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Juz’ 20: An-Naml 60-93 – Al-‘Ankabut 1-44

An-Naml 83-93 – Al-Qasas 1-14

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and warn of the day when we will gather from every nation, a company of those who deny our signs, and they will be driven in rules on the Day of Judgment, from every nation who will be brought out. folgen miming you can be will be it, an army, a group of those people who deny our IR. Just imagine from every nation. How many people are those who believe in a line? How many are those who don't believe in Allah, there are many. So just imagine from every people who was extracted. Those who disbelieve huge number had Elijah who until when they arrived meeting at the place of judgment, he will say, Did you deny my signs, while you encompass them not in knowledge underlying this a cadaver

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to be fit 1am to hate to be her alma.

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Because the fact is that the one who denies the Ayat of Allah, He is doing it. He's denying them based on what? partial knowledge, incomplete knowledge, little knowledge, meaning without enough evidence or research, it's just what a person's own pride arrogance, because of which he denies the truth

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content alone, but when they will deny, then Allah will say, what was it that you were doing then? If you did not deny my is based on little knowledge? Then On what basis Did you deny them and the decree will be followed them further wrong they did. And they will not be able to speak meaning no matter what they say. First of all, they won't be able to defend themselves and then no matter what they say their argument will not be accepted. And amuro Do they not see a nirjala Layla, Leah's Goofy, he won the horombo basilar Do they not see that we made the night that they may rest they're in and the day giving sight indeed in that are Signs for people who believe meaning they could

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recognize the truth by looking at the night and the day, but they didn't pay attention. Based on little knowledge, they rejected the truth. Anytime you find something in the religion difficult to understand anything, whether it is something about the life of the prophets, Allah is unknown, or it is an ayah, which is in the Quran, something about Allah subhanaw taala about the Day of Judgment, anything you find difficult to understand you can't fully comprehend it. And it's possible we come across many things that we can't fully grasp. Remember, the problem is were with us, because we don't have complete knowledge. We are deficient in our understanding. The problem is not with the

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religion. We need to strive to understand it better. We need to strive and this is why we learned that the scholars of the past when they didn't understand something in the deen they will cry. They will cry a lot. And they will pray to Allah that Oh Allah give us understanding. Allahumma yamu fahima Sulaiman for him me that Oh Allah who gave understanding to Solomon or listen and grant me understanding Also, remember the manner in Islam the other lesson, we learned that dispute was brought to them for him nurseryman Allah gave the understanding to a man or a sinner when he made the right decision. So likewise, sometimes we find difficult to understand, you know, something in

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the deen, what we need to do is ask Allah ask a lot of Allah you grant me understanding why oma Yun for oversold, and Warren of the day, the horn will be blown, and whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth will be terrified, except whom Allah wills. Everyone will be terrified except to those whom Allah wills, beating those whom Allah wants to give security, they will be safe, they will not be panicking.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you see certain people really worried and other people? It's as if nothing's happening in the world.

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They're perfectly calm, fine. Like, for example, children especially. There could be a disaster at home, and what happens to them? They're perfectly fine. Yesterday, my daughter broke a glass jar, which had soapy water in it. So you can imagine First of all, all the soap. All right, and then the glass. She didn't she's looking at me, like, Oh, I just burst out laughing because I thought it was funny. She dropped it by accident and the explosion was quite amazing. And then I'm like, Okay, I'll take care of it. And she's gone. Running around playing and I'm dealing with the mess took me so long to clear it up. And you know, these things they show to us that the same situation can cause

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certain people

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A whole lot of grief and worry and anxiety, bring so many tears. And there's some other people who are oblivious to it oblivious to it sometimes because they are not aware of the reality of that situation. And sometimes Allah subhanaw taala keeps them ignorant of the reality of the situation. Like, for example, there could have been an earthquake, right in the middle of the night. And then what happens? Everybody's freaking out. And there's some people who were sleeping inside, they have no idea next morning when they wake up.

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No clue whatsoever, right? There could be a fire in the building. And what happens everybody is running, running, running out the building. And there are people who are sleeping, they have no clue. No clue whatsoever. possible, right? So what happens? What do they say? 100 alarm safe. And 100 Allah, I didn't feel anything. I didn't get to see any of that chaos. Now imagine the Day of Judgment. It's the most chaotic day. It's the most frightening day. It's the most terrifying day. But yet Allah says some people in Lamin sha Allah, there are some people whom he will keep safe or Cologne, ATO Buddha, Corinne, and all will come to him humbled. What are all de Bella de Beauvoir,

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Jeremy de and you see the mountains, thinking them to be rigid, while they will pass as the passing of clouds on the Day of Judgment. This is how they will move as the clouds move. You see sometimes massive clouds moving in the sky. That is how mountains will move on the Day of Judgment. It is the work of Allah who perfected all things. Indeed, he is acquainted with that which you do. Mangia a bit hacer una de falla who Hiraman her whoever comes at judgment with a good deed will have better than it will men fuzzer anioma even me known and they from the terror of that they will be safe. Those who do good will have the most excellent reward. And what is that fella who Hiraman Huh, he

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will get better than what he did. And they will be saved from the fear the terrorists, the hardships, the punishments of that day. Why? Because when they faced hardship in the way of Allah, they did not stop they kept going. They remain firm knowing that they were upon the truth. So Allah will save them from terror, from difficulty on the Day of Judgment. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, amongst people who are unknown will come some people, meaning there are people in this world who are unknown, right? Unknown. People don't recognize them. They're not that famous. But there will come some people from them on the Day of Judgment, who will have come together meaning in

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this life, leaving their families, their tribes, meaning they came together in this world, not because they had some kinship, but simply because of love for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala meaning what brought them together in the world was what their love for Allah, their Eman in Allah. And these people were, what about strangers unknown, they didn't have much importance in the dunya. And they used to show sincerity to one another. On the day of judgment, Allah who will seat them on pillars of light pillars of light will be put, and there'll be made to sit on those pillars, and he will enlighten their faces, and their garments will also be of light. On the day of judgement, all

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people will be afraid except for them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said all people will be afraid except for who? These believers who are the Olia of Allah, on whom there shall be no fear, nor shall they regret? Well, whom in February oma even, me know, and earlier also ilam insha Allah.

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So we should also strive to be of those who will be kept safe from the terrorists of the Day of Judgment. And how is that going to be when we learn to love other people for the sake of Allah. You see, we love other people.

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Why? Because there's some benefits that we can get from them. And this is selfish love, we love them for ourselves. We love them because they make us happy. We love them because they give us company. We love them because they're our friends. This is all selfish. And the other is to love someone for the sake of Allah. And that means that you love them because Allah told you to love them. You love them because they love Allah. They are a law servants. When you are with them, you do certain good deeds because of which you draw closer to Allah.

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They remind you of Allah, when you are helping them when you are working with them, you find closeness to Allah subhanaw taala. Because you might find someone who's not very religious, but they're related to you, and you still have to do good to them. And when you do good to them for the sake of Allah, you're doing good to them. And you are finding closeness to Allah subhanaw taala. This is not selfish love. This is truly remembering Allah, and worshiping Allah. And this is something that makes a person it gives him the ability to sacrifice, to forgive, to let go to keep giving, even if he doesn't receive something in return in Nigeria, Illa Allah Allah, and this is

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what brings a person true happiness, true happiness. So love for the sake of Allah is in the heart. And this is something that will save a person on the Day of Judgment. You know, why? because a person who loves another for the sake of Allah who loves other people for Allah, is he at peace in this life? Is he of course, because there are no expectations from other people, no disappointments, right? No anger, no jealousy, no feelings of revenge. The heart is clean, carbon, Sunny, you understand? So when a person lives like this, then Allah will keep him terror free on the Day of Judgment also. This is what we need to strive towards

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him to make Allah happy in everything that you do, even when you're interacting with people, even when dealing with children, even when dealing with those who are harsh to you. Then what will happen you will find a Muslim you will find closeness to Allah subhanaw taala and this is something that will keep a person safe on the Day of Judgment terror free on the day of detriment. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, among the most excellent of your days is Friday on it Adam was created on it He died on it the trumpet will also be blown and what day is it today friday

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so invoke more blessings on me that they which day Friday meaning send Salam Salam on the Prophet sallallahu ala most on Friday, for your blessings will be submitted to me. The people asked or messenger of Allah, how can it be that our greetings our Salaam will be submitted to you while you have passed away? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets. And basically the prophets of alone Hadith we learned that worship Allah even after they have died, and so the salon is conveyed to them. So especially on Friday, sense Alam on Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Anwar the early Mohammedan come up

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for later Allah Ibrahim barella early Ibrahim in Mecca. hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Mohammedan are the early Mohammedan. Come about Dr. Allah Ibrahim, while early Ibrahim in nikka, hamidah Majeed

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so whoever comes with a good deed will have better than it and they're from the terror of that they will be saved. And whoever comes with an evil deed, their faces will be overturned into the fire. And it will be said are you recompense except for what you used to do? Say, I have only been commanded to worship the Lord of the city Makkah, who made it sacred and to whom belongs all things and I am commanded to be of the Muslims, those who surrender to Allah and I have been commanded to recite the Quran, who has ordered that the Quran should be recited, Allah has ordered. So when we recite the Quran, let's do it in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and recite it to yourself and

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also to others. And whoever is guided is only guided for the benefit of himself. And whoever strays then say I am only one of the Warner's work will hamdulillah and say All praise is due to Allah. He will show you his signs and you will recognize them and your Lord is not unaware of what you do.

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So total costs

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which means you have

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yes, he is

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see one woman kena.

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what else

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T, ri

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eg kulu

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superato, cosas Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Ball scene meme DeLuca tokita bill Moby. These are the verses of the clear book, we recite to you from the news of Moosa and fit our own in truth for people who believe, indeed fit our own exalted himself in the land and made its people into factions he divided the people are pressing a sector among them, slaughtering their newborn sons and keeping their females alive. Indeed, he was of the corrupters killing innocent people is corruption. When you read the unknown, Allah Latina, still very fulfilled, and we wanted to confer favor upon those who were

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oppressed in the land. When you're Allahumma ima and make them leaders when a jar Allah whom Allah daddy Thien, and make them inheritors. Allah's plan was to bring the weak to power, when new makina home fell out, and established them in the land and chauffeured our own and his minister Herman and their soldiers through them that which they had feared. This was a loss plan, that the bunny is an eagle who had been oppressed and persecuted tortured by finnur own Allah subhanaw taala wanted to bring them to power and destroy fit our own this

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Was Alice plan, but look at how long before its execution started. What do we think if we want our condition to change that within a second it should change. Right? And over here also Alice could have said con and immediately the state of the bunnies fight could have been changed. But Allah subhanaw taala his mood a bit. He's the planner he plans. He's lovely if he works in the most subtle ways, right? He uses a spare means and gradually gradually we see that a plan of a law comes into effect like over here. So how is it that the bunny is slightly lower rescued? Well, oh hyena Illa or Mimosa and he and we inspire to the mother of Musa suckle him, nurse him nurse Moosa. But when you

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fear for him, then cast him into the river, and do not fear and do not grieve, indeed, we will return him to you. And we'll make him one of the messengers, and the family of our own, picked him up out of the river, so that he would become to them an enemy and the cause of grief. This is where our own destruction began. It started from where, from the act of a woman, boom Moosa, when Allah inspired her to put her baby in the river. Can you imagine? Is that something easy to do?

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Can you imagine a newborn baby, putting the baby in a basket in a box and then putting that in the river? So why did almost a do that? Because Allah inspired her, she didn't relying upon Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah promised her, let the hoffy letter Sonny, we will return this child to you, you don't worry, which are Illumina mursaleen? Let him go, let him go. So he will become a messenger. But if you hold on to what you have, how will it grow? You see money if you have it, and you keep it clutched in your hand? Can you get anything from it? No, you cannot. What happens to children who just holding on to their money? What happens before you know they've lost it? Isn't it?

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They've lost it. So many times that happens in in the laundry? What do you find? From the washing machines money? Why? Why? Because people are keeping them safe with themselves. And in keeping them safe. They lose them. Right? But when you give it when you deposit it, then what happens it will grow it will bring you something and this is true with all the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given us when we have them, we don't want to let go of them. We don't want to let go of them. But you have to let them go. You know, just like a mother she loves her children. And sending your children to school for the first time is very difficult. But you know that this separation is for

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the good of the child. If he doesn't go, how will he learn? How will he learn? You have to let him go. So Omarosa had to put her child, her baby Moosa were in the river,

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and fit owns family picked up the baby from the river. And that is where the destruction of our own began. And this started from the act of a woman, indeed, for our own and hemin. And their soldiers were deliberate sinners can hardly eat they were deliberate sinners, because who doesn't know that killing children is wrong? Everybody knows about it. Right? They were deliberate sinners, and the wife of her own said, He will be a comfort of the eye for me and for you, because she brought the baby in, do not kill him, perhaps he may benefit us or we may adopt him as a son. It is said that they did not have children of their own, especially this lady she did not have a child of her own.

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And when she saw most artists, and um, she fell in love with that baby. And so if in our own, he agreed, and they perceive not, they didn't know who musasa was, was behalf of the Mimosa family law, and the heart of Musashi, Sam's mother became empty of all else she was about to disclose the matter concerning Moosa had we not bound fast her heart that she would be of the believers. Meaning if Allah did not give her that strength, she would have told everybody, that baby is actually my child, I put him in the river, and my baby got there. She wouldn't let go of that secret because especially for women to keep a secret is very difficult, isn't it? And especially if it concerns your children,

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you can't keep it. You decide in your mind that okay, I'm not going to tell my husband about what the children did today. Otherwise, you'll be very upset. But what happens the moment he walks in, she did this and he did that and they did this. Right. This is something normal a woman, she finds it difficult to keep a secret, but Allah subhanaw taala gave her that strength of determination. And she said to his sister, follow him

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So she watched him from a distance while they perceived not. So the sister musalla Center, she watched the basket or the box flow on the river. And then she saw the child ending up in the house of her own. And she saw what was going on in the house of our own. were held on now, la hilmar out there, I'm in Kabul, and we had prevented from him all wet nurses before. So she said, shall I direct you to a household that will be responsible for him for you while they are to him for his upbringing sincere, because musala sent him as a baby, he wouldn't nurse from any woman. And you can imagine a baby that's hungry, that wants to be nursed. And especially when a baby wants the mother

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can what happens? Can you satisfy the baby? No way you'll do anything. You'll do anything to make the baby quiet. Isn't. So what happened over here, mozzarella salad must have been hungry. And they couldn't find anybody who musasa would accept. So the sister of Busan s&m took advantage of that time when she said Shall I tell you about a family who will take care of this baby. They're really good. They will take care of him. And so in that state of desperation, the family of Iran agreed. So we restored him to his mother. Masada Salaam was joined back with his mother was just a matter of time, within a very short time, but this entire time keeping that secret and then not letting it be

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known later on also, this was a huge thing, that she might be content and not grieve, and that she would know that the promise of Allah is true, but most of the people do not know. So they don't understand. They don't know that Allah has promises true. So they don't have faith in Allah promises. They don't believe in Allah as promises. Whereas the last panel Darla says that I am as my servant thinks I am. So always, always think positively about Allah and you will always receive a positive response. masala Sam's mother had full faith in Allah, Allah will keep my child safe. And what happened? Her child was kept safe, so always be hopeful. And remember that Allah His promises

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are for those who believe in them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there are 40 virtuous deeds, and the best of them is giving the gift of a goat, a goat especially that gives milk and anyone who does one of these virtuous deeds, hoping for Allah's reward with firm confidence that he will get the reward, then Allah will make him enter Paradise, meaning any good deed, there's many kinds of good deeds that a person can perform any good deed that a person performs, hoping for reward from Allah, with firm confidence that Allah will reward then what will happen? Allah will give him dinner. Why because this person has faith in Allah promises. So have conviction in Allah His

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promises be hopeful. And when he attained his full strength and was mentally mature musar Listen, We bestowed upon him judgment and knowledge, and thus do We reward the doers of good hokum and they're in they are results of ears and when a person is good to others, then what happens, he receives knowledge and he receives wisdom from Allah also