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At-Taubah 38-52 Translation 38-52

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So Dr. Sunil Karim amavasya Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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beshara Halle surgery where Sidley Emery Washington, Dr. Millis any of Cabo Cody, open as it enter in

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Lesson number 105 Sugata Toba is number 38 to 52.

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yeah are you here are you

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and Lavina those who are new they believed math what law come for you? Either when Taylor it was said, law come to you all.

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In Pharaoh, you all go forth.

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fee in severely way Allah He of Allah is called to you all weighed heavily down Illa towards an out the earth

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did or are rotten you all are pleased. Bill hayati with the life atonia of the world. Men then Allah zero the Hereafter, from a so not matter benefit and higher or the life of dunya of the world. fee in an Earth to the hereafter Illa except Ernie alone very little

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Illa If not, then futile, you all go forth. Your they become He will punish you. Or there been a punishment a Lima painful

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war and yesterday he will exchange or he will substitute Coleman are people welcome other than you wanna and not double Whoo hoo you all harm him shake anything will law who and Allah Allah upon goodly every shaman thing pudieron always all Abel

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inla If not, dumb Zulu, you all help him for God then in fact NASA who he helped him, Allahu Allah is when a hajah who he expelled him, he drove him out. And Medina those who care for who they disbelieved. saturnia second his name of two is when Homer they do fee in a law the cave is when you're cool. He says this are heavy to his companion. Let do not that hazard you grieve in Allaha Indeed Allah Marana is with us. For unzila then he sent down Allahu Allah Sakina who his tranquility, his calmness are they he upon him. What a year the who and he strengthened him. He helped him Did you knew then with armies Lam not thorough her you also it was a Jana and he made

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Kalamata word and levina of those who care for who they disbelieved a sofa the lowest, what can even do and word Allah He of Allah here it an earlier the highest will Allahu and Allah rz isn't always Almighty hackie will always always

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in Pharaoh you all go forth prefer fun lightly what and Sakhalin heavily wager he do and you all struggle be unwelcome with your wealth were unphysical and yourselves fee in sabini way Allah He of Allah that He come that oh you all hire on his best luck come for you in if continuer Darla moon you all know

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low if Ghana it was out of them again or even near or easy well and Sephora on a journey costly then when Madrid

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letter baroka surely they followed you when I can but borrow that it became far or lay him upon them a shock the distance

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what and say actually funa soon they will swear biLlahi by Allah low if it's the foreigner we were capable

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is the foreigner we were capable la hora Gina surely we went out Marco with you. you lick una de destroy and foster home themselves will la who and Allah Ya Allah He knows in the home in the de la cara de boon surely liars

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arpha he pardoned Allahu Allah Anca from

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You limit why and then you permitted the home for them had the until yet abena it becomes clear Luckily for you and Medina those who saw the who they were true what are Aloma? And you know Alka the been the liars

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last night not yesterday the Nuka he seeks permission from you and levina those who you meet Allah they believe biLlahi in Allah while yom and the day and hit the last and that uj do they struggle be unworldly him with their worlds will unfussy him and their selves were Allahu and Allah are the one always all knowing will not attain with those who have Taqwa with those who fear Allah

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innama indeed not but yes that the Luca he seeks permission from you. And Medina those who lead not human owner they believe biLlahi in Allah when yom and the day of the last or Sabbath and it doubted kulu home their hearts for whom so they feed in right behind their doubt yet or do they waver

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when Oh, and if I do they wanted they intended alhaja the exiting?

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Or do surely they prepared laahu for it or the 10 preparation while I can but carry her he disliked Allahu Allah embarazo home their rising further bata home so he prevented them he held them back. Athena and it was said over Do you all sit Mara with an RFID those who said

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lol low if college you they went out or they came out FICO in you, man not Zaboo they increased you in law except cabela disorder while older and surely they put surely they hurried heilala comb between you Yerbabuena comb they seek for you and fitness, the fitness or fee comb and in you summer owner once you listen attentively the home for them or do them well law who and Allah or Lehman always all knowing Diwali mean with those who are unjust

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law court certainly a beautiful day sort of fitna the fitna main from kaaboo before were called lebu, and they turned about letter for you as you move the letters had the until it came to the truth will huddle and it was apparent a move command Allah He of Allah were home and they carry whom one to dislike.

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Well men whom and from the man who Yoku he says, then you give permission lead to me while and do not definitely you put me in fitna you put me in trial.

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Allah unquestionably or beware fee in and fitness the fitness circle to be found

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in the end indeed jahannam Hellfire level hater Tony surely one which surrounds bill carefully with the disbelievers

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if to say burger, it reaches you hasn't gotten any good. So whom it grieves them? We're in and if you say burger, it reaches you mostly button any misfortune. Your kulu they say are in fact a hardener we took em Ronna our matter main from fabulou before where the one low and they turn away. We're home while they for the home are ones who rejoice.

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All say none never usually burner it will reach us in there except man what ketubah he ordained? Allahu Allah Lennar for us? Who are he? mowlana our guardian where Allah and upon Allah He Allah foliate the worker, so he should trust me known the believers

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called say hello, do that or Barcelona you all wait beaner with us in there except if the one

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of the two good things. When I know and we neither of us we wait they come for you or with you. And that usually become he reaches you. Allahu Allah bear the urban with a punishment. Main from in the near him. Oh or ba Deena with our hands.

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So you all wait in that indeed we mark them with you with ob so once a week

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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For the

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are you

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the low

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subhanho wa

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una una

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una Bina.

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