Riad Ouarzazi – Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 18

Al Karim – The Bountiful, The Generous

Daily Reminder Day 18 – Al Karim – The Bountiful, the Generous. Allah (swt) always goes over and beyond what is needed, when He does not have to. He forgives, He follows through and He gives. Why? Because He is ultimately Al-Karim.
Prayers are fascinating. We were created to worship. We all know that worship includes many different acts, but at the very basic level, we all must pray salah. It is a compulsory act, and it would suffice that it is a command from Allah (swt). Yet Allah (swt) provides so many spiritual cures in prayers, and He makes it something that is beloved in the heart of the believers. When we pray salah, the veil between us and Allah (swt) is lifted.