Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 18

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Al Karim – The Bountiful, The Generous

Daily Reminder Day 18 – Al Karim – The Bountiful, the Generous. Allah (swt) always goes over and beyond what is needed, when He does not have to. He forgives, He follows through and He gives. Why? Because He is ultimately Al-Karim.
Prayers are fascinating. We were created to worship. We all know that worship includes many different acts, but at the very basic level, we all must pray salah. It is a compulsory act, and it would suffice that it is a command from Allah (swt). Yet Allah (swt) provides so many spiritual cures in prayers, and He makes it something that is beloved in the heart of the believers. When we pray salah, the veil between us and Allah (swt) is lifted.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is the others as we were coming here to another episode of rakia Ramadan 2017 day 18. And we're still living with the names and trying to implement the names of Allah subhana wa tada in our lives a lot in my life.

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How can I be Allah? How can I be the slave of Allah? How can I be the slave of Allah Hamid, the slave of Allah Hamid Abdul Kareem Abdul Majeed and today I'm going to talk about how can I be and how can we be

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as caring as carry the most generous and carry and sometimes we think of Kareem is only in terms of giving, you know, the generosity but I will explain this beautiful name and it's not only just in terms of giving Allah subhana wa Genesis by the Ministry banyuwangi

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Yeah, you have in celluma wakatobi Cal carry Allah the haka Kappa worker adeleke

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Johan insan Oh, mankind now have like a lot bigger carry a lady holla haka has a work of idyllic

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about because Karim Allah has chosen because he's a Corinne, he He created you have nothing you were not existed. Allah subhana wa tada sees another area either in your head or minute Lem yakushi

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them your country, this man was nothing he wasn't even there. But a lot of his current He created you He created us we could have been it could have been panel catimini that could have been in person could have been an animal or it could have been a thing. But Allah has made you and mankind a human being and not only that.

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We call it an RV NEMA to Egypt, the amount of Egypt that ammo should have exists existence, you know, this is the first place in his existence. And then yeah, I met him dead didn't have the second Nima in the dunya in dead which is interact

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lest you you know he made you a believer you know you're

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dead and you have that image he said the third image he said which isn't the he'll often Sharma who tada he's going to make you happy this is all coming from Allah subhana wa at the at the camp of Allah is you cannot you cannot enumerate it this is all from the generosity will last an hour that person

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is getting in many ways. Like I said first he made me he created me um in existing you know person human beings and white and I see that you have a lot of them and what you know is often the last column of data.

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When when you know, somebody who who is always smiling Mashallah This is Coronavirus, Hana with somebody who is always patient he says current from Allah subhana wa Tada, somebody who's strong This is also current from a lot of delusion. Somebody who is loving this is coming from Eliza Michelle. Again the candidate to trot generosity, you know, has so many meanings and in fact, there's a lot more I'd like to tell you about this beautiful name of Allah. I'll carry some more Until the next episode of Ramadan 2017 I say

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