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An-Nur 58-64 Discussion on Surah An-Nur – 2

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And many times what happens, we are studying the Quran. But when it comes to implementation, we get very, very worried and concerned. And because of this tension that we have in our faces, other people, they get turned off. They say, I don't want to study the Scotland, I don't want to cooperate with you with this anymore, because this has brought only worries and tensions to our home. Whereas the fact is that if a person is implementing, it will make him happy. It will make him relaxed, it will bring ease in his dealings, in his behavior, in his manners. So remember the rule, the more you implement, the more the light will spread.

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If you don't implement yourself, you will not be able to spread the light. And if you don't spread the light, who is going to get affected? You, you're going to get affected your human will get affected.

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So in order to preserve our light, what do we learn from the soldier in order to continue to perform the deeds that Allah subhanaw taala has instructed us? What do we need to do?

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To summarize this whole discussion that we had? What do we need to do?

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Tell me and fingertips.

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Control your desires. Just because you don't feel like doing something? Doesn't mean you don't have to do it. What you have to do you have to do?

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Avoid the bad company. What else?

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Develop a very strong connection with Allah subhanaw taala. How, by making the raw made the raw for every little thing? You know, sometimes you're getting worried, how do I do my lesson? And how do I get to school on time on how do I do this, and how to do that. Make Torah. Sometimes I've seen people, they're trying to do their work, they're on the phone, and they're telling other people, you have only two minutes left, I only five minutes left, stop talking to people made Torah, they cannot do anything alone can assist you to develop a strong connection with the last panel data by making the what else

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spread the light that you have received. How will you do that?

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First of all, by online because actions speak louder than words. So first of all, by online and secondly, by sharing.

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Now, the word that you just use teaching, teaching is a big word. It's a big word. If you tell you know, your sister, GM, let me teach you.

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She's gonna say keep your, you know, knowledge with yourself. I'm not interested in learning from you. But if you share something casually, in a conversation, if you're implementing people are going to question people are going to be curious, how can we be doing this? How can we not doing that I remember once there were these two sisters. And both of them, they started wearing the hijab around the same time. So one of them when she started wearing, she would pin her hijab in the front end, she would make sure that her chest is covered. And the other wouldn't do that. Because it didn't really occur to her.

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So the other study, she noticed that my sister, she covers her chest with the hijab. So she said, Why don't you just tie it around your neck? She said, because it says in the ayah that you should cover your chest. And she's like, Well, yeah, so one sister got it. The other didn't get it? How did she get it? With the um, one of the other.

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So, with your online, you can teach others and along with your mama, also with your words.

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Never Be content with what you have learned. Always be thirsty for more knowledge. somebody tells you you've done 12th grade, why go to university? What will you say? No, no, I was impossible. Somebody has to you've done two years of university. Why do four? What will you do? Will you take their advice to heart? No, he will just listen from one year and take on the other year.

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Whenever a person is interested in learning, he continues to learn. So never think that what we have learned is enough. Just because we have studied sort of new ones, this is sufficient. No, you need to keep learning you need to keep reminding yourself you need to keep revising. And every time you open it up, you will learn something new.

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We see in many games, when people who are playing who are participating. They don't say oh, there's only a minute left. There's only 20 seconds I forget it. No, they put in their maximum effort. And sometimes within those last 20 seconds, the entire scene can change. They can go from losers to winners, just because those 20 seconds and the maximum effort that they've put in. So give it your best in the last moment. Don't think what I've done is enough. And forget it. I'm so old now. I don't have many years left. So forget about it.

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I know of someone who started wearing the niqab recently, and she's quite aged, quite aged. But some people they said to her that what's the point? You're going to take it off in a few years anyway.

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Because you don't have to wear it because in sort of the new law says that old women you know they can take it off.

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Even if I learn about this now I want to do it. I want to do it.

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Want to avail a lot, even in this way? that although I spent my entire life not knowing about this not doing this, if I've learned about it, now, I'm going to do it.

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This is what is needed. And when can a person do it when they realize what they have done is not enough.

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Then they begin to value every moment of their lives. What else do we need to do?

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Have patience. What does that mean?

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Sometimes when you're learning the deen, when you're doing what you're supposed to do, when you start something, other people may discourage you.

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Other people may oppose you, they may not let you do what you want to do.

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At that time, should you give up, no, be patient be resilient. Look at the patience of our children, that you give a part of laughters because people accused her. No, she remained who she was.

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that some of that patience that you don't give up.

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Many times that happens that when you want to share this knowledge, whatever you're learning with your family members, and you don't see a positive response, you get discouraged. You talk to people, once you talk them again, you talk to them again, but there's no response like No way, you can never do this, I'm never going to do it, we're not changing this lifestyle of ours, it's possible you receive this reaction constantly. At that time, instead of giving up what you do, continue to spread the light, look beyond, think about others. Think about so many people who do not know what they're supposed to be doing. You start sharing it with them and inshallah, the benefit will also come into

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your own house. Remember, that my mother, she was to say that one of her teachers, whenever, you know, some woman would come and complain to him that my child does not eat, my child does not eat, tell me what to read. You know, people say this is tell me what they got to read, I will read it 30 times, I'll read it 200 times just you know, some miracle should happen, my child should start eating.

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So he would say go feed the child of a hungry person, and your child will start eating.

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Find a hungry child, feed that child and your child will start eating.

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Because when you benefit someone else, that Allah will benefit you and your family.

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Remember that. So if you want your family to change, if you want them to improve, if you want them to learn, if you want them to obey the commands of Allah as well, and you don't see them interested, you don't see them willing, then what should you do, instead of giving up be concerned about others, when you will be concerned about others, when you will continue to share the slide, then the light will also reach your own house. It will also benefit your family members. Because many times what happens as women, we are told constantly, your responsibility is your house, your responsibility is your children only. But the thing is that when you are concerned about others, then only Are you

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fine, and your family is fine. Because if you protect your children, if you teach your children

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and the moment they go to school, the moment they meet some family friends there, they forget about everything that they have learned isn't everything you have taught them, they will forget about it the moment they will meet other people why? because there's such a big influence on them. So if you want to protect your child, you have to teach him and you also have to teach other people.

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I remember that once when I was very, very young. It was summertime, we were going to be home for two and a half months for summer vacations. And my mother, she got very, very concerned that what am I going to do? So what she did was that she got us and all of our friends together for the summer. And she said I want to teach you guys something. Other parents are very willing, yes, the children are going somewhere, they're going to be babysat by someone. So you know all of our friends, they came together and my mom she taught us and that is how that began.

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When you're concerned about your children, then what happens you're concerned about others children. And then it's not just your children who benefit. It's other people who also benefit. It may seem as though your family's being neglected, maybe you are neglecting yourself. But remember, that other people, when they will benefit a lot will bring benefit to your family.

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He will guide your children as well, he will protect them as well.

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What else is needed to preserve this light that Allah has given to us

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be good company to others, instead of getting influenced by their bad company.

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One is that you become the source and the other is that you become the beneficiary

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become the source be the one who is benefiting others be the one who is spreading light to others. And the best way of doing that is implementation when you will do that other people will benefit.

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And remember that the commands that are given in this solar in particular, they're about social life, isn't it? The way you dress the way you look down the way you choose the manner of your interaction with other people.

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You're going to interact with how much are you going to interact? What are the limitations? Similarly, when it comes to entering a particular place, how should you enter knocking before entering, being respectful to others being respectful of other people's privacy? All of these commands are very obvious, isn't it? They're very obvious or tangible. You know, what is that a person is doing Vicar in the heart. Okay, how can that be seen? can't really be seen. But when a person is dressed up in a particular way, when a person is speaking in a particular way, that's quite obvious, isn't it? So when you will implement these commands, especially these commands, then

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what will happen? What will happen? It will become obvious the D will become obvious other people will become curious, and they will have questions. Haven't you noticed that people who wear hijab or people who go to pray other people tell them please pray for me? Why are they start asking them questions thinking that they're great scholars? Why? Because if you're wearing something, if you're doing something as physical as that, that means, you know, right. So people will ask.

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So be prepared. Be a means of providing good company to others.

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Anything else?

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Look, long term, don't look short term. Look at the greater benefit.

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That don't think about, oh, this is what I want. This is what I desire. It will be only a Sarab look, long term, look beyond that. What is really beneficial for me, because many times when it comes to such commands, we think about immediate benefit, we think about immediate loss. And because of that, sometimes we ignore the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given. But we have to have a long term vision.

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When a person begins to implement these commands, because they're about social life, they're about your work commitment. They're about how you eat, who you invite, who you sit with. All of these commands, we have learned, then when a person begins implementing these commands, and he becomes like a walking column. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was described as that his character was the Quran because he implemented the Quran. And with that, he taught people with that he invited people.

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You see how, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went to a pipe, and he was, you know, repulsed by the people, he was rejected by the people, and he went and sought refuge in that garden. And that person came to him, and he offered him grapes. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Bismillah, and he was eating with his right hand.

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And that person was like, Who are you? And how can you say this? I've never heard anyone say this. It was by the words of the prophets, Allah isn't that another person became curious. And because of that, he accepted Islam. It's these actions, we think of big things. We're going to go give a lecture, we're going to go give a flyer, we're going to go talk to someone, we're going to go debate with someone, and then we're going to convince them to become Muslims. It's these actions. It's these manners. It's these etiquette that invite people to Islam.

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If you see that all of these commands, they have a very all rounded approach that you know, shape your entire life, according to the commands of Allah. It's not just about being in the masjid. It's not just about being spiritual in your heart, but it's about the physical actions as well. It's about how you conduct yourself, it's about how you behave, how you deal with other people, that is either going to invite people or repulsive people. One is that a person is courteous, and the other is that a person does not care. One is it a person knocks before coming and the other is that a person just barges in

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an ayah number 55. Allah subhanaw taala makes a promise with the believers that he will replace their fear with and He will give them authority he will give them freedom. So have trust in Allah, that although I'm going through difficult times right now, it's getting very challenging. I'm not getting any support.

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I'm only facing opposition. I'm only facing negative comments. Keep doing what you're doing and have trust upon Allah, that he will open the way for you. He will provide you with the means he will enable you trust him. Ask him

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because sometimes we just got lost and people we just keep looking at them. When will they allow me? When will they like me? When will they cooperate with me? But we need to look at the power of Allah. And that is demonstrated to us in the surah. How would the example of how the rain clouds form and then from them, hailstones fall down from the sky.

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So it's a huge sign. You only belong Laila when the hub it's a huge sign. It's a huge motivation.

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In this role, we see that our religion is not just about being very spiritual in the heart, but it's about being guided by the religion, every aspect of life, in the way you look, what you look at, how you dress, how you behave, how you come home, where you go. All of that is

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Guided by their religion, this is what makes our religion unique and best, because it guides us with every single aspect because it comes from who? Allah subhanaw taala who is noodle somehow where it went.

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He is the guide of the heavens and the earth. If he guides the skies if he guides the clouds, he guides everything in the earth. He also guides us with regards to every aspect of our lives.

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It's amazing how Allah subhanaw taala clarifies things to us that we read about here, then then we see here. Some of you saw here that this is that really shows how Allah subhanaw taala clarifies things to us that he is the one who's doing so much.

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I was just thinking when I used to watch Olympics back then, when they're lighting the torch, what does the torch have to do is a faraway when it's lighting it? No, you have to bring the torch really close to the flame can light the other torch. So that means if you want to spread the light, you have to become really close to someone, you cannot lock yourself in the room and expect your family to be guided. That was one mistake I made. I used to be like they're not listening to me. I used to love myself Don't do that. They'll never listen to you. Right. So be in the company and in child listen to you. Like we learned earlier yum. She believed in us that the know that Allah has given

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when a person has it in his heart and he walks with it amongst people. He doesn't cut himself off from the people. He doesn't distance himself. He's among people. And with that only he can spread the light.

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And I was thinking of itinerary. Last one of Anasazi and the lovely new Rahim Asia, that we forget the last one of Allah guides people. And so what do we do we give them making the rustle the person is not being guided, they're not listening to us when we want to teach them right. So what do you have to do, if your brothers or sisters anywhere, just make the other last one of them, it's not you that has to guide them, it can be anybody around you. So if like you're married, I was just saying like, if your husband's going to Holika with you or anyone make the other shift tells him make the order the conference tells him It doesn't have to be very true. Because nowadays, we think that we

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have to talk to other people, we have to discuss this with them. And we have to explain to them. And the fact is that if it comes from us, it's possible they're not going to accept, especially when you know that don't even touch the topic. Just make sure that you just show it to him, show it to her somehow make them understand open up their heart and keep making the raw and see how they will understand. They will tell you to do what you're supposed to be doing what you were begging them to allow you to do.

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I came across a sister this we can who's basically saying that how can my relatives and getting guidance, right? How come I keep on telling them about mortgage or whatever not? And I said I remember a time where you were in the situation where somebody would tell you something, but you wouldn't listen. We were all like that at one point. Okay, most of us, I don't know. But all but most of us are like that at one point. And just a general reflection. Have you ever stood in the light and saw the decibels? Yes. So can you see those same decibels in darkness. So the parable of our life says we couldn't see the obstacles we couldn't see wearing the hijab or anything until we

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got into the light. So keep on having hope inshallah. melas would have Allah give us more like me.

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Many times when it comes to sharing things with our family, we talk about things that 50 issues like this is something that we have to do. And this is something that's in the Quran and the Sunnah, and this is something that the scholar said, and you know, we emphasize a lot on 50 issues, and we don't share with them, what has touched us. We don't share with them, what is it that motivates us? And if we share with them, what motivates us, then perhaps they will also feel something? Because it's possible. They know a lot. They know they're supposed to pray, they know you're supposed to wear hijab, they're know you're not supposed to go some places they know, but they don't implement Why?

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Because that motivation is not there. That drive is not there, that spark is not there. And how will that be kindled? with something that you will share with them? That this is what really touched me, this is what really inspired me, this is why I do what I do. I remember once you know somebody was making it very difficult for me to continue with this work that I'm doing. And you know that they were saying to me now you have a child and you have a husband and you have a family. You have to do this and you have to do that you can't continue with this. Take it easy. And I told them that look what drives me is the statements of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran inserted over for example, I

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told them open the Quran. I made them open to the Toba and I made them read the either called incarnate about

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if they're more beloved to the aligners messenger and struggling in his way for thrombus

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baton bustle, this is an obligation we have to strive in the way of Allah. And if we have a particular skill if we have particular knowledge, if we have some ability, we cannot just sit with that at our homes. People are dying every day. People don't know what to do. How can we just relax? How can we just sit at home for our own relaxation with so many people are dying? Not

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Knowing who Allah is, and the purpose of their lives, how can we do that.

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So share with other people, and then see how they will understand the way you understand, they will get motivated the way you are motivated.

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Life is full of challenges today, you may be facing external challenges. Tomorrow, you might be facing internal challenges. Today, somebody's not letting you do what you should be doing tomorrow. You don't want to do it. It's full of challenges full of ups and downs. But we should never ever give up hope in Allah subhanaw taala if you look at the prophets of Allah, constantly, they face challenges, but they didn't give up hope of Allah.

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If you have a purpose in life, if you have a mission, then what will happen, you will keep striving to achieve that. And if you don't have a mission, you don't have a purpose, then you will do one thing here one thing there fall off, discontinue, you have to have a purpose, you have to have a mission.

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And the animals they do this, we we don't know what our purpose is.

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If there are any problems, remember that the night is followed by the day, the night its length reduces eventually. So there are problems there are difficulties, there are challenges. Don't give up. And as long as you have connected yourself with the source, you are putting in the right fuel. You are in the right company, you will be fine. Because remember, the DJ alone lead to lead him to gelatin whenever you're on and the killer. They're doing what they're doing. But when the time comes, they go, they leave. They go to the masjid. They connect themselves to the source and when they're connected to the source and they're fine. The moment you disconnect yourself, that is when

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you're lost.

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We listen to the recitation of the cyark

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