Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L180D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the behavior of men and women in relation to face protection, highlighting the importance of avoiding sexual favors and not clinging to one another. They also discuss the concept of "wearing" a woman's body for women, which is a woman should not expose her beauty to anyone. The speakers stress the importance of covering one's body for women, including physical and external beauty, and discuss the use of "imaging oneself" in various aspects of dressing, jewelry, and decoration. They also stress the importance of not disclosing one's physical and third levels of beauty, including wealth, success, and wealth in relation to physical and external beauty. The speakers stress the importance of not disclosing one's physical beauty for fear of offense and suggest not disclosing clothing or jewelry to avoid privacy issues.
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Are the below him in a shade long overdue Miss malayalam and Rahim

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lesson number 180. So to know I am number 31.

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Well call and you say oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam you give the command to limit Minetti to the believing women. What should they do? Young men have decided that they should also lower their gaze.

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When it comes to lowering the gaze, we think that only men are supposed to do that. Because men are the ones who find attraction in women. But we see that the same command is also given to the women. Because women are also human beings. They also have some hormones, they also have desires, and they can also find attraction in men. Therefore, just because you're a woman does not mean you don't need to lower your gaze. No, men have to lower their gaze. And women also have to lower their gaze. And in the same way, yeah, look, no men have a slotting in that they should lower their gaze, men will be understood in two ways. That first of all, anytime, that a non Muslim man comes before them, what

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should they do? They should not look at him in the eyes, they should not have a good look at him.

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They should not observe the details of his body, the details of his features of his face of his clothes, the watch is wearing the clothes he's wearing. No, rather they should lower their gaze and not just non Maha men, but also anything that is unlawful for them to look at.

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So if for example, another person is exposing their odor, something indecent is being done, a righteous woman cannot look at it. A righteous woman will lower her gaze, she will look away, she will not gastric glands on it.

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And secondly, men can be understood as some gazes, meaning only when there is fitna only where there is attraction, then she should immediately lower her gaze.

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And we see the evidence of this, which is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when, at the time of the when there were these ever senior men who came in at this performance in the masjid, he had I should have to learn her watch that performance. Now, if it was not permissible for women to look at men at all, then would he allow her? No. So what do we see that only where there is fitna only when there is temptation only where there is attraction, there, a woman should avoid looking at a non Muslim man. And a man should avoid looking at a non Muslim woman.

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Similarly, we see that Fatima will twice when she had to spend her either, there was a concern as to where she should spend her.

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She could not spend it in the house. So basically, she had to spend it elsewhere. And there was a concern, she didn't really have any relatives whose house she could stay at. So she was told by the prophets that allowed him to spend her death at the house of Abdullah even on MK two. Why? Because he was blind.

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So he could not see her. She could see him, she could see him. However, there were less chances of fitness, this is why it was permissible for her to spend her over there.

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So we see that yellow diamond upside in the women should also lower their gaze, how that first of all, they should not have a good look at men and secondly, when their chances of fitness then definitely, they should look away, they should lower their gaze.

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way a foreigner and the same command is also given to the women, that they should also guard Farrugia when their private parts how by such by covering them by not exposing them.

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And secondly, by the hassles by protecting them guarding them from Xena from say help from lesbianism from doing what is unlawful with them * way I found her photo when they should guard their private parts.

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From a hadith in Bukhari, we learned that a woman should not cling to another woman.

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A woman should not cling to another woman that both of them have a very deep physical contact or a complete physical contact for a very long time. And unfortunately, sometimes the way people hug one another it's very uncomfortable. It's very uncomfortable that they will fully cover you from all sides and they will not let go of you and they will squeeze you and the chest is being touched and the rest of the body is also being touched. What did the Prophet say a woman should not cling to another woman.

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This is inappropriate.

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So even when we have to hug one another, whereas in reality, the command is that when you meet one another, the shaking of the hand is what is recommended. Hugging all the time, this is not recommended. Unfortunately, every time we see someone, we have to hug them, and it has to be thrice, once your second time there and the third time there, and there has to be a fake kiss and a fake hug. And it only adds difficulty, doesn't it?

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Sometimes, when you have to meet one person after the other three times, you have to hug each person and you have that fake smile, you're forcing that smile, and you're forcing those hugs. It doesn't come from the heart, it's very difficult. And remember that when you do hug someone hug with moderation, because it's not good to cling to the other person.

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Similarly, whether it is between sisters, or is between a sister and a brother, or a mother and a son, even when the son has become an adult, it is not permissible to cling to the other person.

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Similarly, sleeping in the same bed under one cover is not permissible for women, or for two men. It's not permissible like that Heidi Sarah mentioned to you. So sometimes at sleepovers what happens, we love hugging one another. We love our sisters, we love to be with one another and we'll end up in the same bed under the same covers being very close to one another. This is inappropriate. So yeah, follow no follow john, this is part of protecting one's private parts. This is part of protecting one's chastity. So they should guard their private parts.

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And just as for the men, we looked at what the cetera what the owner of the man was. So for a woman What is her over?

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There is a difference of opinion. Some scholars they have said that the odor of a woman before another woman

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that are less of a woman before another woman is also from the navel to the knee. Why? Because women What do they have to do they have to breastfeed they have to nurse their children.

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And this is why the top part of the body has not been included in the sutra according to some scholars.

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However, other scholars disagree, that just because this is not part of their law does not mean you go about * or you go about wearing a sleeveless dress or a dress whose neck is extremely deep or the back is being exposed. This is inappropriate.

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Because the more hire a person has, the more shyness a person has, the more they will cover themselves.

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So yes, although a particular limit has not been mentioned, that a woman must be covered from this part of the body to that part of the body in front of another woman, what will tell you how much to cover yourself.

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Your shyness will tell you

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but definitely from the navel to the knee is definitely subtle, definitely.

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And above that, below that a woman will cover herself as much higher as she will have.

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You understand. I remember once this girl had a very detailed discussion with me because she wanted to know if she could wear a sleeveless dress at one of the occasions and this is the answer that I gave her that as much higher you will have that is how much you will cover yourself. There is no restriction as to okay you cannot wear sleeve as you cannot wear short sleeves, you must always wear full sleeves and that your neck should not be that low. However, we should remember this concept of higher.

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If a woman is wearing a very low neck to the point that her justice being exposed, her breast is being exposed to the point that her neck from the back is being exposed. As she lifts her arms, her armpits are being exposed. This is against higher, this is against China's and this leads to wrong things. It leads to wrong behavior. It leads to looking at harm and not lowering of the use.

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So it's possible that it's culturally accepted for a person to wear a very low neck for person to wear sleeveless tops, maybe it is culturally accepted. However, we have to see that there's also this concept of higher in our religion.

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And we must whatever we were according to the highest that Allah subhanaw taala has put in every person's heart.

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So we're gonna furuya hoonah and they should also guard their private parts.

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What are you the Deena one more command is being given to the women on top of the commands that were given to them.

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And what is that command that the women they should not reveal? They should not expose Xena tahuna their beauty.

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The women should not expose their beauty in law except mother

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Ahora minha what is apparent by itself? What is exposed by itself unintentionally?

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The word you believe is from the root letters, that that well, from the word if the.

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And if that is to reveal something, to expose something, to show something, to expose something so that it can be seen by the other.

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So they should not expose Xena tahuna. Now what does it mean by this that they should not expose their beauty? What does it mean by beauty? How do we understand beauty over here? Because every person has their own standards of beauty. If a person thinks that they look very beautiful in red, it's possible that a man sees them and says yuck, it doesn't suit them at all. So every person has their own standards. So how do we understand what Xena is?

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Xena is not going to be understood as what I find as attractive, what you find as attractive. But what Allah subhanaw taala has told us as to what Xena is.

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If you look at the literal meaning of the word, Xena zaya noon, Zanna jezina. It means to beautify something to make something look nice to make something look beautiful.

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And Xena is used for something that is beautiful in itself.

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Something that is beautiful in itself.

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Like for example, gold jewelry, for example, the face of a woman, the body of a woman. This is what beautiful in itself. So itself is Xena.

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And secondly, Xena also is used for something that is used to beautify something that is used to beautify another.

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So for example makeup, jewelry, nice clothes perfume. So in essence Xena is used in two ways. First of all, something that is beautiful in and of itself and something that is used to beautify the other. And remember that Xena it is of three levels.

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First of all, there's the Xena of the knifes at the first level Xena of the knifes the beauty of the knifes internal beauty.

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What makes a person's soul beautiful? What makes a person beautiful from inside?

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And what is it? It is their faith? It is their knowledge? It is their good manners? It is their positive thinking it is the knowledge that they have. It's the generosity of their heart, it's the friendliness of their behavior.

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These things What do they make a person look like? Very beautiful, then you don't look at their physical appearance, what do you look at their manners, their behavior. So the first level of Xena is of the nups. Secondly, the second level of Xena is at the bottom at the physical body, the physical beauty of a person of the burden of the body.

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And what does this include?

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The physical beauty of a person, the facial features, for example, the skin, the type of the skin, the color of the skin. Similarly, the hair, the type of hair, the color of the hair, the volume of the hair. Similarly, the teeth, the shape of the teeth, the arrangement of the teeth, the color of the teeth. Similarly, the height of a person, even that adds beauty. Similarly, the various parts of the body, for example, hands, for example, legs, a beautiful figure. And we see that every person and every nation, and every era has their own standards of what is beautiful. every person, every nation, and every era has their own standards of what is beautiful when it comes to physical beauty.

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You understand?

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Like for example, even within the same family, one person might like very tall people. Another person might think that all people are not that good looking. It's possible right?

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One person might think that having particular facial features, or long and slender legs is beauty, and the other person might think otherwise. Similarly over time, people have different standards, different cultures, people have different standards.

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Then the third level of Xena is external.

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What does it mean by that? What a person adds on to his or her body, or a person surrounds himself with in order to look more beautiful.

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So what a person puts on himself what a person surrounds himself with in order to enhance his or her beauty.

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In order to appear more beautiful. So for example, a woman has lovely hands, what does she do to make them look even more beautiful? She puts nail polish, for example, she grows her nails, which according to some cultures, is a part of beauty but according to our religion, it's actually tough. It's actually filled, which must be discarded. Similarly, a person is perfectly fine. They're not smelling. They don't smell bad. But what do they do? They put perfume, they put some fragrance in order to smell nice.

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similarity person wears nice clothes, the body is very beautiful. However, a person wears a nice clothes. Why in order to look even nicer,

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a person wears jewelry.

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Similarly, a woman she puts on a purse on her shoulder. Now, if she goes without a purse, she might not look that beautiful. But when she wears that birth, even if it's empty, right, it's going to make her look more beautiful, especially if it matches her shoes. If it goes with her outfit, it's going to make her look more beautiful. Similarly, shoes, the hairstyle, all of this, what does it do? It makes a person look more beautiful.

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And remember that this external beauty, this is a reflection of one's well

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isn't it's, it's a reflection of one's money, how much a person has, if they can afford a lot, they will have, you know, a matching verse and matching shoes. And it's not just about affordability talks about interest, right?

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What a person likes what a person is more interested in.

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So the Xena, the external Xena, it also includes the wealth that a person owns. Because that does make a person appear to be more beautiful. And it also includes the status of a person, what status he has in the society. For example, what job does he have? Doesn't it make a person more beautiful? The job that a person has the work that they do, the profession that they have, similarity the house that they own, what they've put in the house, the places where a person goes to, where he travels to how he travels, what he eats, where he eats all of that is what Xena external beauty that makes a person appear as more beautiful.

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So these are the three levels of beauty

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of the knifes internal beauty. Then secondly of the burden, physical beauty and thirdly, external beauty what a person adds in order to enhance his or her beauty.

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And remember that Xena is of two types. It is of two types.

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First of all, there is Xena that is fiddly

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meaning natural beauty.

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By Hulk by creation how a person has been made how a person is, for example, that how a person's face is how their features are, how their skin is what their height is what their finger is. This is what by nature, natural beauty by Hulk This is fitori beauty.

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And the second type of Xena is Missouri, meaning artificial beauty. What does it mean by that?

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What a person has put on her body in order to to beautify herself more, such as makeup, fragrance. What else?

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Don't tell me don't know, jewelry, nice clothes. All of these are what? They're a part of Missouri, Xena.

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So over here when Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, are you within a Xena? tahuna they should not reveal their Xena. What does it mean by that?

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Both type of Xena.

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They should not reveal their 50 Xena and they should not reveal their Missouri Xena either.

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They should not reveal the parts of the body that are beautiful in and of themselves. And they should also not expose what they have put onto their bodies in order to beautify themselves further.

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So you understand what is meant by larrieu within a Xena tahuna they should not expose their Zener meaning they should not expose their fitfully Xena, the natural Xena that Allah subhanaw taala has put in each and every person

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and every person is beautiful, every person because some people say that no, no, it's only those people who are very beautiful who are supposed to cover themselves. No, every person is supposed to be beautiful, especially women. As any man he will declare any woman to be beautiful. So well are you within a Xena tahuna first of all includes that they should not expose their physical body and secondly that they should not expose the Zina that they are wearing the beauty that they have added to themselves.

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Now with regards to the beauty that

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A person has added to his body. We see in the Quran that the word Xena has been used in various ways that the beauty that has been added to the body, what does it include? Because there are many things that a person does in order to enhance her beauty. You wear a nice clothes, you wear fragrant, you put makeup on, you do many, many things. So, does it mean that a person should cover everything? What can we expose and what should be covered? Let's look at the Quran. What does Allah subhanaw taala describe Xena to be as? If you look at it in the Quran, the word Xena is used in a number of ways. First of all, Xena is used for clothing. It is used for clothes which clothes?

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Which clothes, the very nice party wear clothes? Is it No. Any clothes that a person wears, even if they were at home.

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Because when a person wears clothes, they look more beautiful. And if a person goes about without clothes, then it does not make them look beautiful.

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You see, all creatures they have been created such that they have their claws on their bodies, whether it's in the form of feathers, or it is in the form of hair or in whatever form

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but the human being is the only creation that has been created without natural clothing. They only have skin.

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And what makes a person beautiful is when they wear clothes.

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Remember, we learned earlier that other unzila la comme le bassin UID so ethical marisha that it covers your private parts and it's also leash and remember leash what leash means the feather off a bird. So similarly, when a person wears clothes, no matter what kind of clothes there are, whether it is simple house clothes, or it is party wear, what does it do? It makes a person look more beautiful. What's the evidence for that? That the word Xena is actually used for clothes and any clothes? inserted above i a 31 we don't have any oedema. Who do Xena tocom are in the masjid or children of Adam. Take your Xena at every Masjid. Meaning when you praise Allah, what should you do?

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Put on your Xena meaning put on your clothes. Now tell me when you pray. Do you wear party wear? No. Do you wear those clothes that you wear to a wedding? No. What are you wearing? normal house coats.

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So house clothes come in the category of what? Xena What does Allah say? larrieu bidzina. Zina tahuna. They should not expose those clouds. Rather what should they do? They should cover them up with something on top of the clouds, which is what we will learn about in silica and the word that is used for the garment that is used to cover the house clauses jilbab

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the house clothes that you're wearing or the party wear that you're wearing anything that you're wearing on the inside, you're not allowed to expose it to non Muslim men. So what are you supposed to do? cover that up with an outer garment? cover that up within outer garment clear. Secondly, the word Zina is also used in the Quran for the glitter and the sparkle that stands out and it attract the attention of others. So in other words, jewelry, sparkly stuff, you could say makeup, glitter on the eyes, the glitter that could be on the clouds sometimes that difference also found on the jewel Bab on there via

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what's the evidence for that? We learned in sort of the soft fat eye number six the last panel Tara says in as a younger summer adonia b z Nathanael Kawasaki that we have adorn the sky of the world with the adornment of collective of the stars for the stars have been called what Xena? What are stars? sparkles, right? shiny stuff, glittery stuff that attract your attention. attract your attention. So whether those sparkles are on the eyes, or those sparkles are on the clothes of a person. What have we been told over here? larrieu bedene A Zenith ohana they should not expose that. Remember, what is being said over here is not that they should not wear it. No, it's the right of a

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woman to adorn herself. A while may Eunice show Phil Haley at a woman has been described in the Quran as someone who has been brought up in gold jewelry and ornaments in jewelry.

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So it's the right of a woman to adorn herself. So what we have been told over here is don't expose it. Don't show it to non Muslim men. Because you're not supposed to be a female

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For other people's eyes, you are precious, you're valuable. Therefore, don't expose yourself in that way.

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Similarly, we see in sort of Taha 87 about jewelry in particular, that the money is real they said well, I can now Camilla ozanam in Xena telco that we were made to carry burdens from the ornaments of the people.

00:25:23 --> 00:25:29

So zenithal Farm over there Xena refers to what the gold jewelry that they were carrying, which they could not carry anymore. So what did the people do?

00:25:31 --> 00:25:34

They melted it all together and they turn it into a calf.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:43

So the word Zina in the Quran is also used for jewelry. It is used for glitter and sparkle that attracts the attention.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:55

So what do we learn from here that a woman is not allowed to expose her glitter to expose her sparkles to expose her jewelry? Do nonmetal

00:25:57 --> 00:26:22

Thirdly, the word Xena is also used for decoration, that when a person has dressed up fully, they're wearing nice clothes, they're wearing attractive clothes, they made up their hair, they've done their makeup, they're wearing fragrance, and the way they're carrying themselves or what they have with them also adds to their beauty. So for example, they have a phone or they have a bag and that adds to their beauty.

00:26:24 --> 00:27:05

What's the evidence for that? That qarun in the Quran, he has been described as intro to kasasa number 79 that for her Roger either comi phenelzine it he that he came out before his people in his adornment. He came out before his people all dressed up, smelling good looking good. And he had his wealth with him as well. So when a person dresses up, and a person puts on his best outfit, best makeup best jewelry best choose best bag, can you think of it? Can you imagine it? So that is what? Xena What does Allah say lay within us in

00:27:07 --> 00:27:13

some way submit earning soroka have I number seven we learned in that journal no matter of the zenith Allah

00:27:14 --> 00:27:28

whatever that is on the earth we have made it Xena what is on the earth? on the ground. You have lovely green bright grass, you have lovely bright colored flowers. So what is that Xena?

00:27:29 --> 00:27:44

So for example, if a person is wearing clothes which have nice flowers on them if a person is wearing a nirbhaya which has flowers on that big, big flowers, attractive flowers, which catch the attention, then what does that come in? Xena, what does Allah say? lie within a Xena.

00:27:46 --> 00:28:09

Now remember that when a person is wearing Zina, it could be of two types. First of all, it could be llahi. It could be a parent, it could be visible. Like for example the clothes that a person is wearing. They are being exposed the bright color of the clouds, the embroidery on the clouds. This is what visible This is why this is apparent Xena.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:14

And the second type of Xena is MFI. It is hidden.

00:28:15 --> 00:28:20

Like for example the fragrance that a person is wearing, can you see it? No, it's hidden.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:30

Similarly, as a person is walking you can hear their bangles move. That is what hidden Xena, Muffy, Xena.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:47

Similarly, as a person is walking, they're wearing clothes. They're wearing an outer garment for example in our bio even which is a very glossy material, very shiny material. So as they walk, you can see the light striking off of it. This is what MFI Xena

00:28:48 --> 00:29:11

it's not that obvious the color is black. However, there is that subtle beauty in it. You understand? There's that subtle beauty in it that it almost looks very seductive, that a person as they're walking, light is shining off. And you can see the garment you know moving back and forth waving. This is what MFI Xena hidden Xena.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:21

So when Allah subhanaw taala says over here, whenever you begin a Xena tahuna they should not expose their Xena, it includes all of the Xena.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:50

Whether it is off the button or it is external or it is fitri or it is Missouri or it is off the clause or it is of the jewelry or it is off how a person has dressed up or it is la Hindi or it is MFI any kind of Xena what has Allah said larrieu bilena. Zina tahona.

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So to summarize, what the scholars have said about this particular part of the ayah is that the women should not expose there's no distinction

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Do things. To summarize all of that, it includes two things, that first of all, they should not expose their mahasin the parts of the body that are beautiful in themselves,

00:30:15 --> 00:30:21

the parts of the body that are beautiful in themselves, that whether something is put on them or not, they're beautiful anyway.

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Like, for example, the arm of a woman, the shin of a woman, what is it? It's beautiful, it's very attractive. So what should a woman do? She should not disclose it, rather, she should cover it.

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And secondly, this includes the Zener that a woman is wearing, what she has put on her body in order to beautify herself further.

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Whether it is in the form of makeup, or it is in the form of beautiful clothes, or it is in the form of sparkles on her bio, or it is in the form of shoes, very bright colored attractive shoes. Unless if the job is long enough to cover it.

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So now you're within a Zenith ohana.

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And how will a woman not expose her Xena

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by covering it up? simple solution by covering it up. So for example, if a woman is wearing nice clothes inside, what is she going to do? Wear a big shall wear job on top to cover up those clothes. If a woman is wearing some nice, lovely, pretty colorful shoes, what is she going to do? She's gonna wear a job that's long enough to cover those shoes.

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Similarly, if a woman has made up her hair all nice, then what should she do? She should cover those up. Similarly, if a woman is wearing makeup on her face, and what should she do? Cover the face as well.

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So when are you beginner, Xena tahona

00:31:51 --> 00:32:08

now with regards to this maimunah been solid, because it might be a bit difficult for us to do. We're so used to it, or something so difficult. maimunah been sad. She narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a woman who beautifies herself.

00:32:09 --> 00:32:27

A woman who beautifies herself, and then walks among non Maha men, attracting their attention exultantly walking amongst them showing off her beauty showing off her Xena. She will be in complete darkness on the Day of Judgment.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:34

She will be in complete darkness on the Day of Judgment with not even a single beam of light.

00:32:36 --> 00:32:44

Remember, we learned that on the Day of Judgment, when people have to finally cross the bridge. At that time, there will be complete darkness.

00:32:46 --> 00:32:49

And each person will have light according to their feet.

00:32:50 --> 00:32:54

And that bridge that every single person has to cross What is it like?

00:32:55 --> 00:32:56

What is it like?

00:32:57 --> 00:33:03

sharper than a sword and thinner than the hair? Don't you need light in order to cross that? Of course you do.

00:33:05 --> 00:33:45

So a woman who displayed her Xena, she made it difficult for other men to lower their gaze. Then she did not only disobey her Lord herself, but she was also a cause of disobedience for others. Because we see that in the previous ayah men have been told to lower their gaze. How can they lower their gaze when there are women who are dressed up so much that even when they're trying to lower their gaze constantly, they're bright colors that are attracting them that are causing their eyes to divert that are causing their eyes to look at them. So when a woman becomes a fitna for others as well, then there is double consequences for her

An-Nur 30-31 Word Analysis and Tafsir 31

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