v. Concerning it on a be sir even in a code review from Abu Zubaydah hoodie on in Abuja sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning

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Something related by I will say the hoodie deals with the subject. So in other words of ambiguity is just referring to a narration. But he's not actually mentioning it over here. He's just referring to it. He's just hinting at it, but he's not actually mentioning it over here. Why? Why do you think so, that if if this referring to it is sufficient, he will not mention the entire narration. And he's mentioning another Hadees that is given over here on December 29. And you will find this very common in sorry, Buhari, that, remember how he will write a Hadees. And there could be other hobbies that he will write even without a chain, or sometimes he will not even write the Hadees. But he will

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just refer to it. Why? Because he's just mentioning it as an additional proof as an additional evidence. So he doesn't feel the need to write the entire narration. Like, for example, sometimes you just mentioned a part of an AI and not the entire IO, sometimes just say, Oh, it's in the Quran. You don't mention the entire Ayah or even the part of the AI but you just say it's in the Quran. Why? Because it is sufficient, the person who we were talking to, they know what you're referring to. Similarly, you will just mention sometimes a Hadees, without the chain of narration, and sometimes just the references there, but the entire Hadees or the changes aren't mentioned. So what

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is he referring to the Hadees that deals with the subject is a hadith that has been narrated by God and then Buhari has also reported it in his book and it's incredible hailed it's in Book number six of halal and the Hadith is that I will say the whole the narrative that once the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam went out towards the masala what is the masala the place to offer prayer and which was Allah was this for vitola either it was either her or either, so, he was going towards there, and then he passed by some women and he said to them, all women gives other women he addressed the women specifically and he said over and give sadaqa because I have seen that the majority of the

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dwellers of Hellfire were you mean were women. So, the women asked why is it so all as messenger and he replied, that you curse frequently. And the Cornell Archie's you are ungrateful to the husband the corner she so this device also shows that ghofrani or she that is also a type of coffee but it is coffee Duna coffee, it is less than and then the actual hadiza manohara mentioned over here which is had nothing out of the law happening Muslim at American and they didn't a slimmer and upper igneous said in an evening our best in katakolon abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam od to narrow tonnara ui two. I was shown. I was made to see UI two, this is module so UI to narrow I was made to see the

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fire. You have a two one or a two. My version has already two doesn't matter. So return our I was showing the fire for either so then a

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majority of its inhabitants majority of it dwellers, majority of its inmates were who Anissa the women. Why? Because you're foreigner they commit cover which cover is this cover Duna cofrin Taylor, it was said meaning it was as a foreigner biller. Do they disbelieve in Allah Allah He said he a foreigner or she'd they do cover off their sheet meaning the husband work for dental exam and they deny an exam meaning the goodness that is done towards them. How that low center if you did exam if you were good to either the one to one of them for how long adara as if to say for eternity? If you did good towards a woman forever meaning for a very long period of time for your entire time with

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her some model at and then she saw Minka from you Shay and even one thing arlette she said, Mara, a dominga Hiram. To Morrow I do I have never seen Minka from you. Hi, Ron. Any good cook? Ever. Does this sound strange? familiar? Unfortunately, this is very serious, isn't it? Because this is code for Linux. You can say that he has it's not major cover. It's minor.

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But what does this tell us that it's an act that is punishable? It's an act that can lead women to Hellfire that can make a woman worthy of being punished in hellfire. Yes, she may be eventually taken out. However, this is a very serious crime and look at what is mentioned

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Here, the formula sheet wakefulness exam, low or center, Illa, if

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you're good towards it forever. And then one thing she sees from you that she does not like and she says, I've never seen any good from you. I've never seen any good in you at all. So she completely washes away rejects any exam that has been ever did to her. If you think about it, denying the heck of Allah, is that go for? Yes. And we see the denying the health of the husband, which is gratitude. Is that also kind of COVID? Yes, it is. denying the heck of a lot. Why is it COVID? Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is right upon us is the greatest. Why? Because it's an upon us is the greatest. And if you think about it, the husbands right? Is that also very great upon a woman. Yes, after

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marriage, who is a woman supposed to obey and look after and be very obedient to for slightly how to carnita

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Who are they? The women right? So who is a woman supposed to obey the husband? Original Kawa, Muna Allah Nisa. And Allah subhanaw taala has given them a superior rank will literally lay in the Roger. So the text of the Quran and Sunnah are very clear that show that the husband has had over the wife. And why is it so because the husband is the one who looks after her, cares for her provides for her, manages her affairs. So when he has done so much or sign up on her, it is his right that she is also good towards him, that she is also grateful to him. And we learn from our Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that low amount to ahead and and yesterday he hadn't. If I would command

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anyone to prostrate to anyone, meaning any person to prostrate to any other person. Let a mortal Marotta and test you that is Oh gee ha, I would have commanded the woman to prostrate to her to her husband, what does that show? What does that show

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that how obedient the wife has to be towards her husband, and how he has a greater rank above her. And we know why that is. So we don't need to go into all of that detail. We have learned about that in the Quran. So basically, we see that if a woman is ungrateful towards her husband, then this is a very, very serious matter. It's not ordinary in gratitude. It's such in gratitude that can lead a woman to Hellfire that can make a woman worthy of the punishment of hellfire. It's very unfortunate that many times women, what happens to us we become very negative. We have a very complaining attitude. We become extremely demanding. We demand that husband's work and make money and we demand

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that the stay at home as well, and who work for us as well. And they look after the children as well. That when he's out of the house is working when he's inside the house is serving us. That's what we want, isn't it? That's the wish of every woman. But is that fair? It's not fair. We learned earlier, in soft enough sick, we just even if it's against yourself, be fair to that poor man. He's been out since morning working. And when he comes home, you demand more work. And if he doesn't, you say, or you expect me to do everything. This is not fair. You're so selfish. You're only concerned about yourself, you don't care about me. Many studies they show that men and women like for example,

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husband and wife, they can only have a good relationship. Whenever very positive attitude, in the sense that the woman gives a hack of the men and the men he looks after the woman. When the man will look after the woman when he will be caring towards her. She will be happy. When she'll be happy. She will make him happy when he's happy. He will take care of her. So you see it's a cycle. But what happens within gratitude is that it makes you focus on the negatives. He is being good towards you. But yet you will say see he came home left the dishes at the table. When will he learn he will never learn.

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Similarly, how fair is that I go to school I study Okay, he goes to work. But when I come home, I have to cook and there he says easily. That's not fair. You focusing on the negative focus on the positive. When you focus on the positive, it will make you grateful when it will make you grateful happier, then only can you have a good relationship with your husband and only then can he care for you. But what happens is that when you focus on the negative he will also focus on the negative and this will only take the two apart from one another and not closer together. There are ups and downs throughout this relationship there are times when one is going through a harder time at work or

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something which is why they're not able to take care of you take care of the other person. ups and downs are always there. But it doesn't mean that we become unforgiving because the the attitude that is mentioned over here is a very unforgiving attitude. That if you do even one thing that she does not like she will say I've never seen

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In anything good from you unforgiving, forgive the other person, their human being, after all. So it's very unfortunate that we have high expectations, high demands from our husbands. And then if they fall short, because we have high expectations, we completely, you know, why should we anything that they have done, we declare them as failures. If you notice the word that's mentioned over years, ersan will coordinate xand lower center,

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because it is definitely a sign on the part of the man that he goes for work. And he makes money. And he spends it on who he could use that money to eat out all the time, or travel and have fun with his friends, isn't it so the people who are single all the money that they're making, they're using it on who themselves enjoying their lives. But the men were married and who have children, their money, the same amount is not going into buying a nice car or traveling all the time or shopping, when it's going into what the needs of the family. So this is the sign of the husband, he could be using all that money for himself selfishly, but he's using that for you. And if you think about it,

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if the husband studies or if he works, he's doing that for who? Why does he need to make more money?

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Why, for example, why does it need to bring money home? Why? For you, for you, for your family? So it is his heir son, we think it's our right. It's his son that he's striving to get more for you. But definitely there should be a balance. We're not talking about extreme cases, we're talking about normal cases. Okay, extreme cases, they're different. So what's mentioned over here is that if you're good towards her, and one thing she does not like she washes away everything. So we should be very, very careful. And we should refrain from such statements, no matter how upset no matter how angry no matter how tired and exhausted, you are, never say such statements because they can wash

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away all the good that you've done, that sometimes it's not said through words, but it's through our attitude.

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we need to become very careful.

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It's not like I'm sorry, I just wanted to share when we were doing Fatima Quran, there was one time when we were learning about digital Ivana. And I remember one of the teachers saying, see how she didn't have any expectations for a little slice. He was very busy. And she made sure she took care of the home, she did everything herself, and was not putting any pressure on him with regards to anything regarding the home. So at the time, I was remembering that, you know, the same issue that we're at home, and you're not helping me you're not doing this. And then I decided that you know what, I'm not going to have any expectations for my husband anymore. And I found that putting that

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state of mind in myself helped me not to actually expect anything from him. But what I found was that when I stopped nagging and asking, and you know, how come you're not helping with this and this, so Pamela, how he automatically picked up things on his own. So suddenly, like when I wasn't expecting anything anymore, I was happier. Because now I'm not upset if he's not helping me with the cooking or the kids or this or this that I just, you know, I I realized it's my responsibility. If he helps me, that's nice. If he doesn't, I don't expect it. But what I found is he actually increased a great deal. After that in helping me without me even asking him to do

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that it shows that where we're not allowed to be ungrateful, then we should show our appreciation as well. We should show our gratitude as well that when they do something, thank them, when they go out of their way to do something for you. Show your happiness don't say yeah, you were supposed to anyway. They were supposed to okay, but show your appreciation, because when you will show that they'll be happy and they will do more for you. To take care of the women even in Islamic by you men go take care of your women. And what are the women asked for be grateful for it, you know, it's not too difficult. The man has a big job exactly where the man has been told. So clearly, again and

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again in different ways that he is responsible for taking care of the wife, then what is required from the woman is gratitude, positive attitude, focus on the good things. I was thinking the things you mentioned here that like the ideal situation, like as I mentioned, that when I changed myself, the things got changed too. But all the time it never happens that there are some exception cases too. So I was thinking for myself then what should be our role in that case? You do your part, you save yourself from the situation being ungrateful and leave the rest for a lot of other things will change. If not in linear, you will get reward. Yes, because exceptions are always there. Of course

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exceptions are always a question that came from from before when I completed that what about the husband was always ungrateful to his wife. Is it the same?

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What do you think? What would you say? being ungrateful is not good.

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They have a piece of art, right? And each person will get what they, what they earn.

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And if you think about her, she Yes, technically it refers to the husband, but she is the one who is living with you. So if the woman is ungrateful, she will be punished for it in the end if the man is ungrateful, and Allah will call him to account. So we should be concerned about who, ourselves, unfortunately, anything that's mentioned like this, we always say, oh, what about the men? What about the men? Well, this is a lesson for us. The men have also been given many, many lessons. And this is a lesson that's specially relevant to us. So we should focus on ourselves. And if you think about it, even at the time of divorce, a lot of panel data tells us and while at answer will follow

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Don't forget the phuddle that you enjoyed before, even at this time, don't say that there was nothing good that you found from that marriage. Don't say that. So this is the extreme case of divorce. In normal situations, when a husband and wife end up in an argument, why should a woman think like this, that I've never seen anything good from him? What about the ring that he bought you? What about, you know, the time that he took you shopping? What about the food that he brought in? What about the many times that he smiled at you said good things to you cared for you? How could you ignore that? That yesterday, we had a discussion that some people thrive on praise, and other

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people, they get corrupted because of it. So she said that it's proven through studies that men, they especially thrive on praise, that if you praise them, they will really go forward.

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And she said that when she does when a gathering, when they come together, and everybody's praising their husband, she says, I cannot think something good because I've been going through so much with my husband. So what she does is she talks about a small simple thing that he will do, that's good to hear that she'll see maybe once a week, or once a month, and then she said, that increases my love, and I increases my you know, I'd be grateful towards him. And that changed my mentality set how she thinks about her husband. And she says Pamela within like a year with making the like, I feel like I'm the most happiest person because I don't go and say my husband is this and this and that. I just

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complained to Allah. Many times it happens that women develop a negative attitude towards their husbands, or they have high expectations of them because they compare their husbands to other men, or the men that they've seen on TV. Honestly, it happens that Oh, look at what happened in that TV show. How you know, he was so forgiving towards her, and how he was working in the kitchen, or he was holding them up. He was doing the vacuum. There was TV. It's not real life.

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Of course, negative thinking is from Shetland, that we see that children's goal is what to separate the husband and wife, the shaitaan, who manages to do that he is crowned by a police imagine. So that is his mission to create strife between the husband and wife. And he comes through was was a by putting negative thoughts in your head. A lesson I'm saying my Amish Korean national Amish Korean law, right? Whoever is not grateful to people, he's not grateful to Allah. And this is, you know, something that has been mentioned in the shadow of this hadith as well. If you read in phulbari, that even harder, he's written this hadith as well, because it's very relevant to this. Whoever is

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not grateful to people is not grateful to Allah. And this is why in gratitude towards the husband, it is a kind of comfort. There are many factors that lead to, you know, strife between a husband and wife, it could be because the husband has another wife, or it could be because he did something or he said something to those or the woman is feeling emotional. But we see that no matter what a woman is going through in her relationship with her husband matter what the problem is, I don't want you to share your problem with us in particular, no matter what the problem is, we see that a woman should not say I have never seen anything good from you. She should not wipe off all of his ersan he

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is a human being. And because of that he will do good. And you will also do evil just like you. You do good. You please other people, and there are times when you don't even want but you end up hurting other people unintentionally, unintentionally. So you are a human being. So just as you're a human being he is also a human being. So be forgiving, have a forgiving attitude. If you have been hurt. If you feel that you're being overwhelmed with all the work and he's not helping you or he's not sharing the responsibility. be forgiving. It's okay. lower your expectations, decrease your demands, and be positive focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Our problem is especially

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amongst women, whether it's our relationship with our husband or any other person, something small happens very small. And we just focus on that. We focus on that and we think about it and we talk about it and we cry about it and we share with other people about it to the point that it just

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overcomes us completely. And we cannot get out of that negative thought. And we see that many times such thoughts lead to depression, they lead to anxiety over, you know, exaggerating problems, something small happens and we say, Oh, this is abuse.

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So we have to become very careful, don't focus on the negatives, focus on the positives, wash away the negative, ignore it, let it go, you let it go, and your problems, your mistakes, a lot of times it will cause other people to forgive them as well. You forgive others, others will forgive you. So the thing is that if a husband and wife they're going through any problem, they're going through strife, whatever it is, but there should be no negativity. You see these words? What are the words of ingratitude, extremely negative words that are being said, that have been publicized, that's going to affect the husband, it's gonna affect the family that's gonna affect the children. such

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words should not be sad. Sometimes when when we're angry, we say very harsh words, and we should refrain from them, because they can ruin relationships completely. So anyway, let's continue. So in this video, we learn that gopher is of different types. It's our various levels. One is major, the other is minor. And in gratitude to the husband is also a kind of golfer. But it's an act that is punishable for which a woman may be punished in hellfire. And so we should become very careful about this. Next, Bab mrrc min emilija helliya. The act of disobedience. What are they? They are a part of jelly. Yeah. What is jelly? Yeah.

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pre Islamic era. So you can say any act or any way? That is not a part of Islam? What is non Islamic and Islamic? But remember that Jay Z, what does it literally mean? ignorance. Isn't it? So? So? Babel Muslim in America Generally, if a person commits sin, then he is doing actions that are an Islamic, he is committing actions that are the actions of a person who is ignorant. And this is a fact the one who commits a sin has ignorance in him how he is committing an action that's an Islamic and secondly, he is doing something that an ignorant person will do. Because if he was truly aware of the terrain that Allah subhanaw taala deserves the respect and obedience that he deserves that

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would he disobey Him? No. So whenever a person disobeys Allah, it is out of what ignorance ignorance of who Allah,

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ignorance of the seriousness of the hereafter. So ignorance is the foundation of foundation of sin. Las pantallas has uncertainness a 17 inch matoba to Allah La Hillel, Idina, Yama Luna sua be Johanna tiene

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vj Latin. So when a person commits sin, out of ignorance and ignorance does not just mean that a person does not know. He knows, but he doesn't get it. So it's not just ignorance, but it's also foolishness. forgetfulness. So mrrc min emilija Hillier what's the point of mentioning this incredible event? And what we learned during that event, he is either way uncle, so, it increases and it also decreases. So when it decreases a person commits a sin does that mean a person is not a Muslim anymore? No, he is still a Muslim, but he is committing an action of of jail Yeah. When are you careful? Number it further clarifies that well are you can follow you can follow from Tech feed.

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What does that feed mean? To declare someone a cafe, the feed is to declare someone a cafe. So now you can follow he will not be done to feed off meaning you will not do that feed, you will not declare a person a cafe, which person saw hibou her it's Sahib who saw him the Sahaba of mercy being the one who has committed

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mercy which has been mlj Leah. So, that person will not be considered a Kaffir is the field will not be done with the cavea by its commission by committing it. So the one who is committing mercy will not be called a cafe, just because he's committing that mercy in law except Bishop, shake. Meaning if a person commits should then he or she becomes a prophet but if he commits an action that's Other than that, then he does not become a cafe. Why licola nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because of the statement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a camera on FECA helliya the Saudis have mentioned later on that indeed you are a man in whom is Jamelia. He did not say indeed you are a cafe. What

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did he say? That you are a man who has jelly in him because of what you have done this. And also workone lightoller and the statement of Allah subhanaw taala that in the law

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hilarya Pharaoh, Allah does not forgive and use rockabilly, that he is associated partners with way of feudal Medina dedicati, Manisha, but he forgives what is less than that for whomever He wills. So, what do we learn from this, that if a person commits sin, then he is doing something that is an Islamic however that does not make him a non believer.

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Why? Because of the evidence that we find the statement the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the evidence that we find in the Quran, which evidence in the Quran that Allah will forgive any sin except for Schick whale film I don't know Delica Li Manisha What does it mean by Madonna Dallek? What is less than that meaning what is less than chick and Witcher because that should occur. So, if for example, a person commits shook us, for example, you showing off or for example, he commits go for doing a cover, minor cover. So, will that make him a cafe? No, you will not do the crease of that person. One thing before we continue that you know these terms shake and cover, NFL and learn

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and Fiske they are of various levels. There is Major schicke major, major and major loan major fiscal and major for example major shift because what associating partners with Allah, major copper Give me an example of the existence of Allah denying that Salah is a pillar of Islam, denying that the cat is a part of Islam, completely rejecting that this is what major COVID major Phalke what is that that a person is truly a disbeliever at heart and he knows that but he's just pretending to be a believer on the outside.

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Major lol chick in Chicago man, are we major Fisk committing such an action that takes a person out of the fold of Islam? Like for example, denying rejection. So major? What does that do? It takes a person out of the fold of Islam, but minor, minor ship for example, React minor COVID minor in effect, what is minor effects that a person has a characteristic of

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life for example, if he lied once or if he betrayed in his promise. He committed piano then that is what okay turistic of nofap but that's not major enough. So that does not make a person non Muslim that does not exclude a person from the middle of Islam. Do you understand? And what's the evidence for that? Because in the lower layer, unusual acaba Duna, Danica Lee, Manisha had this as a matter you have been called a Sherpa to on Westlaw in Derby, Anil Maruti Allah He said Maru, he said Karna lucky to I met who have either in a Buddha

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where bill Robert at at Robert Robert there is a place that is near Medina. So I met him over there, where I lay here for Latin and upon him was a hola what is hola? Hola is a garment. Some say that it's a long dress like so. And others say that it is a dress that is made of two pieces so you can say and shirt and a lower garment. So upon him was a cloak Hola. Were Allahu la me her Latin, and on his vuillaume was also a hula. What does it mean that both of them were wearing the same dress? Either it was identical or it was very, very similar. And would people do that? Normally? Not at all? Not at all. So this was something very strange. So Maroon, he said to her and they're like so I

00:33:46 --> 00:34:33

asked him about the meaning I asked her about that, that How come you're wearing the same garments and your slave is altering the same thing for color. So he replied that in Nisa verb to radula. And indeed is a verb to serve up to is from sub. And what does that mean to insult to, you can say insult someone to humiliate someone to abuse someone to call them names. So I humiliated someone I insulted someone in a suburb to Rosalyn for a year or two, and I are yet to be on me. A year two is from our and what does that mean? Do this grace to dishonor someone to make them shameful to make them embarrassed concerning a trait that they have? so far are yet to be only I insulted him with

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

regards to his mother. How it's not mentioned over here, but from other versions, we learned that he called him that Oh, yeah, even a soda that Oh, son of a black woman. So he insulted him by insulting his mother. So when he said this for Connelly, so he said to me, who said to me, and Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. prophets are a lot of fun when he heard me saying that. He said to me, yes.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:52

The rim or of other, a youngster who beat me? Are you insulting him with regards to his mother in Cameroon? Indeed you are. Amen. FECA helliya in you is ignorance. And then he advised all of the believers that it welcome, hello lucam your brothers, who are your brothers, how to come your servants, your slaves, how is used for property, and the term also applies to slaves. So your slaves are in reality who they are like your brothers. And the only differences that Jara whom Allahu Allah has placed them, that ad come under your hands. This is the only difference. There are your brothers, but Allah has placed them under you. Furman can have a hoo hoo. So whoever was a who his

00:35:52 --> 00:36:43

brother was, that ad he under his hand, meaning whoever has a servant failure or him who then he should feed him my guru of what he eats, whatever he eats, he should give the same to him to eat, while you will be sued, and he should dress him with what mimma yoruba Zoo from that which he wears himself, whenever to Khalifa home and do not overburden them manually boom, that which will overcome them, meaning do not impose on them such a difficult task that they cannot perform. That is very hard upon them for in color to move them. And if you do impose upon them a difficult task for a new home, then help them assess them. Work with them. Don't leave it all to them. These are the

00:36:43 --> 00:37:14

beautiful teachings of our religion. What's the reason? Why does the Mambo Hari mentioned this over here to prove that if a person commits an action that is unacceptable, that is a sin? That is an action of jelenia that is an assignment that is an undecided practice. And we learn that racism. This is what Jay Haley Yeah, discriminating between people based on their color, based on their NASA. This is what Jay Z Yeah, it has no room, it has no place in our religion whatsoever.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:58

This is absolute ignorance, that a person belittles the other just because of the color of his skin. And it's unfortunate that even within the same race, the same family, people will say, Oh, this one is not as fair. And this one is darker in color. People will discriminate between two sisters just because of the difference in the shade of their skin. This is pure ignorance the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the camera on pekerja helliya. And the thing is that Asahi will email a person who has a man after all, he is a human being. And because he is a human being, he may commit a mistake. Now if you think about it, I know he was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was a

00:37:58 --> 00:38:40

great companion. But after all, he was a human being. And when he ended up in an argument with someone, he insulted them in a manner that he should not have insulted them. But after all, he was a human being. So we see that just because he said those words, or just because he made that mistake, it does not make him a cafe. And we see that a person may commit a major mistake. And he may even suffer because of that mistake. He may even be humiliated and embarrassed in front of others because of that mistake. But still, it does not make him a catfish. But unfortunately, we are not that open hearted we are not that we are not that willing to accept people, we will make one mistake and we

00:38:40 --> 00:39:22

disregard them completely just like women who disregard the favor of their husbands completely. Our problem is that we want everything to be black and white. If a person commits a sin, He becomes a disbeliever. You don't listen to him at all. You don't give any respect to him. And if a person commits one good, then he is the most excellent person who walks on this planet? No. Is life black and white? Is this world black and white? No, it's not. Similarly, people are not like this, that if a person commits one mistake, then he can never be forgiven. And if a person commits one good then he is eternally forgiven. Our religion is not like that. It's not like that. So, we should be

00:39:22 --> 00:39:59

tolerant, but this does not mean that we should be little sense No, sins are not acceptable. This is not to belittle sense, but this is to be more tolerant and be more hopeful of Allah forgiveness and mercy. This is why this categorization is their major go for minor go for major shake, minor ship this is not to belittle sense. This is just realize the vastness of our religion, the vastness of Allah soprano goddess mercy. Next verb we're into if at any minute mini Nakata do for us. lubaina Houma chapter, Mr. Bahari codes the idea that if two groups of the believers fight with

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

one another, then what are you supposed to do for us? lubaina Huma, then you should reform between them to do Islam between them to number one he writes for some Muhammad momineen. Allah called them believers who will employ if at any minute momina petaloo believers who are fighting against one another notice a word, if that isn't PETA, this is not verbal, back and forth. This is what physical, physical, but what do we learn killing another person? Is that acceptable? Is it a good deed? Not at all. It's a sin. It's a major sin. But again, it does not make a person a catfish. committing acts of Jamelia committing milesi does not make a person catfish. Because, for example,

00:40:50 --> 00:40:52

we learn in the Quran that a person who kills another

00:40:53 --> 00:41:33

than Allah will admit him into Hellfire, isn't it so? Haven't we learned that in the Quran? The punishment for the person who killed another so we say or a person killed and it is not a Muslim anymore because he will end up in hellfire. No, it does not mean that he does not remain a Muslim anymore. He is a Muslim, but he has committed a major crime. Okay, because we see over here for some meaning a las panatela called them believers. The thing is that when there is a fight between two people, sometimes it leads to killing one another as well. Okay, sometimes it becomes very extreme, but that does not mean that they have become disbelievers. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said scible

00:41:33 --> 00:41:46

Muslim for sukawati taluka insulting another Muslim his fist and killing him is Cofer. But again that cover does not mean does not mean major cover it means minor COVID

00:41:47 --> 00:42:37

have doesn't have the mandible Mubarak had a hammer the blue zaidan had this inner tube where Eunice iron has an NFL nucleus in the NFL in case he says Allah, the hub do I went Leon sola so that I may help Heather Virgil, this man, I went out to help this man which man is referring to our little dilemma. Remember that there was strife between? Do you want to learn how to end? Or are we able to learn? And it led to even battles to groups of believers. Amongst them was a habit and gathering standing against one another in a battlefield it happened. So I have him because he went in order to help you earlier in order to be on his side falaka yani Abu Bakr Ah, so Abu Bakr met me for Carla.

00:42:37 --> 00:43:21

So he said to me, a notary, do I know where to redo? You are intending meaning Where are you headed to? Where are you going? Because imagine if you're going for a battle, you're going with a sword or something like that. So he asked him that Where are you going? Although I replied, I'm sort of had the logic that I'm going to help this man. And he said, Go back. Meaning don't go to the bathroom I'd rather go back home. Why? Because for in nice America Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call email call Muslim and he went to Muslims meet be safe a Lima with their swords fell cartel, then the killer Walmart tool, and the one who has been killed the murder and murdered both of them

00:43:21 --> 00:44:03

for now in the fire for all too so I said meaning ibaka he said when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that your rasulillah hadn't caught it, this is the cartel okay understood, he is going to go to Hellfire because of the murder that he committed, but from a barrel Mach two, then what is the condition? What is the state of the mcdole? Why should he end up in the Hellfire he was killed he did not kill Allah He said in the who can indeed he was hideous and greedy. Allah Cutlass are heavy over the killing of his companion, meaning he wanted to kill the other person. And he tried to kill the other person, but he wasn't able to kill him. So both the people because of their intention, and

00:44:03 --> 00:44:37

their effort will end up in Hellfire, even if one managed to do it and the other did not manage to do it. So why does the mumble hottie mentioned this are these over here? This are these studying as a person who kills another believer, he will end up in the fire. But remember, he is trying to prove over here that if a person killed another he is still a believer because Allah calls them meaning. So why is he mentioning this over here? Because Finn now, Finn. Now, basically remember her is putting this Hadees in the right context. And remember that Finn does not mean Hello fin.

00:44:38 --> 00:45:00

Fin now does not mean masaba fin now, if a person is admitted into the fire does not necessarily mean that he will remain there forever. He may be brought out as we have learned earlier in table hardy that our people are at various levels of Eman, isn't it so and people will be brought out of the Hellfire who even a person who has a tiny amount mustard

00:45:00 --> 00:45:34

Seat amount of a man in his heart. So similarly if a person commits his major crime of killing another believer, he is admitted into the fire, but allow me take him out, that person still remains a believer also has been said that if the intention of the person is to kill going there to literally kill other people, then that is not permissible. But if the intention is to reform then that's a different thing. Like in the Quran, we learn certain allotted we're into if a tiny mini mini napoletano for us, lubaina Houma for invalid

00:45:35 --> 00:46:14

for party allottee Wi Fi, we have been told to fight against to the one who has oppressed, the one who is committing wrong, so we are told to fight against them, even though there are believers, why because we have to stop them. We have to break their power, you understand? So if the intention of the cartel is to kill and to learn, that is not acceptable. But if it's to reform, then that is a different case altogether. And you may wonder that how come the Sahaba were fighting against one another? How come it became so severe that they went into the battlefield against each other? Why did they have this problem? Remember that they were human beings, and whatever they did, was based

00:46:14 --> 00:46:32

on their if they had they considered their action to be okay to be the right thing at the right time. That's what they thought. And for their he had whether it was right or not, are they rewarded? Yes, they are. And if they were wrong, still, they're given one reward.

00:46:33 --> 00:46:55

So we should not cut ourselves off from other believers. And we lost in this problem forever. That oldest habit had this fight and, you know, this is why they're not Muslim anymore. Or this is why it's okay to hate so and so people it's okay to hate so and so companions know, we should get out of this problem. And we should remember that tilicho mutton adhaalath Lana cassava Welcome

00:46:57 --> 00:47:17

aluna Americano. You will not be questioned about what they used to do, you will be questioned, but what you have done one more thing, that this Hadees also makes it clear that any person who intends to perform an action, and he also strives to do it, if he intends to do it, and he strives to do it. Then what will be written for him?

00:47:19 --> 00:47:46

That action will be written for him as if he has done it whether or not he manages to do it. Whether it's a good deed or a bad deed, like for example, for the bad deed we see clearly in this Hadees for the good deed we learned well my husband at Mohajer in law, he was fooling me. So my remote worker, Andrew, Allah, He left his home to do your job on the way he passed away. He never got to the ledger, but what happened for the worker, Andrew?

00:47:48 --> 00:48:02

Because sometimes we just sit with the intention. Yes, for the intention, also a good intention also you will get a good deed. But if you start doing it, you strive you make an effort, whether or not you were able to complete it still you will be rewarded for it.

00:48:03 --> 00:48:35

If a person intends to do something evil, and he strives to do it, whether or not he managed to do it, the Senate will be written for that if a person intends to do something wrong, and he starts doing it as well. And he says, No, I shouldn't do it. So he stops doing it. Should you seek forgiveness for what he tried at least? Yes, because for him, the deed of the Amil has been written it as though he has done it. So this is why you should seek forgiveness, even though he didn't manage to fully do it, that of a person in vendor do something wrong.

00:48:36 --> 00:49:08

And then he doesn't do it. For that also, he is rewarded. Remember that he's the person who killed 100 people then and he was migrating to the other place and on the way he died. He hadn't reached there. But he was forgiven because the effort had begun. So once the effort has begun, once the work has begun, whether it's completed or not, it's written for you good or bad. Shall we'll conclude over here. So practical long will be handy Ganesha will let you know in the Enter Mr. felucca wanted to relate a ceremony

Lesson 14 – Chapter 21-22 Hadith 29-31

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